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Unexpected Hyenadae Guest

Unexpected Hyenadae Guest

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Tawret

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  • Chapter Four*

Jennifer Jasiri Gisselbrecht

“You can’t at all be serious.” Donna gainsaid, shaking her slowly with a

sigh of pure disapproval. “Harambe Trump is at his equally hideous

gorilla spiel once again?” “Sadly, I’m afraid so, sweetheart.” Dad sighed

aguishly in return, loosening his police tie. “He’s got pretty much every

one of his goons; which once used to serve and protect in this city, and

both nationwide as well. No matter how much ya’ll may think that me as

commissioner holds power, think yet again.” He suddenly snatched off

the rest of his uniform shirt along with the gold plated badge on the left

side of his chest, leaving on only the sculpted linebacker style of bare

spotted hyena chest on with the rest of his uniform pants and dress boots

as he popped the diminutive badge like a fixing pill fiend into his mouth

and swallowed quickly with an audible gulp. “Dad, have you gone

insane now, bruh? What in the non-existent hell are you doing?” “I’m

freeing myself now, girl.” He replied, placing only his gun back in the

holster of his belt. “I figured if I can’t do my job civilly and the way a

normal hyena is supposed to do, than I no longer need to be paid a salary

that has nothing but cruelty and injustice slandered all over it along with

good old father Benjamin’s name.” “Amen all the way to that, my

brother.” Penny responded, raising her glass of root beer from the far

corner of the couch.” “Amen.” Taniel and all the others chanted unitedly

in response. “If you want to kill dee whole upus plant and tree, you

always got ta start from dee bottom up; in dat which is dee roots.”

Karmen chimed in. “Dere’s currently a Harambe Trump rally taking

place down at dee old First Mariner Bank Arena in downtown B-more.

If we can get dere right around midnight before dey open up shop, we’ll

have a hell of an advantage nalin’ em while most of his secret service

are sleepin’ on dee job.” “Yoohoo!” The cynical voice of an all too

familiar striped hyena called, striding in giddily through the oddly

unlocked front entrance door. “Aren’t you guys ruefully forgetting about

little old me?”

Unexpected Hyenadae Guest

  • ISBN: 9781370642779
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-23 23:20:06
  • Words: 446
Unexpected Hyenadae Guest Unexpected Hyenadae Guest