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Under The Darkness Vol: 2

Under the Darkness Vol 2: 15 Tales of Supernatural Terror



Under the Darkness Vol: 2: 15 Tales of Supernatural Terror


Zahid Zaman © all rights reserved 2016.




First published in Great Britain 2016. Copyright Zahid Zaman © 2016.


Zahid Zaman asserts the right to be identified as the author in accordance with the Copyright Design & Patents Act 1988.


All rights reserved.


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By Zahid Zaman



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The Bureau


The Tube


The Soul Demon


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The Attack









h1={color:#000;}. The Bureau



Lee Jones put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. A second ago tears had streamed down his face; now his brains lay splattered on the wall behind him.


That’s my dead body sprawled against the wall Lee thought. [What’s happening?
Am I destined for hell for my sin?]





The belt swung and made a red welt on Lee’s back. It swung again and again and Lee cried out for it to stop, but it was relentless.


“You Freak! Born from Rape!” His adopted father Continued “I’m going to make your life hell!”


The belt swung again.




Just then he noticed a lady dressed all in white next to him.


“Excuse me? Who are you?” he asked.


“I’m from the Bureau, and the big cheese himself sent me.”


“Big cheese?”


“You know the guy upstairs, God.”


“Am I going to hell?”


“Ordinarily the answer would be yes, but you are a special case.”


“Me? Why?”


“Because the big cheese-I mean God, has seen your life and how unbelievably terrible you suffered throughout your life.”


“Well, you can tell the ‘big cheese’ the big nose didn’t help matters much either.”


“It’s not good to be flippant when talking about the guy upstairs; he might change his mind.”



“Ok..ok..I’m sorry.”



“The guy upstairs is going to give you another chance. Come with me.” Said the woman. Just then a white door opened in front of her and she stepped through and the now deceased Lee Jones followed.




It was Christmas. Lee lay upstairs in his bed. I’m starving. His weak, emaciated body lay under the covers, dying for some food or love. I haven’t been given a single present! The pain dug deeper into his heart.




Lee entered a room, which had what looked like octagon shaped desk and around the desk at each side was what looked like a TV screen. There was a person dressed in white at each side of the octagon sides, four men and three females.


“We watching real people.” Said the lady. “Oh and by the way not that it matters here, but, my name is Michele.”


She held out her hand and Lee shook it. Lee found himself staring at a screen in front of him; there was a man dressed all in white staring at the screen. On the screen was a busy road and a young girl about four years old, the postman had left the gate unlocked and she had wandered out.


Lee saw the man dressed all in white close his eyes. The girl carelessly and ignorant of her danger strode into the road.


A truck horn blared, but Lee saw there was no way in which it could stop in time. Then at the last second, the girl lay down and the truck passed over her without even causing a scratch.


Then a woman ran out of the garden, she saw the road was clear, ran to the girl, picked her up in her arms and ran back to the garden in tears, but not screaming hysterically so as not to alarm her daughter.


The screen went blank. The man who had been dressed in white opened his eyes. A small smile spread across his elegant features.


“Well done James.” Said the woman.


“Now Lee, it’s going to be your turn.” She smiled put a hand on his shoulder and showed him towards a screen in front of which there was no one standing.


“Look at the screen and focus.” She said.




I never had many friends thought Lee. Only Jennifer and he saw the image of her lying in his kitchen, sprawled on the floor with a gunshot wound to her head, blood seeping out slowly and forming a small puddle.


My adopted father killed the woman I married. The only woman I had ever truly loved and opened up to, shared all my pain with. I had moved out some time ago to protect her from him, but somehow, he had gotten our address and headed over.


Lee saw her again sprawled in the small kitchen, the blood…seeping out.




Lee stared at the screen. There was a young child in the room and his mother beside him. A loud bang came from downstairs as the front door was slammed open.


“You freaking whore!” Came an angry drunken slurred voice. Footsteps slammed their way up the stairs and the then he was there. Lee knew it must be her husband.


“I found out you been cheating on me with that lawyer from across town!”.


The man pulled out a shiny Magnum .45 from the back of his trousers.


Lee saw the man aim the gun at the child first and slowly press down on the trigger. Lee closed his eyes.


I am in the man’s body he thought. He felt an uncontrollable wave of anger sweep through him. He raised the gun and pressed the trigger five times; Lee knew that man hadn’t fully reloaded the gun since he had used it last at the practice range. As the bullets left the gun, Lee just managed to sway the hand at the last second so each bullet missed the child and the mother.


Just then a police siren sounded outside. The man couldn’t believe his eyes, each bullet had missed but the anger was still there. He threw the gun down and grabbed his wife by the throat.


In a spilt second, a policeman ran into the room; who had tailed the man as he had run a red light. The big brawny policeman slammed the man to the floor and handcuffed him.





A year later on the anniversary of his wife’s murder, Lee found himself in a dingy one bedroom rented flat. His adopted father was at the local prison.


Several bottles of alcohol lay sprawled out on the floor around him. Am I really going to do it? The pain in my heart is unbearable…


He picked up the gun and put it his temple. Unbearable… he thought again. He pulled the trigger…



Lee opened his eyes.


“Well done! You did everything exactly right. You saved the mother and her child.”


Lee felt a huge sense of relief and also a small amount of pride at what he had just achieved.


There is no hunger, thirst, tiredness or time here in the is white room thought Lee.


Lee spent an unknowable amount of time, in the room. I only wish someone had come to save me when my father had taken the belt to me. Or when my wife had been murdered and finally when my mother had died of cancer.


But…there was no one for me…


The woman was next to him again. “That’s why the guy upstairs gave you another chance.” The woman touched him where his heart should have been and he felt an incredible and deep feeling of sadness rise out of his body, the hurt…the hurt…which had made him in those last few seconds of his life to pull the trigger, he felt it lifting.


The woman had her eyes closed in deep concentration. A deep sense of joy replaced the hurt and the pain.


“This is the kind of joy only God can give,” said the woman.


Lee opened his eyes, and saw a white light to his right, he headed towards it.


The End.






h1={color:#000;}. The Tube


Mirza was a blackmailer. He sat now on the tube and was on his way to cash a huge cheque for £30 000. His modus operandi was, claim to be a wealthy businessman with a string of business, find a religious Asian female, bed her and record with hidden cameras and blackmail the unfortunate mark for everything they had. In two years, I have earned easily over £200 000, He thought.


The laptop on his lap had dozens of videos of dozens of different women.


Mirza was on his way to his next ‘mark’ when the lights went out and the tube ground to a stop.


“Ladies and gentleman we are experiencing some technical difficulties. We will be on our way again in a few minutes.” Said the driver’s voice over the speaker system.

In the darkness, there was a gurgling sound, the lights flashed momentarily and Mirza saw the man opposite him was lying on the floor, blood pouring from a wound in his neck. His throats have been cut!


The lights came back on.


He noticed an old woman about 60 years old and of a diminutive stature. Next to her sat a priest, Mirza could just make out his black and white priest collar sticking out over his blue jumper. Mirza noticed was a young black teenager, his hair shaved from the sides and sticking up on top and dyed ginger, he sat eating chicken and chips; Mirza didn’t care too much for the smell of his food, in fact, it was beginning to make him feel sick.


A scream rang out. Mirza saw the old woman was in shock.


The young boy said “What the hell!” sounding confused and afraid.


Mirza looked around the carriage at the four remaining occupants, one of them is a murderer! There was a young girl next to him she had a yellow stick which had a white stripe at its top.




Mirza could feel that each person’s eye was on the other.


Mirza’s eyes were once again drawn to the now dead body of what looked like a city worker. A knife lay next to him. Someone in this carriage is a murderer!


The lights started to flicker again and then they were all plunged into darkness again. Mirza felt his breath come in hard sharps blasts, in the darkness he thought he heard something, a dark sibilant whisper, going to hell…going to hell…going to hell…

The lights came back on. The knife it’s disappeared!


“There is an evil presence here.” Said the blind girl in a shaky fearful voice. She picked up her stick and moved it in front of her left and right. “Someone in this carriage isn’t human.”


Now Mirza could feel the fear in his body as adrenalin flooded his nervous system.


The lights started to flicker again.


Holy shit! Not again!


The lights went out. Going to hell…going to hell…going to hell… The words whispered through the carriage sibilantly. “Get thee behind me Satan!” It was the priest Mirza could tell by the loud and strong male voice.


A screamed ripped through the carriage and Mirza knew it could only mean trouble.


Then the lights flickered back on and with what Mirza saw, he knew would stay with him for the rest of his life; however short or long that may be.


The priest’s body lay on the floor face down; a large knife embedded deeply in his back.


That leaves only three people on this carriage who could be the murderer? Is it the old woman? The young boy or the blind girl?


Mirza was truly baffled and couldn’t imagine any of them of committing such evil acts. The girl spoke, “Satan is here in this carriage.” Her voice was loud and clear but shaky with fear.


No way…no flipping way am I going out like this!


Mirza in a split second pulled out the knife out of the priest’s back and ran to the corner of the carriage door. He pulled, once, twice. It’s stuck and won’t budge!


“No way! “He screamed,” no flipping way am I going out like this!”


He brandished the knife in front of him, “Anyone comes near me and they are going to get it!”


Then the voice of the blind woman reverberated around the carriage, and his heart sank. She said “Satan is a magical being, the knife won’t protect you. You must pray to God.”


Pray to God? I haven’t prayed since primary school, Mirza thought.


The lights started to flicker again.


Oh God not again!


A Scream rang out.


Going to hell…. going to hell…going to hell…sibilantly whispered through the carriage.


After a few seconds, the lights came back on again.


The old woman lay on the floor of the carriage, blood pouring from her neck and the knife next to her.


Ok…ok…So there’s only three of us left and one of them is the murderer and I know it’s not me.


In an instant, Mirza ran to the young boy who had remained nonchalant and confused throughout the ordeal and stabbed him. The knife penetrated his heart. And he collapsed to the floor.


The lights started to flicker. Going to hell…going to hell…going to hell…echoed throughout the carriage and made Mirza’s breath stop and his heart beat relentlessly like a fast drum beat.


The lights went out.


Fool! Did you really think you could kill me?


Going to hell…going to hell…going to hell…


It was the blind woman’s voice.


She’s the devil!


Mirza knew where the woman was sitting and now in the darkness swung the knife, he heard and felt it enter her skull and there was a thudding sound as she collapsed to the floor.


Going to hell…going to hell… Going to hell…


The lights came back on.


Four dead bodies lay in front of him. I’m alive! I’ve made it!


The lights started to flicker again.


Going to hell…going to hell…going to hell…


You can’t defeat me! I am a magical being!


The lights started to flicker again. Mirza noticed the old woman was standing in front of him.


What the hell?


The old woman stretched out her hands, grabbed Mirza’s face and pushed her fingers into his eyes, pushing deeper and deeper. Harder and harder.


“You are going to hell…Going to hell…going to hell!” She screamed as Mirza passed into blackness.


The End



h1={color:#000;}. The Soul Demon


Jack heard the engine of a smart black Mercedes. He was bound hand and foot and had a rag placed in his mouth which was tied with tape so that he couldn’t scream. He bit and struggled and managed to get the rag out of his mouth.


“Aaaaaaaeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii!” He screamed as he heard the car engine switch off.

Footsteps echoed somewhere in the distance, almost too faint to make out but just about audible. He screamed again, jangling the metal chains and shackles tying him to the wall.





“You see MR Johnson all our students are special, why do you want this job and what do you think you could bring to the role?”


“I have several years’ experience of working with ‘disabled’ and different youngsters.” What I can’t tell them is that I need this job to get away from the drug gangs that are hunting me.


“So how would you feel about relocating to a small island jus of the coast of Scotland?”


“I love travelling and would like to see the world as an overseas teacher.” I need to get out of town as fast as I can.


“How would you feel working with students that due to their condition could only take lessons after dark?”


What the? I just need to leave town as fast as possible, Jack Johnson thought.


“Yes, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, not at all, I’m a bit of a night owl myself.”


“Good. Good.” Said the interviewer smiling who now sat with his back to the window with the curtains fully drawn; it was difficult to see his features properly.


Were those fangs I just saw as he smiled? No couldn’t have been.


After a few more question Jack realised the interview was over and left.


“We will be in touch, Mr. Johnson.”


“Can I ask how long? It’s just that I been free all summer and now want to get to work as soon as possible. I won’t mention how the Essex Massive crew want my head on a stake for non-payment of merchandises.


“We will be in touch very soon.”


Jack left the interview room and headed to Kylie’s place, the place I’m using while I hide away from the drug dealers who want me on their hit list, God, it’s only £500, I can’t believe what they did to my co user Jimmy for just £200 per pounds. I got to get away, don’t want my body like Jimmy’s at the bottom of the local canal.





Bang! Bang! The UPVC door vibrated with the heavy blows on its front.

Shit! They found me.


“Open up, we know you’re in there!” Jack looked through net curtains of the front room window and saw Wacker and Smasher. Both 6ft plus and hard as nails.


Shit! If they keep banging like that they going to break down the door.


“Who the hell’s that? Banging on the door like that?” asked Kylie.


“It’s Wacker and Smasher my drug dealing pals I’ve known for about a year now.”


“Well, what do they want?”


“You know all that white devil we been snorting for the last week?”




“Well, they gave it to me to sell for them but instead, me and you have snorted it all away over the last week.”


The door shook with each blow.


“Open the flipping door!”


“What should we do?” asked Kylie.


“There is nothing we can do.”


A little later Jack said.


“It’s been twenty minutes and the knockings stopped.”


“Do you think they have gone?” asked Kylie.


“I’m not sure. I can’t stay here with you, as I will put you in danger too.”


“What are you going to do?”


“The only thing I can I’m leaving town as soon as possible.”


“And how are you going to do that? Where are, you going to go?”


“I got a job planned abroad, I can’t tell you much more as it will put you in danger too.”


“Flipping great! You leave town after getting me hooked to that shit?”


“I’m so sorry hun.”


“Where am, I going to that shit from?” Her eyes blinked rapidly with stress.


Jack didn’t answer. I’m responsible for getting Kylie hooked and now I’m leaving her and jumping ship just to save my hide, but what else can I do? If they catch me, they will either kill me or at the very least break my arms and legs…Maybe the won’t be so rough on Kylie…Maybe…


Jack woke up the next morning and logged onto his laptop to check his emails and then he saw it ‘Email RE: Specialist teaching role.’


“Yes!!” I got the job he screamed as he read the email a second then a third time.


4 hours later Jack got off the plane.


God, it’s cold in this part of the world and dark.


There was a black Mercedes waiting for Jack and an immaculately dressed man all in black was holding a piece of paper with the name “Jack Johnson” emblazoned across it in bold writing.


The school was located at a massive Victorian building which was set on acres of woodland. The car drove up to a pair of large black Victorian gates. They opened slowly.


Jackson studied the driver.


Immaculately dressed about 5ft 7 mid 40’s and has an air of quiet solitude or even a hint of secrecy about him, Jack thought as he tried to make polite conversation several times but was each time answered with, “Yes MR Johnson’ and nothing more.


Jack felt the urge for a ‘hit’ and put his hand to his shirt breast pocket under his coat, and felt the reassuring bump of powder in a plastic bag, I got about 3 weeks supply, and what then…? I hope the dealers don’t treat Kylie too harshly.


Once inside the building, Jack asked.


“Can you show me to my room?” feeling more and more in need of a hit.


“Don’t you want to be shown around the grounds first?” Asked the chauffeur.


“No, I’m shattered is it ok if I look at it later after I’ve had a rest?”


“As you wish, oh and by the way my name is Leon.”


“Hi nice to meet you Leon, it’s been a long trip and I hope you understand that I‘m absolutely shattered.”


Ten minutes later, Jack was tying a tourniquet to his arm and tapping his arm trying to find a vein that would still pop up even after years of use. Shit, I’m going have to start injecting into the groin soon.


A few seconds later Jacks collapsed backwards onto the warm comfortable bed.


Everything is all right now…Everything is alright…he thought over and over again as the bliss swept over him.




Jack slept the night away and most of the day. Eventually, he stirred and exited his room and found reception, where, Leon was waiting for him.


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Under The Darkness Vol: 2

Welcome to Under the darkness vol: 2, there are 15 supernatural tales here, guaranteed to give you a fright. If you like your stories with a bite then you have come to the right place. So draw the bedcovers close, light the bedside lamp and prepare for a rare treat of a book.

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Under The Darkness Vol: 2 Under The Darkness Vol: 2