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Tyson's Tussle (Bug Adventures Book 15)

Bug Adventures: Book 15

Tyson’s Tussle

Written by Jake Swartwout

Illustrated by Natalie Swartwout

Copyright 2016 Jake Swartwout

Tyson Tarantula was going to fight in a boxing match for his brother Tiny Tom. Tom needed surgery and they could only afford it if Tyson won the fight. He left the hospital, knowing that he had to win.

He was thrown into the ring, set against Sam Spider. He heard the crowd mumbling about how unfair the fight was. Tyson agreed. A bug who owns their own ninja shop would be a tough opponent.

When the bell rang, Sam threw some web into Tyson’s face. He fell over and Sam kicked him several times. The announcer aphid began counting down, and Tyson stayed on the ground, blinded. Sam was declared the winner before Tyson could get the web off.

The crowd cheered for Sam, which surprised Tyson. Did they think that being bigger made him a bad bug? He got up and left, the bugs shouting how great Sam was while Tyson hobbled to the exit.

As the week went on, a few bugs started to bother him. It hurt to lose, but being insulted was too much. One mean cricket was yelling about how useless Tyson was. He went to help the cricket and show that he was useful!

The cricket was angrily trying to push his car up the hill. He wasn’t doing much, and that just made him yell more. But with Tyson’s help, the car quickly went up the hill and on its way towards the mechanic.

The next day, Tyson noticed his friend Cathy struggling with her groceries in the street. He carried bags with all of his arms, helping Cathy finish twice as fast. All week long, Tyson helped the citizens of Bugtown. Slowly, the bugs became nicer to him.

One day, Cathy burst into his house with great news; “The judges decided Sam cheated! He can’t use webs and now the whole town wants a rematch!” Tyson was overjoyed. He accepted, recognizing the second chance to save his brother.

He was excited the whole night, and ran to the ring the next day. A huge crowd had formed and they were cheering his name! Sam looked nervous, knowing he had to actually fight Tyson. Sam’s web trick wouldn’t work this time.

The bell rang, and again they stepped out into the ring. Sam tried to punch Tyson, but he was too slow. Tyson dodged out of the way and hit Sam on the head. They fought and punched for eight rounds. Tyson was winning.

Tyson was imagining how happy his brother would be, when Sam bit his arm. It stung and Tyson got dizzy from the venom. Sam hit him in the head and Tyson collapsed. The announcer yelled that Sam had won the fight.

The announcer aphid walked into the ring and held Sam’s arm up. The crowd booed and threw trash on him. The aphid gave Sam the money and a gold trophy for winning. Tyson crawled out of the ring, ashamed that he had lost again.

Cathy stopped Tyson before he could leave and gave him something. “We found out about your brother,” she said, “And everyone wanted to help.” It was a pile of money, more than enough to pay for his brother’s surgery.

Tyson smiled and hugged Cathy. All of the bugs cheered. Sam had won the fight, but Tyson had won the town’s love.


About the Author

Jake Swartwout is a high school junior and the author of Bug Adventures. Jake created this series for younger readers seeking an exciting adventure. You can discover more about the series and characters at www.bugadventures.us

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Tyson's Tussle (Bug Adventures Book 15)

  • Author: Jake Swartwout
  • Published: 2016-08-03 02:05:08
  • Words: 648
Tyson's Tussle (Bug Adventures Book 15) Tyson's Tussle (Bug Adventures Book 15)