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Two Minutes Guy


(Book Three In The I’m A Virgin Series)


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This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.


(Book Three In The I’m A Virgin Series)

One night stands: Women regret them, men regret not having more, and evolution is to blame (Well, not with Marcus).

I’m in bed when I hear my phone ring. It’s one of my friends Harrison calling. It’s Saturday for Christ sake, what’s so urgent to tell. I thought.

‘’Hey Harrison, what’s the gossip’’ I asked.

‘’Man, do I gossip that much? Because that’s no good way to greet a friend’’

‘’Alright, morning buddy, what’s the news?’’

‘’Man, we’re really crushing it tonight, wiggle ass girls will be all over the place, you might get a bend over for yourself’’

‘’Are you inviting me?’’

‘’Are you coming?’’

‘’Err…,’’ no programs, so ‘’Yeah’’

‘’Good, meet us at Dance Club, 9PM’’

‘’Right, I’ll be there’’

Just when I was about to cut the call he said: ‘’Man, do you remember Sally?’’


‘’Yeah, Sally from high school’’

‘’Yeah yeah I do remember her, what about her?’’

‘’She’s in town’’ I feel adrenaline flow through me, both because I’m excited and in fear (being our last encounter didn’t really go on well, a few of you do know my story).

‘’That’s great’’ I said dryly.

‘’Yeah, because she will be there as well’’

‘’What! But you know….’’

‘’Be there’’ He said cutting the call.


Well, the night really came by so quickly. Don’t know if I did anything productive during the day, can only remember myself seated on the couch with the TV remote in my hand and bottle of beer in another while watching a romantic comedy, then boom! Here we are, it’s evening. I wonder what my big tummy boss was doing during the day (Probably still chasing after money and forgetting to enjoy life).

I take a bath, and shave. I was about to put on some pink shorts when I remembered I was going to a public place, so blue jeans and black shirt it was.


Parking my car in the lot, I walked in Dance Club and….

Man! Harrison was right, these girls can really wiggle. I thought of joining them in the ass wiggling, for it seemed like a contest but thought better of it.

‘’Great choice for you to come,’’ Harrison said touching my shoulder ‘’you can really do a one night stand ’’

He continued still touching my shoulder. ‘’Don’t worry, we all know your story’’

Eyes wide open, I said nothing.

Passing through girls and asses, I was tempted to touch one but refrained the thought (well, not immediately).

We walked to the bar, and I saw Sally and my other friends chatting. She turned and ran to me, giving me a Oooh hug (for I could feel her soft breast against my chest, her hands around my neck and…) why did this have to end so quickly?

‘’Ah! It’s been long, I missed you. Wouldn’t even call it nostalgia but sevdah’’ she said while we walked to join the others.

She’s really a hot mess.

We greeted, chatted, gossiped, and had lots to drink (mostly me). And then all my buddies left leaving me with Sally. Alone.

‘’So,’’ Sally said.

‘’So…’’ I said.

‘’What do you…’’ in unison.

‘’You first’’ she said.

‘’What do you do, heard you’re now an attorney?’’ I asked.

‘’Yeah, really working on a case. Can you believe the defendant confessing at last after all my effort of defending him, worst case ever,’’

She continued. ‘’Anyway, let me not bog you down with my staff, what about you? What do you do?’’

To be honest I have been doing nothing but chasing this dream of breaking my virginity (that is if a man’s virginity can really break). Guess I should really now start putting more effort in my other career too (which I haven’t yet figured out). I wanted to say I’m a dream chaser but as well thought better of it, so I went with the same lie I always use. ‘’I’m a professional sliding pool tester’’

She frowned but said. ‘’That sounds fun’’

‘’It really is’’

‘’I’m going in the bathroom and then spend a night in one of the rooms up this building,’’ she said brushing her fingers against my hand, sending some tickling nerves through my spine.

She continued (I mean touching my hand). ‘’Wanna come?’’ she offered.

‘To where?’’ I asked dumbly.

‘’Up the stairs, in the same room with me’’ she said making one of those bite me faces.

‘’Err… Err’’ I said in loss of words.

‘’C’mon, we all know your story’’

‘’What story?’’

‘’That you’re a Virgin”

What! Has she been spying on me? It’s not like there is any mark written on me saying I’m a virgin. It’s not like I’m a girl you know, who can really be spotted even by a far distance, by just noticing how much their ass wiggle, breasts, space between legs and some other staffs (If I was told correctly).

And then it dawned on me. Harrison, yes it was Harrison who told her…that!..

‘’C’mon’’ she said, helping me stand up.


We were in the room now, and she did really use the bathroom as promised, only walking out in what looked like a mosquito net, I mean in a bachata dancer outfit (black in colour).

If the clothing was to really trigger my libido, then she was really doing a great job.

She was on top of me now, kissing me like crazy. Lips on lips, open mouth, French kiss, just name it.

‘’What are you doing?’’ I said pretending I didn’t like it.

‘’What does it look like I’m doing? What comes in your mind Marcus when a girl undresses in front of you?’’

I considered all the possible reasons. ‘’Well, it could be because she badly wants to have sex with you, or she’s used to you and thinks you’re of no threat to her, or that she thinks you’re gay’’

‘’Right, but you’re not gay, are you?’’


She shifted a little, eye to eye (making me realize how much sexy those brown eyes are).

She blind folded me, and then unfolded me. Surprising me with no bra on.

I was really getting harder. I was still in clothes though.

‘’I really want to make love with you Marcus,’’ she said ‘’call it a one night stand if you want, I don’t care, just love me’’ She kissed me.

The touching, kissing, touching, dirt talking, more touching, more kissing went on for about two minutes now. And then: ‘’UGH! UGH! HUH! HUH….’’ I screamed out loud.

She sat up saying. ‘’Are you okay?’’

‘’Yeah… didn’t just know how to call the feeling I just had’’

‘’Oh’’ she said undressing me.

‘’Wait,’’ I said to her blushing ‘’it’s really my first time’’

‘’I promise to go easy on you darling’’

‘’What! You have come already?’’ she said looking at my willie, lying dead.

‘’I did?’’

‘’Ugh!’’ she said jumping off the bed, now dressing up.

‘’No, wait wait, look look,’’ I said trying to wake up my willie ‘’It won’t be long I promise, just give it two minutes’’

‘’Yeah, we know you’re a two minutes guy’’ She said fully dressed and left the room banging the door behind her.


And now I’m alone in this bed, still the name of this series book. Two minutes has passed now and I notice my willie erect. I look at it cursing, but could only do nothing than taking a cold shower.


Two Minutes Guy

  • ISBN: 9781370475643
  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-01-31 22:05:23
  • Words: 1296
Two Minutes Guy Two Minutes Guy