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Marketing your business can be tricky and unpleasant. Unless of course you’re a marketing nerd like myself, it could be considered less than enjoyable by those who are not exactly professionals. Understandably so considering marketing completely changes about every 5 years. Once you finally get it down, BOOM, there is some wild new marketing craze being introduced.

Unfortunately, online marketing is the fastest changing for of marketing in the world today. This is simple because of the rapid change and growth of technology. While technology changes and improves the world, it can make the lives of online marketers a living hell.

It can get exhausting keeping up with marketing do’s and don’ts. Lucky for you I’ve put together a few common mistakes that online marketers make everyday. While they aren’t gargantuan mistakes, they are little things that easily become habits. This can unfortunately cause you to miss out on tons of money. Are you making any of these top 5 marketing mistakes?


Not Everyone Is Your Market

This may seem like common sense but, not everyone wants to buy your products or services. Not because they aren’t amazing, I’m sure they are, but they just don’t need it. So many marketers spend time trying to convince everyone everywhere that they need this particular product.

What you should be doing is appealing to the people who have a problem that is ONLY solved with your product or service. You will have to do a lot less convincing (spend a lot less money) to convince a lead that is actually look for a product or service like yours.

Don’t wast your budget trying to appeal to the masses. Concentrate on penetrating a small, yet desperate niche. Physically sit down and create your perfect customer avatar. Give them a name, a lifestyle, figure out who they are. Then, follow them.

Hangout on the social media networks you know they are using. Design your actual product in a way that is physically appealing to your customer avatar. Use your demographic setting on all of your social media ad campaigns and really nail down who is looking at you.

If you are having trouble creating your customer avatar, you are really lacking a huge part of your business. You can not sell a product successfully without one. If you want your products to sell like wild fire, put them in front of the people who will honestly give a damn about them. Do not waste your time and money on people who “might” have a reason for buying your product.


Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

We all know what happens when we try to do too many things at once. Usually we half ass do everything. The same applies with digital marketing. There are so many popular social media platforms today (and still growing) it’s hard to even keep up. So, don’t.

Yes, it is important to be aware of where your marketing is spending a lot of time on. You don’t want your competitors getting there first. But, you also don’t want to be the one that doesn’t add valuable of effective content. This plays hand and hand with knowing your market. The best advice is to really narrow down the top 2 or 3 social media platforms that your market visits, and spend your time improving the content you post there.

Some social media sites are more time sensitive than others. For example, to stay relevant on a site like Twitter, you should be posting a minimum of 5 times a day. If you have trouble committing that much effort to that site, you might need to drop some of the time your spending on other secondary site.


Nobody Likes An Over Pitcher

We have all seen it. That one account that you follow on some social media site that is ALWAYS selling you something. So annoying right? This usually end in a block or unfollow. Don’t be that person. Chances are, the more you try to force someone to buy from you, the more likely you are to piss people off.

If you want to show them how great your product is, do that! Show them real pictures or testimonials. That’s all consumers care about, proof. Also, be fun and entertaining. How bored would you be if all you saw on your newsfeed was information about how to properly file taxes? MIND NUMBINGLY BORED. But wouldn’t the top ten tax horror stories spike your interest? They essentially would have the same information, but one clearly has more appeal to someone who might be searching for a new accountant.

Take a look at the image below. This article is clearly going to be technology based. Some readers may not be interested in technology at all, BUT this post has an enticing headline and will only cover the “important stuff” way more appealing than a full rundown about a day long event.


Leaving Out A Call To Action

This next tip is often a balancing act. There is a thin line that can lead you to making the previous mistake of being an over pitcher, to completely missing an opportunity to close a deal. A big mistake is not letting your leads, potential buyers, or followers, know where they can learn more about you.

The big mistake lots of marketers make is making the call to action a “BUY HERE NOW” type of request. Instead, ask them to check out your blog, or newsletter. Send them to some engaging information that can ultimately give them some FREE content before they feel the pressure to buy.

I’m sure many marketers will look at this method and think this would be a time consuming method. And while it might take more time, you are building a list by adding these leads to a mailing list or newsletter. Then you sell to the list.

This makes for more qualified leads AND a more appealing web presence. You are still building a list,but not coming off as selling. But don’t forget that call to action, or your consumers won’t take action!



One Sided Social Media

We’ve covered the over seller, and now we are going to cover the ghost marketer. Take a second to think about the real purpose of social media. Before everyone tried to sell you 24/7. The purpose is to be social!

Now, I don’t mean you need to try to be your followers best friend. But, why would you want to follow someone who only talks about themselves? You wouldn’t, and neither would your followers. The best part about this tip is it so easy to do. And it’s FREE.

It’s really as simple as answering your followers. You don’t need to have a full on conversation, but acknowledging that they are their makes all the difference. If your followers see you engaging with others, they are more likely to engage with you. And then starts a wonderful cycle.

Next time you log on to your businesses Facebook, take a look at your notifications. Any comments? answer a few. Check your messages and actually respond! Build a relationship with your followers. But most importantly, give them a reason to follow you.



See, these mistakes weren’t that hard to correct were they? But they are so easy to make. Take just a few seconds of extra thought and add a little extra detail to your marketing strategy. In the end it could save you and MAKE you money!


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In a world that thrives on constant access to information, one social media platform really stands apart from the crowd. Twitter has changed the game when it comes to marketing. This extremely social and engaging site can be a lead goldmine for marketers. If used correctly that is.

Standing out on Twitter can be difficult. It is perhaps the fastest updating, and fastest moving social media platform of all. Not to mention the character limit that works against many marketing efforts.

However, even with it’s restrictions and obstacles, Twitter is one of the major players in the marketing world today. Check out these 5 tips for marketing on Twitter.


1. Valuable Content

A common theme across all social media sites is to have valuable content. Twitter is no exception to this rule. Because of the character restriction, most Tweets will include a link sending traffic to an outside source. It is SO important to gain your followers interest to prompt them to leave twitters site.

How can we get them to do this? Make it worth their while! Make your followers want to click away from what they are doing. Show them something that is relevant AND interesting.

Gone are the days of trying to persuade consumers that they absolutely NEED some random product that they see a cheesy commercial for. They want real raw material that they can have access to now. If there is one thing that consumers love, it’s free information. Be that trusted source they can count on. Notice this attention grabbing headline. It may be boring content, but the headline wants to make you find out.


2. Keywords

Keywording is so important for so many reasons. Keywords connect with your content. Think about all of the words relevant to your business, and the market that you want to reach. Use these words to make up your tweets.

Because Twitter has a restriction on character, you have to make your tweets count! Get all the good information out that you can. Use the keywords to hit all the important points you want to make. Your followers will familiarize you and your account with the types of words and tweets you send out. Give them the right impression.

Don’t forget to think in terms of your followers. Some of the people you are trying to reach may not be familiar with some of your markets keyterms. This is your chance to educate them as well!

The first step to get your followers and readers to click the links you are tweeting, is to entice them with a good headline. Use your keywords to make this headline relevant, and make it sound sexy with some good copy writing.


3. Engagement

What is the point of social media? Well it’s right there in the name. Be SOCIAL. Don’t make Twitter into something it isn’t. Your readers and followers will NOT hesitate to unfollow you. Give them a reason not to. It’s pretty obvious when you encounter an account that is on autopilot and being ran by a computer.

It’s so easy to schedule all of your content with awesome scheduling sites and apps. And we as marketers love to use them. They make our lives and jobs a little easier. But, and this is a big but, they take away from the whole purpose of social media. They completely get rid of the engagement aspect.

It only takes a few minutes to update yourself on your social media sites. Take the amount of time that you check your personal accounts, to check your business accounts. Engage with your followers. A few retweets and favorites only take a few moments. Think about this to avoid losing the interest of your followers.


4. Transparency

Have you ever seen a Twitter account that seriously sounds like a robot? You know, the one that only posts links to their website and special promotions? How boring. Well guess what, your followers think so to. Step up your game and become more transparent in your Tweets.

Don’t try to trick your followers into being added to your mailing list. Let them know what your business is about, and show them what you know. There is no need to be sneaky. Letting people know what you’re all about from the get go, lets them know what they’re getting into.

People respect honesty. This builds trust. Once you have a leads trust, you are already ahead of the competition. Once trust is formed, you should have no trouble getting your followers to check out your content. After all, if they care enough to follow you, they are probably interested in what you have to say.


5. Hashtags

Twitter has a great sense of community about it. There have been movements started and topics made viral. Most of this is credited to the hashtag.  Using hashtags for your business can help form this same sense of community.

Hashtags are also a great way to track who is talking about you or  your business. Using hashtags as incentives has proven to be super effective. Many businesses use the strategy of asking their followers to hashtag a certain word or phrase for a reward. This is a great way to get a conversation started.

Using this hashtag method is playing off of what Twitter was created for. If one of your followers uses your hashtag, all of their followers see it. This will start a sort of trickling effect. Ultimately leading to free publicity from your followers. 



Twitter is an amazing tool. It is so engagement focused and interactive. The best part about Twitter is how it can be utilized as such a traffic bouncer. You can send your followers basically anywhere if you use it correctly.

Because Twitter is growing so rapidly, if you aren’t taking advantage of it you are literally missing out on a overflowing lead source. It is so easy to find and gain leads on Twitter. Will just a little effort, you can make tons of money of off this one social media site alone.

Hopefully these tips can help propell you into becoming a Twitter marketing expert. Happy tweeting!

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Every one at least once in their life has been sold to, right?  Ha, in fact, not one of us isn’t sold to on a daily basis. We wake up to 20+ emails trying to sell us something. Turn on the TV to see hundreds of commercial advertisements pumping out every hour. Then, we hop on to our favorite social media sites only to be BOMBARDED with ads or sponsored posts.

It gets old. So why are you using your advertising dollars to annoy people? It’s time to be different.  It’s time to make a change.  The time for the free content method to grow your business has come, and if you aren’t using it, you are falling behind in the marketing world. Here’s why.


1.  Trust

As the world of marketing changes every day, so do the ways people make purchasing decisions. With so many instances of being “tricked” into buying a product based on misleading headlines and sneaky tactics, our buyers have simply had enough!

Can you blame them?

As the years pass, the ability to purchase online becomes simpler, and more accepted by the daily consumer.  The problem though is their is still a massive trust gap between potential buyers and small to midsize online marketers due to a bad history of poor advertising and sells process that  have betrayed consumer trust.

How do we earn back such a precious connection to our audience? We become completely transparent. Personally, we let our audience know that we have failed, tried again, adapted to get results, and show our market the process of how we did it.

… And we give it to them for free.

Now, we aren’t going to give away all of our products for free, that’s not how it works (and would be a pretty poor business strategy, lol).


Instead, give your potential customer foundational training or service, something that they can immediately see as beneficial.  For instance, people love products that are labeled tricks, hacks, or tips. These are short and sweet products that can improve or solve a small problem.

Once your prospects start to see small results, they are much more likely to trust you. That leads to them wanting more in depth advice, products, and service from you. And before you know it, they will be searching YOU out and wanting your help. That is when you should charge for your services or larger more detailed products. AFTER the trust is formed should you should ascend your prospects to the products and services that best fit their needs and pain points.


2. Customers Are Information Junkies

In today’s world, most people will not make a purchase without doing their research.  Whether it be a new pair of winter boots, or their next car. Either way, potential buyers are never going to jump the gun and go blindly into buying anything because the social online world has now opened their eyes to reviews and the opinions of current and past users.

Note:  What is the first thing you do when you look at a product on Amazon you are considering purchasing?  The majority of us scroll directly to the review sections and search reviews.  It’s incredible how the opinions of people we don’t know has such a strong influence on buying decisions.

… But they do.

We need to give prospects and leads a REASON to want to follow us, trust us, and buy from us.  So why are we still sending people from Facebook Ads to sales pages, and wondering why Facebook is charging us more for click, and even worse, banning our advertising accounts.

Simply put… We have to stop shoving the buying process down peoples’ throats…
Instead, why don’t we give prospects what they actually want? Information and value in regards to the problems our product or services solve.  A form of value, prior to asking for a handful of cash.

Buyers who are educated about your products and services are going to be more qualified leads.  And a TRUSTING prospect will become a TRUSTING customer, which results in a higher chance of them become a returning customer, and a referrer of business.


3. Resource Hubs

Stemming off of the last point about providing good information, my next point is about using the information you publish to make yourself a resource that people come to for answers. The most important part of becoming a resource hub is to provide answers for the popular questions your market is searching for.

It may take time, but the more answers you have, and the more solutions, tips, tactics, and help you offer, the more people will visit your site.  This is how you become a market “authority”.

Once you have established yourself as a resource, people will begin to share your content. This is what will make you an industry leader. Shares on social media will gain the attention of people who might not have realized they had a problem to begin with, but once they see your content, they realize they need your help.

Secondly, a share is an “endorsement” or form of “testimonial” from one friend, to his followers.  A VERY powerful tactic for growth.  Consider your content the fire, and social shares the gasoline.

Sparking conversation in your niche is also a powerful tool. Become the place that your potential buyers become educated about not only YOUR products and services, but also the industry that you work in. It all goes back to creating trust by giving away the information they want. Keep the conversation alive, and be there for you buyers.


4. Boost Your SEO

Probably the biggest benefit of free content, alongside building trust, is the increase of SEO, or search engine optimization you obtain. Think about all the niche specific key terms being typed into a search engine at any moment. Each term in a opportunity for a piece of content on your site.

What market specific questions can you provide answers to?

What happens once you develop a following on your site? That content that you release is pushed to the top of the key search terms your post is about. Your content becomes a source for organic traffic.  Search engines tend to push content first when giving results.

You can try this method out yourself. Type a popular key term into a search engine and see what comes up. I guarantee within the first 5 results you will see a content page like a blog post or article. The results you see are result search engine optimation, as well as social influence engagement such as likes, shares and comments.

Search engines also base their results on relevancy and consistency. So, if you are putting out great content, keep putting it out! Don’t let months or years go by without releasing new content. This will make even your best content be pushed way down in the rankings.

The reason why “gurus” say blogs don’t work and SEO “is dying”, is simply because the only thing that actually died, is their work ethic in regards to consistency and providing content!  

The proof is in the pudding people. Free content, if used correctly, could actually be your biggest money maker. And it’s ultimate your cheapest tool! It may take time to grow organically using free content, but in the end you will will come out a head of the game, with content that will last for years.

It’s starting to become a no brainier. If you aren’t using free content to gain more traffic, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  The time is now to take advantage of these “Social Search Engines” that are growing businesses faster than ever before!

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Paid advertising is a science.  If you ever experienced paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter… I don’t have to tell you that.

Well, to be honest,  YouTube paid advertising isn’t any different.  It’s a science.  Ha, an alchemy so to speak!

But luckily we have some nerdy advertising alchemists on staff here at Get More Views to help paint the perfect YouTube Paid Advertising Strategy.

Let me introduce you to the YouTube Ads Alchemy.

The Get More Views crafted YouTube Advertising Strategy!

If you haven’t yet, click the image above and save it to your computer or mobile device.  This is yours to keep, and will make you a boatload of money in the future if you follow it.

In this blog series, we will concentrate on the STRATEGY more so than the “How To”.  I find it important to conceptualize the long term YouTube Advertising strategy before you ever begin implementation.

Though if you are a fast action taker, you can grab a discounted version of ourYouTube Ads Creation Course Here!

The Bad News

YouTube paid advertising takes effort!  I know, I know… despite what the “gurus” say, this online marketing stuff actually takes some effort to succeed! BUT don’t worry, I’ll walk you through every step of the YouTube Ads Alchemy to make sure you set up right and get the results you are hoping for!

So let’s get into it…

Organic Traffic (Warm Traffic Strategy)

Warm traffic is described as people who are already familiar with you and interested in your content and/or offers.  Warm traffic in regards to YouTube would be those whom have either viewed your YouTube videos and/or visited your website.

Our strategy for warm traffic is based on the concept of remarketing to your organic video and website viewers.

Organic Strategy

If you haven’t familiarized with our Bracelet and Charm Strategy, you should do so.  This is a strategy that we use not only for Organic YouTube content creation and keywording, but also to determine our hottest Paid YouTube Advertising keywords we wish to target.

In order to have the most success with your paid YouTube Advertising you will want an Organic YouTube presence FIRST.

Why?  Because YouTube is a SEARCH ENGINE with social media components.  Meaning YouTube videos are ranked and found in the future.

Unlike a Twitter or Facebook post that typically has a relatively short reach and lifespan, a YouTube video will accumulate views for months and even YEARS to come.

By having an organic presence first, your Advertising campaigns will push your channel, and it’s videos to the top of the YouTube search engine, bringing you FREE organic views (and leads) for your channel and business for years to come.

We’ve found, that even spending as little as $5 dollars a day to “boost” a video up the search engine for a keyword or term you’d like to rank for, can be accomplished relatively cheap, and the results associated with the return on investment are incredible positive.

Here’s a Free PDF explaining the Bracelet & Charms Strategy in FULL: (Just Click On The Image)

If you’d like to install our Organic YouTube Strategy that we used to build a 7 figure online business (100% organically) you can get our  YouTube Master’s Course  here for 50% off!  Again, I can’t stress the value of having organic content pumping on your YouTube channel, it WILL result in profits for your business.


Ever wonder how Amazon follows you all over the internet when you look at a product on their website but don’t purchase?  Ha, the other day I passed on purchasing a new camera for my mom on Amazon and I’ve seen that damn thing on practically every website I’ve been on in the last 48 hours!

Well, that’s retargeting.  But- Google calls it “remarketing”, and you have the ability to remarket on YouTube!

Remarketing allows you to show ads on YouTube to the people who view your website and/or your YouTube videos, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With remarketing, you can show specific advertisements based on the webpages your website visitors visit.

For example, if you have a website visitor visit your Lead Magnet (free gift) page, but choses not to “opt in” by adding their email, you’ll be able to instantly “remind them” about the free gift they didn’t opt in for.

Once the viewer Opts in, and “hits” the thank you page for your lead magnet, you can tell YouTube not to show them that particular ad anymore!

This technique is extremely powerful on blog posts as well.

For example, if someone were to view our blog post about “The 7 Essential Keys To Powerful Email Marketing” we’d know that they are interested in email marketing.  Therefore, we could “remarket” a new email marketing course to them via YouTube Remarketing Ads!

Remarketing is a great way to get more leads, more sales, and raise customer value within your business.  With some imagination, you can truly increase your marketing results using the power of remarketing.

To set up remarketing “Tag” on your website to start collecting a list of the people who visit your website, here’s a Google Tutorial to get you started.

We recommended setting up a “remarketing tag” on your website even if you don’t plan to remarket in the near future.  For free, YouTube (and Google) will tag your website visitors, and you can choose to remarket to them later.

Using remarketing, we recommend anyone who visits your YouTube videos be remarketing back to your channel content using In-Display Ads, and to your website’s “lead magnet” page.  This is a page where you’ll offer a free gift in exchange for follow details for the lead.

*Make sure your lead magnet page is _][_Google Compliant[_ before sending traffic to it._]

Ready to Turn COLD TRAFFIC into Leads and Sales?  Click “Go To Chapter 2” Below To Continue Your YouTube Paid Advertising Strategy Training!

Cold Traffic

Cold Traffic is described as people who are unaware of your business and solutions but may desire your offer.  With YouTube being a “search engine”, we can determine that even your cold traffic has specific interests and desire specific solutions based on the keywords they type into YouTube search.

For example, if someone types in “basketball training drills” into YouTube search, we can likely assume:

A.  They are likely a basketball player, parent, or coach.
B.  They desire watching and learning about basketball drills
C.  They are looking for ways to improve at basketball (or help someone improve at basketball)

So even if they viewer is unaware of our basketball training channel or business, we can still determine they likely may be interested in the content and solutions we provide.

Our cold traffic strategy has been built on the concept of warming cold viewers into warm traffic by sending them directly to video content based on their search terms.

This strategy allows for your YouTube channel growth as well as increasing  conversions of viewers into leads.  This results in the dropping of “cost per view”, which is YouTube’s advertising cost metric.

To begin, I recommend using the Bracelet and Charms method to determine the Keywords that your target market is typing into YouTube to find solutions for their pain points.

Create a list answering the question:

“What would my ideal prospect type into to YouTube to find a solution for the  problem(s) they are having?”

The answers you generate would be considered your “Bracelet” Keywords.

Once you have a list, I recommend using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner (inside your Google Adwords account)  to research your bracelet keyword terms to see if they are getting a solid amount of traffic.

Once you vet your keywords, run YouTube In-Display Advertising to organic content videos you’ve created that match the search terms that fall under your ‘Bracelet’ Keywords.

In-Display Advertising will place your Organic video content in front of viewers searching the matching Bracelet keyword in a variety of ways:

YouTube Search Results

On the YouTube Video Watch Page

On the YouTube Homepage

And even on YouTube Mobile Apps


In-Display ads allow you to show your YouTube videos to prospects actively searching for solutions you offer!  This is extremely powerful because they are in the moment of searching for your help.

By creating content that matches the “Bracelet” terms your market is searching for and presenting them to the audience with In-Display YouTube Paid Advertising, you’ll record extremely high click-through rates, longer “watch time” for your videos, and a high conversions on your lead magnets.  This is of course if you provide Annotations on your videos to an “opt in” page.

Using this method, your “Bracelet” videos will rank high in YouTube search for both the Bracelet and Charm terms that fall under it.

Using annotations to turn viewers into leads will result in lead conversions which is nice, but the main goal of your In-Display Ads should be the SEO benefits associated with target views and user engagement.

At this stage, leads are icing on the cake.

But don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of icing, as leads will begin to funnel in as you move up the search results for your bracelet and charm terms.

Remember that Remarketing Tag you installed earlier?  Next, you’ll set up an In-Stream Ad.

In-Stream Ads are the ads you see before your video plays on YouTube, you know, the ones with the “Skip Ad” button in the bottom right corner.

Because prospects had previous clicked on your In-Display Ads and viewed content on your channel, they were added to your remarketing pool.  We want to have an In-Stream Ad trigger to push these new prospects to your Free Offer page!

In-Stream Ads work better once the prospects have been warmed up to you via your channel content.  Therefore, sending them to content first with In-Display Ads and then remarketing with In-Stream Ads yields much higher opt-in rates, as well as click through rates, which results in lowering your cost per view.

To Continue on your YouTube Advertising Strategy Journey, Click “Continue To Chapter 3” Below!

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