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Trump’s Amazon Army: An Essay

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1: Sex Differences

Chapter 2: Women’s Guards Regiments

Chapter 3: Reverse Social Engineering

About the Author


The question of women in combat is still volatile and not completely resolved. On the one hand, we have commonsense, that women have the right and duty to use force to defend themselves and their family and country. On the other hand, we have the evil forces of social engineering that care nothing about right, the security of the American people or anything other than in imposing their despicable bug colony ideology upon the world. Any pretended miscarriage of justice is fair game for this. They care nothing about ethics at any rate, not believing in it, but only the satiation of their own evil lust for perversion of every kind, the emptiness of worldly power over people’s minds and purses. We must include the likes of Senators Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton (ex), Kirsten Gillibrand. We have the image of the 50’s blonde bimbo, offshoot of the 20’s and 30’s blonde bimbo, most manifest in the personage of Marilyn Monroe, that sad story of perversity and exploitation.

You know, the real Marilyn we are told by Robert Mitchum, Celeste Holm and others did not wiggle down the street, nor have much to do with her persona. But she pretended to aspire to intelligence and sophistication by marrying Arthur Miller and consorting with presidents. Now with Warren, Clinton and Gillibrand, we see the same bleached blonde bimbos (whether actually literally blonde as girls or in youth) in the twenty-first century posturing for the stage onstage rather than offstage as the serious bimbo. Poor abused Marilyn had her wounded soul as an excuse. What excuse do these bimbos have? They sympathize with the poor black folks, Injuns and the rest, but still the blonde honky bimbo motif to sucker in the honkies and let the colored folks know what their relationship is to them. The aristocratic liberal scumbag is with us throughout history, the base born ignobility of the ancien régime, the despicable Roman patrician, the vile English Whig baron. Put on your outraged serious smile all you please, ladies, you’re still nothing but 50’s blonde bimbos to me, a boy born in the 50’s and with early memories of Marilyn and all that. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 1: Sex Differences

It is the goal of all shaman filth, Satan from the time of the Garden of Eden, all Whore Babylon pretenders to uniting humanity in peace and harmony, the harmony of slavery, hidden violence, mind control and social engineering, to destroy the bond between man and woman. In the image and likeness of God made he them. You can pollute the human paradigm by exaggerating the differences between the sexes, producing a reaction resulting in androgyny, or try to eliminate all differences directly to the same effect. This weakens the true image of man in favor of the fleshly world of moral corruption. It is mind and psyche, immaterial, that makes the man, not the inert clay that makes up his flesh. It is immaterial force that gives matter its force. The lying filth of the Richard Dawkins type, hiding behind pseudo-science and lies does all it can to obscure this. They condemn the savage shaman and are nothing but shaman filth themselves, hiding behind the idolatry of atheism which is pantheism and this simply idolatry in disguise.

Do you note that for all the hubbub of feminism that women’s sports are still for women? Why is this? Because with integration, virtually all top tennis stars, basketball stars, baseball, softball, swimming, Olympics sports of every sort would be dominated by men. Even shooting would probably be dominated by men, for whatever reason you might suppose, men tend to have advantages in spatial hand to eye coordination. To be sure, Annie Oakley was a very good shot.

We know that elite units such as Army Rangers, special forces, airborne troops and such are not well suited to women soldiers. Even taking into account that modern armies go into battle in vehicles of the flying, sailing or land rolling type, when the gas runs out, the choppers cannot get through, the bug out order demands that every trooper carry as much food and ammo on his back as possible.

We hear that women have no chance of beating men in marathons, barring some genetic and drug induced zombie, or transsexual drivel putting men in as women. But, due to their physique, if you double the distance of the race, women draw on fat reserves, and carrying lighter bone and muscle density, can actually win out over men in a 52 mile marathon most likely, being women in good shape. OK, but put on the 100 lb backpack of a bug out order forced march, they not only will fail to do 52 miles, they will drop out long before 26 miles in many cases. The backpack destroys their comparative advantages here. But men, with their upper body and strong leg strength will do much better.

We concede that a well trained martial arts woman could kick ass over an old man with arthritis and the many debilities of old age. A young man of no training could be dispensed with as well. A good kick in the balls, a boot to the face when keeled over, will win the day. But most women are at a disadvantage. The few women qualified, if any, create social problems, logistics problems and so on that are not worth their inclusion in these units mentioned, or any male combat army units in general.

This General Mattis, never married, has problems with the social engineering motif of women combat, as do I. Let us suppose Mattis was a pioneer on our frontier. Wild Indians, bushwhackers, bandits threaten his family. He has a wife, a son and daughter barely or not even adolescents. He has a 50 caliber rifle, a 30 caliber, a 22 rifle and some pistols, one magnum, one light ammo. Will he play macho when his sod house is attacked, using his 50 caliber to fight off all, rather than hand a 30 caliber to his wife or son, have a 22 rifle or light handgun to cover the family from the rafter should people break through the door, giving his daughter the ability to do some damage, protecting her from rape, kidnapping, death? What macho nonsense on the Marine’s part, if he will not engage his family, all of them. Now let us admit commonsense demands that women defend kith and kin and devise how women should be used in the armed forces. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 2: Women’s Guards Regiments

In primitive society and in more advanced historical societies the women kept close to home. The biological and commonsense reasons for this are manifest. We know that women can kill, defend their family and country. They should not be mixed with men in combat units (non-combat units not applicable) but work in their own units to the overall advantage of the military mission.

In Britain and other countries we have Guards units. We have the National Guard in America that basically covers the home front as the default position. The Marines and Army should create guards units of women and attach them to larger units. Most units are and military personnel are men and this is likely to remain the case. The majority of American women are not enamored of military life.

We know the home front must be covered from commando operations. We note rear echelons in forward areas must be guarded. When practicable, it is expedient to have reconnaissance of the rear. This is especially advisable when generals have awkwardly large forces. Enemy units will swing around to the rear to see what is going on, to destroy communications, impair logistics, draw forces away from the front of enemy forces that have more manpower and logistics than they have. We also know the paramount importance of logistics arriving safely to the front. The supplies can be attacked by air power, by commandos, reconnaissance in force, should the supplies be lightly guarded. These are all good for women’s guards units to defend. They should have ack-ack, some armor and choppers to aid them as integrated force projection.

Depending on the proportion of the sexes, units should be assigned women’s guards units. One Marine division may have a women’s guards regiment, battalion, whatever numbers dictates. They should perform the duties mentioned above. If the men fall back in retreat, then the guards and men will fight at the line determined to blunt the attack. Otherwise they will effect their separate duties.

Should we have dedicated armored, airborne, artillery units for women? No, we should have integrated guards units with attached helicopters, artillery, ack-ack, tanks where required. I know about the panzer doctrines. These are not always advisable. Integrated forces have advantages in their place. Women’s guards units are that place. This way, women will have the opportunity to be pilots, tankers, artillerymen, the full spectrum of specialties by this means.

The Navy and Air Force are a bit different, but segregation is advisable. In fact, a fighter pilot in trouble may need strength to get out of his plane, to hike to freedom when shot down, to use body strength to evade and kill enemy patrols trying to prevent this. It is expedient to keep pilots out of enemy hands. The lightweight advantage of women in long hikes is mitigated by the mission requirements. Additionally, women are subject to brutal treatment of a vicious sort by enemies who despise the idea of what we call equality of the sexes, and by just general lust for rape and cruelty. This is bad for morale, may encourage male combatants to favor protecting them contrary to military prudence. So women should be assigned guards duty about airbases, air cap duty over logistics trains and bases behind friendly lines. This will compensate for their physical weakness, propensity to psychic and physical brutality by enemy forces due to their sex. They are more likely to be saved with less physical strength and avoid degradation in rear areas, picked up by search and rescue. All women air crews? Definitely. All women naval vessels? More problematic but might be expedient in some cases for small vessels. On the other hand, large ships would still have women onboard, most likely. but mixed sex is a problem that I will discuss below. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 3: Reverse Social Engineering

I watched a documentary narrated by Michael York about the Royal Navy. He noted that the Royal Navy had women onboard ship during the Napoleonic Wars and at other times, contrary to the notion of women being bad luck on ships. The bad luck did not prevent Nelson from crushing enemy fleets. These women were typically the wives of petty officers. Petty officers have larger quarters than the tars, have authority over tars that might be tempted to harass the women given the horniness of tars stuck out at sea for months. You can see how this would mitigate the bad luck issue mentioned by pirates in pirate movies and the like.

My mother once mentioned to a man that my father often held master-at-arms duty on shore. He asked my mother if my father was pretty strong and tough. My father was so threatening that boys at school used to stay near him to avoid bullying. He was not a bully himself, was of full height by the age of fourteen and definitely had what is called muscle density. He was much stronger than he looked, and he knew it. People did not mess with dad, at least not on the same side of the street he was on.. Quite often in the past, petty officers obtained their promotions by being especially dangerous. Not only did rank play a part in instilling obedience, anyone trying to intimidate them might expect the lash with a broken nose beforehand to add to it. It is problematic if the tar’s friends would gang up on the petty officer.

The services should make every effort to keep married troops together. If a Marine is in a particular unit, his wife should be assigned to that unit’s attached guard’s platoon, company, battalion. By default, married couples should be transferred together. If military contingencies demand otherwise, the CO must put it in writing.

You might suppose some couples might not like being together all the time. They may ask for and be granted a waiver, absolving the CO from any obligation on this point. On ship, this would often entail petty officers and officers have preference over the rank and file of seamen. These are likely to be older and married anyway. But two seamen of married status might still be on the same ship. Obviously, grunts (gruntesses, jarheadettes) could be attached to the same larger formation in respective units and attached guard units in any case.

What if some single members deemed this discrimination? It is the duty of the government to encourage social stability. Too many military families end up as broken families. We know that many soldiers join the services to get away from dysfunctional families. This is too bad, but all services should encourage social stability. Our current tax policies and other policies treat married citizens differently The Constitution does not prohibit this by any reasonable interpretation of the law, and different treatment has been the case throughout our history of current constitutional government. Equal treatment for equal treatment is justice. Equal treatment for unequal situations is injustice.

We never had women in the military. We did encourage strong family life by every political speech made by any politician on the subject throughout our history, whether the pol was sincere or not. Those who are astute know that Planned Parenthood is really about Planned Parentlesshood, a bug colony social engineering front. I see no legal problem with Reverse Social Engineering and strongly support it. If the blonde bimbos: Hill, Kirsten, Liz do not like it, screw you Whore Babylon Sisters. Back to Table of Content




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My current biography and contact links are posted at Shakespir.com/profile/view/EdRochon. My writings include essays, poetry and dramatic work. Though I write poetry, my main interest is essays about the panoply of human experience and knowledge. This includes philosophy, science and the liberal arts. Comments, reviews and critiques of my work are welcome. Thank you for reading my book.

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Trump's Amazon Army: An Essay

A preface states purpose, condemns social engineering through military whining about equal rights for women. Things not equal are not equal and must be treated unequally to be just. Chapter 1 notes that women still have their own sports. If not, all stars would be men in these sports, depriving women of opportunity. Even women capable of elite units would be a nuisance. We note that it is absurd to deprive women of right to self-defense due to sex but recognize sexual differences realities. We suggest all women combat units of the guards nature. Guard logistics trains, home bases, reconnaissance of the rear. Women will drag the male units down in tough crises demanding maximum physical endurance. And social differences will impair efficiency for no good purpose. Better to keep them together and in rear echelon duties of combat, as in the case of traditional situations. If the homestead is attacked, the womenfolk cover dad's back. In Chapter 2 we describe the women's guards units. They are attached to male units. They are integrated, no dedicated airborne, armored or artillery. Female specialized units are attached to the guards units. Chapter 3 deals with reverse social engineering. This means we take into account logical and traditional roles of the past and apply current policies to uphold the integrity of the the human family, the clear and distinct differences between the sexes. Modern technology changes parameters between sexes but not the eternal innate differences that do in fact exist. We condemn the social engineering of bug colony Whore Babylon destroyers of God's order.

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Trump's Amazon Army: An Essay Trump's Amazon Army: An Essay