True Secret Shopper Diaries -- How NOT To Get Caught Doing Your Job

Alexie Linn





As told to Alexie Linn to protect the identity of this CI, SS, CPI, FA, MS, US….





Mystery shoppers, aka secret shoppers, aka field agents, aka corporate inspectors…..all refer to the tools used by market research companies for a potpourri of objectives in this, the 21st century, but that’s not how mystery shopping started out.


The profession of secret shopping, firmly established by the 1940’s, enlisted undercover agents to, put succinctly, ‘spy’ on their own stores and employees. Corporate America wanted to know how each of their storefronts were doing with the:


h3<>. Quality of customer care

h3<>. Integrity of employees

h3<>. Compliance with regulations


In a nutshell, Mystery shoppers made it possible for corporate America to succeed -- how's that for a trophy and a burden?




Welcome to my world.


You won't remember our encounter. You didn't see me perpetually glancing at my watch or silently repeating the name, age, height, and hair specifics of the cashier -- my technique of writing details to my short term memory. At least in our now times of smart phones, I can pretend I'm texting and can sometimes -- depending on the job -- actually write down details in plain sight.


I'm unobtrusive and invisible -- except as a customer. I'm just one more person in the checkout line or waiting for my Porterhouse to be served. At least, that's how my job has to go if I expect to be paid for it.


A customer in the checkout line is just one of dozens of scenarios I play out almost daily to make money and to keep my acting skills polished. I'm a Secret Shopper, a spy for the big giant heads that live in the boardroom -- a place that I, personally, never want to be. Give me the underground snoop echelon any day. It keeps my brain sharp, me on the move, money in my pocket -- sometimes lots, others not so much, and poised for the next adventure.


Can you really make a living as a Secret Shopper?



Can I Really Make Money?



Sure you can. I have. I'm alive. I'm good at it. But I wasn't in the beginning. I had no clue what secret shopping really entailed. According to the hype, all I needed to do was walk inside a store, tell them what I saw, and collect my prize -- money, food, clothes, or whatever carrot the company was dangling.


I needed cash-flow so I decided to become a cracker jack Mystery Shopper and find out what it was all about.


From this book you will learn:


h3<>. What a secret shopper is

h3<>. What you need to get the job done

h3<>. Where you need to live

h3<>. What the costs are

h3<>. How to get paid

h3<>. How to get started

h3<>. and more…


If I’ve done my job properly, you’ll be ready to jump into the mystery shopping world, armed for success.


Let’s get this show on the road…



What Is A Secret Shopper, In Reality


Depending on who’s talking, I’ve been called many things, including, but not limited to:


h3<>. Auditor

h3<>. Inspector

h3<>. Reviewer

h3<>. Field Agent

h3<>. Snoop

h3<>. Tattle tale

h3<>. Undercover informer


I’ve probed with nonchalant questions; examined licenses and signage; photographed and chowed down on steak, hamburgers, ice cream and…; I’ve scrutinized merchandise for dust and dates; snapped pictures of public restrooms and fuel pumps; shipped rocks to my neighbor; set cashiers up to allow me to steal; and used toilet facilities in everything from a corner gas station to 5-star hotels. I did it all under the guise of Secret Shopper.


Did I make a living at it? Yes, I did.

Was it easy money? Not necessarily.

Is it good practice for an acting career? Absolutely!


Your job as a secret shopper requires that you improvise a script to elicit and record specific details of a clear and convincing scenario. One job might be as an individual or business exploring a relationship with a particular bank. The next might be photographing and/or taste testing the food quality and the timing of a fast food drive-thru. Another is a revealed on-site inspection of a business. It’s entirely possible that you will wear all three of these hats within an hour.


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True Secret Shopper Diaries -- How NOT To Get Caught Doing Your Job

Have you ever pictured your life as a secret shopper? Do you share my old attitude of 'that's a job for a bored homemaker's pin money' or 'that's all a scam'? Surprise! It's neither – if you know how to play your cards right. True Secret Shopper Diaries is a tell all book that paints a picture in words of what a secret shopper actually does; where one has to live; what special tools and skills are required; how to make more than pin money shopping; and answers the question, “Just how old is this profession?”. Armed with this quick read, you can paint yourself into the picture and decide whether to make mystery shopping the next step to promote your own plucky new life. I am armed. I may do this – because now I know I can. Happy Trails and Tales, Alexie

  • Author: Alexie Linn
  • Published: 2017-01-06 12:20:08
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True Secret Shopper Diaries -- How NOT To Get Caught Doing Your Job True Secret Shopper Diaries -- How NOT To Get Caught Doing Your Job