True Mantras Unleashed: A Definitive Guide To Mantras


True Mantras Unleashed:

A Definitive Guide To Mantras


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Table of Contents

What is a Mantra?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a Mantra as:

How mantras work

The biggest reasons why Mantra is not working and why it is not effective for you

Choosing the right Mantra

The best timing for chanting Mantras

About Mantra Counting

Positions (Yoga Asan) and place for chanting mantras

How to attain Mantras? Know the steps to attain siddhi through Mantras

Simple steps that can teach you how to attain Mantras:

Effectiveness of Mantra

Get the best benefits of the Mantras: Follow the simple steps from The Ancient 51:A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Life

Why should you get this book? Get the facts right!

Ideal features of the book:

How to select Mantra? Go through the contents of the book

The step-by-step process to reach your destination:

“Miracles” can be created: you just have the faith on the Mantras!

[]What is a Mantra?

For many centuries, the ancient sages of India have known about the great power of Mantras. They studied this secret science, and were blessed with physical prowess, mental strength and spiritual purity.

You will find yourself becoming calmer, more powerful and closer to God.

Are you wondering if this ancient knowledge is lost?

I’m sure you want to know more about what a Mantra is.

Not only that, I’m sure you are curious about this ancient science and how you can use it to change your life. Let me unlock the secrets of Mantra chants for you.

What is a Mantra?
A Mantra is a word or a phrase in the Sanskrit language that is associated with particular functions or benefits.

[]The Oxford Dictionary defines a Mantra as:

A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism).

There are many different Mantras, and each of them has different powers and different effects. For example, some Mantras can put you in a deep sleep, while others can wake you up from it.

There are even some Mantras that can set things on fire! Many Mantras are devoted to calming the mind and bringing you closer to God.

Of course you must be wondering-do these Mantras exist, and if they do, can you use them? The answer is yes. However, we will not be discussing such prayers in this article. Today I want to tell you about what a Mantra is.

First, the Mantra acts on a physical level, then a mental level, then the subconscious level, and finally the Mantra affects your soul. Here, you will find yourself elevated to a higher level of spiritual awakening. You will gain divine wisdom and feel the presence of God. You will find yourself caring for and serving God and all his children.

[]How mantras work

Mantras have a cosmic energy associated with them. There is a God whom we pray to and also there is Mother Nature and the natural forces like fire, wind and water. Whenever we chant, we are able to produce the required effect in our lives because these mantras get reflected from these forces and the vibrations tend to bring about positivity in our lives.

The mantras are made up of two words “Manas” which basically means mind and “trai” that mean liberation. Therefore, combining these two forces means to free the mind from something. The way the mantras work is really amazing. The mantras when chanted repeatedly tend to bring a difference to the consciousness. The mantras have this effect because of the vibrations produced from the chant that stimulates different parts of the brain and make certain changes in the brain’s chemical balance which induces a certain amount of relaxation in our minds.

Therefore by producing such relaxation to our mind and body, mantras are able to make us spiritually inclined and make us mentally alert towards situations around us. It is also a super healer and it energizes life energies that can be transmitted from one person to another. This energy that is also called “Prana” can also be used to heal diseases and physical conditions by focusing on the disease itself or the affected body organ that requires healing.

We often tend to talk about Chakras whenever we talk about chanting mantras. These Chakras are the energy centers which basically get activated when we chant a specific mantra. Therefore, that Chakra gets activated, and we are also able to increase our life force.

So, mantras are actually not magic words that get you anything you want. They are logical and their every word creates an energy.

[]The biggest reasons why Mantra is not working and why it is not effective for you

There are different reasons why your Mantra is not working and why it takes too much time to show results.

1.Wrong pronunciation is the biggest reason for Mantra’s failure.

2.You do not know how to chant.

3.You don’t have enough time to do the Mantra.

4.You can’t find a suitable place for chanting.

5.Lack of guidance and trained Guru (Master).

6.Distractions and lack of focus.

7.Lack of concentration and faith.

8.Mental chatter and physical restlessness

We are simply too preoccupied with a lot of things today. Work, family, friends, health and money are concerns for which we battle every day. We turn to Mantra chanting to find solutions and get benefits.

But sadly, most of us do not do it correctly. We simply can’t chantour Mantras correctly without the help of a guru or a guide . We don’t spend enough time to learn chanting the proper way.

If we don’t chant our Mantras properly, we won’t gain all the benefits. All your efforts will be lost, and your mind will not get the inner peace that it desperately needs.

The biggest problem people have is that Mantra does not fully work. Many people do not reap all the benefits of Mantra. Are you one of them? Or if you are searching for a solution, you are at right place?

Are you having a difficult time chanting your Mantra, and is this affecting your Mantra chanting benefits?

Do you struggle with your Mantra because you cannot find a reliable guru?

Are you pressed for time every day, and simply cannot squeeze in time for chanting?

Are you familiar with the correct ways to chant?

Do you do a lot of effort, but the Mantra doesn’t show any effects?

Avoid this situation NOW and search for a solution why the Mantra is failing. Here is the solution – The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras

[]Choosing the right Mantra

The right mantra can be chosen depending on the need of the hour. Different people would chose different mantras depending on what they require in life. Your needs can be anything from positivity in life to health, happiness protection or success.

Accordingly, you tend to choose your inner motivation to chant that mantra with conviction. You choose a particular mantra depending on the sound and depth that can move the right vibrations in the universe. For example if you are looking forward to quick results, then you should choose a mantra that is dedicated to Lord Shiva because he gets impressed quickly. If you want success in studies, then you should choose a mantra that is dedicated to Maa Saraswati.

Similarly Lord Ganesha can give you a happy married life, Lord Hanuman can give you physical strength and Kubera can give you wealth.

Likewise, there are lots of mantras dedicated to different Gods and forces which can be chanted wherever the need arises and should be used at the right time.

We explain every mantra in detail, its benefits, which problem it solves, where you can use it and how you use it in your life. So this will help you to easily select your mantra.

[]The best timing for chanting Mantras

The mantras should be chanted either early in the morning preferably before the sunrise, around 4 A.M or by sunset around 5 or 6 P.M depending on the prevailing season.

These times are said to be the best because, the energies of the nature are at their peak during these times and if these are harnessed at this times, one can really succeed in life.

[]About Mantra Counting

You must have seen somebody at home chanting mantras and then either doing something with a thread of beads with fingers. They are basically chanting mantras and counting them.

The fact is that the mantra needs to be chanted for a fixed number of times, mostly 108 times. It is done for these many times because there are 108 deities in the Hindu mythology and therefore each of them are remembered during chanting.

But there are also times when the chant is done without the thread. In such a time, the different segments in both hands are used. So, while there are 12 segments in each hand, one hand is used to count the total number of all the counts, the other is used as a multiplier. So, one hand can be used for 12 segments and the other hand can be used for 9, thus making 108 times.

[]Positions (Yoga Asan) and place for chanting mantras

One needs to sit in the position that maximizes the positive effect of the mantras. There are different positions that are recommended for the chanting but Lotus position is considered to be the best. Although sitting in Padma Asana, Vaira Asana and Vajra Asana are also said to be very fruitful.

Once your posture for chanting the mantra has been decided, try to chant for the same time as is required in the chant. You can sit on a mattress, a pillow or a chair at times but try to avoid direct contact with the floor.

Try to choose a very peaceful place for yourself where you can concentrate and focus on your energies. In case you are chanting in the day time, sit towards the north or the east position as these are the energy points during the day, when it comes to night, choose only the north.

Also, the place you chose should be clean and pure. Before sitting in that place, it should be properly cleaned and mopped. You can even use some incense sticks or a room fragrance oil that is going to make your chanting experience a pious and a refreshing one.

[]How to attain Mantras? Know the steps to attain siddhi through Mantras

If you think that only understanding a few Mantras will make your life peaceful and make you attain complete success, then you are only partially right. It is very important that you attain and understand the true essence of Mantras to apply them for the improvement of your life. Since Mantras have a divine and a transcendental appeal, they can truly affect your life if you know how to attain Mantras.

[]Simple steps that can teach you how to attain Mantras:

1.Try to prioritize your goals of attaining a Mantra: at first you have to prioritize which Mantras you want to attain. Mantras are dedicated to the aesthetic appeal of your life, and they affect your physical, material and overall well-being of your life-cycle. Therefore you must try to concentrate on the exact Mantras that you want to attain.

2.The path of truth and concentration is a must for you to be able to attain the best benefits of any Mantra: initially you will find that you get distracted very easily when you start concentrating on attaining Mantras. Whether you chant the beej Mantras, the yoga Mantras or the mediation Mantras, or even the normal Lakshmi, Kali or the Kuber Mantras, you will find that you need to concentrate more on each and every syllable of the Mantra.If you want to attain the goodness of the Mantras, then you need to maintain a peaceful mind, a calm state of psychological sense and also a positive mentality. Only then you will be able to attain the best benefits of any Mantra.

3.You must try not to indulge in any sort of physical activity, conversation or wasteful indulgence in order to get the exact advantage of Mantras: it is true that you will be affected by negative vibrations when you start practicing attaining Mantras. But you have to be patient, try to meditate and keep your consciousness on a still point,then you will gradually feel that the positive energy associated with the Mantras get infused into your soul, your body and your whole being. You can generally start chanting the Mantras during the morning, the dawn, and you can start chanting the Mantras with a refined heart, a pure, clear and clean mind, and then you will be able to attain the best effects of any Mantra.

4.Try to evolve as a complete human being: you must be aware of the fact that in our ancient and traditional Hindu mythology, we have a bounteous nature of each and every Mantra which can transform your life in attaining the ultimate glory and success. For instance, when you slowly concentrate on the image and the symbolic appeal of Lord Ganesha, and you start chanting Om Ganapatei Namah, then you start feeling a rush of positive thoughts and feelings which create a pulsating and a poignant effect on your surroundings and also on your mental framework.

5.If you want to get closer to the Almighty, then you need to get closer to your Mantra first: it has always been a basic, as well as an informal, tenet of all the religions that you can attain the course to divinity, or you can chart your passage to divinity, by getting a closer introspection of your own ‘self’ or ‘being’ by realizing the undisputed potential of the Mantras. You can attain Mantras after you are born, you can even attain siddhi through sadhana, and also by implementing puja or ritual methods. Your mind is an infinite storehouse of multiple resources that can lead you to a higher state of salvation: for instance, if you utter the following Mantra about a hundred times, by using a ‘japa mala’, then you will be able to attain not just a Mantra, but also a philosophical understanding about the greater truths and the ultimate profundity of life:

OM Namah Shivaya” (125000 times)

Or plain and simple:

Hare Rama Hare Krishna” (125000 times)

You will instantly feel not just a rush of adrenaline through your veins, but you can gradually attain the best discourse about life, the best and the most wonderful thematic approach to living in general.

6.Repetition is necessary and you must try to understand the full implication of not just each of the words, but also each syllable of any Mantra:the famous Nineteenth century Bhakti saints, and the flowers of ShriChaitanya Deva of Bengal, were admirers of a greater and a higher form of self-contemplation and analysis of the mind. They believed that constant repetition of Mantras can help a person to attain a positive way of transcending the suffering, the negativities and the worries of the world. In fact, Lord Buddha himself was an early user of these meditative techniques which could help a person to attain any Mantra. References can therefore be found among the Tibetan monks and monasteries, where we find that they chant and meditate on higher levels of consciousness, and only then they attain a supra human sense.

You must always remember that the attainment and fulfillment of any Mantra depends on your purity or ‘shuddhi’ of mind, body and soul. You actually absorb the true essence of the Mantras when you try to listen to your natural soul, beyond the worries and frets of the world. Be blessed, be happy, and encourage the great God to illuminate your soul!

[]Effectiveness of Mantra

At the end of the day, it all depends on your heart. It all depends how much of purity or dedication you hold towards chanting mantra. Whenever, you need to chant the mantra, you need to do it with full conviction and focus.

It is okay when you are not able to focus on chanting for the mind will wander into infinity, that is normal as a human. Therefore, try to speak or chant the mantra in a volume where you can listen to your own self and thus focus all your attention on your voice.

Doing this will not only keep you focused but it will also keep a level of conviction in your chanting.

[]Get the best benefits of the Mantras: Follow the simple steps from The Ancient 51:A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Life

If you have difficulties in your life, for instance financial problems, health problems, marriage and social problems, educational and professional failure, or other difficult situations, then you should try the magnificent Mantras given in The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Life.

Since they are not just vibrations, but chanting which works most efficiently when they are chanted with a true spiritual passion, you can only get the best benefits of these Mantras if you remain sensitive to the cosmic realities of the universe. These deeper truths, and many others, are only available in this book.

[]Why should you get this book? Get the facts right!

When you are looking through other e-books on the internet, most of them make tall claims about religious ethics and the effect of different Mantras.But here we are giving you not just a book on Mantras that can dispel the eternal gloom from your life, but we also have magnificent gifts, which you can get from us, once you buy this amazing book on Mantras.

[]Ideal features of the book:

1.Mantras which are written after thorough research and constant updates by skilled professionals.

2.Expertise that is associated with each of the Mantras.

3.You get a wide variety of Mantras.

4.They are written in a simple manner, which is easy for you to understand.

5.The team, who has been working tirelessly in producing this book, has an experience of more than nine years, and they are still working everyday on the palliative effect of Hindu Mantras, shlokas and chants.

6.Choose your best options regarding the timing and the counting of chants, the repetition cycles, the daily practice of the Mantras and many other things that will fill up your life with ultimate happiness.

[]How to select Mantra? Go through the contents of the book

It is obvious that you will not chant the Mantras if you are unable and confused about how to select the best one which will suit your primary needs. For instance, there is a marked difference between why you chant the Kubera Mantra and why you chant the LakshmiMantra.

Many people believe that if they chant these two Mantras together, they can easily get rid of financial difficulties at one shot. But you must remember that you cannot combine and chantMantrasunless you have first-hand knowledge about these Mantras.

So for that, you should definitely study this book- it is a vast and rich treasure of all the critical knowledge that you need to know, with respect on how to select the Mantras best suited for your life.

[]The step-by-step process to reach your destination:

The best thing you will notice about this book is that it is written in a simple and prosaic manner, and there are no irrelevant details about how to select any Mantra. For instance, if you start going through the Mahakali Mantra, you will know how it solves the problems in your life, and how the Kali beej Mantras can be chanted to get rid of any uncertain situation that might affect you.

Other salient features of The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Life include:

1.There are no excessive preaching and lengthy discussions about why and how you should choose a Mantra.

2.The passages are not tedious. They are short and easy to understand.

3.You get a wide range of Mantras for life protection, health, marriage and life’s many other benefits, and how you should select them by doing a thorough research.

4.How you should understand what your situation is and then how you should select the Mantras.

5.How you should understand which time of the day, night, month and year is most suitable for you to chant the Mantra once or several times.

6.How you can generalize the effect of evil powers and life’s disabilities by selecting the right Mantra which is easy for you to utter, to understand and to ingrain into your mind.

[]“Miracles” can be created: you just have the faith on the Mantras!

It is a true fact that Mantras can only be successful if you are interested in knowing more about your introspective powers. You can only select the Mantras if you know where and how to apply them in your life.

They are not additional things to be done, but you must try to absorb the true essence of all the Hindu dev and devi Mantras by understanding their true implications. Selection can be based on factual, actual and experiential information that you get after going through the Mantras:

The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Lifegives you a wide range of experienced narratives from common people who have benefitted from these mantras.

Buying this book is worthwhile the time and money asyou will start believing in the truest form of your inner self after reading this book. We at the Ideal Mantra team wish you good luck in selecting your best Mantra. What you purchase is what will bring you PEACE, PROSPERITY and SUCCESS to your life.

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True Mantras Unleashed: A Definitive Guide To Mantras

For centuries, India’s ancient sages have used the power of Mantras to enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual attributes. But what are they and how might the average individual tap into their mystic influence and potential? The very purpose of this short, but concise guide is to explain the nature of Mantras and how they can be utilized for good. A Mantra is a series of words, repeated in a chant-like fashion, to unlock an individual’s body, mind, and soul to the energies of the universe. Within the pages of this book learn to liberate the mind, channel energy, and focus the subconscious. A Content Overview: - What is a Mantra’s? - How Mantras Work - Reasons why a Mantra may not work for yourself - Choosing the correct Mantra’s - The Timing and Counting of Mantras - Proper Positions - Learn the steps to attain Siddhi through Mantras - And much, much more... Please, don’t delay...your inner well-being is at stake. Therefore, the challenge is to read, ponder, and act. Begin by purchasing this straightforward guide, giving you the basics of the Mantra philosophy. Before long, you’ll uncover the inner peace, spiritual strength, and answers you’ve longed to understand. We wish you Peace, Prosperity, and Success!

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True Mantras Unleashed: A Definitive Guide To Mantras True Mantras Unleashed: A Definitive Guide To Mantras