True Hauntings: Stories of Entire Towns, Ships & Planes That Are Cursed to the C


Stories Of Entire Towns, Ships, And Planes That Are Cursed To The Core…

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

The Senior Flight Attendant of Flight 739

Chapter 2

The Invisible Crew of the Ghost Blimp

Chapter 3

The Unseen Tourists of Virginia City

Chapter 4

The Peering Spirits of the Massacred Mandu

Chapter 5

The Permanent Passenger of the Haunted Plane

Chapter 6

The Demon Beneath the Sea

Chapter 7

The Demonic Captain of the Pamir

Chapter 8

The Twisted Tale of the City of Romance

Chapter 9

The Continued Horror of the Roman Empire

Chapter 10

The Terrifying Truth of Flight 401

Chapter 11

The Most Haunted City in the World

Chapter 12

The Mysterious Murders of the Palatine

Chapter 13

Pippo: The Demon Plane




Every paranormal enthusiast on this planet knows that anything and everything has the potential to become haunted. At times, hauntings are caused by terrifying events, at other times, they are caused by horrific tragedies. There are even times when an object, location, or building may become haunted for no apparent reason at all – just one day a spirit decides to take up residence in the area and never leaves…

Whatever the reason for the haunting, it’s no secret that sightings of these apparitions and spirits shake a person to the core. It doesn’t matter how brave you are, how interested you are in the paranormal, or whether you even believe in ghosts or demons – the fact remains the same.

Whenever any of these inhuman beings interact with the human world, chaos is bound to ensue.

But, one might be tempted to think that hauntings tend to stick to smaller objects or minor locations – such as a haunted music box or perhaps a haunted house. In this book, however, I am going to take you on a journey that will prove to you that hauntings can happen anywhere, and can even overtake entire towns.

Come with me to study some of the most haunted places on earth. We will look at haunted ships, demonic planes, underwater entities, and even entire towns that are homes to more evil than you could ever imagine.

We will travel on a journey through the past and through the present, studying and observing the terrifying truth behind many legends and stories you have heard. We will answer the questions of how these places became haunted, the evidence of the hauntings, and study eye-witness accounts of the paranormal.

From planes and blimps flying high in the sky to ships and even submarines beneath the ocean depths, by the time you reach the end of this book, you are going to realize that there truly is no end to the places that could be haunted, and no limit to the objects spirits may decide to reside in.

Even the most skeptical reader will change their mind by the time they reach the end of this book, and realize that hauntings are not only real, they are alive and active virtually everywhere on this planet.

So, what are you waiting for? You know you’re curious, you know you want to read of these tragedies and horrors and the aftermath that they left, and you know you want to see for yourself that there truly are ghosts, apparitions, demons – and the things that go bump in the night.

You can try to set aside your fears as much as you want. You can try to tell yourself that these are just stories, and you can try to tell yourself that you are safe from encountering any of these spirits for yourself…

But no matter what you tell yourself, you can never change the fact that these entities are all over the world, and they are watching – constantly watching the living.

Make sure your door is locked, and leave the light on when you go to bed – if you dare…


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Joseph Exton

Since experiencing several of his own paranormal experiences, Joseph has always been a believer of the unusual, weird, crazy and downright insane. He writes only of ‘true’ stories in history, stories that have baffled even the most committed of researchers.

Growing up in Canada but now calling Los Angeles home, Joseph continues to research, write and explain the unexplainable.

Be sure to check out all of his books on true crime, unexplained mysteries, the paranormal and all things bizarre…


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Chapter 1

The Senior Flight Attendant of Flight 739

A flight attendant works one of the most underappreciated jobs in the world. They are responsible for teaching each of the passengers what to do in an emergency, relentlessly wait on every little whim of the passengers, and constantly bring snacks, drinks, pillows, and anything else that they need while rarely hearing any expression of gratitude.

Yet, this doesn’t bother most flight attendants, as they are also given the opportunity to travel all over the world – while getting paid for it. Not to mention the honor of becoming the senior flight attendant on any flight – something many, many attendants aspire to be.

However, there is a senior flight attendant that hasn’t officially earned the position she holds. No one knows who she is, no one knows where she came from, and no one knows where she is going. She doesn’t have a name that anyone knows, nor does she wear a tag that indicates who she is…

In fact, she isn’t even human.

Every flight attendant will tell you that they have seen some very strange things while in the air. Perhaps no one is able to relate to this better than the flight attendants of the United Airlines plan 739.

Over the years this plane has seen its fair share of passengers. People of all ages have passed through its doors and in the course of its career it has flown millions of miles back and forth across America.

But one day, something strange started happening on this flight.

It all began when a passenger woke in the middle of the night on an overnight flight in August 2002. This passenger had been flying alone and sat in a seat closest to the aisle of the plane. Two seats separated him from the window, and he had the entire area to himself. However, when he woke, he found that he was not alone…

There, seated next to him with only a seat in between, was a woman. He reported that the woman was dressed as one of the flight attendants, and he wondered if she was finished with her shift and riding the rest of the flight as a passenger herself. However, that didn’t explain how she would have gotten into the seat next to him without him waking up.

He tried to talk to her, but he reports that she stared directly ahead, seemingly unable to hear anything he had to say. He then tried to wave his hand in front of her eyes to get her attention, but once more the woman merely stared straight ahead. At last, he gave up.

In the morning when he awoke, she was gone. He asked the flight attendant about her, and she stated she hadn’t seen or heard anything the night before, though she had travelled through the cabin several times.

And that was just the first sighting. Since then, hundreds of passengers have reported having strange encounters with this woman who simply seems to appear out of nowhere. At times she will appear seated right next to a passenger, at other times she is seen sitting by herself. It is possible for her to appear anywhere within the plane, with even co-pilots and pilots themselves stating that they have seen her on more than once occasion.

The description of the woman is always the same. She is very old, with wrinkled skin down her cheeks and sagging skin beneath her neck. Her hands, which she always keeps clasped in front of her, are speckled with age spots and wrinkled themselves, with dark veins protruding over her fingers.

She stares directly in front of her no matter where she is, and she never interacts with anyone in the cabin – whether they are passengers or the flight attendants. Often, she is only seen by a single person at a time, even when she appears in the middle of a flight that has been booked solid.

Some have found her terrifying, stating that her eyes are jet black and dull. These people claim that there is no reflection of light in her eyes, and looking into them is like looking into an inky blackness that is darker than anything they have seen in their lives.

Others, however, haven’t at all felt intimidated by her, stating that she merely sits or walks silently by, without giving them any indication that she even noticed that they were there.

Some speculate that she is an apparition of an old passenger who always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant but never was able to, others claim she is a spirit that has never entered the living world but wants to. Though there is disagreement on who or what this being is, everyone agrees that the true answer will never be known.

Forever, she will be referred to by all the flight attendants as ‘The Senior’, and she will continue to join in the flights of plane 739…

Chapter 2

The Invisible Crew of the Ghost Blimp

Though there is conduct and rules of war that are supposed to be followed, there are certainly times when men and countries do things that they aren’t supposed to do. Of course, there are also times when everyone follows the rules of war, and the result is lingering terror for everyone involved.

At the end of WWII, the entire world was holding its breath. There was no telling for sure who was going to strike again or if it was really over – especially between the United States and Japan – the two remaining countries who were still locked in battles.

In August of 1942, Japanese submarines were still seen patrolling the coasts of the United States, mostly in the California region. As men and women nervously waited to see what would happen, it became evident to the military that additional patrols were necessary simply to ensure that the coast remained a safe place to live for those who were residing there.

So, a squadron of 12 blimps was created to patrol the area daily, keeping an eye out for the submarines or any other enemy ships that could be in the area.

On August 16, 1942, the day started out like any other for the men who were conducting the patrols. Though most of the blimps were designed to hold 2 men, there were several that could hold as many as 3.

Flight 101 was one such aircraft, and on this Sunday morning Lieutenant Ernest DeWitt Cody, Riley Hill, and Ensign Charles Ellis Adams were preparing to board.

Normally, the three men would complete the journey of leaving San Francisco Bay, pass over the Golden Gate Bridge, then travel a total of 25 miles out to the Farallon Islands. They would then return to the coast and travel back to their starting point. However, the air was heavy with moisture, and the blimp simply couldn’t support the weight of the three men.

So, since Riley Hill was the lowest ranking officer, he was commanded back off the aircraft and the mission was taken over by Cody and Adams alone. At first, it appeared that everything was going smoothly. The blimp took off from the starting point, and for the first ninety minutes it remained in contact with the radio tower.

However, as the blimp reached the midway point of its three hour journey, it suddenly lost contact with the radio tower. The last thing the tower had heard from the men was when Cody radioed and reported that they had discovered an oil spill about four miles off the coast. He told the tower to stand by for another report – but that report never came…

After a few minutes of silence, the tower tried to reach the blimp, but there was no answer. Again they tried, but again the result was the same. Assuming that the issue had been resolved, the men continued interacting with the other blimps that were patrolling the area, and didn’t give Cody or Adams much more thought.

Until another report came through.

And this time, not from the blimp.

After three hours of silence, San Francisco authorities alerted the tower that the blimp had drifted 8 miles off course and had crashed into the middle of the street. Though it was a miracle that no one in the city had been injured with the crash, it was quickly discovered that neither of the men were still on board the aircraft…

Immediately, authorities were sent to examine the wreckage and look for clues as to what may have happened to Cody and Adams. Upon entering the craft, they found that everything was still in place.

The only two things that were missing were two life jackets – something that was to be expected if the two men were to suddenly abandon the flight. However, their guns were still in place, a locked briefcase containing secret codes was still in place, and even Lt. Cody’s cap was still resting on the control panel, as though he had casually laid it there when he was interacting with the tower.

However, there were some aspects of the scene that confused officials, only furthering the mystery of what happened to the two men. The radio that had been used to contact the tower now dangled by its cord, as though whoever left it left it in haste. The side door to the blimp was also open – and it was evident that the lock to the door had been broken from the inside – also indicating that the men likely left in haste.

Other pilots and American watercraft could confirm they had seen both men enter the aircraft, as well as confirm that they were seen in the aircraft together during flight – yet no one had seen either of the men exit nor seen any reason for them to do so. Even with eleven other blimps in the area as well as over a dozen boats in the water, there wasn’t a single soul who had seen either of the men jump from flight or found them in the water.

An extensive search was launched for the men, but once again, neither they nor their bodies could be found.

Immediately, the speculation began, as many people came up with their own theories as to how and why these two men vanished. Some say that they had seen an enemy submarine and were going in for a closer look when they were taken captive. Others say that the men were fighting and one murdered the other before abandoning the craft and disappearing intentionally.

Though there were many different rumors circulating about what really happened to Cody and Adams, the truth was never found. A year after they had disappeared, they were pronounced dead.

However, there was still use for the blimp, as it was converted into a blimp to circle arenas during sporting events – and that’s when the Ghost Blimp truly lived up to its name…

It has been reported by people both on and off the blimp that apparitions of Cody and Adams can be seen. Some have reported seeing apparitions of the men fighting with the door of the aircraft during flight, while others state they have seen Lt. Cody standing near the front of the craft with his hands clasped behind his back, looking out the window.

Others from the ground state that they have seen apparitions of the men jumping from the aircraft wearing life jackets, though the aircraft is not over water. One pilot reported that the radio would randomly fall from its holder and dangle over the edge of the counter without cause.

Through the years many have simply viewed the Good Year blimp as an icon for sporting events, and as such have forgotten the mysterious past that surrounds this haunted vessel.

Though it will forever be a mystery what happened to those two men, it is certain that their spirits will continue to roam the skies – forever patrolling for the enemy…

Chapter 3

The Unseen Tourists of Virginia City

It’s no secret that the Rocky Mountains hold their fair share of the paranormal. The west was a wild and untamed place, where many men did as they pleased regardless of what the law said. The land was ruled by the last man standing, not by morals or the letters of the law.

As a result, many of the towns in the west were rooted in violence and murder. Virginia City is one such place, and though time and trials have left their mark on the buildings that are found there, it remains the most well-preserved ghost town in Montana to this day. An incredibly popular tourist attraction, the original store fronts of the city beckon to people from all over the country.

Men and women dressed in period clothing run these businesses, and a steam-run locomotive moves tourists from Virginia City to Nevada City, another small ghost town which stands a few miles to the west. Though this is a bustling town to be in today, few people realize the bloody beginnings this ghost town had – or the paranormal activity that takes place at night…

During the 1800s, gold was in high demand. Throughout the west it could be found in valleys and rivers, beckoning to miners who were looking to make a decent living for themselves in a new part of the country. The Yellowstone River, so named for the amount of gold that was pulled from it during this time, boasted some of the largest mining camps in the entire western world.

Less than one hundred miles from the banks of this mighty river, gold was discovered in Alder Gulch, a small valley in southeastern Montana. The miners who first discovered the gold established a mining camp, and though they did everything they could to keep their discovery a secret, it wasn’t long before the place was flooded with miners.

By the end of the year 1863, more than five hundred miners lived in the area – spending the night sleeping under trees or living in makeshift tents and spending the day mining as much gold as possible.

Of course, while this hunt for gold was taking place in the West, the Civil War was being fought back in the East, which posed another problem for the miners. War is expensive, and there was very little gold to be found in the south. So, southern miners began traveling to the west in search of the precious stone for themselves.

President Lincoln saw this quickly turn into a problem, as the southern side was able to finance their side in the war while the northerners were continuing to struggle. In response to this problem, he sent northern miners into the west to also mine this gold. With both Confederate soldiers and Yankee soldiers in the same camp, it wasn’t long before violence erupted, and the bloody foundation to Virginia City was put into place.

Men didn’t bother to negotiate with other miners, nor did they care to discuss the details of what they wanted. If there was gold to be had, they would murder the miner without a second thought, take his gold, and leave his body to decay in the hot sun…

Not even women were safe from the violence, as men showed as little respect for them as they did for their husbands. It wasn’t at all uncommon for an entire family to be murdered for a small sack of gold, and have their bodies left exposed for the animals to pick over. For over two years life went on this way, as only the caring men and women would tend to the bodies that were left decaying in the hot sun.

A small cemetery was created for these murdered victims, though their graves were often left without names. Only small stones or stakes would be put in place to mark the final resting place of these men, and it is believed that there were times when several people were buried in the same grave.

Eventually, as always, the gold began to run out, and the miners who had come to find it began to move on. Of course, there were still the men and women who had put their roots down in the little mining camp, and with the amount of people who were still residing in the area, the need for stores and supplies became evident. Instead of traveling more than 60 miles to the nearest town for supplies, men built shops for themselves.

Over the course of two years, the mining camp was completely converted from a camp full of tents and men sleeping under the stars to a thriving little town, with the second town of Nevada City being erected nearby. When the railroad was established in the area, the market became even better, and many settlers came to the area to put down their own roots.

However, the city wasn’t going to thrive for long, as gold was once again discovered in Last Chance Gulch to the north of the city. Though many of the miners had stayed in the area as the gold supply dwindled, the thought of being able to mine more caused them to begin to move.

Though there were many successful businessmen in the area at the time, they were only successful because of the money from the miners, and as the miners began to leave, there was little income. By the year 1880, less than one hundred people still lived in the area, with fewer people living there as the years went by. By the 1920s, the entire town had been completely abandoned.

Though there was much debate on what to do with the area, it was eventually ruled that Virginia City was a national landmark, and it was reconstructed to be open for tourists.

And that’s when the paranormal began.

Not long after new shop owners took over the dated stores and people began to visit the museum that had been built, strange things began happening. Shop owners all report the sound of disembodied voices floating through the stores at night – especially in the upper rooms.

It is said that the ghostly apparition of a train can be seen riding between the two cities at night, and the sound of moans can be heard in the cemetery. One report states that the apparition of a man hanging from a tree can be seen swaying above the cemetery, while another apparition of a woman can be seen sobbing beside the graves.

The museum itself, though it wasn’t constructed until after the City had been abandoned, is also rife with paranormal activity. Again, the sounds of disembodied voices can be heard drifting through the halls, as well as the sound of cowboy boots echoing on the hardwood floors. One report also states that children’s faces can be seen pressed against the windows and peering out at people who are on the street below.

The rich history of Virginia City may focus more on the gold now, but it’s evident that the men and women who faced the hardship and trials of living here are forever going to roam the land – completely locked in time…

Chapter 4

The Peering Spirits of the Massacred Mandu

War has plagued mankind ever since the dawn of civilization, and throughout the battles of the centuries, there have been very specific things those fighting have been fought for. One such thing is location. There is something so powerful about having a strategic location that makes everyone in the world want it.

Mandu, an ancient ghost city nestled in the heart of India, has been a coveted place for thousands of years. The fortress in the center of this city bears evidence that it was constructed around 600 B.C. and since then, it has been the site of many bloody battles.

For centuries, it has been passed back and forth between Islamic and Hindu dynasties, as both wished to have a hold of the impressive city. As many of the buildings have been constructed of pure stone, Mandu was able to withstand these bloody attacks – as well as the curse of time.

The modern day city of Mandu is completely abandoned, and has become a popular tourist destination for many who are lured by the breathtaking structures and man-made lakes that surround the fortress.

As the city has been abandoned for many years, the battles that happened there, took place before the rise of modern warfare – which means there were no rules of battle, and men would do horrific things to one another in the heat of the moment.

It is said that women from the sultan’s harem would throw large stones from the second story of the fortress, crushing the skulls of the soldiers who stood on the ground. If the men did manage to overtake the fortress, these women would then be thrown head first to the stone ground below.

It is believed that child sacrifice was also common in the city – both in times of war and in times of peace. Children up to ten years old were laid on stone alters and brutally murdered, sometimes by their parents, sometimes by the men they considered to be prophets.

For hundreds of years, the city was steeped in violence, with bloodshed being a common occurrence. Eventually, men and women began moving away from the city, seeking more peaceful lives elsewhere. The population saw a steady decline until at last the city was completely abandoned…

However, as it is rich in history and has many incredibly structures surrounding it, Mandu was preserved as a ghost town and has seen many tourists pass through its silent streets.

In the modern day Mandu, massive stone buildings covered in rich green moss can be observed, so too can drawing artists and photographers from around the world. However, there is another group of people who find this ghost town irresistible for another reason – the paranormal activity.

Paranormal investigators have also visited the city from all over the world, chasing the reports that spirits continue to roam the buildings and streets of this stone city. And the reports of their findings are incredible…

Many people have witnessed spirits peering out at them from within the darkness of the stone rooms. It is said that these apparitions have eyes that glow yellow, and they sit back in the shadows, watching the tourists as they make their way through the buildings. These beings move silently from room to room within these buildings, never leaving any trace that they were there.

Photographers have snapped photos of these beings, but strangely, they are never caught by the camera. Many have attempted to film them with hidden cameras, while others have set up cameras with night vision and infrared capabilities.

It is said that one can see these spirits through the lens of the camera while they are filming or trying to take a photo, but as soon as the photo is developed or the film watched, all that is revealed is an empty room.

Even the paranormal investigators and others who specialize in the field haven’t had any luck documenting or interacting with these watching specters. Many paranormal investigators have tried to catch EVP readings from these spirits, once again nothing is ever caught and recorded. It appears as though these beings are completely silent, completely elusive, and constantly watching.

At night, however, there is a slight difference in the activity that takes place throughout the city. It is said that the sound of scratching can be heard within the walls of the buildings, as well as the sound of whispers. The spirits can still be seen in various places, but their eyes appear to be dimmer at night. They continue to withdraw into the darkness when approached, and vanish in the light.

Some say that these are the spirits of those who once lived in the city, others say that they are those who have fallen in any of the many bloody battles that took place in the area. Some believe that these are the spirits of those who were sacrificed on the alters, and still others claim that these are the demons that the sacrifices were given to.

Though it will never be fully understood who or what these beings are, it is certain that they are well aware of the living world, and they are studying it as much as possible.

Silently, eerily, always watching…

Chapter 5

The Permanent Passenger of the Haunted Plane

Thousands of people take flights every day. Some travel for work, others travel for pleasure. Regardless of the reason, there are hundreds of planes in the air around the globe, shuttling people from one city to another. After all, it is said that traveling by plane is one of the safest ways to travel, with ant problems or incidents that do occur only rarely taking place.

Though many people give little thought to these flights that they take, there are always times when things can go wrong, and even with the best medical professionals in the world on board, tragedies can still happen. Few know this better than the Sterling Airlines, who had a woman pass away during a flight in the year 2002…

The incident occurred on a massive Boeing 737-8Q8. The plane had flown thousands of miles, and though there had been minor medical situations every now and then, that was considered completely normal by the airlines and the staff, and there were medical personnel on board to help with any incidents that may have arised.

The airlines thought they had everything under control no matter what situation happened, but they were finally met with an accident that they didn’t have any control over, and the outcome was a horrible one…

It is reported that no one knows for sure what happened to the woman, and that she collapsed during the flight. The paramedics on board did everything they could to revive her, and managed to keep her alive until the plane landed in the nearest airport. Though there were more medical professionals on the ground waiting for her to get off the plane, it soon became clear that she wasn’t going to survive.

Though the airlines handled the incident according to their policies, and the incident was dismissed as an unfortunate event, it wasn’t long before it became evident that the incident was far from over…

Not long after the woman’s death, strange things began happening on the plane. At first, it was little things, such as people thinking they saw shadows moving when there was nothing to cast a shadow. But as time passed, the events became more prominent, and they happened more often.

Carry-on items would mysteriously move from one compartment to another, without anyone seeing anything happen. Glasses and food would be knocked from the flight attendants’ carts when their backs were turned, but when they turned around, there would be no one there who could have caused it to happen.

Items would go missing in the cockpit, only to be found in strange places – even the bathroom at the back of the plane. With time, the aircraft had a known reputation for being haunted, and has been nicknamed ‘The Yellow One’ by both staff and passengers alike.

Certain staff members at the Copenhagen airport have refused to enter the plane for any reason – even when it is on the ground. There are those who state that they hear the sound of laughing and the sound of footsteps running through the plane when they are the only ones on board, and there are reports from both staff members as well as passengers that state that the sound of footsteps can be heard running on the roof of the aircraft – even when it is thousands of feet in the air…

One woman who used to be part of the cleaning crew with the airport stated that she didn’t have a problem with The Yellow One until one night she was on board alone, and she clearly heard her name being called. She stated in her report that it was difficult to discern whether the voice belonged to a man or a woman, but it was evident that whoever it was knew her name. After calling out to see if anyone else was on board with her, she felt a sudden blast of air as something rushed past her…

A second after this happened, the door to the bathroom at the back of the plane slammed shut, rattling the entire cabin. Terrified, the woman rushed out of the plane and asked if anyone outside had heard anything. After learning that they hadn’t even heard the slamming of the door, the worker refused to ever set foot on the plane again.

Other people have reported similar experiences – some stating they heard someone calling their name, others saying they thought they felt something brush past them when they were alone.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before more reports swept through the airport, some being major encounters, while others said that things were merely moved from one area to the next. Even the passengers heard reports of these incidents, and some of them have changed their minds about flying on that plane because of them.

It is said that there are passengers who have chosen to reschedule their flight when they learned that they were going to be going aboard The Yellow One, and several have stated that they believe the plane to be under a curse, and anyone who gets on board is risking their own lives in doing so.

Though there has never been a report of seeing any apparitions, The Yellow One has gained the reputation of being one of the most haunted planes in the world. It is unclear if the entity that has possession of this plane is the spirit of the woman who died or if it is some sort of otherworldly being that has chosen to reside within the walls of the aircraft.

But there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is [_something _]happening on board…

Chapter 6

The Demon Beneath the Sea

It is no secret that war tears nations apart. Dedicated men and women give everything they have for their country, often losing their lives for the cause. Though most wars take place between only a few countries at a time, it is well-known that there were two wars that shook the entire world.

World War I took the world by surprise, and changed the lives of men, women, and children around the entire world. Countless soldiers of all ages fell in battle, and the mourning that took place around the globe was unprecedented. As any paranormal investigator knows, this is the prime condition for hauntings to take root. And they did by the thousands…

Though warfare has never been a pleasant or glorious affair, war has changed with the times just as much as anything else has. And with the battles of WWI, there appeared new weapons in battle – including the incredible ship that could sail beneath the waves.

The submarine.

The Germans in particular utilized the Under Sea Boat, or U-boats, as they were often referred to. With them, they could sneak up on the enemy and attack right out of the depths without warning, using the element of surprise to their advantage. Throughout the course of the war, thousands of soldiers and millions of tons of cargo would be lost to the sea at the hand of these boats, giving the Germans a vital foothold in the war.

Though nations around the world were making these lethal underwater boats, there was one in particular that was of special interest. The German submarine UB-65 was a special class U-boat that was constructed in 1916. Designed to be faster than any of the other submarines in the ocean, the UB-65 already had a horrifying reputation for death and destruction before it even entered the waves of the ocean.

Throughout the construction of this submarine, a variety of freak accidents occurred, killing several of the workers. The first to occur was an incident in which the massive chains that supported a steel girder snapped without reason, dropping the heavy length of metal on two of the workers beneath it. One of the men was crushed and died instantly, but the other was only partially struck by the beam and lay in screaming agony beneath it.

Other workers rushed to the man’s rescue, but he eventually died of his injuries two hours later – still partially crushed beneath the steel beam. Though the chains were studied after the incident, there was no reason to indicate why they snapped.

In another incident, three engineers were inside the submarine examining the interior before it was launched into the sea. Again, without warning, the boat suddenly filled with noxious diesel fumes that suffocated the men before they were able to get out. Again, the submarine was examined, but there was no evident reason to indicate how the vessel had been filled with the fumes.

The troubles of the UB-65 didn’t end with the construction of the boat, either. During the first test run of the vessel, an enormous wave rose unexpectedly, sweeping one of the men overboard and into the ocean. Though it happened right in front of the other crew member’s eyes, his body was never found.

Two weeks later, another deadly leak within the vessel killed two more sailors, and when the captain ordered that the vessel be returned to the surface for examination, the mechanics wouldn’t work, trapping the entire crew beneath the sea.

They were able to fix the leak on board, but not before another man was killed by the toxic fumes.

On the final test run before the submarine’s maiden voyage, terror struck yet again. All appeared to be working well, when suddenly, the mechanics once again froze, and the sub drifted to the bottom of the ocean. The crew was in a panic, and in spite of all their efforts to get the vessel working again, it appeared as though there was some force pinning it to the sea floor and preventing any of the motors to work.

After nearly 12 hours of battling the sub, the crew finally managed to get it back to the surface, each one considering it a true miracle that no more of the crew members had died that day.

Though by now the vessel was thought of as cursed by most of the people, the rage of war made the German soldiers desperate, and they launched the submarine as soon as they possibly could.

But the cursed demon of the sea wasn’t ready to give up its horror yet, and with the very first attack on an enemy ship, one of the torpedoes exploded within the vessel as the men were loading it into the cannon. Three of the crew members died immediately, including a Lieutenant Richter. Again, desperation among the soldiers won, and the U-boat was once again repaired and launched into the sea.

It was on this second voyage that the vessel became known for not only being cursed, but for being haunted as well. It is reported that the first ghostly sighting took place during this voyage, with the captain stating that he clearly saw the apparition of Lieutenant Richter standing at the front of the vessel with his hands clasped behind his back and his feet spread apart. It is said that the captain walked up to the ghostly figure, attempting to speak with it.

Instead of conversing with him, however, the apparition merely turned and looked at him – and that is when the captain saw that half of the apparition’s face had been blown away, and its remaining eye was white and hollow. The captain recoiled in horror, but the apparition simply vanished.

It is reported that this sighting was the first of many sightings of the deceased lieutenant, and after that day he could be seen walking the deck, in the engine room, and in the lookout. Each time he appeared the men would flee from him in terror, though there is a report from one crew member that he tried to give the vessel a warning immediately before it was attacked by another submarine.

The stories of the haunted submarine swept through not only the German Navy but across the entire globe, striking fear and dread into the hearts of those who saw the submarine heading their way. However, as the stories of the ghostly lieutenant continued to circulate, it became harder and harder to find crew members who were willing to board the vessel.

Eventually, the captain began discouraging any reports of these sightings, implementing harsh punishments on any man who said anything about the ghost that was on board. For nearly two years the submarine roamed the waters, claiming over 16 enemy vessels during this time.

However, the curse on the submarine hadn’t left, and it was only a matter of time before it struck again. It is said that an American submarine came across the UB-65 as it was sitting on the surface of the water off the coast of Ireland. Of course, they thought this was an excellent time to hit the submarine with a surprise attack, as it is very difficult for submarines on top of the water to fight back.

Yet, it is stated that as the crew loaded the torpedo into the cannon, something strange happened. The UB-65 suddenly exploded right before their very eyes, instantly killing every member on board. Though the American Navy searched the waters for survivors, none of the bodies of the 35 crew members was ever found.

Some claim that the sub was a victim of yet another of its many freak accidents, others believe that there were far more sinister forces at work. Whatever the cause of the explosion, the memory of the UB-65 will forever lurk through the murky depths of the oceans…

Chapter 7

The Demonic Captain of the Pamir

Our journey once again takes us to the sea as we study another ship that has a dark side – the Pamir.

The Pamir was a massive vessel constructed in the year 1905. She was built in Germany, and officially launched on her maiden voyage on July 29. This 325 foot vessel boasted 4 massive masts and a steel hull, an incredible vessel for the time. Originally, this enormous ship was constructed as a trade ship with South America. One of 16 vessels constructed for this purpose, the Pamir was by far the largest.

By the year 1914, this vessel had already made 8 successful round trips to Chile and 70 trips to Valparaiso and Iquique. However, when World War I broke out, the ship stayed in port in the Canary Islands. It wasn’t until the year 1920 that it began to set sail again, and this time it was headed to Italy to help with repairs from the war.

Though the ship had been sold to Italy, the government was unable to find a crew that was suitable for sailing it across the ocean, and it was largely left at port near the Gulf of Naples for the next 4 years.

After being passed back and forth between countries and owners for the next 7 years, the ship was eventually purchased by the Gustaf Erikson’s Finnish Shipping Company in the year 1931. However, instead of being used exclusively for trade with South America, the ship was now to be used with the Australian grain trade.

Yet in spite of the many years the Pamir had spent at sea, there was nothing to indicate that it was haunted.

That is, until it was taken as a war prize during WWII.

The ship had been in port Wellington, but it was captured by New Zealand and the entire crew was brutally slaughtered on August 3rd, 1941. The captive ship was taken to port in New Zealand, where it was used during battles and for shipping supplies. However, it was finally returned to Wellington in the year 1948 – but something dark had settled over the ship…

It wasn’t used often anymore, but it is said that when it was sailed, something came over the captain. It was as though any captain who sailed the ship was overtaken by a darkness, and began acting in very strange ways. In some cases, the captain of the ship would become paranoid, accusing the crew members of all kinds of things. Others say that the captain would lose all forms of common sense, and would take horribly unnecessary risks, putting the entire crew at stake.

Though one might argue that it was merely that captain, the same thing happened to three different men. Soon, the ship began to gain a reputation of being haunted, and it became incredibly difficult to find anyone who was willing to sail it – either as the captain or as a crew member.

By the year 1950, the ship was set to be destroyed and used for spare parts, however, another buyer stepped in and purchased it. Once again owned by a German, the ship underwent major repairs. The new owner of the ship – who named himself the captain – modernized the vessel by equipping it with an auxiliary engine and modern sails. On August 10, 1957 the Pamir set sail for the final time…

Determined to use the ship for trading, he found a large crew of 87 men, and loaded the cargo bay with over 3,000 tons of barley. The new ship was fully equipped and ready for the journey, and the captain had a reputation for being a smart man and a sharp sailor.

However, not long into the journey the men began to notice strange things happening to the captain.

He would constantly be scanning the horizon for other ships, and when he would see one, he would tell the men to reroute the ship to avoid coming anywhere near the other. He would often accuse the men of plotting to murder him or maroon him of the vessel, and he would spend days at a time in his cabin.

The captain would refuse to listen to anyone’s advice, and he started making more and more rash decisions. Many of the crew feared that the rumors of the vessel were true, and that something dark had taken over the man’s mind.

However, they had little choice but to do as he said, as they were out at sea. Then, on September 21, the Pamir was caught in Hurricane Carrie. It is unclear whether the captain knew that they were sailing right into the storm and chose to in spite of the risk, or if the storm took them by surprise, but it is certain that the ship was not equipped to ride out such forceful winds or massive waves.

Strangely, the captain didn’t order that any of the doors be closed, nor did he instruct the crew to secure down the cargo. When a massive wave crashed down on top of the deck, the cargo was thrown from one side of the ship to the other, further causing it to sway back and forth. Some believe that during this time the waves were filling the ship with water, others believe there was a leak in the ship and that was what was causing it to sink.

The men begged the captain to allow them to leave, but the captain refused. He cut the lifeboats free, sending them into the crashing ocean with nobody on board, and trapping the men on the ship. It is said that one of the men tried to get into the captain’s quarters to send a distress signal for help, but the captain shot him in the back of the head as he fought to open the door.

At last, the Pamir was unable to take anymore, and near midnight, the ship capsized in the Atlantic. It is said that all that was found of the crew and the ship were four men who had managed to cling to broken boards – the rest had been claimed by the sea.

The men all gave their report to the Coast Guard, and though each one had a different idea of why the ship had ultimately capsized, each one agreed that the captain had indeed lost his mind. Perhaps it was the stress of the sea, perhaps the ship really was under a curse…

Perhaps he was controlled by a demon…

Chapter 8

The Twisted Tale of the City of Romance

When you think of Paris, odds are you think of the iconic Eiffel Tower, cobblestone streets, and love. Paris has long been associated with romance, and many consider it to be the most romantic place in the entire world.

However, there is a dark side to this city of romance, and a history that is far more horrifying than what anyone on their honeymoon would possibly think. Whether you think of the thousands of bodies locked away in the catacombs that run beneath the city or the horrifying true tale of the original Sweeney Todd, there is far more to this city than what meets the eye.

Though many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators who go to the City of Lights tend to take their hunts beneath the city and into the catacombs, there is a residence that is haunted by something far more sinister than the souls of innocent men and women who were wrongfully murdered.

This site can be found at 20 rue Chanoinesse – though now used as a parking garage for the police department, this seemingly innocent building holds a secret that is far from romantic…

The building was originally constructed in the 14th century and was designed to house several businesses sharing the same walls. The corner business belonged to a baker, and right next door a barber moved in. These two men had grand reputations within the city – many people stating what a wonderfully close shave the barber gave, and hundreds of people flocking to the baker for his meat pastries.

However, there was a sick relationship taking place between these two individuals, and no one suspected them of a thing.

The reason the baker’s pastries were so different from anything anyone had ever tasted before was because he was using a different kind of meat than anyone had ever eaten – human flesh. Instead of making the pastries as other bakers did using pork or beef, this baker was grinding and using human flesh in his meat spreads and baked goods…

But where could he get this flesh? How could he use it so often and not get caught?

The answer came from right next door. Though many people believe that Sweeney Todd’s inspiration came from London, the fact of the matter is long before that barber became a serial killer, this barber was murdering countless people who walked through his doors. He targeted foreign students – young people who wouldn’t be easily missed by anyone in town.

After giving them a shave, it is said that he would slit their throats with his razor, then dump their bodies down a chute. The bodies would land in the shared basement of the baker and barber, where the baker would then take the bodies and use them for his own purposes.

For 3 years these men were able to carry on with their sickening hobby, until the day a man was finally noticed missing. It is said that he went to the barber with his dog, only that he left the animal outside as he got his hair cut. However, when he didn’t come out, the dog became anxious. It is said that the animal was whining and pawing at the windows, though no one paid much attention to him.

When the man’s wife finally became worried, she went to the barber shop where she knew her husband had gone. However, she couldn’t find him there, and the barber claimed that he hadn’t seen him at all that day. The man’s wife took the pet home and reported her husband as missing, but she couldn’t help but notice how distressed the dog appeared to be.

As soon as the animal was let out of the house, it ran back to the barber shop. When this happened a second time, the woman went to the authorities once more and told them she believed there was something going on in the barber shop. An investigation revealed hundreds of human bones in the basement of the building, as well as several bodies that were partially decaying in the corner.

The men were immediately arrested, but they were not given a trial. They were both burned alive, and it is said that the building itself was burned to the ground to purge the area of evil.

The building was eventually constructed once more, and through the years has seen many different kinds of businesses. Though it is now used as a parking garage for the police force, many of the members of the force state that they have seen apparitions within the garage. At times there is the sound of disembodied voices floating through the air, and at other times orbs can be seen.

It is said that the basement of the building is where the most paranormal activity takes place, as there are still a few of the original foundation stones left in place. One officer states that if you touch the stone, for a brief second a glimpse of the basement comes to life – with bones and bodies being cut and ground into nothing more than a paste…

In this modern world, many people enjoy Sweeney Todd, and think of him as nothing more than a character that has been created for Hollywood. However, there is a truth to the tale that is very real and very dark, and to this day spirits linger in the place they met him for real…

Chapter 9

The Continued Horror of the Roman Empire

If you were asked to name brutal nations in history, odds are you would list Rome as one of them. The Roman Empire was known for its brutality, mistreatments, and horrific hobbies, and to this day, the effects of this terrifying nation can still be seen in the city of Rome.

Though many people consider Rome to be very beautiful, and by far one of the best vacation destinations on the planet, few people realize just how many horrors have taken place in that very city. There are many reports of ghosts being seen walking through the streets and within buildings, and there is little doubt that this entire city is haunted…

The city itself was built on executions and catacombs, with hundreds of men and women dying because of the Caesar’s whims. However, it wasn’t just in ancient times that this was a dangerous place to live, and some of the most famous of the ghosts residing there come from only a few hundred years ago.

Perhaps the most famous of Rome’s spiritual residents is the ghost of a young woman named Beatrice Cenci. Young Beatrice was born in the year 1577 to a wealthy nobleman. However, her father was a cruel man and abused her mother, brothers, and herself relentlessly. When he began sexually abusing her, she did her best to have him arrested, but the authorities were lenient toward the noblemen, and no charges were ever made.

Upon learning that it was Beatrice herself who had turned him in, her father beat her ruthlessly, leaving her unconscious in the middle of the street. Beatrice, however, had a lover who was tired of seeing her treated so poorly. As a result, this young man murdered her father and did his best to make the death look like an accident.

However, it was not this young man but Beatrice who was blamed for the murder. She was extensively tortured until she finally admitted to the act, and she was soon sentenced to death.

Her mother and brothers were also given a death sentence, and the three of them were led to a public scaffold that had been erected for them alone. Her mother and brothers were all beheaded, as that was considered a merciful execution since they weren’t directly involved with her father’s murder.

Beatrice herself, however was hanged. They were all buried near the church, but as they were executed for murder, they were buried in unmarked graves.

Now, in modern day Rome, it is said that the apparition of Beatrice can be seen wandering through the Montorio cemetery, but that she only appears the night of September 10. Some state that she walks through the cemetery, looking for the graves of her mother and two brothers while others say she is mourning for her lost love. All who have seen her state that she is very beautiful, and wears a dress of pure white.

She is translucent, and when approached will simply vanish into thin air, disappearing without a trace.

Another ghost that is seen can be found on the Sisto Bridge. This is the ghost of the Dame Olimpia.

Dame Olimpia seduced a wealthy nobleman in 1655. Though she swore that she loved him, it soon became evident to society that all she was really after was the man’s money. She was from a humble beginning herself, and though she denied it, it was clear that she really only did care for money.

However, when her lover was caught up in a murder and was given the death penalty, Olimpia knew she was about to lose the source of her wealth. So, it is said that she grabbed two bags and filled them with all the gold coins she could manage to fit inside, then she ordered for her black carriage to be brought to the door.

She climbed aboard the carriage and ordered the driver to take her to the next town as quickly as possible, but the man refused, knowing she was stealing. She then took the reins and drove the carriage herself, determined to get away with what she had done. However, in her haste she lost control of the carriage, and plunged off the Sisto Bridge into the Tiber river below.

She was so eager to keep all the money she had stolen that she struggled to get the heavy coins back to shore, but she was unable to fight the current of the river, and drowned…

In modern Rome, there are many reports from people who have seen Dame Olimpia riding her carriage across the bridge. Some state she can be seen riding with her loot in her hands, others state that she can be seen driving off the side of the bridge and plunging into the water. One eyewitness stated that the apparition was so vivid that he ran to the edge of the bridge, ready to jump in and save the woman he believed just fell in.

Unlike Beatrice, however, Dame Olimpia can be seen any night of the year, though there are times when there are far more reports than others. Rome is a city that is built on blood and tears, and throughout the hundreds of years it has stood tall, it has seen more bloodshed and murders than perhaps any one will ever know.

However, in a city that is so strongly alive with paranormal activity, it is certain that these entities will continue to wander through the streets and the houses, reminding the world of the days that have passed, and the atrocities that happened to them…

Chapter 10

The Terrifying Truth of Flight 401

Although air travel is considered to be one of the safest forms of travel, it is no secret that there are times when accidents do happen, and these enormous vehicles do fall out of the sky.

A rare event, but one that has dire consequences for those who’re on board. Though there are skilled pilots who are able to make emergency landings, this is not always the case – as the unfortunate passengers of Flight 401 found out.

It was December 29, 1972 and Eastern Airlines’ Flight 401 was flying over the Florida Everglades. No one knows for sure what happened, but the pilot lost control of the plane, and it crashed out of the sky, killing 101 of the 176 people who were on board. Rescue workers were quick to arrive on the scene, but the situation wasn’t good.

Though they were able to save a few people, the pilot, co-pilot, and all the crew members had been killed along with most of the passengers.

Though the cause of the accident was unclear, Eastern Airlines salvaged the plane, looking for any parts that could be saved and used to repair other aircraft. As it turned out, the Flight L-1011 needed several repairs, and many of the same parts could be saved from Flight 401. It wasn’t long before the parts were salvaged and the Flight L-1011 was repaired and ready for service once again.

But strange things started happening.

In August of 1973, a crew member by the name of Jessica boarded the plane with the crew she was assigned. It was a hot night in Atlanta, Georgia, and very humid, making cleaning the aircraft after flights a miserable job. Jessica was known for her no-nonsense attitude and her drive to merely get work done and move onto the next, and the other members of her crew knew it.

However, Jessica herself reports that night when she entered Flight L-1011, the temperature of the air inside the plane dropped so severely she could see her own breath. Undeterred, however, Jessica and the crew began cleaning the aircraft. Jessica reports that she was cleaning the ovens in the galley by herself, when she suddenly saw the reflection of a person behind her…

The reflection was dim, and she states she was unable to make out any features in detail, but she could see enough of the form to determine that whoever it was was dressed in a pilot’s uniform.

Confused, she glanced over her shoulder – but there was no one else in the room with her. She looked back at the oven she had been cleaning once more, and this time the reflection of the figure appeared to be right behind her.

Jessica reports that she spun around as quickly as she could, but there was still no one else in the room. Terrified, she ran out of the galley to find the rest of the crew members. She reports she was afraid they would think she was crazy, but decided to tell them what happened anyway, and to her surprise, several of the other crew members stated that they had seen the same thing…

And that was just the beginning.

For as long as the Flight L-1011 was in service with Eastern Airlines, many different crew members, staff members, and even passengers reported seeing strange activity taking place.

One pilot reported walking into the cockpit of the plane late at night only to discover that another pilot was already sitting in his chair. He noted that the air in the cockpit was considerably colder than it had been when he had left.

Confused, the pilot asked the man what he was doing – but there was no response from the individual at all. Once again, the pilot asked him what he was doing. At that moment, all the lights in the cockpit came on, and in the reflection of the glass the pilot could clearly see that the man was Captain Bob Loft – the captain of Flight 401 the night that it crashed…

The pilot recoiled in terror, but at that very moment Captain Loft vanished into thin air. All the lights in the cockpit returned to normal, and the temperature inside the room rose immediately.

Passengers aboard the plane have also reported seeing and hearing things that they cannot explain. Some have reported seeing flight attendants walk through the cabin only to learn that all the flight attendants were at the front of the plane. Others have stated that people who appear to be passengers will suddenly appear right next to them in their seats, or that they can be seen walking up and down the aisles as well.

Some have even stated that a curse rests over the plane, and anyone who falls asleep during a flight will be plagued with the most terrifyingly vivid nightmare of the plane crashing to the ground.

It was a genuine tragedy what happened to Flight 401 that fateful winter night so many years ago, but it has become clear that those poor souls who fell from the sky and lost their lives that night are not at rest.

They are doomed to be attached to Flight 401 for eternity…

Chapter 11

The Most Haunted City in the World

New Orleans, Louisiana is a place that is rich with history. Not only is it the birthplace of Jazz, but it is also one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is often called the most unique city as well with its extensive cuisine, music, and culture. With all that it has to offer, New Orleans is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States.

Few people know, however, the dark side of this city. Just as we saw with Paris and Rome, entire cities can themselves become haunted, and with all the voodoo, murders, bloodshed, and witchcraft in this city’s past, it is no exception to the rule. In fact, New Orleans has long been considered the most haunted city in the entire world.

There are many reports of hauntings throughout the city, and each has a grisly tale behind it. On Royal Street, for example, there stands an old mansion. While this looks harmless from the outside, there was a time when this mansion was a torture chamber…

It was the year 1832 and Dr. Louis LaLaurie and his wife moved into the mansion. As a wealthy couple, the pair purchased many slaves to attend to the house – or so everyone in the city thought. After a fire broke out in the kitchen and many of the people in the town came to the rescue, it was discovered that the slaves the couple had purchased weren’t for tending to the house, but had been cruelly tortured by both the doctor and his wife.

There were men and women chained to the walls, children locked in small cages, and human body parts found in various rooms. It is said that the couple fled to France to escape justice, and that they never returned to the States.

However, to this day the sound of agonizing screams and dreadful moans can be heard in various rooms of the house.

The St. Louis Cemetery, which was established in the city in 1782, is the final resting place of aristocrats, pirates, murderers, artists, politicians, and even the Queen of Voodoo herself, Marie Lavaue. It is said that this woman was very much engaged in witchcraft and voodoo, and that she could make anyone fall ill or disappear if she so chose.

One tale states that Marie Lavaue became angry with a young boy after he made fun of her and denied her powers as a witch. She wove a doll of his likeness, then held the doll over a candle. It is said that the boy began screaming out in pain, and in spite of everything his parents did to help him, he eventually died. When the doctor examined him, he reported extensive scarring on the boy’s abdomen which looked like burns…

She was very active in satanic worship, and it is said that she appears every year on June 23rd to lead those who gather in the cemetery in a satanic ritual.

In the year 1722 a blacksmith shop was built, and to this very day it is still standing, though now it is used as a bar. Considered the oldest building in the United States to be used as a bar, this building also boasts paranormal activity.

Jean Lafitte owned the original blacksmith shop, and though it would appear to some that he had an upstanding occupation, the fact is that this man was a pirate and a buccaneer, and he murdered countless men and women in his life. It is believed that some of his plunder is hidden somewhere in the bricks of the building, and some report that glowing red eyes can be seen peering out of the metal grate that lies in the basement…

It is also said that heavy footsteps can be heard walking across the roof of the bar at night – always without any explanation.

The Hotel Monteleone is perhaps the most famous of the haunted buildings in New Orleans, and with good reason. This hotel, which was built in 1886 is known for its rotating Carousal Piano Bar as well as its lounge. Though the modern day hotel is an interesting place to stay, there was a time when this hotel was the site of many murders and mysterious accidents.

It is said that the spirit of a young toddler can be seen roaming the halls of the building, and it is believed it is the spirit of a young boy who fell from the balcony and perished. It is reported that the spirit of an employee by the name of William Wildemere is also seen in the lounge. He was found the victim of a murder in the kitchen of the hotel, and the man who murdered him was never caught.

The sound of footsteps running through the halls is not uncommon, and it is said that the elevator will often stop on the wrong floors, forcing people to walk through chilly and eerie halls to get to their rooms. Though the elevator has been repaired many times and shows no signs of malfunctioning, it is not at all uncommon for it to suddenly stop like this.

A door in the kitchen is said to open and close every night, though it is locked, and the sound of whispers and voices can be heard coming from empty rooms.

New Orleans boasts some of the richest and most diverse culture in the entire United States, but it is clear that there is more to the city than meets the eye – and they are watching the living every single day…

Chapter 12

The Mysterious Murders of the Palatine

Our journey now takes us back to the sea, with the mysterious tale of the Palatine. The Palatine was constructed in Germany in the year 1712. Its captain was reportedly a strange man, and though he had completed many voyages with his vessel, it was known that many people often died while at sea.

However, as traveling across the ocean was dangerous at that time, it is said that the captain would blame illness and other factors for the passengers’ deaths.

The Palatine set sail for New England the day after Christmas, with more than 340 passengers aboard. These men and women left Germany in search of religious freedom, and the captain of the ship promised them that he would get them safely to the New World. Though the man had a reputation for losing passengers on his voyages, these people were desperate for a new beginning, and were willing to take the risk in order to start a new life…

At first, the voyage appeared to be going well, and every passenger remained healthy. But, as the days passed, several of the men had fallen ill. The doctor on board was unable to identify any disease, and stated that the symptoms these men were exhibiting indicated poisoning of some kind.

And that was just the beginning. As the days passed, more and more of the passengers became ill, and some vanished altogether – as though they had walked right off the ship into thin air. Though many of the men and women were becoming suspicious of what was going on, there was no proof that the captain had anything to do with the people falling ill.

By the time the ship was 10 miles away from New England, there were only 150 passengers remaining on the ship – more than half had perished in mysterious ways…

With land in sight, many of the passengers started to celebrate, convinced that their troubles were finally over, and they were going to be given the new chance they had risked so much to obtain.

However, the captain had other plans…

Commanding that the anchor be dropped, he stopped the ship off the coast of Block Island. Confused, the passengers urged the captain to continue to the main land, but he refused. The ship remained in the sea until nightfall, when it is said that the wind began to pick up and snow began to fall.

It was shortly after this that lights began to appear on the coast of Block Island, and in spite of the protests of those on board, the captain set sail for the land. However, he ran the Palatine too close to the rocks, and with the waves and the wind, the ship was run ashore.

It was then that the people who had been holding the torches – natives to the island, began climbing aboard the ship. The people screamed and begged for their lives, but the natives didn’t pay any attention to their pleas. The captain stood at the wheel, laughing and taunting the people who were being so brutally murdered in front of him…

However, things didn’t go according to the captain’s plans this time, as the natives not only slaughtered the passengers who were on board the ship, but they murdered him as well. It is said that he continued to laugh as he was dragged from his place at the helm and murdered alongside the bodies of those he had just witnessed being butchered.

The natives then plundered the ship, taking everything they could carry on shore. The ship was soon set ablaze, and was torn apart by the waves and the flames.

It is believed that the captain had an agreement worked out with the natives of Block Island, and that he would gather innocent men and women, promising to take them to the New World. However, he would then begin thinning out the group by selectively murdering various passengers, cutting down on how many people would be able to fight back as well as how many resources were consumed on the journey.

He would then run the ship ashore and allow the natives to murder any of the passengers who were remaining.

It is said that to this day the flaming ship can be seen on cold winter nights – especially during a storm in the sea. Some say that you can also hear the sound of people screaming for their lives, as well as the laughter of the cruel captain.

There are many rumors as to what really happened to the Palatine, but it is certain that the man on board was pure evil – and to this very day the haunting apparition of his wicked ship burns as a reminder to all of the horrors that he committed…

Chapter 13

Pippo: The Demon Plane

The last chapter in our journey of the haunted takes us to the skies once more, and also takes us back to the rage of war. As we have seen already, war does terrible things to everyone involved. Nothing but tragedy is left in its wake, with millions of people recoiling and trying to recover from the pain.

World War II was by far one of the worst wars in the history of the world. No one was safe from the fighting, and thousands of men, women, and innocent children were killed.

Though the entire world was at odds, there were certainly some places that were more targeted than others, and the people there could only pray that they would survive to see the end of the war.

Northern Italy was one of these places. With the government turned against its own people, the ruthless Nazis oppressing them from all sides, and the Allies considering them to be enemies, life was very bleak for these poor souls. However, even with all the violence and oppression that was pressing in on them from all sides, there was something else – something even more sinister that was terrorizing these people.

Pippo, the phantom plane.

Now, there is something terrifying about a ruthless leader. There is something horrifying about a heartless army. But there is something so utterly menacing about an unseen enemy that has a vengeance…

Pippo was a mysterious plane. No one knew where it came from, no one knew who piloted it, and no one knew which side it was on. It appeared only at night, flying over the city with the iconic pip-pip sound of its engines that earned the aircraft its name. The plane had no lights on it, making it difficult for anyone to see where it was coming from or where it was headed. Many said that it seemed to simply appear out of thin air, then vanish once more after it had done its terrible mission.

Though some believe that this phantom was terrorizing more than just a single area, it is said to have exclusively attacked only the Italians, and that it used countless tactics to murder as many people as possible. And as interesting as it is, there is no proof nor even stories to suggest that it ever did attack anyone else.

The plane is said to have dropped bombs on farmlands, it is said to have dropped poisoned candy down to the children in the city, and that it dropped pens that exploded in the hands of the person who picked them up. The plane would even launch missiles in heavily populated areas within the city, often killing hundreds of people at a time.

Then, the plane would simply disappear into the night. There were times when the people would send their own fighter planes after the mysterious apparition, but no matter how hard they tried, how often they attempted to catch it by surprise, or how many times they tried to track the vehicle, it would simply disappear into the night – vanishing without a trace…

Pilots who were able to get close to the plane before it disappeared reported that there never appeared to be anyone sitting in the cockpit – as though the plane was piloted by something invisible, or that it had a mind of its own. Any pilot that got near to the entity was visibly shaken when they landed, and it is said that they had a difficult time describing exactly what it was that they saw.

Many historians have tried to determine what this strange phenomenon could have truly been, and none have been able to produce any solid evidence. Some have suggested that it was part of the British reconnaissance planes, as some of the descriptions tend to indicate that, however, there are other aspects to the tale that contradict any evidence that it was part of the British fleet.

This phantom plane would continue to terrorize the people of Northern Italy – and only the people of Northern Italy – until the end of the war, then it simply seemed to vanish off the face of the earth. The sound of the engines were no longer heard at night, and the terror stopped.

To this very day Pippo has become a legend and a tale that has been passed down from those who lived through the experience themselves, and each person who was there believes that the plane came from another world. There was something so heartless – so inhuman about the phantom that it is impossible it was piloted by anything human…

And they can only hope that it never comes back.



There you have it, tales, reports, stories, and eye witness accounts of the most horrifying and haunted places on earth. I hope you enjoyed your journey through some of these terrifying places, and that you were able to see for yourself that there truly are beings and entities that reside in places all over the globe.

So often, men and women get trapped into the thinking of seeing is believing, and if they can’t see something with their own eyes, they don’t believe that it truly exists. And the feeling that ghost stories are nothing more than ways to scare others around the campfire, or ways children thrill themselves when they don’t want to go to bed at night.

But, as you can see through these stories and accounts here, there simply is no denying the activity that takes place in the world all around us – whether we want to believe that it is there or not.

So the next time you find yourself sitting on a plane, buying tickets to go on a cruise, or simply passing through a town or city that has long been on your list of places you visit, stop and ask yourself if there is anything around you that is out of the ordinary. Can you feel the eyes of someone – or something – watching you? Did you notice that an item you set down in one place is no longer there?

Do you just so happen to get that eerie feeling when you walk through a door, or even when you are walking down the street of a city that is rich with history? There have been many times when you likely brushed against an entity and had no idea that it was there – or you were carefully studied by a being that has long since left life on this planet…

Keep an open mind and a watchful eye. You never know when you are going to be the person with the tale of an encounter with something that wasn’t from this world.

Think about that as you lie awake in bed at night believing that you are the only person in the house.

Or are you?

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True Hauntings: Stories of Entire Towns, Ships & Planes That Are Cursed to the C

Every paranormal enthusiast on this planet knows that anything and everything has the potential to become haunted. At times, hauntings are caused by terrifying events, at other times, they are caused by horrific tragedies. There are even times when an object, location, or building may become haunted for no apparent reason at all – just one day a spirit decides to take up residence in the area and never leaves… Come with me to study some of the most haunted places on earth. We will travel on a journey through the past and through the present, studying and observing the terrifying truth behind many legends and stories you have heard. We will look at haunted ships, demonic planes, underwater entities, and even entire towns that are homes to more evil than you could ever imagine. We will answer the questions of how these places became haunted, the evidence of the hauntings, and study eye-witness accounts of the paranormal. So, what are you waiting for? You know you’re curious, you know you want to read of these tragedies and horrors and the aftermath that they left, and you know you want to see for yourself that there truly are ghosts, apparitions, demons – and the things that go bump in the night. You can try to set aside your fears as much as you want. You can try to tell yourself that these are just stories, and you can try to tell yourself that you are safe from encountering any of these spirits for yourself…

  • Author: Joseph Exton
  • Published: 2017-07-27 21:35:12
  • Words: 14329
True Hauntings: Stories of Entire Towns, Ships & Planes That Are Cursed to the C True Hauntings: Stories of Entire Towns, Ships & Planes That Are Cursed to the C