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The Old Testament was translated into Greek by seventy Jewish scholars in 132 BCE (before Christian era). The New Testament was also written in Greek. The most frequent English translation of the Greek word thlibo is tribulation, but it can also be stress, harassment, oppression, suffering or pressure. It can also mean affliction (internal or external).

The Bible tells of a time when the world will experience a great tribulation “such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now and never will be again” said Jesus (Matthew 24:21). It is prophesied to be so great that Jesus will evacuate (rapture) his Church (believers) before the event occurs. In order to mentally grasp the grievousness and terror of the “great” tribulation I will present some “normal” tribulation to provide a foundation for comparison.

Normal tribulation is something personally uncomfortable (or terrible) that you must endure because you have no ability to influence it directly or indirectly, by power or finesse. Normal tribulation can be viewed in two categories: personal and neighborhood. These categories have many levels including family, religion, and ethnicity, or city, national, and worldwide.

On the personal level you could have a lingering or painful disease or injury. This is tribulation. Tribulation can occur within your own family such as having a cantankerous spouse or uncontrollably disobedient children. Relatives could be a source of tribulation. You could be persecuted for your religion or ethnicity. Whether this persecution is real or imagined it still results in internal turmoil (tribulation).

Sometimes the trouble intrudes on your family from outside. Maybe it is trouble from a neighbor who is cutting your trees or stealing your water or partying all night with loud music. Stress can come from a public school. Your child may be bullied. If you cannot fight back or remove your child from the school this becomes very stressful. Personal tribulation is the most terrible because it is intimate effecting both mind and body.

The Apostle Paul listed his tribulations (2 Corinthians 11). He said he had been beaten with lashes five separate times (39 strokes each) and three times with rods (39 strokes each). Once he was stoned (the populace would crowd around and throw rocks, frequently to kill). He was in danger on all his trips from robbers, Jews, Gentiles, liars and false brethren. The natural elements threatened such as when he was adrift at sea. Three times he had been shipwrecked. Often he was sleepless, in hunger or thirst and in danger from exposure to the elements.

As you can see, tribulation can also come from nature. There’s drought, hurricanes, floods, insect or invasive animal infestations, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and volcanic lava flows. Just think of the people of Pompeii that tried to flee from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79, or in 1991 from Mt. Pinatubo. Tribulation comes from lack of water or too much water. It may also come from space in the form of an asteroid or solar coronal mass ejection (CME).

Tribulation may not even be tangible. It could come from stress caused simply by threats from neighbors, the law, or other countries, possibly from migrants with diseases, soldiers with guns, crazy dictators with nuclear bombs.

You can see that tribulation can be nature-made and/or man-made. You can read about both in history books. Look at the devastation caused by earthquakes and tsunamis. Look at what humans striving for power over other people and striving for control of the world have wrought. There are many famous and infamous examples of human hubris, arrogance and evil. For example Kubli Khan’s armies spread terror as they invaded westward. They destroyed very many towns killing everyone or sometimes enslaving the women. In Merv 700,000 were executed. The Rus people of Kiev were decimated. The Mongols reached as far as Hungary and Poland. An estimate of the Mongol carnage is 60 million of a world population of only around 400 million. The coming of the Mongol hoards caused tribulation both in front of its cavalry and behind it.

China suffered many rebellions by many warlords. They have endured many periods of deprivation. You can read about the disastrous attempt by Chairman Mao to rapidly change China into a modern Communist nation in his “great leap forward” program. Tens of millions died of starvation.

The Muslims began their invasions outside the Arabian Peninsula in 633 CE (Christian Era). They slaughtered millions, destroyed kingdoms, and any survivors that were not enslaved were forced to convert to Islam. Yes, Islam spread by tribulation, not love.

In Africa by force of arms Muslims killed and enslaved many tens of millions. Eventually they found a market (Portuguese slave ships bound for Brazil) and that encouraged them to enslave even more. Man-made tribulation is vile but when it is for profit it is evil. [For more on slavery read the free book Slavery by K. P. Walker.]

All wars are man-made tribulations especially for those caught in the middle of the battlefields and for those sent to battle. It doesn’t matter what or who starts the conflicts whether it be a local squabble, a civil war (most countries have experienced these) or worldwide combat. Tribulation lasts until long after the wars terminate. In battle a new tribulation comes very frequently. In World War I soldiers had to contend with mud, bullets, bombs and poisonous gas. For WWII the main difference was the greater scope of the strife but more civilians were uprooted or killed. It finally ended with the dropping of atomic bombs. Even without war atomic bombs still create man-made tribulation simply through the threat of using them.

Man-made tribulation is also caused by human differences especially ethnicity and religion. Armenian Christians lived amongst Turkish Muslims who eventually pointed fingers at the Armenians as the cause of all their problems. They carried out what was later to be described as the Armenian Genocide. The “Young Turks” between 1915 and 1916 had murdered or scattered 90% of the two and a half million Armenians.

Yes, differences in ideology, dress, skin color, language and religion can be an excuse for humanity to point fingers and lay blame for imagined harm or as in the case of the Jews of Germany provide a case for political expediency. Some ideologies such as Communism and its cousin Socialism require official “enemies”. These designated enemies (used as political distractions) are the targets of lies, innuendo, insults, physical attacks, threats, and organized gangs (or paid mobs). The idea is to terrorize this “enemy” into submission (or as the Muslims would say subjugate them to Dhimmi {subjected infidel} status). Yes, this is man-made man-imposed tribulation.

I’m absolutely certain you the reader can add many other examples to the few mentioned here because you comprehend the idea of tribulation. In summation, nature-made tribulation is normal [Read the free book Universe and Beyond by K. P. Walker for more on this planet and the reason for its existence]. Man-made tribulation is normal, but it is also a choice. Humanity does not have to cause tribulation. Man-made tribulation is a result of being disconnected from God. This disconnect is called “sin”. Sin is the real cause of all human calamities (yes, even nature-made tribulation). [Read the free book Sin by K. P. Walker for an in-depth but brief examination of sin and its results.]

Nature-made and/or man-made tribulation is terrible. So what is the “great” tribulation? Is it like two hurricanes in a row? No. Is it like when one army sweeps over your home leaving devastation and another army passes over stomping on the rubble? No. Is it like being exposed to atomic radiation, starved and sold into slavery before being thrown to starving dogs? No, it’s worse, although there will also be lots of nature-made (God-sent) judgment causing gnashing of teeth.

The great tribulation is so bad that Jesus will take all the people that believe in him (put their faith in him) out of the world before it happens. He had left his people in this world throughout history, left them to be buffeted by hurricanes, abused by governments, caught up in wars, and beheaded by Muslims. He left them here to be witnesses to the truth that God is not imaginary, rather he is real and he loves you. The time of the great tribulation is also called the end of the age. [For more on this read The Living End by K. P. Walker.] The great tribulation is the confluence of the personal and neighborhood tribulations but with a twist. What makes the great tribulation great is that it goes deeper than personal. All personal and neighborhood tribulation pales in comparison because those terrors did not reach to the soul. The great tribulation will be terror inside your body, mind and soul in addition to fantastic external rages of nature.

Please note that the people that Jesus will rapture will be those that have committed themselves to Jesus by faith and have received his Holy Spirit as a guarantee of life eternal with him. In those left behind on earth there will be a spiritual hollow. It will need to be filled by something else: fallen angels, demons. Yes, demons will fill the spiritual void and will torment those left behind. If it is you, then you will be the pack mule (jackass) for the demon or demons. It or they will have no concern for your body or feelings. It will do violence and evil and will curse God. You will not only be entwined in this action you will consent to it. This will be the internal “mark of the beast”. [For more about the end of those people that reject Jesus read The Living End by K. P. Walker. This book will also reveal that some people will actually live through this living hell, but will not avoid the external tribulation of that period. Who could these people be?]

Don’t worry about trying to be one of those that live through the great tribulation of internal terror and exterior devastation. These people are already known by God and will be relatively few in numbers. A far better way is to join the rapture and be removed from the great tribulation before it begins. You can only join this joyous throng of escapees if you repent. Repent is a spiritual action. It means to turn again, turn to Jesus. This requires that you first believe in him. Belief means that you acknowledge that Jesus can and will save you now and in the future. [Read KING Jesus by K. P. Walker for more on Jesus.] Then you must have faith. It’s like this. A man looks at a bridge. He believes that the bridge can and would hold him if he walked on it. Faith is like actually walking on it. Now make the bridge invisible. This makes belief and faith much more difficult but this is what it takes to believe in Jesus. This is why people say Jesus is imaginary, because they can’t see the bridge or him. But this is exactly what God requires you to do. Trust him. He is the designer and builder of the invisible bridge. Keep you eyes on the builder and do not look down or around. Then believe and trust him as you take your steps of faith. (As sin is the disconnect from God (resulting in death), faith in Jesus is the reconnect (resulting in eternal life).

There is a story of Peter in a boat that was in extreme danger of sinking in the wild wind and waves. Peter and his fellows were experiencing tribulation. They saw a ghost-like apparition walking on the water. Then they recognized Jesus. Peter cried out, “If it be you bid me to come to you.” Jesus said, “Come”. Peter got out and walked on the water until he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the dangerous waters. This is an example of how we are to walk to Jesus. We believe, walk by faith and keep our eyes on Jesus.

If you want to escape the great tribulation then you must repent. Trust Jesus. Believe in him. Walk by faith. He will give you his Holy Spirit as his guarantee of life. The Holy Spirit is what those that are going to be left behind will not have. The great tribulation will be God’s judgment on those people and the demons.

Tribulation you will always have with you (as long as you reside in this world) but the great tribulation can be avoided. Repent. Don’t be foolish. Don’t reject Jesus. Don’t embrace the deceptions advocated by the God-haters. Don’t scoff at believers, or call Jesus imaginary, or trust in yourself, or in lies spoken by those doomed to destruction. Time is shorter than you think. This choice is up to you alone. Don’t choose to abort yourself. REPENT. Turn to Jesus in belief and faith.

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