Trials and Triumphs

Trials and Triumphs

Georgia Davenport McCain



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Originally printed 1981 by Old Paths Tract Society, Inc., Shoals, Indiana, 47581



Since writing my book, Through Troubled

Waters, and dedicating it to my family, we have

had two additions, a grandson, Daniel Stephen

McCain, and a son-in-law, Dan Simmons. To them, I

wish to dedicate this little booklet.


Also, to William F. McCain, my father-in-law,

who was converted at the age of eighty-eight.


And to the memory of my mother-in-law, Ida H.






Chapter 1: Hungering After God

Chapter 2: Walking in the Light

Chapter 3: How God Led Me to a Church

Chapter 4: God’s Lesson On the Doing of the Little Things

Chapter 5: Hungering After Holiness

Chapter 6: How God Led in Getting Our Children in Christian Schools

Chapter 7: God’s Promises Protection in Our Travels

Chapter 8: Little Nathaniel

Chapter 9: God’s Call to Minister to Rest Home Residents

Chapter 10: Other Experiences and Answers to Prayer

Chapter 11: Conclusion

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Some years ago, God asked me a simple question, “What is that in thine hand?” I answered, “Nothing Lord, but a pen.” He asked me another question, “Will you use that pen for my honour and glory?” I said, “Yes, Lord, as You direct me, I’ll write for Your honour and glory.” Since that time, under God’s direction, I have written letters, periodicals, poems, Sunday School lessons and a book, Through Troubled Waters, all for the glory of God.


When 1 was at Hobe Sound Camp this past February, I was standing in the lunch line talking to a dear friend, Mrs. Martin Gehman, relating some experiences 1 have enjoyed in the years I’ve been serving God. She said, “I wish you would write them down.” I had never given this any thought, but during the remainder of the camp, the suggestion stayed with me. I thought, “If this is still so strongly impressed on my mind when I return home, I will give it some consideration.” Well, as you can see, the impression still lingered upon my return home, so I have endeavored to write some of the wonderful experiences I have had in my walk with God.


I have discovered that when the night is darkest, the battle is waging the fiercest, the devil is fighting the hardest, all hope is seemingly gone, and it looks as if you will go down in defeat, in spite of all you can do, that it is then time to buckle on the armour of God a little tighter, hold up the shield of faith, and claim victory through the precious blood of Christ. I remember just such a time as this when it looked as if I was sinking beneath the waves and everything seemed hopeless, that I picked up the old Black-back Book and read these words from Romans 15:13, “And the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost.” To me, it seemed that hope was almost gone, but He announced to me that bleak day that He is the God of hope and that He could fill me with joy and peace in believing. Believing what? That He was still on the throne, that He still had control of my situation, that He still had power over the devil and all the imps of hell. The rest of that verse told me that I could abound in hope, not just skim by and barely keep my head above water, but have a vast supply of hope. How? Through the power of the Holy Ghost. No, not in my own puny strength, but in His all sufficient power. Praise God! How the precious Word of God lifted me out of the depths of despair up to the heights of glory that Sunday afternoon. I turned over a page in my Bible, and read these words, “And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly—” Romans 16:20. Within a few weeks, I saw this promise fulfilled, the stronghold of the enemy was destroyed, and Satan, himself, was bruised under my feet. Amen! Our God is still the God of the impossible.


Though I have never done a great work for God, as many writers are privileged to tell about, yet in simple every-day living as a housewife and mother of seven, God has been with me and heard and answered prayer many, many times. It is some of these answers to prayer that I have attempted to relate in this little booklet.


I would like to express my appreciation to my husband and two sons, Kenny and Barry, who yet live at home, for their patience with me through many long hours of writing and typing, as I neglected my housework. My husband said one morning, “You need to buy me some work socks. I don’t have a pair left.” I answered rather sheepishly, “Oh, yes, you have some socks, but they’re in the clothes basket where I put them after washing them. I haven’t taken the time to put them in your drawer.” So a big “thank you, family” for bearing with me in my neglect.


I trust this little booklet will be used for God’s glory alone, and may it help to inspire greater faith in God’s promises.


The Author


Chapter 1

Hungering After God


“Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6.


With much effort, a small girl climbed up onto a chest-type piece of furniture and reached for a large family-size Bible which was kept on the top shelf. Inch by inch, she moved it out toward the edge. Then with much tugging and pulling, she finally got a hold upon it, and eased herself back down to the floor with her precious treasure. She opened it and started to read, but was very disappointed. She had hoped to find written on the pages of the big Bible something to quench the thirst of her soul, but after a diligent search, she closed the big book and went back to her play. She had not found what she was searching for, because she was unable to understand what she had read. But Someone up in Heaven was taking notice of the little girl that day. He detected the hungering and thirsting of her longing soul, and He placed His loving hand of mercy upon her that day and began to lead her in the paths that she was to go. Though it was years later, after the little girl had become a young lady, that the need of her heart was met, yet it was the day she took the big Bible down to read, that the search for something to satisfy the soul began. This little girl, now a middle-aged lady, is the author of this little book.


No one ever spoke to me about my soul, and if anyone ever prayed for me, I was unaware of it. Sometimes my sisters and I would attend the one church in our community, and once while yet a little girl, under deep conviction for my sins, I walked down the aisle and joined this church. I professed to be saved after this, but sad to say, that deep longing of the soul was not satisfied. I would listen to radio preachers, memorize Scripture verses from the Bible, and I continued to attend the only church I knew anything about.


After graduating from High School, I left home and secured a job as a telephone operator. As long as I had remained at home, I had lived a more or less sheltered life, but after leaving I began to try my wings, so to speak, and get a taste of life’s pleasures. Needless to say, the yearning after God seemed to wane. I stopped attending church altogether and spent my Sundays working or in pleasure.


At the age of nineteen, I met a young man (Carl McCain) who was later to become my husband. He had somewhat of a Christian background (had attended Sunday School as a boy), but like myself, was now chasing after the pleasures of sin. Because of my experience a few years back when I joined the church, I told him I was a Christian. He would not accept my “Christian” testimony because I was committing the same sins that he was. It would make me furious because he would not believe that I was a Christian.


A few months later, in spite of our religious disagreement, we were united in marriage. With all the expense of getting started in married life, our money was scarce. As a result, we were unable to attend all the worldly places we had once enjoyed. As I stopped filling my life with earth’s pleasures, once again I felt that deep yearning toward God that had never been satisfied. I bought a Bible and at night my husband and I would read it together. I was so ignorant concerning the things of God, but oh, so hungry for something to satisfy my longing soul.


In December, 1947, our first son, Ronald Carl, was born and for a while, it seemed my life was complete. Oh, how that precious baby filled my life. It seemed that I about worshipped him, and as a result, my affections were so set on him until I lost all desire for anything more.


For a long period of time, while my first baby was small, my husband worked out of town all week and would come home on the week-end. I would entertain myself at night by listening to the radio. One night when my baby was about a year old, I tuned in to a radio preacher. I had never heard preaching like this in my life. This preacher was saying that one had to quit their sinning to be a Christian. Night after night, I would listen as indescribable conviction seized my eternity-bound soul. The devil, no doubt, realized he was about to lose one of his deceived servants, for he moved in with all the powers of hell to fight any move I might make toward God. I became so mean and hateful until I could hardly stand myself. My husband would come home on the week-end, eager to be home with his family. but he would not be there long until we would get into an awful argument and fuss. I would be glad when it was time for him to leave again. But once he was gone, I would feel oh, so terrible and would purpose in my heart that things would be different the next week-end, but if any change was made at all, the next time was even worse. This kept up for weeks as the devil battled for my soul. Oh, how he hated to turn me loose. But after weeks of awful conviction, not even realizing what was wrong with me, I came to the end of myself. It seemed that God just bared my poor old sinful heart to me and revealed to me that I was a lost and needy soul, that I had never been saved as I had professed. I knew absolutely nothing about praying or confessing my sins to God but I was willing to do anything to find peace. I went into my bathroom and though I had never gotten on my knees to pray before, I fell on my knees before God. It seemed I was speechless, I had no idea how to pray, but I knew I needed to get saved so I just looked up to God and said, “Lord, save me.” That was the only three words I uttered but God looked down into my penitent heart, so sorry for my sins and so sick of the way I was going, and so hungry for God, and He just wiped my slate clean and wrote my name down in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Praise God! I arose from my knees, a new creature in Christ Jesus. No one had to pat me on the back and tell me the work was done for the burden of sin was gone. I felt as light as a feather, like I was going to sprout wings and fly. There was no big emotional feeling, just this feeling of lightness because the burden of sin was gone. As I recall this wonderful experience now, this blessed old song by Mrs. Minnie A. Steele comes to my mind:


I remember when my burdens rolled away,

That had hindered me for years night and day.

As I sought the throne of grace,

Just one glimpse of Jesus’ face,

And I knew that my burdens could not stay.

Rolled away, rolled away

I am happy since my burdens rolled away.


I was so ignorant to Bible truths, but as soon as I was saved, I began to witness. I would go about to witness for Christ. I don’t know what people thought about me but there was something burning in my soul and I had to share it with anyone who would listen. Upon recognizing the fact that my life had been transformed, some did listen, but some were very scornful. I felt so hurt that everyone did not immediately get their eyes open to God’s truths and turn wholeheartedly to Him. It was such a wonderful new life I was telling them about that I thought everyone would want it, but it did not turn out like that at all.


Chapter 2

Walking in the Light


“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” 1 John 1:9


God continued to lead me step by step as I prayed and walked with Him. I would read the Bible for long periods of time each day. A close relative worked at a mental institution, and she faithfully warned me that if I did not stop reading the Bible so much, that I would likely be admitted into the mental institution where all the other lunatics were, that many were there because they had lost their minds over religion. But I failed to heed her faithful warning. I had found the pearl of great price and I refused to let anything daunt my spirits. There were nuggets of gold in the Word and I was busy digging them out. Where once the Bible was a closed book to me, now it was being illuminated to my soul. I was feasting on food from Canaan Land and it just suited my spiritual appetite. Thank God for the precious Word.


As I have previously mentioned, I was very ignorant to Bible truths so God had to teach me His ways as I walked with Him. Some of you who have been reared in Christian homes will perhaps wonder how anyone could have been so ignorant concerning the ways of God, and will marvel that God put up with me, but, thank God, He did. If He would have lost patience with me as people are prone to do, where would I be today? I’m so glad He was looking on the inside when everyone else was seeing only the outside. Praise His name!


Before I married, I lived with my sister, Oma, for a while. One day her husband received a letter with a dollar enclosed. It was from an old school chum and read something like this, “When we attended school together, I stole a quarter from you. I have been saved and want to pay it back to you with interest.” This letter intrigued me but little did I realize that it was to play an important part in my life. But after God saved me, He brought that letter back to my mind, and dealt with my heart through it. He said, “If that man had to make restitution, don’t you think you should?” I had never heard restitutions preached on in my life, but as God dealt with my heart, I began to recall some dishonest deals in my back life that needed to be straighened out. One thing I remember in particular is this. As I mentioned earlier, I worked for the Telephone Company after leaving home. During the time of my employment, I would make long distance calls from a pay phone and my friends, the operators, would return my money to me. I would render to them the same service. This was actually stealing from the company, but at the time, it did not bother me. But now under the light of the Holy Spirit, I saw it for what it was – stealing. God told me to reimburse them for the calls. Though I had no way of knowing how much I owed, the Lord evidently did, for He told me to give them twenty five dollars. I approached my husband about the matter, but he was not a Christian at the time, and had just started working for the same company, so he declared that I would get him fired if I confessed my wrong doing. Therefore, he was reluctant to give me the money for the restitution. Now what was I to do? I had no money of my own and times were hard, but still God would not release me from making this restitution. A plan formed in my mind. Each week when my husband left to go out of town, I was alloted so much money for groceries and other household expenses. I decided that I could eat less or cut back some way on groceries to save the twenty-five dollars. I don’t know how long it took me, but each week, I put a little money in an old Navy coat pocket that hung in my closet, until I had saved the amount I needed. Now, God wasn’t being a hard taskmaster to make me pay this restitution when I had such a time getting the money, but He was teaching me valuable lessons and had a wonderful blessing in it all for me. But while God was helping me to obey, the devil was torturing me. He told me that I was about to get half of the telephone operators fired. He said, “When you return that money and confess what you have done, they are going to make you name out everyone you know who was involved in this cheating.” I had only been saved a few weeks and was so frightened by the devil’s suggestions. I did not want to get involved in a big mess, I only wanted to clear my soul. With a fearful heart and yet a yielded will, I wrote a letter to my former chief operator and confessed my theft and enclosed the twenty-five dollars. I, also, witnessed to her how God had saved me and that I was trying to make my wrongs right. A few days later, my phone rang and when I answered, it was the chief operator. Her voice sounded so gruff, so I imagined, as she said, “We want you to come over to the office.” I felt almost petrified with fear as I hung up the phone. The devil was on hand to remind me that what he had predicted was true, that they wanted me to come and inform on the other operators. I had no one to turn to for advice and since I couldn’t make myself go and face them, I took the coward’s way out. I called her back and asked, “Can you tell me what you want with me on the phone?” You might ask, “If God led you that far, could He not have given you enough grace to go and face them without you being so cowardly?” Yes, I’m sure God would have given an abundant supply of grace, but, at that time, I wasn’t concerned about whether or not I was a coward, I just wanted to get that ordeal over with, any way I could. Anyway, when I asked her if she would tell me on the phone what she wanted, here is what she said, “I just want you to come over and get your money back. I talked to the manager and he said there was nothing we could do with the money now and we want you to have it back to give to your church. We, also, want you to know that we think it is wonderful of you to return this money and acknowledge your wrong, but come on over and get it back. It’s yours.” Well, the devil was proven once again to be a big liar and the father of lies. I’m so glad I didn’t let him scare me out of minding God. Don’t be afraid to make restitutions, for God will go before you every time. Amen! How I rejoiced when I hung up that phone. No doubt, God just looked down on a babe in Christ who was doing her best to obey Him, in spite of all opposition, and just poured out a mighty blessing. The devil had tortured me, my husband had opposed me – but God was on my side. If God be for us, who can be against us? Amen! I just feel like saying, “Hallelujah!” Perhaps some of you are thinking, “How about your husband? How did he react?” Well, thank God, the Lord took care of that, too. When he came home that week-end, I showed him the twenty-five dollars. He asked, “Where did you get that?” Remember that money was very scarce in those days, at least for us, and there would have to be a special reason for me to have such a vast amount. So when he asked where it came from, I had a wonderful testimony to share with him. I was so thrilled. Well, praise God, it pays to mind God and not man. Now I know the Bible teaches us to obey our husband but not if we have to disobey God to obey him. If we put God first, God will take care of the husband. Amen!



Chapter 3

How God Led Me to a Church


“Holiness becometh thine house, O Lord, forever.” Psalms 93:5


One day my next door neighbor came and invited me to go with her to church. Since I had stopped attending church altogether after I had left home, I was a stranger to all the churches around. No one had ever invited me to attend, though I had been living in this little town for quite a while. Anyway, when this lady invited me to attend, I accepted the invitation, for now I was a new creature in Christ and had a yearning to be in church somewhere. It was a very large church and all I had ever been used to was a small country church, so from the start it did not set good with me. Besides that, it was so cold and formal. Even though I had never attended a real spiritual church, I felt out of place in this formal church. I could not understand why I felt the way I did but somehow, I just did not have any desire to go back. No doubt it was the faithfulness of the Blessed Holy Spirit. About this time, someone had invited my husband’s little niece, Shirley, to a little church on the end of the street on which I lived. She had influenced my husband’s mother to go with her once, so when I expressed my dissatisfaction with the church I had attended, my mother-in-law said, “You should go to the little church at the end of the street. I could feel a drawing to that little church. So on a Sunday night, several of us got together and loaded into my husband’s old panel truck, and headed for the little church. I had never been inside a church like this before, so everything was new to me. But as I entered the little sanctuary, the sweet spirit of God seemed to witness to me that I had found my church home. I cannot describe the feeling I had. I did not feel at all like a stranger. My husband was not saved, but had at last seen a real transformation in my life, so had come to church with us. He was very uncomfortable in God’s presence so when our year old baby began to fret, he had a good excuse to go outside. As I sat there soaking in every word, I felt I could not bear the fact that my husband was missing this good service, so I went outside and across the street to our vehicle to get the baby so that my husband could return to the service.


When the preacher finished preaching, he gave an altar call and I began to weep as I was burdened for my husband and others who had come to church with us that night who were unsaved. A lady came and put her arm about my shoulder and invited me to the altar but I assured her I was already saved. She no doubt thought I was under conviction. Two of the people who came to church with us went to the altar, one being my dear mother-in-law, who has since departed this life. Though I had never seen people pray around the altar before, I went up to the front and knelt with them and began to pray like a house afire. I’m sure I was quite a spectacle but God, alone, knew my heart and was hearing my prayers.


I’m sure many of God’s dear children must have lost patience with me because I had to catch up on light that some of them had had all their lives, but thank God, my Saviour never once lost patience with me. He would gently lead and when I blundered, He would be there to straighten me out. When I would stumble, He would reach underneath with His everlasting arms of mercy and lift me up. When I would grow discouraged, He would send something or someone along to encourage me. It was years before my husband was saved and I had to walk alone but my Jesus walked with me. He was my constant companion, instructing me in the way that I should go. I remember how He helped me to tithe. My husband, not being a Christian, would not tithe. It troubled me to use God’s money in our own interests, but I was helpless. Once a lady stood up in God’s service to testify, and she told how she and her husband were attending a certain church at one time but neither were saved, but they were faithful tithers. Then she got saved and was no longer satisfied to attend the church they were attending, but she started attending the same little church that I was attending at this time. Her husband would not go with her but kept attending the other church. She wanted to tithe into the church she was now attending, but her husband was putting all the tithes into the other church. So she humbly approached him in this way, “Husband, according to our state law, half of what you make belongs to me. Would you be willing to let me have half the tithes to put into the church I’m attending?” He agreed and then later he was won over to her church. I thought and thought about what she had said and wondered if it could be possible that my husband would agree to such a plan. At last I picked up enough courage to approach him about it. Can you believe that he agreed to it? It was none other than God who made him do it, so for years, I tithed half his income and God blessed my feeble efforts. One never knows when God will use a simple testimony or Christian witness to get a message across. I remember when I was but a girl, I had to be admitted into a hospital to have my tonsils removed. I was on a ward with probably two dozen more people. During visiting hours, I noticed a young girl going from bed to bed offering prayer for those who wanted it. She never did get to my bed but she made a lasting impression on me. I thought, “I wish I possessed what that girl has in her heart that would make me as courageous for Christ as she seems to be.” It will take eternity to tell what our Christian witness means to others.


I was thrilled by a testimony given by a medical doctor at Hobe Sound Camp. He told how he was in charge of some terminally ill patients at one time, and how fearful they seemed of death. But there was one who seemed to accept the inevitable, who did not seem to be afraid as were the others. The doctor talked to this one and asked him some questions as to why he was not fearful as were the others. This one testified that he was a Christian, that he had always done what God wanted him to do, therefore, there was no cause of fear as he faced death. This testimony made a great impression on the doctor and helped to lead him to Christ. This should encourage us to keep up our witnessing for our Blessed Lord. Amen!



Chapter 4

God’s Lesson on the Doing of Little Things


“For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.” Mark 9:41.


Sometimes upon taking inventory of my life, I would not be satisfied with what I found. I felt I was doing so little for Christ. With little ones in the home, I never seemed to have much time to minister to others. When my husband would visit the sick or go to the funeral homes or do other things in Christian service, I would nearly always feel it necessary to stay at home with the little ones. The devil would sometimes beat me over the head and tell me how worthless I was in the vineyard of the Lord. Now, he really wasn’t interested in me working for Jesus, but he just wanted to torment me.


One day as I was praying, I reminded the Lord of how little I was doing for Him, that my whole life was taken up with rearing my family. Though I enjoyed taking care of my family, yet I felt I was neglecting God’s work. Oh, how faithful God is. I remember how He dealt with my heart. He said, “How about the little things you do: sending out get-well cards, sympathy and birthday cards, the phone calls you make checking on the sick or bereaved, the letters of encouragement you write, etc.?” Why, I had never supposed that God had even taken notice of such small things. He kept pointing out to me how important just every day living was, speaking a word in season to whoever crossed my path – the milkman, the newspaper boy, the insurance collector or laundry man. I had never thought of this being a ministry for Christ, though I had been given some wonderful opportunities. As a result of God’s dealings, I took fresh courage and purposed to do what I could do for Him. I’m so glad our God is not a hard taskmaster. He does not put burdens on us that are grievous to be borne. If He sends us a large family, He expects us to care for them. I was not wanting to do public work, only to work for Jesus, so now that He had given me a fresh touch, I could go forth as I had opportunity. When I went to visit a sick neighbor, I could take the children with me. I remember once having a neighbor who lived about a mile or so from me who was dying of cancer. God told me to go visit her but I put God off for a while thinking it was too far to walk with the little ones. But one day God spoke so plainly concerning me visiting the sick lady, that I got dressed and dressed the little ones, which, as young mothers know, can be quite a chore at times. When we were ready to go, I walked out into the yard to pick some flowers to bring her. While I was getting them, my sister, Bertie, drove up. It was obvious that I was dressed to go visiting, so she asked, “Where are you going?” I told her and she said, “I’ve been wanting to go see that lady for quite awhile. Come on and get in and I’ll drive you over.” Well, God had my transportation ready the very minute I got willing to go. Isn’t that just like Jesus?


I would like to relate another incident that yet saddens my heart as I recall it. One morning I dressed two of my children (the others were in school) and started out to visit an aunt (Maggie Clark) who had been sick in the hospital but was now back at home. This time I had access to a car and would not have to walk. As I drove by a certain house, I felt a strong impression to stop. There was an elderly couple living there. I reasoned that it was because I had not seen them in a long while and it was just the human part of me desiring to stop and visit, so I stifled the voice as I had set out to visit my sick aunt and did not want to be detoured. After visiting my aunt and offering prayer, I went by a widow lady’s house and visited there a while. I was in the path of duty. Had not the Bible admonished us to visit the widows and orphans? Before I realized it, time had gotten away and I needed to go home and fix lunch. Besides this, the babies were getting restless, so I had prayer with the widow and left. Just as I got into the car, a voice said, “Go back to the house that you felt impressed to visit this morning.” It was so plain that I headed my car in that direction. When I got to the corner where I could see the house, I noticed several cars had gathered there. Well, again I leaned to my own understanding and began to reason that God surely would not want me to bring two restless children into a house where there were so many people, so I turned my car around and came home. Later that day my phone rang and my mother asked, “Did you hear about Mr. So and So?” I almost held my breath in suspense since it was the man whom I had felt impressed to stop and see. She continued, “He just passed away.” I can’t describe how I felt. As far as I know the man had never even professed to be a Christian, and I had let him slip through my fingers without a warning. Even though God has forgiven me of my awful failure, yet I will meet that dear man at the judgment. Perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten saved that morning, only God knows that, but God had some purpose for me to go by there. This has been a costly lesson for me, helping me to never lean to my own understanding when God speaks.


The Little Things


He was just nineteen but his life had been rough.

He smoked and drank, pretended to be tough,

He cursed, cheated, and lied as well,

He was wretched and miserable, bound for hell.

He longed to be different, he wanted to change.

He was not happy, he was tired of the game.

He longed for a friend but none could be found,

So Johnny kept going down, down, down.

He had reached the bottom in utter despair

And it looked as if everyone would leave him there.

But a little old lady, her hair turning gray,

Met Johnny as she was on her way home one day,

He looked so dejected, so fearful, so lone,

She wanted to say something that would help him along.

“Good-morning, Son, don’t believe we’ve met.

Folks call me ‘Granny’, don’t know your name yet.”

“Aw, go on,” said Johnny, “You know about me,

Johnny, the drunkard, the bum. You see

I’m no good, so let no one see you talking to me.”

“Tut-tut,” said Granny, “Such things you do say.

Come, Johnny, come home with me today.”

‘Come home’, This never before had Johnny heard

And his heart was touched by such kind words.

So Johnny went home with Granny that day

And she told him about Jesus along the way,

How He died for the drunkard, the gambler as well,

How He gave His life’s blood to redeem all from hell,

How He maketh intercession for all who will come

Confessing their sins in the name of the Son,

They reached Granny’s house and after a good meal,

She read him the Bible and together they kneeled.

In humble contrition he opened his heart,

Confessed all his sins and Jesus did His part.

He forgave all his sins and filled his soul

With peace and love and blessings untold.

Determined to help others who were outcasts like he,

Johnny arose from his knees, thrilled to be free.

He labored for Jesus and everybody heard

How Johnny was won by just a kind word.

Yes, just a kind word to one so in need

Had served its purpose to sow a seed

In a poor sinner’s heart so black with despair.

Jesus knew what was needed so He sent Granny there.

So, Friends, speak kind words wherever you can

And you will receive a reward in that heavenly land.


She was in a hospital in a room all alone

And for days she had wished that she might go home,

But some bones had been broken in a wreck she was in

And she had to be laid up until they could mend.

She had many friends, they would come and go,

And, oh, Mary seemed to enjoy them so,

But when darkness closed in and all were gone,

Mary, with her thoughts, was all alone.

She thought of her childhood, and then later years

How her life had been wasted. She shed bitter tears

Because of the past that she could not make right,

And she resolved to do better night after night.

Of all Mary’s friends, not a Christian she knew

Who could tell her of Jesus, and help her to do

The things that she should, read her Bible and pray,

So Mary grew more bitter with each passing day.

‘Twas on Monday morning when an aide came in

With a card in her hand that someone had sent.

She handed it to Mary as she stood by the bed.

Mary glanced at the signature and then she read,

“Dear Mary, it is impossible for me to go

To the hospital to visit, but I want you to know

That the Lord whom I serve is with you each day

And He will save you just now if you will only pray

For forgiveness of sins, confessing them all.

Jesus waits just now if on Him you will call.

I love you, dear Mary, and want you to share

The assurance I have that Jesus is near.”

Mary laid down the card and blinked back the tears,

And again her mind wandered back over the years.

‘Twas the first time either by word or by letter

That anyone ever cared for her to do better.

Conviction seized upon her soul that day

And for the first time in life she started to pray.

She prayed best she could with the card as a guide

And nothing from Jesus did she try to hide.

She confessed all her sins, the great and the small

And, Jesus, bless His name, forgave her of all.

Then she testified to her friends day after day

How the simple little card had pointed the way.

Yes, it was just a card mailed with a prayer

That one of God’s servants had sent there.

God knew the heart of this girl so sweet,

Knew what she needed to make life complete.

A little convalescent card with a message so tender

Melted Mary’s heart and caused her to surrender.

So, dear friends, send your cards to those not well,

For by these little cards, one never can tell

What good can be accomplished for our great God

Until our last step on this earth we have trod.


He was just a farmer, his ways were plain.

He lived on his crops, his vegetables and grain.

He was neighbors to no one, he lived to himself

So it was no wonder that he had hardly a friend left.

But there was a Mr. Smith who lived next door

Who wanted to be neighbors, and what was more

He wanted to win Mr. Brown to Jesus the King,

So he waited his opportunity in which to bring

The message of salvation to this simple old one

But weeks passed by and the opportunity did not come.

But Smith prayed on in Jesus’ name

Believing God to move when the right time came.

Now Brown had on his farm a mean old cow

Who jumped the fence and did devour

All the beans from our Christian friend’s garden,

And Brown decided he had better go and beg pardon,

For fear Mr. Smith would be very mean

To the old cow that ate up the beans.

“Think nothing of it,” said Smith with a smile,

“I’ll help fix your fence then after a while

I’ll plant some more beans right over here

For I don’t think it’s too late in the year.”

“Don’t need to bother,” said Brown with a yelp,

“I’ll fix my own fence. I don’t need your help.”

So Brown turned to go, looking very smart,

While Smith prayed for God to speak to his heart.

Two weeks passed by, then Smith’s big hog

Broke into Brown’s yard and rooted up the sod.

Brown was so mad, he reached for his gun

And shot Smith’s hog as she started to run.

Then he went to his neighbor’s prepared for a fight

But Smith assured him it was perfectly all right.

“I know it’s upsetting having your yard

Ruined by a hog rooting up the sod.

I’ll pay for the damage and fill in the hole.”

And as he spoke, he prayed for Brown’s soul.

Brown calmed down and laid down his gun.

He felt so low-down, he wanted to run.

“What kind of man are you?” he asked with a sigh.

A lump came to his throat, he wanted to cry.

“I’ve bemeaned you, I’ve cussed you, and what’s more

I came to git you at your own door.

But you’ve always been kind, gentle and good.

What makes you like this? Tell me if you would.”

Smith’s prayers were answered, his chance had come

To tell Brown of Jesus, the crucified one,

Who could save him from sin and wash him so clean

That he never would again want to be mean.

Smith testified freely of God’s wonderful grace

And as he did, there was a shine on his face.

By now Brown was weeping, he was hungry for God,

But he looked across the fence at the broken sod,

At the big hog lying dead on his back

And he felt that his sins were much too black

To be forgiven, to be remembered no more,

So he looked helplessly at Smith who stood in the door.

“Come inside,” invited Smith, seemingly reading his mind,

And he picked up the Bible and read him a line,

“Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow,”

He read as Brown sat with his head bent low.

Then together they knelt and Smith helped him to pray

That Jesus would come and wash all his sins away.

The blessing fell as they prayed clear through

And Brown shouted and cried and testified, too,

How God had taken away the burden of sin

And gave him such joy and peace within.

He went to his neighbors he hadn’t seen in years

And shook their hands and told them with tears

How he had been won by just a kind act

And as they looked at his face, none doubted the fact.


Yes, just a kind act, a kind word or a card

May help to win some souls to our Lord.

So be kind, my friends, though your trials may be great

And we may meet some at Heaven’s gate

Who were won by kind words, a card or a deed.

We never can tell what will sow a seed

If we surrender our lives to be used of the Lord,

And someday, thank God, we will receive our reward.



Chapter 5

Hungering After Holiness


“Be ye holy: for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16


Even though I walked in all the light God gave me, it was quite a while before I could really comprehend what was meant by being sanctified wholly, I had heard it preached and had heard some testify to the experience, but I just could not seem to grasp its meaning. No doubt it had something to do with my background that I found it so hard to comprehend the fact that one could actually be delivered from inbred sin. It just did not seem possible that God could eradicate even the sin principle from a person’s heart. But as the light began to penetrate my darkened mind, there came with it a deep hunger for the experience. I began to seek after holiness with my whole heart, but my reasoning and unbelief would defeat me. I would come up to a certain point and the devil would present things to my mind that God would expect me to do if I was sanctified. In myself, I knew it was impossible for me to do these things the devil suggested, so I would be defeated. I sought after holiness off and on for a long time and at times would claim the blessing by faith (I thought) but when my good feelings were gone, I would give way to unbelief. How discouraged I would get and thought that though some might have the blessing, yet one as weak and unstable as I was, could not possibly attain to such a high state of grace. But my dear Heavenly Father was looking on and though He saw all my weaknesses and lack of understanding, yet He also saw underneath it all, a fervent, consuming desire to have an experience that would help me live a victorious life in Him. He saw the deep hungering and thirsting for a pure heart, so He brought me to the place where I was willing to pay any price to obtain it, for I wanted His fullness more than I wanted anything else in the world. First, I searched my heart to make sure my regeneration was clear. God witnessed that I was His child.


Then I went on to seek holiness with all my heart. For one week, I left off all unnecessary work and sought after God. I remember praying something like this, “Lord, if there is an experience like I’ve heard preached about, where the very sin principle can be removed from my heart, I want this experience.” I had been told that I was to confess all the carnal traits of my heart that I recognized was in there. Well, I had done this time and again but had never gained much ground. Why? Because of my unbelief. Anyway, I confessed once again all the carnal traits and evil tendencies that I felt lurking in my heart as revealed by the Holy Spirit. Well, nothing happened. I picked up my Bible and opened it and read these words from Is. 54:14, “In righteousness shalt thou be established.” Six words but there was a volume of truth there for me. The word ‘established’ stood out to me. Could God take an unstable, wavering, unbelieving, doubting soul like mine and establish me in righteousness? The dictionary defined ‘righteousness’ as purity. I began to rationalize because the words were spoken so plainly to my heart. I had read the Scripture in the Bible that said, “Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.” Surely I was hungry enough and had He not said that if we confess, He would forgive and cleanse? Hadn’t I confessed everything I knew to confess? What was there left for me to do? And now, I had His promise that He would establish me. The dictionary defined the word ‘establish’ as meaning to settle. So at last I got my eyes off my little weak self and what I could do, and got them on God and His mighty power. My unbelief began to dissolve as I trusted the Word and rested in God. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point that I had done everything I knew to do so now I just took my hands off. My complete consecration was in God’s hands so I was enabled to rest in Him. I could not pray any longer for I was to the end of myself. I knew I was completely yielded, my all was on the altar. I did not feel any different, the witness for which I longed, had not come, yet I felt assured I had done my part so the rest was up to God.


Later on that afternoon as I was going about my housework, suddenly I was conscious of a divine presence within. The Blessed Comforter had come to abide in my unworthy heart. As in my conversion, there was no emotional stir but just a consciousness of the Blessed Holy Spirit taking up His abode in my heart. There’s no words to describe the blessedness and sweetness of this experience after such a long struggle. There was not a shadow of a doubt but that God had met my need, had sanctified me wholly. It was real! Praise His name! As I relate the experience now, the Spirit witnesses to my spirit that, at this present time, I am sanctified wholly. It is truly wonderful what the Lord has done. I’ve been through some severe trials and testings, and at times, the devil would tell me I didn’t have a thing in my soul, but he has never made me doubt once that God met the deepest yearning of my soul on that memorial afternoon, purified my heart by faith and established me in righteousness. I feel like saying, “Glory to God.”


I don’t want to leave the impression to those of you who may be seeking to be sanctified, that there has to be a long, drawn out period of seeking and battling with unbelief and doubt before you can be sanctified. God can meet your need in a moment of time as you meet the conditions. I have heard of some who were sanctified immediately after being saved. No doubt, my background had much to do with my struggle over the experience. But even this may not always be the case. But, regardless of how long it takes, don’t stop short. Be sure you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He has come and cleansed your heart of all impurities and has taken up His Blessed abode in your heart. Many professors of the experience who do not actually possess it have brought reproach to the cause of Christ. Under pressure, the old carnal traits come out and cause those who are watching their lives to say there is nothing to holiness. But thank God, the true possessors of a pure heart are enabled to live victorious day by day, thus proving to a lost world that God can keep a life that is wholly committed to Him, free from outward and inward sin in this present life.


“Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” Hebrew 12:14.



Chapter 6

How God Led in Getting Our Children in Christian Schools


“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.


As years went by, some of our children were getting into their teens. They were attending public school and it was a constant battle with the enemy to keep things on a spiritual basis when they were thrown daily into an environment not conducive to spirituality. I was deeply concerned but knew nothing to do. So I made it a subject of prayer. God spoke to me from Isaiah 54:13, “All my children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” God assured me through this Scripture verse that my children were going to be taught of the Lord in school, and since I knew they would not be taught of the Lord in public school, I took it as a promise that a way would be made for them to go to a Christian school. As I continued praying, God brought Hobe Sound Bible School to my mind and showed me that my children were to attend there. That was fine except for one thing, it was one thousand miles from home. How could my young teenage children attend school one thousand miles from home? Perhaps God wanted us to move to Hobe Sound, so I prayed earnestly about this, but somehow the way never did open for us to move, though I spent countless hours praying about this.


In 1965, we attended a camp meeting at Mobile, Alabama and my second from the oldest son, Danny, was saved. My husband and I had to leave the camp before it was over, but we allowed Danny to remain for the rest of the camp. When he returned home later, he broke the news to us that he wanted to attend Hobe Sound Bible School. God had talked to him as he had talked to me. He was only fourteen and in his first year of High School. 1 want to say here that I do not recommend children leaving home so early, even for Bible School, unless God definitely leads as He did in this case. God took care of the situation in this way. We had a former pastor with whom we were very close friends, who had moved to Hobe Sound a year or so before and was now dean of men of the Bible School. When my son enrolled there, Brother and Sister Don Hughes (the former pastors) placed him in a room near their apartment and took him under their wing, like a son. I read in Mark 10:29, 30, where Jesus said, “There is no man that hath left houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s, But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions, and in the world to come eternal life. “This is a beautiful promise and to begin with, God fulfilled His promise and gave my son a mother and father to look after him the first year or so of Bible School while he was getting adjusted to being away from home. Since then, God has given him literally hundreds of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers throughout the land. He traveled with the Hobe Sound quartet for several years and made friends with God’s people all over the country.


But 1 guess I’m getting ahead of my story. After my son told us he wanted to go to Hobe Sound, I wrote for information. Though the monthly fee was far less than it is now, due to present day inflation, when I found out how much it cost to send a child to Bible School, it looked like a mountain. It was taking everything my husband made for us to live on and now to pay monthly school bills plus extra clothes and other needed items, transportation to and from the school, etc. just seemed an utter impossibility. But had not God spoken? Well, it would be up to Him to pay the bills. I did not want to worry about school bills, so I asked God for something to be able to stand on in hard places. I don’t know how long I waited before God, before He spoke this promise to my heart, “—I will give thee-hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.” Isaiah 45:3 Amen! The Lord promised me hidden riches of secret places to pay the school bills. I have stood on that promise since 1965 and can testify to you that God has never failed of His good promise. We have had as many as four, perhaps five, in Christian schools at once and when their school term was completed, all their school bills were paid in full. At the time of this writing, we have three in Christian schools and owe about two thousand dollars in school bills to be paid within three months. By faith in God’s promise, I believe it will be paid in full by the time it’s due. Praise His name! I am blessed in my soul just thinking upon God’s faithfulness.


I remember one particular incident that I would like to share. We were a little behind in the school bills and I was determined to catch up. After all, the school has its obligations that must be kept up also. Well, when my husband got his pay check and made the bank deposit, I wrote out the needed amount along with other checks for other obligations. After totaling it all up there was only five dollars left in the bank out of his check and it would be two weeks before he got paid again, and we had to have groceries plus other odds and ends. I remember looking up to God and saying, “Well, we’re paid up through today.” I, then, walked into the living room and picked up the Bible. It opened to the book of Matthew and my eyes fell on chapter six, verses 33 and 34. I read, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” The blessed Holy Spirit settled down and talked to my heart in a wonderful way. He showed me afresh and anew that we were seeking first His Kingdom by sending the children to Bible School and He was well able to take care of us. He said, “You have the bills paid up for today, don’t worry about tomorrow.” Then He talked to me about the fowls of the air, how they sowed not, neither reaped or gathered into barns, and yet He took care of them. Then I read about the lilies, how they toil not, nor spin and yet how well God clothed them. God spoke so plainly to my heart in words like this, “My child, if I take care of the birds and grass that are of such short duration, can’t you trust me to take care of your needs?” Well, I had read that Scripture many, many times but God blessed it afresh and anew to me that memorial morning. I had even been tempted to try to find work for myself but God showed me so plainly that morning that the fowls of the air did not work, and the lilies did not work and yet He took care of them. He brought the Scripture to my mind about women being keepers at home and said, “You obey the Word and I’ll do the rest.” Oh, how I rejoiced in Him that morning. It was a fresh revelation that He would continue to supply our need and He did not need my little puny help. I think it was the same day that I went to the mailbox and there was a check for fifty dollars for some work my husband had done and we were expecting twenty-five for it. I was rejoicing so much that I didn’t check the other mail for a while. When I did, I found another check for twenty-six dollars from an insurance company. They had underpaid us on a recent insurance settlement. Well, Glory! God just sent these checks in to strengthen my faith and over and over again, He has sent in little extra amounts from ‘secret places’ to meet our needs . It is wonderful to trust the one who has an all-sufficient supply. Praise His sweet name! I love Him supremely.


Well, it looks as if I’ve gotten side-tracked again so let’s get on with my story. I thought that because I wanted my children to attend Bible School so badly, that it would not hurt me when they left to go, but I was in for a big surprise. When it came time for the separation, I began to wonder if I would have the grace to go through with it. Oh, how it hurt to see that boy leave. He was to catch a bus around five in the morning, and my husband took him to the bus station while I stayed behind with the other children. He was always such a help to my husband, as well as his older brother, in taking care of the cows, besides other duties around the house, until my husband often said he was like his right arm. How my heart ached to see how hurt my husband was, besides the pain I was experiencing myself caused from the separation from my boy. After they left that morning, I walked out into the yard. It was yet before daybreak and as I stood there in the darkness, I looked up to God and said something like this, “Lord, this is an answer to the burden you have placed on my heart to get my children out of public school, so, Lord, if it can be Thy divine will, let me do the suffering. I am willing to bear all the loneliness and pain of separation, if only you will relieve my husband and other members of the family.” My husband had not felt the burden of getting the children in a Christian school as I had, so I wanted to spare him all I could. Oh, how I cried to God that morning. All day long, it seemed as if I was riding on the bus with my son. I held him up to God constantly. I think it was in New Orleans that he changed buses and was able to get on one that made less stops than the one scheduled, and therefore, he would arrive sooner to his destination than we had anticipated. Since I was riding along with him in my mind and with my prayers, when he called back letting us know that he had arrived safely, the thought came to us, “Well, he got there before I did.”


During the Christmas holidays, we decided to let him fly home and ride the bus back. The day he was supposed to arrive, the weather was real foggy. There was no way a plane could land at the small airport in our hometown. These weather conditions prevailed all day. I cried and prayed all day for God to clear up the weather for we were so anxious to see our dear Danny Boy. But when it was time to go to the airport, the weather was just as bad, if not worse. My husband and the children got dressed to go to the airport, but I could not pick up the courage to go. I felt I was better off to stay home than to go and return home without my boy. Oh, how low I felt! How the devil tormented me, telling me that God was all-powerful and it would be nothing for Him to clear up the weather and let the plane land. “Haven’t you prayed all day?” he would taunt. (Now, isn’t the devil interested in our welfare? While he was tormenting me he was probably laughing up his sleeve at my misery) Anyway, just before my family left for the airport, a voice said, “Go with them.” I could not understand why I was going for I certainly did not have faith the plane would land, for they had not landed any all day. But somehow I felt constrained to go, so I hurriedly got dressed and dressed my three month old baby, Barry, (He was born after my son left for Bible School and he had never seen him). As we drove along, I remember looking at the street lights and noticing how hazy they appeared because of the dense fog. This only added to my misery. When we arrived at the airport, my husband and children got out of the car and went into the airport but I stayed behind. I was crying and praying, when all of a sudden, it came to me like a bolt out of the blue, about George Mueller praying for the fog to lift when he was on a ship. The captain had informed him that there was no way he could make a certain appointment, but he told the captain he had never been late for an appointment. So he prayed for God to clear up the fog and God did it. As this incident came to my mind, I said, “Lord, if you cleared up the fog for George Mueller, you can do it again for another of your children.” (I later found out that a lady who had joined me in prayer for the landing of the plane, had the same incident brought to her mind.) Anyway, as this one last desperate plea escaped my lips, my faith took hold and I was able to claim the victory, and in a few minutes the plane was on the ground. Hallelujah! It just looked as if God made a hole for the plane to drop through. It was amazing.


When I was at Hobe Sound last month, I remember hearing Brother Gale, missionary to the American Indians, tell how God cleared a path through a severe fog so he could drive. If my memory serves me correctly, he, too, mentioned the incident about George Mueller. How it blessed my heart and brought back memories to hear him tell of his experience. Our God is still in control of the weather. I remember one day last summer I walked out into the garden and it was dying from lack of rain. It had been quite a long time since we had had a good rain. The Scripture, “Ask, and it shall be given you,” Matthew 7:7, flashed through my mind. I prayed, “Now Lord, Thou did say to ask and it would be given. You see how our garden is dying from lack of rain and our old cow needs grass. According to Thy word, I’m believing You to send rain before this day is over.” I just took God at His Word and He gave me the faith to believe, even though the sun was shining and not a hint of rain anywhere. Later, a friend called and I testified to her how I was expecting rain before the day was over. When my husband came home for lunch, the sun was still shining but I said, “God has promised to send rain today.” He gave me a questionable look but I held on to my faith. Later that afternoon, I walked over to my neighbor’s and while I was there, it started to cloud up. I told my neighbor, “I must get home for God assured my heart this morning that He would send rain today.” As I walked back to my house, a few drops fell and then it broke loose. Oh, how I rejoiced for the abundant shower God sent. How it revived our garden, but much more important, did it revive my faith in the wonderful promises of God. In Is. 58:11, God promises to make us like a watered garden and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not, if we will fast and pray. Amen!


But let’s get back to the plane landing. Since I had to get dressed in such a hurry to go to the airport, and since I had no intentions of getting out of the car, I had worn my house slippers. Well, when I saw the plane land, I jumped out of the car and ran over to the fence. About that time, I caught sight of my Danny Boy. He was stepping high and grinning like a pet coon. I forgot all about having on house slippers and I headed for the door to the airport. As I entered the door, I saw him coming. What a reunion! Oh, how faithful our God is. He always comes in the nick of time. How I need to learn to trust Him more, for He never fails the very least of His children.


When my son graduated from High School, he wanted me to attend his graduation so badly, but one would just have to know my situation to know how impossible this was. I explained to him how much I’d like to be able to attend but under the circumstances, I just would not be able to make it. But he felt there had to be a way so he was quite persistent, so I ventured to pray about it. One day I met with a Christian friend, Ninah Mae Simmons, at church to pray. As the Spirit of prayer settled down, we agreed together about my going to the graduation, that God would make a way where there was no way. God heard our prayer and witnessed to us that a way would be made though I had no idea how. Now as sure as you get some encouragement from God, the devil will soon be on your trail. He said to me one morning, “If you run off to Florida and leave your children here, one of them is going to get killed on the road in front of your house, by a car, while you are gone.” This came to me so forcefully as if it had been spoken audibly. I should have recognized it as being my old enemy, the devil, but somehow his old suggestion really shook me up. I began to pray earnestly for God to give me a promise of protection. After waiting before God for quite sometime, He gave me the promise I desired from Psalms 91:10 and 11. “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.” Well, not only did He give me a promise for those left behind in my dwelling, but also for my own protection in my travels. He was to send angels to watch over all of us. The dictionary defined ‘plague’ as meaning ‘disaster, epidemic, nuisance or trouble’ – therefore God assured my heart that my children would be left under His providential care, that no harm whatsoever would befall them. The devil was proven to be a liar again as the promise proved out just as God spoke it to my heart. In fact, I was perfectly at ease after God gave me this promise and was enabled to put everything into His hands and trust Him wholeheartedly.


But now that the first hurdle was over, what about transportation? My loving Heavenly Father worked that out for me, too. There was a girl from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, who was to graduate with my son, and her parents were going to the graduation. God worked it out so that I could ride to Hobe Sound with them. I checked the bus schedule and the bus I was to ride would arrive in their town just a short time before they were to leave for Hobe Sound. God had it timed perfectly. Also, He had another surprise for me. My oldest son, Ronnie, and wife, Dolores, lived in Baton Rouge, and my bus was to stop there for just a few minutes. When I arrived, they met the bus and told me that they wanted to take me the rest of the way to meet the people I was to ride with. I told them that I already had my ticket but they said I could get a refund, for they wanted to take me. How I did appreciate that ride with my dear children. It was so thoughtful of them and so good of God to take notice of me.


The people I was to ride with met me at the bus station and we were soon on our way. We had a safe trip with no problems at all. They had packed a lunch which they so graciously shared with me. I wanted to help with the expense but they would only take five dollars. They told me that since they were going anyway, it did not cost any more for me to ride along. How I do appreciate God’s people for being so considerate of others. I feel sure that God blessed them, the Merle Faulks of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, for the wonderful help they were to me.


When we arrived at our destination, I felt exhausted as I had been on the road for many hours. I was given a room across from the old tabernacle, and after visiting with my son a while, I laid down and tried to relax but I discovered I was too tense to rest. About that time, I heard the most heavenly music coming from the tabernacle where someone was practicing. It was balm to my tired body and tensed nerves. I was soon fast asleep. I felt that the music was some more of God’s wonderful care for His tired child. Had He not promised to give angels to watch over me? Well, the angels knew what I needed to be able to relax and get some much needed rest, so the music had been ordered at just the right time.


It was great to be with my son again and to be able to attend his graduation. Also, it was while on this trip that he testified that God had called him to preach the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. God had prepared many good things for me to see and hear. There’s nothing in the world like having angels to host a trip. Amen! It was a wonderful trip with memories I will always cherish.


Coming home, we rode to Mobile, Ala. with a dear friend, Mike Covington, and caught the bus from there. We arrived at the bus terminal about ten minutes before it was to leave for Alexandria. Again God had timed everything perfectly, knowing how valuable my time was.


When I figured up the expense for the whole trip, it was about the same amount that it would have cost my son to fly home at a student’s rate. Isn’t God wonderful and so mindful of His children, to give them the desires of their hearts?


Since this time, God has helped us to enroll five more of our children in Bible School or Christian Day School. Our oldest daughter, Donna, like her brother, was saved at the Mobile Camp Meeting at the age of thirteen. She, too, wanted to go to Bible School at Hobe Sound but it was thought best that she wait another year. She was followed by Jackie, our only other daughter. The younger three boys were enrolled in an A.C.E. Christian Day School here at home. This in itself is another story, which I would like to relate.


As I mentioned previously, I longed with an unspeakable longing to move to Hobe Sound to enroll all my children in school there but the way was closed up and for some reason known only to God, I was never able to pray open a door though I spent untold hours in prayer regarding the matter. As the little ones grew older, I became more and more concerned that they have a Christian education. Three of the others had left for Bible School at the age of fourteen (one a few days before her fourteenth birthday) and it had been very hard. When it would come time for them to go, I would have to pray for grace. They were but mere children but each one, individually, felt God would have them go. But I felt so keenly that they were just too young to be so far from home even though they were in Bible School, so I was praying to God for a solution. I felt impressed to fast two days a week to seek God in earnest about this matter. For several months, I kept this up asking God to make a way where there was no way. One Friday morning, He spoke to me from Ezra 8:21-23, “Then I proclaimed a fast—that we might afflict ourselves before our God, to seek of him a right way for our little ones—So we fasted and besought our God for this: and he was intreated of us.” As I read these words, the Holy Spirit just settled down and began to bless my soul. God said, “Your prayers are heard. You have been fasting and praying for a way to be made for your little ones and I have been intreated of you.” Such an assurance came to my soul though things yet looked absolutely impossible. I went to church that morning where some of us met on Fridays to fast and pray. I testified that God had heard my prayers and a way would be made for my children to be enrolled in a Christian school. I said, “God has given me a promise and I have the assurance in my heart that a way will be made.”


Shortly afterwards, we called a new pastor and he asked if there was a Christian school in our area where he could enroll his children. My husband told him that the only Christian school here was one of another denomination that had been started a year or so back. We had never thought to check into it for our children, for this reason. This preacher asked if it was an A.C.E. School. We did not know but my husband promised to check it out. We secured literature and other information, and sure enough, it was an A.C.E. School. As I examined the literature and handbook, I was very impressed by their dress code, their discipline and other things. I noticed they used nothing but the good old King James version of the Bible in their school. They allowed no smoking, profane language, stealing, or other practices such as the use of narcotics or drinking alcoholic beverages. The girls’ dresses had to be at least to their knees (no mini skirts). The boys were required to have decent haircuts. All of these things so far exceeded the public school standards that I became interested immediately. As my husband and I read over their handbook together, the Holy Spirit witnessed that here was where we were to send our boys to school. We went and talked to the principal and explained where we differed in doctrine. They were very nice to us and we went ahead and enrolled them knowing God was leading the way. We have never had any problems over our different beliefs. God led us, so I just left it up to Him to take care of everything and He has done a very good job.


At present we have one left in A.C.E. School, my youngest, Barry. Two are enrolled at Hobe Sound Bible School, Randy, a junior in High School, and the other, Jackie, who will graduate from college in June, and is to be married to Dan Simmons, also a graduate from Hobe Sound, in August. Two have already graduated, a son, Danny, and a daughter, Donna. The son is a preacher and my daughter is married to a preacher, Ken Wilson. I’m grateful to God for His faithfulness to my children.


I would like to mention an amusing incident connected with the children in Bible School. After my second daughter started to Hobe Sound, God provided the means for me to fly down to visit the three of them about the middle of the first semester. The reason I decided to fly was because it saved so much time and it wasn’t feasible for me to be away from my family at home for very long. I had never flown before and was not at all looking forward to that part of the trip. I have a natural fear of heights and depths so every time I thought of the plane ride, I would feel frightened. The morning I was supposed to leave, I was praying and asking God for a promise to give me what I needed to make that plane trip. He gave me this, “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and he will strengthen thine heart.” Psalms 27:14. Well, I had certainly waited on Him and had done my best to be courageous, so now He was going to strengthen my heart. I said, “Thank you, Lord,” for I certainly needed my heart to be strengthened. A little while later as I was busy getting the house in order to leave, I passed by the promise box and the same old fear seemed to grip my heart. I said, “Lord, if you can just give me something to put in my purse to take with me, I’ll be so grateful.” I pulled a promise and here is what I read, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me—” Psalms 23:4. Oh, how quickly I put that promise back into the promise box, and told the Lord I would be content with the first one He gave me. Someone told me after I related this incident to them, that they never would have gotten on that plane after that, But I felt sure that in spite of all my fear and trembling, that somehow God was going to take care of me. Hadn’t He given me the means to go? And besides, there was a love for my three dear children and a precious daughter-in-law who would be waiting for me at the end of the journey, that compelled me to go through any difficulty to be able to spend a few short days with them. I had written my son that I was coming but told him I wanted to surprise the girls. The day I was to leave, I received a letter from my youngest daughter and this is what she wrote, “I dreamed the best dream last night. I dreamed you came to see us. It was such a good dream. I wish it was true.” It touched my heart very deeply as I felt the longing in her letter of a young girl who wanted to see her mother. I was so glad that God was allowing me to go. My son told the girls that he was going shopping with them. but he, also, had to pick up a lady at the airport. They never imagined that the lady was their own mother, especially since they knew how afraid their mother was of heights. They never thought I would fly. How well do I remember their dear faces with such surprised looks, their excitement and happiness at having me come. How good our Heavenly Father is to make a way for me to visit my children that time and many times since.


I was lying in bed one night after returning home, meditating on the goodness of God, when a voice said, “You should be ashamed that you took money and flew to see your children, when you could have paid that on their school bills.” At first I did not recognize the old accuser as he came as an angel of light, but God soon helped me to know it was the enemy. He wasn’t one bit interested in whether or not the school bills were paid, he just wanted to bring me under condemnation, but thankfully, he did not succeed.


The following is a poem I composed while my son and oldest daughter were at Hobe Sound. They wrote regularly for a while and then grew slack. During one of the periods of neglect, I composed this poem.


Mamma’s Blues


Another week has come and gone

And just now I feel kinda all alone.

Each day I think, “Well, I surely oughta

Get a letter from my dear son or daughter.”

But the postman passes and leaves the mail

And within minutes, without fail

I rush to the mailbox and look to see

If there’s a letter from Hobe Sound to me.

Here’s the water bill, an insurance policy for the car,

But needless to say, not the letter I’m looking for.

With lagging steps I turn back with a sigh

And hope no one notices the tear in my eye.

Why I guess they’re too busy at one thing or another

To spare ten minutes to write to their mother.

“Why Mom’s a good girl, she understands

All the things that our time demands.

She’ll overlook it if we don’t write for a long time

‘But Mamma, don’t you miss writing a line.

We’re miles from home and like to keep in touch

But when we don’t write, please Mom, don’t worry much.’ “

So another day goes by and as is the rule

My thoughts turn to Hobe Sound Bible School

To our Donna and Danny whom we love with all our heart

How I long to see them but we’re a thousand miles apart.

I know they need a scolding for being so negligent to write

But they’re so far away, we decided to wait another night.

So weeks turn to months and I try not to murmur

For it won’t be long ‘til they’ll be home for the summer.

I’m trying to be patient, Children, while you are far away

But remember, my dears, every dog has its day,

So when the old black Olds pulls up to the door,

Dear old Mom will be waiting as, always before;

But this time it will be different than in the past,

For your mother’s day will be here at last.

I’ll have in my hand a switch about five feet long

And I’m going to teach some kids to write home.


I would like to give roses to my youngest daughter, Jackie. During the eight years she attended school at Hobe Sound Bible School, I doubt she missed over a very few times writing once a week and most of the time she wrote more than once. A big Thank You, Jackie. The Lord only knows what this has meant to me.


Before I close this chapter concerning the children, I would like to share a few other incidents with you.


When my son, Danny, was a small boy, God had His hand on him and faithfully dealt with his heart. Many nights he would come into our bedroom and awaken us to pray with him. During this time, God spoke to him about a plum he had stolen from a supermarket when my back was turned. He confessed it to me and I told him he would have to make it right, so he wrote a letter to the manager, confessed his theft and enclosed a dime to pay for the plum. A day or so later, his letter with his name withheld, came out on the front page of the newspaper. There’s no telling how many hearts that God touched because of a little penitent boy confessing his wrongdoing and making restitution for a stolen plum.


One day I was doing my week’s ironing, when our daughter, Jackie, who was then about four or five, asked, “Mamma, are you going to do all that ironing today?” There was enough to keep me busy for several hours. (This, of course, was before the days of perma-press.) I answered her, “If God will give me the strength, I’ll finish today.” I was already feeling tired and had my doubts as to whether I would be able to finish or not. She asked, “Do you want me to pray that God will give you the strength?” I answered her in the affirmative, and she got down on her knees by a little rocking chair and prayed. I remember yet the smile she gave me when she arose from her knees, as if to say, “You’ll make it now.” Immediately, I began to revive like a wilted flower after a rain. I was amazed at the strength God gave. Needless to say, my ironing was finished that day. Oh, that we had the faith of a little child. Jesus said in Mark 10:15, that “Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.”


Then here’s a little note we ran across in my scrap book the other day. “Dear Mamma, I’m sorry for being mean a while ago. Forgive me, I will be good tomorrow. Love, Randy.”


May God bless my precious children. I love them.



Chapter 7

God Promises Protection in Our Travels


“For the Lord our God, he it is that-preserved us in all the way wherein we went-” Joshua 24:17.


Since enrolling our first child in Bible School in 1965, we have traveled thousands of miles to visit them, to graduations, weddings, and camp meetings. God gave me a promise many years ago, which I claim for every trip. It is Psalms 121:8. “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” This promise has enabled us to have faith that we will not be stranded on the road. If my memory serves me correctly, we have had only two break-downs since we have been traveling, during the course of our travels. Once, as we were going into Mobile, Alabama, to pick up a friend who was to ride with us to camp. The way the Lord took care of this was to have the friend, Marshall Covington, invite us to go on to camp in his car and leave ours with another friend, Ernie Pennington, in Mobile, who was a mechanic, to fix while we were gone. It was fixed and ready to go when we came back through Mobile. The other breakdown was at night in sight of a motel and garage. We had intended to drive all the way to Hobe Sound (a thousand miles) without stopping to rest, but perhaps God saw we needed to rest because after the breakdown, we got a good night’s rest and the mechanic had it fixed in time to resume our trip early the next morning. Oh yes, another incident comes to my mind. We had gone to Oklahoma because of the death of an uncle and were on our way back home, when our transmission started going bad. We could only get it in second gear. It was about two o’clock in the morning and all the money we had was twenty-five dollars in dimes, which had been saved for one of the children. We had brought this along in case of an emergency. Well, it looked as if we would be stranded the rest of the night and part of the next day, for where could one possibly find help this time of night? As we were driving along in second gear, discussing the matter, we saw a light up ahead so we headed toward the light. What do you suppose it was? A garage with two mechanics working on a car. When they heard about our plight, they left the car they were working on and fixed ours where we could get home. What do you think they charged us? Twenty-five dollars, which we paid in dimes.


Sometimes in our travels, the car would start to act up and we would claim God’s promise and somehow the old car would straighten out and we would be on our way. In fact, the last trip we made, we had only gone about seventy-five miles with over nine hundred more to go, when the car started missing and losing speed. I had been up since three-thirty A.M. So I was dozing in the back seat when I was aroused by my husband and son discussing the car’s condition, and as I listened I could hear it making a peculiar noise. From the human standpoint, it appeared that we would be stranded before daybreak, but by the grace of God, I was not at all alarmed. I simply looked up to God and said, “Now, Lord, You remember how You gave me a promise years ago that You would preserve our going out and coming in from henceforth and forever more? I stand on Thy promise, Lord, and trust Thy Word for Thou art a God that cannot lie. I’m asking You to touch this car in Jesus’ name, stop this missing and let us be on our way.” Just a simple prayer but prayed in complete faith in the promise of God. “What happened?” you might ask. God touched the car, the missing stopped and we did not have another minute’s trouble on the whole trip. I might say here that faith will not operate unless all our prayer channels are clear. If our channels are clogged up with unconfessed sin, we will be unable to claim God’s promises in times like these, for He tells us in Psalms 66:18, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” But when we know all is clear between us and God, we have a perfect right to take Him at His Word and trust Him to answer prayer, Praise His name!


I remember another incident that happened in our travels. We wanted to attend a camp meeting over the week-end at Mobile, Alabama, but would have to leave on Sunday night to return home, and we did not want to buy gas on Sunday. My husband wasn’t going, so my older son and a friend, Paul Covington, who was stationed at an Air Base here, whose home was in Mobile, were going to do the driving. Now, as is always the case, the devil did not want us to go to camp meeting, so he assaulted me with this suggestion, “You are going to run out of gas on one of those long stretches of wooded sections of the highway and will be stranded in the late hours of the night. Your son and his friend will have to leave you, the friend’s wife, and the little ones alone, defenseless, while they go to try to find gas. All of you will be in danger that time of night.” Oh, isn’t the devil concerned about God’s children? I don’t know why I have let him scare me so many times with his suggestions, but he presents things in such a realistic way until it seems very logical, so I went to prayer about the situation. I said, “Lord, we want to honor You by not buying gas on the Sabbath Day. We will fill up our tank on Saturday night and leave Sunday night after church and drive until midnight before buying any more gas.” It was necessary that we be home early Monday morning so we had to leave Sunday night. As I was praying, I voiced my fear to God because of what the devil had told me, and asked Him for a promise. I knew there was no way we could make it without God’s help as our old car was a real gas burner. God gave me a promise from Psalms 34:22, “None that trust in Him shall be desolate.” The word ‘desolate’ means forsaken, so God was promising that He would not forsake me. I felt relieved. In fact, I no longer feared the devil’s suggestions but just rested in God.


We went on to the camp meeting and as was planned, we started back home after the service Sunday night. When we were fifty miles from a town where gas could be bought, my son said, “Mamma, we’re about out of gas. We only have one eighth of a tank left.” I answered, “Son, God assured me we would not be left desolate so I know He will see us through.” We drove on a few more miles and my son said, “Mamma, the gas gauge is registering empty.” We still had about forty miles to go before we could get gas. I assured him again, “Son, I’m trusting the Lord’s promise. Just keep your eyes off the gas tank and keep them on God.” What a trip! It was exciting, to say the least. We were riding on an empty gas tank and the promises of God. We drove all the way to Natchez, Miss. and stopped at a red light and the car died on us. My son said, “Well, that’s it,” but he got the car started again and pulled into the nearest gas station. It was closed but just after we drove into the gas station, a car pulled in behind us. It was two policemen. They were checking to see what was going on that time of the morning. When they found out our problem, they told my son to go with them and they would show him where a gas station was open. So we emptied a gallon jug that was filled with water and they were soon back with some gas. We, then, went and filled up the tank. It was after midnight by then. We had honored God and He had honored us by keeping us from being stranded and by leading us to an open gas station after the midnight hour. “ … Now the Lord saith … them that honor me I will honor …. “ 1 Samuel 2:30.


Not only by honoring God’s day will He bless us, but by honoring Him in everything. We read in Proverbs 3:9, “Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase.” I have always tried to practice this to the best of my ability. I remember once when our garden began to yield. We had two kinds of peas, one a purple hull and some other kind, probably what we call a Jackson Twenty-one. The purple hull was the best so I told my husband that we should give the best to the Lord so we brought them to our pastor. If I remember correctly, the peas stopped bearing after this, possibly from dry weather or other causes, and it looked as if we would not even get a mess. But shortly afterwards, my phone rang and a friend, Owen Ratcliff, asked if I would be interested in picking some purple hull peas for my freezer. I assured him I certainly was interested and asked what would be the charge. He answered, “Nothing. I want to give them to you.” I went to pick them, with one of my sons and he came out with one of his sons, to help us. It did not take very long until we had picked about three bushels of some of the nicest purple hull peas, and he would not take a dime for them. I read in Luke 6:38 where it says, “Give, and it shall be given unto you;” I had given my little to God and He had returned it with good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over. Well, Bless His Name! We sure did enjoy those good peas.


Well, I’ve deviated from my traveling accounts, but as I was telling about honoring God, this little incident came to my mind so I just thought I’d throw it in here. Anyway, God has blessed us for many years in our travels, and not one time have we ever been stranded where we could not get help, and on the authority of His promise, I never expect to be. I do appreciate His goodness and mercy that has been extended to us, as unworthy as we are.



Chapter 8

Little Nathaniel



“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away: blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21


When I answered the phone, I could tell by the excitement in his voice that the baby had arrived. Just as excited as was my son, I asked, “What is it?” “Guess!” was the reply I received. “A boy,” I guessed, and so it was. It’s name—Nathaniel Keith. (Keith was part of his daddy’s name). Quite a big name for such a little boy. To be frank, I wasn’t impressed by its name at first. I was telling my niece (Gail Bradley) what his name was and she said, “Oh yes, you remember Nathaniel? Jesus saw him under the fig tree.” I replied, “I wish they would have left Nathaniel under the fig tree.” Of course, I was referring to the name, not our sweet, precious little baby boy. So you can readily see my first reaction to having our little grandbaby named ‘Nathaniel’. But later, when my daughter-in-law explained to me that they had name him ‘Nathaniel’ because it meant ‘gift of God’, my feelings changed immediately and I thought, “how sweet for surely he is a gift from God.” After this, the name ‘Nathaniel’ held a special significance to me.


Little Nathaniel had a very exciting birth. When he was ready to make his entry into the world, he was in a hurry. His daddy had to alert the doctor to get him to the hospital and then call an ambulance for his wife. When the ambulance sped into the driveway of the hospital, the doctor was waiting and as he hurriedly got into the ambulance to check his patient, Nathaniel was born, right in the ambulance. So my son had an exciting story to tell that memorial day, January 25, 1976.


When Nathaniel was three weeks old, we were privileged to visit him and his parents, who were then dean of men at the Hobe Sound Bible College. Also, my oldest daughter and husband were living in Stuart, Fla. and my youngest daughter was attending school at Hobe Sound, so we were able to see them all, and attend the Hobe Sound camp.


We fell in love with our new grandbaby on sight. My son had his camera ready to capture our expressions as we saw him for the first time. We joined him in taking pictures so that we could bring some back home to show the relatives and friends. Someone had given me a ‘S.O.G. with P.I.P.’ book. This means ‘SILLY OLD GRANDMA with Pictures in Purse.’ You grandmas know how it goes. “Let me show you this picture of my grandbaby that I just happened to have in my purse.” Anyway, we got some good shots. My favorite, I think, is the little darling in my arms with his head against my shoulder with his thumb stuck in his mouth. I thought nothing could be cuter and sweeter than that.


Our alloted time for camp meeting and visiting our children passed away swiftly and we soon had to return home. It was so hard to leave little Nathaniel. I stood by his little crib as I told him good-bye and prayed, “Lord, get this little one to Heaven at any cost,” and then tearfully left him.


A few days before his fourth month birthday, the phone rang again. I recognized my son’s voice even though it was choked with emotion. I asked, “Danny, what’s wrong, Son? Did Brother So and So pass away?” (A friend who had cancer) He answered, “No, Mamma, it’s my little boy. He has meningitis.” What a blow! It just seemed the old world caved in on top of us. My mother had just been operated on and this had been quite a strain on us, and now this. Oh, how hard it was to take. I just seemed to go all to pieces.


It was decided that I should fly down to be with my son and his wife. I thought, “I’m so torn up, emotionally, until I don’t know what good I can do,” but I felt constrained to go just the same. My daughter and her husband who lived in Stuart, Florida, met the plane I was on. She told me that God was helping my son and his wife in a wonderful way. I was still torn up and she advised me to try to get control of my emotions for their sake, so I made a special effort to do so. We went directly to the hospital and when I saw my precious children, whose hearts had seemingly been torn out by the roots, I was amazed at the sustaining grace of God. Their strength and fortitude gave me strength and I was enabled to remain calm even though we were just outside little Nathaniel’s room and could hear the sound of the respirator that was helping to sustain his slender thread of life. My son wanted me to go in and see him, and though it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, for their sakes, I put on a sterilized gown and mask and went in with them. The little darling whom I had left nearly three months before with a prayer that God would get him to Heaven at any cost, was unconscious and seemed about ready to enter that heavenly land. I did not linger long for the scene before me was so tragic that I wanted to get away.


The doctor advised them to go home and get some rest. He said the baby could linger on for an indefinite period of time. He gave us no encouragement, whatsoever, that our precious little darling could get well and live a normal life.


About three days later, on May 25, the phone rang in their apartment and it was their doctor. He requested that they come to the hospital immediately. I went with them and as we rode along, with trembling voices, my son and his dear little wife sang this song, while the tears flowed unchecked down my cheeks.


How Firm a Foundation


How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,

Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!

What more can He say than to you He hath said,

To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?


Fear not; I am with thee. Oh, be not dismayed,

For I am thy God, I will still give thee aid.

I’ll strengthen thee, help, thee, and cause thee to stand,

Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand.


When thro’ the deep waters I call thee to go,

The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow;

For I will be with thee thy trials to bless,

And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.


When thro’ fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,

My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply.

The flames shall not hurt thee; I only design

Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.


E’en down to old age all my people shall prove

My sov’reign, eternal, unchangeable love;

And when hoary hairs shall their temples adorn,

Like lambs they shall still in My bosom be borne.


The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose

I will not, I will not desert to his foes;

That soul, tho’ all hell should endeavor to shake,

I’ll never, no never, no never forsake.


My son told us later that God had comforted their hearts through this song right after little Nathaniel was admitted into the hospital and diagnosed as having meningitis. He said he and his wife walked out of the hospital and went into a church not far from the hospital. They knelt at the altar to pray and then picked up a hymnal and turned to this song. As they read the words together, they both handed their baby over to God, in life or in death, they both wanted God to have His way. It was from this commitment that God reached underneath with His everlasting arms and sustained them in the darkest hour of their life.


When we reached the hospital, we walked to the nurse’s station and someone told us that the doctor would come and talk to them. As we waited for the doctor, I saw a nurse enter our baby’s room without a sterilized gown, and knew what we had already suspected, that dear little Nathaniel had departed this life. The doctor confirmed this as he kindly spoke to the parents.


They asked if they might see him and was granted permission. As my tears flowed, my son spoke, “He’s all right, Mamma, he’s with Jesus, the first one of the family to make it to Heaven.” What wonderful words of consolation, “He’s with Jesus.” Safe in His keeping. And though we miss him down here, some day, if we stay true to Jesus, we will be reunited to part no more.


When the write-up came out on the front page of the paper, hundreds of people read this confirmation of my son’s faith. Quote, “ ‘I think of the hymn, ‘How Firm a Foundation’ and realize that faith is a firm foundation in a time like this. The Lord has a plan for our lives and if that plan includes taking our son, then the Lord will provide a way to see us through,’ McCain said quietly.”


The parents requested that instead of floral offerings that the intended money would be given to missions. God’s people from all parts of the country stood by Danny and Mary in a wonderful way, with their prayers, financial support, and words of encouragement. Sympathy cards came from far and near. Only God knows what this meant to all of us. The following was sent to encourage their hearts, author unknown.


God’s Little Missionary


“God sent a young missionary to Hobe Sound on January 25,1976. He was received well by the community and was much loved by his host and hostess. The mission he was sent to fulfill was to speak to those living in Southern Florida and also friends and relatives of those he stayed with. When he became ill, news of his sickness drew many hearts nearer to God in prayer and soul searching. Even though he wasn’t able to master the language in the short time he was here, his host did all his public speaking. The messages were so moving they were printed in many of the (news) papers, and even on the front page of one large one. He spoke on faith, Jesus our firm foundation, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.


His mission was completed May 25, 1976, when he went to his heavenly home. His influence still lingers for many hearts are, and have been moved by his coming. Thank You, Lord, for your missionary.”


Since our little Nathaniel’s departure, God has sent a little girl and another little boy into this home to help fill the vacancy. Isn’t He wonderful?


Every year on the date of his departure of this life and his entrance into the Glory world, May 25, I send the parents a memorial poem. Though they are very imaginary, I would like to share them with you.


Memorial Poem for Nathaniel


On the twenty-fifth of May,

Just one year ago today,

Out little Nathaniel left us for a better land.

Though it nearly broke our heart

From our baby to have to part,

Yet we knew God had the situation in hand.


We have often wondered why

Little Nathaniel had to die

But we’ll understand it better by and by.

Here we don’t have to understand

But just leave it in God’s hand.

He will answer all our questions in the sky.


In my imagination I can see

The reception our baby received

As he entered Heaven’s portals in the sky.

Just inside the eastern gate

A heavenly band did wait

To welcome our little darling up on high.


Though on earth his loved ones miss him

Yet there Jesus picked him up and kissed him

And wiped away all the tears from his eyes.

His pain was forever ended,

His little heart was mended,

And never would he miss his earthly ties.


There were many boys and girls,

Just babies when they left this world,

Who were waiting his arrival in that land.

They were at the gate to meet him,

And with joy they all did greet him

As he joined himself to their heavenly band .


One of the first to take his hand

To lead him around the heavenly land

Was a little great uncle called ‘Little Bill’.

He departed this life years ago.

Oh, we loved that baby so,

The memories cause our heart to sorrow still.


Then there’s little Aunt Joni McCoy

Ready to welcome the little boy.

I can visualize her radiant, smiling face.

They will play around the throne

Of their beautiful, heavenly home.

How happy they must be in that lovely place.


Harold Wayne Roshto, A baby cousin dear

Was also waiting very near,

For he, too, had joined the welcoming committee.

Little Dickie, Aunt Dee’s baby boy

Who is living in that land of joy,

Extends a hearty welcome to that city.


Can’t you see them as they play

In that land of endless day,

All the babies who have gone on before?

Never a fuss nor a fight,

Nothing to mar, not even night,

Just one long eternity of peace and joy.


So be comforted dear Mary and Dan

For our baby waits in a better land.

We must strive to go to him when life is o’er.

Jesus will give us grace

‘Til once more we see his face,

Then we will never think of parting anymore.


Two-Year Memorial for Nathaniel


Two years ago today

On the 25th day of May,

We bid farewell to our precious baby boy.

Though it caused us pain and grief,

Yet in Jesus we found relief

As He whispered words of comfort o’er and o’er.


“Dear Jesus, we humbly pray

Set Nathaniel on your knee today

And give him our message of good-will,

That though he is yet so sadly missed

Yet, now he has a little sis

And the vacancy he left, she helps to fill.


“Tell him, Jesus, just to wait

Right inside the eastern gate

For we’ll soon join him in that land so fair.

Little sister will be with us

And other kinfolk near us

What a reunion we will have over there!


“And Jesus, can You prepare

A nice big rocking chair

For Mommy, Daddy, and grandparents to take turns

To rock the little boy?

It will give them so much joy

As he cuddles close within their circling arms.


‘There’ll be friends and relatives galore

Standing outside the mansion door

Awaiting their turn to caress the little boy.

Oh, we can hardly wait

To step inside the pearly gate

And be reunited with little Nathaniel forevermore.


“Dear Jesus, as we close this prayer,

We know he’s safe within Your care

So we’re patiently waiting ‘til we see him once more.

Help us not to miss the way

For it will be a glad homecoming day

When we meet our baby on that golden shore.”


Three-Year Memorial for Nathaniel


You left us three years ago today

On this twenty-fifth day of May,

Our dear little Nathaniel Lad.

Though we have accepted God’s will,

Yet many times the tears flow still

As memories make our hearts so sad.


You were four months to the day

When meningitis struck and took you away.

It was indeed a painful blow,

But God was near in that dark hour

And sustained us by His power,

His grace to all He did bestow.


We’ll soon be reunited, dear little boy,

Then, oh, what happiness, what joy

Our tears will be wiped away forever

We’ll sorrow no more, no never,

Forgotten will be the twenty-fifth of May.


Four-Year Memorial for Nathaniel


I guess I’m just getting old,

At least, that’s what I’ve been told,

For I can’t think of a thing that will rhyme.

But though I’m old, I remember the 25th of May

Was when our little Nathaniel passed away

And I’ll compose a memorial poem next year this time.



Chapter 9

God’s Call to Minister to Rest Home Residents


“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their afflictions and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27.


One day while visiting a dear friend in a rest home, I noticed some of the patients were gathered together in a large room, and a lady was teaching them from the Bible. There came a longing into my heart to be able to minister to these precious ones as this lady was doing, but somehow I did not do anything about it at that time. The main reason was the fact that I felt so inadequate for the task. A few years later, our church started holding services twice a month at one of the rest homes, and as I saw the eagerness and hunger with which the residents received the Word, once again the burden to start weekly Bible classes possessed me. Still I felt my incapability to start a work all alone. But as the burden intensified; I began to pray earnestly about the matter, and one morning God gave me a clear call to go and minister to those dear people. He said, “I have surely seen the affliction of my people—Come now therefore, and I will send thee—” Ex. 3:7, 10. This word of command was forcibly given as I was waiting on God concerning the matter and reading from “Streams in the Desert” by Cowman. Oh, how inadequate I felt but when I read the following comments under the verse, I knew God would enable me. It read, “This is the way of the Lord. He uses human means to divine ends. He pours His Strength into a worm, and it becomes an instrument with teeth. He stiffens a frail reed and it becomes as an iron pillow. And this mighty God will use thee and me. On every side there are Egypts where affliction abounds, there are homes where ignorance breeds, there are workshops where tyranny reigns, there are lands where oppression is rampant. “Come now, therefore, I will send thee, thus saith the Lord, and He who gives the command will also give the equipment.”


After receiving this definite call from God, I began to prepare to go. I called the rest home and made arrangements for a certain time each week to come and teach. This was kindly granted. Now that the arrangements were made, the next thing was to prepare my lessons. What was I to teach? Well, it was the Easter season so I could start off by teaching the Easter story. The Lord helped this poor weak instrument in a wonderful way and I spent several weeks in giving the Easter story. But when that was finished, I thought, “Now what?” The Lord said, “Continue on in the book of Acts.” Week after week, God showed me what to teach and helped me in a remarkable way to give His Word. Many has been the time I have come away encouraged in my soul, for as I gave out the Word, God showed me truths that I had never seen before. I have seen tears in the eyes of the hearers as God’s Word touched their heart. I have seen conviction on the countenances of some, and I have prayed with some who have requested prayer for their souls. Some have gone into eternity who had their last chance in our little service. I especially remember a little black man who raised his hand for prayer and I went back to him and prayed for the Lord to save him. He died with a heart attack the next week. Another dear little lady was all broken up during one of the services. We were in a revival at our church and the evangelist, Rev. Harvey Fiskeaux, and pastor, Rev. Ken Sandel, had come to the service to sing, and I had asked the pastor to speak on this particular morning. The tears streamed down this dear lady’s cheeks and after the service, our pastor spoke words of encouragement to her. The next two services she did not attend and I became concerned about her. In checking up, I found out she had dropped dead not long after attending the service just described. Oh, what an opportunity there is in work of this nature. I took a special interest in a dear man whom one of the nurses said had no one to care. He looked so dejected and sad I would invite him to the Bible studies but for a while he refused. But I kept inviting him and finally he started coming. I would tell him to take care of my Bible until I could get the wheelchair patients in. He seemed so pleased to be able to do this little service for me. When he would see me coming, his face would light up in a big smile. Why? Because now someone cared for him. I got especially attached to him, but one morning the activity director asked me, “Did you hear about Mr. So and So?” (my friend who kept my Bible). I said, “No, what about him?” She said, “He passed away suddenly.” My eyes filled with tears. He was such a dear old man and yet no one cared for him. Now, he was gone into eternity. Had I done my best for this precious man? Did he make it to Heaven? Will I meet him on the other shore and see his face light up with a smile as he recognizes the one who once taught the Bible to him? These precious souls get a hold on my heart. So many have so few to care. Some are blind and cannot see to read their Bibles. They would never hear it if God had not sent me to read it to them. How they appreciate our little service of love. Some tell me over and over, “You’re all we’ve got.” When I pray for the bedridden, I sometimes think, “This could be my mother, my daddy.” Oh, the love that God has given me for these precious ones.


One day a dear saintly lady said to me, “I wish you would go visit my sister.” I had often visited her but had not seen her for a while. I promised the lady I would visit her after I finished my Bible class that day. As we walked to her room, her sister said, “One of the last things she said before she went into this coma was that she was a Christian and loved the Lord.” She told me that she had not responded to anything for sometime now. We walked up to her bedside and stood looking down at her~-Her mouth was gaped open and she was breathing very heavily. Her eyes were open and staring unseeing into space. She wasn’t aware that we were there. We talked a few moments as we stood by her bed and then I bent over her and asked, “Do you know Jesus? Jesus loves you.” The tears started to trickle down her cheeks. I continued, “I’d like to pray for you”. She said in a very faint whisper, “Pray.” As I prayed, she shook with emotion. When I finished, I looked at her and I could tell she was rational, so I said, “Here’s your sister.” She seemed to have recognized her. It was a wonderful miracle, all because of the power in the name of Jesns. She passed away a few days later and I trust she’s with the Savior she seemed to love.


There is an infidel in this particular rest home. Oh, how he hates the Bible and seems to hate me because I represent the Bible. He gets so mad when I invite him to the Bible study and bawls me out and lets me know he doesn’t believe in the Bible. One day I put a tape of religious music in a recorder and went into the rooms to get the patients who were in wheelchairs. When I came back, I noticed he had pulled his chair up close to the door of the room where I was to teach, and was sitting still so as not to be noticed (or so it appeared to me). When I got the last patient and was about to start my lesson, I stepped over to where he was sitting to check and see if he was still there. I was careful that he didn’t see me. Sure enough, he was still there, I was so thrilled. I don’t know how much he heard that day but I trust God got some truth to his heart. I prayed later, “Oh Lord, if you will help me win this man to you, I will feel like all my feeble efforts have been richly rewarded.”


Not only do we have the people from the rest home to minister to, but many times there are visitors who attend the services, and there have been times when I have seen God deal with the visitors through His precious Word. I remember one time in particular, God gave me a message from Matthew 7:13-27. We had in our congregation that day a young ministerial student of another denomination, and a black bishop (which I didn’t know until I had finished speaking that he was a bishop). In fact, there were several visitors that day and at first I was so scared and didn’t know how I would be able to speak. But I looked up to God in my heart and said, “Lord, Thy Word says, ‘Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it.’ You see my inability, Lord, but you have called me to this work, so I’m asking in Jesus’ name that you help me just now to be able to speak to these people.” When I got up to speak, I felt as free as a bird and all my fear was gone. As I read the Scripture and began to speak, God had me stress about the importance of entering in at the strait gate, the narrow way, that everyone that saith, Lord, Lord, shall not enter into the kingdom, but he that doeth the will of the Father. He had me warn against the false prophets, who come to us in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves. As God anointed me for His message that day, I saw the truth striking home. God needed to get a message to someone that day. What a poor instrument He had to use but I’m glad I was obedient. As I told them in my message that day, I will meet them at the Judgement bar of God and I want to be true to souls.


I often have said that if God could use a mule, just an old dumb animal to give out a message, that He can use anyone that will put themselves, unreservedly, into His hands to be used of Him, even a weak, stammering, scared woman. After all, it’s not what we can do in ourselves, but it is what the Blessed Spirit can do in and through us. Amen! Eternity will tell the results of the work in the rest homes.


Chapter 10

Other Experiences and Answers to Prayer


“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer. Psalms 66:18-19


In the day of trouble I will call upon thee for thou wilt answer me.” Psalms 86:7


It’s so sweet to walk with God, to keep our prayer channels open, and then when we need Him, He promised to hear us.


When my next to the youngest son, Randy, was eighteen months old, he climbed into the bath tub and turned the hot water on himself. The hot water tank thermostat was turned up to a very high temperature so when the hot water struck his tender skin, it just cooked it. When I saw the shape he was in, I, momentarily, went into a state of shock. I dialed the doctor’s number and asked his nurse to let me speak to him, but when he answered, I was unable to tell him what I wanted. The nurse had recognized my voice, since we had used the same doctor for many years, and she had told him who was calling. He could hear the baby crying, he told me later, but couldn’t get me to tell him what I wanted. But in spite of it all, the dear Lord was with us and was able to attract my neighbor’s attention and he rushed over, and we called my parents who lived a couple of miles from us, and my dad drove me to the doctor’s office. It must have been an hour from the time he was burned until we got him to the doctor’s office, and all this time he was screaming constantly. Well, not only was the baby in an awful condition, but I was in quite a state, myself, by the time we got there. While the doctor took the screaming baby, the nurse had to hold the smelling salts to my nose to try and revive me. I wish I could be more calm in times of emergencies of this nature but I have never been able to. God will have to work a miracle and change my human constitution in order for me to be calm when sudden calamity befalls those who are dear to me. If you have gained a victory along this line through Christ, then I would appreciate your prayer for me.


After the doctor took the baby, he gave him something to relieve his pain, doctored the burns, and then bandaged them. We were to come back in a day or so for him to check them again.


What an ordeal we went through! Every time the baby moved, the bandage would rub a burned place and he would cry in the most pitiful manner. This was on a Friday, and all night Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday we went through this ordeal. I would sit by the hour and hold him on my lap, trying to keep him still, while the tears would flow down my cheeks as I suffered along with my baby. I could hardly eat or sleep. On Sunday, as I sat in the living room holding my baby, some Christian friends came to see us and we went to prayer in his behalf. God touched him instantly and he got down off my lap and started playing. We removed the bandages and by the next day (if I remember correctly), even the red places were gone. He was healed without any sign of a scar or even reddened skin.


As I think of it now, I am prone to cry out to God, “Oh, God, if I was to the place that I could hardly eat or sleep because of the temporary burns of my child, what about the eternal sufferings of the lost in hell, where the fire is not quenched and the worm dieth not? How much sleep am I missing in behalf of eternity-bound souls?” May the Lord stir my heart.


Another miraculous answer to prayer concerns a lady from Arkansas. I received a long distance telephone call to pray for an unsaved mother who had given birth, and was hemorrhaging to death. All in all, they gave her twenty-eight pints of blood. They had even given her blood that did not match hers, when they had run out of her type. It was reported that she had actually died twice. so you can readily see what an awful condition she was in. No hope was given that she could possibly live, but the pastor and people of his church were holding on to God in her behalf. It was the pastor, Rev. Jerry Bell, who called us, and when I hung up the phone, God began to settle the burden down on my heart. I just tried to put myself in her place as she had several children just as I did. I thought, "Now if I was in this condition, I would certainly appreciate someone being concerned for me." I went into my bedroom and began to pray earnestly. I turned to Ezekiel 16:6, and claimed this promise from God, "And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live: yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live." I prayed on, believing God to hear, for fervent prayer was going up from the saints of God. I turned in the Bible to Zechariah 3:2 and read, "And the Lord said unto Satan, The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan:-- is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?" A calm came to my soul and I just rested the case in God's hands. I felt He had undertaken and the lady would live. I later heard that the wife of the pastor who had called, had also, felt some assurance that God was taking over.


After the assurance came to my heart, I could no longer pray for her healing. I could only thank God that He had heard. I waited a few days and I did not hear from anyone concerning her condition, so I decided to write a letter and express my belief that God had touched her. Oh, how the devil ridiculed me! He said, “You are making a fool out of yourself. That woman is dead and you’re writing to them saying you believe God has touched her.” Well, the assurance was so real that I went ahead and wrote the letter verifying my faith in her healing. It turned out to be just as I believed it. God had touched her and wrought a mighty miracle of healing in her life, and she’s still living today. The hospital personnel called her the ‘miracle lady’. It is truly wonderful what our Lord can do when we trust Him fully and take our hands off. Praise His name! The pastor from Arkansas who had called us to pray for this lady, visited in our home a few weeks ago and he was still rejoicing over this mighty miracle. Amen!


One morning I was ironing and a tremendous burden settled down on my heart. I kept ironing for awhile and trying to pray, but the burden grew so heavy until I turned the iron off and began to agonize before God. It seemed as if someone was about to drop off into hell, and God had put this burden of intercession on me that I might stand in the gap to keep this individual out of hell. I prayed until the burden lifted even though I did not understand what it was all about. Later I prayed, “Lord, will you somehow reveal to me what this awful burden was about?” He spoke from Proverbs 29:1, “He that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.” He said, “You were praying for a backslidden preacher.’ ,


On Sunday morning, I stood to testify and told of the burden and what God had told me. When I had finished, a dear lady stood to her feet weeping and said, “You were praying for my husband. (He was a backslidden preacher). He was involved in a car wreck and there’s no telling what might have happened had God not put the burden on your heart. I was so glad I had been faithful to the burden and had not let my ironing hinder me that morning. Oh, the faithfulness of God! He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but seeks for someone to stand in the gap and make up the hedge for never-dying souls. How we should praise Him for His love and mercy for the souls of men.


Though sometimes we have to wait long hours before God until we can get to the place where our faith will take hold and we can see God move, yet He is just a prayer away, and sometimes a simple lifting up of our heart to Him in a time of crisis will fetch an answer from the glory world. I remember such a time as this. I was going some place and was caught in an awful electrical storm. I felt impressed to pray that God would protect my parents so I offered up a simple prayer for their protection. I, then, forgot all about it, but later that day when I saw my parents, my mother related to me about how near she had come to being struck by lightning. She had reached over to unplug a cord from an outlet, and just as she pulled her hand back, lightning struck where her hand had been. I, then remembered praying for their protection and told her about it. You might say, “Couldn’t God protect people without someone praying?” Yes, He can. He does it every day but it is His business when He wants to move on someone’s heart to pray, and look what a blessing they receive when they obey.


Another time my phone rang and a man asked me to pray for an unspoken request. “Try your best to get under the burden with me,” he pleaded. He sounded desperate and I knew how he had been fasting and praying, but somehow is faith would not reach through and claim the answer. I prayed and God helped me to believe Him to answer prayer. He assured my heart that He had the situation in hand. He said, “I have surely seen the affliction of my people—and have heard their cry—and I am come down to deliver them—” Exodus 3:7, 8. I rested in God, and when my husband came home from work, I testified how I believed that God had taken over and answered prayer for Brother So and So for he had witnessed to my heart. Later that night, I received a call from the man who had asked me to pray, and he said, “The Lord has answered your prayers.” I said, “No, God has answered your prayers. You folk did the praying and God just helped me to do the believing.” I continued, “God told me He had seen your affliction (suffering, distress) and heard your cry and had come down to deliver you, so it was your prayers He answered.” He was elated that God had heard and answered, regardless of whose prayer it was that touched through.


One night I had a dream. In this dream, I was cooking a big meal, there were several pots on my stove. While I was in the midst of my cooking, a young couple came to visit us and came into my kitchen. It was a couple who were very dear to us, and at the time the young man was attending graduate school, and their finances had to be budgeted very carefully, in order for them to get by . Well, in my dream, as they came into the kitchen, they appeared very hungry. The young lady lifted a lid off one of the pots and looked in wishfully as if she wished the food would hurry and cook. They could hardly wait until they were fed. When I awoke, the dream was still vivid in my mind. All I could see was two hungry young people. I couldn’t get the dream off my mind so I told it to my husband. I said, “I feel that this young couple is in need. They must not have money for groceries. I think we ought to send them some money.” He agreed and I mailed them a little check and told them about my dream and how I felt God was telling me their need. When I got a return answer, it was just as I had suspected. She wrote that they didn’t have money for groceries and if I remember correctly, had only a can of rice soup in the house to eat. I can’t explain this, but all I can say is that it was the faithfulness of God to supply for this little couple.


Another time, I dreamed I was in a religious service and the glory of the Lord was so real. It was during a time when we had been without a pastor for more than a year and there was a spiritual drouth on. Anyway, as God was blessing the service during my dream, a preacher whom I was acquainted with, led out in the song, “He never has failed me yet.” I awoke about this time and felt as spiritually refreshed as if I had actually been in a real service. For days, the song, “He Never Has Failed Me Yet” stayed on my mind, and I felt it was a message from God of His never-failing love and power.


About two weeks later, we went to Hobe Sound, Fla. to attend a graduation for one of the children. On Sunday night, during a testimony service, God moved into the service in a wonderful way. As the saints were rejoicing, the preacher on the platform led out in the song, “He Never Has Failed Me Yet.” I immediately recalled my dream and was so blessed to think that God had permitted me to enjoy that wonderful service, (or one quite similar to it) in a dream a couple of weeks before this. We can never understand the ways of the Lord. They are past finding out.


Getting back to answers to prayer, my husband and I went to visit his brother, Bill, who was in the hospital and was stricken with cancer. He was scheduled to undergo an operation the next morning. He was not a Christian and we never could seem to interest him in spiritual things, but that night as we stood by his bed, he opened the subject, himself, about his spiritual need. He handed me a Gideon Bible, that was in his night stand, and said, “Will you mark some Scriptures for me to read, on how to get saved? I’m facing what could be my death and I’m afraid. I don’t want to die and go “to hell.” I assured him that he did not have to go to hell, that Christ had made an atonement for sins if he would only accept it. I took the Bible and began to mark some Scriptures as he continued, “Don’t let anyone tell you that they can come down to death’s door and not be afraid to die, if they are not ready to meet God. I don’t care how much front they put up while everything is going well, when they stare death in the face, it’s different. “


We were going to pray for him but was interrupted by an orderly and had to leave the room. Since visiting hours were almost over, we told him we would be back the next morning before the operation. We called our pastor and asked him to meet us there.


All during the night, we lifted this man to God and got up early the next morning and went to the hospital as we had promised. When we entered the room, the pastor was already there as well as some other people. The devil said, “Now you know you can’t pray for this man’s salvation and these other people in the room.” Well, we resisted the devil’s suggestion and walked over to the bed. The pastor called on me to lead in prayer and as the three of us prayed, the pastor, myself and the patient, God in His mercy reached down and blotted out his transgressions and wrote his name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. The witness was clear. He testified to his regeneration and said he was no longer afraid, that if he should die on the operating table, that he was ready to meet the Lord. There was a Catholic lady in the room that morning and the Lord’s presence was so real until she followed me out of the room and fell over on my shoulder and wept. God had touched her heart.


God brought the dear man through the operation, and he lived several months longer. The devil waged an awful battle during those months, but in his last rational moments before he passed away, he testified that he was ready to meet the Lord.


When my son, Danny, was in Bible School, he had a roommate, Tim Hiles, whose mother had passed away. He had come to Bible School because it had been his mother’s heart desire for him to go. He was just a young lad like my son, and oh, how I longed to help him, but as far as finances, I just didn’t have it. But I would write him and try to encourage him like his mother would have done had she been living. One day I sent him a promise from God’s Word, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19. Later he left the school and I lost track of him.


One morning, years later, my phone rang and I could tell it was long distance. A voice with a northern accent said, “Hi, can you guess who I am?” I answered, “No, I’m sorry but I have no idea.” He quoted the Scripture from Philippians 4:19, and then asked, “Now, do you know?” I answered, “No, I’m sorry to say but I still don’t know who you are.” He then told me who he was, my son’s previous roommate, and reminded me about sending him the promise he had just quoted. He continued, “You will never know what this promise has meant to me down through the years. I have stood on it and have seen God move in wonderful ways in my behalf, in supplying needs.” How this testimony encouraged my heart! I remembered how badly I wanted to help him financially but was unable, but I had given him what I could, a promise from God’s Word. The Scripture from Acts 3:6 comes to my mind, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I unto thee.” Had I had money to give, it would have been gone, but the precious word of God had endured down through the years.


One other incident I remember about this boy. I didn’t hear from him anymore after this call and I often wondered where he was and what he was doing. I would write him in care of his grandmother but he would never answer. One day, I asked God during prayer to let me hear from him as I was concerned about him. One night I was sick in bed and the phone rang and it was Tim. God had answered prayer. How faithful is our God.


I would like to mention another incident concerning another roommate, this one a roommate of my daughter, Jackie. She was Doretta Hoffpauir, and had come to Bible School trusting God to supply her need and help her pay her school bill. She longed to prove to an unsaved loved one how God would supply as she trusted Him to do it. Toward the end of the year, I became concerned for I found out from my daughter that she yet owed several hundred dollars on her bill. I requested prayer at church, relating enough of the conditions that they might know how important it was. I knew that if believing and united prayer would reach the throne that God would surely answer. After I made my request, the pastor’s wife said, “Let’s put feet to our prayers and give an offering to this young girl.” She didn’t even know her, nor anyone else there knew her except my family. God began to move on hearts and though it was just a very small church, God helped us to raise three hundred and fifty dollars to pay on this girl’s school bill. My daughter said she had never seen anyone as happy when she received the money. God had not let her down for she had come to school by faith, and had done everything she could do. What she couldn’t do, God did for her. He will do it every time.


At one particular time, we had a problem in our church and it was tying up the services, and threatening to turn into a very serious problem. God placed a tremendous burden on my heart to fast and pray. Oh, how I cried to God for most of the day. About three o’clock that afternoon, a small still voice whispered, “Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him—Be still, for he will not rest, until he hath finished the thing this day.” The assurance came to my heart that God had heard prayer and was going to answer before the day was ended, for had He not said He would finish the thing that day? A friend had joined me in prayer over the matter and I called this individual on the phone and told how God had spoken to my heart. I said, “He will answer today for He told me He would finish the thing this day.”


I went to church that night fully expecting God to work. I wasn’t disappointed. The Holy Ghost came in such mighty power during the song service until we did not have any need of preaching, and the altar was lined with seekers. God took care of the problem. He finished it that day just as He promised me He would do. From that day until this present time, that same problem has never arisen again. There have been other problems to cope with but God took care of that one, once and for all. Oh, that we might learn a lesson, to get on our knees and let God solve the church’s problems. When He does it, it’s done well.


Our God has great delight in answering His children’s prayers. When we wait before Him in earnest expectation, He will never disappoint us. Andrew Murray gives this admonition in waiting upon God. “One of the chief needs in our waiting on God, one of the deepest secrets of its blessedness and blessings is a quiet persuasion that it is not in vain; courage to believe that God will hear and help: we are waiting on a God who never could disappoint His people.


“Be strong and of good courage.” These words are frequently found in connection with some great and difficult enterprise, in prospect of the combat with the power of strong enemies, and the utter insufficiency of all human strength. The blessings for which we plead are spiritual and all unseen: things impossible with men; heavenly, supernatural, divine realities.


“Let nothing in Heaven or earth or hell—let nothing keep thee from waiting on thy God in full assurance that it cannot be in vain.” End of quote.


After writing the manuscript for my little book, “Through Troubled Waters”, I did not have the money to get it published and I did not want to borrow it. I put it in God’s hands and felt that He would open a way for me if He wanted it published. During this time my dear precious mother passed away (my dad had been deceased for a couple of years) and she had several hundred dollars in the bank which was divided among her children, after her hospital and other expenses were paid. My part amounted to a little over two hundred dollars. I thought, “This is a start in getting my book published,” so I deposited it in the bank to save toward that end.


During the Christmas holidays I became very burdened for our missionary offering at the church. I wanted us to have a real good offering so that our missionaries and those they ministered to, could have something extra for the holidays. One morning as I was praying about this offering, God gave me such a vision of missions until I was all broken up. I realized how little I had done for missions though I had always been faithful to do what I could. I said, “Lord, I have never made a real sacrifice for missions and I want to do so with my whole heart. What would Thou have me to do?” As I waited before Him, He said, “Give one hundred dollars of the money you are saving for your book.” I don’t know what I was expecting God to tell me but this came as a surprise. I guess I had just supposed that God understood that that money was for my book and He wouldn’t expect me to give that. Now when He told me to give it, I drew back momentarily. I said, “But, Lord, You know I’m saving that to have my book published.” God was so understanding and did not rebuke me for being hesitant, for He knew how I loved to give to His cause, but He spoke to me so tenderly. He said, “You give the hundred dollars and I will give you the money to have your book published.” I said, “Yes, Lord, I will gladly give what You ask of me.” I ended up giving the other hundred to missions also. (Incidentally, our Christmas Missionary Offering for our little church was over six hundred dollars.)


God kept His word to me as He always does, and here’s how He gave me the money for my book. My parents had left some property which their children inherited but due to hindering causes, we had been unable to sell it and make a settlement. But after God promised to give the money for my book, the hindering causes were removed, and the property was sold and my part amounted to much more than I needed for the publishing of my book. He supplied in His own good way. Bless His name!


Another wonderful answer to prayer that I would like to relate is this. A young evangelist was conducting a revival at our church and we became concerned about my old father-in-law. My husband and I discussed it and he went to see him and invited him to church and furnished him transportation. (My mother-in-law had deceased.) Not only did ‘Papa’ come that night but the next as well. God got to him on the second night and he was gloriously saved. This was a mighty miracle of God’s grace for he was eighty-eight years of age. Brother Glenn Griffith told us later that ‘Papa’ was the eldest convert he had ever met during his ministry. He is ninety-seven now and still testifies to victory in his soul. Oh, the longsuffering of our Savior. Surely His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting.


Not only in spiritual matters, but in temporal needs, I have often waited on God for needed help. I remember at one time, it seemed as if we had more trouble than we could handle as far as the material realm was concerned. My son, Kenny, was working in Texas and the trailer he was living in, burned down and he lost about everything he owned. A little while later, my youngest daughter's car motor went bad. Besides these things, we had several other pressing needs. It just seemed as if we were swamped with temporal needs. I made a list of our needs and put them in my Bible and began to pray that God would supply. The second day, He answered about a car for my daughter. I wrote 'answered prayer' over that one and continued to pray for the other requests. I was soon able to write 'answered prayer' over several of them. I would like to mention one more. Due to the continued rise of gasoline, our monthly gas bill was very high. We needed an economical car but did not want to invest so much money in a new one. As my husband said, He could pay gas bills as easy as paying big car notes. Well, I wrote this petition on my prayer list and held it up to God, an economical car at an economical price. My oldest son and wife lived in Texas and they knew our desire for a small car. One day my daughter-in-law said, "I've found just the car for you," and so she had. It belonged to a friend of theirs, a '73 Toyota, looked like new, with about thirty-three thousand miles on it, and at an unbelievable low price. When my husband went to pick it up, he got thirty-three miles to a gallon on his way home. This was a direct answer to prayer. Our Heavenly Father is interested in our every day problems of life. I even ask Him to help me find my misplaced eye glasses at times. I have prayed for our old sick cow and claimed the promise in Malachi 3:10, 11 where He promised to rebuke the devourer, and the old cow got well. If He takes notice of the sparrow's fall, how much more is He mindful of His Children? He said in Matthew 10:31 "-- Ye are of more value than many sparrows." Aren't you glad?


Concerning temporal needs, when we first moved to where we live now, we had a real water problem. There was a shallow well on the place but it did not furnish enough water for our use. My husband bought large cement tiles and dug the well out and put these tiles in to make a greater volume of water but we still ran short. So, next, he got a well construction company to come out and drill for water. After going down one hundred feet in our back yard, and not being able to find water, they moved a good distance to the edge of our property and drilled again. This time they hit a gusher. We were thrilled after having to be so scarce with water for so long. But our joy was short lived. The water had so much iron in it until it turned all my clothes, pots and pans, and bath facilities brown. It was a mess. We contacted a water softener company and they came out and installed a water softener but it was not effective. It would clear up the water for a short while and then we would have the same problem again. When the water would be clear, I would buy dye-remover (the only thing that would take out the stain) and work real hard to bleach my clothes white again, and then the water would go bad again and my clothes would be ruined. Oh, what a trial it was to me. Many times I have felt like crying as I hung up my brown clothes (and probably did sometimes). I would be so embarrassed for people to see them. I had a young baby at that time and its diapers were so dingy looking. You can just imagine how I felt.


We finally decided to put up a nine-hundred gallon rain tank to catch the rain water to wash in. But this, too, turned out to be quite a burden, for I had to carry water from the rain tank to pour into my washer, and it being an automatic, you can imagine what a chore this would be with several loads of wash daily. Many times, I would have a bucket of water in one arm and the baby in the other. I would get so tired and wonder if there would ever be an end.


One day I had carried water all morning to wash and I was exhausted. I sat down in a chair in the living room and was crying and praying. The Scripture from Isaiah 33:16, was flashed through my mind. “—bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure.” I took this as a promise from God that He was going to give us water some way. I was to the very end of myself with our water problems.


Well, God did move in our behalf. We had tried and tried to get city water that was about a mile from our place, but the water district would not agree to extend the water line to reach us. But after I got this promise from God, He gave us the money (in a way we never dreamed) to buy the pipe ourselves and hook on to the end of the district’s water line. They allowed us to do it, so, at last we had all the good soft running water we needed. Thank God, there comes an end to trials. “For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayers—” 1 Peter 3:12.



Chapter 11



“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13.


I would like to conclude with another poem the Lord gave me. Also, I would like to say, that though I have recorded many of the triumphs in my walk with God, yet there have been times of discouragements, depression, and failures. These times are between me and God. It would not help for me to relate them for I have been enabled through Jesus Christ my Lord to triumph over them. He makes us more than conquerors by His grace and power. “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ—”. 2 Cor. 2:14.


I trust that this little book will be a blessing to many. I realize that some will be skeptical having never experenced real miraculous answers to prayer, while on the other hand, there will be some who have experienced much greater answers than these recorded here.


May hearts be touched, strengthened, blessed and encouraged is my prayer.


Look To The Saviour


Have you friends whom you love and thought loved you

Who have turned their backs upon you and proved untrue?

Are you criticized much because of your stand?

Then look to the Saviour, He understands.


Is your heart so heavy for the indifferent and unconcerned?

For the backsliders and sinners does your heart ever yearn?

Is your burden so heavy ‘till it seems you will die?

Then look to the Saviour, He will answer by and by.


Are you weary and tired with the toils of the years?

Do you long for sweet rest and shed bitter tears?

As you think of the work that yet must be done?

Then look to the Saviour, He will soon come.


Is your body afflicted and you suffer much pain,

And it seems you will never be well again?

You don’t understand why you are in this condition.

Then look to the Saviour, He’s the great physician.


The persecutions, afflictions, and toils of the day,

The burdens and heartaches will soon pass away.

The Lord is taking notice from His home in the sky.

So look to the Saviour, your redemption draweth nigh.


Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,


To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever. Amen. Jude 24, 25.


Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace, and the God of love and peace shall be with you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all. Amen. 2 Cor. 13:11 and 14.




Georgia Davenport McCain


Mrs. McCain died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident at age 87 on December 9, 2013. She maintained her Christian commitment and ministry, as well as her writing skills, until the time of her unfortunate death.


At the time of her death, many of her books were out of print. To preserve the books and allow many new readers to enjoy, the books are being converted to e-books by her family. To increase relevancy and impact to a more contemporary and international audience, minor edits to the original text have been made to some of the books.


The following article was published in the Cenla Focus in October 2012 prior to Mrs. McCain’s death, and provides a synopsis of Mrs. McCain’s life as an author. It was authored by Holly Jo Linzay


Georgia McCain, an author of 10 published books, recalls the day she felt the Lord Jesus lead her to start writing. “I was standing in the kitchen, and God asked me, ‘What is that in your hand?’ “ McCain remembers, and answered, “‘Only a pen, Lord.’ Then He asked me if I would use the pen for his honor and glory, and I said, ‘Yes, Lord, as you direct me, I will write for the glory and honor of God.”


That very night, her first short novel unfolded completely from beginning to end. “The Lord gave me the name of the book and just opened up the story for me from the first page to the last,” notes McCain about her first book, Through Troubled Waters, which was published more than 40 years ago. Her first book is a work of fiction interwoven with Biblical truths. McCain has sold thousands of copies, and has received letters from people all over the world expressing how the book touched their hearts. “I never dreamed about writing a book, let alone getting one published,” McCain notes.


As a child, McCain wrote poems and made up short stories. In the ninth grade, as her teacher was passing out Christmas gifts to the class, she called McCain to the front of the classroom. She told the class that Georgia had a gift for all her classmates. Stunned, McCain realized her teacher had made copies of a story she had written and shared it with the class. From time to time, she would write another short story. Later, she was asked by a preacher to write a story that would continue and develop in a religious paper. “I told him that I couldn’t just sit down and write a story. God had to give me the thoughts”, McCain recalls, remembering it was later that night that she heard God question her about writing. When her son, Danny, came home from college, he read her story, Through Troubled Waters, and encouraged McCain to get it published. “Everything I write, I want it to honor God,” McCain says with conviction.


The 84-year-old author is a woman of prayer, and has lived a life in pursuit of holiness. Growing up as one of 14 children In the rural community of Rigolette, McCain graduated from Tioga High School. At 19 years old, she met and started dating a young man named Carl McCain. He worked as a lineman for South Central Bell and she was working as a telephone operator. After a whirlwind courtship, the two were married on July 1, 1946.


The young couple made their home in Rigolette and raised their seven children—Ronald, Danny, Kenny, Randy, Barry, Donna and Jackie. The family attended Tioga Wesleyan Methodist Church, where Georgia and Carl served in every ministry they could. They have 19 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The two were married for 62 years before Carl passed away. Her home is a testament to a close-knit family with photographs vying for space on shelves stocked full with mementoes from the grandchildren. A legacy of love is showcased with framed drawings from the kids alongside epic poems written by McCain about her family.


In between her serving at her church and raising seven children, McCain found time to write more books. Her second book, Trials and Triumphs, is non-fiction and retates many of her personal experiences, including the loss of her four-month-old grandson, Nathaniel, to meningitis. Her third book, a fictional novel, Shattered Shackles, deals with alcoholism and its affect on a family. “My daddy was an alcoholic, who would say he was tapering off when he was trying to quit. Later, he did sober up,” McCain says, adding that her real-life experience probably played a role in the book.


Another of her books, God’s Little Lambs, is a compilation of stories written for children that can be read as bedtime stories or for family devotions. At one time, McCain says she felt impressed to write a novel about some twins. In Straight Paths, the story of fiery-tempered “Connie Slocum” unwinds as she struggles with heartaches, persecution, separation and loneliness. In the book’s sequel, Plucked Out ofthe Net, Connie’s twin brother, “Donnie Slocum,” is featured in a story of redemption.


Three of McCain’s books have dealt with prayer and answers to “prevailing” prayer. “It is absolutely amazing that God has spoken to me over and over, and keeps giving me books to write. He has faithfully led me all the way,” notes McCain. In all, she has written 10 books, and family and friends are after her to write a book of poems. She has written long poems with clever rhymes marking nearly every milestone in her and her family’s life.


It does not take long to get caught up reading one of McCain’s books, and believing the incredible stories of faith in the non-fiction books. Written in such honest prose, her words flow from her heart and from a life seeking after holiness. If her books inspire and encourage or cause someone to “seek the Lord,” then McCain says the books have served their purpose. “God deserves all the glory for anything accomplished through the writing or reading of these books,” she emphasizes.


A woman of faith, McCain has taught Sunday School and Bible studies in just about every ministry at her church. In addition, for the last 34 years, she has taught three different Bible study groups at three different nursing homes. McCain has been honored and received numerous awards for her volunteer service from Ball Senior Citizens Center and various nursing homes. In 2001, she was named the Volunteer of the Year of Tioga Manor and named “Most Faithful” volunteer at two other nursing homes.


When her husband Carl served for a number of years on the Rapides Parish Police Jury, McCain supported him by participating in a variety of ways in the community. Known as a great cook by her family and friends, her daughter, Donna, presented her with a cookbook of the family recipes on her 50th wedding anniversary. Besides serving the Lord, McCain says her most important role in life has been as a wife and mother. She said all her children are “successful and love the Lord,” and that they never gave her a “lick of trouble” beceuse she kept them in church and a “switch on their behinds”, if needed. Her son, Danny, who is a missionary in Nigeria, even calls her every day.


McCain says she is “blessed beyond measure by the Lord” with family and friends. Some have called her a “prayer warrior,” in seeking God’s will in her life. One piece of advice she freely gives out to all who will listen is the same encouragement she offers in her last book, Walking with God for Over 50 Years, “Sometimes when we can’t seem to pray our way through, we can often times praise our way through to God. Try it.”


Books by Georgia McCain


Trials and Triumphs

Shattered Shackles

In Straight Paths

Plucked Out of the Net

Through Troubled Waters

Remarkable Incidents & Answers to Prayers

Amazing Answers to Prevailing Prayers

God’s Little Lambs

Walking With God for Over 50 Years

Celebration of Life, Family, and Faith – Collection of Poems, Tributes, and Stories

In addition, many of her family recipes are provided in the following book, compiled by her daughter, Donna McCain Wilson, on the occasion of her 60^th^ wedding anniversary:

Still Cooking After Sixty Years

Plans are to make all available via ebooks. Stay tuned.


Letters from Readers of Georgia McCain Books


The following are excerpts from some of the many letters I have received from my readers from different parts of the country from as far away as Alaska. Also, God has seen fit to place my books in several foreign countries, namely Haiti, the Bahamas, Republic of South Africa, New Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Taiwan, England, and South America. I have been encouraged time and again upon receiving letters from people relating how God used one of my books to help them spiritually. Some have been saved, some sanctified, some edified, strengthened, and encouraged. Again, I say, “all glory to Jesus!” He, it is that gives me a nudge when it’s time to write another book. And though I’m a very busy person in the work of the Lord, plus all my other duties as a housewife, when I feel God leading, I let many things go undone and busy myself with my writing, which I enjoy as God helps. I’ve often thought that if only one person would walk up to me in Heaven and say “It was your book that helped me to turn to Jesus and helped to enlighten my way to Heaven,” it would be worth all the time and effort put forth in writing them. One soul is worth everything.


I have a son who is a missionary to Africa. A few years back, he visited a man in jail named Olusegun Obasanjo, and gave him one of my books entitled, Amazing Answers to Prevailing Prayer. Later Mr. Obasanjo got saved, straightened out his life, and ran for president of Nigeria and was elected. Whether or not my book had anything at all to do with Mr. Obasanjo’s salvation, I know not, but later after he became president, my son visited him, and he told my son that his mother’s book was very inspirational. Later, the president wrote a book entitled Women of Virtue: Stories of Outstanding Women in the Bible, and my son brought me a copy on one of his trips home. So one never knows how far their works for Christ will reach when we put it in God’s hands and take our hands off. It will take eternity to tell any good my writing for God’s Glory alone has accomplished.


Trust you enjoy the following letters from my readers:


I have just become a Christian and your books have helped me so much. I have four and am wondering if you have written anymore. I really like In Straight Paths and Through Troubled Waters. Will you pray for me? I need more help spiritually.


Your six books arrived for the Stephen D. Herron Memorial Library, and we feel honored to place them in the memorial room. I trust that the people who use the room for study and prayer will profit greatly from reading them. You have always been a great blessing to each of us.


I cried most of the time while reading your book Shattered Shackles because many happenings had been a reality in my life. I’ve had lots of heartaches.


I am a young person who likes to read but am quite selective in what I read. So many of these so-called Christian novels are so aimless and mushy, it’s disgusting, but I would recommend your books to anyone. The explanation of holiness is very good.


I am so happy to know we have dedicated writers such as you who are willing to do the hard work of hammering out a good clean book for people to read. May God bless you as you use your talent for Him. We may never write best sellers but as long as we keep His smile upon our work, it is a best seller. Keep up the good work. (From another writer)


A note to say thanks for the books. Couldn’t put them down. Now that’s what I call talent. They were really enlightening. Thanks a million.


I read your book, which was a great inspiration to me. I never dreamed anyone could even imagine or dream up so much adversity and heartache as I have been through. Your book lifted my spirits in a very dark and lonely period of my life.


I’ve read two of your books in two days, as I couldn’t lay them down after I started. I will pass them around and I’m sure others will enjoy them, too.


I was happy when I came across your book entitled Through Troubled Waters. I read part of it, but the owner took it away before I finished it. My troubles are so great that at times I feel it may be I have sinned. I do not know what to do. The portion of your book I read inspired me greatly. Could you send me a copy and any other that will help me solve my problems. (This came from Ghana, West Africa, and I sent him a copy)


I just finished reading your book, Trials and Triumphs. and felt real impressed to write and tell you how much it encouraged me. I have been asking the Lord to give me more faith and this book helped me so much. Thank you so much for writing it,


A dear sister gave me two of your books, and I really enjoyed both of them. I feel they have helped me spiritually. I really crave good reading that will draw me closer to God.


Just finished your book, In Straight Paths, and it was such an inspiration to me. I was encouraged and excited when I finished reading it. I received your book at church as a Mother’s Day gift for being the youngest mother. It’s a real life book where I really feel like I can see me at times. It is indeed wonderful and makes me feel that God will help me, as I need it. Pray for me! God bless you.


Your book answers a need out in the public for explaining what real heart holiness is. There is much confusion at this point.


Have read your book, Through Troubled Waters, over and over. Very good.


I believe your book, Through Troubled Waters, is the best book I’ve ever read and the most spiritual for religious fiction. Keep writing books as they help many people.


Thank God for the old-fashioned way of salvation and holiness and for people like you who can write beautiful stories that holds high its banner. May God richly bless you.


Thanks so very much for your books. I read In Straight Paths once again and am now reading the sequel, Plucked out of the Net. I enjoy them so much. Praise God for blessing you with this gift! I pray it will always glorify Him.


I am writing to you in regards to your books I purchased in Findley, Ohio. I gave one to a lady who wasn’t saved. I later sent the other book, Shattered Shackles, to her. She has read them, and they have been a help to her. She has gotten saved and doing her best to walk in the light.


Hope you will write more books. I really appreciate how the Lord has helped you to entwine the gospel in your stories.


Enclosed is a money order for your book, Plucked out of the Net. Sure appreciate your writings. So good and stay close to holiness emphasis. So much today that is called Christian fiction isn’t Christian at all. May the Lord bless you is our prayer.


I’m happy to have the opportunity to receive another book of yours. They have all been excellent and wife and I have read and reread them during the long winter evenings.


I’ve enjoyed your books much and have shared them with others. In fact, they are all out now. I would like to order your latest one. We need more good Christian books for our young people. Also, us older ones enjoy them.


A friend of mine loaned me two of your books. I enjoyed them so much that I would like to send them to my brother who is in jail in North Carolina. One of the books reminds me of him.


I am so happy to have your books where interested and hungry souls can get them. I’m sure your writings are blessing many. The book Through Troubled Waters has been mentioned several times at church illustrating truths of the message given.


I thought you might like to hear of one incident where a young man was kept home from church because of illness in his family. Someone had loaned him your book, Through Troubled Waters, and he read it. The next week he testified how God had mightily dealt with his heart. The church prayed for him until he felt a clear witness.


I’m writing to see if you have written another book. I just read one and think it is wonderful. It has been a real blessing to me. I praise God for people like you that can write such a book, especially the teaching on holiness. If you have written another book, let me know.


The book, Through Troubled Waters, has been such a help to me in many ways. I wish I had what the nurse in the story had. I would gladly give all I had. She is so pure and good. Would that this old world had more like her. Wish I could talk to someone like the nurse but I’m afraid it’s too late. I’m not young anymore. I’m 37 and 1/2. (Thank God, there’s help for anyone who truly wants God in their life. I contacted the lady and did my best to help her. Author.)


Your book came yesterday. I read the inside information but haven’t read the contents yet, but will and also, will let others read it. Your talent came from your sixth grade teacher. ha (He was my sixth grade teacher.) I’m sending a contribution to help with your good work. Keep in touch!


God sure did inspire you as you wrote the book, Through Troubled Waters. Everything that you tucked away here and there as you wrote was amazing. How anyone could think of so much to fit into a story!! I was very much pleased with the way God helped you to use the Scriptures to teach sanctification. There are many who will read it in your book that never would study along that line any other way. I feel that this was the main reason God helped you to get this needful book out. I feel that souls will make it to Heaven because of it—souls that you would never have come into contact with, otherwise.


It usually takes me a week or ten days before I finish a book but finished yours in three evenings. The clear guidance into sanctification is the best I’ve ever read and helped me a lot. The story is so true to life. It holds you completely in suspense all the time. Thank you very much for the book.


We never dreamed we would get to see the author of that wonderful book, Through Troubled Waters. I have wanted to get a copy to send to a real good friend in South America and now I have it. So your good book will perhaps go around the globe.


My family and I have really enjoyed your first four books.


Your book, Shattered Shackles, is so touching. After reading some in your book this morning, I was so moved on by the Spirit to pray for those that are so shackled by drink or drugs. God can surely move on their heart to bring them to Christ.


I am fifteen years old and am writing to compliment you on your book, Through Troubled Waters. I am reading it the second time. I’m going to write a book report on it for school. I’m sure your book has helped many people.


I think you are brave to address the divorce and remarriage issue in your book, Plucked out of the Net. Our young people need that. Lots of people are getting awfully lenient about it. My husband and daughter read the book and really liked it. I think we all agree that it is the best yet. The message is real good.


We wanted to thank you for the privilege of reading your lovely little book. Our youngest daughter in California has just read hers and found it very profitable reading. We did, too. Of course, unless you truly loved the Saviour, you couldn’t have done such a book.


I praise the Lord for giving you such a beautiful gift of writing and for your willingness to share it.


I sat right down and read your book and I truly enjoyed it. We all have our problems and I am no exception. Your book came to me at a time when I was depressed and so unhappy. I received a real blessing from it. You have a wonderful talent in telling of God’s love through stories of life as we live it every day. Thanks!


I would like to tell the world what God and your book has done for me. Praise the Lord! It made me stop and realize there is a God and He truly loves me, regardless of the sins I had committed and the wrong I had done. God was calling me for one of His children. Before I read the book, I had so much hatred and bitterness in my heart. At times I even hated myself. Just as I put the book down, I had a strong urge to fall on my knees and ask the Lord to forgive my sins and to take the hatred and bitterness out of my heart. Praise the Lord! He immediately answered my prayer.


Believe the Lord has ordained the writing of this book for his people who are in troubled waters.


Enjoyed your book thoroughly. I want five more copies.


We all have our problems and I am no exception. Your book came to me at a time when I was so depressed and so unhappy. I received a real blessing from it.


Surprised and happy to receive your book. The Lord certainly used you in writing it. It is interesting, emotional and evangelistic, very well written, and I’m sure it is a blessing to all who read it. I am interested in ordering some more copies. .


We agreed to use your book for a part of our yearly youth Reading Course. Each year we recommend four or five books for the spiritual edification of our youth and sell them as a package to each youth society. I am heartily recommending it to our youth for two reasons, one is the danger of not obtaining holiness of heart and the other is the need of more personal workers on a one-to-one basis. The book is well written and I’m sure will continue to bless many lives.


Finished reading your fine book. It has an evangelistic message that is up to date and practical. Its message is desperately needed by thousands today.


The story is so true to life. It holds you in suspense all the time. I really enjoyed reading it. The clear guidance into sanctification is the best I’ve ever read and helped me a lot. My copy will be passed on to others as the Lord guides, and pray with me that many will be brought to a better understanding and to the blessing of sanctification.


I read your beautiful book and was truly blessed by it.


Magnificent! It really inspired my mind as well as my heart.Thank you! I will pass this wonderful book on, for truly it’s a soul winner.


If possible, we sure could use more books in this place.


A wonderful message for both young and old. Sure it will be a blessing to many people.


My grandmother taught me you could live above sin in this life. Your book has enlightened me in this matter.


Have read your book and found it very enlightening.


May God continue to bless you. (This letter is from the Louisiana State Prison at Angola. I sent more books.)


May God bless those who have taken time to write to me over the years concerning my books. I deeply appreciate it. There are more, but we will sign off for this time. (Author)

















Trials and Triumphs

This book provides a narrative of the author's journey of faith, including the triumphs over many trials experienced throughout her life. “Hungering After God” describes how, even as a little girl, the pages of the big Bible at home helped to quench the thirst of her soul. Even though she would attend the community church and professed to be saved, the deep longing of her soul was not satisfied. After her marriage and the birth of her first child, she began to listen to a radio preacher that resulted in an indescribable sorrow for her sin. This resulted in going into her bathroom, getting on her knees, and asked for forgiveness. She felt light as a feather, like she was going to sprout wings and fly. This created a strong desire to witness to others about her new-found faith. “Walking In the Light” describes the author's early evolution in her Christian experience. Even though she was discouraged from continuing her Christian experience, she refused to let anything daunt her spirits. She describes her burden of providing restitution for money that she had failed to pay for long distance calls while employed as a telephone operator and her concerns about possibly getting some of her former work colleagues in trouble. She trusted in God to get through this experience and he did not fail her. In “How God Led Her to a Church”, she provides insight into her discovery of a church that would shape the rest of her life. She conveys her burden and commitment to tithe, in spite of possible concerns from her husband, who was not a Christian at that time. In “God's Lesson on Doing the Little Things”, she discusses her progression on doing little things for God's benefit even though she was busy as a mother and wife. She discovered that speaking a kind word to whoever crossed her path, visiting the sick and elderly, helping widows and orphans, and listening to the leading of God were sufficient to make an impact. Her poem, “The Little Things” vividly demonstrates how the initiative of Granny in helping Johnny the drunkard and bum, a get well card to Mary, a hospitalized patient, from someone who could not visit the hospital, and farmer Brown's kindness to his mean neighbor, Mr. Smith, paid dividends and led to new Christian experiences. In “Hungering After Holiness”, the author relates her pursuit of a fuller experience of holiness in spite of her earlier Christian conversion. This led to a fuller Christian experience of “sanctification”. In “How God Led in Getting Our Children to Christian Schools”, the author recites her experiences and challenges in achieving a Christian education for her children. Despite the cost, distance, and resultant loneliness, several of the children were able to receive Christian education in a distant state. For the younger children, she was able to locate a local Christian school with high standards that led to a quality Christian education. In “God Promises Protection for Our Travels”, she provides some details on some of the family travels, especially for church-related activities, and how numerous challenges were overcome by ongoing faith in God. In “Little Nathaniel”, the author discusses the sickness and death of a grandchild, the emotional impact on the family, and how God provided grace to the family to deal with this tragedy. Her memorial poems written on the yearly annivesary of her grandson's death are included. In “God's Call to Minister to Rest Home Residents”, the author describes her calling to minister to senior residents in rest homes. She continued this ministry for over 30 years until her death. In “Other Experiences and Answers to Prayer”, she recites a few other experiences where her faith and her Christian commitment definitely played a role in the eventual outcome. In “Conclusion”, Georgia McCain includes her poem, “Look to the Saviour”, which is thematic for the entire book. Regardless of the trials, look to the Saviour for redemption and triumph.

  • ISBN: 9781370536931
  • Author: Georgia McCain
  • Published: 2016-12-06 05:35:14
  • Words: 32003
Trials and Triumphs Trials and Triumphs