“Cool story bro, tell it again.”


“riveting tale, chap”

WOW… That touched my heart. That is quite a testimony.”

“thank you for posting your story”

“ty was interesting”

“I will forward it to my supervisor.”







plural noun: trials


“clinical trials must establish whether the new hip replacements are working”

synonyms: test, tryout, experiment, pilot study; More

1. a formal examination of evidence before a judge, and typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings.

“the trial is expected to last several weeks”


This is a true story. It happened to me.

I hope you enjoy it, and learn something useful.

Thanks for your interest.



*** A Little About Me:


When I was 11 years-old, I bought a Commodore 64= and started programming.


When I was 11 years-old, my best friend and worst enemy were 13 year-old men. They raped me.

When I was 17, I joined the Marines, so that I could handle anything like that in the future.

And defend and protect, or avenge, my loved ones.


One night when I was about 20, I left my body, after about two months of trying.

I remember it clearly even now. I promised myself at the time, that I’d never forget it.

When your body dies, you pop out.


A few years later, I got born again.

I was at a book club meeting, and the book was spiritual.

I kept saying, “But what about what JESUS said about…”

The next morning I felt strange. Tingly, like I had nerve or brain damage.

I had unwittingly fulfilled the scripture, “Confession is made unto salvation.”

HE’s still with me today! Comforting me!


My best friend and cousin Joel, died in a car wreck.

My Mom died from pancreatic cancer.


The last fight I was in, I was saving someone’s neck.

It was me against a whole gang, who was trying to kill me.

Guess who won?


I found what I thought was a clue to greater power with GOD.

Matthew 4:17.

If you translate it, it basically says:

Quit sinning, because Heaven is here.


So I made that my goal. Took me about 20 years.

But I did it.


Three days after I quit smoking cigarettes, through sheer willpower,

I went insane.


I drove to Canada.

In my mind, I went through a series of many different trials.

It was a hellish, terrifying nightmare. It was like hell without flames.

I may write a book, if I can. It was something else.

(This is that book.)


I’m fully recovered, except,

I’m frazzled from it. My strength and energy are gone.

It’s like PTSD.

Also, my eyesight got worse,

And, my voice got deeper.


My recent ex-girlfriend,

Insulted me, trashed my house, abused me, cheated on me, robbed me,

Beat me up in front of our daughter, and made her cry.

Stole our daughter and took off.

I could go on.


*** Introduction:


(My cat Freckie (Freckles) died of old age, in her bed, with her face down, a few days before these events.

That surely added to my stress at the time.)


As I mentioned, I was working to eliminate sin from my life.


I also developed another goal.

To hear GOD’s voice.


In the Bible, It says “GOD is not a respecter of persons.”

Preachers teach us that this means, if GOD did something for someone else, HE’d be willing to do it for us too.


In the old testament, there is a passage where there is a man on his deathbed.

He talks with GOD, and can hear GOD’s voice clearly.


This gave me hope that I might be able to also.


I discovered several ways to hear GOD’s voice:

1. Your conscience. (This is actually more of a recording, but it’s from GOD.)

2. Thoughts you have while reading HIS Word.

3. Being reminded of scriptures. (“HE will bring to your remembrance things I have spoken to you.”)

4. There’s a proverb, that teaches that birds don’t wander by, causeless.

After I read this, I saw more birds than I’ve ever seen.

Now when I drive, they seem to fly all around me, the whole way.


I started to notice a coincidence.

When I’d have certain thoughts, I’d hear a snap, or a click or a pop noise.

Like a confirmation.

I heard them a lot, and tried to discern any possible meaning.

Ultimately, I couldn’t.


When it comes to our thoughts, the Bible teaches us to:

Think on good thoughts, and to

Cast down every bad imagination.


In my attempt to hear GOD’s voice in my head,

I started to think, that not all of my thoughts were my own.

That perhaps many of them, were instead the voices of spirits.


Besides, I’ve always thought that when JESUS was tempted by the devil, it was in HIS mind.


So I started thinking of my thoughts that way. Listening to them.

This sort of thinking contributed to my later insanity. Do not begin thinking this way.


There’s a scripture that says something like, “Test the spirits, to see if they be from GOD.”

I tried to do that while listening to my thoughts as though they were voices.


After Trial 1 below;

I started to see meaning in individual letters.

I started seeing meaning in individual letter strokes.

I started seeing meaning in random patterns.

I started seeing hidden messages embedded in all of our words, in all of our sentences, and in all of our languages.

It seemed like GOD was speaking to me, (and to all of us,) from everywhere.


So this was a second goal of mine that I was working on, at the same time as Matthew 4:17.


So three days after I quit smoking…


Trial 1:

The Glory of GOD.


Imagine a black screen. In the center is a black globe.

Imagine strings of large green, Hebrew letters, going across the screen, from left to right.

About 10 to 12 lines of them, covering the whole screen.

As they touch the globe, they ‘stick’ to it, as it rotates from left to right along with them.

And then the strings of letters come back off of it, back out into space.


This is the image that I saw in my mind.

When I realized it, it seemed like 3 days had passed, that I had been exposed to it.


Trial 2: (Fail)

Hearing JESUS.


I thought I heard JESUS.

But it wasn’t HIM. What I heard wouldn’t make sense if HE said it.

And, I should’ve realized it at the time.


Trial 3:

The People in the Invisible Box.


“He’s too dangerous to live.”

Is what I thought I heard.


I was listening to the thoughts in my head as if they were voices, and that’s what I heard.


I said, “What do you mean?”

They explained to me, that they were sitting in an invisible box above the earth, watching people.

They said, “You know too much. It’s our job to watch people, and take them out if they get too close to the truth. I’m sorry, but prepare to die.”

I had the very distinct impression, that I was about to get hit by a bolt of lightning.

I was terrified.


I argued for my life. It went on for a while.

I explained my experiences in life, and why things went like they did.


They seemed persuaded. And they said they’d lose my paperwork.


They also said, they could put thoughts in people’s heads, and make them do things.


There were 3 people in the box. The third was a woman, and she didn’t talk until much later.


Trial 4: (Fail)



At this point, our conversation changed radically.


They told me they were humans, who were enslaved by aliens.

And that humans were enslaved by aliens, throughout the universe.

And that the Bible was put here by aliens, to control mankind.

They said they had to go, but that they would be in touch, and they wished me luck.

And then they went silent.


Trial 5:

Rescue the Virgin Mother.


In the Bible, when JESUS leaves, HE says HE’ll, “Return in like manner.”

JESUS floated up into the air when HE left. So I always took this to mean HE would return that way.

But the thought came to me, perhaps instead HE meant HE would be born of a virgin again.


There’s a certain woman that I find more beautiful than others. A celebrity.

I thought it was her. And I thought I was being told to: Rescue her.

And then take care of her. And then, raise, HIM.


I heard a Canadian address in my head. I wrote it down, and I grabbed what I’d need.

I put out food and water for my cat Simon, and then I headed North.

I drive a 2011 Cyber-Grey Camaro.


Trial 6:

Unimaginable Pain.


As I was driving North, I was listening to the voices in my head.

I heard many.

I was still in contact with the people in the invisible box some.

And I thought I was hearing GOD some too.


“You’re familiar with MY HOLY SPIRIT.”

“If you touch her before I am born, your soul will be spread out across the universe like HIS.”

“And it will be an unimaginably hellish pain for eternity.”

Is what I heard. And I was TERRIFIED, of it.


Trial 7: (Fail)

Devastation and Failure.


The people in the invisible box were directing all of my turns. They were my navigators.

There were times during the drive we were concerned about being caught.

The aliens wanted her and me dead. And the people in the box also if they were caught conspiring.

There were times they’d tell me to slow down or speed up or take a turn or wait awhile, to avoid detection.

I was told that there were invisible UFO’s everywhere, all over.


I was about an hour inside of Canada, and they told me I was almost there.

And then they said there was a problem. They were very upset. It got me upset.

They said we were too late.


We failed.


I shouted, “Tell me where to go right now! I’m not giving up!”

They said, “You should be seeing it. It’s straight ahead. It’s all over now, we’re done for.”

They were devastated. And scared, about what was coming.


“I don’t see anything!”

“Keep looking, it’s straight ahead. A blue house.”


I saw it.

There was a big fire truck in the street. To its right were the remains of a blue house.

It was still smoldering.


I cried.

After a very long pause, I said, “Ok guys, we did our best. What do we do now?”

We were fighting for the freedom of all humans throughout the universe.


Trial 8: (Fail)

May We Live in Your Heart?


My friends in the invisible box were telling me they were about to meet a terrible end.

Their alien overlords were on their way to deal with their treachery.

They were going to be horribly tortured to death.


They asked if they could come stay, in my heart.

I’d never heard of this.

They earlier said that the aliens had advanced spiritual knowledge.

They said, “That’s how Heaven works. Everyone there lives in JESUS’ heart.”

Somehow they had the ability to leave their bodies, and enter hearts.

They all 3 asked, “Can we live in yours?”

I said yes.


By the way, JESUS said, “Guard your heart above all.” So my answer was the wrong one.


I felt a difference. Their voices were inside me now, less broadcast-sounding.

We were happy for a moment.


Trial 9:

GOD is Dead.


About this time, a new voice came in my head.

It was a friendly, helpful, and nice voice, and it seemed like a kind and trustworthy spirit.

It told me, “The aliens, using advanced spiritual technology,”

“Found GOD The FATHER, and attacked and killed HIM.”


“HE is dead. I’m sorry.”


I was devastated.

After a pause, I said, “What about JESUS, and The HOLY SPIRIT?”

He said, “JESUS is restrained and tormented. And The HOLY SPIRIT suffers under their oppression.”


I said, “Who are you?”

“Call me the old man.”

“Normally I’m against HIM. But we are in agreement that the aliens must be wiped-out.”

“I’ll try to help you get back home safely.”

Then he was silent.


Trial 10:

Forced to Go the Wrong Direction.


At this point, I was trying to drive back home.

It was late and dark.

I had an old map in the trunk. I checked my map and figured out which way to go.


As I was driving, it looked like the road ‘shimmered’.

After a while, I looked at the signs. I was going the wrong direction!


So I got that straightened out, and got back going the right direction.

Then, it looked like the road ‘shimmered’ again. Like it was blurry for a second.

And, the terrain was looking exactly the same as what I just saw, in the other direction.

And I checked the signs again, and sure as sh-t, I’m going the wrong direction, again.

This happened like 5 times. Finally, I said screw it, let’s see where this takes me.

I end up in a dead end.


I get out of my car. And I feel really warm. Like I’m being microwaved.

And then the aliens talk to me in my head.

Apparently, their ship is invisible, and about 40 feet above me.

And they’re about to zap me, like they did the blue house.


We have a discussion. I act like I have no ill-will toward them, although I do.

There is an extremely tenuous peace between us. They agree to let me proceed home.


I drive toward my house again.

Then I see another shimmer. The signs say I’m going the wrong way again.

I ask them, “What’s up?”

They say, “Go this way.”


I end up re-entering the US in New York, instead of Ohio.


So I try to head home from there.

I end up re-crossing the border. I got flipped again.

So I re-cross back. And, again!

I have to go through inspections each time.

I finally get going the right way.

I cross back over above the lake in Canada, and then finally, head South into Ohio.


Trial 11:

The Drill Drive.


I was heading back home.

My head was hurting. Bad.


It felt like my head was being scrambled by a giant invisible drill.

The aliens said they were doing it to me, to extract information, and then to kill me.

For hours and hours and hours. It was killing me. My head hurt SO bad.


Trial 12:

Changing Signs and Curves.


Night had passed, and it was daylight. My head was still killing me, but I was making it.

The highway was passing through a metropolitan area.

There was some construction.


At first the signs would say certain things.

Then, following signs would say opposing things.


Then, the construction signs were pink instead of orange.

And they said things like, “GO THIS WAY!!”


I saw competing messages!

One set of messages trying to get me to go one way.

And another trying to help me get to where I was going.

Competing, in real-time, as I moved forward.


And the road curves changed.

The road would look like it was going to curve right, then when I got there it went left.

Over and over and over again. Left and right and left and right.

You had to see it.


Trial 13:

The Alien Chase.


I thought I heard JESUS again, for the second time.

“Because of the ways the aliens perceive things, and how they react, a fast car can temporarily evade them.”

Then the old man comes in my head and chimes in,

“However, you can’t go back to your house, or you’ll be captured and killed.”

“I’ll figure out what to do next, and let you know what it is before you get there.”


I’m being told to evade UFO’s on the highway, by driving fast.


At one point, I was driving 145 MPH.

Thank GOD no one was killed.


Trial 14:

Get Out of Town.


The old man says, “We know what we need you to do next. Take this exit.”

“Ok, now try to get back on the highway.”

I say, “What? Why didn’t I just stay on it?”

He says, “Heh, heh. You’ll see.”


I try to get back to the highway. The road is out in front of me, construction.

I try another way. I encounter the same again, in a different location.

I do a U-turn in a gravelly area. I’m concerned about possible pursuers.

I continue to try to get back to the highway, and simply cannot do so.

Road-blocks at every turn.


I see some train tracks, crossing the road.

I hear a voice in my head say, “Yes.”

I should’ve stopped, but I was caught up in what I was going through.

I turned left and drove down the tracks.

At one point I slowed down and then began to get stuck.

I turned right, off the tracks, and my car got stuck hanging halfway off the track.


I tried using some logs to give my tires some traction so I could get off the track.

It didn’t work.


Some guy was on the track, about 100 yards ahead.

He wasn’t there before.

He came over to me. I told him I had made a mistake and gotten stuck, and was trying to get unstuck.

He was like, “Alright.” And he went back to where he came from.

While I was trying to free the car, two other guys joined the first one on the tracks.

They started heading my way. One of them said’ “Hey!”, as they were coming toward me.

The old man said, “They’re going to kill you. Run.”

So I ran.


Trial 15:

The Train Tracks.


I ran across a field.

I saw some other train tracks about 400 yards away.

I heard, “Get there!”


“It’s victory.”


When I looked again, they were on a small hill. The hill wasn’t there before.

I ran as fast as I could. I was exhausted.

I looked again. There were rocks at the bottom of the small hill now. They weren’t there before either.

I kept running to the tracks.

Now, there was a small stream in front of the rocks. Again, it was also, not there before.

Initially, those tracks were on flat ground.


Police began to chase me, on foot, as I got close. They told me to stop.

The voice in my head said, “Do not stop! Get to the tracks!”

I waded the stream, climbed the rocks and the hill, stammered to the tracks, and collapsed.

The police picked me up off the ground, and then I walked to their car.

The voice in my head said, “Victory!”


I asked the police to get my car off the tracks.


Trial 16:

Love GOD.


I refused a blood test. I was later convicted of being under the influence.

But in reality, it was the complete opposite, as I already explained above.


Anyway I was put in a cell with others. I was uncomfortable around them.

I made a little noise, and I got put in a cell alone.


When I was put in the cell, I had 7 to 10 small items on me.

Some toothpaste, a small toothbrush, and some other things.


I was told in my head that these items represented other things.

And that I was to use all of them to effect some kind of spiritual change.

Like voodoo-ers do.


So I followed the instructions I heard, arranging the items on the floor.

Some of the pieces represented Persons of GOD. One the Earth, one Heaven, etc.


I was told to perform an action with them.

And it was to cause creation to be re-made without GOD The FATHER.


I heard in my head, “It’s OK.”

I refused.


Trial 17:



For a while I got the impression, that words spelled backwards, would be the devil’s message.

I looked at words backwards some. Ignoring mis-spellings, you can make a lot of sense out of that non-sense.


[This experience, was particularly reminiscent of what I’d expect to happen to me if I were lost.

The suffering I experienced at this time, is far greater, than I can begin to express with words.

It’s too hard to explain, except to say that it was just SO bad, that you can’t imagine it.

(Be sure to read Trial 41 also. I inserted it way down below, right ABOVE, Trial 40.)]


The cell I was in was about 7 feet square. It was painted white cinder-block.

The floor was grey cement.

The three feet at the back of the room was raised about 5 inches, making a bed.

There were several small devices affixed to the ceiling.

The front was a glass door with skinny windows on each side, in a metal frame which was painted light blue.


There was a special kind of filth, in the cell. A black, soot-like coating, all over.

I got the impression, that each particle was placed specifically where it was, to bother me.

It smelled like burnt goat-hair.

Every filthy detail, seemed put in place.


The metal frame had satanic messages and symbols scratched all over it, and it was VERY unnerving.

(You know, GOD has had people write messages on door frames, also.)

The biggest message was:



There was a 6” metal drain in the middle of the floor.

And it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. (Really. Too gross to even begin to describe.)

I felt a draft from it. It felt like it was sucking air.


There was a chair that had an eye drawn on it, outside my cell, that was facing me.

I got the impression that those in Hell could see through such drawings, like cameras.

And that they were watching me.


I mentioned above that I left my body once. I did.

I wasn’t on any alcohol or drugs or meds. I wasn’t under stress. I was fine.

It happened, and I still remember it clearly.


When I went to lay down and sleep, I started to feel like my soul was being sucked out of my body.

Into that drain.

I kept feeling like I was slipping toward it, every time I started to fall asleep.

Which is when your soul leaves your body, by the way.


To me, the scratched message said two things:

Seep On

No Peace


For some reason I thought my soul would be sucked out of my body and into that drain.

And I saw that drain going to Hades, and the devil was sticking souls into pig hearts.


I stayed awake as long as I could.

I slept crunched up as close to the crack under the door, and as far away from that drain, as I could.

The light was red at night.


When night-time came, I got the impression that the whole facility I was in, was reproduced in Hades.

And I was there.


Looking through the control center, I could see outside a little.

I thought I saw the woman that I was after, on a billboard, that was outside the windows.


I thought I heard the Marines outside. And they were trying to get in, to rescue me.

They were doing all they could to get in, all night long, but couldn’t do so.


I made my peace. I said a long prayer to GOD, and prepared to die.

And possibly face what I was fearing.

I wrapped myself up in my blanket on the bed, and went to sleep.


People woke me up. The voice in my head said, “Be still, remain silent.”

So I did.


They took me to a hospital. That was my first of two stays.

The first time, I was in three hospitals. The second, just the VA.




They inserted a catheter in me.

I pulled it out.


Trial 18:

The Devil’s Hospital.


As I was falling asleep, I thought I saw hospital workers come in my room, and start worshiping the devil.

My eyes were closed, and within myself I heard, “Be still, remain silent. Do not move.”


They were saying all kinds of weird stuff. Then one said, “Are you awake?”

I didn’t say anything.


Then she said, “This will wake him up!”

And then she thumped me, really hard, in the chest. It hurt a little.


I heard, “Go ahead and wake up.”

So I did.


She said, “We were just checking on you, to make sure you’re Ok!”, sarcastically.

And then they walked out, laughing.


When I fell asleep, I thought I was in Hades.

And I thought it was because of what they did.

And I didn’t get out, until I woke up.

Re-read those last three sentences.


The next day, I got it in my head, that if I drew a cross on my forehead, I would be protected.

So I did.

And when I went to sleep again, I felt protected.

And I also felt pressure, like I was still being attacked.

I did not go back to Hades that night.


The next day, my Dad and Step-Mom visited me.

I begged my Dad to get me out of there.

He did.


And he’s a hero for it.


At the third, main, hospital,

There was a large eye scratched into the wall in my room, next to the door.


When I Finally Got Home:


I was relieved.

I continued to look at thoughts in my head as voices.

And the ‘voices’, encouraged me to stop taking the medication,

So that I could hear them better, and follow their instructions.

I did, I did and I did.


Trial 19:

The Monster in the Dark.


One night I was envisioning Heaven in a way that felt like I was actually looking at it.

And I saw overwhelming darkness.


In the darkness there was a Monster. It was massively-huge.

And extremely, terrifying.


It was like a black ghost, with a terrifying face.

Anything, would run from it.


Everything, would run from it.


I got the impression, that this was JESUS.

And that this was how HE appeared to those not ready for HIM.

And, that if you would be brave enough to go up to HIM, you would enter Heaven.


(But, no one, would be.)

It was a very, frightening vision.


Trial 20:

The Countless Souls in the Dark.


Another time I envisioned the spiritual realm, I saw an endless, huge black lake.

It was filled with souls, that only attacked each other.

It never ended.


They came from infinite repeatings of creation. Over and over and over.

In an attempt to achieve something.


It was again, very terrifying.


Trial 21:

Removed to shorten story.


Trial 22:



Once I got the impression, that if you were going to hell, what would happen is,

You would be zapped with so much electricity, that it would reduce you to a piece of dust.


Then you’d float down to earth, and become part of our dirt.

It was a terrifying thought.


Trial 23:

Removed to shorten story.


Trial 24:

The Devil.


One night when I was trying to go to sleep, it felt like a cat jumped on the bed.

But it actually felt heavier. For some reason, I imagined a little invisible bull.

Like a foot tall.

It seemed like it was at the foot of the bed.


Then the old man started talking. I knew he was the devil.

He wasn’t as friendly as before.


All of a sudden I couldn’t breathe. I could no longer get air in my lungs.

I tried and tried and couldn’t breathe. I was suffocating.

I called 911. I never have any other time in my life.


They took me to a hospital.

So actually I went to hospitals a third time, but this wasn’t due to insanity, it was because I couldn’t breathe.


I have felt the presence of The HOLY SPIRIT since the day I was born again.

And in the Bible concerning GOD it says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”


They had me spend the night. When I woke up,

I felt, what felt like GOD leaving me.


And then I didn’t feel HIM like I always do. HE seemed to have left me.

I was devastated and panicked beyond words.


In the lobby there was a magazine.

On its cover it said, “Born to be Bad!”, and it had a picture of a devil.


The next day, I felt The HOLY SPIRIT again.


Trial 25:

Getting Spinned and Rolled.


One night in my bedroom, I thought I was engaged in a conversation with several spirits, and JESUS was there also.

I felt one of them touch me. I moved.

Then, it was like a wind.

It was pushing me, and it made me turn, and spin around.

The forces kept coming.

I sat on my bed, and they rolled me over.

Over and over again, until I asked them to stop.

At the end it got frightening.

It felt like I could accidentally get killed, and that I almost did.

The person I thought was JESUS, said, “Ya, we got a little carried away there.”


Trial 26:

Life Books.


One night I saw GOD, sitting at a large desk, with piles of books on it.

There were also shelves and shelves of books.


GOD was writing in one.

He was writing the future of someone.

And HE showed me, that everyone has their own book.

And HE writes in them all, every day.


HE got frustrated, and tossed the book HE was working on into HIS fireplace.

And that person died, right then.


Trial 27:

Phone Call.


One night I thought GOD The FATHER was dead, and I was extremely distraught.

I prayed to my Bible. Which I’d never done before, or since.

And I prayed more ferverently than I ever have.

And then.


It spoke to me.

Loud and clear.

Like a phone.


The voice sounded like more than one voice.

The spirits assured me that GOD was not dead, and that everything was fine.


The Bible functioned, like a phone.

And I was subsequently informed, that they all do.


Trial 28:

Removed to shorten story.


Trial 29:

Meeting GOD.


There was another old man.

A nice old man, at the hospital.

His name was Roy.

We’d talk some. He was a very sweet, kind old gentleman.


One day we were talking, and out of the blue he says,

“I’m GOD.”


Surely he wasn’t. We were in a mental health facility.

But I can’t prove it.


Some people think King Melchizedek of Salem, was actually JESUS.


Trial 30:

Stone Age.


One night late, I got extremely paranoid, that the aliens were fed up with me, and that they were coming to get me.

And as I was thinking this, my power went off.


I looked, and my neighbors had power.

So I thought it was them.


The power on my electronic displays, only, on my microwave, oven and coffee-pot, came on.

And they all 3 displayed random garbage. Which I’ve never seen, neither before, nor since.


I manually opened my garage door, and went to my Dad’s.

I got back home much later, and the power was back on.


Trial 31:

Shut Down and Fry.


At one point while I was trying to drive back home, I had this experience:

I was under the impression, that a UFO was following me, and was about to attack.


The electronic and analog gauges in my car went berserk.

All of them, including the radio, displayed random information all over.

Also, I watched my fuel gauge needle rapidly fall from 1/3, to nothing, right in front of my eyes.

And then the car died.


I managed to get it off of the highway, to the right.

Before I could get out of the car, I was feeling warm, and I was engaged in a conversation.


The UFO was about to zap me.

I cited scripture. I said, “No weapon forged against me shall prosper.”

The alien laughed, but then his fire button wouldn’t work, no matter how many times he pressed it.


He wouldn’t leave, and he wouldn’t stop trying to kill me, so I threatened him.

I threatened to kill all aliens everywhere, if he didn’t stop. And he didn’t.

So I imagined the galaxies filled with alien life, and then me smashing those worlds to bits with my fist, as I hit my center console.

And I believed it happened.

Then, he retreated.


Nobody would stop to help me.


Then I heard another alien voice, this time coming from an invisible box, and he was also trying to kill me.

I imagined smashing the box, but I didn’t feel like I could.

So I pushed it into the Sun.


Then, the moment I got out of my car again, someone stopped, and gave me some gas.


Trial 32:

Earth Two.


One time I was watching a cable news channel.

All of a sudden, the people appeared different.

They had sharp teeth, and basically looked like evil clones of us.

I saw what looked like an alternate reality of ours, inhabited by demon-like people.


Trial 33:

Motel From Hell.


I was watching TV, and I saw a commercial for Motel 6.

At first, the style was like that of AC/DC. Hellish.

Then, the style was Heavenly. Really pretty and nice looking.


The Motel 6 commercial changed, during playback.

I saw a line, wipe across the screen, from side to side, as it changed.

From one reality, to the other.


Interestingly, they actually have a commercial, that does that.


Which came out, shortly after I saw that.

And, it is not, what I saw.


Trial 34: (Fail)

Die for Others.


At one point, I imagined a very tall tower. The tallest ever.

And JESUS, was at the top.


HE wanted to come down, to the Earth.

But HE said HE couldn’t, until I was gone.

Meaning dead.


So I had to go, so HE could come down.


I, didn’t want to.


Trial 35:

Future Travel.


I pictured long tubes between Heaven and Earth.

People would enter either end, and then come out on the other.

Their flesh would be added to them, or removed from them, as they went.

Like clothing.


Wild imagination.


Trial 36:

The Devil’s House.


When I met the devil in a dream,

He lived in a house, located inside an amusement park.

I rode in a red horse-drawn carriage across the park, to get to his house.

He had cigars, a pool table, red carpets, and plush rugs.

We talked, and then he put me into another dream.


I was running through a field, and as I looked up, I saw the ground go up in a circle above me.

I was trapped in a bubble, a big sphere, and I couldn’t escape.

Running and running, and getting nowhere.


I later got the impression that reality is actually like this, and is largely an illusion.


Trial 37:



One night I was reminded of all of the bad decisions I’ve made in my life.

I felt like I went through a judgment.


Trial 38:

Secret Message.


There’s a book called The Bible Code.

Prophecies for modern-day events have been found hidden in the Bible, by computers.



Anyway, one night I got it in my head, that there must be a Master Key.

A simple key, could possibly translate the entire Bible, into an entirely new message.

A Part Two.

Straight from GOD. (WHO is omnipotent.)

Discovered by man, when he’s ready.


If we can encode, and GOD has been encoding, why not?

I would not be completely surprised, if such a thing was eventually discovered.


Trial 39:

Soul Torn.


One night, I was laying face-down on my bed.


I felt like my soul, was being torn in half.

From the bottom, going halfway up.

Like an upside-down Y.


I thought my soul was going to be completely torn in half.

It was very painful, and very scary.


And as I remember it, I feel the pain again, even now.

It is weird, how it is painful, to remember it.


[I added this most recently, and I don’t want to change what the Trial numbers are…]


Trial 41:

GOD’s Rescue.


When I was in the cell during Trial 17, CAEP ON, I had this experience:

As I mentioned before, the light was red at night, and I thought I was in Hades.

And I was still conversing with voices in my head.


I felt that I was under continual, relentless attack. The torment I was feeling, was extremely intense*.

And then, GOD The FATHER AND JESUS, THEMSELVES, were going to come rescue me.



Immediately, I heard THEM. THEY, were STORMING through the compound, annihilating opposition.

I heard an INSANE battle. Epic. THEY were moving like lightning, and were louder than thunder.

I thought I’d be seeing THEM any moment!


Then I sensed the presence of the devil in my cell.



So I did, as hard as I possibly could, without breaking my foot. It hurt for months after.


It got quiet, and daylight came.


Some guards walked by my cell. I was sure I was in a facility of the devil’s.

I said to them, “How’s your boss?”


Let me inject a side note here.

When I lost my mind, I would often gauge my sanity, (and reality,) on the responses I got from other people.

She stopped, looked straight at me, and said:


“He’s dead.”


And then, she kept on walking.


*(It’s difficult to describe.

It starts, as a feeling in your feet, that goes up to your knees.

It feels like a flame, but instead of hot, it’s painful.

When it gets intense, it’s your whole body, and most especially your head.)


Trial 40:

The Boat.


In one vision, I was in a boat, with JESUS.

It was a small white boat. There were a few other people sitting with us.

It was foggy. It seemed like morning-time.

The waters were really still.


We were trying to make it across the water, to the other side.

Making it across the water, was making it into eternity.


The End.


That’s most of what I can remember about losing my mind right now.

These are about half of my experiences. There were many more.

Several even more terrifying, than all of the ones listed.

(Much, if you can imagine.)


(Time Warner Cable’s logo creeped me out for a while after this.)


I don’t listen to thoughts, as though they’re occasionally voices, anymore.

It’s too dangerous to.


But I still think that some of them may be.


The assholes at the VA said they’d lobotomize me if I relapsed.


For a week or two after I got out of the hospital the second time,

When I got up, I would get some black coffee, and sit on a small box by my nightstand.

Then later, I started going out to my computer every day.


I still do.


Since all of this, I mentioned at the top how I feel.

I now notice there seem to be thoughts from the right side of my brain,

And there seem to be thoughts from the left side of my brain.

I almost always agree with the right side, and almost never agree with the left.

But it’s not absolute on either side.


I still often hear snaps, clicks and pops when I have thoughts too.

But I ignore them. It’s maddening to try to figure out what they might mean.


And GOD will fill me in on all of those details, when I see HIM later.


So I’m doing fine now!

The insanity, is all gone.


Because it was caused, by listening to thoughts, as voices.

And it is ended, by listening to thoughts, as thoughts.


I hope you enjoyed this trip into insanity.

I sure didn’t.


But I did it for GOD.

And also others.

And lastly, myself.

So, I’m pleased about that.


Methods 1, 2 and 3 to hear GOD’s voice, that are in the story, actually work.

I was looking for more direct communication.


If you’d like complete details on how I left my body, or how I got born again, just ask.

They’re typed up. And it’s the best information available, on how to do so yourself.

I don’t recommend leaving your body.


I’m very slowly beginning to understand exactly what happened.

And I’m waiting on others with knowledge to see and comment.


I think this is the second greatest story ever, and it should be made into a movie.

Please contact me if you can help me with that. [email protected]


If you’d like to go through these trials yourself, just do what I did.

Quit sinning, and treat your thoughts as though they may be voices.

That’s all it takes.


(Don’t do that.)







© 2016 Stephen D. Summers. All Rights Reserved.


This is the story of what happened when I obeyed Matthew 4:17. I think this is the second greatest story ever, and it should be made into a movie.

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  • Author: Steve Summers
  • Published: 2016-09-21 08:50:09
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