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Traverse Wars chapters 1&2


The Traverse or Verse for short is a region of space between two sister galaxies Solus and Signus, it also sits between the two ruling stellar empires those to epmires being the Democracys and Republics of the Federation of Independent Planets, and the monarchy of the Imperial Union. The two empires are thousands of lightyears apart but each side has ther own hyper gates they utilize for trade and travel between galaxies. There are four in total two for each faction one inner and outer areas of their respected territories. and inbetween those four sit The Verse an oddball of a solarsystem that sits horizontally due to its rough history of its creation, its star is known as white fox orbiting this star are the twin planets of Ithicus and Ethicus the seats of power for the Oligarchs and Magistrates. Other than these two systems mostly debris and remnants of space battles, and asteroids inhabit this space. Between two Empires and placed in a unlawful area of space is where our story begins!

»Ch. 1: Fly by«

Location: Outer Northern HyperGate

Defensive post: Northern Fleet

ships: Trinidad, Sovo, Feraday, and Vulcan


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Traverse Wars chapters 1&2

The beginning of a scifi epic set in The HourGlass galaxy, a galaxy on the brink of interstellar war three major factions may have to battle it out The Federation of Independent Planets, Imperial Union, and the nutral White Fox Oiligarchy. This story is still in process of being written but chapters will be released as they are finished.

  • Author: Nolan Lafayette
  • Published: 2016-09-26 20:50:34
  • Words: 1564
Traverse Wars chapters 1&2 Traverse Wars chapters 1&2