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Hello and thanks for grabbing my report! In this book I will be showing you how to build a massive list of buyers, and how to use that list to make you a lot of money.


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p<>{color:#000;}. As a valued customer, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve created a course on how you can finally quit your daily job and easily make $100 – $500 every single day.

Believe me, it is very simple to do. Just head over to http://www.clkmr.com/jaihyppo/allclicksin, simply leave your email address inside the box and click on Let Me In Now button.


How will you make money with the list? By promoting highly targeted offers to them as well as selling solo ads to people when your list gets big enough.

I bet you’re one of those people that have been running around in circles trying to grab the next best thing only to be disappointed when you put that method into action and it fails right?

I bet you have hardly made any money online and you’re probably wondering if it’s true that you can make money online.

I promise you that you can but there are couple of things that you need to know.

First of all, most of the WSO’S and other internet marketing products that you have bought are probably total crap. I’m sorry if this sounds a little harsh but it’s the truth.

Most writers have no idea what they’re talking about when they build a product. They make something that sounds good on paper to lure you into buying it, but in reality it just doesn’t work.

They make their money by selling you an idea, not a real business. They keep on creating more crappy products simply because the demands are still there.

Not in this case. You’ve invested into something real and something that is sustainable and that will earn you income for a long time.

Isn’t that exciting? Waking up in the mornings and realizing that you’ve got $500 more in your account than when you went to sleep?

Would you like for this to happen? Would you like for money to by flying into your accounts while you do whatever you want? That’s the way that real internet marketing works, and that’s what I’m going to show you how to do today.

So buckle up.

You’re in for quite a ride!


This is the most important step of all and you probably will spend a lot of your time here. This will be your business foundation. Think of it like a 30 storey building foundation, a weak foundation will not stand to cater the load of 30 storey building and might collapse after several years.

Same goes with your business. If your business has a weak foundation, you will not have buyers to your product. If you manage to get buyers, it will be a matter of time before your buyers start to unsubscribe to your list and request for a refund. I’m sure you get the idea by now.

You might be wondering, what is a sales funnel? Well a basic sales funnel consists of a Squeeze Page, Sales Letter, One Time Offer (OTO) Page and Thank You Page (where you put your download link to your product).





“Diagram of Basic Sales Funnel”

I will not go into details on what is a Squeeze Page because there are tons of information on the Internet if you simply Google it. What I need to stress out that your Squeeze Page must have a killer headline so when your visitors read it, they will fill up their email address and learn more about your offer on the Sales Letter Page.

Some tip to write good headline: Try to think the best benefit of your product and how it will solve your visitors’ problem.

Below are headlines sample for squeeze page:

Make $5 Every 10 Minutes Without A Website Or Any Previous Experience”

3 Simple Steps To Building A $5,000 Per Month Consistently Within 60 Days”

In Less Than 3 Minutes You Can See… How To Make $30 Per Hour”

Sales Letter is where you explain more in details about your product to your visitors. How to create the best sales letter that will convert your visitors into buyers will be explain more in How To Build A List Using WSO chapter.

Once your visitors have purchase your main product, you will need to direct them to your next offer which is on your One Time Offer (OTO) Page. Basically, OTO product is a compliment to your main product.

For example, if you are selling an ebook on how to build a list as your main product, you can sell a listbuilder software as OTO.

Imagine this, if you sell your main product for $27, and your buyer decided to purchase your OTO product for another $17, you just make yourself $44 from the same buyer. Isn’t that great or what?

Lastly, once your buyer has purchase your products, you need to direct them to a Thank You Page where they can download all the products.

You might need to create two type of Thank You Page. One is for buyers who purchase your main product only. While the second is for buyers who purchase your main and OTO product.

There is a Warrior Forum member who will setup everything for you. He has so many good reviews from other members as well.

Here is the link:

[+ http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/796178-everything-setup-you-squeeze-otos-aff-program-emails-pdf-branding-more-watch-3min-vid.html+]

I’m not an affiliate to this service. If you decided to use this service, the risk is entirely on you. I’m just showing this to you so that you will get some idea on how to setup your own sales funnel.


Building a list is going to be the bread and butter of your internet business. It’s what’s going to make you money. Plain and simple. If you’re trying to make money on the internet without a list then you might as well just give up.

A big responsive list is like an ATM. Need some money? Send a promotion to your list or sell a couple solo ad spots. It really is that easy.

However, please take note that I used the words BIG and RESPONSIVE in that sentence.

This is where most people that try to build a list and fail go wrong. They build a list of 200 people with a crappy offer and then they start blasting the list twice a day with other crappy offers and wonder why their list isn’t buying.

You’re not going to do this. I’m going to show you the real way to build a list.

So hopefully you now know WHY you need to build a list, let’s get into the how.

I’m going to show you how to build a list of buyers. Not freebie seekers.

Freebie seekers won’t buy nearly as many as your promotions AND you can charge more per click to people that buy your solo ads if you sell them clicks from buyers.

So in the long run, they’ll make you a lot more money.

Also please note that I’m going to show you how to use your list for solo ads exclusively, the promotions part is easy and we’ll get into that too.

So how are you going to build a list of buyers? Well, the absolute best and easiest way to build a big, responsive list of buyers is by launching a WSO.

Now, I don’t want to hear your whining about how you can’t sell a WSO because you don’t know how. I’m going to show you how.

So what is a WSO? Quite simply, it’s a product that you put for sale to Warriors on the Warrior Forum here: [+ http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/+]

That place is crawling with people that are eager to buy from you. They spend hours around the forum scouring for the next best thing to buy.

Obviously, you’re going to need a couple of things. First an offer, second an auto responder, and third of all some work ethic.

Making money online takes work, and if you’re not willing to put time an effort into your business then just give up, because you’re not going to make a dime with a bad work ethic.

For the auto responder I highly recommend Aweber. They’re only $19/month for the first 1000 subscribers and the first month is only $1! You can’t get any better than that!


For the offer, you have a lot of options. For your first WSO I recommend doing a simple written guide. You’re just looking to get started as fast as possible at this point. You won’t do a $50,000 launch on your first one. BUT you WILL start a nice list of buyers that are eager to buy anything that you promote to them.

You can choose to write the guide yourself, OR you can outsource it to a reputable Warrior on the Warriors For Hire section of the forum.


If you decide to hire someone to write your WSO, make sure they have reviews and that they’ve been around for a while.

If you decide to write your first WSO yourself then you’ll need a winning topic. Not to worry! I’ve given you the top nine topics that sell on the Warrior Forum below (please note that they are not in any particular order):

p<>{color:#000;}. Traffic

p<>{color:#000;}. List Building

p<>{color:#000;}. AdSense

p<>{color:#000;}. Solo Ads

p<>{color:#000;}. Offline

p<>{color:#000;}. Kindle Training

p<>{color:#000;}. Coaching (you won’t be able to do this one YET)

p<>{color:#000;}. Email Marketing

p<>{color:#000;}. Affiliate Training

If you choose ANY of the topics above and write a solid product, then you shouldn’t have any problems making sales. Obviously, if you don’t know much about the topic you’re doing your WSO on then you will have to do research.

The fastest and easiest way to do this is to buy a couple of guides on the topic that you’re writing your WSO on. Just make sure they’re legit.

If you’re writing your own guide, just make sure that you’re not writing like a robot. Don’t be afraid to spice things up with a funny picture or two and don’t be afraid to crack jokes. Even dirty ones!

You’re not writing for a search engine, you’re writing for PEOPLE so just try and remember that. You don’t want to bore your audience to death with lame writing and boring material.

You want to write like an infotainer. That’s not a real word but I just made it one! Write like you’re entertaining them as well as teaching them something useful and not just instructing them.

After you get your guide written, then you need an ecover. Just head to http://www.fiverr.com and get a simple one made for $5. You don’t need a fancy cover. You just want one so you look a little more professional.

“Write Like an Infotainer”

Okay, so you’ve got your awesome guide written and formatted and you’re ready to roll! Hold up there partner, you need copy!

Copywriting is the end all be all. It will either sell your WSO or it will cause it to fail. A good copywriter on the Warrior Forum should be able to make your offer convert at least 10%. Most will be able to do it higher.

Now, think about that for a second. If you price your product at $5 (what I recommend for a first WSO) and you send 2000 people to your offer (easy to do) and you convert at just 10% then you will have made your first $1000 online AND you will have added 200 BUYERS to your list.

Now, keep in mind that these numbers will probably be a lot higher. This is just a good minimum to aim for.

To find a good copywriter, go to http://www.warriorforum.com/warriors-hire again and search for a reputable, affordable, and legit copywriter.

Here, I’ll show you how….

First, go to the Warriors For Hire section using the link I gave you above.

Then click the “search” button at the top, then “advanced search”. Like in the screenshot I’ve provided below.

Then, enter what I have in the other screenshot below:

You will see a results page like this:

Those are ALL COPYWRITERS. You should be excited ordering copy from a good copywriter. They will make your money and build your list for you.

It’s worth every dime, so don’t try and write copy yourself, because as much as you’d like to think so, you probably can’t do it as well as these guys.

If I may, I’d like to recommend a copywriter that I KNOW will get you results AND that even designs your sales page too (which is a HUGE bonus).

She averages something like 14% or MORE on the WSO’S that she’s written copy for, she has numerous WSO OF THE DAY awards under her belt and her quality and prices is insane.

I have absolutely NO affiliation with her, I’d just like to recommend the best of the best to my customers 

Her name is Emma Powell. You can find her thread to order here:

[+ http://www.warriorforum.com/warriors-hire/640525-get-your-next-warrior-special-offer-sales-copy-graphics-done-wsotd-jvzoo-potd-copywriters.html+]

If you think you don’t need to spend money to make money, you’re dead wrong. Do it. You won’t regret it a bit.

So you’ve got your WSO setup and you copy setup. The next thing you need to do is join http://www.warriorplus.com and follow their instructions for listing your WSO inside their marketplace.

This will attract JV’S to mail your product to their lists. That means more subscribers and money for you!

Be sure to set your commission rate to 75%. This will make you less money on the front end, but will get you a lot more subscribers and money in the long run.

Also, be sure to integrate your Aweber with Warrior Plus so when they buy the WSO, they will be added to your list. Since that’s what it’s all about 

After you do all that, you need to buy an image for your signature on the Warrior Forum. This will attract a lot of attention and you can link the image to your sales thread for your WSO!

To do that, go to the very bottom of the main page on the Warrior Forum and follow the screenshot that I’ve provided below.

After that, you’ll be taken to this page (on the next page due to size):

Then, all you have to do is pay $60 (a drop in the bucket) to be able to put an eye catching image in your signature. I’ve done this and it helps SO MUCH. Just Google an image that would be eye catching. Like a warning sign or big red arrows or whatever. Here’s a great example of a good image:

You just want something that is eye catching.

Insert your image into your signature and put something like: “HOW TO DRIVE 1500 TARGETED VISITORS TO YOUR SITE IN A MATTER OF HOURS” or whatever topic your WSO is about.

Then, hyperlink your signature to your sales thread URL for your WSO. After you launch your WSO, make about 10-15 GOOD AND HELPFUL posts on the Warrior Forum. This will allow Warriors to see your signature and click through to your WSO when it’s live.

That means more money and more subscribers!

Ok, so you’ve got everything setup and you’re ready to launch! Wait one second, you need one other thing.

Go to the Warrios Wanted section and post a thread asking for Warriors to review your WSO so that you can have reviews for your launch. This will make a BIG difference. Try to get at least five. Go here and post the thread for reviewers:

[+ http://www.warriorforum.com/wanted-members-looking-hire-you/+]

Ok, so you’re really ready to launch now!

You need to launch on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday at 4 P.M. – 6 P.M. EST.

This is because people are getting off work and they are thinking about how much they hate their jobs and how much they want to do something else for money.

After you post it, be sure to bump it after it drops off the third page. Bump it several times. It costs money at first, but you should be able to make up for it easily.


Now, I’m going to reveal to you my secret weapon on how I easily obtain 1000 lists within one month. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to cost you money. However, let me share with you how I can get my money back after purchasing solo ads from solo ads sellers. 

Remember I told you about having strong and solid foundation in your business? It’s your Sales Funnel. If you manage to convince your visitors to give their email address through your Squeeze Page, buy your main and OTO product even it is just from 2 buyers from one solo ad that you have purchase for $100, you’ve just make your money back.

Let me explain a little bit more by giving you an example. You sell your main product for $37 and OTO product for $17, that is a total of $54 for one buyer.

Let’s say you purchase a $100 solo ad from one solo ad vendor that promise to send to you 200 clicks (in case you wondering, 200 clicks means 200 people will look on what you have to offer on the Squeeze Page).

If 2 out of 200 people decided to purchase your products, you’ve just made $104. That is $4 of profit. Well you might feel this amount is too little, but think about this, you also successfully get 200 subscribers easily in a matter of days.

Of course, you probably will make more than 2 sales, it all depends on your how good your sales letter manage to convince the visitors to buy. Even though, they don’t buy at first, you can always follow up with them by sending them a follow up email using your autoresponder and they might buy your product after several days.

TIP: Don’t spend the money you’ve just made from your sold product, in fact, use that money to buy more solo ads from other solo ad sellers to get more sales and more subscribers.

Can you see the how powerful this technique is? You can actually scale up your business and your budget. If all goes well, you can easily get 1,000 to 5,000 lists in just one month.

Sounds really easy to do, isn’t it? Well because it is. This is how most gurus made their money when they started. You will be surprise to find out this technique has never been released in public. Because this technique does WORK, period!

The gurus don’t sell this technique anywhere. Instead, they kept on create more products like “How To Write Articles And Explode Your Sales”, “Dominate 1st Page of Google in 3 Days”, “Easily Build Niche Website With A Powerful Software”, yada yada yada… and it keeps on going.

Personally, I don’t blame them. Most of the people wanted an easy way out fast and don’t really want to do any hard work. That is why the gurus keep selling this kind of product to you because the market is still there. In other words, easy money for them.

Sorry for being so direct here, but it is the truth that you have to face.

In all my years purchasing lots of “Internet Marketing” and “Make Money Online” products, I never come across with a product that talks about this. You don’t believe me? Go on, just Google “solo ads”. All listing on Google just talk about how and where to buy good solo ads but don’t really teach the right technique to be successful.

I’ve stumbled with this technique inside Warrior Forum where members are talking about it. So I dig a little bit deeper and try to perfect the system by learning from other members.

Oh wait, you don’t actually think I will leave you without giving or showing you where to get the best solo ad sellers, do you?

Whatever you do, don’t buy solo ads from any of the websites that are listing in Google. You simply don’t know the quality of their lists. The lists probably just freebie seekers and stay around the world.

What you want is a buyer lists that actually interested in your product and stay in US, UK and country who constantly purchase make money online product.

Again, I need to stress out that I’m not an affiliate to below solo ad sellers, but I have personally used them and their lists are quite responsive.


Because these are the guys that have buyers in their list.

If you get a solo ad from the 4 solo ad sellers below and have an OTO product, you will get sales.

This means you can build your list for extremely low rates.

p={color:#C00000;}. URL

That is some powerful information you have in your hands right now.

You can go and buy ads in confidence that you are receiving quality traffic with buyers.

But wait, I’ll give you a solo ad rolodex by one famous Internet Marketer named Joshua Zamora who has test tons of solo ad sellers including yours truly  on the next page.

Joshua created a blog where he listed all the good solo ad service and also the bad one as well. You can check his blog here. Just so you know, I am listed in his [* 100% Zamurai Approved Seller *]. This is not to brag, but at least you know that I walk the talk and not just selling some crap to you. 

Did you manage to get my OTO product where I explain more about The Secrets To Solo Ads Success? If you haven’t, then you can still get it by clicking here.

Okay, now that you’ve managed to get 1,000 subscribers to your list, you probably wondering that you can start send them more of your affiliate offer and make more commissions. Yeah, you could do that, but…


Don’t simply offer them the next best thing on the Internet. Let me tell you how you can make a HUGE income every single day on the next chapter. Believe me, you will be surprise.


Ok, so after a few days, you’ve made some money and you’ve built a nice starter list. What now? Well, you need to build that list up to 1000 subscribers.

If you didn’t hit that on your first WSO then keep launching until you do OR you can buy more solo ads. Once you have hit 1000 subscribers on your list, then you can start selling solo ads.

*******I should note that you can start promoting affiliate offers to your list after you hit 1000 subscribers. But be sure to give them free stuff that is highly valuable as well.

Once you have 1000 subscribers, you can create a solo ads listing on the Warriors Classified section. Found here:

[+ http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/+]

You’ll need some awesome copy for this as well so grab your copywriter and have him/her write you some bad to the bone copy for you solo ads listing.

It only costs $20 to bump your thread on this forum section and that is nothing compared to the cash that you will be bringing in.

Before you create your listing, you need to know your list pretty well. Spend a month or two sending promotions and practicing your email marketing.

Pay special attention to your click through rates. As this is what you’ll be guaranteeing your customers that buy solo ads from you.

If they pay for 100 clicks, then you need to be sure that you can deliver. So start promoting and recording your click through rates.

When you first start, you need to be cheap, and you need to be easy.

On your solo ads thread, make your prices extremely cheap. You NEED to do this so that you will get a lot of customers and a lot of reviews.

Also, let them know on your thread that you will provide the swipe so that they don’t have to do anything. All they have to do is give you the link that they want to send your list to.

A swipe is a pre-written email. Most solo ad sellers have the customer provide it, but I find it better if you provide it to begin with so that will entice them further to buy from you.

I would make your prices simple. 33 cents per click for all packages. This is extremely cheap but not too cheap. People will love you for it and you’ll get a lot of paying customers that will leave you reviews which will get you even more customers.

I would price it like this until you get 10-15 reviews left on your thread (be sure to ask the customer for a review after their order is delivered).

Once you get 10-15 reviews then I would put the price per click up to 50 cents per click. Then after 10-15 more I would price it to 75 cents per click. After a few months of success and reviews and once you’re reputable, price it at $1 per click.

You should be able to bring in a few orders per day.

Imagine selling 100 clicks 20 times in five days. That’s $2000 in five days for sending out simple emails! That’s it! It’s that easy.

The reason that most people fail is because they don’t want to have to do the work that it takes at first, such as making the WSO, buying solo ads and nurturing your list.

But you’re different, right? You’re willing to put the work in order to change your life, right?

I hope so. This is SO easy.


Before I conclude this book, let me tell you a story between two Internet Marketers, Jack and Jessica, who started their journey on Internet Business back in 2011. I sincerely hope this story will open up your mind and let you walk on the right path from the very beginning.

Jack and Jessica had the same dream and that was to be successful in this online business. Their goal is to achieve a passive income and never to worry about not having enough money to survive in this challenging world. Oh yes, they didn’t like to work with other people and would definitely love to fire their boss as soon as possible.

Both of them have the same budget of $2,000 in order to start their online business. Jack and Jessica took a different approach to reach their goal.

Let’s start with Jack. Jack didn’t like the idea of gathering lists and he felt that creating a product himself was a waste of his money. He knew that it will be too expensive to hire someone just to create a product. He decided to become an affiliate marketer.

He bought lots of courses on how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Without he ever realized it, he actually has spent more than $500 just to learn all these and took him 3 months to really understand the concept. He planned to promote his business by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method.

Without wasting any more time, he bought a domain name and hosting account, create a blog about his product that he chose from Clickbank. At first, Jack bought a $100 keyword software. He felt this was important because he wanted to target the best keyword for his blog.

Next, Jack bought an Article Builder software (a good software by the way which cost him $300) in order for him to write articles easily and fast to be posted inside his blog. After several weeks, Jack felt lazy to write articles himself even though he has a powerful software. So he decided to go to Fiverr and simply purchase 20 articles ($5 per article) for $100 more money out of his pocket.

Jack now has spent $1,000 after 5 months started his business and yet he was still not making any money. Now he has to spent more money to purchase lots of backlinks towards his blog website which cost him another $1,000. After 2 months, he started to see some progress on his blog ranking inside the search engine where he managed to get it in the first page of Google but still just top 10.

He purchased more backlinks using his credit card and after 1 month, he finally get the #1 spot on Google for his targeted keyword. He managed to get some sales and he felt so happy because his work has finally paid off. Then disaster strike, Google changed their algorithm and Jack’s blog was nowhere to be found even on Page 10 of Google.

He wanted to start over but he has no more budgets at all. He simply gave up and all his money went down the drain just like that.

Now let me tell you about Jessica’s journey. Jessica knew how important it was to gather lists as much as possible because she truly understands the meaning of “The Money Is In The List”. She hired a good copywriter to write an ebook, sales letter, squeeze page and a thank you page for her because she sucks in writing.

Furthermore, she did not want to waste time by buying more courses on how to write all those sales funnel. All she wanted was to do it right from the very beginning.

Jessica planned her strategy very well. She spent about $1,500 by hiring this copywriter. All she ever did was giving an instruction to her copywriter on what to write about. After 10 days, the ebook and the sales funnel was ready and good to go. She bought a domain name that suited with her product and a hosting account.

Once everything was set, she launched her product in WSO and at the same time bought solo ads from several good solo ads sellers. Combined altogether, she spent another $500 to promote her business. $500 may seem quite a lot for some people, but she actually made a good Return On Investment (ROI) and her product was so good that she managed to sell 100 copies and gather 1,000 lists in one month time.

The product price was $27, and the total money she got was $2,700. That was $2,200 gross profit my friend. She did not stop there, since she has 1,000 lists now, she decided to become solo ad sellers herself. She put a price of $50 for 100 clicks to her customer. Order started to pour in, each single day at least two customers purchase her solo ads service. That was $100 per day to her pocket out of thin air.

In just two months’ time, Jessica quit her original boring job and became to work full time in this online business. Since she was very successful, many other Internet marketers wanted to do joint venture business with her, meaning more income for her.

Moral of the Story

As you can see, Jessica managed to break free in just two months while Jack failed miserably after a year or more trying. Jessica didn’t rely on Google, she has total control on her business. That is why it is very important for you to start right at the very beginning so you will not waste your time, money and effort just like Jack did.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, I used to be Jack. 


So you’re making a few thousand dollars a month and you’re happy as a clam. What should you do now?


Keep building that list further and further and further. Make it huge!

The bigger the list, the more money you’re going to make!

Aim for at LEAST 1-2 WSO’S per month OR spend at least $500 per month buying solo ads and ALWAYS keep your customers happy!

Also, after you make some money, you will want to make your life a lot easier.

Outsource your business!

I would say wait about a year or so and to the point that you’re making good money. Why should you outsource it? Because you’ll be making great money, while doing almost no work! Sound pretty awesome doesn’t it?

Well, I can assure you that it is. And I can assure you that most of the big gurus and pros out there outsource their businesses as well.

The reason you should wait to outsource is because you want to have a lot of repeat customers AND you want to know the process so that you can train someone else to take over.

The way that I outsource is simple. I make a thread on the Wanted section of the Warrior Forum and I tell them that they can have a part of a big business that makes money day in and day out. I then work up how much of a cut they will get for working with me and pay them that.

You could pay them 25% or 40% or even 50% and they will be happy. They are making good money so they will stay happy and they will keep working for you.

I make sure to interview the people that are interested in the job thoroughly on a Skype call.

Be sure that they have experience and that they are willing to sign a contract stating that they agree to be getting paid to whatever you agree on and that this is YOUR business and they are employees of this business.

Then make sure that they agree to how much time and effort they will be spending on working for you.

After you hire them, train them.

Show them the ins and outs of your business and show them exactly how to handle certain situations such as a bad customer or how to handle someone that wants a discount, etc.

Outsourcing your business will be scary at first.

But trust me, it will make your life SO much easier. Someone else does the work while you get paid. You can go out and relax on the beach while your business still makes you a lot of money.

It’s magic. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Well, that about closes it up.

I hope that you liked this book as I enjoyed writing it especially for you and I hope that it will change your life.

I taught you in 36 pages what most people try to sell you in a $1000 course.

Take action. Don’t buy anymore guides. Just nail this one down and put it into action and make money. That’s what it’s all about!

To Your Success,

Izrul Fizal



table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. As a valued customer, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve created a course on how you can finally quit your daily job and easily make $100 – $500 every single day.

Believe me, it is very simple to do. Just head over to http://www.clkmr.com/jaihyppo/allclicksin, simply leave your email address inside the box and click on Let Me In Now button.


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Traffic Cash Explosion - The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable List

Do you have an online business? Is it dying because you just can't get enough fast and high quality traffic towards your business? Don't you think that it's time to finally build a cash-spitting list the easy way? If you're the kind of person who wants to break free from your current pathetic monthly income and finally get whatever you want in life, this book will help you in getting tons of traffic towards your online business. Good news is that you can do this on your part-time. As you read it, you will discover a proven and effective list building system that will knock your socks off... And will allow you to finally build (or expand) your list the easy way. - Without spending too much time or money. - Without killing yourself with endless hours in front of the monitor. - Without prior experience. - Without the usual hype and B.S. - Without relying on Google whatsoever (Oh by the way, I truly hate the big G) Now, I know that perhaps you’ve heard it all when it comes to list building. You’ve probably even purchased countless crappy courses on list building only to end up even more frustrated and angry because they didn’t help you achieve what you were looking for…a juicy and extremely profitable list. But today, you will be getting an access to the SAME List Building System that allowed me to build a list of 2,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 people faster than you can imagine ! It's all up to you! The secret here is to have the right "list building automation" system that cuts the hours in front of the computer, while increasing the number of subscribers at the same time. If you:- - Are committed to taking control of your financial future... - Are not afraid to work a little... - Are determined to destroy the chains of your 9-5 job... - Don’t believe in overnight riches and despise that “one-click” software... - Want to make a KILLING with list building... - Are serious and treat list building like a TRUE business... Then congratulations, you will benefit the most from this amazing book. "Traffic Cash Explosion - The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable List" is my personal list building system that I've developed over the years and has helped me achieve results that I'm really proud of. I've put this system into a downloadable 37 pages report that contains NO fluff and NO filler. Everything is in a step-by-step fashion and I leave no stone un-turned – whether you're a complete newbie or an intermediate internet marketer, this book is exactly what you need: a precise guide that will take you from where you are right now, to thousands of subscribers in a cash-pulling list. This is what you're about to discover:- - How to quickly and easily build a profit-generating and RESPONSIVE list (I will show you step-by-step HOW to accomplish this.) Forget about freebie seekers... the money is in the list made exclusively from BUYERS. - Some weird and out-of-the-box techniques to get well known internet marketers with thousand of list sell your product to their buyer list and easily convince them to build your list for YOU. - How to create the perfect cash-producing sales funnel that will transform subscribers into money like magic. - The silent "perfect weapon" that will allow you to build your extremely profitable list the lazy way (if you’re a bit lazy, you’re going to love this). - How to build a proven list of BUYERS just from WSO’s (trust me, this is a killer technique). - Now that you have your desired list... I will show you what to do with it in order to make as much money as you want, I'm talking about as much as $10,000 per month, if you have the gut to follow my advice... You don't have to sell anything! - The secrets behind building a solid, long-lasting online business that will deposit spendable cash into your bank account month after month, like clockwork. And much, much more!

  • Author: Izrul Fizal
  • Published: 2015-10-07 12:05:11
  • Words: 5960
Traffic Cash Explosion - The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable List Traffic Cash Explosion - The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable List