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Tournament of the Dead









Created by C.Mahood
























Part 1


How the world fell



July 5th 2025 a state of emergency was declared. Regional conflicts had turned into severe global affairs. Religious jihads and faith led crusades were the excuse for greedy and power hungry corporations to exploit the minds of the poor even farther. Poverty was rife, in even the most civilised of the western world. Not to mention the third world countries. The super powers of china, United states and Russia had exhausted their stockpiles of munitions, bombs and even soldiers. At the cost of their people. Any funding that could be scraped was used for the manufacture and creation of even more arms. Energy and command were one of the first to go. The Whitehouse had issued a campaign named “Preparation over surprise.”

Here we had celebrities on the television, billboards, newspaper and magazine, telling us how important it is to take our survival into our own hands, not to rely on anyone else. The people were constantly told how strong they were as a nation, and how they could survive without what they came to hold dear. No more interest in entertainment news, fashion, music or art. Instead, use any funds to buy prep gear. A culture was created around self-sustainment. Neighbours erected larger fences, communities pulled together to form not just gated societies but armed gated militias, essentially cutting themselves off from the rest of the state or country. Sales of tinned goods, water treatment equipment, seeds, fertilizer, compost, gardening tools and building supplies were booming.

There was hope in the hearts of the American people. They were sold the tale that they could show the rest of the world that by struggling by, banding together and looking after their own communities was the way to preserve the American way. Striving to be the only country likely to survive this epidemic.

It was of course all a lie. Offices lay derelict, malls were waste grounds and mostly used as homeless squats after yet another Whitehouse initiative failed. The “All roofs matter” campaign was to provide temporary housing and shelter for those in need after the factories were all closed. This just lead to the creation of new ghettos. Those seeking shelter after their houses were taken from them, after banks hiked up the interest rates on all mortgages, in a hope to scrape any revenue they could, as every available fund was scraped together to be used in arms manufacture by the U.S government. Eventually, the banks foreclosed, the federal reserve no longer stored gold bars, just rat droppings and empty boxes. The country had been bled dry. To the joy of so many families and campaigners, the troops were finally all recalled for every God forsaken corner of the earth. Everywhere the U.S.A were fighting or establishing “democracy” were left to fend for themselves. The oil had dried up, there was no need to have relations with Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the middle east for that matter.

The troops arrived home, with large street parties and celebrations state and country wide. Heroes were honoured and statues, albeit wooden statues, but statues none the less were erected in honour of the fallen. This was all a distraction however. While the people revelled in the victory of returning heroes, the officials in power secretly formulated policies for “defence” in truth, they conceived a plot so great it would shake the very planet.

With the American army now gone, the instability that once coerced through the veins of the Arab nation began to bleed more heavily. With no governments in place, terrorist groups put aside differences and worked together to sweep towards Europe, Russia and Easters Asia.


Panic was now the Religion of Europe. Those fortunate enough to still own or have access to either internet or television in the states, watched the war unfold. The worries of the American people fixed singly on how the crops would do now, rather than invasions or risk of attack. No aeroplanes had flown in years, no boats could circumnavigate the storm plagued and un-crossable ocean. The American people felt safe. They had no electricity in 90% of the country, no Economy, no currency and no direction but they were grateful. They still believed their government had their best interests at heart. They were being told that the funds the government had amassed during the bank collapses and housing crisis, was beginning to look like the country would once more prosper. Years passed and life went on as normal. American way of life was reverting to an early settlement era. Farmers and trades men were the people of value now. No baristas, fashion designers, bloggers, reality stars, lawyers or barristers existed any more. The years of 2030's are best described as ignorance is bliss. No news from the outside world meant life returned to normal for the American people. Until the attack.


A growing unrest had escalated in south America. The formation of a united country under the banner of Cuba. The south American world were tired of struggling while their larger brother to the north began to prosper. No trade was happening. The Mexico border had finally completed an operation codenamed “locked basement.” An idea from a president elected from sheer fearmongering. He was no a qualified leader, in fact he was no more than an internet star with a couple of successful businesses under his belt, effectively buying himself the presidency and simply agreeing that he was a man of the people and not a power hungry tyrant. Unfortunately, he was just that, and his ideas proved this point. This one particular idea however had been circulating the minds of the people in the southern states for generations. The idea was simple. Build a big fucking wall. That is what they did. No gates or possibility of crossing. The united states were now cutting the world off. Some wanted to do the same for the northern states and segregate Canada. But there was no threat from there. Lumber and other vital materials were beginning to make their way down again.


Then the attack happened. A three point assault was made on American soil. It seemed so obvious in hindsight. If you cannot climb over a wall, you dig under it. 400 miles under it to be exact. An entire city was carved under the crust of America. Thousands of different roads and tunnels broke off from a main stem, like the inside of a termite mount or an ant hill. The new Mexican army led the assault. Creating sinkholes, one in every state. From each sink hole emerged a militia of anywhere from 300 to 1000 armed men. From the sea came a large assault on the east and west coast.

There were no defences. No one had any firearms, since the priority was on growth, the idea of killing your fellow American was nonsense. Guns were unneeded, almost like relics, some were even in museums.


This was the turning point for the entire globe. From of shore secret military bases a barrage of missiles were launched. Like low flying comets they flew overhead. All of which heading south. Towards all the major cities and the country’s newly elected capital, São Paulo. When the city was hit, there was not an explosion, no mushroom cloud or pulse of radioactive energy. Only a smog. A green smoke and fog.

Again those who had access to a TV began to realise. People began to finally accept that their hope was not placed correctly. The people they relied on to protect them and keep them safe had fucked them all. Until the money and funds were, as always, placed in the creation of weapons. The American government had created a biological weapon. A bomb to end all wars….again.

The smoke was a fume designed to slowly bring any who breathed it in, to their knees. An overwhelming urge to sleep would come over them and once they were under, their hearts would stop. The people involved in its creation called it the “Sandman virus.” No large explosions, no destruction, no retaliation, just a chemical released into the air to silently end all wars. For that it was successful.


The immediate surrender of south America was handed over the next day. The newly established government for south America was in Cuba so they had not been affected by the virus. They had no one to govern now. The entire continent had been silenced. The militias had been sent home. The anger that was spreading amongst the American people was quenched with the news of the end of civilisation in the lower continent. Men simply dropped their weapons, returned to the sink-holes to begin the journey home.

As you can imagine, this did not end all wars as hoped. Humankind has always had a way of making epic mistakes, again, this was no different.

The virus was created as an airborne virus. To spread in a ten-mile radius of the impact point. The virus would spread then fall. Unfortunately, the consideration of the heat and the air density were not taken into account. Since the altitude of south America alters vastly so does the air density. Add this to the growing heat of the continent south of the equator, and you have a new beast. The Sandman virus began to spread, rapidly, uncontrollably and fast. It spread north and reports started to come in from people dropping dead in the southern states of America. This was the beginning of the end.


Across the Atlantic and pacific things were coming to breaking point also. China was tearing itself apart from overpopulation and the destruction of rural areas led to starvation. Like America there were government forced initiatives. Ghettos were erected and people were sorted into districts by their names and ancestry. These were squats and ghettos stacked high. The people began to call them the gateways. So called as they were the gateway to hell, once you where they there was no hope or no turning back. Some oven had reports of cannibal activity as there was no food. Starvation led to anger and anger led to revolution. People began to fight. At first to break from the districts and spread out, some for the lives they used to have, but most just wanted a release. Tens of thousands were massacred over a two-month period. A civil war with no clear sides. Some believe the government orchestrated the entire event as a form of population control. Others just think it was inevitable. The entire country was ready to implode until people started falling asleep. Then more and more. Until China and eastern Asia fell totally silent. The Sandman virus had travelled that far and was not slowing down. The problem was also that when you breath in the virus, you have to breathe out. Only a small part of the virus stays in your lungs, The rest breeds and carries on, only mutated and worse. To describe it best is to use the analogy of a Cigarette. When you draw the smoke and tar from the cigarette, remnants stick to your lungs. When you breathe out, tar and poisonous fumes still leave your body, this is aptly named 2nd hand smoke. Sandman virus is similar in the way of, when you inhale, parts are left stuck to your lungs and mutate inside instantly. So when you breathe out the new virus has become stronger, and altered by the D.N.A of the victim. This leads to a stronger virus. Meaning the 2nd hand smoke is stronger and worse than the first.

This is the reason the virus began to spread so quickly and rapidly.

The question is what happens when a virus that has been spreading east and heading west, mutating as it goes, meets a virus that has come from the west and heading east, with different mutations?


This was found out by the people of Africa and spreading north to Europe.

The entire continent of Africa fell silent in just over a month. 5 weeks to be exact. There were reports of the Sandman Virus in Cape town, a cargo liner of refugees, fleeing from the Americas had made port. There were instructed to remain on board but after the desperate began to jump ship, the firing began. An entire towns worth of migrants was shot down in the water and. The South African government believed this had stopped the virus before it made its way onto land, but the particles in the air had already made it. Even after the destructing of the boat, with controlled explosions, the virus reached land and spread. A perfect breeding ground.

The southernmost tip of Africa was becoming more overpopulated than any counterpart. The unrest and destruction of Europe due to Religious militant groups had forced any survivors south. The “Qubdat Alllah” Translated as “Fist of God” known as the F.O.G Had claimed a large area of eastern and southern Europe. The only territories to stand strong still were the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Iceland remained a fully functional country, unaffected by the plight of its neighbours. The Final remaining eastern European country that still held Territory was Poland. A country with the some of the most resilient, strongest and hardened people history has known. They, like Germany had one of the greatest anti-terrorist units in the world, and this was taught to every man and woman. Two countries filled with the greatest warriors on earth. They fought the FOG for as many years as they attacked. Eventually expanding and pushing them south. Hence the mass migration of southern Europeans, Africans and Arabs south.

Once the southern surge of militants met the northern surge of the virus the continent fell. Similar experiences were exampled in Asia.

Kazakhstan and Mongolia Surrendered and Allied to Russia. They acted as boarder countries. Many skirmishes were held there. Russian troops moved south to reinforce and drive back the Arab world to the west, and the Chinese to the East. The people of both countries soon realised that the Russian plan was to simply use them as fodder, insuring the fighting does not reach the Russian border. This worked well for a time. The fighting stopped once the virus reached the southern points again. It spread north and finished the skirmishes. Russian forces retreated to the northern Siberian reaches. This was a great tactic, as the virus does not seem to spread in areas where the air is freezing. Once the countries fell the economy collapsed in the northern provinces. Due to the fact they relied on trade and commerce. Money grew thin and trade was dry. Eventually the entire globe fell silent south of the equator. And even farther north than that.


Eventually a discovery was made by an Icelandic scientist named Eidur Ingólfsson. He studied the effects of the virus and its pattern of growth. The only thing that slowed the growth and even stopped it was when it travelled near areas that experienced the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as “the Northern Lights.” Even more so, the virus can be almost eradicated from someone’s system if exposed to it. Only after the first week of exposure however, after that the cell regeneration has stopped, tissue decays and the brain reverts to something similar to “Standby mode” on a laptop. The only function being the search for flesh. Contrary to popular belief, the infected to not seek human brains but in fact any flesh still living.

With this discovery the northern countries were united. They were safe heavens with a way of life almost un-effected. The only country to fall from the northern reaches was the U.K. They had run themselves dry as a nation through Gift aid spending. Helping the rest of Europe with any finical charity they had. This plunged the country into such debt that it had trouble standing on its own two feet. Scotland and Whales both voted in referendums to leave the U.K and build boarders. This only suffocated their own economy and left them to survive for themselves. The North Of Ireland, after seeing the failure of the its Celtic counterparts chose to unite with both of them and more surprisingly, the south of Ireland. A Celtic nation that could sustain itself with agriculture and fishing. A small but protected and organised country. It thrived under this new world and continues to do so.


The Year is now 2045. The old world is silent. No contact had been made with The Americas until recently. One small part of the northern most reaches of Alaska has sheltered and housed the remnants of the once great nation. The Many Native Tribes of Alaska banded together to preserve not only their culture and way of life, but all life. The circle of evolution once again spun on its axis.

The land once inhabited by the native American people, stolen by European explorers, exploited and now returns to the hands of the rightful owners. The Iñupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian tribes now hold land and expand by helping all surviving Americans and Canadians moving north to the colder climates. A new culture of survivors is emerging and prospering. Any older prejudices and racial divides are being forgotten and dissolved. One race unites all now. The Human race.


To the East the Inughuit people continued on with life, unaware of the global changes and unconcerned. Their culture was un altered until the day the noticed more and more people moving inward. An Icelandic research team had made its way to the flats in which one particular Inughuit family were hunting. After the news was shared with the elders and neighbouring families, the elders decided that they wished to remain isolated still. To this the Icelandic people took a mission of protecting the Inughuits. To this day no violence has occurred, despite an eastern surge by the New Patriots.


In Europe Germany and Poland still stand. They or contained walled countries that split their time between expanding the boarders and fighting the infected. Germany pushes east and Poland west. On last contact they had merged boarder to unite the countries into the new Europe. This new Europe in composed all European cultures under one united flag. The Spanish, Portuguese French and Italians. Many refugees from Turkey had moved north. The survivors united under a common flag, the blue helmets of the Un were a symbol of hope and help once more. The call to all survivors on the continent had been made. All were welcome! No political slant or racial divide once more. All humans welcome. The refugee surge moved north from Greece and Turkey, through Albania and Bulgaria, picking up survivors on the way. The virus had reached these parts and the fighting was thick against the Sandman infected. More pockets of survivors were added to the growing convoy in Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Hungry, Slovakia, up to Check Republic and Austrian boarders. The Wall expansions were beginning there. German and Polish aid workers and volunteers had moved south to help expand before the new survivors reached the boarders. Once people arrived the construction was gaining momentum, constantly expanding and growing and a single country now. The boarders between Germany, Poland, Czech and Austria had been erased. One full round country had emerged. People had become united under humanity. Colour, religion and accent were no longer a concern. Unity and strength in numbers was the issue as heart.

Scandinavia has united under one banner and one flag also. The Nordic nation has Pulled together and reverted to old religion and farming. Stockholm Was the Capital city of the New nation at first but later divided into what was known as the Midgard trinity. The three pointed capital. Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Three separate departments of one government. One for agriculture, one for defence and one for growth.


In Serbia and North Asia, Russia had implemented some of its Marxist ideals from the past. Focusing of fairness and equality only, but continued to grow as a nation of strength and acceptance. The world has changed so much for them as they stand alone in Asia. The mind-set has evolved and Russia is now a country with a mission statement to Aid all allies. To this they have excelled. Sending munitions and aid to the new Europe. The superpower that has emerged now is ironically the smaller of all the countries. Iceland. They have maintained an Internet, entertainment and news network, a functioning Media and a government that still remains as the world’s oldest democratic society. They have sent aid to all the known world with the small amount of aeroplanes they have and military boats. They are the country responsible for uniting the known world once more. They brought all the contactable countries together but It was Ireland who cemented them.

Ireland being an island nation have always had a violent streak in their blood. Fighting for fun and for sport. It was in the year of 2039 that the first tournament was held. Just among teams in Ireland but the word spread and the known world all got involved for the very first world championships in 2040. It was then that the “Tournament of the Dead” was formed.

This display and event was the new Olympics, the new super bowl or world cup! An event that was held every year. The winning team would host the games. All manner of events and competitions would be played. Races, survival challenges and put fights were the three staples of the events. Each country would enter a team of 4. The teams usually were composed of captains of the regional leagues, united into one team to represent the country. Until this year it has been five teams, but the 2045 games will see the entrance of a new squad, eager to prove themselves on the world stage.


This is The 5th official Tournament of the Dead!










Part 2


Roots of the tournament.


During the initial outbreak the northernmost countries such are The United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland were isolated. Affected only by the decline in trade. The British government had placed an embargo on any physical outside trading with Europe, Africa, Asia or the Americas. Commerce was struggling, the economy was plummeting, the people were beginning to feel unsafe as global reports were still coming in through various available media outlets. The spread of infection from Asia and the middle east was the moment the panic began, then the reports of European strongholds fighting the infected in the depths of the largest refugee immigration surge in the planets history.


While politics and the running of parliament were left to the rich and the fortunate, the running of day to day was still kept alive by the working class. The entertainment industry was of no vital importance now in the eyes of the establishment so programming, except the news was cancelled. Funding was needed for defence and emergency offensives and Aid to the continent. Distractions were needed by the ever day man and woman.

In Ireland the usual of Rugby, soccer and hurling were still popular, leagues continued, clubs still operated, games still happened and fans still attended. As the worry, stress and uncertainty of the planet grew, the need for something more extreme was in order.

In Ireland a game was emerging dubbed “The gauntlet” an obstacle course of sorts, in which one team had to complete the course, full of deadly pits, traps, ruses and snares. The other competing teams would make the running of the gauntlet as difficult as possible. As the games grew, so did the violence and bloodshed. The introduction of victims affected by the virus to the point of death then re-animation was the next stage in the gauntlet’s evolution.

The new rules involved no holds barred extreme violence. Getting across the finish line by any means necessary!

A new league emerge in Ireland, “The dead games” were a hit. Massive crowds would turn out each month for the event. Leader boards were constantly maintained on billboards, murals and road signs. Skogarcorp, an Iceland company, named after the Skogar region, had been responsible for bringing renewable energy, sustainable infrastructures and global communications to Ireland and other Scandinavian countries. Upon some of its employees visiting Ireland and witnessing the game’s first hand they desired to franchise the idea. Along with the ideas from neighbouring countries also. Skogarcorp were responsible for the formation of the games on its universal platform. With the addition of the “Road Rage” and “King of the kill” Game types, the Tournament was ready to be rolled out to every surviving civilisation. Skogarcorp sold the tournament and the leagues as a distraction for the major issues facing the world and masking the irreversible collapse of so many cultures and countries under the smoke screen of blood, gore, aggression and a form of cleansing of the infected vermin blanketing the planet. As the leagues grew in each country and the popularity grew, Skogarcorp decided to create a form of Olympics or world class competition. Both as a revenue generating venture and as a cross community and cultural handshake. Something much needed. A union of fans rather than a union of politicians. The governmental officials used this too as a bargaining tool and an excuse for negotiations between the nations, but in all intentions and purposes, the introduction of “The Tournament of the Dead” was to better society across the board. After the first games, the popularity grew, and continued to do so for years afterwards.


Part 3



The Games Explained


The Tournament is now held in the cursed land. The Dead-zone, named so even before the virus spread. The region that was once called New York. Destroyed in the war, by endless barrage of shells, bombs and fire. During the tunnel campaign from north and south boarders, Ney York city and state were targeted and eradicated of all life. It is still called the city that never sleeps as it has continuous fires burning for years without end. The very ground is no more than grey soot, dust and embers. Highways and street block of empty road, destroyed vehicles, broken bridges and fallen buildings lends itself perfectly to the home of the Tournament. Each year The country’s and their teams & Fans travel by boat to the docks and set up home for the duration of the tournament on what was once Gardeners Island and Shelter Island. Long Island itself is the home of most of the games.



p<>{color:#000;}. The Road Rage Challenge.


This is the opening game in the tournament. The concept is easy.

Make it from the start of the track to the finish line.

Although, there are some very nasty surprises along the way.

Each team has one week to complete the 200mile round race. Within this time however the teams must scavenge the land for parts to build a vehicle, weapons, traps and anything else that may aid their victory.

There are very little rules during the race. Winning conditions are as follows:

p<>{color:#000;}. One functioning Vehicle must pass the finish line after collecting the flag at the half way point of the track.

p<>{color:#000;}. At least one member of each team must be on the vehicle as it passes the finish line.

p<>{color:#000;}. Only items scavenged by a team member can be used on that team’s vehicle.

p<>{color:#000;}. All weapons are permitted, although none can be brought to the arena with competitors.

p<>{color:#000;}. Teams must have passed the finish line with the timeframe for any points to be earned.

p<>{color:#000;}. Failure to do so regardless of progress or situation will result in a score of 0.

p<>{color:#000;}. If all team members are incapacitated or K.I.A, The Country will be excluded from the competition until the following year, regardless of points.

p<>{color:#000;}. If any Team member is bitten during the race, they must be disposed of by any competitor. No extra points are awarded for extermination of infected competitors.


In true “Tournament of the Dead©” fashion. The race area is overrun with infected. The race has only begun, after all teams have entered the arena, and the timer begins.

The most popular and successful format over the past years has been this.


p<>{color:#000;}. Establish a base and garage space.

p<>{color:#000;}. Set up defences and construct weapons.

p<>{color:#000;}. Clear surrounding area of infected.

p<>{color:#000;}. Scavenge parts for vehicle

p<>{color:#000;}. Scavenge additional parts for sabotage weapons.

p<>{color:#000;}. Set out to checkpoint, then finish line.


In this race absolutely anything can happen. And usually does. To both the horror and devastation of the teams and the joy, entertainment and excitement of all spectators.





2.The Gauntlet.


For this game, teams take turns to make their way through a predetermined and sadistically designed linear path. The path is usually anywhere from 1 mile to 5 miles long. Filled with booby traps, snares, Obstacles, and not to mention, a small army of Infected. Special mutated undead and adrenalin injected rage fuelled infected are usually key points of interest in this game.

The rules for this are as follows:

p<>{color:#000;}. Two to four members can be entered to work together in this gauntlet.

p<>{color:#000;}. Each team gets 30 minutes to construct weapons in the salvage yard before the gates open to the gauntlet.

p<>{color:#000;}. No exterior tools are permitted.

p<>{color:#000;}. Only one team enters at a time.

p<>{color:#000;}. The gauntlet is judged on three criteria. Speed, Style and carnage.

p<>{color:#000;}. Anything can be used as a weapon or tool.

p<>{color:#000;}. No exact route is required. Although Team members must remain within the boundaries until crossing completion line.


This is usually the 2nd game in the tournament. Giving time for members injured in the Race to recuperate, heal and prepare for the final game.



3. King of the hill.


The King of the hill game is a fan favourite. Tried in the 2nd tournament as a trial, it was an unexpected surprise and welcomed by the spectators with jotation. As a result, is has been included every year since, growing in popularity each time.

The variety and creativeness of this challenge continues to shock and surprise everyone. The vast assortment of constructions are awe-inspiring and thrilling for all to witness. The rules for this challenge are simple but the game itself is anything but. The Challenge is held in a bordered area. Surrounded by large walls and a fire moat. The remaining teams enter at the same time from different corners of the arena. They have nothing with them as they enter. Everything must be created within the arena boundries.


The rules are simple.

Survive 24 hours and protect your volunteer.


The volunteer is typically a team pledge. Someone who wishes to begin training in the countries team and sport. Acting as the volunteer in the final round is customarily recognised as a fast track to scholarship within the team. The odds of the team surviving this competition however are not always great. It has been known several years now, for some teams to not survive this challenge at all.

The standard formula adopted by most teams is as follows.


p<>{color:#000;}. Construct a base.

p<>{color:#000;}. Assign rolls to each team member. (scout, fixer, trapper, aid)

p<>{color:#000;}. Create a defensive perimeter

p<>{color:#000;}. Create traps that snare undead

p<>{color:#000;}. Create an inner sanctum for the volunteer

p<>{color:#000;}. Use the last hour to hunt remaining undead. Boosting last available points.


The code name for this challenge is 100 to 1. This is not because of the odds of survival but how many undead and infected each team member must face. Depending on how many members enter the final stage, 100 infected will be placed within the boarders, close to their starting position. They are released exactly one hour after the competition timer begins.


Over the years this particular challenge has got bloodier and more exciting. The traps continue to get more ingenious and ferocious. The tactics shift and become considerably more brutal. Teams have begun to create “bait boarders.” A ploy to lead and entice the undead away from your main base to the boarder of a neighbouring team’s compound, setting them on an altered target. Hence giving you more time to produce, formulate and secure. Other tactics are to continually move with a volunteer, until the timer stops. Picking off the undead as you move. “The Europas” team use the method of high compounds. Fashioning a treehouse style base on stilts, surrounded by deadly ditch drops. Using slingshots and handmade firearms to end as many infected as possible from a safe distance. Whereas the “Iron Will” team traditionally use the sewers and interlinking tunnels underground to create a safe haven, blocked off from the surface, disposing of all infected above, from grates they call “слот для убийства” translated as “Slots of murder”

along with a technique known as “Spider holing” taken from the study of Vietnamese tactics just under one hundred years before. The potentials are infinite!

Next we will introduce the teams.

















Part 4


The Teams





The Iron Will

Location : Former Russian empire, Serbia

Winner of the 2nd Games.

Key Game : King of the Hill

Strengths : Tunnelling knowledge and defence


Named after the will of the Russian people, “Iron will” are selected from the Siberian league year after year. Judged by the people in an annual public vote. During the fall of Earth, Russia pushed 80% of its population to the furthest reaches north. The remaining 20% acted in the military as guards of the bordering countries, supplying reinforcements and backup to both Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Once the infection spread Both of these neighbouring countries aligned with Russia, joined forces and retreated into northern Siberia where pop up cities were created along the road of bones. AS the infected became fewer and fewer, and the introduction of the blood sports became more popular the Siberian League was born. And from it came a powerhouse of a team.

They emerged as winners of the 2nd Tournament. They amassed a large kill count and highest score during the “King of the hill” challenge. They were the first team to create a compound on stilts. Using an upturned bus, they found in front of a fallen bridge, accessible only by rope ladders on either side. They used boot straps, laces and leather from their armour to create slings. Killing many infected from a safe distance and height advantage. They have used the same team since the first year. Never suffered any injuries or casualties. They were beaten last year, only due to a lack of originality, costing them vital points. They continue to return year after year with strength and determination.



The Tribe of Dal gCais

Location : Celtland, (Formally Ireland, wales and Scotland)

Winer of the 1st and 3rd Games

Key Gage : Gauntlet

Strengths : Fighting ability, Melee weapons creation and adaptability.



The Dál gCais  were an Irish tribe, usually acknowledged as being related to the Déisi Muman, who were a authoritative assembly in Ireland during the 10th century. Some members of their blood-line went on to rule a kingdom in Wales during the 4th century. It was believed they also made an alliance with the romans during their occupation of Britain.

Most famous however was Brian Boru an Irish king who was responsible for generating their strength. He built a seat of power on the banks of the River Shannon. Brian’s Brother became king of Munster, a region of Ireland, while Brian went on to be High King. He did so by defeating all invaders, from all shores. Even after he died his bloodline went on to rule the island. Giving its strength that endures to this day. After the fall of the world, Ireland found itself with the renewal of the Celtic Language and links to neighbouring countries Scotland and Wales. Thus creating a new union, Celtland. They brought the country’s together with an invention of a new sport. This sport grew to become the “Tournament of the Dead”

Competing with just three rivals, Iceland, Scandinavia and Celtland. Thus, repeating history, defending against northern Invaders and spawning the teams name under the banner of the Tribe of Dal gCais. They have been the winners of the first two tournaments, the Gauntlet always being the strong point. The team continued to be strong and faster than any other when disposing of all infected. They lost to the Iron Will however in the third games, due to the ingenious stronghold they had in the third challenge. They are always a strong team and remain cheerful and “Full of Craic” throughout the games, always having a humorous spin on their demeanour. A true Fan favourite.


The Iceland Trolls

Location : Iceland

Wins : 0

Key competition : Gauntlet

Strengths : size, strength and power.



The Iceland Trolls, named after the lore and sagas of the country’s Nordic past, are one of the largest teams in the Tournament. Not just financially but in sheer size alone. There has never been a member in the 4 years of the tournament under the height of 6’6”. After the Fall of earth, Iceland emerged as I financial powerhouse and superpower of technology, trade and leadership. Due to Iceland’s investment in natural and renewable energy in the early 21st century, the country could function on its own in the most clean and harmless way known to man. Cut off from the rest of the world, in the northern most part of the globe, Iceland was not exposed to the Sandman virus at all. Ports were closed when the first reports of spreading illness first circulated. The argument was made by some neighbouring countries that Iceland could have played more of a part for refugees, due to the Northern Lights being a healing factor of the illness, instead of cutting itself off from the world. Since the last survivors of civilisation scrambled onto civilisation with the tips of their fingers, Iceland had provided the necessities needed to return to where people were. The Icelandic Króna is the most valuable currency on earth now. Taking over the euro, sterling and the dollar. When Officials heard of the new sport and tournaments in Ireland they were fascinated and saw it as a way to unite humankind before natural divides and prejudices resurfaced. They invested heavily in bringing the sport to a global stage and have done so perfectly. Iceland has funded the first four Tournaments, The Fifth is to be the biggest yet, with all countries now contributing. Iceland’s Navy run the only ships really able to make it to the East Coast of North America. Providing transport for all competitors that need and civilian spectators alike.

The Team itself is the physically largest and hence, the gauntlet is their strong point. They can walk through he competition like a warm knife through butter. Destroying everything around them. What they lack is style and flair, they make up for in sheer brute force!









The Nords

Location: Scandinavia, trinity city

Winners of the 4th Games

Key Game: Road rage

Strengths: Team work, brutality.


“The Nords” hail from The Trinity city in Scandinavia. A team collected of members from each point of the triangle. The counties have reverted back to a form of old Religion. Placing a belief in lore, myth and folk tales above any organised religion. After the world fell, people turned to their God’s, who in turn, turned their back on the people. Abandoned, scared and angry people turned on the churches, temples and mosques. Burning and destroying them with hatred and anger. It was not the first time a spree of church burnings had occurred in Scandinavian countries. Just before the fall, an artist named Otto Nilsson created a series of posters an plastered them around the trinity cities. It was supposed to be a joke and a comedy statement. Claiming “Odin the all father has returned to save us” Images of one eyed Vikings and crows were plastered on every street corner, empty doorways, everywhere. Once many people had left or died fighting on the boarders, many refugees arrived from neighbouring places, saw the lack of churches but the presence of many mythical symbols. This led to the rebirth of the old religion. With it came the culture, namely Viking. One small sect of hard-core cultists set to building vehicles, adept on water and land, heavily guarded and highly manoeuvrable. They had set up a village in the north westerly coast of Norway. They survived on fishing trade and planting what little they could on the harsh land. Their main goal was to become Viking however. And one year they did so. Like over 1500 years before, they set out west by sea. The reached the coast of England and plundered, killed and stole from what little they had. England had turned into a dead zone after the formation of Celtland so there was not very much to yield. They returned with their findings, unknown to any in Scandinavia, apart from the cultists who remained. The following year they aimed to move more north to the county of Scotland. They sailed the coast and turned back due to weather fears and lack of preparation. This gave Scotland time to inform the Celtland elders and leaders. A defensive force was formed and when the Nordic invaders arrived again they were ambushed and slaughtered by a Scottish and Irish force. Once word was sent to the leaders in the trinity city all knowledge of the activities was denied. The leaders Eradicated the cult that called themselves Viking and instead preserved the way of life they had made as a form of museum. Several years followed and growing tension once again raised its ugly head in the trinity city. Iceland received word of the unrest and predicted larger scale raids heading to Celtland once more. To counteract this they invited Scandinavia to enter a team into a new competition, created by the Irish, called tournament of the Dead.

This was the calling many of the men and women in the trinity city had been waiting for. A chance to fight, raid, unleash their inner demons and gain riches in doing so! Hence preserve their heritage. The team they sent forth was without a doubt the most brutal, savage and feared team the tournament had ever seen. They Called themselves “The Nords” and they came with fire in their hearts. Their skills for salvaging scraps and creating the most amazing vehicles and weapons is ingenious and a thrill to watch.















The Europas.

Location : Old Germany and Poland province. + Czech, Austria Switzerland and continuing to expand.

Wins :0

Key Game : Road Rage

Strengths: Vehicle creation and functionality. Efficiency and speed.



During the early stages of the Sandman virus in the southern hemisphere, political struggles were taking main focus in the north. Europe was beginning to collapse in a financial meltdown. The threat of Terrorist activity mixed with social unrest and the ugly head of socialist nationalism appearing once more. The countries of Europe were bickering amongst themselves. Each blaming the other from the problems that now had bled into their province. The euro currency held value nowhere now. Trade had stopped, no imports were arriving from the Americas and no one was buying any exports to the east in Asia or south in Africa.


Riots had broken out in not just the capital cities but even in small towns and villages. Governments and councils had handed over control to the police. Martial law was implemented and curfews were in place also. Schools were closed until the violence had calmed down. The continent was ready to implode on itself. Until the Virus had reached the shores and boarders. Half of the population was wiped out in a matter of weeks.

All the anger that was in people’s hearts, manifested itself into fear and worry. Networks, power grids and infrastructures collapsed the world into darkness. The polica called a state of high emergency, uniting police forces under military command for a short period of time, or until the virus was contained. This was in fact a great success. Any signs of infection were treated as a serious offence and executed immediately. By the time the refugees from turkey, Egypt and Greece had made their way north, the only remaining countries were in the area of Germany and Poland. The Spanish and French had retreated to meet the Italians on the boarders of Switzerland. There a great compound was formed and a strong line of defence against the infected. To the east, people had arrived in Austria and Slovakia. There the boarder now stood. Welcoming all those not infected, uniting humankind against the real new enemy. No matter of religion, creed, birthplace, allegiances or skin colour. All united together against the now mobile horde. The boarder walls and structures are on constant construction and expansion, creating safe districts and new easily defended structures. The leaders of the surviving European and Arab worlds united under one flag. The Europa. A great new nation, free of divides and persecution, with religious, sexual, and moral freedom.

While the walls stood strong, the powers were contacted by Iceland, a new leading super power in this new world. They were informed of a new initiate, dreamed up by the Irish. The Tournament of the Dead was brought to them after its first few years of testing. The Europa’s entered a team into the first official games. Their strong point was of course the building of cars and motorcycles. Something Europe always did well. The first team to enter had nationals from the old countries of Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland and Turkey. The most multi-cultural team in the Tournament, and remain so to this day!















The New Patriots

Location : Provence of the The Iñupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian tribes. Who have granted amnesty to all Americans and Canadians. (Once Alaska)

The First season at TTOTD

Key game : N/A

Strength : N/A


The highlight and most exciting prospect for the 5th official Tournament of the Dead is this team. It is their first year at the games and expectations are high for the one superpower of the world to showcase their talents.

The Fall of the United States of America was a pivotal moment for this planet. The global force that once governed and policed most of the world, aiding and threatening all other countries into both agreement and servitude. That same giant was attacked on both sides, North and south, by those it aimed to keep out, by building walls, barrios, placing embargos and trade blockages, policing its own people into a state of dumbed down ignorance until the fight was brought to them, a fight they would never recover from. Once the major cities fell, riots, looting and fear took hold of the American people. The country began to tear itself apart. The good, honest, true Americans, who wished only for freedom and a chance to build their own lives, the people who embodied what the united states was supposed to be, when dreamt up in its adolescence. Those people moved north. Canada had militarised and joined the mole assault and tunnel advance. After seeing the destruction caused however, the Canadian people looked at themselves, ashamed at what they had become. They welcomed all refugees that moved north. With them however, came the virus too. Camps and boarder crossings were the worst hit, millions dying instantly and becoming infected, ripping their friends, neighbours, loved ones and family’s apart, limb from limb. People believed the safest points of crossing were by following the coasts. North through Washington on the west coast, or Maine and Vermont on the East.

Since this was the thinking of most people it was the opposite. Millions were climbing over each other to get to the boarder. It only took one wisp of the sandman virus to silence the screams. It plateaued with a steady groan from all infected.

The safest point of crossing was in fact through Minnesota, north through Ontario to Hudson Bay. Or north from Montana. Meet up points were set up in Banff national park, where survival supplies were given out. People trekked through the park and made their way North, through British Colombia, to Alaska.


On arrival of the boarder’s camps were set up. There were many abandoned small towns on the coat, in in towards the logging areas, where forests had been levelled, rendering local towns useless, until now.

The American government was no more. The Native American tribes provided guidance and support for all American people. Once life became a little more stable territory was set up along the entire north of Canada. Anchorage acted as a capital for the Americans for a short while but the country spread itself thin.


It was years of silence before Iceland made any contact with the Americans. They informed them of the new Tournament that was taking place on the soil of old America. They invited the American and Canadian people to enter a team. The team was aptly named “The new patriots” something that embodied the old Americana attitude and the new path they must now walk.


The 5th Tournament will be the first for the New patriots. All fans are eager to see what happens with this team. A team that must truly prove itself on its own turf. Carving out another place in the world history books!

Definitely a team to watch.


Part 5


The Wasteland


Before the Tournament sky rocketed into the homes and the hearts of the general public, “The great American wasteland” was exactly that. A desolate, barren, war ravaged, pestilent and decayed wilderness.


Thousands of hamlets were spotting the radars and maps, like shell-shocked and nervous whack-a-mole sufferers, all across the states. More each day as bunkers were opened and vault airlocks unbolted. Communication with the middle continent was beginning to grow on all forms of modified long wave radio transmitters and limited connectivity in the most preserved of vaults, prepper holes, compounds and safe houses, to a restricted intranet. Reports were being collected of the conditions of the surface itself. Obvious damage aside the North of America was now experiencing the largest Drought in known history.



In the years following not only the sandman virus, but the invasions, attacks and eventual carpet bombing of the entire country by both enemies and its own government, in a vain attempt to eradicate the highly evolved and mutated Sandman Virus. Some of the leaders had bunkered down in secret enclaves and strongholds, there the orders were given for a short while.

The United States devolved into a post-apocalyptic site, commonly labelled “the Wasteland”. The War, infection and genocide, that led to a subsequent Armageddon severely depopulated the country, leaving huge expanses of assets decaying from abandonment. In addition, virtually all food and water was irradiated. Radiation exposure, joint with a mutagenic bioweapon that was inadvertently Mutated by the atmosphere, caused mutation in nearly all forms of life. Most notably in humankind. Many names have been given to the infected, Zombies, walkers, husks, rotters, biters, to name just a few. A very large portion of the country’s infrastructure are mere remains of its once great self. The most basic necessities are scarce.

Bartering was the only form of trade, no currency held any value now. Before Iceland stepped in with its new global currency many years later.

Virtually every city, towns and community remains empty, and deserted. In the early days of the first re-emersions, (The name for a period of time many shelters believed was safe to resurface, after the radiation, virus should have passed.) Most new surface dwellers looted and collected whatever they could scavenge.

There still are many known communities that have survived, even grown after the re-emersion. Most acting as self-stainable pockets of life. Wanting no more than the land they are surrounded by and the right to make the land theirs again. The more urban areas however are beyond salvation. Due in totality to the lack of natural ground or facility to plant, grow and harvest. Livestock cannot be reared in concrete hence the abandonment of virtually all cities.

Once the tournament grew in popularity, the demand for disposable landscapes grew too.

New York city was the obvious choice, with its many islands and defensible positions, thanks to the many boarders and checkpoints erected during the early days of the unrest.

The first scouting parties determined that it was the perfect spot for the games, and they have been held there since. The current games are to be the biggest to date. Broadcast to every competing country and some still establishing stability. Such as Regions of China, Korea, India and Australia.

Each year the teams and crew descend on the island base camp. It is technically not part of the wasteland as a whole as it is no longer connected to the main land. With the addition of new buildings, stands, walls and even retail becoming a permanent attraction to the Island now.

After each tournament, before the main teams return to their homelands, the arena is always left in a better way than it was before the show began. The areas for the team camps are becoming much more hospitable. Running water is returning, helipads, a runway, the docks have been cleaned and roads have been newly lain. The arena is now a safe heaven in itself. There is a community of residents there now. They are employed by skogarcorp to maintain and expand the area boundaries and make the running of the arena island a clockwork affair. We will go through the different jobs and what they entail now. First by listing then delving into more detail. To list the permanent residents, there are:

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Cleaners

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Builders

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Collectors

p<>{color:#000;background:#fff;}. Guards

Firstly, The Cleaners. This job is not as simple as it first sounds, and also it is. Skogarcorp Introduced a team of dedicated employees to maintain the arena during the down season. They are highly paid and most are ex-military or private security individuals. Every member of each team is armed and trained in infection scenario combat.

After the first official tournament. The site was abandoned and unused. Due to the noise and general life during the height of the games, attention to noise, light and the smell of the living drew the hordes of the dead to the gates. The bodies of infected that were disposed of and destroyed during the competition were left rotting and decaying. The Job of the Cleaners is to dispose of the bodies and to keep the tournament arena “Clean” From the infected.

The Builders are responsible for the creation of the varied arenas. Designed both in part by Skogarcorp and the previous year’s winners.

The job title “builder” may entail the act of building, in part, but in reality the title encompasses so many other parts. Such as engineers, electricians, architects, plumbers and labours. The term is more used as a comedic slur, as the paygrade is different in each role.

Guards are simply, highly paid sentries. Heavily armoured and armed to the teeth. these men and women are brutal killers, no quarter is given to anyone or anything outside the compounds. A tracking system is given to all collectors working outside the boundaries. An infrared strobe is given to each man and woman leaving. If one is not picked up on the scanners on approach the guards have been ordered to kill on site.

The Collectors are held in higher regard amongst Skogarcorp than even the competitors themselves.

The job of a collector is a year round one, they are entrusted with “collecting” the dead and infected for use in the tournament. As the years have progressed the job is becoming increasingly dangerous, as the catchment area grows larger and farther from the guards, the job of entering the wasteland and the dead zone has become more perilous as more and more unknown ground is covered.

Teams of four are most commonly used while collecting. One team however, “The Reavers” travel in a team of six. A group of outlaw wasteland survivors that were hired, at a considerable high rate of pay, by Skogarcorp are the envy of many tournament competitors, due to their extremely tight teamwork and ability to think as one entity. Never encoring an injury or fatality.









Part 6



Over to you!




Now the time has come for you to continue the story.

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Please feel free to share and invite any aspiring authors to get involved also. This is open to everyone. Artists draw, writers write, designers design, fans….well just enjoy geeking out on all that is spawned!


I am glad you have decided to undertake this journey with me and look forward to watching this beast of a project grow!



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