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Torn pages from Gothilibrium



For years I have lived in seclusion

In this house on a desolate island

Away from that wicked species

That ventures toward doom


I escaped from them

Because I couldn’t watch them anymore

Destroying and killing themselves

Destroying this beautiful world


They gave me nothing but fear

And so I decided to live in seclusion

Until the end of my time

And beyond life into eternity



This withering flower in my hand


I hold this withering flower

In my weak hand

It lost its power

In this shattered land


I place this flower

On your barren grave

With tears you I shower

Without you I cannot strive



My own tears


I watch them in the mirror

As they slide down my cheeks

Tears I shed because of you

For I miss you like crazy


They soften the soil beneath my feet

I want to lie down into the womb of this planet

To be beside you for eternity and beyond

There is no life without you on this world



Let’s fly


Let’s fly away from here

On your wings out of this world

Let’s leave this place of misery

While I shed tears on your shoulder


Let’s fly into a better world

Far away from this one

Carry me on your beautiful wings

Into a world where I won’t shed any tears



Such a wicked creature


What a wicked creature you are

I can see it in your glare

Evil planted its roots in you

I can see it behind your eyes so blue


You destroy everything in your path

Many have felt your wrath

You seduced so many men

And taken lives from their women


But I fear you not

Because your soul will rot

And by my hand you will be punished

And in front of Him you will be judged



Monsters of stone


As I walk through this dreadful city

In which you can’t find a grain of tranquility

I see them standing on those concrete giants

I see those creatures which feast on the innocents


They consume me with their ever watching eyes

They enjoy in listening to our never ending cries

These wicked monsters of stone

Will stand here even after we’re gone



In this night


This is the night

My sweet princess

You’re made out of pure light

Your beauty conquers the darkness


In this night we shall dance

Make love and evil will have no chance

To take us apart ever again

Because our love is greater than any mountain



I fear the life


Why is life so frightening

I fear it so much

Many dangers threaten our existence

And physical and mental pains are unbearable


I fear to live this life we have

Wherever I look I see madness

Death is so peaceful

Or maybe it isn’t


What awaits me after death

Peace or a world much worse than this one

I will find that out very soon

I can hear the footsteps of Death





Sing to me with your sweet voice

Sing me a song of peace and tranquility

Make me fall asleep in my comfy and safe bed

Kiss me in the forehead and wish me goodnight


But all of these are empty wishes

I have no mother to sing to me

They took her away from me

But sometimes I can still hear her voice


I can still hear that lullaby she sang to me

I can still feel her lips on my forehead

As I lie in this bed so comfy and safe

I descend into a world of dreams where my mother still lives



Rising fears


Look at them hiding in the mist

Can you see their glowing eyes

Can you smell the foulness

They are rising up to spread dread


We should run away

Or maybe kill ourselves

It’s better to die than to face them

These fears are rising and we’re all doomed



The girl next door


There is this girl next door

Nice and beautiful but poor

Her life is one big tragedy

Her voice a nature’s melody


So much misery plagues this girl

Yet her eyes still shine like a pearl

They are honest and full of kindness

But most of the time they stare only into darkness


Such a beautiful girl deserves happiness

But her life is consumed by madness

The innocence she had is lost

Yet her touch still is pure and soft



Where do we belong


Where do we belong

What have we done wrong

We the outcasts of society

We who can’t reach tranquility


But we must stay strong

As in our head plays this song

That speaks about sadness

About us who hide in darkness



That moment of peace


Oh what I would give

To achieve that moment of peace

To rest my soul for one day

To grant my mind tranquility it deserves


But those are only wishes in the dust

For I am constantly plagued by madness

It just doesn’t want to leave me alone

Its only desire is to take away my sanity



Let’s sing


Let us sing a song

Of love and tragedy

Of love so strong

And tragedy so wrong


Let us sing until we die

Let us die and do not cry

In the world beyond again we shall sing

Into world beyond our love we shall bring



Forces beyond


Such forces plague our world

And those beyond ours

And I know these forces

So terrible and unforgiving


I’m afraid to live

I’m afraid to die

Wherever I go

Those forces shall consume my soul



Keep it hidden


I try to keep it hidden

This madness within me

This madman digging his way through

And it’s not easy to pretend


So many visions plague me

So many dreads run underneath my skin

This soul I have is filled with tar

These creatures around me will soon get to know the real me



Realms of imagination


Are they really just imagination

Or are they a glimpse of what is beyond

These realms that make no sense

Which appear in our minds without a reason


Shall we visit them after we die

These realms so horrifying

These realms so beautiful

These realms in the midst of our minds



Trying to keep sanity


To keep sanity upon this world

One must become more than a mere man

To protect what makes him special

One must run away and forget his past



She’s the one


Can you see that woman beside the grave

She’s the one that keeps me awake

That doesn’t allow me to rest in peace

That is showering this graveyard with her grace


She visits his grave every single day

And I want her on this graveyard to stay

For eternity and beyond into ceaseless

Where her light shatters the darkness


Such a beautiful woman cries in this graveyard

Her tears soften the stone of monsters which stand guard

When will you join us in this world of tranquility

You sweet lady that holds the key of my sanity



Chilling night


I shiver on this winter

I shiver in this night

As I await for my master

The bringer of blight


The cleanse is coming

He’s going to deliver us freedom

There is no running

There is only martyrdom


For those who aren’t worthy

Their punishment shall be grave

For us He has no empathy

So I chose to become His slave



Remember the moonlight


Do you remember that night

Illuminated by moonlight

You and I sat on the meadow

As we witnessed the merging of our shadow


The kisses we shared

The illuminating moon witnessed

Our love shattered the darkness

And cured my ever growing madness


And as the moon gave kingdom to the sun

You and I were separated because you had to run

Your pale skin began to burn

And now I wait for the night when you will return



Poets of the cold


They wander through these ruthless streets

Sharing the warmth of a written word

During nights so dreary and cold

That shivers the bones of the dead


People find their poems written on paper

They find them clutched in their frozen hands

As they lay dead and stare into oblivion

Into madness they need to write down



Write me a poem


As I lie on this deathbed

I want you to write me a poem

Of our love that brought my soul back

From that pit called solitude


As I hold your soft hands

I want you to write me a poem

Of love that burned the brightest

That shattered the darkness in me


As I stare into your emerald eyes

I want you to write me a poem

Of you and me during days so heavenly

That pulled me out from wandering into the night


As I exhale my last breath

I want you to write me a poem

Which I will read every day after I die

Until you join me in eternity



Wait for the crying birds


Beneath this tree

Under the rising sun

You told me to wait

For the crying birds


Their cries meant your arrival

The rise of your utmost beauty

The punishment for their crimes

I wait for you mother of nature



Angels above the cradle of sin


Once they flew above this beautiful planet

Sharing their knowledge to all of humanity

Giving the love of God to His children

And protecting them from the outer evils


But the evil came from within

It was bred inside the minds of humanity

And once its seeds sprouted

Humanity forgot God and progressed toward doom


God closed His doors to both humanity and angels

Humanity’s evil kept the angels from reaching the ground

So they stayed trapped in the sky

And they flew for ages above this cradle of sin


And they observed and observed

Their progress and their wickedness

The wars they fought for centuries

The evil that grew within them


And they got tired and sorrowful

The humanity’s evil devoured their wings

So they fell in the cradle of sin

And became as twisted as the ones that brought them down



Centuries in tears


I have spent these last centuries

Crying an ocean of tears

Missing your sweet voice

In my dreams still kissing your beautiful face


But I shall not despair

I know this world isn’t fair

I will bring you back to me

And we shall hold our arms and be forever free



We dance in silence


My friends and I dance

In this darkness

In this silence

On the floor made of madness


Come dance the dance of the dead

Come with us and live in eternity

Where there are no tears to shed

Where you can find only tranquility



Before I leave this world


Before I leave this world

I have a story that needs to be told

About a man who sleeps with sorrow

This man dreams of a better tomorrow


This man’s dreams never became a reality

His mind and soul are drowning in insanity

He finds comfort in loneliness

His only friend is utter darkness


This world brings him nothing but pain

And all the miseries he tries to wash away in the rain

Maybe after life he’ll find tranquility

In all the vast world beyond called eternity



This child


This child was born in darkness

This child was forged in madness

This child was shrouded in blackness

This child was raised in sadness



Relieve the dust


Relieve the dust from my bones

Remove from my soul these heavy stones

Set me free from this afterlife in pain

Release me before I become completely insane



I fall alone


For centuries and more

I’ve been falling through this abyss

Through this blinding darkness

Alone with no one to talk to


It’s not easy to fall like this

Alone and trapped in darkness

Hugged by blistering coldness

In fear and utter pain


Is there anyone to pull me out

I just want to feel the warmth

Of another human being

I just want to talk to someone


For centuries and more

I’ve been falling through this abyss

Feeling nothing but coldness and pain

Alone and abandoned by all



This can’t be life


Is this really life

This manifestation of misery

Where one can’t acquire peace

Where one suffers from day to day


Maybe death is truly better

In it you can find true peace

I hope there is peace in it

And not something far worse than this



Sleep my child


It’s not easy to fall asleep

In this world of pain and misery

So I play this lullaby for you

Let it carry you into a better world


I hope you can fall asleep

In this world of torment and sorrow

As I play this lullaby for you

Let it carry you away from this dreary world



The world changes


Cracks on the walls appear

Ashes fall from the darkening sky

Sirens echo throughout this wicked city

From the shadows rise creatures so foul


Mist begins to consume me

In it I stand blind and scared

Their foul voices I can hear

As they are getting closer to me


This world suddenly changes

It becomes even crazier than it was

Such dreadful feelings swarm my mind

I wish to hide in a hole and die



This is my life


This is my life

So pathetic and poor

I’ve been crawling through it

On all of my four


I hate it so much

For it has no reason

Should I or not

Drink this sweet little poison


I find happiness

Only within my dreams

As the world goes quiet

And its seven billion screams


In them I perform a requiem

For the ones long gone

They are better off

From this world of ash and bone



Music of the moon


As I walk through this dreary night

Showered by moon’s pale light

I hear this beautiful music

That heals my mind so sick


It’s a breeze of delight for my weary ears

It shatters all of my phobias and fears

With it I bravely walk through darkness

With it I fear no more my inner madness


And so it finally brings me tranquility

In this vast ocean of depravity

I stop and look at the moon so bright

As it illuminates the world in all of its might



Eternal love


In this bliss cold night

Just a little after midnight

I find myself in abyss

Still feeling the fading kiss

Of a woman in a dreary dress

Showered with eternal sadness

Of a hair so dark

And emerald eyes which spark

Of a pale and soft skin

And a soul which made no sin

This beauty is all alone

Trapped between glass and stone

Searching for a glimmer of salvation

To be rescued from this utter damnation

And I walk through this abyss so dreary

My body and soul are so weary

I try to find this beauty which kissed me only once

So she and I could forever dance

On a river made of our sharing tears

Where we would cure each others fears

And stay in each others arms for all eternity

And finally feel so much needed tranquility

I shall find you and rescue you my sweet princess

And you won’t anymore drown in darkness

For no walls and no glass and no darkness can stop me

And when I save you our love eternal shall be



Senses within


What our sore eyes cannot see

Things which are truly free

They dwell in a world within a world

There are many secrets that need to be unfold


What our weary ears cannot hear

Things which most would fear

Hidden behind an invisible wall

And we can’t hear their call


What our rotten noses cannot smell

Things that forever dwell

Which were here long before humanity

And they blame us for stealing their tranquility


What our cracked skin cannot feel

Things that would make us heal

Each others with a power of a word

And turn this place into a better world


And so I rely on the senses within

Which I posses for I have no sin

And stand witness to these things so majestic

Things that could heal your minds so sick





Oh the things these dreary creatures can create

As they are besieged by eternal hate

Upon this world of madness and utter horrors

Conquered by darkness and midnight terrors


So wicked are their deeds

This species so much help needs

For they are lost in their own depravity

As they are drowning in an ocean of insanity





When will peace befall humanity

Probably when they all die

Only then will there be tranquility

And for them the angels won’t cry


They can’t find peace in their wicked souls

For they are the most ignorant fools

Instead of enjoying in this one life they have

They cut down each others and live like a slave



Let’s walk together


You and I

Are walking on the sea

Of utter misery

Created by the tears

Of humanity

Across the horizons

Where countless bastions

Made out of bones

Proudly stand and defile

This once beautiful world

And as we stare

And as they glare

Into our weary souls

We fear them not

For you and I

Are walking endlessly

Through this fantasy

Our tormented minds

Created and accepted



Landscapes of our minds


Through the barren fields

Of our weary minds

Flows this river of tears

Under the mountain of fears


In the distance a leafless forest grows

Around a lake where madness flows

Into the sky where phobias dance

Through the clouds from which demons glance


And there are those endless hills of misery

That stretch into horizons of treachery

Where colors fade into abyss

In these landscapes one can’t find bliss



Color my soul sad


So much tragedy happens around me

So much pain befalls this world of misery

I can’t stand to watch it every day

But on this world I have to stay

And witness the atrocities they commit

To peace they will never submit

For evil plagues their weary souls

As through their minds echo a billion howls

Which make them go mad

And all that colors my soul sad



My sin


The only sin I committed

Was when I fell in love with you

And because of you I went mad

For I had to have you forever


And all who stood in my way

Were quickly brought down

I painted my sword red

Because of you


And as I stuck that same sword into you

I watched life leaving your eyes

I inhaled your last breath

And merged our souls together forever



On the other side of the world


There you were

Far away from me

I wished you here

They told me to let it be


But I could not forget you

The smell of your hair

And your soul so true

We had so much to share


And so I began to walk

Carrying nothing but love and hope

With myself I knew to talk

As darkness began to form a shape


And I finally walked into your life

And watched you committing a sin

As you slashed your throat with that knife

I screamed as I caressed your pale skin





I have this strange desire

To cleanse my body with fire

And free my soul from this prison

Made of flesh and bones and red poison


And I watch myself in the mirror

All who would see me would run from this horror

As I slowly burn in all the fire’s glory

The end finally comes to my miserable story



Kiss me goodnight


Kiss me goodnight

But don’t say goodbye

Shower me with your light

And don’t you ever cry


Kiss me goodnight

One more time before I die

This life has been such a hard fight

Time has come for me to fly



This world they inhabit


From all the wicked deeds my eyes have seen

From all the dreary places where I have been

To all the sorrowful sounds my ears have heard

To all the fallen worlds where I have spread my caring word

I have never seen a world as cruel as this one

That slowly withers away under the crying sun

And the species that dwells upon its rotten core

I wish to see them nevermore



Red sky


From the sky so red

Above a world so mad

He descends to punish humanity

To erase this depravity

This species born in sin

That constantly carries an evil grin

He descends to punish them all

This world madness shall befall

Torn pages from Gothilibrium

  • Author: Daniel Markov
  • Published: 2016-03-31 17:20:07
  • Words: 3435
Torn pages from Gothilibrium Torn pages from Gothilibrium