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Torn Apart | Part One

Torn Apart | Part One


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Part One

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Torn Apart | Part One



*Part One *


The cab pulls up outside Hollywood Studios and I quickly hand the cabbie a twenty dollar bill. I get out holding onto my coffee cup and bagged bagel in my hand.

I rush inside, bumping directly into someone, spilling my precious coffee all down my long, purple checkered shirt.

“Great.” I mumble grabbing a napkin from my bag when a deep, masculine voice interrupts my inner ramble.

Mad, is that you?” My eyes close taking in the familiar low husky sounding voice as I slowly look up and my fear is confirmed.

The sudden, unexpected arousal and that hits me leaves me shocked while my heart lurches up to my throat causing it to go dry.

When our eyes meet again everything that happened between us flashes through my mind in an instant leaving me sore and bruised.

Tristan Stone and I were kids who became so close that we fell in love as teenagers and stayed together happily until two years ago when he left. Leaving only a note behind.

We were high school sweethearts, only two years separating us in age. It wasn’t easy for us as not everyone was thrilled of our relationship but we had made it work. I’m now twenty-one.

I came from a middle class background. Whereas Tristan and his mother barely had enough money to clothe themselves, but none of that ever bothered me.

I didn’t care about money, but my family hated Tristan just because he didn’t have any. I stood up to them for what I believed in and that was us being together. But when times got tough he took off leaving me to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart.

“You don’t get to call me that anymore. It’s Maddie to you, actually no, it’s Madison.” I tell him in a sharp and brisk tone and smile inwardly at is hurt expression. Good, let him feel some of the hurt I still feel.

Maddie is what I tell my friends and family to call me. Anyone I don’t know or like, I tell them to call me Madison. Tristan knows this and he immediately got my silent message, there’s nothing between us anymore, as how could there be?

I had to move on the hard way with no answers except a note in his messy handwriting placed on my bedside table saying…

“I’m sorry Mad”

“What are you doing here?” I ask annoyed.

“Shooting a music video for my tenth single” He answers and looks around the busy streets, frowning seemingly lost in thought with his hands in his pockets.

I take a good look at him as I keep my eyes on him narrowed, pretending I’m no longer affected by him in his tight, black jeans, gray shirt, brown leather jacket and black combat boots. Tristan is still so sexy with his brown shoulder length hair pulled up into a manbun. His brown chocolate eyes sparkling with mischief and he’s still got the hottest dimpled cheeks known to man.

I forgot how tall he was and he is definitely more buff than he used to be when I knew him. And from the photoshoots I’ve seen in magazines he now has six pack abs, muscled arms, and a rock hard body. I gulp, remembering the hot visuals of him in only boxer briefs for a campaign he did last year.

“What have you been up to?” Tristan wonders still frowning with a touch of shyness.

I shouldn’t be surprised that I followed his solo music career of his Pop/R’n‘B sound and he never bothered to followed mine.

“I’m filming a movie. I’ve got to go, I’m late.” I say moving past him.

I make it just inside the door of the studios with my mind spinning in all kinds of directions when Tristan gently places his hand on my arm and pleads “Wait, let me explain.”

I shake it off just as the director’s female assistant calls my name [_“Madison Hunter?” _]From her clipboard and looking around the crew and various sets searching for me.

Thankful for the save she just gave me I shrug my arm free and walk off without a backward glance even though I long to know why he left me two years ago.

After filming my scenes I dress back in my clothes. I pull my long, black, natural wavy hair into a ponytail throwing my chic glasses back on with my vivid blue eyes still noticeable.

I’m quite short in height but the pressures of being in the spotlight makes sure I stay a size zero. My oval face and bee-stung lips are in demand in Hollywood but no one actually cares about me, it’s a job hazard. Acting is my dream though so I don’t dwell on the downside too much instead I remind myself of who I am everyday and enjoy the minor success I’m having.

I’m exiting the studios when Tristan steps out from the shadows and walks towards me hands up in a gesture of peace.

“All I’m asking is to let me explain Mad, please.” I look away confused but curious because I did love this man once. Hell who I’m I kidding, the man I still and always will love.

I always thought I’d hate him if we ever saw each other again but I realize now that’s not true, not true at all. I’m still in love with him and curiosity as to why he left is eating me up. So forcing my eyes to meet his again I tell him he can buy me dinner and explain but nothing more. He nods vigorously with enthusiasm and my heart jumps wondering what have I just agreed too.

Tristan takes us to Nobu and over dinner he begins explaining. It’s incredibly hard to stay upset with him the longer I’m around him because he was my childhood.

“Mad, your whole family kept telling me I’d amount to nothing, that I wasn’t worthy of you. So one day I woke up and decided to become worthy but it meant leaving you to do so. I left for LA and worked at a café to save up for a guitar and went to every record label auditioning. Finally, one gave me a break… Then when I’d made something of myself it was fear that held me back from you, but from afar I was so proud of your achievements Mad.” He says with a soft smile.

I snort.

“You didn’t even know why I was at Hollywood Studios today?” I fire back thinking I’ve caught him in a lie.

“Yes I do. You were there to film Single Mother. There’s a reason I asked to shoot my video there today because finally I was brave enough to chase after the one girl who means everything to me. That girl is you Maddie.” I’m breathless, shocked and unsure of what to say to that.

My Tristan had known all along. He thought he had to better himself for me to love him because my snobbish family made him feel that way. Anger builds up inside of me curling my hand into a fist for how they treated him I’m definitely going to be having words with them soon. And yeah he could of handled the situation better, but if I know him and I do, then he felt embarrassed that he didn’t have anything to offer me.

“Tristan, I didn’t care about anything but you. I didn’t care if you had the fancy background my family desired. I only cared about you, and us together.” I say smiling a lot of the pressure on my chest since finding that note leaving me.

The sexual tension that raises between us cannot be ignored and quickly we leave the restaurant.

Tristan’s driver takes us back to his place in the hills as we kiss in the backseat like teenagers again. The kiss is a familiar one I’ve missed so much. His hand travel up my leg stopping at my hip as his tongue delves in deep dancing with mine. His essence of the outdoors has me lost in sensual haze and old memories. Tristan kicks open his front door and we spend all night making love and reconnecting, happy to be one again.

Three months later



After sleeping together that night, I didn’t easily forgive him. It took a lot of work on his part and showing me he isn’t going anywhere this time. I definitely put him through his paces and so I should’ve. So here I am in The Staples Centre to a sold out Tristan Stone concert watching the show from the sidelines.

Mid set, Tristan speaks into his mic “I’d like to invite my girlfriend Madison Hunter to the stage. You all know her from her awesome movies, right?” The crowd cheers loudly deafening me almost.

I freeze and his PA gently pushes me out from behind the curtain. I take a few nervous steps and he walks toward me taking my hand, guiding me to the middle of the stage, getting down on one knee.

“Madison Hunter I love you and I always have. It’s time I ask the one question I’ve wanted to ask since I was eighteen. Will you marry me?”

I’m stunned looking down on him, barely taking in his words. He pulls out a blue Tiffany’s box opening it to a large centered diamond with small ones surrounding it.

I love this man and in the time we’ve been back together, we’ve grown so much stronger. I told my family to either accept him or they won’t see me again. They eventually came around and tonight are in the audience.

My life flashes past me and I see us happily married, living our dreams together this time, having children and growing old together. So off course it’s a yes, he’s my forever.

“Yes, yes I’ll marry you.” I answer and Tristan slips the ring on, picking me up then shouting “She said yes” to his fans who roar in response.

Our lips meet in the most intense, hottest and dirtiest kiss we’ve ever had. Tristan sucks on my lower lip and his teeth slide across and it’s so sensual getting my pulse racing as his hands squeeze my bottom to a whooping crowd.

“I love you Mad, always” Tristan says as we pull apart.

“I love you too Trist, always” I reply staring into his eyes, my heart full.


Madison & Tristan’s Story Continues In…

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Torn Apart | Part Two

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Torn Apart | Part One

Dreams Tore Them Apart. When Madison Hunter's childhood sweetheart Tristan Stone left her to pursue his dreams, he tore apart her heart taking a piece with him. Two years later, Maddie strives to complete her own dream of becoming a successful actress hoping this will fill the void of the emptiness inside her. As she carries on with life she watches Tristan from the sidelines, as he climbs the charts swooning hearts all over the nation. All with the exception of hers as he still holds that missing piece. When the two collide in an unfortunate event it changes everything. Will Maddie finally get the answer as to why he left her with only a note and will fate finally intervene and put them both on the right path? Torn Apart is a story released in five parts as a web-series on my website and on vendors for free.

  • ISBN: 9781370615889
  • Author: ClareMarie
  • Published: 2017-08-08 04:05:11
  • Words: 1997
Torn Apart | Part One Torn Apart | Part One