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Tooty the Tiger: Short Stories, Coloring Book, and Jokes!


Tooty the Tiger

Uncle Amon

Uncle Amon Books


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Table of Contents


Tooty the Tiger

Tooty Helps the Mice

Tooty the Tiger and the Move

Tooty the Tiger Climbs a Tree

Todd Needs Help

Funny Jokes for Kids

Games and Puzzles

Game and Puzzle Solutions

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[] Tooty the Tiger

Tooty the tiger was not very big. In fact she was the smallest tiger in the Tooty Frooty Jungle. She was not the strongest tiger. She was not the fastest tiger. Tooty did not worry about all of that, but she was a very brave tiger.

Her brother Todd was a very large, strong, and fast tiger. He liked to walk around the jungle boasting about all of the things he could do. One day after Todd had won a race against some of the other tigers in the jungle, he went around the jungle bragging about his victory.

“I could beat you,” he said to a passing deer. “And I could beat you,” he cheered while dancing around a rabbit. “I could definitely beat you,” Todd called to a passing turtle. He was very excited about winning. The rest of the jungle was not as excited about him winning.

Tooty decided she needed to do something about her brother and his bragging. So Tooty challenged Todd to a race.

“You?” Todd laughed, “You want to race me? But you only have three legs.”

Oh, did I forget to mention that. Tooty the tiger only had three legs. She had lost one of her back legs in a hunter’s trap when she was just a little cub. It never stopped Tooty. In fact she very rarely thought about it.

It hurt Tooty’s feelings to hear Todd laughing like that, but it only made her want to race more. Tooty and Todd agreed to race a long distance race. They would run from their den to the abandoned temple and then along the river to the human village. They decided that the race would be first thing in the morning. Tooty went off to tell her jungle friends about the race and they all wanted to do what they could to help her win.

The morning came and as the sun rose in the sky, Tooty and Todd prepared for the race. Todd was preparing his victory speech, “I can beat you, and you, and you.”

Tooty was stretching and warming up to get ready for the race. Turquoise the oldest and wisest turtle in the jungle called the runners to the starting line.

“If you are ready,” he called out, “Go!” Todd blasted off the starting line leaving Tooty in the dust. Tooty was not worried. She just tried to run as best she could.

Along the way Todd ran into a rabbit, “Oh Todd you are so great,” the rabbit said. The rabbit asked Todd to tell him the secret to his speed. Todd knew he was way ahead of his sister so he stopped to talk. In fact there were many animals along the way who asked Todd about how fast he was. Todd stopped to talk to each one.

When Todd finally reached the finish line he was shocked to see Tooty waiting for him. The other animals were cheering her name.

“How did you beat me?” Todd wondered aloud.

“I just ran my race,” said Tooty, “And I didn’t worry about anything else.”

Moral of the story: Do not brag and act boastful, just run your race.

[] Tooty Helps the Mice

It had rained for days and days. Tooty the tiger and her brother Todd had spent the last four days trapped inside their den with no place to go. The tigers were starting to get just a little restless. “It is my shiny stone!” Todd yelled as he tried to take a small, glittery rock from his little sister.

“Grandma gave it to me,” Tooty reminded her brother. The tigers wrestled around as they argued. Their cave was small, so they kept bumping into things. When the tigers stopped fighting they realized two things. First, the stone was gone. Second, the house was a mess. They searched through the den for hours looking for the stone.

And that was when the mouse came in. “Help!” yelled the mouse. “My family is trapped on the other side of the river. The water is rising very fast.” The mouse was shaking from the cold and wet day. “I need your help.”

Todd stuck his nose up in the air. He was a tiger. He was not about to waste time helping a mouse.

Tooty said, “I will help you.” The mouse led Tooty down to the river. His family was on the other side waving their arms as the water got higher and higher. “I am going to swim across and get them.”

“How could you do that?” said the little mouse, “You only have three legs.” Tooty very rarely thought of herself as a three-legged tiger. She could do anything a four-legged tiger could do.

“I will be ok,” Tooty called as she waded into the water and started to swim across. The currents rushed water very quickly downstream. Tooty had never seen the river so full. The currents had never been this strong. Tooty was a good swimmer. Tooty paddled as hard as she could. When Tooty reached the other side she was exhausted.

“Lie down here for a while,” said mother mouse. “You need to rest.” Tooty knew that she could not lie down as the river was only getting stronger and wider as the rain continued. Tooty had the entire mice family climb onto her head. Now they would be out of the water while she swam.

The young tiger made it most of the way back before the currents started to take her down the river. She paddled harder and harder against the current. Tooty’s arms were about to give out when a vine fell right in front of her face. “Pull yourself in!” yelled the first little mouse. Tooty did just that.

Back in their den Todd was still looking for the shiny pebble. “Whoever finds it gets to keep it.” said Todd. Tooty and the mice came in from the rain. Tooty told the mice about the shiny rock and the fight she had had with her brother.

“We will help you look.” said the mice. Very quickly the first little mouse crawled into a tiny crevice that only a mouse could fit in. “Is this it?” The mouse said. Todd pouted as he realized the rock was Tooty’s once again.

Moral of the story: Always take the time to help others, because kindness always pays off in the long run!

[] Tooty the Tiger and the Move

Tooty was a tiger. She lived in a den with her brother Todd and her mother. Tooty was not a very big tiger. Tooty was not a very fast tiger. The little tiger was a very determined tiger though. Her mother had been preparing her cubs for a big move for weeks. The tiger family was moving from a cave on one side of the Tooty Frooty Jungle to a cave on the other side of the jungle.

“Will the animals on the other side of the forest like me?” Tooty asked her mother. Her mother told her that they would while she stroked Tooty’s beautiful fur.

“Of course they aren’t going to like you,” Todd said. “You only have three legs.”

She never let it stop her for doing anything. Sometimes though, she was nervous to try something new. Todd laughed really hard at his very cruel joke. Tooty looked down as she started to pout.

Tooty’s mother told her that everything would be fine. So they packed themselves up for the move. They walked through the jungle all night and all day. They walked so long that Tooty thought, “We must have passed every tree that this jungle has.” When they got to the cave everyone went to sleep.

The next day Tooty and Todd ran out of the cave. They tried to find other animals who wanted to play. They met some otters down by the river. Tooty asked, “Do you guys want to play.”

“Where is your other leg?” The smaller otter shouted back. He climbed up on shore to look Tooty over. The smaller otter climbed right under the tiger. He pushed on the space, “It should go right here. Have you seen it recently?” The otter asked, “I could help you look for it.”

“Oswald!” The bigger otter said, “That is not polite.” The otter pulled his brother away. “You aren’t supposed to talk about things that aren’t there, or too many things, or weird bumps.” Oswald tried to break free and the otters started wrestling. Tooty could not help but laugh.

“It’s not a big deal,” said Tooty, “I don’t mind answering questions.” She thought for a moment, “Let’s start with the first. I haven’t seen my leg in a while. I lost it when I was just a cub.”

“Do you have to run sideways?” Oswald started again, “Or standing on your head? My brother Orton,” Oswald pointed to his brother, “can stand on his head.”

“Why would I need to do that?” Tooty laughed. “I run forwards, but only three feet touch the ground.”

Oswald seemed satisfied by the answer she gave. He walked up to Tooty looking really hard and moving slow. “Tag! You’re it.” He yelled as he hit the tiger and both otters ran. Tooty chased after them. The new friends played all through the day. Tooty was happy that her family moved to the new cave.

Moral of the story: You do not need to be afraid of change, trying new things can be good and fun!

[] Tooty the Tiger Climbs a Tree

Tooty the tiger did not run very fast. She was not the strongest tiger in the Tooty Frooty Jungle. Tooty was strong in many other ways. She was smart, determined, and tougher than most. She lived in a cave with her mother and brother Todd. Tooty loved to explore the jungle around her den. Today she had a mission she was going to climb the tall tree.

Tooty lives in a jungle surrounded by trees. Tigers are cats. Tooty has climbed many trees in the past. The tall tree has always been too big. Todd is the only young tiger in the jungle that can climb the tall tree. Whenever he sees Tooty trying to climb this tree Todd says, “You will never climb the tall tree, you only have three legs.”

She has never let it stop her from doing what she wanted to do. She does not think of herself as three-legged. She is just Tooty and she can do anything.

The tree was big and wide a round. There were no low branches that you could grab onto. Tooty tried to dig her claws into the bark of the tree and pull herself up. She got up onto the tree, but she could hear the bark starting to break. Tooty fell hard onto her back taking a bunch of the bark with her. She lay on the ground for a while staring up at the tree. It looked so much taller when she was flat on the ground.

“Are you trying to climb the tall tree again” Todd laughed. “Haven’t you given up yet?”

Tooty walked away sulking. She did not like quitting, but she did not want to listen to Todd laughing at her. Tooty walked through the jungle to see her friends Oswald and Orton Otter.

Tooty found the brothers playing in the river and she told them about her problem.

“Have you ever tried to climb the tree a different way?” asked Orton. Tooty wasn’t sure what he meant. “You are trying to climb the tree like Todd, but he is bigger and stronger.”

Tooty did not like to hear that, but Orton was right. Orton continued, “I crack shells with a rock while I float, but Oswald is not strong enough yet, so he cracks shells on rocks that lay along the shore.”

“It’s the only way I can break the shells to eat.” said Oswald. Tooty knew Orton was right. She had to learn to climb the tree like Tooty and not like Todd.

So the friends went back to the tree to see if they could find the “Tooty way” to climb a tree. Todd snuck up on the group and stole a shell that Oswald had brought for a snack.

“Hey!” yelled Oswald, but Todd ran away and climbed up the tall tree. Tooty ran after him. With a running start Tooty shot right up the tree. Todd turned back to see what was behind him. He was so surprised to see Tooty that Todd fell out of the tree.

Moral of the story: Never give up on your goals. There is always a way if you keep trying.

[] Todd Needs Help

Tooty the tiger was not very big. She was not very fast. She lived in a cave with her mother and her brother Todd. Todd was very big. He was also very fast.

Todd liked to remind everyone that he was very big and fast. Some days he would just walk through the jungle telling people.

“I am faster than you,” he said to the deer. “I am stronger than you,” he said to the ox. “I am smarter than you,” Todd said to the owl.

“You are not,” the owl replied. But Todd did not hear. The young tiger had already moved on. Todd was busy telling a snake that he could probably slither faster than him too. The animals in the jungle knew that Todd liked to brag. Todd had said something to almost every animal in the jungle at one time or another.

It happened that one day as Todd was looking around for animals he was better than. He was not watching where he was going. Todd saw a hawk flying through the skies and started to call out, “Hey hawk! I bet I can jump higher than yoooouuuu!”

Splash! Todd had fallen into a well. He was stuck in water up to his belly. Todd tried to climb the walls. He could not get a good hold. The hawk flew down and perched on the top of the well.

“Well,” he said. “Let’s see this big jump of yours.” The hawk started to laugh as he flew off leaving Todd trapped in a well.

“Help!” Todd yelled. A turtle peered over the side of the well. Todd asked for help.

“I am much too slow and weak to help,” said the turtle. “Don’t you remember?” Todd had told the turtle that he was slow and weak. The turtle left Todd in the well.

Other animals found Todd in the well and other animals left Todd in the well. The deer reminded Todd that he had called the deer slow. The ox felt he was not strong enough, because he was not as strong as Todd.

Finally Tooty came along and found Todd in the well.

“You can’t help me,” said Todd. “You only have three legs.”

Tooty was annoyed at what her brother said, but she knew he needed her help.

Tooty found a bunch of rope tied to a bucket near the well. Tooty dropped one end down to her brother and said, “Hold on tight.” Tooty took the other end around the tree and used the tree as a pulley. This made the load, Todd, not as heavy. Tooty tugged on the rope until she saw her brother at the top of the well.

Todd got out and said, “Thank you,” to his sister. He thought about telling her that he would have pulled her out of a well faster. Then he thought he shouldn’t.

Moral of the story: Build others up with compliments. Don’t tear them down with insults.

~ ~ ~

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[] Funny Jokes for Kids

Q: What’s long, green and goes hith?
A: A snake with a lisp!

Q: Why do elephants eat raw food?
A: Because they don’t know how to cook!

Q: What do monkeys sing at Christmas?
A: Jungle Bells!

Q: Why are frogs so happy?
A: They eat whatever bugs them!

Q: What kind of birds do you usually find locked up?
A: Jail-birds!

Q: Why did the mosquito go to the dentist?
A: To improve his bite!

Q: What’s the biggest moth in the world?
A: A mammoth!

Q: What do you say if you meet a toad?
A: Warts new?

Q: What do insects learn at school?
A: Mothmatics!

Q: What’s a snake’s favorite dance?
A: The mamba!

Q: What is the biggest ant in the world?
A: An elephant!

Q: Why are monkeys underpaid?
A: They’re willing to work for peanuts!

Q: What kind of shoes do frogs like?
A: Open toad sandals!

Q: What happened when the owl lost his voice?
A: He didn’t give a hoot!

Q: How do fireflies lose weight?
A: They burn calories!

Q: What do you give a sick bird?
A: Tweetment!

[] Games and Puzzles

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

[] Game and Puzzle Solutions


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All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction. No part of this book or this book as a whole may be used, reproduced, or transmitted in any form or means without written permission from the publisher.

Tooty the Tiger: Short Stories, Coloring Book, and Jokes!

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Tooty the Tiger: Short Stories, Coloring Book, and Jokes! Tooty the Tiger: Short Stories, Coloring Book, and Jokes!