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By truth and by righteousness, let there be fulfilment and equal salvation for you and I, and everyone else in ALYAASHA the UTMOST of all and the Most Kind GOD.






Until an individual reaches a point where they choose to change the sails of their life for the best and assume total control of all their traits psychologically, emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, economically and politically, the path to true fulfillment in life, which is often referred to as greatness, will remain a farfetched dream because all life revolves around the choices we make every second of our lives. In this short and easy to read eBook, I am not going to tell you how to live your life but am here to serve as your guide towards making the best choices in life and empower yourself to true fulfillment. And to fully comprehend the power of this sermon and the anecdotes herein, follow all suggestions and instructions to the later, making sure to use all the tools you will learn about and you will propel yourself to your soul’s true height of greatness in life.









Be thou not conformed to this world: instead be thou changed in GOD by the restoration of your mind and your whole being, that you may prove what pious thing the UTMOST predestined thee by grace and by kindness to perfect.


The two greatest forces behind everyone’s professional, social, financial and spiritual condition in life are choice and habit. What we are and where we are, comprise the sum total of our fixed habits and the very choices we make every second of our lives. How we think and behave; how we see things and express ourselves is a duplication of the various choices we have made and patterns we have established over many years, probably since childhood. Unfortunately however, many such habits and choices do not truly reflect us as we were meant to be by the UTMOST of all as they were or are influenced directly or indirectly on us by those in our lives. As a result, many of us have up to now been living unfulfilling lives because these lives are not ours but are of those who designed them for us. In other words, they miss-represent our core personalities-who we truly are and what we genuinely desire or are capable of doing, but represent an extension of someone else’s opinions. So the first step to becoming whoever you want to be in life, a doctor, a physician, a lawyer, an accountant or a political analyst and achieve inner harmony and enduring success is re-inventing yourself, beginning by making an own definite choice to become that, take liability and begin to weave new patterns that will empower you to achieve that desired self.





Better a life directed by the UTMOST because nothing complicates life than playing by someone else’ standards.


It is such a pity to recognize that a lot of people, even the elderly in their sixties or seventies, still carry around the conditioning they received from parents, relatives, teachers and priests while they were still boys and girls on what is and what is not, what to do and say where and what not to, what’s right and what’s wrong, what career choices and decisions to take or not to take and why. Which accounts for why we have the vast majority of our elderly people who are not willing to part with liberation struggle movements that have long out lived their usefulness because they have lost touch with reality; why we have many old people who are sceptic of change of whatever form not even ready to part with senile and anachronistic beliefs that truth and righteousness has long proven to be bogus and counterproductive to society and the enlightment of humanity in general. This have unfortunately led to a situation whereby many are living lives filled with regret, guilty and self denial because they could not become the individuals they dreamt of becoming or had always wanted to be instead of those which were decided for them by others, through opinions or actions, especially their immediate families and the friends they valued most. Think about it this way, you are probably in prison because a friend told you that the easy and quickest way to get it all in life is stealing from those that already have; you are probably a teacher, a doctor, builder, mechanic or any other professional because you grew up being told by your parents, friends or important people in your life you will make a great professional in this area one day or were indirectly influenced by the fact that such a profession had been the dominant career choice in your family. You hate a person of another colour other than yours because you were told they are evil for their ancestors committed such gross atrocities to your own ancestors; you are sceptical of that other religious gathering near you because they drive expensive cars yet you were perhaps told by your minister that GOD doesn’t associate with materialism; and this applies to the religious group you attend, where you probably go because that’s the fellowship of your girlfriend, your father or your friend; the political views you hold because that’s what your family, friends or local history teacher indoctrinated you with. But if you will sit down and assess how much of all that truly reflect you and how beneficial to you is it all, you will be surprised to learn how not even a single one of them add any significant value to your true aspirations in any way. Let’s say you want to be a business magnet but have bought into the misperception that GOD does not associate with materialism, will you even ever think of cultivating that vision? Definitely not, because you will perceive doing so as giving in to the devil but if it were true and a spiritual rule that we ought not to have to be true believers or GOD’s chosen children, He would not have created gold, diamonds and all the things that makes a materialistic world exist in the first place and we would have not records materialistic people in all religious circles of the human race; because as records suggests, there are very few if any historical figures or organisations in the world which possess more wealthy in assets or in material possessions than religious peoples and religious institutions. Be reminded though that I am not here to suggest that amassing material riches is the greatest of dreams one must aim for: neither am I hereby intending to tell you how you must live your life or what to aim for in life for having vast material riches with an empty soul is as equally venomous as having an account full with spiritual riches while living in the dire straits of poverty, characterised with strife and resentment of GOD as unfair. Thus, this fact alone that you are not living by your own standards, might inadvertently be the reason why you have up to now not yet reached that dream or achieved that goal you had always wanted to reach. Why you are not the person you envisioned yourself to become. Why you are stuck in that unpalatable condition in your life. You are not living in your strength zone, where your habits and choices can only work to advance your own aspirations.



Empower Yourself By Making Your Own Definite Choice


In 2007, I took up a temporary teaching post at Chipinda Secondary School, having been advised to do so by my family. I had consented to the idea because I had believed with all my heart that my family had nothing but the best choices and decisions to offer for me. Please, have not the wrong impression about this example as intended to say our families make bad choices for us; on the contrary, all they desire is nothing but the best for us, a noble thing common of all families. The point is however this that, there is often an error of judgement made by our well meaning parents or families on what our capabilities are or what we are destined to become in life, and it is my sincere hope that after reading this book many families or parents shall give their children all the guidance they can but leave them to decide what they want to become and give them enough support on such choices. Three months later, I found myself miserable in my office surrounded by a heap of books that needed attention, either marking or reading to prepare for the next lesson on my time table. Unabated, questions began to harass me from all angles as I pondered on the subject of what was it that I was doing with my life, ‘all this work for the sake of working, is this what I really want to do all my life, am I even happy doing this?’, I asked myself. To make matters worse, my pay cheque was not reaching me for three months and all efforts to get understandable reasons as to why were futile. For the next two weeks I experienced conflict in my mind. In one corner I wanted to continue teaching to please my family so they could bless me with an opportunity financially to attend University, giving me a chance to become a human rights lawyer, a profession I had long admired because of the injustices that I often read about in the media, being perpetrated against the weak and less privileged. But on the other hand I wanted out and it was then that I realised that nothing complicates life than trying to play by someone else’ standards. A month went by and the internal conflict began to show on the outside as insecurity, uncertainty and fear began to creep upon my conscience. It had all of a sudden dawned on me that I was on my own; my family was no longer able or prepared to help me through higher education due to other unexplained circumstances that had suddenly arisen. So I quit teaching and began to experiment with almost any idea that would have given me an opportunity to acquire tertiary education trying as best as I could to pull it off on my own but it was all an uphill climb characterized by little progress if any at all. At that very time in life, I was less informed like the rest of the guys whom one may find in society who did well in school but have failed to ascend the higher echelons of the learning and professional ladder, so literary speaking, everything I tried never worked. Three years down the line, the internal conflict had transmogrified into a nightmare of self denial, resentment, and insomnia born on a feeling of worthlessness, having been betrayed and superstitious beliefs. I was living on the edge and had sunk much lower than I had never thought of all my life. Every day I prayed for change to my condition but on many occasions I felt like I was trying to fill water in a container with holes underneath. GOD seemed so distant and unappeased by my prayers so much that I fell short of becoming a sceptic. One dawn of August 2010 however, grace knocked on my door and I had the privilege to have an uninterrupted dream audience with GOD in which He revealed to me through His wisdom, the reason why my life was stagnant, why I was going round and round in circles like a ship without a radar, achieving little if anything meaningful at all. It was just an hour or two before waking up from the little sleep that I had managed to get from the long night when I experienced an awareness, an almost out of body feeling as if I was physically experiencing my waking dreams. In the dream, I was on my knees praying when all of a sudden the place upon where I was filled with a great beam of light and from within it a voice began to speak,


‘‘I hear you not when you call unto me with a loud voice while shedding tears,…… the loudness of your prayers is reflected by the sincerity of your purpose………. Will you believe me if I tell you I hear and understand your silent thoughts and feelings much better than when you call them out? Will you agree if I tell you that what you say often in your voiced prayers is not what you really mean to say in your deepest thoughts and your innermost feelings and all these years you have wondered many times whether I am real or am just an Idea meant to fool the weak and vulnerable by those who are in worldly positions of power. A part of you want to believe but the experiences in your life have turned you numb and indifferent and you wonder whether praying is of any significance or it’s just another waste of your precious time………… You constantly think of killing yourself for you see it as the only inevitable option left for you but what much have you lost that you should dare think of taking a life you never created?………… Do you think it pleases me to see you living on the edge like this, struggling, trying and forcing the seemingly impossible? You often look at me with contempt, taking me for an unfair GOD who finds pleasure in the suffering of mankind, but if it were so would I not enjoy your suffering better if I take away your life? Have I not the power to take it away since I am the one who gave it to you……….. Will you not talk to me now that you know I am here?’’

For a couple of minutes I was dumbfounded. I have had spiritual encounters before but this one was different: the iridescent light before me was intense and majestic but gathering the little courage that I could master, I responded.

‘But if you are truly GOD, what is it left of my life that I must not think of taking it. Why are you so distant from me that despite all my prayers you only decide to come now to ask me questions instead of giving me answers to my problems? How honest and sincere are you in saying you are not pleased with the way my life has turned out if you had been reluctant to turn it for the better all this while? Is this your way of showing how an excellent Father you are which is contrary to what the records you inspired teaches?’

‘‘Is life not more than just what you can experience physically………? Do you think if you had all that you needed materially you will be the happiest man I ever made? What help is of it to have all the material amenities if you are empty inside? Yet even as such, have I not given you all the gifts you need to create the material things you need? Is there anything that comes to being which is not thought of first and could there be any better gift I would give you than the mind to think your way to where you want to be? Are there not those without this ‘education’ you so desperately desire among you who are living lives of plenty? How are they doing it and what is it that they have that you don’t have? Now listen and listen carefully because I will say this only but once, I have preserved your life because I created it for a purpose and not until that purpose is realized shall you pass on.’’

‘What purpose is it that I may do as you wish and I will be free if I fulfil it?’

‘‘You are already free to do as you please for I have given you freewill and many talents and abilities to become whatever you want to be but as long as you keep trying to live by other people’s standards, you forfeit your true self and your purpose and will therefore never be able to realize this freedom because you will not be living your own life as I intended it’’

‘But I still don’t understand…’’

The dream had abruptly ended before I could ask for clues to my future. Perhaps GOD being all knowing, had already known what I wanted to ask as potentially irrelevant at the time and had left before I asked so that I wouldn’t mix up things and confuse myself thereafter. So being too superstitious and uncertain about my life back at the time, I went to see a prophet that afternoon to inquire for the missing clues and what the dream could potentially mean. Before I could tell him about the dream and ask for the clues, he began to speak in tongues before saying,

‘‘It is important for you understand that nothing you have been experiencing in your life was by mistake, all the experiences were there that you may learn something out of them so that you may use those lessons to ‘heal’ the world. But that is not why you are here for you have come to seek the meaning of a dream you had at dawn which was not actually a dream as you think. You are a great prophet of GOD and your appointed time to fulfil your mission is at hand which is why you had that visit from the ‘Great One’; so learn to listen and adhere to the instructions of him who is talking to you: that’s all I can say. Nothing much nothing less for all that you need shall be given to you when you need it and when you are ready. But before you leave let me ask you a question. Let us say you are on a journey to meet someone special and I, coming from there tells you what they look like, will you be satisfied enough to cancel that journey?’’

‘No, not by any chance’

‘‘In the same manner only experience can fully reveal to you what your dream means and where your life is headed. Keep going, sooner or later everything will become clearer and more meaningful’’

My left brain approach to life which taught me to believe in things that I can see and explain began to question and make judgements silently. Why tell me all these riddles when I am here to seek clarity for another riddle? You even dared not to hear what I had to say yet all of a sudden you are giving me all this lecture of yours why?

‘‘True wisdom is admitting how little we know son…’ he interrupted my silent thoughts, ‘it is not only that which we see or can explain that is true and worth believing; if you really want to see and understand, then believe first. But till we meet again, may all the answers you seek be revealed to you, as your path rise to meet you.’’


I thanked him for his services and traced my footsteps back home. Now back in my room, I began to take inventory of the riddles on my own and noted five important things, first GOD had told me not to live by the standards set for me by others; secondly He instructed me to live my purpose; thirdly, to make use of one of my greatest gift which is the mind, fourth to acknowledge His continuous presence in my life and fifth, I was a prophet send to ‘heal’ the world as the man of GOD had said. It was then that I realized my life had turned out not as I had expected because I was living other people’s choices for me, trying to do things the way I grew up being told was the right way and trying to please everyone else except myself and the UTMOST. I wanted to be as my family often said I would become, a good child by their own standards, a journalist, a doctor or any other well paid professional and respected person of society but in so doing, I had lost myself. I had so immensely bought into the belief that formal education was the key to success and a fulfilling life so much that without it I felt completely worthless and unable to achieve anything meaningful in my life. Again, do not miss interpret this as meant to say formal education is not important, on the contrary you need more than enough of it to fare well in this men re-designed world and if you have an opportunity to acquire it seize it with both hands because formal education provides you with more opportunities for self advancement as compared to he who lacks it. However, the point here is to let you know that there are things in our lives that can hold us back if we get so attached to them as the key to everything and in my case it was a desire for formal education because I grew up being told that without it I would amount to nothing. Isn’t there a conditioning in your life or a choice that was made on your behalf which is crippling you from realizing your greatest potential? Secondly, this is an indictment upon the educational system of our age which falls short in teaching the principles of life on what to do with the formal education we receive in classes-how to use it to achieve better lives or the goals and dreams that we give birth to. As for the part of being a prophet send to heal the world, that I am not sure what it really implied for many a time different prophets have said the same thing but what I have come to realize on my own is this that I was put on this planet to provide solutions to the cries of many people for through my experiences, I can write and teach words that can affect change to many lives and lift many from disheartening situations. From that day on, I began to learn, one step at a time, to make my own choices and decisions, embracing all errors involved and transforming them to suit what I wanted my life to be; learning to live with my failures also and my life had never been the same again. Perhaps you are trapped in a similar situation or something equivalent and feel like you have nothing but less to live for: if that’s the case, I encourage you to cast away that mentality for you have everything to live for; for everything worth dying for is worth living for. Just take this first step and begin to reverse all the conditioning in your life and the choices that were made on your behalf which have been incapacitating you. Begin to weave new traits and make choices and decisions that only align with your major aims and goals in life. Begin to learn to honour your preferences first regardless of how seemingly unworthy they may look. They may not mean anything to anyone else but to you they mean everything and are therefore deserving of your unparalleled attention. Learn from this moment on to make every thought vibration you project, every image you see, every word you say and every action you take intentional and in harmony with your own dreams and goals. Let all your values and beliefs become complementary to your aspirations and not vice versa. And remember, it is upon the wings of belief that we crystallize all our thoughts into the drift of life. With our thoughts we project our life’s blueprint but with our beliefs, we convert that blueprint into a reality. So you must cut out any belief system that is counterproductive to your true self. If a belief system makes your life stagnant, it’s high time you drop it in favour of that which is consistent with and empowering to your true self.





All habits are like chains, very easy to knit but so hard to break.


Once you have taken the first step which is making and honouring your own choices, move to the next step of re-inventing yourself which is habit transformation. Just like everyone else out there, I am sure you begin every year of your life with some sort of goal, greater purpose or resolution which is always such a noble thing to do because that’s what gives you momentum and enthusiasm for the long struggle or toil ahead after a holiday layoff. However, your greatest challenge arises when it comes to maintaining that momentum, that passion to conquer. Quite often, you shelve most of the resolutions, major goals and purposes if not all of them after a couple of weeks as the year planer fills up and other demands take precedence. Remember that job you were going to apply for, that course you were going to enrol in, that book you were going to write, that somebody you were going to make up to after heartbreak, that debt you were going to settle, that annual Conference with your minister or leader you were going to attend? Why is it you don’t seem to be able to stick to your goals? The answer is simple yet imperative to progress of any kind; you rush to affecting these resolutions without breaking the old habits that had been hindering you from succeeding in the previous year and this applies to your life in general, in which you tend to do things the same old way and expect a different outcome. If you however want to become that person you have always wanted to be, to reach that dream you had conceived many years ago, you must drop the patterns that had been hindering you from achieving it and adopt those that will give you momentum to achieve it. Remember, as I have come to realize that, dreams are not reached by people who practice not what promotes their own desires and interests. People who let external circumstances within and rarely beyond their control run their lives and shape their destiny by neglecting to train and formulate habits that can empower them to be in control all the time. Neither are they achieved by those who consider themselves less important by honouring the choices made upon them by others first before their own. But by those who assume full responsibility to their behaviours and give their own choices and decisions first preference in everything they do in their lives; those who through self discipline and will-power weave their every pattern of life to be under their own command, steering their lives in the direction of their own choosing. So to be able to manifest that which you desire, you must undo the conditioning or habits that had been hindering you first and adopt those that will enable you to do so. Transform the patterns in your life by aligning yourself with more of what you want to become and less if not at all that which you don’t. If you want to be more productive at what you do, cut out the amount of time you spend watching television, if you want to be more health, stop smoking and drinking beer, if you want harmony in your relationships, start to cultivate them-spare quality time towards improving them, if you want to be more successful at your trade, speak the language of your trade, act it out and associate more with those who are already where you want to be. Avoid at all media intake that is detrimental to your progress and become one of the very few who refuse to be pigeonholed by conditioning from external circumstances and opinions, dirty politics, dirty economic practices, bogus doctrines, and anachronistic beliefs and values often preached by many self seeking leaders in various sections of society? Leaders who are at the centre of negating progress to a land of opulence, peace, harmony and plenty opportunities for self advancement for everyone through making bad choices for their follow country men, making them believe they are entitled to almost everything they desire to live happy fulfilling lives yet can never deliver on such promises. Leaders who constantly blame external circumstances on their failed roles and responsibilities, polluting our minds with negative and disempowering doctrines concocted on selfishness, hate and greed. Leaders who turn a blind eye on corruption, injustice, maladministration in public offices and lack of vision while laying the blame on circumstances like colonialism with its multifaceted names and vast superstitious beliefs as all responsible for our shattered dreams and stagnant lives characterized by hate, crime, poverty, unemployment, mediocrity and all the other vast inabilities we have to access all that we desire in life.





All these years you couldn’t make any significant move in your life because you made yourself a victim of uncontrollable circumstances like the economic recession, the politics of the day, lack of formal education, an unpleasant alignment of stars or planets in your birth chart, your disability, the economic security of your family, history and the belief system you were born into. But if you will, analyze the success stories of all those you emulate around you and separate facts from assumptions and myths for yourself. For if all the external circumstances you blame or are made to blame for your shattered dream or stagnant life and the various alibis you give for your inability to reach the dream you dream were the real defining factors, the solid reasons as to why you can’t get there or are not there yet, why you can’t convert that dream into reality, why is it that others are making it under these very circumstances? Of course there are varying historical facts you cannot overlook as long as you live in this imperfect world and other unfavourable circumstances whose influence you cannot underestimate but if those who wronged the past are not willing to own up their mistakes and do the right thing, are you going to wait and rot in that dingy little comfort zone of endless expectation for the colonialists or whoever wronged your past to come and save you? Until when shall you continue in denial of responsibility? Your life belongs to you as the UTMOST of all gave it unto you and not any circumstance which may have disadvantaged you and if circumstances are the ultimate deciding factors, how far better were the circumstances of some of our great leaders against the colonial regimes and unjust systems, like Nelson Mandela against the apartheid system, Strive Masiyiwa when he pioneered wireless phones against a corrupt government that needed bribes, Morgan Tsvangirai, Martin Luther King, Caster Semenya the South African 800m female athlete and 2012 London Olympic silver medallist whose career was plagued by a gender debacle following her 2008 Berlin Championship victory, Aung Suu Kyi who successfully promoted civil rights for Burmese citizens against dictatorship despite the clamp down by the authoritarian regime of that nation, Barack Obama who braved the grain to become the first black President of the United States of America and a candidate that represented minority colour triumphal moments in American history, and many more others world over who managed and are still managing to make it through to the end of their dreams and visions despite being equally affected by circumstances like us?

If success or the ability to reach for a dream depended entirely on formal education as many of you would supposedly say as I used to believe too, some of these great achievers have had less of it than many people out there who are still grounded in the mire of unfulfilment and compromised achievements with a string of degrees and diplomas behind their names.


Again, lest you also do the perfectly natural thing of reaching the false conclusion that success and greatness can only be attained by those with a sound financial footing, let me relieve your mind by alluding you to the plain truth that some of these super successful achievers, as is the greater truth in many walks of life, came from the worse poverty ridden squalid ghettos and backgrounds than you can imagine.

Against the backdrop of lack of quality formal schooling and training in politics, Morgan Tsvangirai charted his way through a mine filled political landscape and managed to become our Prime Minister. Against the backdrop of lack of career training, a comfortable shelter and sound financial footing, Sasha Xarrian managed to become a bestselling author and creator of a million dollar company, and if it’s about physical hand caps, against the backdrop of being a double amputee, Oscar Pistorius, South Africa and Africa’s blade runner rose from being a mere crippled ordinary man to become the world’s fastest double amputee athlete, competing against able bodied men at the Olympics.

Now, how do you explain your own situation? Aren’t you intrigued by these facts of individuals like you who began with nothing else to set themselves up for success in life than mere passion and the ability to train their habits to be in line with their desires and deciding for themselves what course of life they wanted to follow? In case you are not yet convinced as to the cause of your current situation, let me remind you that you are not riding while life play the horse because of the choices and habits you are living by-you are either letting circumstances and alibis run your life-allowing the unwanted happen by not taking full responsibility to your life or by responding to circumstances in your life in the wrong manner, or you are searching for answers to your problems or quests in the wrong places-family, friends, associates, leaders or the general public’s deeds instead of the one and only place where satisfactory answers that can liberate and lead you to success can be truly found, your own mind.

Take note, all these are habits you create voluntarily and choices you make and honour at will every day of your life and can therefore recreate at will provided you truly desire to achieve what you envision.





Another internal quality of re-inventing yourself for progress in life is taking responsibility. A change for the better in your habits and expectations begins in the moment you hold yourselves accountable and responsible for the quality of life you are leading and the quality of results you are producing in all your endeavours. You might have been influenced one way or another to be on the unpleasant path you are travelling now but to remain there when you have learned the facts about your predicament is now your own choice. But if you desire to travel upon a much more empowering path, it’s time to take responsibility by embracing all the bad and good bits of your life whether you made them or not and begin to recreate the bits that you desire to experience. You can only begin to improve and become more successful or more of whatever you desire to be in life in the moment you accept that all the drama unfolding in your life is of your own making and only you can change it and therefore decide to do something about it. In that moment, when you choose to take liability, you find freedom. In terms that are rational, taking responsibility fully means assuming total ownership of the good and bad parts of your life at all levels and then set or redefine the sails of the changes that you desire to happen. That means holding yourselves accountable for the quality of results you produce in your undertakings; the quality of your relationships whether on a social, professional or intimate level; your wellbeing whether emotionally, physically or psychologically; that means also making yourselves answerable in creating the exciting career opportunities you want and preparing yourselves for the type of jobs you desire in the labour market, as well as owning your debts and the overall outlook of your economic security. Apart from that, it also means giving up all the excuses you often give as the reasons why you haven’t become as you dreamt of becoming. The desire for the better things of life is a common attribute of all men but very few people do satisfy it. Why? Because ninety people of every hundred who desire these better things are not willing to do what it takes to attain them. What they can only do is to tell vast victim stories and give excuses for why they can’t or haven’t yet achieved or received these finer things of life. They have all the reasons why they have not yet fulfilled that dream they gave birth to twenty years ago; why they cannot sing that song inside their hearts and why they are stuck in a certain condition in their lives. If it is economic security they cannot attain, they accuse their bosses or employers of being so selfish they only pay meagre wages but they never complain about how they neglect to look for a better paying job or take a course to improve their skills so that they can get a raise or a better paying position. Apart from blaming conditions in the working environment, they also talk of how much unpalatable was their upbringing they could not even get elementary education but they will not make mention of how they spend the little they earn at a part time job on alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and other wasteful expenditures instead of saving and pay for the education they could not have under their poverty ridden families or alternately invest in their own talents which often require little formal education except for passion, determination, definiteness of purpose and an abiding faith backed by consistent practice to cultivate.

If it’s about a relationship that is on the brink of collapse, they will make mention of every weakness of their partner and how the partner caused it all but they will not disclose how abusive they are in that very relationship; how conniving, cunning, infidel, insensitive, reluctant and ignorant are they when it comes to cultivating that relationship and steer it in a much better direction. They will not mention how they spend much of their time with friends instead of their partners. How they put their work and careers first before their partners and families. Even worse, when such relationships finally reach a dead end, they blame everyone else except themselves. Talk of poor health, they accuse all the genetic foods they know by their names and the retail outlets that sell them, for their bad shape but never themselves for their continual taking of such foods and their failure to exercise. Add spiritual and mental deterioration to that, they begin to accuse their parents or some other person for having done some incurable damage or tortured them to the extend they lost it all but they will not say anything about the alcohol they consume unabated; the cigarettes they smoke non-stop and will never admit that their media intake is counterproductive. In fact, for every bit or part of their lives they dislike, they do not want to own it. Unfortunately however, this denial game-the habit of blaming and accusing others instead of oneself for the unpleasant parts of one’s own life have given rise to a situation whereby such individuals are not able to find answers to any of the questions they have in their lives because they look somewhere else for such answers instead of the one and only place where life transforming answers can be found, within themselves. It’s a weakness that has turned into a belief system that is constantly haunting many individuals who spend their lives wandering and drifting aimlessly in search of solutions, fulfilment and the happiness that is seemingly evading them because they hold someone else who is not themselves responsible for the provisions of such things as they desire. However, the truth of the matter which is known by ten people who are successful in every hundred in all walks of life and professions, which you must adopt as the impetus of your life is this that, when one stops searching for answers and solutions outside of themselves and begin to listen to their voice within for guidance, when one stops accusing others and blaming circumstances and begin to accept completely that all that is happening in their lives is of their own making and that the changes they expect can only be affected by no other person except themselves, life becomes a lot more easier to lead as inner peace replaces insecurity and achievement of any desired end becomes inevitable.


At one time I was teaching this principle in church and a gentleman from the audience asked me, “What if I am in a business partnership with someone and at a time when the business is booming and returning profits handsomely, my partner disappears with all the profits leaving me broke. Will I not be justified to blame him or give an excuse for my stagnant condition afterwards? And how am I supposed to take responsibility for that?” In answering his question, first I asked him, ‘Will blaming the mischievous and deceitful partner change you or your position for the better in any way?’

“It makes me feel better to know I have a solid reason as to why I am stuck or why my life is taking a down spiral.”

‘So does everyone else’ I quickly pointed out, ‘they all have solid excuses why it can’t be done, why they haven’t achieved it and why it’s impossible to do it or achieve it. But my question is, do you admit that your excuses no matter how airtight won’t change you or your situation; your now and your future by any chance?’


‘Okay, let us take the next part of your question which is, “How can you take full responsibility for something so clear it wasn’t of your making. Was it not you who asked him or agreed to a partnership with him?’

“I agreed to partner with him.”

‘You agreed because you trusted him right?’


‘Did anyone forced this choice to agree and trust on you or you made it candidly?’

“I made the choice.”

‘You see every time you answer any of these questions with an affirmative of any nature, you are indebting yourself with responsibility for all the drama that happened and that which is happening now, and there are many other questions I can ask you which holds you accountable but for the record, let me ask you one last question; was it not your responsibility to put in place security measures that would have discouraged such a thing from happening?’

“It was.”

‘But you chose not to because you trusted your partner right?’


‘So you paid the price of over trusting and ignorance. What then did you do afterwards?’

“Nothing, there was actually little I could do under such circumstances even the cops couldn’t catch him”

‘Meaning you gave up?’


‘Okay listen to me for a moment James, which was his name, the point of taking responsibility is not aimed at refuting or disputing the validity of your excuses or any airtight alibis you may have but to awaken you to your own follies while at the same time returning to you the power to change your situation and your future which you gave away to circumstances because, in the moment you admit you played a part to what happened or what is happening to you right now through your actions or inactions, you retain control of recreating what you want to happen. You reclaim from the hands of circumstances the power to dictate what you want your now and your tomorrow to be like. But for as long as you are blaming the unfaithful partner or any other undesirable elements in your life or past, you are giving that power away. From the few questions I asked you, I believe you now have a better picture of why you must take responsibility for what happened, yet even as such, the greatest reason is this that you still want a better future and to be able to create it you must acknowledge that you and you alone can create that future. You must believe regardless of what your past looks like that you still have more than what it takes to achieve more and even better than that which you lost on your own and I shall shed some light for you on how you could have and can still convert your misfortune into a greater benefit. When your partner vanished with the fortune, you never thought of borrowing some money up until now to invest in that same business again. You never even tried using the stock that was there to continue it, instead you chose to quit and in that regard when it comes to taking responsibility, I would say, you took yourself down failure lane. Take note here, it was not what happened that defined your current position in life but what you did with what happened-how you responded to the circumstances. Had you not gave up but rather chose to look on the positive side of things, that you now have a whole booming business to yourself and persisted with what little stock was there, you could have doubled those profits by a big margin now for the clients or customers of your business didn’t run away with your former business partner. Now do you understand why it is a waste of precious time to blame circumstances and give all airtight excuses or alibis you may have instead of taking responsibility James? I asked him.

“Yes I do, in fact you have opened a whole new chapter to my life. From here, I am going to revive my business again and do even greater. You have truly liberated me from the burden of my past experiences.”



James’ situation is prevalent in many individuals I have met and worked with towards the writing of this book but let me remind you as a reader that, it is not what happened to you that is important in life but what you choose to do with what happened. The point of encouraging you to take responsibility regardless of the nature of your circumstances is not to albeit you to condone the wrongs that may have been done to you by others or deny that unwanted things interfere with your plans now and then but it is aimed at liberating you from being a victim of such circumstances. It’s a mastery weapon aimed at empowering you to convert every circumstance into a seed of equivalent benefit; for by admitting you created what happened or what is happening to you in your life, you put yourself in a position where you can recreate what you want to happen in your future. You give yourself full authority to determine your tomorrow; you give yourself unchallenged power to call the shots when you want to and change any unfavourable circumstance to your own advantage. Mastery begins when you acknowledge that you are the one in charge of your life, scripting and directing it every moment. This is so because you have unlimited power of control over your thoughts, the tools with which you discriminate between constructive and destructive choices, decisions and habits, your reality makers. But for as long as you hold past experiences responsible for any part of your life or give alibis and blame others for the unpleasant drama unfolding in your life, you are automatically giving that power away and you will never achieve anything meaningful or anything that approximates success in life. To exist on alibis, excuses and victim stores of any kind or a blame game of whatsoever nature is to cease to exist at all for none of what will come out of that will ever resonate with what you really desire to be or achieve-your expectations and dreams. But when you choose to take ownership, to assume full responsibility for your life, you choose to exist for existence only becomes meaningful when you are able to dictate your own destiny. Understand this and you will be on your way up to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence. Until next time, stay blessed!




With Love and Faith

In Your

Fulfilment and Salvation;


Minister Crosswell



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