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Tommy goes shopping


Tommy asked, “Mommy, can I go out and play?”

His mommy replied, “No honey, we’re going to the grocery store today”.

It was time for the weekly grocery run, for Tommy it was irresistible fun.

In their red car, mommy and Tommy sang songs on the road. There was a silver lining on this day, like the roads were paved with gold. At last they arrived at the Mega-Mart, this is where all the fun can finally start.

The Mega-Mart is place children be yearning for, full of toys, chips and candy galore. Everything looks shiny and new, kids grab all sorts a nd
stick to them like glue.

“Mommy, please can I have this, can I? can I?”

“no”, said Mommy and let out a big sigh.

“Oh Mommy! How about this?”

“No”, said mommy, “I’d rather give that a miss”.

“Please Mommy, if you get me this, I’ll be a super good kid”,

“No Tommy”, said mommy, “Now, close the lid”.

On the way out, Tommy held his mommy’s hand and crossed the street. Tommy was very tired after the grocery run, he was all beat. On the side-walk Tommy saw a homeless man, he had tattered clothes and was holding up a tin can. As mommy was putting the shopping away, Tommy was looking at the man’s hair, that was grey. Two women came walking by, when suddenly they spotted the homeless guy.

One of them shouted, “Grab my cell phone, quick”,

“Why”, said the other, to which the first replied, “it’s for my profile pic”.

They put and dollar in his cup before walking down the street. Tommy looked on, at the man with no shoes on his feet. Later, Tommy went out to play. The only time he gets to burn off his energy for the day. He saw his friend Nicky sat on the grass. They both go to the same school and are in the same class.

“Hi Nicky, what are you up to?” Tommy asked, excitedly,

“Just sending friend requests”, Nicky replied, “See?”

Tommy looked and asked, “Who got that cell phone for you?”

“My old man did”, Nicky said, “haven’t you got one too?”

Tommy shook his head and changed the subject, “Come on Nicky, lets go play”,

“No, I can’t”, said Nicky, “I have to tag our friends in a photo album from last Thursday”

Later, back at home, the family were in the dining room having supper. When suddenly Tommy asked something from his father.

“Can I have a cell phone?” Tommy asked daddy, “my friend has one of his own”,

Daddy’s face sank, “Tommy, only if there’s enough money in your piggy bank”.

“or should I give it to the homeless man?” Tommy asked, mommy erupted, “No! don’t speak to strangers”.

“Why Mommy?”, he rebuked. Mommy explained, “because this neighbourhood is full of dangers”

Tommy was all tuckered out, tucked up in bed,

he was warm and comfy, “goodnight honey”, mommy said.

Tommy thought about how his day went. About what he saw, and how much money he spent. Everywhere he saw people on their cell phones, eyes glued to the screens like they were clones. And as all his thoughts had come unfurled, Tommy thought to himself,

Tommy goes shopping

  • Author: Yas
  • Published: 2017-03-11 15:51:32
  • Words: 539
Tommy goes shopping Tommy goes shopping