To the Highest Mountain in the World

To the Highest Mountain in the World

Skye Hargreaves

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Copyright 2015 Skye Hargreaves

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To the Highest Mountain in the World

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[]To the Highest Mountain in the World

Above a paper sea, under a sepia moon, there flew a bird. It was a little bird with fringed feathers and as it flew, its feathers fluttered, for a storm was coming.

The sepia moon hid behind manilla clouds. The paper sea raised in folded waves, and the drawing pin stars were too dark to see. The wind was very strong and the bird was very small, but on it flew with its fringed feathers fluttering, for there were no islands nearby and little birds cannot land on the sea.

The howling winds tossed the manilla clouds, and the manilla clouds dropped confetti rain, and the little bird’s feathers were tumbled and torn. The storm was fierce and wire lightning cracked to one side of the bird, and tinfoil thunder rolled to the other. The little bird flew on and up, fringed feathers fluttering.

Onwards and up to the manila clouds the bird flew, and up and up through the manila clouds to the other side of the sky where the sepia moon still shone. And above the manilla clouds, under the sepia moon there was peace, for the storm was far below.

Through the manilla clouds a single mountain top rose. The sepia moon shone down on it, and the mountain’s shadow fell across the clouds below it for it was highest mountain in the world. And on the highest tip of the highest peak of the highest mountain, there was a cave.

The storm had been long, and the flight had been hard, and the little bird was tired. The fringed feathers of its wings were crumpled and torn, but the little bird flew to the cave and landed, hoping for a place to sleep. And then it stopped, for it could see a fire in the cave. So the little bird opened its beak and sang, for if a cave is not empty everyone knows it is only polite to ask to come in.

From deep in the cave there came a lined old woman. Her hair was lined and her hands, and there were lines on her face and on her clothes. And she lifted the little bird gently in her hands and with sealing wax and string and many other things she clipped and folded and mended the bird’s wings until they were as good as new.

“I know many things, for from the highest tip of the highest peak of the highest mountain I can see the whole world,” the lined old woman said “but the mountain is so high that no one ever visits, for those who climb up cannot climb down and those who climb down cannot climb up.” Then she sat the bird in front of the fire, and cleaned confetti rain from its fringed feathers until it was dry. And while she did, she told it what she had seen of the world, of cardboard islands and manilla clouds, of torn waves on the paper sea and drawing pin stars.

It takes time to tell all the stories in the world and the bird was quite dry when they were told. The manilla clouds had parted and the paper sea far, far below lay flat and calm, for the storm had passed.

And the little bird, quite recovered, flew onwards and away, down from the highest peak, down towards the clouds, down towards the paper sea. But when next the manilla clouds dropped confetti rain, and the paper sea tossed under a sepia moon, it would come back.


[]Under A Sepia Moon

Under a Sepia Moon there waits…

…a raft made of chalk and charcoal

…a cat with a tale to tell

…a mountain that tops the clouds

…a little girl with a promise to keep

and many other tales.

Web: underasepiamoon.wordpress.com


To the Highest Mountain in the World

  • Author: Skye Hargreaves
  • Published: 2015-09-22 14:20:10
  • Words: 741
To the Highest Mountain in the World To the Highest Mountain in the World