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Timothy Chyme In Majixland Part Two




Published By:

Donald Harry Roberts on Shakespir

Timothy Chyme in Majixland Part Two

Copyright 2017 by Donald Harry Roberts

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.






And suddenly there came to the sky something so awe inspiring Timothy could do naught but stand there and stare……


“Magnificent. Frightening!” The words jumped past Timothy’s lips as he gazed in awe at the beast circling high over the Onyx palace and still loomed enormous against the hyper-blue sky.

“What manner of creature are you?” he pondered aloud as he studied it.

The beast aloft had the body of a mighty mare dressed in a silver coat with powerful equine legs tapering to golden hooves and adorned with the talons of a great bird of prey…. Upon its shoulders, perfectly balanced and fitted… was the head of a dragon as blue as sapphire with eyes the colour of rubies and horns as black as pitch….and the tail was long and coiling like a snake.

And last….It’s wings….A grand display rivaling those of a Gryphon…silver and blue with shades of amber…..

“What are you mighty beast?” Timothy asked wistfully.

“It is a version of a Qilin.” A squeaky little voice came from behind Timothy.

He turned casually and…..looking down he spied a creatures he might have called a ground hog….except that it stood on its hind legs and dressed very much like a medieval Cavalier.

Just as casually Timothy inquired….And what and whom might you be?”

The little Cavalier removed his hat in a sweep and bowed deeply….”I… my good sir am Eifion, keeper of the Qilin.”

“A stable boy.” Timothy teased playfully.

“Her companion actually.” Eifion replied….just a little indignantly but catching the humour in Timothy’s voice as well. “And you are Timothy Chyme…grandson of Wilfred Chyme and consort of sorts to that marauding sometimes interfering hobo…both of whom are Mundanite refugees.” The little cavalier jested…To whom I shall serve as companion because even the strongest and bravest adventurers should not travel alone in Majixland. And I suggest that we find you more suitable attired….fitting a fearless adventurer and would be…could be…probably will have to be Hero…..or at least…..well…let’s just see how things go.”

“And what of your friend up there?” Timothy asked nodding toward the Qilin.

‘She will never be far away.” Eifion replied then….”Now come…let us find you bedding for the night. Tomorrow we shall outfit you properly.”

Timothy had not noticed that the sky had paled to evening and night and now the magnificent Qilin was soaring against the back drop of a star filled sky with a dozen constellations sparkling with a certain silvery brightness.

“There must be an Inn at hand.”

The little cavalier smiled. “Indeed there are several but I have room to spare in my abode…and food aplenty and since we will be companions on a journey it might be good that we get to understand one another…as friends…..”

Timothy accepted the gracious offer with a deep bow then followed the Eifion on a winding path to the domain of himself and the Qilin….who…..was not exactly as Timothy saw against the night sky.

Timothy could hear the great gates of the walled city of Silverlode grinding and clanking to a closed state. He expected the streets to fall quiet but instead it was as though a celebration came up….but as Eifion told him….We celebrate every day and every night as though it was our first…middle and last…”When the great clock strikes twelve we sleep…..until it strikes again at the first hint of sun rise.”


“Should we not join in the celebration? It would be rude not to…I think.”

Eifion smiled softly. “We will…a little later but let us get you settle in first. It’s much more fun to play when you know everything else is neat and orderly.”

Timothy shrugged his shoulders and followed his guide compliantly….but his thoughts and eyes were darting every which way they could.

As promised Timothy was given a bed in a quiet corner and a feast he had never known before. I would describe it but I would not want to cause you to become mouth-watering hungry….but….cheese and fresh buttered bread salted boiled eggs and crispy smoked bacon were some of the offerings on the table…oh and mead for the thirsty buds.

It was not until Timothy sat at the table and took the first bite of the feast that he realized how hungry he was….’Famished’ would be the word to describe it….So he ate….then ate some more…then had another portion and washed it all down with mead….and …well….soon he was curled up in his bed content and snoring….and dreaming….at least it seemed like a dream….For a time he was home again….11 years old and sitting in his grade 6 class room staring out the window…..

Timothy….Timothy Chyme…he heard his name….one stern voice came from Mrs. White…the morning teacher and the other was Eifion’s gentle beckon..

“Timothy Chyme…are you day dreaming again?”

“Timothy Chyme. It is morning and time to set on our way.”

Timothy opened his eyes to find Eifion looking down at him. “Oh…It is not a dream….You are not a dream and….We did not go to the festival.”

“You fell asleep which was good because sleep might not always be an option once we are on our way.” Said the cheerful Cavalier who…by the way would be a ground hog if he was here in Mundanialand. “Now come. I have laid out a good breakfast and your gear for our adventure…well…I mean your adventure that I will be a small part of….a guide….”

Timothy climbed from his bed and dressed in the garb that set him to looking very much like an adventuring Cavalier…similar to Eifion. He was of course considerably taller which offered an answer to an earlier ponderance…Gnomes were human size here in Majixland.

Breakfast was once again a feast consisting of everything one could imagine would be served at breakfast except those boxed and bagged things one finds lining endless shelves in a grocery store. Timothy took his time savouring everything until his stomach was entirely content.

When that was done Eifion led him to the stable where he found his cart and a fine pony hitched to it. The pony also wore a small saddle which Eifion quickly climbed into motioning Timothy to sit on the cart bench. “I will steer our friend here out of the city until we have reached the northern bound roadway. From there it will be safe to use the reigns.”

Timothy’s attention was drawn skyward by a rumbling that resembled thunder. But it was not thunder…it was the Qilin. “Does she have a name?” Timothy inquired.

“Ethrana Za. In her language it means Last of her kind which sadly she is. There were once 10 in all but some foul thinking Mundies came for a great hunt. None of whom lived to enjoy their trophy I am pleased to announce. They were tried and duly despatched into whatever world Mundies go in the afterlife…which I hope is horrible…eternally.” Eifion ranted.

“Got it. I’ll be sure not to make the same mistake. Besides I would chose not to kill anything…given a choice.”

Eifion sighed….”Sometimes we have no choice.”


For several hours the road remained a flagstone construction but then as the sun grew to its day time heights in the sky it turned into a surface not unlike paving but much rougher. Timothy steered the pony off the road onto the grassy shoulder but that made the cart harder to pull and the pony stopped after a short way and refuse to go further.

“And now my Mundanie friend. We walk. Take up your pack onto your shoulders…strap on your utility belt and find a comfortable stride. We have someway yet to go so pace yourself.”

“Where are we going?” Asked Timothy.

“To Junction City…Quite a Marvel for Majixland….not like one would expect.”

“How can I expect anything when I have nothing to base expectation on. This place is a complete…” Timothy was saying when a soft sweet voice interrupted him.

“You will get use to it Timothy Chyme. Those who are chosen to make this sojourn always do…It is the interlopers who come by chance that cause all the trouble.”

Timothy spun on his heels to face the speaker. His eyes widened in awe and delight.

“Hello. I am….my name is Luanna.”

“My dear!” Eifion interrupted. “This is very dangerous. You should….”

“I have been guided here to walk with this Mundanie on his journey.”

Eifion bowed and relented.

“Who guided you to me?”

“The Great White Owl of course.”

Timothy shifted his gaze to Eifion waiting for an explanation.

The Cavalier smiled and said… “Let’s walk on and I will tell you the story of the owl….which you might recognize.”

“Well now…how does it go….Yes….Once there was an owl….just the ordinary kind you can find sitting in a tree or in the rafters of a barn or on a stump in the woods. But this owl was special because unlike all other owls he could talk…just like you and I and in any language spoken but man or beast.”

“Yes….Yes…” Timothy Chyme interrupted excitedly. Grampa Will told me that story many times…After many years the old owl flew way with a head full of wisdom he had collected from all the people he had talk to. An old witch found his body on a hillock and wept and wept letting her tears fall on the bird. And as she did the owls feathers turned white. Then the sun shone on the bird and its eyes opened to drink in the golden light. The Great White Owl became a symbol of wisdom here in Majixland and when it is needed he bestows guidance and wisdom on those who will use it..”

“Exactly.” Luanna cheered. “And well…here I am.”

Timothy glanced about, at the Cavalier, Luanna and the Qilin circling in the air. He said a little cautiously….. “Why do I get the feeling that this adventure has a lot of strings attached to it…and why has this Great White Owl not spoken to me since this is …after all…my adventure.?

Eifion shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe he will yet. You just have to wait and see and be patient.”

“Someone could have the decency to tell me what the adventure is all about.” Timothy added.

“It will become clear when it begins to unfold.” Eifion answered.


The hours rolled by. The landscape remained a wide wind swept meadow occupied by small herds of grazing animals…most of which Timothy recognized but there were some that looked absolutely alien….such as a two legged creature that looked for all the world like a grasshopper from the legs up. He was about to ask what it was when another herd of strange looking beasts resembling nothing on earth galloped across the meadow……Timothy held his tongue…deciding to ask his questions later….For the moment walking was enough to occupy his energy reserve.

He had just made this decision when the Qilin swooped down and took a sheep into her talons. A sense of universal or should it be dimensional reality settled into Timothy’s thoughts and he sensed his adventure would not necessarily be always fun and frolic….

It seemed the road would never rally to an end but at last in the mid-afternoon the horizon grew jagged and from then on with each few minutes that passed rooves and steeple began to form and coming from the east a familiar trail of rich gray smoke streamed eastward….And when more minutes passed Timothy’s eyes nearly exploded with awe…..

It was a train of sorts…running along a single track…no wheels but cars that were quite like any passenger or freight train car…including a caboose that was more like a gypsy caravan than a train car. But the engine was something to behold…even for the most imaginative mind.

To say it was a steam engine would be technically correct because it chugged and smoked like a steam engine…However….to the eye it looked nothing like one….It would be better and best described as the nick name given those old engines….an Iron horse…for the engine was sculpted forged in the shape of a great horse…and in this case one should say a Silver horse…with steam rising from its nostrils.

“Can we ride on the train?” Timothy spouted excitedly.

I am sure we will sometime but not just yet.” The Ground hog replied with a snicker….or the sound a ground hog makes in the place of a snicker…..

The Iron Horse merged into the scape of the city and was lost from sight…which made Timothy feel a little disappointed because….as you are already probably aware he has an affinity for such machines…no matter what reality or shape they come in.

“Soon I hope.” He replied to Eifion.

Then on they went in silence watching the city grow taller before them. And soon they were at the great iron gates that in the light of day stood wide open…welcoming all comers….But a sign read….”NONE THAT COME BY DARK WILL BE ADMITTED TO JUNCTION CITY.”

As soon as they stepped through the gate a carriage moved to meet them. “Welcome.” The driver greeted cheerfully. “You are expected immediately at Court.” He announced. “Please enter the carriage.”

“Well that is as quick as you could hope for. It seems your adventure is already before you. Some wait donkey’s years to get an audience with His Grace the Mayor of Junction City.” Eifion explained delightfully.

“So this has all been planned. It is more than just an adventure as it happens.” Timothy replied accusingly.

“Well no…and…well….ah…..yes…..but I think all adventures are planned for us even if they seem spontaneous.


Timothy shrugged his shoulders and boarded the carriage followed by Luanna then Eifion and over held circled the Qilin….observed by all but left respectfully to her own devices. “Don’t anger a Qilin. They may seem docile but when angered what they maybe do cannot be predicted.”

It was an open carriage and quite ornate in style. Much of the ornaments were made of silver….which there seemed to be an abundance of in this world beyond Midway.

They passed through several intersecting crossroads running east and west identified as numbered avenues. The street they were travelling was 1st Street South. They moved north until they came to a wide cross roads with magnificent palace like buildings on each corner all made of onyx and garnished with silver. It was a little creepy to see spiders clinging to the walls by six legs using their forelegs to carry a bucket in one and a scrubbing brush in the other…or….some who followed had polishing clothes in each forehand. They were large brown spiders much like the common Texas Brown. In this place they were somewhat larger…at least two feet across the abdomen with legs at least three feet long. Timothy notice that these spider could be seen anywhere where there was silver.

Each block was lined with brown brick town houses except those that sported shops and stands. At the corner of each block were Edwardian like Manors….Mansions, built with onyx all with silver framed doors and windows and silver plated rooves…..all being maintained by worker spiders…..

Something I should clarify. No one, except Timothy actually spoke English…They Spoke Ground Hog, Spider and Luanna spoke something that sounded like Celtic….But Timothy…though some virtue of….of what…..oddness….could understand them and they could understand him……UNDERSTAND? If not….sorry…it’s the best I can do given the oddness of the situation.

The streets were line with lamp pole all adorned with silver casings which held pieces of amber. In the day light of course they did not glow but as Timothy saw after sunset they lit up like any other street lamp…though the light was more like sun light than electric light.

They came to a stop at the foot of the steps the driver announced to be the Mayors Steadhouse. Timothy climbed down from the carriage and for reasons he himself knows, counted the steps which numbered 13 from the first step to the landing. Not many cultures would consider that as good….especially the Mundanie folks.

When he was joined by the others he led the way up to where they came to huge double doors made of ironwood banded with…yes…silver. There was a Cavalier guard on either side of the door…which by the way stood open during the daylight hours and closed but unlocked at night.

My, my all…..these details I am rattling on about….well….live with it….it all means something in the long run and for the moment it helps you to get a visual of where we are…..It really is a beautiful City…so why not enjoy.


A whistle blew drawing Timothy’s attention away from the Mayor’s Palace. A short way off he spied the smoke rising from the silver horse…”The Silver Horse Express. Where does it go?”

“Everywhere.” Luanna answered. We may come by it again but it will not return here again for three months….three moons actually.”

“We will connect with it again….when we need it.” Eifion put in then redirected their attention to the agenda at hand…which of course…in case you have forgotten was answering the Mayor’s beckon.

The Mayor’s palace looked like it should have belonged to a king. Timothy pondered…”If there is a King in this world what must his palace be like?” Imagine if you can a cross between the Taj Mahal and Buckingham Palace combined and about the size the National parliament building in Ottawa.

As soon as the passed through the doors they were met by four attendants…who were Groundhogs dressed up like Yeomen Warders…most commonly referred to as Beefeaters a name which has an interesting etymology. In this case they were assigned to escort Timothy and his company to the audience court of the Mayor.

They were directed along a wide runner….about the colour of amber and as Timothy went along it struck him that amber, onyx and silver were the most common adornments and colour in the land of Silverlode.

Timothy said to Eifion. It’s funny that things have not gone the way they started out to be. I thought I would be on a solo sojourn on horseback. Instead here I am in the embrace of magnificence…grandeur and opulence…and nowhere have I seen poverty or……crime.”

The Cavalier Groundhog smiled and was about to offer an explanation but they at last came upon an archway entering the audience hall which was a marvel of onyx and amber adorned with silver leaf….almost everywhere Timothy looked…..”A little much though.” He thought.

They continued following the runner to throne…strangely made not of silver or onyx or amber but of amethyst and ironwood bound together with copper binding. But if that seemed strangely out of place the creature occupying it was well…allow me to describe the Mayor of Junction City.

Imagine if you will a man…sort of…but a machine as well with exposed gears and windings and a beautiful gem of blue with countless facets and each with its own gleam of light where the brain would normally perch. It was protected by a translucent cap on the top and silver plates on the front sides and back. When the Mayor moved with surprisingly liquid motion one could see the appropriate gear churning and being finely oiled so that they spun in silence.

His face was rather featureless except for two amber circles where the eyes would be set and a dark rectangular space for the mouth.

“Bizarre” Spouted excitedly past Timothy’s lips as he stared in awe at the Mechanical Mayor.

“Who would elected a mechanical Mayor to govern over them?”

“He was not elected….he was built…by the people….and he was taught to serve us…not to govern or rule….but also to guide us….for he is endowed with the wisdom of the ages….” Replied Luanna.


“Welcome Timothy Chyme. I have been waiting for you.” Greeted the Mayor.

Timothy stared for a long time at the electro-mechanical Mayor then said in a soft mezmered voice. “You are Strebor Nod the old hobo.”

“Hmmm. Yes….I seem to remember that name and that it once belonged to me….but that was….hmmmm….oh….a very….very long time ago.”

“Not that long ago…well….”

“Long enough for you to have become a grown man Timothy Chyme.”

“Yes…well….I suppose….but…I do not understand how that happened….maybe a time warp or something.”

“Or something will do for now. But NOW…there are more important matters at hand….such as your adventure.” Announced the Mayor as he stood.

“You are going to dictate my adventure.” Timothy inquired a little more aggressively than he intended.

“Certainly not. I cannot dictate anything but I can point you in a direction that might make your adventure as exciting as possible…Or you can just wander about the country-side in idle observation.”

“Nothing here that I have observed so far is idle…but something more than being an observer might be fun.”

“Excellent. Now…would you prefer a quest or a task…or maybe a little of both.”

“A quest to accomplish a task makes the best games so I suppose a little of both seems to fit well.”

“Then a little of both it shall be….but the task will determine the quest or should I say the path of the quest. And the task will be….now let me think…what would a good task be for Timothy Chyme……..Ah yes….something that has been needed done for ten dogs ages…..”

“No Mayor. You cannot task Timothy to do that. It is dangerous….too dangerous for any Mundanie.” Luanna interceded.

“It is perfect. It was created by a Mundanie and should be corrected by one.” Replied the Mayor.

“Tell me what it is and let me decide. After all it is my adventure and I should have the last say.”

“He is right in his rights My Lord Mayor and Luanna.” Eifion interjected.

“Yes. It should be his choice….so I will explain the task.” Said the Mayor then fixed his ethereal gaze on Timothy.

“I am listening.”

“Simple of course…Find your way home…or rather…find the key that will open the gate to your way home.”

“That’s it. I would probably do that any way and how does a Mundanie fit in?”

The Mayor Laughed as loud as Timothy had ever heard any one laugh before.”

“That Mundanie made the gate and the key then hid the key…so no one could ever go home….and he hid the gate as well…which is a very dark and nasty thing to do.”

Sheesh. Next you’ll be telling me to click my heels three time to go home.” Timothy said over a laugh.

“No…can’t do that….someone already used that one up.” The Mayor said sharply.

“A hidden key is not exactly original.” Timothy shot back.

The Mayor dropped into his throne and would not speak again. In fact he shut down completely and all the light went out of his brain and his eyes and all his little gears stopped turning.

“Oops.” Eifion said quietly then took Timothy by the elbow and ushered him away.

“What. What’s wrong?” Asked Timothy…truly innocently.

“Don’t worry. He’ll come round…..sometime….But for now we will let him sit and sulk. He really does not like being Mayor anyway.”

“This is nuts….no…this is insane.”


As they walked away from the throne Timothy said….”I should go back and apologise. It was not very nice of me to be so rude.”

“I would not worry your head about it. The Mayor just shrugs his shoulders over trivial matters and moves on. He will forget it even happened…or just wipe it out of his memory….” Replied Eifion.

“The advantages of being an electro-mechanical man I guess.” Timothy responded thoughtfully. Then added. “So where does one begin looking for a hidden key that fits a lock in a hidden gate….with no marker to begin with?”

“Ah but we do my friend…we do…but let us not hurry to enter into tasks and danger. We must enjoy life while life offers us such delights as might be found in Junction City….such as the Carnival on the westerly edge of town…a little to the north….” Eifion suggested cheerfully.


“”Yes a carnival. Don’t tell me you have never been to a carnival.”

“Of course I have been to a carnival….lots of times….It’s just that I never expected to go to one here.”

“How silly a thought is that? No place is without a carnival and some places have more than one.”

Timothy laugh aloud and said joyously. “Then let us go and see what your carnival has to entertain us.”

“You will be delighted.” Luanna added in.

So off they went following streets that guided them west and north to the west of the city and north but not so far north that there wasn’t a lot more north in the city left to explore….if you catch my drift.


Of course…everyone has been to a Carnival with its midways and rides and side shows and haunted houses and…well…you know….A Carnival.

But as you will see….brahahaha…not all carnivals are alike and none are quite like the Carnival of Junction City….where everything is…..ow can I put it…yes…that works….everything is a little bit macabre and all the workers are directly related to the Mayor…Electro-mechanisms all acting and working just like a mundanie but well…made of different stuff. Must delightful was the miniature train circling the whole Carnival grounds drawn by the most delightful creature…made of silver and driven by steam….a Unicorn with legs that actual seemed to gallop when it moved along the tracks.

There was a roller coaster with cars that looked like tigers and lion and panthers and cougars. And of course no carnival worth its salt would be without a Ferris Wheel….which was the biggest one Timothy had ever seen.

Even as an adult version of himself Timothy went from ride to ride with childlike glee.

Then he came at last to tent with a sign that read. “Madame Hagsworth… Fortune Teller Extraordinaire.

And this my friends was the beginning of…well the real beginning of Timothy’s adventure…

Greetings Timothy Chyme. I have foreseen your coming and there is much I must tell you…much I must warn you about and much I must offer enlightenment about. So sit yourself down and listen to Madame Hagsworth.”

“This should be interesting.” Timothy said more to himself than anyone else. Eifion took a chair to his right and Luanna sat to his left.


“Timothy….Timothy Chyme…..Are you listening? Are you paying attention? Stop staring out the window and look at me.”

The annoying….grating screech of the grade six teacher’s voice shattered the image dancing on the class room window…not just any image….the image of his imagination engulfing him in a very real three dimensional reality where sight…sound and touch were as real as the teacher’s interruption.

Timothy turned away from the window and met Mrs. Green’s glare. With a smile he stood from his desk chair and said….Cordova was a hopeful site of the next great gold rush or at least a Silverado…but it proved to be a very small flash and over the course of its life time…though many believed there was gold and silver to be had…it produced very little of those ores….The area did however produce coal and iron in abundance.”

When he finished Timothy dropped into his seat and stared miserably at the teacher. “Correct.” Mrs. Green replied then said…All eyes forward in this class….unable to chastise Timothy for not paying attention. But the damage was done…..for now….and Timothy did not know if he could ever get back to Silverlode or Junction City again.

When history class ended it meant school was out for the day. Timothy started his way home….taking slow easy steps. He was not yet out of the school yard when…ever so suddenly he was staring delightfully into the eyes of Madame Hagsworth again…who…by the way looked very much like all the other workers in the Carnival…especially her glowing golden amber eyes.

“Come now Timothy Chyme. You must pay attention if you want me to guide you into the future.”

“Does the future include riding on the Silver Horse train?”

“It may…let’s first have a look at your task…..you may want to know….”

“Yes…Tell me where to look for the key and the gate.”

“Why ever would I do that? Where would the fun be if you knew all there was…is….to know?”

“Then how am I supposed to find anything.”

“Simple Mundanie….Too simple…just start looking and pay attention to everything you see and hear. But I will tell you that your future…if you stick to your task will prove to be worth more to you than all the Silver in Silverlode and keys are not always small little metal things that fit in a hole….sometimes they are……well something else and something completely unexpected.”

“Timothy shook his head more confused than when he entered Madame Hagsworth’s tent…with the exception of learning a little about keys.

Outside the lights were dimming. The carnival music had grown silent and everyone gone except the workers who were shutting the rides down.

“I suggest we fine lodging for the night. I don’t think it is wise to be out and about after the stroke of twelve.” Eifion suggested.

“Why?” Timothy demanded.

Eifion shrugged his shoulders. “I suppose the only way to know is to stay out…..if you dare.”

“Maybe I dare.”

And so until next time….Timothy Chyme In Majixland Part Three….have fun and bend your imagination…little …or if you are brave…all the way to the breaking point.

Part three will be ready on the Ides Of March…see you then.

Timothy Chyme In Majixland Part Two

“Magnificent. Frightening!” The words jumped past Timothy’s lips as he gazed in awe at the beast circling high over the Onyx palace and still loomed enormous against the hyper-blue sky. “What manner of creature are you?” he pondered aloud as he studied it. The beast aloft had the body of a mighty mare dressed in a silver coat with powerful equine legs tapering to golden hooves and adorned with the talons of a great bird of prey…. Upon its shoulders, perfectly balanced and fitted… was the head of a dragon as blue as sapphire with eyes the colour of rubies and horns as black as pitch….and the tail was long and coiling like a snake. And last….It’s wings….A grand display rivaling those of a Gryphon…silver and blue with shades of amber….. “What are you mighty beast?” Timothy asked wistfully. “It is a version of a Qilin.” A squeaky little voice came from behind Timothy. He turned casually and…..looking down he spied a creatures he might have called a ground hog….except that it stood on its hind legs and dressed very much like a medieval Cavalier. Just as casually Timothy inquired….And what and whom might you be?” The little Cavalier removed his hat in a sweep and bowed deeply….”I… my good sir am Eifion, keeper of the Qilin.” “A stable boy.” Timothy teased playfully.

  • ISBN: 9781370391660
  • Author: Donald Harry Roberts
  • Published: 2017-02-14 16:50:12
  • Words: 5083
Timothy Chyme In Majixland Part Two Timothy Chyme In Majixland Part Two