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Time Once Knew (How I Whispered Love To You)


Time once knew: how I whispered love to you


Barbara M. Schwarz



In a morning, fresh and new

crows cawed loud

and light the dew

that rested on a world brought

new, Springtime energy renew

all I remember once of you



On the front cover: “The harp (plays a melody unseen in amongst the growing green)” 2017.


Time Once Knew (How I whispered love to you)


Time once knew

how I opened arms to you

how I’d lavished charms on you


Time once knew,

how I sought your heart

to woo


Time once drew, shadows of a halo to

all that once surround you


Time once knew what I whispered

bold and true


Time once blew echoed back

three words at you


Time once knew all that life accrue:

a dusted shroud and sky so blue


Time once knew

How I always loved you


and so three words I see,

echo back intermittently


and in the faintest air,

I catch ‘I love you’ there


but you are already gone

off to capture a new sun


and all the love that once

we won – heaving breath

of (endless) fun… the raciness that

life become,


and cold, the icy blue,

and, still, that memory

fresh of you, calling

sweetly, ‘I love you’.


Sweet the roses bloom for you

memory that once we drew

shades of life and moments true

scented love (that) surround you.


Time now knew

I scouted hard

to just find you,

but not a moment now renew

what we once had in lieu


In lieu – in lieu – in lieu

these dying words I give to you,

the place was not mine to divine

but we made it to our summertime


In lieu – in lieu – in lieu

the silly things that people do


I held my hand with breath anew

and felt your love just flower through


Time that once knew, too,

held its breath

to look at you


and saw in eyes that shine anew

I always did love you


A whispered moment true

A soul that bore in sky of blue

the sun’s reflection of just you


(a dying breath to conjure new)


for time once knew

how a flower grew

in the love that we

once drew.


Time once knew

One of me, and

One of you


Time once knew

what it was I searched

right through,


in the method, madness to

find a way right back to you


Time once knew,

what you lived through,


whilst I challenged derring-do

to ride the sun right back to you


Time once knew

how love could shine right through


Time once knew,

the settled sense that

both we knew,


when we made it through

the turbulence that time renew


the sense that time, a due -

a life force, fair and true


to all intent in you:


adieu, adieu, adieu


the whispered love, my heart once true,

spoke into a sky of blue


and memories of these,

a simple sense of ease,


that now, the journey done,


time stands still for everyone.


Purple Eyes Publishing


Time was bolder than I sought: not a penny sold or bought; not a moment as it ought… and, yet, and yet, and yet, how could I such sweetness forget?


Time is older than before, I come knocking and implore: ‘Let me in, just once, just more”, but instead an open shore out now to nevermore and I am ever there, humming sweetest air.


Time once knew, the depths to which our love once grew

Time once saw, we had reached a different shore,

and time could see, the sweetness of our memory.


Early morning, open, still

the coldness now my heart shall fill

what is done will be no more,

life moves further than before.


Life’s eternal swinging door:

drown your life in love galore,

a saviour to the day,

you once cast your love away.


Free today, and free, tomorrow

All is anguish, joy and sorrow

but no time, you now can borrow


Here and now I see,

the journey all shall be,


the time that we see that

love matters infinitely.


Time Once Knew (How I Whispered Love To You)

Time once knew, how the clouds could cover you, in a morning brand and new, shining life in front of you; time once knew (how I loved you). Epic poetry, a time and source of memory, reverberates now easily, for time now knew... I'd said goodbye to you.

  • ISBN: 9781370485246
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-03-06 14:20:09
  • Words: 685
Time Once Knew (How I Whispered Love To You) Time Once Knew (How I Whispered Love To You)