Time management strategies of successful people


Achieve More, Stress Less – Time Management strategies of Successful People

Kevin Abdulrahman discusses the key tactics about successful time management and tells us how everyone can be a winner if we follow the simple ground rule of being self organized. I am often asked by organizations to help increase the productivity of their teams. After all winning organizations and individuals know that to be successful, you must learn how successful people operate. It is a known that one of the secrets of successful people is that they are able to achieve more with their time (and seemingly don’t stresses as much like the majority do).

I am sure you have heard of many complain about the lack of time they face on a daily basis. ‘I just can’t seem to get any time’, some scream. ‘I simply don’t know how other manages to fit in so much’, others would sigh.


Right now, a few of your heads are nodding because you are either experiencing the lack of time in your life, or most certainly know of people (family, friends and colleagues) who are experiencing the painful symptoms.


In a world where you are striving to become globally competitive, your ability to make the most of your time is paramount. This holds true specially now more than ever. To be a winner and to ensure you have a competitive edge, you need to (on an individual and organizational basis) be able to manage your time. You need to be able to be both effective and efficient to achieve more, without stressing out, developing anxiety and burning out.


Lack of time is a common challenge that many struggle with. Yet time is an equalizing factor amongst us all. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Therefore it’s not a question of ‘possibility’, but more so knowing the secret to it.


So what if you could achieve more? What if you could achieve more and stress less? What’s the secret?


I have had many come back to me over the years saying that these five powerful tips alone (that I’m about to share with you) have helped them become much more productive in both their personal and professional lives.


I will share with five powerful tips (used by all successful people) to implement straight away to achieve more and12 stress less. You will instantly become effective and efficient with your time, and result of which is an immediate increase in your productivity.

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Successful people are aware of their time the question you must first reflect on is, how are you spending your hours? What are you actually doing in your day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep?


For the next week, get your diary and note exactly how you are spending your time. Split your time in segments of 30 minutes using an alarm timer on your watch or mobile phone. Take notes of what you have done during each period.


This is a process of self discovery. You will become aware and amazed as to how you are spending your time. Successful people protect their time. You must learn to protect your time (if you value it) from being wasted. With that in mind, you will be faced with distractions on a daily basis. Only you can truly value your time and how to best utilize it. Don’t expect others to do so. It is important that you ensure your time 34 is protected by carefully choosing what you will and won’t commit to. Be assertive with your time. Respect your time for others to respect it. Protect your time for others to protect it.

Successful people Plan in advance


Successful people plan their months, weeks, days and hours in advance. By planning in advance you save yourself having wasted idle time not knowing what to do next. You can reduce the amount of time you spend twirling in frustration because you simply follow a list of preplanned tasks to do.

As I’ve mentioned in my first book winning The Game Of Life, if you fail to plan, then you are certainly planning to fail. And if you are reading this article, then there is a winner in you that will ensure you plan for your winnings.


Successful people understand the 80/20 Principle Busy vs Productive


I am always teaching the difference between being busy and being productive. So many people are caught up being busy. Being busy is being robbed of your time with no return. Being productive is 5 utilizing your time to achieve your goals.


Most people live under stress. They are over worked, over whelmed and feel under rewarded. This is because they put too much energy into tasks that generate little value towards their desired end result. In many instances, only 20% of your work is getting 80% of your results. This means that 80% of what you do contributes to only 20% of your results. Take a moment and really think about this point. What is your role? What do you want to achieve? What tasks brings you the most significant returns in line with your goals?

Figure out what 20% of your day to day work gives you 80% of your bottom line and focus on doing just that. Only do what really matters.


Successful people get the Worst out of the way


The tasks that results in us being productive are the tasks you tend to put off. If you are fearful of something, or are feeling like you are putting off an important action, then you must do it first. Get it out of the way. You will feel good and begin to achieve more because you would have unconsciously also become more confident and in the groove of things to carry on with the rest of your tasks.


Do the above and you will be well on your way to achieving more in your day today life all whilst stressing a lot less. Here

is to you, winning the game of life.


“By planning in advance you save yourself

having wasted idle time not knowing

what to do next”


Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He is the International Author of a series of books, an in-demand Keynote Speaker and a Global Mind Nutrition Expert Kevin’s articles are regularly published in magazines, reports, newsletters and newspapers, constantly being used as resources all over the world. Kevin is often quested to speak to winning organizations, Universities, sports teams and individuals to take them go to The Next Level. You can get Kevin Abdul rahman’s books and request for him to speak/train your group by going on http://www.kevinspire.com or http://www.themaninspiringmillions.com

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Time management strategies of successful people

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Time management strategies of successful people Time management strategies of successful people