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Till Life Do Us Part

Till Life Do Us Part

Published by Judith Lesley Marshall at Shakespir

Copyright 2017 Judith Lesley Marshall

Shakespir Edition


Julin yearned to live her own life like her friend Trissa. Trissa was one of the lucky ones who had married and divorced her husband while they were alive. Julin’s parents had arranged for her to be wed to Dares after they had both died. The custom dated back to the time of King Farion. Nobody doubted the wisdom of the ritual but they could never have foreseen the consequences. Julin was bound forever to a soul as different from her own as moon dark and bright.

Whenever they crossed with Trissa on the ellipsoidal network Dares would float away until the filaments that stretched between him and Julin were at maximum tension. He referred to Trissa as a random particle. When he felt the females had communicated for long enough he would send a signal down the line, each pulse of electricity stronger than the last, until Julin was forced to follow him.

She and Trissa discovered that they could transmit by scrambling signals. They used this method to wire ways of breaking the marriage bond. Weapons, poisons and accidents would not work in this dark vacuum that glittered with corpse-candles, so they had to devise an alternative.

They considered strangling Dares with the filaments but came to the conclusion that it was impossible to murder someone who was already dead. They could not even be certain of the impact on Julin. She could spend the rest of eternity attached to dark matter.

One day Trissa messaged, ‘Found-way. Put-names-on-next-migration-list.’

The emission pierced Julin’s force field like a bolt of lightning, sending her spinning into space. Dares was not happy about the shock and pinged her back into orbit. She took time to readjust to the flow and then responded, ‘How-will-that-work?’

‘Ask-Exodus-find-host-for-twins. Filaments-dissolve-on-rebirth.’

Julin buzzed with excitement. It was so simple she wondered why they had not thought of it sooner. Registering her incandescence Dares transmitted. ‘It you’re finished it’s nearly moon dark, time for stargazing.’

Stargazing was the one interest they both shared. Dares was passionate about it. He knew all the stars in each constellation but always focussed on Thera. The Blue Planet drew him like filings to a magnet whereas Julin preferred the Red Planet.

Sensing an opportunity, she broke the link with Trissa and relayed, ‘I hear Exodus have found a new planet.’

‘So I heard, but it’s hot and barren, just like Mars,’ Dares retorted.

Julin waited a while before streaming, ‘I also heard there are places left in the portals for tomorrow’s alignment.’

Dares snapped round causing their orbs to collide and send a shower of sparks into the ether, Yes, but it’s a Southern trajectory, too hot for my liking.’

‘I know, but the next cosmic moment is not for another 21,000 years.’

Dares calculated how many years were left until the star gates opened for the Northern hemisphere, deducted them from infinity and decided they should opt for re-entry at moon bright.

For once the pair glowed in harmony. Neither of them wondered why there were places left on this occasion. Normally the lists were full for centuries in advance. They hastened as one to the co-ordinates projected by Exodus and hovered behind the other souls waiting to depart.

Suddenly they were sucked into a vortex where they spun like a cascade of Catherine wheels. The next thing Julin felt was the flow of warm liquid. She heard a cry from Dares as they burst into the glare of sunlight, and then her mind went blank. Their mother named them Jules and Darin.

Years later their father enlightened them to the fact that their birthday coincided with the date of a great solar storm. Extreme atmospheric winds had blown satellites off course, and caused the earth to flip and wobble on its axis.

Darin scoffed at the idea but it all made sense to Jules who had always felt she was living in the wrong part of the world. She resolved to travel South as soon as she was old enough. She would keep the plan secret from her brother as she did not want him tagging along. This was one journey she would make alone.


About the Author

Born and brought up in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, Judith Lesley Marshall draws inspiration from history, genealogy, mythology, travel and the elements.

She has worked in libraries, education and arts/heritage settings across the North East of England and led the region’s Winning Words Olympic poetry project in 2012.

Her writing has been published in anthologies, newspapers and magazines since 1999. You can find her online at http://www.judithlesleymarshall.wordpress.com

Till Life Do Us Part

  • Author: Judith Lesley Marshall
  • Published: 2017-02-22 11:20:08
  • Words: 785
Till Life Do Us Part Till Life Do Us Part