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Chapter 1


1 During the last days of Nelson Mandela, the first egalitarian President of South Africa, in the year 2014, 2 the year when Barrack Obama was in his 2nd term as the 44th President of the United States of America and Angela Merkel was presiding over Germany: 3 the 34th year of Robert Mugabe’s presidency over the nation of Zimbabwe and Vladimir Putin’s chairing period over the nation of Russia; 4 I was in Checheche, by Save River in Chipinge Zimbabwe, when the God of peace, love and harmony appeared to me in a Vision, and a dream. 5 I was lift in Spirit and listening to a song from on high when I heard footsteps as of a man behind me. 6 Then, being afraid of entertaining an unfamiliar spirit, I fought out of the Vision and prayed. 7 The Vision came back and the place upon where I was shined with light; and the spirit of God entered into me and said, 8 ‘son of man, this is eternal life, the limits are broken: today I appoint you like unto an angel; take this glory to the world; and thou shall built for me a temple with two arches’. 9 And so it was that in an instant, I was transfigured into his glorious likeness. And behold, I was standing, as it were, 10 at the door of the house of a Jew, in the land of Israel and they to whom I was send believed not that I was him to come. 11 Then a big serpent, the size that can cram the ends of the earth, rose from the west of the land to which I was, 12 determined to devour the house of the Jew, the branch of God’s beloved servant; and so, his glory, 13 rose upon me from within out, as a pillar of cloud and a two edged long and sharp sword in my right hand by which I destroyed the serpent. 14 And when they saw these things, they of the children of Israel, fainted in their hearts and testified to the glory of God which was upon me. 15 And behold, I was walking in one of the streets of the neighbourhood of Chipinge again, and an elder from a former church sent word unto me and inquired; 16 ‘so you have determined to draw the people close to the throne of holiness? And said I, yes, why not? For to do so am I come; to draw them to the throne of life, 17 and to bless them generously in peace, love and harmony:’ and them that send the one that came to me inquiring were consumed with wrath; and all the wicked peoples of the world with him. 18 Then God beckoned me to look on high and forward, and not on the frustrated demons in people’s pelts. And behold, I was writing these things when two scrolls were presented before me titled faith in action; 19 and on their cover was the image of a man, William M Branham. On opening them, the first pages had writings which my spirit opened unto, 20 but as I perused more pages, I saw, as it were images that depicted events of darkness, as might be in a war. Was the man a soldier? I wondered and said I unto myself, these things are surely events of darkness for souls are tormented and snivelling heard to my ears, 21 but I shall not speak of these things nor write of them: and before I knew it, I was declaring the word of God, not as me but as him that is heavenly, and as people looked on, 22 I was lifted up, above they that were building a storey mansion and with they that heard God’s word, I was transfigured into his glory such that there were now two different worlds; 23 one below in which they of this world lived, some of which are they that were filled with wrath because I determined to glorify God in his word; 24 and another world was above, for they of the whole earth that hearkened unto the word of caveat and counsel as in the little scroll which I received from God and from which I spoke; 25 and they were clothed as I was, with fine seamless linen girdles and sang a song saying, glory! glory! glory to your holy name, we shout it loud, glory to your holy name O God. 26 And behold, above me was a cloud as of the throne of the highest heaven and a crown with many lights as candles was descending from thereof; and I bowed down and worshiped the King whose seat was thereof 27 and by his wisdom made he me to look into my heart, whence a channel was opened unto my eyes and behold, his glory was inestimable. 28 Abundant were the treasures of his kingdom thereof; and so I bore witness to the inheritance of his family in light: the everlasting holy realm that proceeds forth from the hearts of men; 29 yet not every man save they which received life in God’s spirit and walked in purity of heart. And it came to pass that the following day, I told the Vision to elder Mildred Muchoza and so she bore witness to this vision, 30 and so did him, a man of God, that came before me in a vision, a faithful servant according as he is given, and the rest of the host. 31 Then, weeks passed by, and lo! In August 2014, behold I was in the Spirit praying, when I saw upon the earth great inequities and wickedness and all manner of thing that kindled the wrath of God; 32 and he that was among they that bore witness said unto me, ‘go unto these people and tell them not to relax for the end is coming in 50 000 years’.



Chapter 2


1 And it came to pass that in another dream, I was in the spirit, standing upon a big rock and looking at synagogues, congregations and assemblies that were scattered across a small area. 2 The distance between them was less than a kilometer and my spirit was troubled by what I saw. 3 Then, I wondered as I stood there, why if all these people worshiped the same God and are all striving for one goal, why can’t they fellowship together? 4 And so it was that the first assembly, which was in the vicinity of the rock upon which I stood, comprised of men only, both young and old, and he that led them was sitting on a throne, as it were, a man made chair, and was warning them of such as would come and talk them out of the way. 5 At that, the spirit of God stirred within me and asked him that sat on the artificial throne, where are you going with my people? Which way are you walking by? 6 But him, failing to answer any of the questions, for the words were taken out of him by God as he was a spirit of falsehood, stirred those who were following him to rebel against the voice of God. 7 And as they did so, behold, God being all powerful and wise, and desiring to expose the spirit of falsehood that was misleading these people, released his power upon me and with it I calmed all their spirits and they settled down. 8 Thereafter and speaking in God, I asked for a response from him that was leading, about the way and destination but he could give none. 9 Then said I, if thou art a spirit of truth come to the good of all, you will surely answer me but if you will not, I command you in the name of God Almighty to leave, and I shall not repeat this unto the third count for surely then, I will destroy you. 10 And behold, it came to pass that on the second count, he disappeared and in his place appeared an Idol and on the third count, and as I was saying, by the name of God Almighty, 11 I say leave, behold his identity revealed a huge serpent rising from the ground and taking the throne upon which the idol and leading man sat. 12 And all that followed him were shocked and they that were scattered across the area, when they saw this, ran to witness this exposure of the wicked one, who in face of shame, send packing. 13 And behold, after that, all the people came together and fellowshipped as one; men and women, and in one spirit and in truth, to the glory of God: 14 and I woke up from the dream, but was still in the spirit and God made all things known unto me, the sum total of which is written in this book of caveats and counsel.


18 And again, unto me a vision was shown; and as it were, I was send to a people, like unto me, to deliver unto them a message of the kingdom of heaven. But in their unbelief, they, save the little ones, thought I was another imposter after nothing but their gold and silver. 19 And after a time and time, trying to convince them, I dusted my feet off and left upon the wings of God’s spirit and descended unto the foundation of the earth; and having touched the foundation with my feet, I ascended once again, now unto another people. 20 And as I ascend, my countenance was now like unto heavenly and upon a rock, in the direction of the west, saw I one with a baldhead, looking in the northern direction to which it looked like I was going. 21 And behold, as he looked, a voice spoke unto the people from whence I was coming saying, evenso shall the kingdom of God be taken away from you and be given to another people. 22 Howbeit that in that same moment, I said in the Spirit, but without understanding in my mind, ‘my kingdom is not of this world but thou shall see the kingdom of the son of man and his glory hailing from above from whence he comes.’ 23 Again , unto me was shown a man like unto Chris Oyakhilome and then, William M Branham, going in the direction of sunrise and as it were, the sun was rising but saw I not the two men again after that, and all they that were following them reaching unto the end of their destination. 24 And lo! I couldn’t follow them for after that, I saw them not again and saw I went unto a gathering of the young which came from all walks of life and cultures and unto them gave I the message that I had. 25 Howbeit that the sum total of these two men’s journey was also not told to me save the mandate to proclaim the word of God I had unto their generations 26 and to turn their hearts unto righteousness and exhort them to fulfill all things good among which is this ordinance, to honour father and mother in their day for such pleases God.


24 And it came to pass that in those days, I began fasting prayerfully seeking clear guidance unto the intend of the visitations, dreams and visions I were receiving for many were they; 25 but these have I written that you may know and believe that all I speak and write is of no man but of God; 26 given to me through revelation by his spirit: and behold, I was in the spirit in a vision, and a dream, looking for a synagogue to attend and an assembly to join. 27 But as I approached the first synagogue, him that was leading and teaching, taught a teaching that was not; for of his congregation and race as according to the definitions of men, spoke he well but of the others he spoke ill, calling them sinners and unworthy; 28 and lo, I was grieved in my soul and spirit and therefore could not join them. Then set I forth in search of one to which all men were welcome in truth irrespective of who they are or from whence they come; an assembly of saints and/or a church in which true harmony, equality, love, truth and peace reigned. 29 Howbeit that all that I came across spoke in the manner of the first man and his church even though they all claimed to be of God; 30 and my heart was sore and I said unto myself, God is for all men, Jews and non Jews, English and Shonas, Latin and Zulus and all kindred: why then does discriminate against each other exist in the assembly? 31 And it came to pass that as I pondered on this thought, in my spirit, pressure mounted in my head and a sword was drawn in the spirit to the surmisings of my heart by a power, an authority and ruler whose identity I recognized not, seeking to destroy me. 32 But being strong in the grace and power of GOD, I took a deep breath and as I did so, I was transfigured with power of tongues and mighty into the last heaven from whence I descended with the voice of a mighty angel 33 and speaking in tongues saying, manga satapaya and with a sword in my right hand, into a new heaven and a new earth. 34 And behold, I reached the new earth and thrust the sword I had in my right hand in its crust and its power swept across the entire earth and the colour of glory unto that new heaven and earth was green for the healing of the world; 35 and no man found I therein save I for none had ever entered therein save the spirit of God that filled therein and unto it were the clean at heart according to the righteous word bid. 36 And lo; while I was in the spirit, a night passed by after I had thrust the sword into the earth’s crust, and a new day came, ushering in a new world in which true peace, love, equality, and harmony reigned; 36 for the former things had passed away: and I saw two men who were as it was, twin brothers in their old age, one dark brown and another one very light brown by the definitions of men, and they were walking on a highway as one people and as children of one man. 37 And the third man was not of their age but younger, red skinned and was serving in a store alongside the highway to which the light skinned one of the two twins went to purchase an item. 38 And it came to pass that by counsel I learned that a time is appointed that all new generations till the end should come together as one people in harmony, peace and love.




Chapter 3


1 And this is a dream, that while I lay upon my bed, I was carried into the spirit; and lo it came to pass that I and one like unto the Son of man were working for a Lord , 2 receiving silver coins for the services that we were offering: and unto the Lord were we giving the silver coins. Therefore it came to pass that I received a silver coin from a purchaser of my services, 3 and before I could go and submit it unto the Lord, behold, him that looked like unto the son of man asked for my silver coin which I gave and unto me gave he a shinning golden coin upon which was a cross drawn and under it an inscription which read, seal of age. 4 And he told me to take it unto the Lord; and it come to pass that when I received the golden coin with the cross and inscription of seal of age that the entire universe shook from its foundation as if it were a great earthquake happening. 5 Howbeit that in another dream, I lay hold of hidden golden treasure, a wrist watch and necklace to which the universe shook again; 6 and howbeit also that unto me was, even though the least, inexperienced and unqualified servant of them all, was given to tell the world about the time of the end, 7 even 50 000years from the time of August 2014, and how the end shall come and such events as shall occur unto that time even though most of these events are told of by many who came before me. 8 And behold, the sum total of all else that received in this dream and vision by the grace of God have I wrote unto a few respected friends, 9 whom I hoped would treasure these things passed from the God that cares for all through the least of all mankind and all creation, among whom are much loved Sasha Xarrian; Nason Mashaya; Peter Venkat, 10 and told for a witness unto Bongai Murimo; Edmore Goko, brother of Result the son of Thomas and Loveness, and Tsitsi and Nomore the son of Solomon; 11 Mr. Muti; Madoda Madzaya friend of Muzungure; Tendai Matimbe; Farai Madidi and John Mutekesi by Checheche of Chipinge, 12 and have accounted for herein: not as to add or take anything away from anyone’s works, and any book that testify the truth of and about piety, 13 but as to fulfill my own mission and deliver unto you this message o beloved children; that you may know that in him, thou art all one. 14 Though we can learn from many prophecies of old that have long been fulfilled, knowing that true piety is the same yesterday, today and forever, many are such things as should come to pass before all is fulfilled. 15 And this you must all know that, I am not come for or against anyone in this world; not against Moses nor Mohammed, 16 neither against Jesus, Buddha, Luther, Bahaullah, Paul, Johane nor any other messenger but just to do the upright thing in which there is life for all without bias. 17 Therefore, let them who can accept and believe in these caveats and counsels do so, not taking them as mine, 18 for of my own know I nothing, as I am no prophet nor seer, but as of God, through whom I know all these things; and let them that have ears of understanding then; 19 hear this caveat from on high by him who is faithful; and abide in this word of counsel unto life in Peaceangel who is the faithful sentry who declared; 20 ‘if there be anyone wise in your midst, let the same stand fast in this word and gird their loins, for the time of times in all generations is coming; 21 and this is given to work all things unto good for they that will live: if the wicked forbear, let them forbear and perish’.




Chapter 4


1 Unto all the living in the earth then, may God’s goodness and mercy be upon you o wonderful people; 2 and I have written to you to make known these tidings, which God made known to me, 3 and caused me to write unto all nations of the world and generations of this age and all those after you for a blessing and an inheritance in the present and the later life. 4 Though many may forbear, as this is and shall be a hard thing to believe and accept for many, in it I am not ashamed as a content man in all godliness, 5 for it is a responsibility in which I am pleased to glorify God and bless all his chosen in all faiths in all of creation, and mankind whom I love most like unto holy angels.6 Behold, by his spirit, I share with you and all, as a servant of uprightness, an ambassador for all the divine messengers and a brother in the great cause of peace, 7 these tidings as touching the end, which remained a mystery unto the wise for a while; but has now been given unto the knowledge of all of you, and all the meek and patient in holy promises, 8 that everlasting life might be made manifest to all creation by the preaching of peace, equality, love, unity, mercy and meekness unto all, by all and for all to the glory of God. 9 Whether one accept or forbear, far be it that I should keep silent when I am given and prompted to say it. And for the sake of righteous, I will not hold my peace. For the cause of God’s chosen and his holy glory, I will not cease to proclaim it, 10 till righteousness and salvation shines forth gloriously unto all and in all. Truly, this is not mine; neither received it I from any man, 11 less some should become cunning as touching salvation, but from him that is forever faithful and true, God Almighty. 12 For as it is sealed, and was said by God through his spirit unto one who came after others yet well before others, including me as last of all, he shall uphold that which is mine and make it known unto you, 13 even so by the spirit that tent all creation declare I to you these mysteries and faithful counsels, not as mine to glorify myself, for mine is hid with Him who is the ROCK of all Rocks from whom I come; but as of him in whose name I do speak and write, 14 the Almighty God; who gave it unto you by me in the authority of the spirit of equality that you may not all grope in darkness concerning the future. 15 But I tell you this covert that though it was needful for him to speak in this manner for his own glory, considering that, then it was his hour of victory; and for the reason that, 16 they that heard him might believe, understand and be saved, what he declared his own then, is of everyone in the heavenly council of righteous messengers and angelic hosts even though they knew the mystery not: 17 a council which by cause of men’s cunning is divided though here in the earth. Nonetheless, for there is time for everything, it was needful that 18 such should happen so that in time, the last of all in the council could come at a time like now and make known this mystery for the salvation of all creation to be made complete; 19 and for the perfection of light in all holiness. For if God is light and what he speaks forth for the benefit of all is light, surely then, that which one called his and is from God, is for all; 20 for it is light unto all as it brings salvation to all that behold and believe it, unless if it’s for a few selected who are not part to the righteous. For some though, by reason of the doctrine of prejudice which they have received, 21 this is a complex matter to understand, yet very simple when they consider that the spirit whom they call the comforter works through men to fulfill all things 22 and choose whom it will for such works according as God planned it all before the foundation of all things was.



24 Of certainty now then, the years unto the end and not the year, the day nor the hour has been determined, but lest you relax, thinking there is still more time, 25 or fall into the trap of the devil by following after angels of darkness which have entered into the world and are among men and saints, 26 clothed as angels of light, the mystery has been sealed for you and all your generations unto the one that shall live to the end; 27 And until the pains of a woman in labour have ceased, you must know that all threats of an imminent end are nothing but vain lies of the wicked one. 28 For God is most righteous, and full of mercy and kindness so much that he desires not that any anyone should perish by lack of knowledge, save the son of wickedness himself, Satan and his angels. 29 Surely, as him who is the lot of Moses saw it fit to give the children of Israel the land of Canaan, as per promise yet took them around the desert for forty years that he might get rid of sons of wickedness, 30 even so does God desire to make manifest his wonderful glory to his faithful children; yet not until the generation of vipers have passed away shall such a thing come to pass. 31 By adherence to these counsels therefore, and those of others before me, shall the vipers be separated from the heirs of everlasting blessings; 32 And when you read these counsels, know ye that the glory of these blessings is come upon you: for this is a faithful counsel that, salvation is not at all a matter of at which congregation or assembly do you fellowship, 33 but what standing is thine heart, ways and works. A recompense of everyone shall be determined after rightness with God and with men, and not after where one fellowships, 34 lest some should boast about salvation and their own congregations and assemblies or creeds; for in righteousness, cleanness of heart and truth is godliness made whole. 35 And worshiping God is more than a mere act of gathering together in the skin of a peculiar people singing vain songs that are far from the state of the heart but an eternal attitude, a glorious excellence of the inner man. 36 Make your hearts full and glowing with the clean spirit of truth, charity and peace which is the light of all men unto salvation, which manifests itself in peace and harmony with all; and love and equality by all unto all and for all; 37 for these combined, are the foundation of true godliness. For even if righteousness and faith unto salvation are gifts of grace, 38 proof shall be required of everyone on the day of judgment that you have adhered to the ordinances of life in righteousness and accepted God’s grace for the justification of all things righteous before the throne of Majesty; 39 and that proof consist in the way of one’s conduct with and among others and before God; and not to which assembly or faith one belongs. 40 For if one boasts in grace as per denomination or creed and walks like him which have received grace not, what benefit does one such have in holiness? 41 Again, if one who claims to have received grace has a heart estranged from truth and righteousness but seek after such things as are of the world, what reward has such in heaven? 42 True partakers of the eternal grace of God walk their confession, and that is walking in true love which edifies unto peace, unity, justice and harmony; which blended, is part to the foundation of all righteousness.




Chapter 5


1 God is true, just, and righteous and desire not that any of his children should perish by reason they belong not to any culture or group of people, 2 but rather by reason of disobedience of his ordinances sealed in his unchanging truth, peace, grace and love; which edifies unto the salvation of all men that abide in him without touching colour, creed or class; 3 for all are one, born of one eternal spirit of life full of righteousness, grace and love, and are thus of one origin, belonging to one righteous home and one righteous heaven; 4 and throne of the one and only true everlasting God who considers the state of the heart and ways of all men impartial. 5 Forsake not the synagogues or assemblies at which you fellowship if what you are taught therein edify unto true godliness in righteousness; 6 for such is good and so pleasing unto God and hopefully to thine gods in whose creeds thou walk, but depart from promoters of all manner of inequity and vain glory. 7 For it is more honourable that all perish for lack of knowledge than for following insolent workers and all those defiled by pride in cultures of this world and the desire for gain rather than the truth and the peace of God. 8 The pride of culture and worldly attachments, if truth be told, rob men of true fellowship and true godliness; 9 and as such, all must know that every truly anointed one, is no child of any man or any culture by worldly genealogy and definition, lest some should boast against others as touching salvation. 10 They are no seeds of any man save the spirit of righteousness, truth and perfect love who tabernacles himself in the womb of flesh at every needful time that life might be made manifest unto all flesh in flesh, and that peace and love might be glorified to the salvation of all that should live. 11 Being born of the Spirit in every chosen age as beloved sons of King and shepherds for all that believe in God through them, they are Lords and Judges over all of them that believe in him through them 12 and all must embrace this truth if an anointed one is today and now be made manifest to all through any man from any nation. 13 For the eternal plan of God is such that all must be saved and be united in his glory; 14 If you can accept it, all must fellowship together irrespective of time and place, and worship sincerely with their hearts guarded in truth and tolerance; not out of compulsion by any authority but out of hearts that cognize that such is the way it must be in all holiness; 16 visiting each other in the congregations and homes, and all other places that the doctrine of truth and righteousness which is light, might be perfected, 17 and be made manifest among all by all unto the destruction of all the works and plans of the wicked one which shall come to not by fire in a space of the appointed time, 18 counting from now, 2014 August, according to the messenger who appeared to me in Checheche of Chipinge. For many, this is no easy thing; but fear not deception if thou be truly of GOD, 19 for this is a counsel worthy all accepting with faith in him as it fulfils that which is spoken of old unto a messenger by God 20 signifying the fall of all worldliness and all its cunning manners saying, 21 the revelation awaits a chosen era; it speaks of the end and will not prove false; for the messenger, moved by the spirit of herald, indeed spoke of things which were to come 22 which in that time were invoked by cause of the wickedness of his generation which would perpetuate through ages, until the present when God, in his steadfast mercy and righteousness, 23 would chose to make known the time of such an end that he might unlock the salvation of all the righteous and holy of the present generation and all of them to come. Yeah, when it was most needful, 24 unveiled was this mystery of the time that this word unto the prophet for a crown upon all the prophets might accomplish that for which it was intended initially. 25 Therefore, blessed are ye of this generation and all generations after you who are given to know of this mystery. But whether to accept or to forbear, 26 such is a choice one has to make in accordance with their hope in the day of judgment and that life to come. For these days are like unto the days of Daniel the prophet, 27when he spoke of times to come and such things as would come to pass yet, many of those generations for which such times and occurrences were spoken and written unto believed not, 28 but forbear until the day of the God’s visitation upon those generations of inequity and wickedness and leveled judgment against them just like unto the days of Noah. 29 So, let the wise repent, watch and pray; and be steadfast in this, if would live, that all things work glory unto them that love life. 30 And who is it among you that have understanding of spiritual things? one come of age in these matters, who can discern heavenly matters? 31 If there is one, let the same girdle their loins and be a worthy vessel that generously share that which they received, lest they be damned for selfishness, 32 as others who received the word of truth first and manipulated it for evil and selfish gain. But blessed are they which shared it generously 33 and shall go forth to do so all the way unto the end of all things to all tongues, nations and generations. 34 Theirs is the eternal glory and inheritance of the King. 35 But be mindful not to say in your hearts, the years are many and the time plenty to gird your loins; and seek after the way that gives true life sincerely, 36 for you know not of the day of your call to sleep that you may await sealed day that will come upon all; 37 and when will be your appointed hour, for the hours are not the same for all. And this is the advise that is meet for a true heart after enduring life, 38 and the strength of walk in such a way unto that unknown day and hour: that 39 you first strive after the eternal riches of life in heaven and not of this world by walking and living with all peoples justly, peacefully and harmoniously; 40 doing kindness unto all; and you will be qualified for that glory which is reserved for the children of obedience.




Chapter 6


1 True love manifests itself not in vain words that edify nothing unto peace, unity, justice and harmony, the carriers of perfect righteousness. The greater man, 2 worthy before the Lord and men is him that seek not only the good of those with whom he shares the same ancestry and culture after the definitions of men, 3 but him that seek the good of all: knowing fully that, all men are children of one righteous ancestor in whom life abound and after whom all the families of creation in the earth and in heaven are called in the eternal spirit of light and life. 4 For as for men of the earth, before the first man came into being, there was no man known in the earth and definitely no living soul upon the face of the earth. 5 And God masterfully, kindly and caringly made the first inhabitants of the heavens and the first of all inhabitants of the earth and all other worlds: 6 but as for men of the earth, after all of them went the way of the senses, he sought to bring them all unto himself as second unto the angels while in flesh, 7 and as equal unto angels in reaching perfection in harmony of body and spirit in truth and righteousness, and all other qualities that edifies unto true godliness; 8 wherefore he called them all after one righteous man who found favour for his constant righteousness and peacefulness, Melchizedek, who is known unto all and by all. 9 But they all continued, even today, one after his own way prompting God to humble himself and visit men in his spirit and live in men, to replace corruption with holiness and death with life. 10 In all ages before, down to the age of the founding of everything till the present, he saved many through his appointed messengers whom he send forth, 11 among whom all are known and revered as loving fathers, masters, shepherds and saviours; ministers of peace, love and harmony to all that believe in him and accepted his precepts and instructions unto righteousness by them. 12 Am I cheering idolatry then, as the prejudiced call it or may think because I write of names they are made to shun by men’s doctrines whether it be Moses against Pharaoh and Buddha, or Jesus against Muhammad, Bahaullah and many more others? 13 Definitely not for no idol nor creature can serve except truth and righteousness alone; but that idolatry may perish, through knowledge of the truth of all things’ harmony. 14 Let therefore all hearken and resist glorying in the deep of the skin or superiority of faith, or congregation, despising others thinking that they are better than the rest; 15 for you are all sons and daughters of one glory and one God, that one spirit of life in all men and all creation abiding by righteousness except those that abide by that creed and way which is anti peace, harmony, truth, equality and perfect love for each other. 16 And whosoever shall think better of self as touching such as counseled against, the same is ripening himself for Judgment, 17 because himself by judging others after the looks or faith or any other manner, has witnessed against himself before righteousness that he has broken that ordinance which prohibits any to judge another. 18 And behold, this is a faithful counsel that true sons and daughters of the kingdom of God are not among they which boast in the things of the flesh.


39 As it is a goodly thing, neglect not to assemble in the temple of worship always but let not your assembling be an occasion of vanity, blabbering and empty sacrifices: 40 let them be conducted with abiding faith in, and true fear and love of each other unto the cementing of oneness among all men, for all men and by all men in spirit. 41 For it is of no benefit in the day of judgment that you continue in your assemblies yet fall short in these fruits of the spirit of truth and righteousness of which God is, 42 which are perfected in love, unity, equality, humility, peace, tolerance, hospitality, honest, harmony and faith in God, who delight eternally in them than all else.




Chapter 7


1 And this is the true fear of God that you walk not haughtily and naked before men and the angels; refrain from anything by which others may stumble. 2 Trust not in your own wisdom and possessions, and promote not lawlessness nor temper with the rights and liberties of others. 3 Walk in humility of heart and cloth in descend apparel that your secrets may remain consecrate. 4 Grieve not the spirit of God in men because of the ways in which you walk which cause others to stumble. 5 Cherish all life and have the capacity to understand and acknowledge others as equals unto you. 6 Resist the temptation to curse or speak evil of and against others: for when you curse or speak evil of or to one another, 7 you speak not against each other but against the spirit of God in men which is his life and real self. 8 Walk away from all manner of idolatry such as the worshipping of self, and hand crafted images; 9 and proverbial spirits, and all creatures made by the hands of God, and all that which is named in the heavens save God alone, the life of all things. 10 Honour not the cultures of men more than the will of God; 11 worship not the spirits of the dead which themselves knows not their own end in that fateful day. 12 Revere not more and with trembling the grave of the dead than the holy temple of God. 13 Put God first in all your doings and spare more time to fellowship with God in prayer, and psalms, and songs, 14 and hymns or meditations in praise and thanksgiving for the gift of life and all your blessings. 15 A wicked man in whom there is no fear of God instigate violence, and discrimination, and war, and every other manner of vile among men: 16 He takes advantage of the weaknesses of others and rob them of the fruits of their labours, and their rights, and their privileges, and their inheritance; 17 such is the plunder, and the murderer; the treacherous and the terrorist. 18 But so is not the prudent man, in whom the love and fear of God abides: he walks not after the manner of people which glory in self and all such things as are not edifying unto life, and peace, and justice, and harmony among men. 19 Truly, no wisdom is greater than the honest fear of God; and the wise 20 speak their faults unto God without reservation and with all trembling and they obtain mercy; but continue not in the same fault; 21 lest their vow of repentance counts unto vanity before their God; giving occasion to the devil to take bode in their hearts and lead them in the path of darkness. 22 Common spirits have nothing in common with godliness; therefore seek and walk not in their counsel for such is not the fear of God. 23 The man who fears God strengthens not, whether by weapons, silver, gold or any other means, the arm of the divisive, and the arrogant, 24 and the oppressor, and the plunderer, and the belligerent, and vengeful, and greedy, and hateful, and proud, and malicious, and extortionist, and treacherous, and blood thirst; 25 who war to destroy lives and rob, for all these are enemies of peace, love, justice and harmony; 26 and whatever is an enemy of these is an enemy of God. 27 Woe therefore unto everyone who is an enemy of God; the one in whom there is no fear of injustice, violence, murder and treachery, 28 for upon such, damnation is sealed without reservation. But consolation is prepared in grace for all such as shall heed unto God’s counsels and walk it in his instructions and statutes.




Chapter 8


1 Peace, justice, forgiveness, and harmony are among the first fruits of pure love and love is the power that bind the hearts of all things in harmony. 2 If you are truly God’s council in your various offices and positions, then let all that you do and say edify unto the equality and harmony and peace and justice of and among all unto salvation. 3 Welcome the sinner into your quarters and instruct him in the way of godliness: 4 for such are the ailing and missing that if you be doctors and shepherds of God, must attend to, and find that you might unite them unto the rest of the fold of God’s Saints. 5 Betray not your trust with any man and seek not increase on the expense of justice and love. 6 Welcome the slow to learn into your group if you be teachers of God for unto such are you sent. 7 No teacher is worthy the glory and honour of God who teach the bright but neglect such as are slow to learn and comprehend. 8 A ruler and Father who cares more about those of his land and household and less of the sojourner has no honour before God; 9 for those of his household shall he always be with but the strangers come and go and who knows if they be angels of the God send to bless one’s own nation and household. 10 For as it is written, ‘some have entertained angels unawares’. 11 Attend to the needs of the all they that are needful of help in health by both prayers and works for such are the fruits of God’s Spirit which abide in and with you. 12 Resist the temptation to vain glory for it is the greatest foe of harmonious fellowship between men as equals in peace, unity and love. 13 Labour for the benefit of others willingly unto the edifying of God’s glory. Give that you may receive; and teach that you may learn. 14 The love of God in you is made manifest in how you treat others. 15 Do not cause more pain and grief unto the wounded; do not ignore they that are in pains; 16 put on godliness and strive to help heal rather than getting your way. 17 Yea, heal, bind, set at liberty and comfort that you may be comforted also. 18 All vengeful, mockers, scornful, makers of weapons of massacre and the indifferent has not the love of God. 19 Love seeks not a way to confrontation and fighting when error is made unto misunderstandings but by dialogue, it finds a path to forgiveness unto peace, unity and harmony. 20 Ye children of God are the radiance of the world and if good radiance be peace, love, harmony and justice, then let thy ways give light unto men of the world. 21 Thus, the true saint of God who seeks the glory and excellence of God to be manifested in the world shall pride not in the name of his assembly; 22 but shall endeavour in earnest to come to unity, by love, of the temple of God through fellowship with all saints from all assemblies wherever it is expedient to do so: 23 whether in the synagogue, and the playing ground, and in the home, and the open fields lifting up sanctified hands while offering sacrifices of worship unto God in orderly manner. 24 For this is a faithful counsel that you are all born of, strive for the excellence of, teach about and walk after the glory of one spirit, God’s spirit; 25 and if so, then you must set aside your differences and come unto the unity of fellowship that you might lead the world in the way of true love after which it must walk; 26 for truly, truly, assemblies shall pass away but this counsel will not pass away. 27 The pride of congregation and assemblies in which some boast as speaking better of themselves than others will vanish but the temple of God will stand forever.



28 If then you are children of love, fulfil that which was ordained unto you by manifesting it in deeds first among yourselves, 29 then unto the world that you might prevail in it, peace and harmony. 30 For as much as the pride in cultures and genealogies cannot edify unto the oneness of humanity in God, even so cannot the pride in congregations: 31 it edifies not to the unity of the body of holiness and life, and if you can accept it that, what divides men and Saints is but often the same issue, 32 a desire for power and personal gain and hatred born of personal issues among leaders, and wicked spirits which have infiltrated the world; 33 and less of a difference in doctrine 34 Let corruptions and all manner of deceit be not spoken of among you for all who partake in these wicked ways will truly receive their own recompense. 35 Keep your loins clean of and gird against all manner of ungodliness as in drunkenness and body busying and witchcraft and all fleshly desires that resist and offend the spirit of God in you: 36 for you are his dwelling place wherein also cannot be found all manner of wickedness. 37 A good citizen and/or subject in whom the love of God abides has respect for and shows loyalty to his leaders knowing that all righteous authorities are arms of God who is the head of all power, extended to execute his will. 38 In the same vein, a good leader in whom the fear of God and his love abides has the capacity to bear with his subjects and respect with all loyalty their will for they lead by them and for them.




Chapter 9


1 The eyes of God are upon those who love him sincerely; those who keep righteous ordinances and worship him in truth and bound by the spirit of harmony, love and kindness, 2 and in counseling, these are ordinances worthy all adherence that, 3 first; God is one spirit and you must love and serve him alone with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength; 4 second; You must love your neighbor as you love yourself; and third; 5 Honour your father and mother for such is pleasing unto thy God. But honour ye not that which is unrighteous, true and holy though it be a tradition of traditions. 6 As touching the Sabbath which is cause to much travesty, whether it be the first, the second or any other, all are a goodly heritage of men and creation from God if they work righteousness and perfect life for all: 7 whether one is by ordinance and the other one by instruction of grace in spirit is of no consequence as long as fellowshipping towards perfection of all godliness is achieved and God is glorified. 8 If therefore all perfect all godliness and glorifies God, none is better than the other: they are all consecrate if they are observed to his glory alone and not any other authority named in all else for God’s Spirit is King of all Sabbaths; 9 and as Jesus rightly said, what honours God is not the day but the person who observes that day. So do all on any day to the glory of God alone and filled with love. 10 Yet this I tell you that, they which are truly of God, live every day as if it were a Sabbath day, doing good works and walking in peace, love and harmony for the glory of the kingdom of heaven. 11 And as you were taught not to testify falsely in favour of or against anyone; neither to judge, even so be it. Yet I counsel you in God that, 12 whosoever join the company of accusers, even if himself accuses or defends not, is guilty of false witnessing; 13 for his body and spirit testify before God and his angels that he is part to the congregation of the accusers or defenders: for no one can become part to any congregation and hold not opinion for or against the matter addressed openly or secretly which brings judgment and condemnation. 13 For witnessing in accusation or defense consist not in saying unfound words against or for anyone verbally, but 14 it consist in thinking or holding for or against anyone unproven allegations in the heart, which is where the Lord of truth searches and considers more than anything else. 15 Therefore knowing that God observes the ways of the inner man more importantly, 16 it is better for all not to partake in assemblies where others are accused or judged lest one enters into false witnessing by way of opinion for or against his neighbor and kindles God’s wrath and Judgment. 17 For he is God that looks after the ways of the real man more, than what he appears or act like on the outside. 18 And if you are in any position to execute justice among men, and an accused is dragged before you, resist the temptation to pass judgment after the will of the people, 19 for saving the fact that all that accuse are guilty of their own covered faults to answer for, by so were many innocent children of God imprisoned, maimed, murdered and crucified. 20 But you shall, as God’s arm of justice and all goodness, counsel the accused if proven guilty, 21 to go their way on an oath not to continue after such manner of wrong and that if they continue one more act of wickedness in the same offense , 22 judgment be upon them by death unto death in the spirit, for whoever fears God above the dungeons of men will be obedient to the voice of God in his word; 23 for God can do anything in his just capacity to show he reigns above the rule of men of the world courts and all powers that be which some has before this counsel, feared more than the him. 24 And behold, the indignant will seek to belittle this counsel but I tell you that you shall resist not such men, 25 but shall let them, if they persist that anyone should be condemned, to condemn first as said to some of old, who being sinful by own conscience, dispersed in shame from the accused; 26 And I tell you that not one single of such, as shall judge and condemn shall receive not from God, a severe measure of judgment and condemnation against their own secret follies before all; and though the recompense delay, come it will at the right time that justice may vindicate the righteous. 27 But what more do we learn from this experience than the very obvious that in today’s spiritual and belief affairs, there are those that call others of the evil one and not of God, 28 not knowing that by so doing they are not in any way proving themselves better than those of the evil one; for in this manner also they walk, accusing and condemning everyone else except themselves. 29 Yeah, their sins are more gross than of those they condemn for they know not the way of righteousness. They are become like unto the hypocrites of yesteryears 30 who closed the gate of heaven for such as would enter by forcing traditions of men they themselves observed not upon others. 31 But as of sincerity in serving righteousness, let the soul of every person proven among you to be taking advantage of the little ones, 32 the needy and the widows be commended unto hell in the presence of all men, Not as in stoning, but as in commending their souls to God’s judgment, 28 and must be ostracized from among the innocent into dungeons of the world justice. But those that shall repent in earnest shall be given unto the ministration of the grace of God unto all prisoners. 29 For behold, the little ones and the less privileged among men whom one takes advantage of are his precious inheritance, 30 and His eyes watches over them day and night with His hand ready, to smite all that takes advantage of them.


31 If you have any cause of grief in your heart and mind, enter not into sin before God by holding or perceiving evil against any person but make your cause of grief known only to thy God who is the only true witness who can lay bare the truth concealed in the heart of men as touching any issue; 32 who is also the one and only true Judge who can execute righteous judgments and recompense equitably unto all men regardless of person’s definitions. 33 For I strongly tell you that the courts of the world, many of which are full of corruption and deceit and bribery, will cause you more grief and usurp you of your inheritance; 34 and after that pass away in the day of judgment but the court of the living and only true God and impartial Father of all with all its perfect counsels and faithful judgments will remain forever. 35 Therefore, let the wise among all men run not unto corrupt systems of the world in search of justice in the day of trial, 36 systems whose judgments and counsels are foolishness unto God of all but unto him who is true and Judge above all, God himself. 37 Make not your pillar of strength all such things that endures not but set your heart And your mind wholly upon the counsels of the Lord your God in whom your inheritance is eternal and well fenced. 38 In all matters, glory not in men but in the God of all that is alone for every person you glory about will require much more from you such that you become their puppet and slave; 39 yea, glory ye in God who will require not more from you, save hoarding more to you that you may 40 glorify him more as you share his gifts unto you with others generously, for all things are his.




Chapter 10


1 Damnation be upon you all who are of knowledge first before others as touching the truth that, 2 all men are born equal and by one God but preach and walk it not by day that you might enlighten instead of taking advantage of their thorn and look down upon them. 3 Yet with gladness and by the counsel of the living God, by and in whom I speak, I make it known unto both the wise and the foolish that he is for all mankind equally; 4 as opposed to the teachings of some who make it as if he is their own God alone and a partial biased King, which has been and is still the cause of damnation for many souls which perish in unbelief. 5 Truly, you have received your share of glory O wise and I tell you that you are the worse and least of all men in the sight of God, and have not an inheritance with him. 6 Repent of this wickedness therefore and humble yourselves for the salvation of others which are equal to you and greatly precious before God or else perish. For if you save not, God will deny you also. 7 Prefer others before yourselves in all things and consider them worthy all your undivided respect and honour as your equals in God. 8 For if the true living God is yours alone or loves you better than others, then where is the God of others who is honest, just and loving of all? 9 And why should others serve your own God save their own Gods? 10 Behold therefore; for I tell it openly that there are no any other Gods that can save except the one and only true living righteous God and life of all things and all men: 11 who loves and regard them all impartial and is no man but one spirit; the spirit of life: 12 and the same delights in peace, justice and harmony and not war and violence or corruption and discrimination. 13 Repent of this evil therefore O ye that are wise that the name of God might suffer blasphemy no more; 14 and that others may not stumble and perish before God by reason of your mischief and ignorance: 15 And if you don’t, damnation be upon you all in as much a measure as you cause others to see not the glory of heaven by reason of your selfishness.




Chapter 11


1 Hoard not for yourselves more than meet your necessities for contentment in life save it be for expansion the horizons of salvation in truth and righteousness. 2 And if your are blessed with more as surpassing your own necessities for contentment, give the surplus unto the needy and poor and the widows, and fatherless for by so doing you give unto God who is their provider and father: 3 And him will reward you with a reward eternal, for things as may be hoarded in this world are coming to an abrupt end for certain. 14 The one whose hand can stretch out to bless others with an extra garment, and a slice of bread and all else, the same shall receive a garment that no fire or age can burn or destroy; 15 and bread that satisfies unto forever, with sufficiency in all else. 16 Take you willingly and treaty as your own the little ones without shelter and food into your homes you that are blessed with a roof over your heads and a grain of corn on your tables: 17 and feed them, and your God will deal unto you as meet your charity. 18 For behold, it is better that all the surplus which is cast away be given, before it is meet for dumping, unto the needy and poor; 19 and truly I tell you that every edible and rotten grain of corn or piece of meat that one casts away because one neglected to give it away when it was still meet for eating unto the have-nots, 20 the same shall be guilty before God who gives unto all unsparingly that through such he might bless others also.


21 Blessed are they that went to sleep having not known or heard of the way of truth and right for upon such, the enduring mercies and loving-kindness of God shall be shown. 22 But whosoever shall reject God’s salvation in his Spirit, having learned by way of this or any other counsel, 23 the same shall die a true death on the day of judgment. For behold, many are in the world and shall enter the world seeking company to lead astray, 24 being angels of darkness that appear as those of light, and shall deceive many, pretending to be speaking for God saying that many are the ways by which men can be saved and enter the glory of heaven: 25 And so I counsel you in all faithfulness as according to God in whom I write, lo!, there is no other way unto everlasting life in the kingdom of heaven than the way of truth and righteousness: 26the perfect glory of God, the King and Judge in whom is all power to judge and condemn or to save. 27 Stay alert for the days are coming, even now are here when many shall not have the privilege you of this generation have, to go unto the minister, and the advocate, and the teacher and or the preacher to be led unto God, 28 but shall strive one after the other to find a way unto salvation for in such times, reliable guidance unto salvation will be rare to come by as the hands of the stewards of light shall be full; 29 and messengers of darkness shall be tireless in toiling to deceive even the repentant. And there shall be great confusion concerning the real way unto the glory of life in God. 30 If such days come upon you, you shall remember this truth that; there is no other way unto life than the way of righteousness and truth. Yea, even though I may counsel thee upon counsel by the spirit O brethren and saints, like unto when I was young, to pray in the way of recital of drafts and summaries of men as some do, 34 salvation comes only by sacred and steadfast conviction of the heart in God alone, and living in his grace which manifest itself in a person in truth and righteousness: for in this, are all the ordinances of godliness sealed. 35 Yea, the righteous shall live by their faith, truth and righteousness and the wicked shall perish in their wickedness and 36 incredulity like the children of the wilderness that bowed unto the bull of their hands. 37 And even though I am at liberty by cause of the truth that made me free not to praise anyone and their way over others, I am persuaded by righteousness to commend Elijah, Luther, Jesus of Nazareth 38 Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, Zoroaster, Bahaullah, or Isaiah as much as I would commend 39 any other prophet for their labours unto righteousness.




Chapter 12


1 Knowing therefore that the time of the end is determined, you must pray without wearing; 2 every man for the other, as God’s elect ministers. Make whole hearted intercessions for all worlds to unite harmoniously 3 in peace and love, and that justice and love may reign unto happiness of all men to the glory of God. 4 For you now all know, you are all God’s chosen through Melchizedek whose ministerial crown has no end. 5 Strive earnestly with all diligence and meekness and purity of conscience before God, to orison for the welfare of all creation. 6 Let the wise leader by any class, begin his office with a prayer that seeks the manifestation of God’s glory in his undertakings and among his associates in peace, unity and harmony. 7 His communication must be such as pacify, unite and harmonise all peoples around him and under his influence rather than dividing them unto confrontations, discrimination and wars. 8 Hate speeches have no honour in the sight of God for it promotes enmity between his children. 9 And now then is the time for true defenders of the liberty of mankind to do so or fight their battles by prayer. 10 For such fight not against the powers that be in this world but the chiefs and heads of hedonism exalted in the spirit world. 11 If the battle is won first at the source of all manner of evil spoken of in the world, by prayer, then all powers that be in this world will be rendered ineffective in carrying out their wicked plans. 12 And behold, this is a faithful saying that the days are coming when the chariots of heavenly armies of God under archangel Michael’s and other captains’ orders shall be heard and seen descending from on high with glory and mighty, 13 to protect and fight every just cause; and Uriel, the mighty fighter shall accompany them, and so shall Gabriel’s trumpeters, to smite all workers of iniquity and ungodliness. 14 Those who order men and women unto manipulative wars, spilling the blood of the innocent and plundering their inheritance while interfering with peace and harmony and justice: they shall bewail themselves: 15 for the cup of the wrath of God, is gently tilted day by day, and made ready to be poured upon such. 16 Misunderstandings must be resolved by dialogues that are sanctified by prayer, with good as the aim of all involved that the evil one may not chair such meetings by spirit. 17 Greed, pride, the spirit of revenge and hate must depart from among all peoples, for all these are not of God but of the devil. 18 And it is without doubt that some of the wounds of ancient wars and all manner of evil caused by maladjustments in human relationships have long ceased and healed. 19 But some, being driven by greed, and hate and a desire for power, are still masterminding ways to revive these old wounds among men; 20 and as such interfere with the progress of peace, unity and harmony among men unto godliness. 21 Therefore, that you might shame these sons of evil openly, give them the rope and see if they will not hang themselves. When they provoke you unto anger, depart ye from them. 22 Let the ones who erred of past unto others by war and plundering or by any other means, consider a whole hearted collective apology unto the one to whom error and or injustice was committed: 23 even if it was by those already gone or those still present. For if it was caused by they that be gone, 24 the remaining must know this truth that, as is in the case with children of those that murdered the holy prophets and priests of old, 25 they are witnesses against the evil works of those gone, whose inheritance, whether come by hook or crook, they of present enjoy. 26 So let all be reconciled and give way to true healing before they are handed over unto the judges, and the Lords: 27 lest they find them guilty and hand them over to the heavenly prison minders who will not let them out until they have served for all their errors. 28 For behold; I speak in all truth that if the blood of all the prophets and priests of old murdered by the sons of men shall be accounted for, 29 even so shall the blood of all the children of God that perished in wars, violence and all massacres. 30 Therefore run unto your accusers before judgment day and make peace. 31 And unto you to whom apologies are due, embrace ye your brothers, knowing that, you also owe apologies to others. 32 For this is a truth beyond reproach that before you were wronged, you also wronged others, even your own brothers and sisters and children as well as subjects: 33 whom you abused, robbed, corrupted, deceived, cheated, lied to, molested, and sold into slavery, both in flesh and in spirit after every form of evil. 34 Truly, no wound is greater than that which is caused unto one by his own brother. 35 For behold, even if you were not part of this wickedness as might have been committed by your fathers out of ignorance, 36 you are witnesses unto their folly, and against yourselves in showing that the things for which you accuse others are nothing but a true reflection of your own selves; 37 for wickedness and all manner of evil was spoken of and practiced among you way before an outsider walked into your back yard. 38 Therefore, this is the scale that is meet for true repentance before God that you forgive others as God forgives you over your own iniquities. 39 But woe unto him that shall harden his heart as not to offer whole hearted apologies or forgiveness, for unto such, much more shall be required upon him by the God on the day of judgment: 40 for all his hidden ways shall be shown plainly before all men unto his own condemnation. 42 Marvel not that I counseled you to repent of your ways, for behold, except you show forth fruits that are meet your repentance and be reconciled in truth, peace, love, justice, unity and harmony, 43 you shall not enter the kingdom of God.




Chapter 13


1.For this cause therefore, have I come unto you in the congregations and all of you children of God and his anointed, 2 and suffered humiliation and endured prejudice in the world, that you may know the truth, become free in truth and worship him alone who is worthy all the glory in all creation. 3 Yet in my suffering thank I him who is my strength and my rock, for in all things perfected he his purpose for my life for your sake o most beloved children and brethren, 4 even ye also that be in the world but are called to the fellowship of children of light; children of God and angels of light: 5 and now bow I in prayer that you may be strengthened in your inner beings with gratitude, love, and faith, and wisdom, and knowledge of God; 6 that you may love and worship him only that is true, just, unchanging and ever righteous, my maker and your maker, 7 to whom I go hereafter, having fought honourably and overcame the wicked one for from thence I come; whence you shall come also to live among the glorious stars in pure bliss if you abide in his will unto the end, 8 living in truth and in decency and manifesting it in this world as a royal child of thy father and redeemer, thy reward giver God who is worthy all the glory. 9 The world’s wise, and strong, and gain lovers shall revile you for this cause of true piety, calling you all sorts of names and accusing you by whatsoever means possible that they may destroy you and hinder the manifestation of God’s will in the earth for they are conceived by and in wickedness, 10 but you shall despair not for so did they to they that have already triumphed, some of whom were imprisoned and maimed among whom are Daniel and Jeremiah; 11 therefore you shall leave them to their game for at the end is a just reward for them. But abide ye in God’s steadfast kindness, love and mercies, showing kindness, love, compassion and mercy to one another 12 and to they that be of no faith, even your accusers, that it may be evident that God abides in you and you are his children, a royal priesthood of peace and rectitude. 13 And even though to you it has been given to know when and how the end will come, for surely unto that time, a great war shall come and many that be of the chosen fold shall flee unto the world; 14 yet in the end they shall be reconciled to God and he shall bring them back to their fold and they shall dwell therein safely. But do not make preaching times and events a priority of your mission oh beloved children; 15 God will see to it that whatever he said will come to pass for he does monitor unto fruition every word he speak in all things that it might be known that he does exist and is forever true and righteous. Let him that would forbear counsel and reproof forbear. 16 Your mission o brothers and sisters is establishing God’s justice and peace as a royal family forever; 17 a priesthood without beginning nor end for him of whom you are born endures forever, having no beginning nor end, but strive ye in peace, love, faith, harmony and meekness to do that which is the absolute will of God, 18 living holy, blameless and walking in equality that you may not lose the life which you do have according as God gave you in his tender love and mercies 19 for you and all generations of thy children to which the walls of narrow-mindedness have been dealt away with in the love, compassion, humility, unity, harmony and equality of God. 20 For all of you, being a special heavenly seed born of his will, have his spirit and life: in that then, you are one among yourselves and with him, and are nolonger dead but alive and of that kingdom which is the object of all thy labouring and faith, a home of pure delight and total bliss. 21 Only they that are unrepentant need worry about time for such are not yet ready to enter the kingdom but you have known and accepted God with child love and innocence, 22 living by his ordinances that worked righteousness in you unto salvation and have therefore earned the right to enter into the kingdom wherein all the limits are broken and all illusions destroyed; 23 where neither disease, infirmities, suffering nor death can have dominion over you; where also you live in complete dominion over all darkness and its prince. 24 Above all else, observe not to worship men and their doctrines which lead away from the path of life in uprightness; promoting hate, war, discrimination, violence, revenge, greed, and lawlessness; which makes it hard for such as would enter the kingdom because of the traditions of men. 25 Avoid even forcing anyone into the kingdom by whatever means that can be employed apart from meek and gentle entreating and compassionate teaching with love that in the end, having understood, you may win them all unto the path of life in righteousness, for then, greater will be your reward in God; 26 for in entering into the kingdom, only three things are needful; unreserved repentance by confession of sin, total reconciliation unto God by sanctification in his Spirit of life through living in and by his commandments and confession of his eternal grace which works unto life in peace and justice.







Chapter 1


1 And for a fort of guard, between the old unrepentant generations to whom the time of the end was pronounced through by the messenger of time, and all generations who shall convert unto true godliness, 2 to whom the promises of God shall be delivered shall I speak and write again stroke upon stroke and caveat upon caveat, sealing everything as an inheritance unto all that can receive it. 3 For in as much as darkness will not stand before light and lies before the truth, so shall nothing unrighteous and unholy, 4 enter into the most holy sanctuary nor stand before God. Blessed therefore, are those that trust in God, for they shall not stumble or be dismayed by cause of shadows or deception. 5 Blessed are those whose thirst is for peace, equality, harmony and justice for they shall drink of the brook of salvation. 6 Blessed are all who are loathed for humility and compassion; for theirs is the rest of the saints of God in his holy city, 7 the heavenly sanctuary. And it shall be well with all those that trust in his counsels and instructions, 8 for they shall be led unto everlasting illumination, even the grandeur of heaven. 9 Cherish ye justice and it shall be a mantle of honour and glory upon you. 10 Build your house upon it foundation and it shall not pass away in all ages. 11 Rely on its strength and no torrent shall sweep you off your feet. Seek after it above all things and it shall be found of you; 12 and when found, hold on to its loins for it is the glory of life. Love it above all else 14 and it will bestow upon you an eternal crown of majesty.




Chapter 2


1 But what then shall I say of this generation? It is like unto a Prince brother who went far away to the land of the bride to pay a bride prize for her that he may bring her home: 2 And while he was there, send word to his brethren as touching the season of his return that they may make preparations for the wedding. 3 But they despised the messenger and ignored his word for he was unappealing; and it came to pass that at the appointed season; 4 as according to the word given by the messenger, he returned with his bride and ready for a wedding, but he found them unprepared save a few to whom he said, come my faithful brethren, let’s be merry and celebrate this day together for my glory is your glory also. 5 And they entered his city’s inner chamber and celebrated with him but the unprepared he shut out. 6 Truly, truly, many shall perish justly because of unbelief for word is given as touching what is needful for salvation but many have ignored it.




Chapter 3


1 And concerning this thing as not of this world, truly, truly I say unto you that, the son of man, and them that are children of God are not such as belongs to this world, 2 but in the kingdom above from whence they came and he came not of his own but of him that is exalted on high, God; the eternal Rock of life. 3 Even so are all that come in his name: they speaks not that which is of men but that which is of the spirit of God in whose name they are come. 4 The glory of this world in which men of the world pride themselves they count loss for the glory of him that appointed them unto the chosen that they might be saved and enter into eternal rest; 5 for neither its possession nor its lack helps in the hour of judgment. It all actually puffs up like wisdom in the possession of a fool. 6 What then shall the holy children say unto them that have built names and castles for themselves in the world without knowledge of the word that gives true life? Shall they albeit them to continue live in them yet ignorant of the truth that God, 7 out of abundant love and mercy came unto them by his Spirit to give them life that they may like what they say? Shall they encourage them, even you also, to continue building names for yourselves that you may feel important and worthy while dying? 8 Definitely not for it is more profitable to abandon the glory of this hour for the greater glory which is reserved in heaven for the righteous and the just. 9 Of what benefit shall it be for them and you that you sacrifice your lives for that which endures not? 10 Surely, the whole host of heaven will mourn for such their failure and they would be cursed thereof. 11 Therefore, they shall speak, doing the works of him that send them and will not stop until all the chosen are united as one in life. 12 They shall give with all faithfulness all that which they received of the Lord to give unto you, even this bread of heaven that you might all enter His rest. 13 They shall counsel you until righteousness overflows in the whole earth and salvation shines forth like a two edged sword in the entire Universe.




Chapter 4


1 Behold: declares God and thy captain; ‘‘I am aware of some among you who have laboured with all longsuffering for the kingdom but have grown weary and impatient and therefore backslide. 2 You have become double minded and are become as they who walk as children of light by day and work iniquity by night. 3 Yea, I know even your hiding places, whence you come out and thence you go out; 4 you that abandon your wives and your families to go into prostitutes, and widows, and the defenseless. 5 You that have abandoned your love and charity as was in the beginning and have whored after every manner of doctrine and vain teachings that leads away from life in righteousness; 6 you that call yourselves of light while you work the acts of adultery, murder, and all manner of evil. 7 You that regard yourselves as God’s temple while you are an house of robbers, crooks, murders and fornicators: 8 Behold, I come in my glory and mighty; remember henceforth the point at which you fell and repent lest I counted you among the tares. 9 Clean your defiled robes and walk straight in all things and good works 10 for even now I stand at thine threshold and shall blow out your light if you repent not. This have I said and written beforehand by the hand of my chosen one with whom I am well pleased.’’




Chapter 5


1 A man born for the glory of life by the Spirit of God is the only victor there to emulate, yet I tell you this truth in the Spirit that he hasn’t yet overcome the world until he has learned to walk in gratitude of his blessings and humility of heart. 2 And so are you saints of God; you have not yet won over the devil until you have learned to live with and among others peacefully, righteously and cordially. 3 Neither can you claim to be greater than the devil if you still deal deceitfully and unjustly with men. 4 No man has become or shall claim to be like unto any heavenly body until he has walked his confession of rectitude and faith, and charity unto the oneness of all in God. 5 There is no conqueror in God who still walks after desires of the flesh and get severed spiritually by the cares of this world. 6 If you be true saviours in God, you must have no fellowship with the world and its doctrine of hate, discrimination, gain on the expense of others, division, pride, uncleanlines, violence, and war: 7 but must surrender your lives in good works unto the salvation of the lost and dead. 8 And truly, only the wise in God knows that hospitality, gentleness, patience, humility, togetherness, endurance, likeability, and openness to one another are the sum total of the pillar upon which the battle of winning all creation unto salvation can be won. 9 No man can force a donkey to drink having forced it to the river also. 10 Therefore preach the word of God and expand the coasts of the kingdom of heaven with meekness, gentleness and all long suffering blended with a burning zeal that all may understand; 11 and that, you may make sure not to lose any of them which God wills should be saved. 12 And in this even I does rejoice that grace, peace, love, unity, justice, and harmony unto salvation abound unto and among you all to the glory and honour of our father and our God.




Chapter 6


1 All your wonderful works o people are counted. They are a wonderful sacrifice, but to whom do you make those sacrifices? 2 Who do you honour in your labouring? Is it God the Judge or it is men? If the Judge, 3 why then is there not grain in His house that He might feed the hungry and the needy? Why then is the cry of the weak forsaken? 4 Why do you rage against the servants of goodness? Why do you interfere with efforts of peace, justice harmony and unity? 5 The Judge loves you and by his love have you all received grace after grace but you have now forsaken honouring this love and grace. 6 Instead you are honouring men whose end you know not. Let it be known therefore unto you all that, you are many that say God and speak in his name yet not all shall enter his rest. 7 Many of you shall die like men, and like birds of the air, and beasts of the jungle because you call yourselves of God in Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus, and Mohammed, and Bahaullah, and Buddha 8 or many others in whose names you do what you do but you walk not the truth and that just and righteous thing they taught; yet blessed are they for God shall remember them. 9 You have bore not fruit that the kingdom of God may suffer more violence but it is neither a hard thing for the father to make fruit available by his wisdom and at the same time take grace away from you and give it unto another people who can bring fruit unto him. 10 The father loves you and has shown you His enduring love and mercies by pouring upon you his eternal spirit, and did show unto you the glorious riches of the kingdom but you reciprocated not all his goodness. 11 But then this has happened that he might be proved true and just; that those who are of the kingdom of light might be separated from those who are of darkness. 12 And it stands to pass that, the kingdom shall be truly taken away from you and be given to those who honour and glorify God in true faith, even the good works of righteousness. 13 Understand this; none of you can add unto your uprightness for it is given unto you perfected in His kindness but perfect your walk in it. 14 Manifest your uprightness in the works that you do that it might be evident to the world that you are sons of God and his kingdom of light.



Chapter 7


1 Having begun in the prosperity of your spirit greatly, why then have you forsaken it for that which perish? 2 Not that God hates that you prosper because of his prosperity you all receive by grace but your prosperity have taken away true worship. 3 Where is the pleasant sacrifice of thy spirit? Where is the voice and the hand that is lifted up in gratitude, and worship, and honour and praise of God from a true heart? 4 Evenso, your prosperity shall be taken away from you and be given to those who are worthy to possess it, 5 for they know its value and where to store it, even in the house of God. 6 And when you beheld yourself in the mirror that day when the Judge whined you in life by faith in everlasting goodness, 7 you marveled for it was a wonderful thing but soon after you left, you forgot it all and went vain and so the last state became worse than the first. 8 Remember therefore where you stumbled and amend your ways, 9 lest he raises his hand against you to blot you out of his precious inheritance.




Chapter 8


1 Truly, the time is appointed and the meadow set for the true sons and daughters of the kingdom to be counted. 2 And they come from all four corners of the world; from both the sons of Abraham, and the sons of Nahor; 3 from Ephraim and from Judah; from Ethiopia and from Chaldea; to form the one holy assembly of saints and one flock that shall endure forever; 4 and these are a beloved people that live and work the works of God in equality, justice, peace, love, harmony and mercy unto salvation of all. 5 And this is his will, that being alive, they enter his rest. But as many of you as are in love with the world and not God who loved you, 6 shall not taste life for you loved that which takes away life instead of that which gives life. In darkness is found not life save in light only. 7 Come then unto the King you that grope in the dark and he shall give you light. You labour with heavy laden because you have not received God and cast your cares upon him. 8 He is able to give you rest without measure if you will receive him 9 If he loved you all so much as to give you his spirit that being dead in sin and separated from him, you might live in grace, then you have every reason to trust him with your labours and your life as well. 10 him that is come, came not to condemn you but to save you and this is the truth that you are all forgiven your sins when you convert but shall not live unless you walk and live in newness of life. 11 By the will of Him that begat you in His righteousness, him that is come, is come to show you the way, and as your light, unto life; 12 and truly, truly, you shall not see him unless you be begot in his spirit of truth and life.



Chapter 9


1 The time is truly coming and the end certain that judgment and condemnation of the world may take course. 2 Blessed are you then that have and shall received the holy name of God and the name of his holy sanctuary. 3 Blessed are you that have waited and will wait with all long suffering for that time of harvest for your reward will come, even true rest from your labours. 4 But woe unto you that has the mark of the beast; you that deny God by rejecting rectitude. 5 Woe unto you o unrepentant; you that rested from your labours in this world for the hour of your own labouring is come and your labours have no day of rest and of end. 6 Woe unto you that built your rest and lay treasures upon wickedness in this world for the fire of God’s wrath shall devour them and none shall be spared. 7 Woe again unto you oh teachers of false doctrines and you prophets of false visions and witches, you daughters and sons of the serpent that made the world to deny God; 8 you that made the sheep to stumble and led many astray. Truly, it shall be worse for you than it was for the inhabitants of Jericho at the hands of Joshua or for the prophets of Baal that perished by the sword of Elijah. 9 Woe to you also you merchants of the world and leaders of the nations, you that wax great and raise your forts with the blood of the innocent; 10 you that drank of the wine of the great wicked and received of the strength of the beast. 11 Yours is but eternal damnation. Your lights and the delight of your hearts shall be taken away forever for you made men to err and your hands are full of acts of iniquity and treachery. 12 The wise hears and understand that of which I am speaking, the judgment and condemnation of this world whose time has been determined by God, who said unto his servant of old, There will be no more delay. 13 And the end shall come by fire which God shall rain from heaven like arrows. And behold; 14 it shall devour all wickedness and its entire people; the high towers and fortresses which are exalted in the midst of a groaning earth but the righteous shall be spared. 15 And they shall be God’s beloved children; holy saints and angels glorified with the crown of life in uprightness; 16 tried and tested by fire and cleansed from all filth, and will glorify his holy name, time without end.



Chapter 10


1 But before the end of time, there shall be a great war of dispossession like unto none before; for some will seek to destroy the chosen one of God; 2 they shall seek to wipe her forever from off among the nations; to cause her not to be remembered but because she is established by God from ancient, 3 for he chose her among all nations, they shall prevail not. Behold, I speak not after the records of men lest some should self deceive thinking this is a fable: 4 but I speak and write in God in whom is truth, and knowledge, and understanding, and also wisdom of all things as he fore planned and purposed each of them for his own glory. 5 Yeah, the time is coming, when everything built before the exceed, which is the fort of guard, and everything else established around it shall be laid desolate, but blessed are they that trust in God for they shall not perish. 6 Yet who is it that shall consider this saying? And who shall survive the seduction of that day? Let the same remain faithful unto the end. 7 Concerning a war were some told by a mad man but they counseled and rejected his message saying he is sick and they perished; 8 for in the blink of an eye, when they were unaware, it came to pass. And like unto the days of Noah, so shall it be unto the end: 9 and like unto the days of Jeremiah, some shall be indignant to their own peril; but the righteous shall be spared. 10 And blessed be the name of the living God of my salvation and thy salvation, the Judge and the everlasting spirit of truth and justice; 11 for none that shall perish shall accuse him as unjust and unfair having given counsel by grace unto all beforehand. Lo! 12 This is a counsel faithful; let the wise and understanding among you, give it a place in their hearts. 13 This is not mine but of the King in the highest in whose name I am come, the God of life. Beforehand, it was a mystery but now you have knowledge 14 and shall hear and understand of this counsel and of all the good news but you shall reject it because you love this world.



Chapter 11


1 Not to destroy any precept am I come nor the God that made himself known to me but to fulfill. Not to destroy you am I send but to build you; to prove to you God’s love and tender mercies. 2 Now then shall you have full knowledge and understanding of the will of the King but you shall deny it because you love the honour of the world which has butchered righteousness 3 and the truth as touching life and all things. But then, it shall happen that God might be proved just and righteous in his judgment and condemnation of the cohorts of darkness and all the unrepentant souls. 4 Truly I say unto you, every soul that is not born anew in truth is ripe for destruction because upon it, judgment and condemnation has taken their toll; 5 and there shall be unceasing wailing. This is the sword of judgment and condemnation, the fruits of denial of God’s will. 6 Receive and perish of it knowing fully that you had knowledge and understanding of what you were supposed to do to live. 7 Now then is it meet that him who is come should be lifted and go from whence he came that the temple of God might be perfectly established as is given by the King himself; 8 that as many as are lost, bound and dead might be found, set at liberty, receive life and be united to God’s family in his temple. 9 And let they which are true devoted sons and daughters of the kingdom of heaven and saints of our King and righteous God take these counsels and all the good news of his saving power unto the entire universe.



Chapter 12


1 This is the bread of heaven, feast upon it unsparingly and manifest forth the fruits of rectitude to the glory of God all your days. 2 And your will O God and ye O King have I done as you gave unto me to do. Sanctify your children in your word and in your exceeding grace and loving kindness. 3 Bless them, as many as shall call upon your name and believe your word, with everlasting life and your fullness in all things. 4 Breath your life upon them; as many as you have chosen out of the world, even thy true saints; the servants of justice and angels of light, to take this, your eternal word which is your saving power, unto the entire universe: 5 That you may be glorified as you glorified yourself in your beloved son and servant, whom you blessed with eternal life that he may manifest it unto all who can receive it. 6 According to their faith as you give them, heal all such as are sick and with infirmities; 7 and deliver and set at liberty all such as are labouring and imprisoned. 8 Truly, the world and the wise have not knowledge of you. In simplicity do you make yourself known yet you are greater than men can ever discern. 9 In paths that seem darkness and unto death lead you them unto light and life; and this is life everlasting, 10 that all that labour for your glory in peace, love, unity, harmony, mercy and meekness unto uprightness shall abide forever as saints in light and inherit the earth. 11 As you willed to give your children this bread of heaven that they may hunger not again; and let them drink of the river of life that they may never thirst again, even so, 12 build a pavilion over them that they might not fall prey to the beasts which are among them and in the world. 13 Lead and establish them in your light: in the world they are, though not of the world anymore; therefore pray I that you protect, establish and bless them to your glory and honour. 14 Not only for these; such as believed you in your son and servant, but also they that have and shall believe your word, even all that are in the world; 15 for all of them, even they that be in the world, gave you your life by him who is come and is about lifted also that they might live. 16 In your tender mercies and loving-kindness, consider not their iniquities but abound your grace and kindness unto them. Amen.






Chapter 1


1 The departure of anyone from this world is likely any time; therefore delay not, if you would enter into rest, your preparations for the time of thy voyage: 2 For it is like unto a maid servant whose master informed her in advance that he would come to dine with her at a specific day of the month; 3 but it seemed too far in the distance that she took it for granted and quickly forgot about it; but it came to pass at the appointed time that her master came: 4 and seeing him from a distance, she remembered the appointment, grabbed her bag of coins and ran to the market place to get what she could to prepare a meal. 5 But while she was away, her master arrived and finding her not, save the little ones who gladly received him, he blessed them and passed on for he had many appointments to keep with other servants. 6 How pitiful she thought of things that edify unto the flesh than the gifts that she would receive that edified unto life. 7 So keep the time of thy Lord and the hour of thine Judge in remembrance, and your loins gird and clean always lest you be found lacking, and would thus miss thy glory.




Chapter 2


1 The love for justice is made manifest in the yield of the spirit of which repentance, kindness and mercy are principal; 2 and it’s like unto a man who, dancing to a hymn, saw three kids passing by, and the first one gladly appreciated his dancing and passed on with a smile on his face. 3 The second one was unappeased so much that he chide the dancing man, who in turn, lash him with a rod, and thought in his heart, if the third one would do the same, 4 I shall whip him too, and immediately, the lights that gave light to the dais on which he was dancing, for it was night time, went out. 5 Then he said in his heart, because I harden my heart against the second boy, my light went out, therefore even if the third boy says evil against me, I will forgive him and in that moment, the lights went on. 6 Even so shall it be when thy Lords and thy Judges come in their glories; those who heard this word and treasured it to the amending of their errors and turned away from them unto righteousness will see the glory of God’s kingdom and that of their masters whom are their captains. 7 But woe unto the unrepentant and blasphemous for they shall perish in utter darkness whence their Judges and Lords shall cast them.




Chapter 3


1 Woe unto all lying prophets and a false wonder workers; and all workers of inequity, 2 woe unto the perverse priests and teachers and pastors who work hard to promote wickedness, strengthening the hands of the evil and greedy oppressors: 3 You are wicked shepherds come but to scatter the sheep rather than gathering it together, that the devil, your father might devour it. 4 Behold, a time is coming, even now is at hand, that the true servants of rectitude, the defenders and promoters of peace, love, unity, justice, harmony, mercy and meekness shall stand up together; 5 and in one spirit without cognisance to culture, tradition, coluor or status and do God’s righteous works to show forth his goodness which surpasses all else to your shame. 6 And they shall not be overcome by forces of darkness for they will have no claim in this world. 7 They will have sufficiency of everything out of their labours and they will dedicate their glory to the cause of the kingdom of God. 8 They will suffer not control by the world powers for they will have no need of the power of this passing world but shall save it from its own vices of wickedness to which you have led it. 9 Misery be upon you that say, there is no God for all things happen by accident. 10 Are you yourselves a heap of miss-happenings? 11 You lying beasts that speak vanity to God’s children and deceive the righteous of his heritage that you may have many to accompany you to hell in the day of judgment. 12 If then all is but a result of accidents, and chances, wonder you not at the orderliness in everything? Who is behind it? 13 Why then if there are many ways to salvation and many Gods to save; why are you not saved yourselves save God’s people whom ye adulterate? 14 Yes, more than wise and knowledged you are but thy wisdom shall perish with thee because of thine forbearance. 15 Damnation be upon you also for you are like unto blind guides, yet blessed is the man that shall not conceive a stumbling block in his mind and in his heart to reject reproof.



Chapter 4


1 A word of wisdom and counsel when given unto they that be living in darkness, it become light unto them; 2 and as many as receive it gladly are blessed; and greater will be their reward in God them that give it unto others unsparingly. 3 But the fool, who is the selfish, manipulates the word for worldly gain and keeps it unto himself that others may stumble in darkness; 4 and he is like unto they which receive the word of light but loving darkness because of their wickedness, put it out. 5 Altogether therefore, the fools will be cast out of the glory of the kingdom. 6 So cherish the word of God that comes to you and preserve it wholeheartedly by sharing it with others.



Chapter 5


1 Again, the coming of the kingdom of God is like unto a man who went far away to a land of the wise for a while to sojourn, and while in that land, 2 he learned that true treasures are such as they which blesses with life, 3 even the precepts of God which instructs in the way of enduring treasures in peace, love and harmony for the glory of the kingdom of heaven. 4 At the end of three years, he came back with little that the eyes of men could appreciate for he had hoarded such treasures as could be distributed freely in form of wisdom to all men of his kindred and all who would listen: 5 But when he bid them unto a sermon, so that he could share with them freely the precious treasures he had, 6 they rejected his biding saying, what can this have-not teach us seeing that he has less than us already and they cast him out of their courtyards thinking he was another swindler seeking to rob them of their silver and gold. 7 Again and again unto the end of forty days he persuaded them to give themselves a chance to hear him out but they forbear by every means they can. 8 So he finally dusted his feet off and went on to teach all who would listen in the market place, the highway, the streets and homes of strangers who welcomed him and received his teachings gladly; 9 and by cause of the treasures he gave them, the understanding which they learnt from him, they waxed great in godliness and all their labours such that they in turn employed they that rejected him as servants. 10 Even so shall it be unto you O generation of forbearers; the glory of God given unto them shall be taken away from you and be given to a worthy generation: 11 For a word of light and life is given unto you but because of the deceit of your possessions you rejected it as mere incantations; 12 behold, I say unto you that; you shall all perish in your unbelief yet as many as believe shall live and partake of the glory of God and his holy saints: 13 Even your inheritance will be given to such a people away who shall delight in the counsel of the God and walk in his will. 14 For behold, a time is coming and you will lament to your last breathe 15 but none will hear nor answer you for you took lightly and profaned that which was consecrated for you as rubbish.



Chapter 6


1 Accuse no man as the cause of bad influence in your land for before a sojourner walked into your land, you were already partakers in wickedness. 2 All counsels are spiritual. All sheep, regardless of their colour, are one and the honourable shepherd tends them all in their diversity. 3 Yet the more honourable Shepherd seek after the goats that he might make more sheep out of them. 4 And who are the sheep save them that have come of knowledge, wisdom and understanding in the things of God? 5 And who are the goats save they that are without knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God ways? 6 those who have no hope and faith in him? Therefore, go ye and seek after the sinners and wicked; 7 preach the kingdom unto them and turn them into righteous children and sheep of the true God; saints of the King of peace, harmony, fairness and truth and you will have a greater reward in paradise heaven, and even now. 8 But lest you mix this with carnal yet sanctified matters as touching marriages after cultures of this world which will all pass away 9 except that of heaven, woven by true love unto oneness, peace and harmony, which also outlives era and lay, 10 let me counsel you in God to this end that, forbid not men to marry whomever they love in cultures of this world, 11 for such unifies the spirit of fellowship among men as children of one father and cement in this world, to the glory of God, peace, unity and harmony: 12 for whatever is done to the glory of God is sanctified. It’s no sin to marry in another culture, 13 but it’s a sin to enter a spiritual relationship or alliance with and worship gods of cultures save the living God; 14 for what defiles a person is neither contact nor intercourse with a person of another culture but imitating their worldly ways; 15 for had it been a sin, Moses would not have found favour with Jehovah having married Zipporah who was no Jew; neither would have Joseph who married Asenath, daughter to an Egyptian priest who served Ra, Pharaoh’s God and not Jehovah.



Chapter 7


1 Coveting leads to wickedness like pilfering and murder, and war: 2 it brings sorrow and death; for when you covet, you covet not that thing that one possess alone but also the spirit that gave such things as one covet. 3 And for no one knows what manner of spirit gave such as one covet, let no one among you covet; for even the devil gives to them that worship him, and in such things as you covet, you are tempted, and if tempted, you sin and die. 4 All stealing therefore, is unprofitable and a cause for more grief, want, judgment and condemnation; 5 for when you steal, you steal not only the goods, though to the flesh so it appears, but you steal the spirit of God’s wrath or whatever spirit that labored for such goods; 6 and that spirit will continually ruin, unto judgment day, whatever you try to build, and not until you have repented of your sin in truth before God, you will die unto death by reason of that spirit you stole. 7 And the wise of men know for certain that the evil spirit that plunders and covet the inheritance of others has been and is still the cause of all woes of men as manifest themselves in violence, massacres, and unceasing wars; 8 and all manner of enmity that interfere with any headway move by mankind unto the perfection of godliness. 9 It is the ban of peace, unity and harmony in the entire earth. 10 Be therefore not deceived by men who promote war and violence as of GOD for such are pathetic liars and workmen of the devil who seek ways to shed blood and plunder, 11 sawing the seeds of enmity among men that God’s name might be blasphemed, for the true living God is the God of peace, justice, unity and harmony. 12 Thus be content in all your desires, to ask God in prayer sincerely and he will bless you with all goodly blessings.



Chapter 8


1 Marriage is a sacred blessing from God and they that marry must be steadfast to their better halves and families, 2 doing their expected duties without grumbling or burdening each other. The man that delights in the works of God will be a husband of one wife that he may devote his attention more to godly matters. 3 divorce is detestable before God; therefore let him that will marry choose wisely and decide surely whom they would marry that they may enter not into temptation. 4 Peace, humility, respect, love, joy and harmony should prevail in the home of the godly family always. 5 Dialogue must be the way to settling differences than fighting and impertinence. 6 Wives, be holy, humble, honourable and faithful to thy husbands, conducting yourselves with true godliness in all your ways, in the home, in the assembly and in the world. 8 And the prudent man in whom there is true fear of God must likewise revere and adore his wife like when he saw her first, 9 and be committed unto her and his God alone for good wives are a precious blessings from God for which every man should be grateful for always. 10 Above all, love your children and raise them in the way of God that it may be well with you and them all their days.



Chapter 9


1 In all things, strive ye for the oneness of all mankind, for harmony and cooperation are the true soul and potency of any well established kingdom. 2 Even so is progress and yield, they are born of camaraderie. All of you therefore that labour in the great heavenly cause must build all your walls on this truth: 3 lest your labours be in vain, for the glory for which you all labour is concealed in a united body. 4 War and strive not after the thrones and powers of this hour for they are like morning dew that dries up with the sun’s rise 5 but set your eyes on the glory of the kingdom and him that is faithful will reward you greatly. 6 For those who does war after the glory of this hour are like unto a lawyer and a philosopher who were given charge by possessor of a great estate to run it in his absence, for he went away unto another country to take care of other trade responsibilities; 7 and unto them was given one secretary. While he was away, the two guardians of the estate saw not ever eye to eye on anything, for each wanted recognition as superior in devising means and ways that sustained the estate. 8 And as a result the estate depreciated in worth and contour. When the proprietor returned, he was not pleased, and when asked for an explanation, the two guardians began to accuse each other for the appalling state of things. 9 So the secretary came along, to present his work of records and even though there were possible errors in his work, it was well organized and proof he could be entrusted with greater responsibilities, and so the lord of the estate put him in charge of the estate and the two former guardians became answerable to him; 10 and they were filled with indignation for thinking that whom they despised has been made superior unto them. 11 For they thought he was going to look down upon them and mistreat them as they did unto him but instead, he called them together and said, 12 come let’s put aside our differences and work together as a team and we will do well; 13 and so the last state of the estate became better than the first. Truly therefore I say unto you that, whomever men rejects among you for righteousness’ sake shall be glorified and sit in glory and majesty at the right hand of God; where his joy shall abound forevermore; 14 and more blessed be them that shall not stumble by cause of these sayings of the least in the kingdom, to whom it is given also to execute the will of the King, the true God of right, peace, justice, meekness, mercy, kindness and harmony: the salvation of everything righteous and holy,15 and more blessed are such as they that come into the unity of fellowship that they mighty perfect the temple of God knowing that his time is certain upon all.



Chapter 10


1 Two husbandmen were set over a vineyard which had many types of figs and to each was given control over half of the vines. 2 But they became increasingly hateful of each other for they thought each in his heart; 3 my side of the vineyard is the master’s best choice for it has the best of the vines. 4 And it came to pass that the master send the least of all his servants and sons to give word unto them about what they should know as touching harvest time; 5 but seeing that the stewards were warring and work was not being done pleasingly, he could not enter into either steward’s quarters 6 but called unto himself such servants as he could find from both sides and gave them instruction as he had received, urging them to work together for they were servants of one lord: 7 And they did as per instruction so much that no more place was found for the warring stewards who when the lord of the vine was come, were cast out of the vine. 8 Who are therefore the wise shepherds and leaders among you that labour for the kingdom, who labour with all faithfulness and to serve God and his people in righteousness? 9 Let him show his wisdom by coming to the harmony of fellowship of the angels; among all children of God for he is God of all and over all without prejudice.



Chapter 11


1 Season your thoughts well for they are the light of the world; build them by and on peace, love, justice and harmony before you voice them. 2 Consider with all long-suffering their worth unto the work of godliness, and they will not disgrace the Spirit of the living God in you. 3 Your walk is the testimony of him that lives in you; if you thus walk after the manner in which the fear of God is absent, then you are a son of the serpent and have received your reward of condemnation beforehand. 4 If you cannot forgive such as error unto you, you have not the life of God and you are thus dead unto death because true godliness is love shown in justice and mercy. 5 No apple is good for consumption whose skin is rotten, therefore be mindful of how you put on God; lest his name be profaned and thou be an abomination in his presence 6 and allow not any person to drive you with lying words, off the course of peace, harmony, love and equality.



Chapter 12


1 A King had many sons and he send out the first one at the sixth hour, unto his servants saying; get yourselves ready to come to a feast which I have prepared for you all. 2 The first son, seeing that his father’s household was big, appointed the rest of his brethren as messengers unto the twelfth hour, to all servants with the same message he received from his father but gave not a specific time. 3 Some heeded to the invitation but some did not out of hate, ignorance, and impatience. 34 Instead they loathed and murdered him and all his brother messengers for they said, he is a liar and a gain seeker. 5 Then the king, as last of all, send his last son to finish the course that his brother had begun but only this time, he appointed a specific time. 6 Again some heeded and some rejected it and planned all sorts of mischief against the last son saying this one is the last heir, 7 if we get rid of him we shall be at liberty to do as we please in this household for the king will have no one to reprimand and summon us as he wills. 8 And word reached the ears of the king who, accompanied by his warriors descended upon his household and chased all unruly servants out into utter darkness. 9 To the faithful he said, come into my inner chambers and let’s be merry. 10 Take heed and hold fast to these good tidings for they are the word of God unto life and salvation; 11 and whoever abandon his faith because his Lord and Master seem too long to come, the same is not worthy any part of the glory of his Lord and God’s kingdom. 12 And as it is with an entertainer, who learn and practice his role before a demonstrate, that he might perfect his act, so is the way with all that live in this world; it is but a test for a life to come. 13 The wise learn their lessons well and live their roles honourably, but the fools drift aimlessly despising the counsel of God and their end is obvious, utter destruction. 14 Blessed is the man who appreciates and trust in God’s humility and kindness as is in us by his Spirit; 15 such is like unto a lily growing by the fountain side whose life remains in all seasons.



Chapter 13


1 A certain man discovered valuable treasure, worthy in gold and silver and hid it, but it came to pass that while he was going out to look for a possible purchaser of his treasure, 2 he found a man battered and near to death of hunger, and having no coin in his pocket or anywhere else, ran back to fetch his treasure, and exchanged it for the needs of the starving man. 3 Another one was blessed with double the worth in treasure, of the first man and passing on alongside an orphanage, he went to spend it all on such things as he lacked in his life. 4 But that very night, God visited them all and blessed the first man with life and abundance; 5 and unto the second man he gave more riches without life, and the very following night all of it was stolen. 6 Take heed therefore and devote your blessings in such things as bring glory and honour to God for therein all your treasurers are secure and guaranteed to embellish unto life and eternal glory.



Chapter 14


1 Cleanse your mind and heart of all bitterness and resentment. Set others at liberty from any chain with which you might have bound them within your heart for any cause or error against you and you will be ready to enter into the kingdom of heaven. 2 For all manner of anger and hate or resentment is ungodly; 3 they corrupt your heritage in God in the same way rust corrupt treasures hidden with moisture in a dry noble chamber. 4 A good leader must be prudent and vigilant for he is like unto a house holder in whose house is found all kinds of children. 5 Some are loyal, and some disloyal; some treacherous and covetous but some honest and content; 6 some boisterous, greedy and proud but some meek, generous and humble; some princes and princesses but some servants, orphans, beggars and sojourners. 7 If he does show partiality in treating them, he is sowing a seed of enmity among them that may culminate into violence one day and tear his household apart and he would thus have proved a failure in his responsibilities. 8 But if he reproves the ill mannered and treats them all equally and with gentleness, he is sure to have a united, strong and harmonious family that will preserve his legacy and make him a wonder throughout all generations. 9 But wretchedness unto all wicked leaders; you that have forsaken the ways of justice, truth, peace, and love. 10 You that incite hate among nations, lecturing to your followers vain doctrines and traditions of men; traditions and doctrines of hate and not love; war and not peace; discrimination and not oneness; 11 vengeance and not forgiveness; intolerance, despise, murder, violence, and all manner of wickedness and not righteousness. 12 You have twisted the wheels of justice so much that everyone now calls evil good and good evil. You command men to build warships, and war planes, and hoards of all kinds of weapons to just but destroy God’s heritage as if it were animals. 13 Your feet are haste after evil; you counsel and run just but to shed innocent blood. 14 Truly, you have gained your lot.




Chapter 15


1 Again, blessed are you if you be in any position of power and keep your trust unto your followers; 2 safeguard the rights and freedoms of the weak and needy; take not away evil and replace it with greater evil for it will be well with you all your days. 3 But anguish be unto any arrogant, corrupt, oppressive and violent leader for he is like unto a man who was set over a kingdom to execute justice and care for all his subjects equally by a lord; 4 but while the lord was away, he mistreated some, strengthen the evil, killed the innocent who questioned his ways and give unto his cronies the best of what could be found in that kingdom. 5 When his lord returned, he and all his cronies were stripped of their possessions and powers and were locked in dungeons until they would have served for all their wickedness.



Chapter 16


1 And when you render service unto any man, labour charitably; not unto the equivalent of what you hope to receive or are promised to receive in return for your services, for in such a manner labour all that have limited blessings: 2 but in all things strive to go an extra tread for in that additional tread lies the greater blessing, in good will, from both God and men 3 which is more precious than any form of immediate recompense you may receive. 4 For in like manner is the glory of the kingdom of heaven; it is rewarded honourably in glory to such as are faithful unto like two man who were appointed by a man of honour over his school to instruct his kids in the manner in which they should grow; 5 and one of them seeing that the principal have delayed with pay, deserted his post until he would be paid for the agreed salary while the other one decided to tarry with the kids until the school owner returns. 6 And on his coming, he found him holding on to the kids and he doubled his pay and promoted him unto becoming school principal. 7 But unto him that deserted his post he gave as much recompense and relieved him of his duties, and in his place find another one.



Chapter 17


1 Delay not justice unto them to whom it’s due when it is within your ability to do so for such is unto like denying it.2 Again, the qualification to enter the kingdom of God is like unto a teacher who went away to a high profile meeting and while he was there, 3 send word to his students with respect to what they should study in preparation for an examination by which they would graduate to the next rank in their learning process. 4 And many were such as relaxed until the last minute and they failed dismally save a handful that heeded to the instruction, and only those few went on to the next level. 5 Behold, every man is responsible for his own salvation and that of his neighbours. 6 God gave his Spirit to all that will receive it out of abundant love but it is the duty of every person to receive it in repentance unto life or reject it unto death.



Chapter 18


1 Burrow deeper the foundation of virtue by walking in peace and harmony every day; 2 build with care and by precious stones your wall of holiness that your sanctuary may stand the tremors of hell; 3 sanctify its roof with love, humility and a capacity for justice and no wind no matter how strong will blow it away. 4 The glory of God’s life is also like unto a ruler who had two sons whom he set over the provinces of his kingdom as governors that they may one day take over the throne for good. 5 The first one ruled his provinces heavy handedly, promoting treachery, hate, corruption, and ill treatment of the weak and righteous by those who were close to him, 6 and his part of the kingdom lost its glory and became a nest for robbers, prostitutes, and all manner of wickedness. 7 The second one ruled his provinces with gentleness, tender mercies, love, and suffering the cause of the weak and righteous and his part of the kingdom grew greater in glory, harmony, peace and unity. 8 One day the ruler decided to go around the kingdom to see how his subjects were faring and he was grieved of what he learned in the provinces of the first son but when he came around to the second son’s part of the kingdom, 9 he was so pleased with how his subjects were faring so much that he took all the provinces he gave to his first son and gave them to the second one whom he also crowned ruler of the whole kingdom in his place. 10 To them who are faithful with little, more shall be given but unto them that are greedy and selfish; the hateful, arrogant, and wicked, all shall be taken away; 11 and they shall be cast out into utter darkness where there is no hope of ever seeing light again.





Chapter 1


1 Finally, for a testimony unto your peoples also, with reverence to all goodness in you; 2 by you o highly esteemed Noah Chandakabarirwa; Anita and Ose Oyakhilome; Tabitha, sister of Result; Anthony Samwell, son of much loved Mark; 3 Flora Teckie; Michael, son of Sasha Xarrian; Lily Jensen; Lyn, daughter of hospitable Shirley Nkomo; Tadiwanashe Mukwena, son of Tichaona; Melanie Beckler; 4 Ntsako Baloyi, son of Norman; and Rain Baker, sister of Paige, warm greetings extent I unto you in peace, love and harmony, and in all this, 5 I speak all goodly blessings to abound on you in all holiness as you everyday strive to abide in light till all things are accomplished: 6 and with humble salutations to all who shall walk in the light of this word, herein, I have blessed all and fought a worthy battle for the good of all mankind 7 without compelling anyone upon any other path except that which is righteous. 8 Herein am I blessed with you that I knew of and lived a purpose that blessed all things with light and exalted righteousness and all piety forever. 9 I sought not pomp and praise unto myself from men through engraving my name by man, as title to this work or as meaning to anything, 10 for I am without honour unto carnal men but not unto God in and by whom I am, and it is not the glory of the world that I seek but the one of heaven from whence I hail; the glory by and for which I worked this work and all works. 11 Not that to do such a thing is anything or is nothing at all, for it is in the present world; but because righteousness compelled me to do so for the salvation of all now and in the life to come; 12 including all of them that regard themselves as superior to all and to me as last of all the least regarded among the living. 13 I have done this also that the accuser of the righteous and all of them who walk in perfect light, and all those who strive unto doing what is good for all against evil and wickedness, 14 might not find anything against me as one come to seek personal glory for unto such an intend am I not come but unto the perfection of all righteousness only. 15 What then does this imply unto my working? Have I worked in vain then that I will be without remembrance among men? 16 Surely not; for in those who are witnesses to these works according as they will receive glory upon glory and life in them will I live as one who labored in vain not. 17 And in those also whom are engraved in this work according to the love and grace that bind us in this world and in light, 18 my laboring and my name shall be in vain not but shall be with good remembrance; and in that alone, I am known to all. 19 But more delight have I in the glory by whom I did all my works, for therein am I remembered forever. 20 May the holy veil of protection and ample blessings be upon all of you that will walk and abide in this word which works enduring life unto all who receive it; 21 and may peace, love, joy and goodness abound upon all mankind and all creation now and forevermore. Amen.






Ob 1


1 O men, ye whom I cherish most, this must thou know that the true foundation of thy life is in thy acceptance of the truth that, thy real beginning and thy real end is not in thy habitat. 2 Before thou art, thou already were; and after thou art, thou shall always be. 3 In that day when thou will find thy beginning, in truth, equality, oneness and holiness in me, 4 yonder the veil of thy dwelling and the conveniences of what is to thine senses, thou will know that thou art indeed spirit: 5 and thy faring in the days of thy abiding in the earth shall be full of light; and thou shall be much more fruitful and fulfilled in life. 6 Even thy departure will be of much joy and not sorrow; for thou will know that where thou art headed is thy true home: the heaven of heavens from whence thou hail holy, yonder the confines of the expanse. 7 But if thou will spend thy days in transgression and wickedness, thou shall have to be sorrowful on thy day, for thou will surely die and not see thy good home again. 8 For this reason therefore, thou must prize the day of thy departure more than any other day of thy abiding in the earth, 9 for it is the day that ushers in thy crowning in life or thy condemnation unto utter perishing.




Ob 2


1 Open thine ears o my people to my instructions and thine hearts to mine ordinances, 2 and you will be prudent and mature in the way of life; and also in the way that makes every one of thine desires a good success. 3 My instructions are simple and my ordinances without strain. 4 Ask me what thou know not and I will make it simple in every way to thine blessing understanding 5 Open a scroll, and stroke upon it with all that I will teach thine heart by thine mind and direct thine feet by thine heart. 6 Stroke upon stroke and line upon line, make it all clear upon thine scroll and merry it to thine soul by song, and by meditation and by edict, 7 and streams of life shall overflow unto every horizon from thine belly; 8 and many will merrily drink from them and bless thee: and in this will I be glorified also. 9 Age and infirmity will flee from thee, and everlasting happiness will never depart from thine threshold. 10 With love and peace will you be satisfied; and esteem will never depart from before thine feet and thine hands.




Ob 3


1 Hearken ye wholly unto everything which I speak forth for it is for thine good. 2 I will not intent evil to thy stumbling and thy suffering. 3 Neither will I conceal that good thing in which you may have fruitfulness and fullness of joy in me in thy day. 4 I will not instruct you in the way that leads unto peril; 5 and that counsel which robs you of life will I make you know that all might be well for you always. 6 For whatever deviates from righteousness, peace, truth, harmony, charity, equal opportunity for all and merciful kindness is no good instruction. 7 Take heed, all thy preferences and all thy inclinations are thine and of pure intent always, for with them shall thou be content in life. 8 Yeah, by preference upon preference and inclination upon inclination shall thou make thy path a success and thy life fruitful.




Ob 4


1 I am the light that shines in thy soul and if any of thy preferences lead you away from the true inclination of thy righteous soul in which is thy light, it is no good preference. 2 Wise advice is good talent to the man of understanding, and in thy day, 3 cherish ye every good precept of the meekly wise man, for it is great blessing to thy own thoughts and benefit to thy course. 4 But distance yourself from the advice of the sluggard for the advice of the sluggard and the fool is the pathway that leads to stagnation, misery and death. 5 Greed is gross wickedness, for it breeds coveting, carnage, preying and vice, and it brings ruin to thy soul. 6 Therefore, in thy day, forsake ye or enjoin not yourself to the company of men with untamed desire for such will prey thy soul. 7 Waste not thy day with regret and self pity for regret and self pity consumes life. 8 If thy inclinations and thy creed lead you unto regrets and mourning, 9 abandon them with purity of heart and mind that thou may know to build thy life upon the righteous ones; 10 for the righteous inclination and the righteous creed shall never fail whomsoever shall walk in it whether by day or by night. 11 Yeah, a righteous creed and a righteous inclination are the oasis of life.



Ob 5


1 Praised be thou O UTMOST of all. Because of thine exceeding goodness, thou gave unto all the righteous, 2 power and authority of thine scepter as an inheritance in life and in light that whomsoever will stand in thine glory, 3 the glory of thine Soul, as according in this word which thou made me to stroke but is thine, as I am by thee, and see themselves in thee by these strokes and lines, 4 may have complete power and authority of thine scepter as I have, and with it be overcomers in all things and of all things. 5 Be ye praised forever because of thine word which works light and life in whosoever receive and abide in it, 6 because thine word is truth and thine word is righteousness: benediction without measure, 7 unto everything needful to everyone who partake in it, and fullness of grace forevermore. 8 And herein is the fullness of thine benediction and thine grace made perfect that, thou made this word, 9 simple and understandable even unto juveniles that, 10 all might receive complete salvation in the scepter of thine righteousness and thine truth. 11 Thou observed with great wisdom the hearts of men and understood by thine great mind and great heart full of kindness that, 12 it is not complex mysteries that can unveil true salvation unto the truly righteous and meek at heart, 13 and also the hopeless like in times past when ignorance and vanity greatly ruled the hearts of men but simplicity of instruction and ordinances; 14 for it is in understanding of thine will and how thine word works that true light and true life is made manifest. 15 In this, thou made thine word the perfect manifestation of all mysteries of thine scepter, and of all the known and unknown: 16 that it might be an equal property of all against sly wise men, who by corrupt powers of darkness, deceive many for worldly gain and dominance.



Ob 6


1 O my GOD, ye that is everpresent with all good guidance and help in all times of need. 2 Will thou forever keep this matter concealed from me? 3 Though my heart abounds in love and with love, yet by cause of my blood it often falters. 4 I thought love blossoms first in the home of my birth: among my parents, my brothers, my sisters and among my siblings; 5 my countrymen and my kindred whom I knew first before all. 6 Howbeit with age all proves contrary; for I have plenty and worse enemies in their midst than in all else. 7 They taught me in the precept of lies, hate and despise of all else except themselves and their own according to their earthy traditions; 8 but are these whom they taught me to hate and despise not my real brothers and sisters and my real family in thee; 9 for my real family members are them of the entire universe who walk and abide in thy perfect truth and thy perfect righteousness? 10 Yeah, for this cause, in their midst are them who pursue me with evil intent day and night, pulling snares in all my paths and soiling my hope. 11 They know where I store my treasures and where to lay their fingers that they might hurt me most than all else. 12 Though I live, my grief is the depth of sheol, for the fruits of my labours are their daily feast. 13 If they took sparingly, I would have minded not; 14 but they plundered with reckless abandon and then ask me to beg them of the fruits of my labours. 15 How long O GOD will thou condone their acts of wickedness, for by cause of it I am tempted day and night to enter into judgment with thee? 16 How long will you be silent when mine blessings and mine inheritance is being trampled upon by the wicked? 17 They sought evil power so that they could soil my will; but will thou not avenge me O UTMOST? 18 When will thou shame their spells and break their darts and arrows? 19 Be still o my heart, the UTMOST hears and answers the prayers of the upright; 20 and He shall forever avenge the righteous cause.



Ob 7


1 Wisdom is benediction of the meek and the hearing in GOD. 2 In time then, let me recline with the meek and the hearing in this word saying; 3 this is the best time you will have o family of holy birth, righteous and true of the UTMOST. 4 Be ye of good sight all the time and do all thine works in the UTMOST with true hearts and unreserved strength, 5 for in everything there is a scale in His hands, of each and everyone’s recompense as each will commit and abide in His work and in His word. 6 And more crucially, now that you know that the perfect power of true salvation in Him is not in mysteries as some made and may make many to believe, 7 but in this word which is His power of mysteries unto all the righteous, as it works power that manifest mysteries in all of them who receive and believe it unwaveringly, 8 run ye not anymore as you did in your days of ignorance, to the mystery workers thinking that GOD is found in mysteries greater than His word, 9 for all the power of His mysteries made He known and gave Him it unto everyone who will listen and abide in Him in this word forever. 10 But herein is a painful truth to the forbearers; yet a pavilion to the prudent and righteous one among you that, 11 whomsoever shall depart from the truth of this word which is GOD’s perfect light and the righteousness hereof which is His complete life, 12 in pursuit of miracles and mysteries shrouded in dark power as in magic, witchcraft, sorcery, and all common spirits, 13 the same shall fall and perish: for darkness shall overtake them on their path; and life shall depart from the centre of their hearts.



Ob 8


1 Listen ye o viper and I will rejoice: I will rejoice in my GOD who is exceedingly wonderful to me. 2 I do not heed what thine heart conceive anymore for mine GOD has come to my cause. 3 Behold, the Mighty Alphasupral of ALYAASHA’s righteousness stand by me and the hosts and legions of His captains charges around all that which is mine. 3 Open thine eyes and see: see the mighty scepter of his power with which thine lot is destroyed today and thine life demanded of thee. 4 Yeah, even thine life has he power in the UTMOST to take away; 5 but because of His good instructions and the good ordinances which are the gird of my soul, 6 I have beseeched him to spare thee because thou art my blood and my kind regardless of thine offending colors. 7 But fool not yourself anymore, to think of our blood and our dye as thicker than water, 8 for in Him have I a kindred greater than the world can contain: 9 and think not of our former vows as anything greater than morning dew anymore; 10 for thou betrayed it all with impunity and intolerance and in that proved worthless. 11 And here then is the vow that is everlasting and ever true and righteous: a vow with One holy and worthy; 12 Righteal the mighty one of all truth and all righteousness in ALYAASHA(Interminable True and Unprejudiced Salvation of All). 13 I gave all my lot unto the UTMOST and to the cause of His heart which is become my cause and my life forever: 14 and if thou will touch anything that is mine ever again, even a needle, thou shall die, for in that, thou shall unleash His mighty wrath upon thyself. 15 For in this is the seal of His vow unto me in the Chief Alphasupral; ‘of all thine wicked foes, 16 them which thou will condemn will I make a waste: but whomsoever thou shall forgive, the same shall I spare by cause of thee.’ 17 Behold then o ye worker of darkness and all ye cohorts of wicked upbringing and sly living, 18 the devouring scepter of the UTMOST stands before thine threshold and all that which is thine; its charge costly even to thine very soul. 19 Refrain from all that is mine and all that which is of the righteous when it is still day, for when night falls, thee and all thine shall perish.



Ob 9


1 Holy are the souls that wash in thine heavy and sacred downpour O UTMOST One, and drink of thy everlasting pure well which overflows from the midst of Eshal. 2 Their grunge is washed forever and their soul’s thirsting cooled eternally: and satisfied forevermore shall be all that feed on thy precious corn and abundant barley ripe in thy excellent word. 3 Why cry thee o childless? Why art thou sad o orphan and o ye without guardian: why let loneliness and nakedness devour thee when there is ONE so caring to meet all thy heart’s desires? 4 Arise and shine; wipe away thine tears and come with me unto Him able above all; 5 and let Him take away thy pains and thine sorrows, and heal thy wounded heart with His holy balm. 6 Come and He will not turn thee away nor overlook thee for He is GOD of all and is for all without men’s consideration. 7 Receive of His power unto valor in Martinel and Sashiel and begin thy course unto true fulfillment without bothering about any lion, 8 fox or hyena that might be hatched in opposition to thee by any man or by any spirit.



Ob 10


1 O beloved, thou have suffered long enough. Thou have endured untold suffering for a righteous cause. 2 Broken were thine arms when thou received what they would not receive for an inheritance in thy desire to fulfill all righteousness. 3 Thy soul wanted they in their deceit that they may reach a selfish end; and thy glory tramped they in their cruelty. 4 All thy former blessings destroyed they at hatching as they allured you unto a course they filled with traps and snares. 5 But praise be unto the UTMOST of all who is thy everlasting lot, who made thee and blessed thee in a way no God nor man can comprehend or change. 6 Arise and make thy radiance known today. The sad days are over for in the UTMOST thou art alive and not dead like unto they that attempted to kill thee in jealousy and spite. 7 Be thou exceedingly fruitful and content in thy righteous labours, for now thou have received mighty arms of the Most Righteous. 8 Drink of all the holy wells He has prepared for thee and rest ye everlastingly from the sting of thy debts and thy wounds which no blood nor sword could erase or cure. 9 Rejoice for the seal of curses which they sealed upon thee in cruelty and despise of truth and righteousness is broken forevermore; 10 for Him who is the UTMOST of all in all forevermore has set you free. 11 With the power of His mighty scepter He dashed it, and of the deadly serpent, He burned with an oozing ocean of fire. 12 Cry not anymore o my soul for the days of merriness are come forever. 13 Gird thy loins and walk ye thine path with thine head up for thou has overcome. 14 Nomore shall thou have to worry about thine enemies for they are crashed without trace. 15 Stretch ye thine arms to the perfect love beckoning thee from a distance, bringing you everlasting happiness. 16 Receive ye the tidings of praise and blessings with humility and honour, and let the wings of the righteous carry thee over to thy deepest desire’s end in life for all equally. 17 Rejoice for thy day is come and thy date with providence is sealed forever.



Ob 11


1 The good father and the good mother will not forsake letting their children know the way by which they travelled and the works they partook in, 2 that it might be a good treasure of light and life unto them that have ears that can hear and eyes that can see, and if of understanding, 3 that they may also cherish that good thing which works righteousness for the salvation of all who should live in GOD. 4 Now then, listen ye o my family in the UTMOST and I will make you know the path I travelled by, 5 and the works I partook in that thou art in GOD today and rejoicing in thine liberty and in thine glory. 6 Before I am a master, I was a servant; a servant for thine sake in light and also a servant of darkness that I might be light unto them that live in darkness. 7 Neither made sense of course because I was just but a juvenile in thought and could not discern 8 the difference for even darkness appeared as light to my young mind as it does to the many grown up but young today. 9 I walked in the path of them whom I served, thinking they were of holy virtue and of their doctrine partook I, but I was ever empty inside. 10 So I continued in the way and the creed I knew better according as I received it from others as child to men. 11 All the while, my deepest desire was to serve: to serve for thine sake and for the sake of all who must live in GOD.



Ob 12


1 Listen ye very carefully and remember this thing o beloved that, with acceptance of any creed comes responsibility, be it good or be it bad. 2 So in my receiving of their doctrine, I received responsibility also, and as one striving to serve and please GOD, I shouldered mine responsibilities gladly, 3 not knowing I was under the duress of imperfect light all the while. I voiced and conquered in its name, and it was then that I realized my folly, 4 for my heart remained empty regardless of all the voicing and conquering for them who were my Lords. 5 Why was there emptiness in me when in the doctrine that spoke godly I walked I would soon realize. 6 There was no truth in the creed they imparted into me and no righteousness in the path in which I was raised to tread by their teachings. 7 Blood never shed I like they did, but in all the half truths and all the discriminatory and injustices I was convinced to voice and conquer for, 8 I was a ruthless murder and a cohort of gross wickedness; for it is the vanity of lies, prejudice and injustice which many creeds promote 9 that breeds hate, violence and war; and it is the same creeds without perfect light and life that inspire greed, coveting and plundering of what belongs to others for self aggrandizement; 10 which in the end, culminates in senseless butchering of innocent blood under the sun and in all worlds.



Ob 13


1 In time however, having learned the facts of truth, and the whole facts of perfect righteousness, 2 I withdrew myself from their company and their gatherings, and all their paths; and it was then, 3 in my days of loneliness and searching for perfect truth and true righteousness that Him who is UTMOST of all, 4 whom I never heard of before, made Himself known unto me. 5 Him is the balm of the almond by which I received true light and true life in the knowledge and receiving of His truth and His righteousness which is whole. 6 By cause of Him, I shunned the pain of servitude and received the good work of the old scripts of goodly instruction unto light and life for all with all meekness. 7 Yeah, I embraced the former glory in all scriptures by the one who in me served to bless: and in this same way must you embrace and bind any other righteous scriptures and precepts, 8 which edify unto true salvation for all, into the Holy Tiara, as acceptance of the good service that bears good light and the good veins of life that flow in all that is written in them. 9 Not as to curse, but as to bless the virtue these works bear; for whatever edifies unto life and light in righteousness must not perish but live. 10 But consider neither the work that arouse prejudice not the saying that is a blessing to a selected few and is without truth in it.



Ob 14


1 Herein then is the path in which I will teach you and the works in which thou must walk in thine day, 2 as the beloved of the UTMOST who is my glory in this glory which is thine all: 3 forsake not unto the cruel torrents, anything which is with light and with life. 4 Though it be of a smoldering stump, embrace it and cherish its good till it bears fruits unto them to whom it is intended; all of them who can partake in them. 5 You are custodians of all holy virtue and therefore, always bring into the sanctuary of holiness, 6 all that which bears light and life in it regardless of how small and feeble, and the light 7 and the life of the holy sanctuary, which is whole will overtake the darkness thereof and grow the light and the life in it to its fullest measure. 8 But most importantly, when you wake up every day, work in ALYAASHA’s cause and perfect the course of His will, for all, 9 and He will bless you exceedingly in all thine endeavours and in all that is thine in the days of thine abiding in the earth.



Ob 15


1 In thy day, forget ye not to make merry the heart that loves you: treat it with love, respect and courtesy, 2 and wrap it with the warmth of true love, peace and harmony for this is the heart that glows in thy own heart. 3 Cherish ye the hand that holds you when loneliness overtakes thy soul; and bless the soul that consoles you when everyone else abandon thee, and all things look gloom. 4 Smoothen the words of thy tongue unto such a one, and restrain thy temper before the presence of the one who wipes away thine tears when everyone else will mock and laugh at you, 5 for such is the rare vessel of all worthy praise and blessings unto thy course; the angel of thy GOD unto thee.



Ob 16


1 A gullible mind is sheol to thy happiness and all goodly desires you may conceive. 2 It is great foe to soundness of bone and soul, and it paralyses hope and destroy every good ambition you may conceive. 3 By night, it takes away thy sleep and pounce on thy blessings by day if thou guard not against its encroachment upon thee. 4 Marriages will it spare not and so shall it stalk and wreck all families that will walk not in light as it has already done to too many. 5 By its counsel, you will visit and enter the threshold of every deceitful spirit and follow in the path of preying teachers. 6 Therefore, teach thy mind at waking, to contemplate in those thoughts which are pure, 7 and those things which are true according as thy heart will teach you, 8 for by thine heart will I always talk to you and direct thy steps.



Ob 17


1 Why do people gather in vain? Why do they sing futile praises? 2 For though they gather, they gather not and though they sing and praise, they sing and praise not. 3 Their hearts are with absent thoughts from all truth and their deeds overshadow their songs and praises. 4 For what cause then shall I condone praise and gathering if it is not done in faithfulness to holiness; 5 the complete willingness to part with transgression in their hearts and all the wickedness in their midst which they commit with reckless abandon. 6 Speak ye unto them, word upon word, but whose heart is with hearing? 7 Write ye unto them, line upon line and instruction upon instruction; 8 entreat them with all thy meekness but will they not forbear like they of old for they are raised in corruption? 9 Nevertheless, lay this caveat bare before their eyes and declare it in their hearing, 10 by Pristine and by Eshal, I will not be forgetful of their judgment for all the inequities in their midst which they committed with their lives.



Ob 18


1 With thy talents and the skills of thy hands, learn to make thy path fruitful and successful without boasting, 2 but more importantly o child of the UTMOST, commit thyself more unto stretching the tent of righteousness and truth unto the end of all horizons, 3 and bring life and good hope unto all the peoples of the earth who are thy GOD’s children and angels of His benediction. 4 In every nation and every city, and in every town and place, establish a sanctuary for the chosen children with thy talents and thine skills cheerfully, 5 for in this will thou be establishing thy own place and thine own manor in Him who is thy portion; 6 and whatever thou shall do o precious soul in Him shall prosper 7 and reward thee fruit upon fruit beyond the measure of a thousand talents folded upon a thousand talents, and with that, good life and rest.




Ob 19


1 Hearken ye o my heart; will it delight thee not to do a righteous thing for righteousness is thy way? 2 You know how the hypocrites do their thing: how they pretend to defend justice, truth and harmony in vain. 3 How they neglect the love they preach sermon upon sermon and how they walk in the counsel of eye for eye when they preach mercy and reconciliation. 4 For them, equality is a thing of the scroll by which they gain prominence and everything else they prey on: a mask they put on when they want to rob the poor and the need, and devour the widows and the fatherless. 5 Now, will thou walk like them also? Will thou keep a blind eye to the plight of the ordinary men, women and children of the world? 6 Thou labored for them when thou served their heartless, prejudiced and uncaring Lords and Gods in thy lack of understanding of whom thou art; 7 but will thou not rescue them also now that thou art gird in the path of the true and ever righteous GOD above all to whom thou belong with all the truly righteous at heart? 8 Since thou art of the glory that outlives all eras and space, will thou worry or will it burden thee to carry those bound by era and place upon thy wings? 9 Be merciful o my soul and reconsider the thoughts of thine heart upon the children of the wicked, for though the parents be of forbearing generations to perfect truth and justice, the children are not wicked. 10 Receive ye them unto the true GOD with compassion and count a goodly talent and inheritance unto them o my soul: 11 but have ye nothing to do with their fathers and mothers things for all these are sealed to perish with end of era and generations, and in that is the death of all deaths.



Ob 20


1 Call upon call I will make unto thee O Most Righteous by day and by night; in time of good and in time of distress. 2 I will talk to thee and make all my grief known; 3 and I will also make my joys and my blessings remembered unto thee in gratitude and in praise. 4 But more refreshing to my soul is thy sacred aura unto me which knows no time and place. 5 It is a chariot of holy blessings and carrier of good tidings. 6 Yeah I am blessed forevermore for thou built a pavilion over me and poured thy Spirit on me with fullness of grandeur. 7 Thy bossom is my ever present home.



Ob 21


1 Now that I have come of age in thy word, I now know what true power is, and from whence it does come. 2 True power is a gift from thee O Most Righteous; and it is the capacity for tender mercy and justice when exercising reproof and judgment. 3 True power is love with a sincere face, equality and respect among thy children; 4 and vigilance blend with the ability to give others the liberty to be themselves in righteousness and truth without fear of any coercion. 5 In my day, I will learn to be shrewd in meekness and not in the foolishness of vanity and ravenousness. 6 I will grow in kindness of heart that I may birth perfect peace, justice and harmony in the earth to thy glory; 7 for now know I that the person of power will not be the one that cause division, hate, prejudice and violence among others. 8 Neither will it be them that execute unjustified hash sentences to the ones in error nor the ones whose ways are corruption, excessiveness, repression and oppression, 9 but the ones who can vigilantly exercise equality, lenience and temperance; 10 and allow tender reproof and entreating to blossom in the marrow of every men unto the perfect course. 11 In thee and by thine instructions will true power be a common wealth of all creation and in that shall all creation rejoice.



Ob 22


1 Blessed is the heart whose worthy is not in the weight of bullions or in the measure of carats though they are heap upon heap in its chambers, 2 but in the wisdom of truth and justice, peace and harmony: a heart whose understanding of kindness surpasses vanity and treachery. 3 Though I am in the midst of opulence and glitters in my soul, what could be more precious to my heart than humility, charity and vigilance? 4 And what would be more pristine to my soul than girding myself in truth and justice, for herein is my lot in life.



Ob 23


1 Listen O my son and I will say a thing unto the nations in thine hearing; look ye as I give them light and observe how the children of abomination tramp upon it. 2 Say ye this thing unto Etna first, and unto Venice, and all her brothers and sisters thereof concerning this thing I have against them? 3 Is it not in thy midst that the cohorts of discrimination and corruption resides; for discrimination and corruption are the root of all bloodshed and plundering? 4 Are thy thrones not built upon treachery and plundering? Remember ye not how thou went out in the manner of all the wicked before thee, conquering and conquering, 5 plundering and plundering all the inheritance of thy weak brothers and sisters? 6 Why then will thou be prejudiced today against them whom thou robbed? Is it the fear of reprisal, or is it a pelt to hide thy shame? 7 Though thou have stretched thine arms to the cause of peace and justice, and have grown much fairer in that path thereof, 8 thy efforts still fall short far in scales to thy errors which thou committed together with thy wicked brothers and sisters. 9 And if thou will not truly repent of all the distasteful things in thy midst which thou cause the nations to partake in for a selfish desire, 10 I will cause thy mistakes to consume thee, and all thy unrepentant children will I give unto Judges and Lords, 11 except for them that will convert unto light by abiding in my ordinances and by my instructions; 12 and upon them will I bestow a glory like no other, the lot which is the inheritance of all the lightangels. 13 I ALYAASHA have spoken and my word have I bind with a seal no man nor God can neither remove nor destroy.




Ob 24


1 And for all your transgression o ye Kabul, Hamadan and o ye surrounding nations thereof, I will smite you with a harsh treatment. 2 You kill and maim in the name of good, and thy sons and daughters do thou raise in the way of violence and vengeance, but is vengeance not in my hand? 3 You preach hate and violence instead of love, and discrimination instead of harmony like unto Syria. 4 Revenge do thou cherish more than mercy and by so, much blood cries unto me from within the midst of the earth. 5 That thou forbear on profanity and plundering is commendable for a little one, but thy oppression and thy killings are disgusting. 6 Hear me therefore and cherish my instruction lest I reject you in wrath. 7 Depart from all the vile in thy midst; build yourselves in the way that bless all with life and forsake ye the oppression and discrimination thou level against thy own daughters, 8 for like unto thy sons in which you pride more, thy daughters are equally precious before my presence. 9 And in the same glory I will receive thy good sons as lightangels for their striving in the path of peace, truth and righteousness, 10 so shall I receive thine daughters and bequeath upon them an equal inheritance in light. 11 But upon all those that will persist in wickedness shame shall I count.




Ob 25


1 Concerning thee O Karachi and O ye Ethiopia, harbinger of the pyramids and the Mosi-oa-tunya, ye mother of the remnants of the chosen King and home of good blessings, 2 I know of all thy labours and all thy tears which overshadow the sun’s brightness and the moon’s radiance. 3 Great is the sadness in thy heart for thy brothers and thy sisters preyed on thee from of old. 4 Of thy sons and thy daughters made their servants and of thy heritage made they a feast. 5 Much blood cries from before thy midst by cause of thy brothers and sisters, 6 and now more by cause of thy own daughters and sons’ wickedness; and day and night, thou groan by cause of thy wounds. 7 Thou think I have forsaken thee and so does think thy brothers and thy sisters, who without shame mock and laugh at thee. 8 But is it not for this reason that I chose you first unto my glory as last of all, 9 hoping you would have learned of the mistakes of thy own brothers and sisters who rejected light when it was come unto them because of greed and lack of understanding caused by sheer forbearance? 10 Did thou learn not anything at all o beloved daughter of Sheba? 11 For the prejudice and the violence in thy midst is worse than in all of Chaldea and Arabia, and thy greed, 12 like unto thy own brothers and thy sisters, is become like unto a deep grave of all holiness. 13 All thy leaders prey on the poor and the need and tramp upon the liberty and will of an innocent people. 14 Their thrones are built upon heaps of graves, the graves of their own daughters and sons whom they kill without remorse for the love of things and power. 15 How then can I bestow my blessings upon thee and declare my glory in thy midst when thy ways are an enemy to truth and righteousness? 16 How can I abide with thee and in thy midst when thou hate light so much; and how can thou have any blessings, 17 when thy own blessings which I bestow upon thy children thou scatter away as thou chase thy children away in forbearance of light? 18 Thy peace is built upon intimidation and oppression and thou have forsaken the path of piety for things that perish. 19 What will thou gain in revenge and hate, and what is thy future in me for committing thyself unto things? 20 Is it not like unto that of thy proud sisters and greed and boasting brothers who have gone vain because of their possessions? 21 If I will make you the helm of my diadem, what will you teach my children than all the wickedness and corruption in which thou walk like unto thy brothers and sisters, 22 who adulterated all they that have perished and are perishing in forbearance of truth and righteousness? 23 Yeah, grow ye rich like unto all thy brothers and thy sisters for in that it is evident thou delight also, but forget ye not this thing that, 24 it is not by thine riches that thou will find favour with me just like it will not be by riches and swords that I will lay my favour and mercy upon Mississippi, Etna, Ararat and Xian, 25 but by cause of their innocence and dedication to the path of righteousness and truth; and with that peace and harmony. 26 If thou will not turn, thy burdens will consume thee, but as many of thy children as will come unto me willingly and without wavering, 27 the same will I enthrone as my righteous sons and daughters and declare them before all as my lightangels, worthy of all the inheritance of them that be mine. 28 Yeah, I will redeem them and give them an equal inheritance with all and a goodly rest like unto all.




Ob 26


1 Before Mecca, like unto Jerusalem, Athens and Everest, pronounce ye this thing, for I have searched her midst with many searching eyes, and what did I saw that is pleasing? 2 Is it not her tepid tolerance? Yes this is pleasing, but I am at pains with the violence and murderous ways of her children. 3 Their hearts are filth with wickedness and like one given unto the glory of hell, she raise her children in the way of violence, war and massacre. 4 She butchers her own sons and daughters for a cause which is not. 5 She sends them to war with the instruction to sacrifice their own souls for a vain cause, deceiving them saying, such is the way to eternal rest. 6 But how can there be rest to an unrighteous soul and what good God will raise his children in the way of wickedness and promise them heavenly blessings which are holy? 7 Is this the way of Allah or Buddha or Ra; or by any means the way of Jehovah who is called Jah; in whom is Jesus whom is called Christ? 8 For only by truth and righteousness, clad and crowned by peace, harmony, kindness, humility, mercy and love can any be vindicated in the path of light and life. 9 If so, what blessing then is there in all this wickedness committed in some of these names in all the earth by brother against brother and sister against sister, and by father against son and mother against daughter? 10 And if they abide with me in truth and in righteousness as they claim to champion, what have light got to do with darkness? 11 What then is the cause of all this untold suffering they perpetrate to mankind? I condemn and judge not yet, but in time, the good scales shall justify them that are righteous. 12 Amend thine path then o ye beloved daughter with all thy sisters; repent of thy twisted instruction with which thy children commit violence and murder, 13 and all manner of wickedness in thy midst lest I take away thy light and leave you to stumble till thou perish.



Ob 27


1 And concerning this have I against Harran and Ararat. 2 Because you strengthen the arm of the wicked and raise your children in the instruction of prejudice and hate, 3 and oppress the weak in thy midst, I will reject you and all thy unrepentant generations. 4 I will consider not all the promises of old upon you; 5 for him that gave a promise upon thee gave according to my kindness unto you and all thy children. 6 And I will cause all thy former glory not to be remembered. 7 Thy sons and thy daughters, and all thy friends shall desert you till thou be left alone for utter peril; 8 and if thou will not repent of thy ways, I will give thee unto the Judges and Lords in whom I have placed the scales of justice; 9 but as many of thy children as will repent and come unto me willingly, 10 the same will I save and give an equal inheritance among the lightangels and as the lightangels. 11 I ALYAASHA, the UTMOST of all, hope of the hopeless and true salvation of all have spoken.



Ob 28


1 As for you o land of the Mississippi, ye that is tall in peace and just causes, and upon whom the daughter of great righteousness will reign after the son of much favour, 2 according as I anointed her soul with the holy almond; as good example to all who will come after her, 3 ye that is much fairer in charity, I remember with delight all the good in thy midst but thou art not perfect at all. 4 Thy leaders prey on the weak though they cloth and look like shepherds unto many, and many of thy children are pretenders before light. 5 There is no truth in their hearts and no true love at all for their brothers and theirs sisters around them except for gain. 6 And though thou art praise worthy in the cause of justice and tolerance, thou must wash thy hands with hyssop for much blood is in them which hinder thy light from shinning as it must. 7 Put out the evil flames of prejudice in thy midst and swallow the pride of thy riches by which thou cause many to stumble like unto Etna and Xian, 8 which build their glories upon unfairness and then abandon them that worked in moments of victory. 9 Lead ye with meekness of heart, in correcting the unbalanced scales of men’s habitat without manipulation and I will heal thy wound which thy wicked lover gave you. 10 And thy daughters and thy sons will I bless with an holy glory among my chosen and as my chosen if they will forsake vanity and follow the good path: 11 and I will cause them to make thee a royal diadem of everlasting brilliance. 13 But if thou will forbear, I will put my scales before thine threshold and abase all thy towers; 14 and all thy children will I give unto the judges except for those only that will come unto me and abide in my instructions and ordinances without wavering. 15 Them also, like unto all mine, and as they are mine, will I bequeath upon an equal inheritance with all in light. 16 I the UTMOST of all and the everlasting redeemer of all by nothing more than truth and righteousness have spoken.



Ob 29


1 But say ye this unto my children, thou art souls of my soul, and in thy midst is the daughter of Zion and child of Israel. 2 Her murderous parents abandoned her and send her away without an inheritance, 3 and her family despise her for she plays the harlot for a morsel of bread and for wine to drown her sorrows. 4 Unto her and in my eyes, though her parents live, they live not. 5 And her brother, though rightful heir of all family inheritance, he is without roof and favour before them all because he despise prejudice and corruption; 6 and where does he find solace if not in a dead hope, the indulgence of his senses? 7 Howbeit these sons of Zion and the daughters thereof are called unfaithful to their God; 8 but can two walk together unless there be a binding between them? 9 If I will not be there for you o lightangels, who else can I be there for? 10 Therefore, because I am no enemy of Zion and her lover but their wickedness; and though she hurt me with her faithlessness, pride and oppression against her own brothers and sisters, 11 and her sons and daughters which are her own blood, whom she cast into the cold like ash, 12 I will be kind and receive her rejected children as mine, and indeed, 13 as many of them as will come unto me on their own and abide in my instructions and ordinances without wavering, 14 the same shall be my children and my lightangels, to whom I will bestow an equal inheritance with all that are mine. 15 But for her faithlessness and cruelty, Zion shall I leave at the mercy of the Judges, together with her greed and prejudiced lover, 16 sisters and brothers who put their faith in men and in things while forsaking justice and harmony. 17 Life will I not keep upon her unless she repent and follow the path in which there is light and life for all; 18 and in that day when she will have repented, I will consider her and all her people my people, 19 and they shall call me their GOD, and a good blessing shall follow them also for I ALYAASHA is the giver of all good blessings.



Ob 30


1 And now will I show you the glory of all those whom I’ve called unto myself for an imperishable life. 2 Watch ye over the Blue Mountains. Is there not plenty sheep in her midst like nowhere else in all of creation? 3 Are there not more shepherds in her midst too? 4 Yeah, Perth is home to the greatest flock, and in as much the same way as she has more sheep in her midst and more shepherds, 5 so shall she be the home of a great host of angels of light; and great meekly captains like unto the numerous shepherds in her midst shall be born unto her. 6 With mighty scepters and upon the mighty chariots of my glory shall I send them unto the ends of all horizons; 7 and together with the righteous captains of all nations that abide in my ordinances and instructions, 8 she shall perfect the course of life for all, and bring true liberty and everlasting light unto all. 9 The vile in her midst shall I cause to vanish in the radiance of my ob and under the power of my scepter. 10 But all her forbearing sons and daughters will I reject and give unto the Judges and Lords.



Ob 31


1 And unto the abandoned sons and daughters of the heartless fathers and the crude mothers, 2 the ones who are cast out like ash into the cold without an inheritance and are made to do abominable things for a living, say ye this edict unto them, 3 I know of thy burdens and thy crying have reached up unto me; with deep compassion for you therefore, 4 and for thy sake have I humbled myself to wrestle you out of the mouth of the serpent in which thou were thrown without care. 5 Depart ye now then from the midst of thy folly and come unto me that I may cover thy nakedness and shadow a pavilion over thy heads and thy souls. 6 Adhere and abide by my ordinances and in my instructions and I will give you good light and good life. 7 Come and partake in my glory and I will give thee an incorruptible inheritance as my own children whom I love with an everlasting love. 8 Come let me fill thy bossom with fruitfulness and by my precepts, let me make a shining star of thy path with fullness of joy to thine hearts. 9 Herein will my love for you be without pretense that, I will remember not thy former life and all thy shortcomings for thou error by cause of the errors and wickedness of thine parents. 10 Yeah, a goodly blessing have I for you in my right hand and a torch of light wield I in my left hand for thy life, and if thou will commit unfalteringly unto my instructions and my ordinances, 11 then will I press this blessing and this light in thy own palms, and barrenness and death will depart from thee forever.



Ob 32


1 And on the day thou will leave thy mother and thy father’s house to pilgrim, the strangers in the street with light, 2 and along thine path shall become thy true brothers and thy true sisters: live and walk with them meekly and peacefully. 3 When thou art come into the place of thy lodging or thy new home, away from thy place of childhood nurturing, 4 thy neighbors shall become thy new family; thy father and thy mother. 5 For it is them that knows thy coming in and thy going out and takes care of thy life as my guardians of thee. 6 Wise then is the one who treats the stranger of the street and their neighbor with respect, love and all goodness; 7 and continuously cultivate the seed of righteousness, peace and harmony among them. 8 The same shall never suffer any loss of the blessings of life, for angels will I summon unto their lives host upon host, with help and blessings everywhere.



Ob 33


1 Thank you O GOD for all thine goodness and thine favour upon me that I should know the secrets of thine heart and the height of thine glory, 2 and now that I have seen it all, whom do I bid to thy glory than all who are willing to walk in perfect truth and righteousness, the true light of life for all? 3 for I am here, not to pick any bone with any man, but to bless and perfect this thing which is good for all according as thou gave me. 4 Yeah, to this glory do I bid them all with all; and without prejudice, generously do I share this word as special blessings upon all and with all; 5 not as to compel anyone upon any path, but as to exhort all in good faith, to follow that path upon which truth, harmony, kindness, true love, peace, lenience and perfect righteousness prevail, 6 for only in this path is found true life for all. I bid them all that they may rejoice in thy grace, kindness and mercy O UTMOST; 7 for upon them all that will come unto thee willingly will thou be Utmost guardian and redeemer like unto all the young. 8 In thee will they find great mercy and great kindness that thine glory will be known in their lives, for by testimony of Chariel of generosity, 9 thou art the everlasting and ever blessing GOD of all without discrimination; but the wicked shall thou surely put to a shameful end. 10 By the word of thine angel, thou art a good GOD; and to them all that will ask any righteous thing of thee in faith, thou will not withhold: and comfort will thou provide in all times of need. 11 Thou listen and answer prayers from a righteous heart and the righteous will praise thee always for thou art a very good GOD. 12 Yeah, let them that will rejoice in thee O Most Righteous be blessed as you rest thine blessings upon them greatly, 13 that they might be a great blessing to thy holy name forever; 14 and according as they walk in righteousness and truth, which is thy perfect will, may life be upon them.



Ob 34


1 In my day, I will cherish my silence O GOD, and depart from the midst of them that knows not how to receive my blessings and my kindness which are thine glory’s manifestation. 2 Though they be in the earth, men have I loved and desired to bless most; 3 for as a man abided I in the earth just like all thine lightangels, that thou maybe glorified. 4 Yeah, I have already blessed in thy word, and that which I consecrated unto them shall I not take away from them as a treatment of wrath, 5 but shall I uphold and protect that thine love and mercy might be perfected upon them. 6 But of what benefit will it be to continue give thine blessings and thine love in me to an ungrateful people; 7 in whom there is no knowledge of thine holy name and there is gross ignorance of truth and righteousness? 8 For in that is the way of receiving thine blessings and accepting thine humble entreating unto life. 9 Upon thy holy mount have I planted the vine of thy blessings and thy love therefore. 10 I have made them accessible to all, and thy life available for all: 11 but lest the forbearers tramp upon it, an holy pavilion have thou placed around everything which thine lightangels shall inherit. 12 Yeah, this inheritance is the blessing of them all that will walk upon the path of righteousness and truth, and in meekness accept thy goodness and be united unto thee O Most Righteous GOD. 13 In this that I am an Alyaasha, a member of thine lightangels who are thine children, do I rejoice because all thine glory, like unto them all whom are thine Alyaashas, is my glory, 14 and with them that will blossom and rejoice in thy glory shall I rejoice always.



Ob 35


1 Let me glorify thee all the time and bring pleasure to thine heart o GOD. When I wake up in the morning and before retiring to rest at even time, 2 I will lift my voice and sing unto thee a tender verse of holy praise for all thy goodness in sustaining my soul, 3 through the night that is filled with terror and wickedness; and for blessing it with goodly blessings by the day as I pilgrim. 4 Life shall be always my first blessing to count, for without it, there will be nothing else to count and be grateful for. 5 And then, I will remember my family around me and with me, and over the face of the entire earth: 6 and I will remember the blessings of my labours by day and the goodly rest which each night thou prepare for me; 7 in which like a physician, thou heal my body, my mind and my soul to become whole again and new every morning and every hour. 8 O ye UTMOST, thou art my GOD in whom I am unto all things: therefore will I cease not, 9 to praise thee for all thy wonderfulness all my days for thou made me with prowess in everything.



Ob 36


1 My child whom I love, why is thine heart troubled and thine bones shacking? Is it because of thy pursuer and thy oppressor? 2 Yeah, I have seen thy pursuer setting a fire at thine gate and thine door to devour thee and thine sanctuary for her heart is a wicked heart; 3 and I have seen thy oppressor wielding an axe with which he plans to destroy thee for his soul is without life and is evil. 4 But because thou art more precious to me than all thine enemies, I will not leave thee unto their evil schemes. 5 Worry not about closing thine gate against thy pursuer’s fire and hiding thyself from the eyes of thy oppressor’s axe for upon the fire of thy pursuer, 6 whose flames reached unto the heavens have I opened the flood gates of the expanse and quenched it; 7 and the axe with which thine oppressor sought to take away thine life with have I broken into pieces and melted its head in fire. 8 And what of thine pursuer and thine oppressor whom thou know and is in thy midst? 9 These have I given into thine hand and what thy will upon them will be, the same shall befall them; 10 but harden not thine heart against their offspring, and avenge not thine suffering like the wicked do, 11 but make it known and understood with all meekness that thou can judge and condemn in all righteousness and thy pursuer and thy oppressor, 12 if with a flicker of life left in their souls, will reconcile themselves unto thee with pure hearts.



Ob 37


1 O most wonderful sentinel of the sojourner; my feet is in thine hand and the tree of my heart established in thine sight. 2 What path ought I follow and what door is ready that I may make my purpose a shining light? 3 By thine star that accompany the righteous traveler and seeker by day and by night, in all times, guide ye me therein and unto it, the door of all doors. 4 Of thee do I boast; he is the appointed captain of my soul and the master of mine life by Him that is UTMOST: the light of my feet by the night and the guide thereof by day. 5 By His grace upon me in thee, the talents of my hands have given me goodly fruit and corn, and shelter and clothe have they put and clad upon me. 6 In Him I will rejoice by cause of thee forevermore oh wonderful friend of the righteous sojourner and keeper of the tree in my heart.



Ob 38


1 Be careful with whom do you walk and abide for the company of the wicked is costly to all goodly blessings always. 2 With uncensored instruction and foolish counsel will you be led into snares that in numbers you may perish. 3 But if you do abide and walk in their teaching as many do, thou will have to be content with what thou shall reap, 4 for the wicked will I condone not; neither shall I take nor welcome them into my glory. 5 Before thou join them and walk in their path, think again and again and be content in thine decision.



Ob 39


1 Truth and righteousness are the only glory from which all things eternal are born o my children and my beloved. 2 Therefore, gird yourself in truth and righteousness always for with truth comes true liberty and with righteousness, true life. 3 What truth ought I instruct you in then than this that, bounds are not thy portion for by my Spirit in thee have I broke them all: 4 and so shall I do with the limits of all that will come unto me in search of true light and true life without wavering thoughts. 5 No height or depth will have any power over thee and whomsoever is mine; neither will time and space, 6 for they are but a yen of the earth and them that abide therein, and not you for thou art boundless and not of the earth. 6 Thy life is no gist nor speck but infinity and entirety. 7 To yen and strive for wealth or to count and abide by lack are all provisions of gross unawareness; 9 for no height of riches or any depth of poverty can make you whole. 10 In truth, now is what was and shall always be in thine soul if thou will embrace thy true self and be merry. 11 That you can make thy now count and worthy to thy desire for comfort and contentment is by choice; neglect of which leads to want; 12 as whatever you need is thine righteously as long as you abide in me. 13 For I am the light and the glory that is true life, true grace and true wholeness in all things eternally. 14 With truth and righteousness as thy gird and thy scepter, thy righteous blessing and thy righteous inheritance shall thou enjoy and share with peace of mind; 15 and them that once shun you shall look up to you for blessings as thou rise endlessly in thy pure glory which upon thee do I bestow today.



Ob 40


1 A prudent man cherishes all occurrences of life, for they are the grains from which life sprouts. 2 No occurrence is any occurrence for a wise man, for in every occurrence, good or bad, I plant a grain for celebration. 3 If thou will learn to commit thy thoughts unto the good in everything, 4 and embrace every one of thy mistakes with tender love of self and others, thy light will remain shinning even in times of tempest. 5 And this promise make I upon thee that, if thou will abide by my instruction, in thy speech, and in thy walk, and in thy deeds without faltering, 6 nothing shall be a mystery unto thy knowledge and thy understanding; 7 for I will make everything plain unto thine eyes and loud unto thine ears, 8 and wherever thou shall be, my glory shall be thy pavilion and thy guide, thy voice and thy providence. 9 Truth will not fail thee: liberty and open doors will you have without great laboring. 10 True love and unending joy will find their way unto thy threshold; and peace and harmony will marry thy heart and thy home. 11 Longevity, the most prized blessing in the days of men’s abiding in the earth, will thou claim without pain; 12 for it is thy birth right, and life will thou receive at will without prize. 13 I am thy GOD and this is the good desire which I have for you and a desire for which I made thee; 14 to bless you that you may be happy and content in thy day, for in it, my joy is made whole.



Ob 41


1 Concerning money, this must thou know that money is a blessing unto whomsoever is prudent in all things; 2 the one who seek and use it holy, but a great curse of death shall it be always to all whose love and use of it is wicked. 3 By cause of untamed desire, it cost to many, all precious talents: and true love will it devour from their midst: 4 and so shall all happiness, peace of mind, harmony and all soundness of spirit; and in all that is great ruin. 5 Yeah, darkness will mar the path of life for many and cost them all goodly blessings by the untamed want of money. 6 But my family and my children whom I love and in whom is true love for me, will have nothing in common at all with unholy getting and use of money; 7 so that the wicked spirit which lurk and dwells with it may not devour their inheritance in life: 8 and rob them of all goodly blessings in their day, for with the worship of money, evil shrewdness of heart and crooked living shall overtake many to utter perishing.




Ob 42


1 Thy word is true life and great liberty O my GOD; and how can one have life but by meditation and orison therein all the time. 2 In thy word is the truth that brings light and liberty to the course of life. 3 It brings the song of laughter to the broken hearted and strengthen the broken spirit. 4 It instructs in the way of true wisdom and true riches; the sharing of one’s justly earned blessings with all without men’s definitions. 5 Guided by it, true friendship, enduring love, harmony, peace and happiness are the common chattel of all. 6 It bestows merit and a goodly recompense upon the meek and faithful toiler. 7 The seed of fruitfulness according as each plant in their heart is watered by thy word till it brings forth fruit. 8 Thy word provides also the needful fertility and it is the sun and the moon of every plant’s growth. 9 Though the course by which the righteous travels is narrow, yet will thy word make it a highway and a success, 10 and though they walk through a pass an hour before dawn, fear will not overtake them, 11 for thy word is a scepter and shield unto their lives, and light unto their feet.




Ob 43


1 Who then is a fool but the one who despise thy word, for such is without light? 2 Yea, the fool is the one without thy word which is the water with which to water his seed and the sun to provide light unto its germination and growth, and the same will reap the wind. 3 But I am glad that all thy children are wise. They understand that thy word is the nifty key that bestows true and enduring glory. 4 Yea, they are wise because they delight, walk and work in thy word unto all things and because of that, 5 they shall be righteously bountiful and content in life unto all things always. 6 What promise will I make then unto the one without knowledge of thy word than this that thy word is the change of life unto the best gift thou ordained it as; 7 and that them that live in its light are without misgiving in living and in departure from this world, 8 for they are mould in the truth of thy word which bestows everlasting life and rest.




Ob 44


1 Say ye unto my chosen and my beloved: Listen O my sons and O ye daughters of the holy mount. Though it seems like you wandered and are lost, yet consider it not loss for you and me; but profit. 2 Because now you know the way of the world: that there are there, such as call themselves of the holy home and of GOD when they are not. 3 You now have knowledge of them that call themselves children of light when they are workers of inequity. 4 There is no truth in them except lies and deception. In unjust compensations and unjust gains do they delight, more than in the good of all, peace and harmony. 5 They despise equality, righteousness and counsel. Yea, their ways and works bear witness against them; and you need not be instructed about them now, 6 for you have come of age and understanding in all these things and in all their ways and vain lies. They do it all and say it all but for the pleasure it brings unto their selfish hearts and evil minds. 7 But be ye at ease o my beloved children, for even though they seem to enjoy without care; in a little while, their joy shall turn into sorrow and mourning. 8 As for you however, come ye unto me now: depart from within their midst; lest you perish with them in their destruction: for their wickedness will I not condone forever. 9 In but a little while, I will proclaim my judgment upon them according to their generations and bring all their pleasures to an abrupt end. Yea, they are of the world but you are not; 10 a worldly death shall they die but you; though thou be dead yet will I make to live when you are come unto me; 11 for you are mine, my children whom I love with an excellent and steadfast love.



Ob 45


1 Pitiful and miserable is a drunkard, and naked is the soul of such a one. 2 Among his friends, he is praised and there is great pomp to his stupidity; but in his home is grey sadness and crimsom sorrow. 3 His family rejoices and breathes only when he is sober and away, but when he is come; terror enters the threshold of his homestead with him: 4 love and joy of the house escapes through the backdoor as though it were an unwelcome and uninvited guest. 5 What profit then is there in being friends and lovers of alcohol and wine than the wreckage of families and marriages? 6 His spending is without brains and his labours, after he had been drunk, are a cause of great concern. 7 And what betrayal to health such is for with drunkenness come senselessness of promiscuity and violence. 8 Abhor this path o my beloved for slow will be thy judgment and thy understanding when drunk and in that is great danger to life unto destruction.



Ob 46


1 Many are the sorrows of the child whose father or mother is foolish and heartless. 2 Crooked is his or her path, for without good counsel and good instruction he or she grows up. 3 There is no rest to such a one’s labours and struggles till he or she finds a wise and good parent in GOD. 4 A wicked and loose parent brings untold disgrace to their own child. 5 Remorseless is such a parent’s instruction and a great cause for untold heartaches is their treatment. 6 Who then among men has good parents: parents that are with heart, 7 and prepare a child in the path of light and life, and bless them with a just inheritance? 8 Let the same rejoice in GOD for such parents are a rare gift from the UTMOST.



Ob 47


1 But be still O my child for thou art soul of my soul. 2 Cry not like them without good hope for they know not what their blessings are, who the bearer of all goodly blessings is and who the excellent parent is. 3 Let thy heart be gird in me and I will pour my favours upon thee as heavy rains. If thou knew already what I have in store for thee in every place and every path, 4 thou will rejoice instead of crying: but thou know not which I know for it is I that have prepared it all beforehand for thy bliss. 5 Yeah, cry not o much loved for the days of thy benediction are coming. 6 When the clouds I’ve made for thee are fully seasoned with all the good rains I have at heart for thy fruitfulness, 7 I will gently pour them upon thee and wash away all thy tears and drown all thy sorrows. 8 If you can measure the number of rain drops of an unceasing heavy downpour, so shall be thine blessings’ count. 9 And these have I given not unto any on thy behalf; neither will anyone partake of them when thou art come home except the children of thine own inheritance, the family of light. 10 But in thy day, these shall I place in thine own hands with length of days that thou may partake of them first fully with true joy in me.



Ob 48


1 Open thy mind and thy soul to wisdom and understanding in thy day for with these is faith born; 2 and faith need thou in charting thy own course in the day of stagnation. 3 Without faith, blind will be thine eyes and deaf will be thine ears. 4 Light will depart from thy lips and weak will become thy bones. 5 In the end, shock will consume you and with shock will come perpetual destruction.



Ob 49


1 To calculate thy own step is great wisdom, but with understanding comes the ability to work thy step unto merriness. 2 Purpose is the breath of life, but with commitment and work comes fruitfulness of life. 3 Therefore, that thou maybe fruitful and happy in thy day, fix thy gaze upon thy dear desire gird in righteousness, 4 and with proper planning and understanding, commit thyself unto work.



Ob 50


1 Wonderful is the UTMOST for with exceeding prowess wrought He me. 2 My hands blessed He with talents and skills, and my body with extraordinary ability to perform all things to His praise. 3 Upon my soul planted He an eye of eyes by and with which I know all things. 4 Yeah, His eye is my eye and He is the eye of my eyes. 5 Superbly made He my mind that it is full of power much greater than the power of thunder and lightning, and power of all the ocean waves combined. 6 Therein is a seat of thought by which I make building blocks to my path; 7 and the seat of reason by which I make goodly judgments unto all thoughts I submit to my heart. 8 In the seat of my brain’s eyes, I fashion, with His wisdom, wonderful ways by which I metamorphose every good desire of my heart into a feasible plan and a fruitful tree. 9 But more wonderful is the seat of reminiscence thereof, wherein He made a recoup so secretive no man or spirit can reach. 10 Therein will I keep only the righteous and life giving annals that every time I will call one dossier to a goodly cause, 11 all the goodly annals will pour blessings to the course of my treading. 12 And what then shall I say of the most lush meadow therein, an oasis where I will plant only good trees and make the great captain of my heart, even my faith, a regal guest thereof. 13 O wonderful is ALYAASHA, for He wrought me like nothing else and for that, I will glorify Him all my days.



Ob 51


1 Happy is the man whose mind atrophies not with disuse. 2 His days shall be filled with light always. 3 His hands will bring him satisfaction and his commands will honour him and his GOD with glory. 4 But woe unto the sluggard; dependence shall imprison him and reduce him to a beggar and a slave. 5 Ignorance will blow out his path’s light and in the end, death will overtake his soul. 6 Therefore, in thy day O much loved child, put thy mind and thy body to work and sustain thyself that thy light may continually shine upon thy path; 7 and that thou may preserve thy liberty in life and in thy day of sojourning in the earth.




Ob 52


1 Put not thy GOD to the test by making an oath with a loose individual for in the day they will betray you, 2 thy GOD will thou curse thinking He has forsaken you. Indeed GOD is no friend and company of the man or woman of unchastely character. 3 Not only does the person of loose character an enemy of GOD 4 but the same will rob you of the fruits of thy labour; and such a one takes away your liberty, and foils your vitality with all known nasty. 5 With a loose person is the seal of death to marriage and all good judgment.




Ob 53


1 Great is the person of wise words and wise thoughts. 2 Wonderful are his plans and splendid are his aims. 3 But blessed is him that plan and aim slowly, and reach the decision to fulfill his word and promise to GOD without delay 4 For the procrastinator is a lazy man and a fool equal to the man of no wisdom and no plan or aim at all. 5 His dreams and his aims will perish before they even hatch.




Ob 54


1 O Most Righteous One, when it is time to fulfill my promise unto thee and time to reach for the good desire of my heart, 2 I will make no alibi, for an alibi is a lazy man’s apology. 3 With the first alibi comes fear of the unknown. 4 But what unknown hindrance can there be to my path when thou O GOD art with me and know all things concerning my life and my paths. 5 What stumbling block have I to fear when thou art the solution of every problem; 6 and when thou art the bridging of every hallow that impedes progress. 7 Yeah, eventhough there be dark clouds in every direction and detours in every path, yet still will I move upon all my decisions, 8 not with alibis but with my faith in thee O UTMOST for I know thou will make all my plans prosper even when all seems bleak.



Ob 55


1 Fear thou not the stinking words of thy rivalries and thy neighbors when thou choose to fulfill a goodly desire o beloved. 2 Be surprised not and let dismay overtake thee not for it is always the way of men; to mistrust that which is contrary to custom. 3 Yeah, suspicion will always follow that which is new, but be thou discouraged not by the skepticism of them that be around thee. 4 Even when family try to talk you out of thy good desire, gird yourself in the good fruit of thy desire and work in it. 5 If they will not buy into thy desire, and thy perception, blame them not but separate your mind from them and work thy aims with faith in me, 6 for the birth of every new good thought and every new good desire is my blessing upon you which I breathe for thy good and the good of all. 7 This you must know always that men is continually blind not because I made him blind, but because he chose to be blind. 8 Until he can see what comes of an idea or a desire, he cannot rejoice in it. 9 But in all this, be discouraged not, even if all your friends and family will desert you, 10 for I will be with you, to help you, and in the hour of victory, 11 the humble will rejoice with you and inherit the blessings of thy sweat.



Ob 56


1 Without solid plans and a good desire, talent is wasted. 2 With no good counsel and good instruction, foolishness mushroom among a people. 3 Wisdom will not bless the man of ignorance; and understanding will abide not with a loose person. 4 Generations will perish by lack of tolerance and vigilance, and evil will haunt the corrupt soul even in Sheol.



Ob 57


1 In this thing be ye wise o my child, that though I am with you always, to guide you and to direct thy step, that does not mean all thy plans will be a success; 2 for by reason thou art men, thou will sometimes follow the thoughts of thy own heart for which you will have to be liable always. 3 But if thou will abide in my instructions and in my guidance, yes, thy plans will be a great success through and through. 4 However, in the day thy good plan will fall through, pound thyself up not for error also is good counselor to the prudent man. 5 Instead of worrying and burning with anger, revisit thy good plans gird in a good instruction and follow in the good ordinance, 6 and you will overturn all thy fallen plans into goodly grains of blessings unto thyself and unto all that be with you.



Ob 58


1 A rotten family will fight and kill each other over a gift passed from a neighbor and an inheritance left by a deceased. 2 Gross evil will forever resides in the heart of the one who pretends before GOD and murderous shall be his thoughts and counsels. 3 Envy is the gift of the unrepentant and death is their portion for they are no different from them that are of the world. 4 Greed and pride inspires them to resent them that choose to pass gifts to those without, 5 when they themselves live in comfort every day; yet would still want that which will be given to the have-nots. 6 When you give thy gifts then, give thou in consecration and secrecy, 7 that such may not stumble by cause of their envy, greedy and pride.



Ob 59


1 A man wise in his own flesh is the countenance of crass evil; for with cunningness and moved by his wicked desires, 2 he brings temptation to others and cause them all to fall from the path of light and life. But if any man be truly wise, 3 let him enter not into trial with me; for my understanding and my ways are past theirs that I can take away light and life from them that try me. 4 Men is my handiwork, and I know what is in his mind and I know what is in his heart. 5 Though I am kind and gentle unto all, and do protect all who in truth, seek refugee within my sanctuary, 6 their salvation comes with their repentance and commitment unto the path of truth, peace and righteousness. 7 In my patience though, they will find consolation for I will not forsake them until they are truly ripe in light and in life, 8 and are become like unto children of my soul in meekness of heart: kind, gentle, compassionate, faithful, honest and lovers of equality and harmony. 9 By the hand and ways of my angels, my chosen children of light, will I counsel and guide them in the path everlasting. 10 Let them therefore that are hard pressed with worry seek me in time and I will not hide my face from them: 11 but will summon my angels to carry them upon their wings that they might not stumble but grow in the path ever rewarding; the path of light that leads unto life.



Ob 60


1 O GOD, I know of thy promises and thy edicts on thy people by heart, but why do thou seem so distant from them? 2 Where art thou when thy people are suffering? If thou will not help, who will help them? 3 The burdens with which they suffer, are they a treatment of thy wrath? 4 The pains and wounds they nurse by day and by night, are they scars of thy rod? 5 And though they’ve made error, are they all that are wicked that thou will not even let the heavens rain upon thy people? 6 Of this am I taught in thee that the just shall not perish with the wicked, but that all suffer, even the just, such is confusing. Answer me o my GOD.



Ob 61


1 Be at rest o beloved and know that I am ever present unto every righteous heart. 2 That people suffer is in my eyes but suffering is not a portion of my hand. 3 Though they labour with burdens, yet such is not a treatment of my wrath but a curse of their traditions which they honour more than truth and righteousness. 4 For in their traditions, they have other gods other than me which are wicked; 5 gods who despise justice and prefer the good of a handful on the price of many. 6 But this one thing shall I consider mine with long suffering unto the righteous for their own sake. 7 Yeah, the pains and burdens which they nurse and endure in the midst of a wicked generation shall I use as my hyssop to clean them, 8 and my rod with which I will separate them that be mine, the pure and unwavering at heart, from the world. 9 In that, though it will appear as a test unto the one of ignorance, their trust in me and their love is proven; 10 and when proven, in their day and in life will I credit them for their persistence and patience in a righteous path.



Ob 62


1 A wicked preference and a wicked inclination will bring you strife and sorrow. 2 Toiling without temperance will bring you vast riches, but rob you of life. 3 What point is there to toil and not partake in the pleasure of thy toiling contently? 4 The one whose strength and talents are without use will endure untold misery, 5 but what joy is there in begging and suffering lack? 6 Oppression and exploitation will bring you resentment, rebellion and war, 7 and hate and prejudice will raise for you plenty enemies. 8 Today, you are living thy yesterday’s preferences and inclinations and if they be good, 9 build without ceasing, new and pure inclinations and preferences upon them for thy morrow; 10 but if they be bad, pluck them out and plant those that be good in their place, 11 that thy morrow may come with good happiness for you and thy generations.



Ob 63


1 O my GOD, my heart is in travail by cause of them that ignore thy word and forsake thy instruction. 2 They are worse than a wretched moth; and I wonder and deliberate in supplication for them. 3 They deliberate day and night, why life seem to evade them. They dream to no help like they dream not. 4 Like vultures of the sky without prey, they go round and round in circles without landing. 5 Not that they try not O my GOD: they do all the time till they drop dead without hope. 6 But how then may a man abound unto life and unto fruitfulness in his day O GOD? 7 What blessing is there to thy name in a wandering empty man? 8 What glory receive ye in a suffering family and a child dying in oppression, violence and war? 9 ‘Them that meditate in my word all their days, though they live by the caves, shall want and suffer lack not. 10 They will have instruction and knowledge and in it, they will discover their path: and in walking it, they shall be full according as I work in them by my word. 11 Wonder and deliberate for them you may, but how can they be helped if they are without education in the course of life? 12 They lack knowledge of their talents and knowledge of their abilities; and have no instructions in any skill, and in that, their hope is deferred, and they are no better than a people without conscience of anything at all. 13 But if they will ponder in my word, they shall discover their talents and their paths, and shall have skill. 14 They will be energized unto liberty and contentment of body and mind, and shall have life. 15 By pondering and working with abiding faith in my word, verse upon verse and ob upon ob, again and again, shall they grow in wisdom and understanding, and receive fullness of glory; 16 the glory with which they shall make a bridge out of the log of impasse and turn an impede into a leaping threshold. 17 Bounds of ignorance and folly shall depart from them and their way shall be truly a high way.



Ob 64


1 Behold o ye eye of my soul; ye that is good guardian of all righteous things I planted in the earth and in all worlds. 2 I know of the weaver of wickedness who is tireless in his efforts and whose length of cords grows continually in the hearts of the unaware, to whom justice seem delayed till the day of all days. 3 A goodly people are turning bad score upon score, for the wicked mislead them saying blood will cover it all. 4 Their hearts are dead unto truth and their thoughts numb unto parity. 5 Their eyes grow blind unto perfect love by day and their ears deaf unto the cry of peace. In the path of their senses they tread day and night. 6 The signs of their fornication and all their carnality are everywhere, from the streets to the resting places. 7 Nomore have they any shame of their secrets, for even by day they walk naked and partake in promiscuity. 8 Therefore, I will make a new edict unto the day of days. 9 I will place the seat of opening judgment in their own souls and from thereof, 10 the Judge shall execute all righteous judgments for all their wickedness in their day. 11 The evil thing that they do shall haunt them by day and consume them by nightfall. 12 Peace and sleep will depart from them and so shall all fruitfulness and love, and all their possessions till the day they will repent. 13 In that day, their day of days will be one of good hope in life, for I will look upon them with good mercy and favour. 14 But the unrepentant will I cause to perish.



Ob 65


1 A foolish woman pride herself in the corpulence of her purse; and the stupid man commits his life unto possessions. 2 But what blessing is there in a corpulent purse and a mass of things without knowledge of truth, righteousness and life? 3 Of what good is it to own all things and lose everything more worthy than silver and gold, and all costly pearls? 4 For the life that is committed unto things and the heart that is given unto the contents of the purse is musty and dead unto me; 5 and I will reject and bar it before the holy hour; before the gate of holiness will I forbear it from entering my bossom and partake of my ever-shining glory.



Ob 66


1 Gather ye the nations; call the people unto an assembly for me: a harmonious and unprejudiced assembly of the children that delight in light and life and make this clause and precept clear in their hearing. 2 The wicked person has no soul and hope not in life, for such is gibberish unto him, and because of his unbelief, he will surely perish unless he turn from his path of wickedness and convert. 3 But I know his lack of faith and hope in life is because he is without proper instruction in this matter; and because he is more precious to me like all things that bring joy to my heart, I lay the responsibility of his salvation upon thee o righteous children, to teach him the way that save, the way of truth and righteousness: 4 and upon all among thee, who counsel and reprove such, including the proud, the slanderers, and the mockers, I will show steadfast mercy and breath fruitfulness; and they shall be called blessed in every generation. 5 And whenever I visit to bless them that convert unto life in each generation, I will visit also them that instructed them unto the way of life and multiply their labour’s fruits that their joy in and with me might abound. 6 But them that drag feet will reap what is meet to their labour, and them that despise counsel and reprove unto righteousness and truth, together with the unfaithful, will I not show my countenance. 5 Only the righteous man, pure at heart, gentle, kind, merciful and meek can see my face and not the unrighteous. 6 Theirs is the way of darkness and perishing. No more will I curse as judgment but I will forsake them that forebear reprove; and surely, in their unrighteousness, they shall die. 7 Let them that will live therefore depart from all unrighteous acts including drunkenness, adultery, treachery, murder, slandering, plundering, greed, mockery, violence and war for in all these am I offended. 8 I am offended in the proud and the scornful, for from their mouth comes out venom and a devouring fire that kills peace, love and harmony: 9 and I will surely recompense them a just measure for all their deeds and ways.



Ob 67


1 And let me have a word with a hypocrite among the sons and daughters of men. 2 If peace is as precious to you as it is unto me and unto all heavens, 3 why then should assemblies be places of offending commotion, blabbering, bickering and all deafening muttering? 4 What wise and holy men will delight in a thing that brings disease to his own neighbor and to his own friend? 5 How holy is an assembly when from its midst comes but infection to the hearts of others? 6 If thou knew not who are the sons and daughters of disobedience, 7 then this is the mirror for all those that partake in all unbecoming behavior in all assemblies and congregations. 8 Though they be in the midst of the assembly with all, their desire is not building in life but destruction of them that be in life and are striving thereof. 9 And if thy mutterings are mutterings of prayer and meditation, mutter ye with charity for thou art not alone in the assembly or in the world; 10 and I will honour more a silent muttering in prayer or in meditation when it comes from a secret place and without disturbing the peace of others.



Ob 68


1 To grow in wisdom and understanding of thy will, and in abiding life, I will embrace thy counselling and thy instructions tenderly and passionately. 2 I will cherish it wholeheartedly for it is true light unto my mind and unto my path. 3 I will read it upon my shortcomings at even time and ply it upon my plans and behind the works of my hands patiently by day. 4 Yea, like unto one that is wise, I will learn not to do as many often do, procrastinate to orison and meditate upon thy word. 5 I will not rush also, through thy counsels and thy instructions, without taking moments to muse, mirror or sop up what thou taught me in thy faithful word. 6 My heart and my mind shall I train to interact with thy word; emphasizing the thought that speaks loud to my soul and to my bone; 7 and writing down the thoughts of my understanding where upon I may reflect and commit them to memory. 8 And when I am come of age in understanding and reaction to thy righteous and life giving teaching come into my heart, then will I have become masterful and wise in thine eyes. 9 I will have become wise and of age in that day when I will be able to live thy insight in me; 10 for it is in plying of thy word that true learning and wisdom is realised.



Ob 69


1 Humility is glory of my glory o souls of holy benediction; and for the sake of rectitude and peace, 2 will I consider it not anything but worthy debt for me to come down from my helm unto the world of men; and surely, 3 I will uphold the plea of a just man and answer the cry of the meek and merciful. 4 Yet, even now have I placed, in the direction of all the stars, an everlasting guard, that the inheritance of the righteous and meek, my precious children, may not be devoured by the wicked. 5 I have enthroned in every place in the earth a righteous children, an everlasting priesthood; as guardians, to instruct them that love me, 6 in the way everlasting: the way of truth, peace, charity, harmony, equality, humility, forgiveness and reverence. 7 And the princes and the princesses, even my holy and righteous children; shall teach all of them that seek me, 8 the true way of godliness and save them with my Spirit. 9 As a royal diadem, they shall show them, with meekness and vigilance, what the true fear of GOD is: 10 and the goats, a people that lack godly knowledge and understanding, 11 shall learn the way of the sheep, and become sheep: and shall become one flock. 12 Then, they shall all feed together; on the fresh and blessing pastures I have prepared for them, 13 drinking pure and thirst quenching water all their days in my presence; and I, 14 even I their Righteous One, will make them secure on all sides time everlasting. 15 Yea, time without end shall they be in my presence in fullness of joy and providence.



Ob 70


1 O GOD Most Righteous, what an honour have they that are thine. 2 Them that are called by your name are excellently blessed that they are an excellent blessing in everything and unto all things. 3 Unto them declared thou on thine day, faint not for thou art my glory and I am thine glory; and the glory thou art in me is without end: 4 neither does it have height nor depth, nor does it falter on anything but overcome. 5 Day and night, we abide as the excellent glory that we are. 6 Thou art my temple wherein is my altar and I am thy GOD; 7 and upon the altar of thine heart shall I receive always, sacrifices and incense that is most holy. 8 Let thy heart be consecrate, for therein you and I dine and feast all the time. 9 Be ye steadfast and merry for thou art my glory without bound; life without flaw. 10 O what an honour my GOD that thou made thy beloved the fullness of thine glory; 11 even unto all that be in him the selfless laborer, by whom also, thine glory embrace and bless all: and that thou may be known unto all faiths that thou art an all caring, kind and impartial GOD, 12 I extend salutations herein, to the righteous children and families that be of different faiths in all the families of the heavens and the earth.



Ob 71


1 O, what a delight I have in my soul? I searched the heart of the righteous man, and behold! 2 There, I was able to find good treasure; and to plant a pristine vine in his fertile lands: a treasure everlasting and a wonderful vine that will bring forth fruit in due season. 3 Yet, even its seasons shall never pass away by mine grace and kindness; and it shall yield reward upon reward unto its dresser. 4 By righteousness shall it be sustained and by holiness shall it blossom; and truly, it shall be life unto its dresser. 5 Yet in the heart of the wicked I did find all such as is detestable; 6 malice, anger, coveting, treachery, hate, pride, greed, adultery, theft, despise, corruption, killing, oppression and lawlessness; 7 and so, thorns upon thorns shall grow therein; and they shall devour his life and his heritage. 8 Even though for now, it may appear that his pleasures are for all days, 9 and his joy abounding out of his abundance in wickedness and lawlessness, mourn he shall: 10 and if he will not convert, then his wickedness and lawlessness will surely consume him. 11 For the righteous man, by his righteousness will live; and the unrighteous one by his wickedness shall perish.



Ob 72


1 When your forefathers were yet young and weak, they received law makers, prophets, and priests according as they believed in him that bid them to covenant and fellowship. 2 Shepherds, messengers and masters, teachers of good tidings came unto them, to guide them in the way of light and life. 3 But in rebellion, they forbear and continued in the ways of their evil desires; detestable ways that kindled the wrath and tore the heart of the one that loved them; 4 and he regretted having called them unto fellowship and knowing them as his chosen and he counted them unto judgment. 5 But you are a different people; a family of virtue in whom my heart is well pleased. 6 Though there be forbearers in thy midst whose traditions are of the wicked, my love for you outweigh my anger, 7 and am therefore reaching out to you and all in the midst of the earth, that I may heal the broken hearted, give hope to the hopeless and win you unto me o my beloved, for you are the only ones I have chosen and known. 8 I give you my Spirit in purity that we may become one; you and I as one in life. 9 In my Spirit, you will be my righteous Alyaas; ministers of good tidings unto they that be in darkness and givers of life unto them that are lifeless. 10 In thine hearts, when thou have received my Spirit, will I inscript my ordinances and my instructions meekly that you may learn and observe to offer the kind of sacrifices in which I delight and am well pleased: 11 Not burnt offerings, blood of bulls and rams and human lives as did your forefathers in their wickedness. 12 Fool not yourselves like unto them saying, we will have blood for the atonement of our wickedness for blood, regardless of how plenty and holy it may be is just glory to the flesh for it is flesh, 13 and will not wash away an unrepentant soul which is forbearing to truth, justice, compassion and harmony in favour of evil; but truth and righteousness shall.



Ob 73


1 Hearken ye unto my voice and I will instruct you in the way in which you must walk o people. 2 Balance ye the scales of rectitude: perfect ye the manner of thy faith and make clean thine loins with hyssop unto holiness and you will receive true light unto everlasting life. 3 Walk ye the confession of thy faith and I will make thee dwell in my city and inherit all my glory. 4 And O ye wicked, what desire thee that I should do for you for thy inequities? Should I enter into judgment and destroy you at once, for all power is mine? 5 How then will it be known that I desire not your condemnation but your salvation; 6 that I am just and fair in my judgments? Therefore, a time I have appointed that you may amend your ways; 8 and that you may balance the scales of justice and peace. Remember then where you err and convert that you may live.




Ob 74


1 I will honour them that are in authority and captainship who keep their trust unto their subjects and hosts: 2 and them that safeguard the rights and freedoms of the weak and needy; and take not away good to replace it with evil. 3 But great anguish will I lay upon the threshold of the arrogant, the corrupt, the oppressive and the violent captains. 4 Sorrow and sadness will I count unto them as their lot in life and unto all whose minds and hearts are the fullness of bitterness and resentment. 5 But exceeding gladness shall be the blessing of all of them that delight in the liberty and equality of all and set them free from the chains of their hearts and minds’ bonds for whatever cause. 6 For all manner of anger and hate and resentment is wickedness; they corrupt your heritage.



Ob 75


1 For the righteous man and the little ones in me, the path to eternal rest is a high way; 2 for with their eyes, they shall see and behold my glory. 3.With their ears, they shall hear my voice and discern my ways with their minds; and understand my instructions with their hearts. 4 Howbeit it is not so for the unrighteous and wayward in worldliness; 5 whose conscience is seared and whose ears are deaf. They can neither see nor understand what the way of life is; for unto them I am not. 6 Yea, the hearts of the fools are fat; their minds are without understanding; 7 their ears are deaf and their eyes blind. Unless they cast away their waywardness, pride and desire for gain, 8 they will remain under the dominion of lords, rulers and their powers. They will leave the world, but only to return to it again; 9 for they will be of the world and its thrones. But they that will strive and abide in my instructions shall find eternal rest, 10 and with my life shall I quicken them into my very own glory: a glory like no other; 11 for before now, it was never known that I may make it manifest unto such as set themselves apart for it. They of child purity at heart, whom I called before all else was; 12 a children of abounding and steadfast love, peace, kindness, humility, patience and understanding; 13 that they may know and abide with me; their ever righteous GOD. Their way is my way and no other.



Ob 76


1 Trumpet this saying in the midst of the dwelling of men. Make it plain in their hearing, so that with their hearts, they may understand. 2 In time, am I calling them unto myself; to teach them the way everlasting: the way of equality, peace, love and togetherness. 3 For in death, there is no remembrance. So while yet they live and understand, come I unto them, to abide in them and with them in my word which is my Spirit. 4 Not with vengeance, but with outstretched arms of mercy and compassion. 5 To give them blessings for curses; and life for death; that they may know that, 6 their salvation is more precious to me than their condemnation: that they may understand that mercy and not judgment is my way: 7 and know that even though I judge, my judgments are righteous. 8 Make them realize and follow the way of righteousness, peace and equality that they may live, for in their life is my joy fulfilled. 9 And I will show them compassion and kindness; for they will be my beloved in whom I delight, because they walk in my counsels and precepts. 10 They adhere unto my instructions and meditate therein day in and day out. 11 But the wicked and their ways I shall put to a complete end; that they that are godly might enter into rest everlasting. 12 In that day, they that are righteous, my children of light, will not ask me anything but offer unto me sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, and hearty worship as a pleasing incense before my holy altar. 13 For I will declare upon them all my glory; that in it, they may understand the depth and height of my kindness, mercy and love. 14 And so, blessed be him that shall not reject counsel and all such as I have consecrated for him; 15 the one who will follow the way of repentance, peace and love, and abide in the way of righteousness and life.



Ob 77


1 Help me in my day O ALYAASHA, to understand thy perfect will and walk in that path in which thou delight most; 2 for plenty are the shortcomings with which I am made to labour. 3 Let thy righteous instruction take root in me that I may walk a straight path which is pleasing to thine heart. 4 Aid me in resisting the tempter whose aim is always to cause me to fall that he may steal my joy, my peace, my truth and my blessings while I am in rage and in judgment. 5 Make truth my daily fill that the wicked one may fail and perish before my presence and before my sanctuary’s threshold whether by day or by night. 6 Teach me the way of perfect compassion and mercy for many are such as put me to trial that I may fall from my course. 7 For when tempted, what will I do if thou will help me not but burst with anger and lash out. 8 Be tranquil o my child, for I will help thee with every burden of thine heart; and rescue all thy blessings and thy joys from the hand of the fowler; 9 and thy peace and thy truth from the hour of the tempter. 10 What power is there in the hand of the wicked than intimidation and corrupt shrewdness? 11 For filled with fear and blameworthy execute he all things with haste that he may gain his way fast before he is held accountable. 12 Yeah, worry not for in time every time to thy rejoicing, 13 I will stretch my glory for thy pavilion; and my hand to the destruction of all thy foes; 14 and whatever is wicked will not flourish before thee whether by noon or by night; 15 for I am an ever present Scepter of thy life; 16 the unfailing victory of everything and everyone righteous forever.



Ob 78


1 Rain o precious rain; how thou art most wonderful gift unto all things. 2 Without you, Kings are as wretched as the fatherless and the beggars of the streets, and Queens as naked as widows. 3 Princes and Princesses scavenge like vultures and the Lord and the Lourdes mourn like the woman in labor. 4 What a glory of the UTMOST’s scepter thou art, for by thee He separate the righteous to His everlasting glory. 5 When a generation preys on righteousness and truth, and peace and harmony, 6 thou retreat into thy secret chamber for thine eyes cannot stand wickedness. 7 And when the wicked one knocks on thy door, thou will open not thy for thou know what is in their hearts. 8 But the righteous heart will thou forbear not for thou art good and such is pleasing unto the UTMOST to whom thou art great guardian to the earth’s life. 9 Thine arm is longer than eyes can measure for in the split of a heartbeat, 10 thou can reach the ends of all the earth and give life unto the jungle and the beasts thereof; 11 and unto the seas and the oceans, and the creatures thereof, and unto all the plants and the living that partake in those plants. 12 Rain o precious rain, what a blessing of blessings thou art. 13 May thy goodness never cease to bless all things over which thou art glory of ALYAASHA’s mighty scepter.



Ob 79


1 I heard the fool saying, what I am is by GOD not. The law is a dictate of men and has failed me and so have all things named; blood of lambs and holy men. 2 The teacher instructs me in the things whose hopes are unto the glory of the flesh and I wonder what will become of my soul; 3 and another speaks unto me concerning things of the soul and I wonder, what will my lot be in this time? 4 I wonder, if it were all about my soul, why am I in the present instead of whence I come from and should be? 5 And if it were about my body, why speak to me of a hope in which I am not allowed to see and understand all I need to know and be as it should be real to me than being of blunt faith in only what I am taught? 6 One tells me GOD is good and will commit no one unto trial, yet another one tells me GOD let trial come unto His people and is punisher unto those that err. 7 Who then is the devil when trial and punishment are spoken as weapons of the wicked that torments innocent souls night and day? 8 In this, what is the difference between GOD and the devil? 9 Where is GOD, when good is suffering in the hands of them that should defend it before evil? 10 There is no voice for true justice and truth: them that stand for truth and justice are thrown in shackles maimed and are abandoned to rot. 11 Who then shall help for GOD has forsaken good by letting evil reign unabated?



Ob 80


1 Another one heard I saying, my riches are the sweat of my toiling and not of GOD. 2 What I am and what I will be are all the dictates of my heart; for I am what I wish to be and I have what I will have. 3 I walk where I will and dwell where my heart is. 4 What my end is and what will become of my soul am I with full knowledge; there is nowhere else to go after here. 5 So while I still can, I will teach my feet to lead me where my heart is, for now is the only thing I know and have. 6 When I needed GOD’s blessings for my body, nothing received I on my table. 7 Of it I read somewhere that life is more than food and drink but what can men be without sufficient food and drink as long as he is abiding in the present? 8 If GOD will not deliver on a promise in the now, why should I waste my faith in believing in his promises in the later? 9 And if all there is after all things are ended is a merry life in the earth, why spend my days in sorrow yearning for a heaven I can have now? 10 But if there is one somewhere not in the earth, why will GOD not simply take the righteous when they are still good; 11 and why will He not overcome evil once for the good of all and make the goodly promise an inheritance of all? 12 When mine ears heard these, my heart sank and my strength waned for these were quests not without ground. 13 But then, while yet I wondered, thou said unto my soul; these are thoughts without light and words without wisdom. 14 Is men not saved by the fullness of his heart? With what power does men pilgrim in his own path even if he is without faith? 15 Is it not my power in him; for without it a man is not? 16 Thoughts without light will surely lead but to suffering and death and so shall words without wisdom, by them, men shall love the world and perish. 17 Therefore say ye this in the hearing of the men without knowledge and the one without understanding, life is death and death is life. 18 Him that will abide in the earth shall surely die unto his soul but him that will die in the earth will surely abide in his soul. 19 But for ye are men, while yet you abide in the earth, bless thy day and thy night with good labour and be merry: being prudent in thy celebration of life by letting not truth, righteousness and grace depart from thy ways by day and in rest by night. 20 In this manner thou will spare the path of thy soul in all things for without thy soul, thou art not.



Ob 81


1 A gentle instruction and a humble counsel makes a formidable weapon against any fort of ignorance and forbearance. 2 But the violent instruction and the stubborn counsel will breed resistance, rebellion and contempt. 3 What profit then is there in the instruction of violence and in the counsel or obduracy that any man should walk in it? 4 Now that thou have opened my eyes O GOD, by tender meekness will I pursue my course and make my request known. 5 Cynicism will I depart from and sarcasm will I shun away for in them is breed of mistrust and resentment; 6 and when I am resented, I am left a lonely man without friend and without good advice in the good path of life.




Ob 82


1 Oh my soul, and o ye soul of the lightangel, chosen of the chosen, for an everlasting glory and abidance in light and holy rest, continue ye in the path ever pleasing unto the UTMOST. 2 In GOD, plenty is thy gold and thy silver and overflowing are thy chambers with all precious treasures; rich are thy groves and overly flowing are thy wells and cisterns. 3 Yeah, heap upon heap is the measure of thy wealth, holy treasure rained from above by the UTMOST. 4 Kings and Lords pay tribute with obeisance unto thee and great is thy family. 5 Thou art exceedingly great, but thy greatness in not in thy possessions or by cause you have committed thyself unto things, for such is wretchedness and great loss. 6 Yes o precious soul, boast not in these though they be plenteous as the sands of the oceans and the seas for such is the way of the world and its people, 7 but boast ye in the giver of all thy blessings who taught and raised you in the instruction of truth and perfect righteousness. 8 Yeah, boast in ALYAASHA for it is Him who is thy portion in all things. 9 You are great because by thine wealth, thou committed the way of light unto exceeding fruitfulness for all as righteousness and truth overly flow unto the ends of all things. 10 How blessed is the eye that commit itself not unto the path of the senses, 11 and how wonderful is the lip that preach profit of the soul above all things and less of the profit of the flesh.




Ob 83


1 My hand is strong and my scepter mighty and faultless, for by thine instruction, I have gird myself in the good path. 2 Sharp and piercing words will I restrain against anyone, lest I fail in turning all unto the ever pleasing path of peace, equality and harmony. 3 Instead of criticizing, I will albeit and where instruction and counseling is needful, 4 I will use meekly words for with a meekly word every strong barrier gives way to correction and reproof. 5 And what more can I call pleasing and holier than winning all to the path of light for in darkness is untold peril. 6 Where upon my hand can lend support, I will put it to work and where I can reach and heal a wound, 7 I will extent it for herein is thy goodness made evident.



Ob 84


1 In thy wonderful name O ALYAASHA will I bow in prayer, thanking you o glory of glories for thy abounding grace, 2 by which I have life today and in all days; and have all goodly blessings prepared for me in every path and place. 3 Thank you for lifting me up from the reach of evil into thy glorious bosom where the light of impartiality, peace, joy, love and harmony abide forever. 4 Thank you for every good plan that you have in place for me. 5 When I was weak and drenched in tears, thou gave me strength and wiped away my tears. 6 When darkness overtook me and I was lost, thou gave me light and guided me as you still do today, in the path ever good and bright. 7 When I was lonely, sad and hopeless, thou kept me company and blessed me with hope and joy; 8 and when everyone was moving away from me, thou came in and assured me of a better hope in the good day you prepared ahead of time for me. 9 Thank you for who I am, what I am and thy enduring presence in my life: 10 and for the good family I have in thee forever; and all the angels of my protection and benediction every day. 11 In thee I rejoice forevermore O GOD.



Ob 85


1 With persistence comes good success. 2 The person of timidly disposition in the face of tides suffers failure and want. 3 Persistence is teacher to resourcefulness. 4 It instructs in the way of grist imagination and shrewd procreation. 5 Herein then is the victory of the man of good aim and a goodly desire. 6 Plenty shall be his reasons to rejoice in GOD for in the grist of his imagination will GOD plant seeds of plenty and treasures of happiness. 7 Are you wise o child of the UTMOST? 8 If thou will be wise, make persistence thy friend and thy instructor always.



Ob 86


1 What do men think that I am that I should keep on contending with him; for his ways are ways of the flesh but mine are ways of the Spirit. 2 His heart he has committed unto his senses and his senses delight in profanity and vile but I delight in holiness and good. 3 That I am life to all things, men is without understanding, and in that, without pleasing devotion. 4 But this is his unpardonable transgression that he despise the instruction wherein I have planted the power to understand all things and make good way by day and by night; 5 and he forbear the reproof wherein I gird his life. 6 What then can I do with this unfaithful people than to disown them and forget their worthy; 7 and their Lords and Judges shall have their way upon them, for it is them they fear more than I who is the power of life and death. 8 Let them be: them that will live shall I surely save but them that will repent not shall perish without commemoration.



Ob 87


1 Now then, declare ye my name in this generation: make known my full glory today and in all times to come. ALYAASHA I AM, the GOD of truth, righteousness, peace and harmony; 2 and I AM the GOD of kind love, enduring compassion, gentleness and kind verdicts. Though I am ever present in all things, never before have I made myself known directly unto anyone and by this name. 3 But as a sign that I am present and making all things new, now have I done so unto you and unto all generations after you, that they may know me as I know them; and though tides rise and rage by day and by night against them that are known by my name, 4 to the extent of washing away the fort of guard, it shall not complete its intend, till I save all children that abide in my name and bring them unto my holy sanctuary; 5 and from thence, I will summon angels to rescue all the righteous and faithful, my beloved family in whom I am justified by cause of their excellent ways and works which speaks their faith. 6 At that time, I shall cause the surge of the deep to cease devouring the righteous but give up all of them swallowed in it in righteousness of old; 7 and sheol too, shall surrender her own claim of the righteous, just and consecrate.




Ob 88


1 Again, proclaim ye this decree in the midst of thy generation and all to come; by thy hand am I making a highway in the woodland 2 and forming an overflowing stream in the wasteland. I make everything new and 3 before it come to pass make I it known unto thee and all that would listen, even the man of the street. 4 A home have I made for the righteous; and they that fled unto the nations will I gather unto their own home and there will be sufficiency for them unto all things. 5 They will know not need, and helplessness and no disaster in their midst. I will break the bow and cause all wars to cease; 6 and I will call them from as far as the ends of the earth unto their own home, and rain upon them blessings for ashes. 7 Yea, a home where they shall live in abiding peace, joy, love and harmony: walking in equality and justice and meekness of heart; 8 and as my beloved children and angels, I shall bestow upon them glory upon glory and honour upon honour, for from their hearts, which I foreknow, 9 I have received pleasing sacrifices and from their lips, melodies and praises as incense.




Ob 89


1 O GOD RIGHTEOUSNESS, Holy of holies; you only that dwell over the horn of the highest; in a secret place no door can find 2 except the door of truth and righteousness; and fill all else with your excellent glory, even yonder the deep and heaven of heavens: 3 thank you for your steadfast kindness, and eternal mercies and love upon thy people. You are highly exalted and ever glorious; 4 and live there in thy sanctuary, where death cannot find. Yea, no man can find and no shadow knows. 5 Only you can open thy door unto thy holy ones and make known thy secrets unto thy chosen; 6 such as are children: meek, gentle, peaceful and just. In the stillness of night and through terror, you protect thy beloved ones under thy shadow. 7 O GOD Most Righteous, how merciful and good thou art unto all that are in the earth; and beyond the walls of thy sanctuary, which are their foundations, pillars and cornerstones; 8 unto whom you give life, light and blessings. Thy ways are ever righteous and magnificent. 9 To some, they that went out conquering and conquering the less informed, thou caused their glory to end with ages; and in their ages, they were strongest; 10 but because they exercised authority without truth, pure love and righteousness, thou caused their glory to fade with passing time. 11 Though teachers, preachers and prophets arose to their glory, many went and are corrupt with a desire for gain and worldly glory 12 so much that even their very way became corrupt and less and less glorious than in its beginning. 13 Yet for thy sake; for they are our own; we shall not deny them but share with them in our glory which thou gave no age but eternity. 14 Yea, thou gave us no death and no diminishing in glory, for our way is thy way; found upon truth, equality, kindness, peace, humility, forgiveness, pure love and harmony. 15 Neither do thy chosen children have need for anything because thy fullness is their own measure all their days; 16 a fullness and measure no mortal eye can behold, and no any spirit can perceive nor prophesy. 17 From yonder thou came; to bless the Lords of the earth and all worlds in the heavens and the Kings of kingdoms, even such as are in the earth. 18 Thy glory is eternal, pure and more precious, and is like unto no other. It is a glory you preserved for they that belong in thy holy sanctuary; who are of thereof from before, 19 and at thy command, it shall burst forth and blossom within their midst, even in the worlds of creation; as a blessing and not a curse. 20 Though thou dwell yonder, where time and space live not, in time and space, and in all else, thy glory is and shall forever manifest, 21 that thou maybe glorified in thy Majesty and Holiness.



Ob 90


1 A prudent and godly parent puts on pure compassion and care for children; and treat them with tender mercies and vigilance; 2 and prepare for them a just inheritance; instructing them in the way of righteousness; 3 and so does the prudent and godly husband unto his wife: he does not treat her as mere goods or a mere slave, 4 neither does he look at her with a lowliness conscience for without her, there is no completeness of godliness in everything. 5 And from such things as these must the children of light, the chosen of GOD refrain; promiscuity, theft, adultery, divorce, coveting, drunkenness, greed, witchcraft, murder 6 and all manner of wickedness as may be spoken in everything for they are a portion of they that will perish in judgment. 7 Suffer ye not the cares of this world that you should desire as some do, to fellowship once a week but 8 be ye rather true and devout light angels that live every day as a day of holy fellowship with thy GOD, doing His wonderful works. 9 Build your lives upon this word, observing to do all that is ever-righteous all the time 10 for such are the sacrifices in which I delight above all else and your blessings will be a measure upon a measure without end. 11 And wherever you shall go, I shall be thy provider, thy guide and thy protection, 12 and everything else of which you shall ask me in faith, such shall I bless you with that my everlasting love and goodness unto thee might be made manifest.



Ob 91


1 Make fruitful the path of thy soul with the talents of thy hands and work thy perfectly shining course in thy day with the power of thy thoughts in GOD till its radiance overshadows all darkness. 2 Yeah, great wisdom it is to cherish the talents thou have in thy hands than what thou have not, 3 for with what thou have thou art without excuse for thy own wellbeing. 4 With what you have, is the power to bless and make a blessing for thyself and for all, 5 and the power to perfect every goodly desire in thine heart. 6 Forget not also to bless every good gift that comes unto thee and thou will never be barren or wretched.



Ob 92


1 Easy and comfortable is the path that leads unto barrenness and peril, 2 but challenges will mar the path that leads unto enduring fruitfulness and life. 3 Therefore, in thy day o beloved child, gird yourself with good courage and follow the path that is seemingly frightening; 4 fall for what is righteous and build thy own path justly if need be with thy whole faith in the UTMOST and He will guide you through to the end. 5 Move upon thy path with commitment and grit and all the forts of resistance will fall away, 6 as all are nothing but just shadows that appear as though they are real.




Ob 93


1 GOD UTMOST; ye that is Righteous and Kind above all; I thank you O ALYAASHA our Righteousness for creating in thy soul, everything that is named in all holiness: 2 from Suprals and angels in the heavens and their orders, and all creatures upon the faces of all worlds, even upon the cosmos: 3 life in the deep Seas and the deep Oceans in their diversity too. Thou was pleased with everything in thy heart; 4 for therein, in thy holy creation, thy majesty is made manifest. With perfection thou made everything such that even the holy grass of the earth, 5 the birds of the air, the beasts of the jungle and all the creatures of the seas and oceans and all waters cannot but worship 6 and give you all the glory and the honour all the time for thy soul’s goodness in and unto them, as long as the heavens and the worlds exists. 7 With the beauty of holiness, you made it all and at harmony to one another; and in everything, breathed thou thy life. 8 In wisdom, you made everything dependent upon the other for survival so that it might be evident that thou art ONE; 9 the life in all and of all. And men, whom in the great Prince, thou made in thy very rendering; 10 and in the perfect icon of earth-real angels, gave thou power as gods and goddesses over all creation. 11 And even though in ignorance and out of wicked influence from the son of destruction, the plunderer and murderer, he got carried away in the sweetness of such power 12 that he abused it over all else unto which thou made him lord, thou appointed a time, even now, 13 that he should come to his senses and realize that, power, as you gave him in all creation, is but a responsibility, 14 that he should take care of everything around him on thy behalf with love and gentleness, and gratitude unto thee for therein, 15 in the righteous existence of everything is your glory made manifest. Thank you O ALYAA for giving men a new heart 16 and for making him the overall guardian of all thy glory and for replacing the evil of his heart with love, 17 kindness and responsibility: and for plucking out cruelty and replacing it with care and compassion. 18 Thank you for the precious gift of creation O GOD Righteous.




Ob 94


1 And what a blessing the earth is among her kind and unto the living. 2 How rich is she with life. Plenteous are her unscathed groves and vast hills are her precious rocks. 3 Her cedar and her cinnamon, and the mahogany within her midst like unto that of Chirinda will I borrow from her for the house of the UTMOST, 4 and so shall I do of her rare pearls unto a righteous cause in which she will be blessed also. 5 Without wreaking damage will I tap of the essence of her soul for she is the life of the wayfarer and every creeping thing. 6 By oath will I protect her against the senseless plunderer and the pillager, 7 for she is a blessing and an inheritance to all the righteous and meek given unto her for an inheritance by the UTMOST. 8 By day will I throw a seed in her heart that when night comes, after the holy rain is fallen, it may germinate and bring forth life to the wayfarer and blessings to the Most Righteous’ children. 9 The graceful streams upon her, will I cherish and tap sparingly as I sojourn; 10 and in the dry season, from the wells of her heart will I drink; water more precious than wine and the pearls of Chiadzwa, Chechnya, Ophir, Kimberly, the Congo and the Dakar and all the rich hills of diamonds in her midst. 11 As a sojourner, she is the gird of my bones and my flesh: here my roof from the good rain drops and there my bread basket. 12 From the Daisy Hill and the Jersey of Chipinge will the righteous call a drink of her sweet milk, tea and coffee, 13 and of her macadamia nuts, and her potatoes, and her deciduous and citrus will they receive everywhere. 14 From the bees of the Niger, the Jordan, the Niagara and the Zambezi, and yonder all the horizons, will they gather good honey for themselves. 15 O what speak I of in all these things than the streams of pure life.



Ob 95


1 Every day O GOD, the stillness of thy presence is with me. Upon thy tiara and thy obs, I meditate and pray: 2 I raise my voice with a mantra of praise and gratitude unto thy goodness in my life, for thou placed me in a path of exceeding glory and profuse life. 3 Pristine, thy holy sanctuary and my everlasting home, is with me in my waking moments as well as my sleeping moments. 4 Though I be in the earth for yet a little while according to thy will and thy purpose for me, 5 my soul is at rest for I know of an unfading glory wherein I will abide with you and all the family forever hereafter like before. 6 What peace, justice and harmony can I compare with unto the glory of heaven? 7 What fullness of glory and life can supplant what heaven thy sanctuary harbinger? By cause of thy Spirit by which I am, 8 I know not limitation and fear of what I will do and become to thy glory which is my glory. 9 I am boundless in gifts and talents and in power and faith unto all goodly ends. 10 This is my key for thy pristine gate; the gate that holds all solutions to life’s woes, and without misgiving shall I treasure it and pass it on unto all thy righteous children. 11 Were it a feeling, I would have doubted my freedom and my gladness because a feeling fades with times waste: 12 but this is bliss; this is contentment; my birthright and the truth that I am in thee which is the gift of all thy family, 13 to whom I speak wisdom in their minds and understanding in their hearts that they might comprehend the exceeding grandeur to which thou bid them herein. 14 By thy Spirit, I am reminded that no worry and no fear is real; that all doubt and all pain fades with times count though they are part of this world. 15 I am reminded of my righteous liberty and all thy children’s unto mind, body, spirit and soul, and in it, I glorify thee always.



Ob 96


1 Say ye unto my lost child; thou art most beloved. For long have you strayed; walking in paths that led but unto death: 2 yet have I sustained you that you should see death not. Thou considered me unfair and unjust in my treatment and so I let you follow thy heart. 3 Yet all the while, I forsook you not. I watched over you, lest harm should have come thy way and my heart got torn apart. 4 In the dark have I guided thine step and by the day, have I surrounded thee with angels to look after thee, 5 lest thou walk unaware and dash thy feet upon a rock or go without a morsel of bread and a roof over thine head. 6 Art thou not done yet: thou have wandered enough and have seen it all; that all is but vanity: that pride, pleasure and wickedness takes away life. 7 Come now unto me, lest the wicked one entice you unto the path of no return; 8 a path where there is no remembrance at all for it consumes life. 9 The angels in heaven and the assembly of the children of light awaits to celebrate thy return: 10 Come, and be ye reconciled unto me thy GOD, all thy family, the holy saints and angels.



Ob 97


1 Sett profoundly the buttress of virtue by walking in peace and togetherness every day; 2 build with care and by precious stones your citadel of holiness that your haven may stand the tremors of torment; 3 sanctify its roof with love, humility and a capacity for justice 4 and no storm no matter how strong will waft it away. 5 Delay not justice unto them to whom it’s due when it is within your command to do so for such is denying it.



Ob 98


1 Revered is the man from whose chamber proceed forth a life giving thought: 2 a man who respect and prefer others as himself and in whose heart comes out pacifying and harmonizing words and not sharp piercing blades which wreck lives, 3 and families and nations or flames which devour forests with the fire of treachery and lies. 4 Such is like unto a lake, and a sea, and an ocean to whom all streams of the earth pays homage. 5 He is also like unto a garden wherein is found all manner of edible to which all the hungry flocks and get filled. 6 The same shall never miss any of the joys of living now and in the world to come.



Ob 99


1 Again, declare this precept in the ears of the wicked leader; 2 make it plain upon the wall that the wicked kings, queens and judges of the world of men may hear. 3 Even if they will forbear and conceive a stumbling block in their hearts, let them forbear, 4 but make ye sure that they read and know that I and I only, am the porter of all things righteous and true and there is no other. 5 I have power to make and to destroy: I have power to plant yet at will can I pluck out. 6 I have watched over your ways like an eagle and considered thy deeds in the midst of my people like a sparrow. 7 Your lips are full of deceit and your hands work inequity. 8 You thrive on wickedness: oppression, corruption and coercion of people is thy way. 9 Much innocent blood cries from thy midst and by thy ways and manipulations, the suffering of my people prolongs. 10 Why then have I let you live so long and reign? 11 Yea, that I may make a high way for my chosen. This have I declared and therefore will declare yet again; 12 I am calling an holy and faithful people out of bondage; from within the midst of wicked generations; 13 to establish them in their righteous home. I am plucking her as an holy nation out of the desert, to plant her in an everlasting inheritance of profuse glory, 14 which I fore prepared, in my holy city Eshal, and upon the Blue Mountains and over Pyrenees shall I bless them. And, behind her, shall I lay waste every hill that is exalted, 15 And with an axe in her hand, she shall hew down every thorn bearing tree until there be a highway even in the forest, 16 and in the mountains: a clear path for the salvation of my people; my chosen family whom I love and have chosen. 17 In that day, all ye wicked leaders, kings, queens and judges shall perish, and with you, 18 all thy wickedness. Yet I will have mercy upon whom I will but will not save an unrighteous soul. 19 I will smite him that forsake righteous judgments for the poor and ignore the cry of the need. 20 Though in his heart the wicked ruler and the corrupt king be saying, where is GOD who can save now? 21 Why had he been silent all these years? Yet will I break his staff and cause his sword to pierce him; 22 for him that lives by a rod shall surely be consumed by a rod.



Ob 100


1 O mankind; you only have I loved most of all creation but what manner of a children are you? In my likeness made I thee that thou might learn of my ways: 2 that I am holy, gentle, kind, compassionate, merciful and just; but thou have turned in rebellion and become worse than evil. 3 Your hands are full of corruption, treachery and extortion. Your noble men thrive on innocent blood and hoard for themselves that which belongs to the need and the poor. 4 They rob the widows and orphans of their heritage and foil the rights of the week and just. 5 Yea, they cannot stand for a just cause because they are rotten to the core. Everyone of them is drunk with the joy of the now and oblivion of their life. 6 They bribe and maim for gain. Yea, they drink blood and feast upon dead bodies of the poor and need whom they kill and rob of their inheritance in broad daylight. 7 Therefore, in time you shall see: and let every prophet prophesy and speak this saying in the midst of these people and in the midst of his generation. 8 Let him that see, perceive and declare what is coming; for the wicked and the lawless I will surely not spare.



Ob 101


1 My Son, again declare ye this decree in the midst of generations: proclaim this saying in the assembly of my chosen family and in the street. 2 Hearken thee unto my counsels O people; and heed ye unto my instructions, and I will satisfy you with life. 3 Give thou me thy labours with consecration and love for all thy kind and I will glorify thee in the presence of my angels. 4 Shine ye forth the sword of righteousness and proclaim ye my salvation and sovereignty with humility and gentleness and I will make of thee a shinning morning star among my stars. 5 Let humility be the guide of thy feet and scepter; let holiness be the girdle of thy loins and I will walk you through pleasant places 6 and give you rest in the shadow of my wings. If thou will walk in my counsels, and heed unto my instructions, then, all thy labours will I count unto you for good: 7 and I will delight in thy sacrifices and all that are blessed in them. 8 Pride yourself not in gain for gain is but vanity; but pride ye in peace, justice, equality, love and harmony. 9 Despise that which is wicked and profane, and it shall be that I will accept thy sacrifices and set you apart for myself. 10 And I will consecrate you with life and in life; an holy life which is the glory of salvation.



Ob 102


1 Give me your mind that I may instruct you unto light, and your heart that I may make of it my holy sanctuary. 2 Let thy body be consecrate and full of glory as my holy temple. Yea, thy mind, soul and body; for in the thoughts of thy mind and sacrifices of thy heart delight I, 3 and not in blood and handmade sanctuaries. 4 Make ye unto me pleasant incense from thy lips and I will receive it. Yea, of others, bulls and rams were required and of others, lambs, goats and humans; 5 but such is not for thee; such is not your portion for unto you I give my Spirit and holiness without price and without reservation for only but thine hearts; 6 yea, my salvation for thy righteousness for such is the excellent worship in which I delight most: I consecrated life unto you for thy holiness and faithfulness in my instructions, 7 but death will follow the disobedient and the wicked. 8 Yea, only in thy pure hearts am I delighted: sweep ye it clean of all filthiness and I will abound you with life.




Ob 103


1 And behold; this is the burden that I labour with concerning the pretenders. I looked upon they that give before my altar and searched their hearts. 2 What a mockery I found and what an evil they conceive; for in their hearts, they give not because they love me; 3 but because they love gain. What is it that men think am I that I should be enticed and induced by gold and silver or by frankincense and diamonds? 4 And what is gain without godliness? Is it not loss? In their multitudes, they gather, not to honour me in their days and in their meetings and congregations, 5 but to promote the way of men; that which their fathers taught them, even as they received from their own forefathers. 6 Howbeit they received not the Spirit of truth, life and righteousness because their hearts were fat with inequity and all manner of wickedness. 7 Yea, their hearts are far away from the cause in which is light; but close and betrothed to the things in which is darkness: they delighted in wicked gain and pleasures. 8 Their barns of gain are overflowing but the barns of justice, truth, equality, love and holiness are empty. 9 Therefore, their sacrifices for gain will I loathe, and their gatherings shall I consider in vain. 10 Say ye unto them O my Sons and Daughters, my beloved and my Celebrants whom I have chosen; my beloved in whom I am well pleased and have appointed: 11 gather ye them unto the assembly and if they forbear, go ye unto them and declare it in their hearing that, 12 thy gains, though multiply and multiply, yet shall they be thy pains; the thorns that shall pierce their hearts: 13 for when I will visit, a measure will I press a hundred fold unto they that loved righteousness and mercy; 14 but unto they that delighted in wicked gain and despised godliness; unto such will I count sorrows and cares: 15 and they shall consume them unto death.




Ob 104


1 O GOD my rest, thy righteousness shall I declare all my days. 2 Though they listen not and despise me, yet will I not keep silent, 3 till thy salvation comes unto all and thy glory reaches the ends of the Universe. 4 That which I cannot speak will I write and that which I cannot write will I speak, that thou may be glorified. 5 Though they refuse to listen, yet will they come to their senses and seek after thee. 6 For thou art the janitor and they are the terracotta. In thy wisdom will you make them see thy light; 7 and they will run unto it: And in such paths as lead unto dead ends will you bring them to the doors of salvation; 8 and when they are convert and are healed, they shall dwell forever in thy glorious presence; 9 among thy holy and righteous children and angels; and my heart will rejoice, for in that, 10 I would have fulfilled thy will to the later.



Ob 105


1 Sing a song of praise O beloved child of GOD. You have done a wonderful thing that you have come home: 2 among GOD’s chosen angels is where you belong. Shout ye; Alom! Alom! ALYAASHA-lom! Yeah, GOD loves you for He is well pleased in thee; and He has declared; 3 I make with you a new covenant: your commitment to truth and peace, equality and love, and harmony 4 and righteousness for eternal life in my Spirit. Yeah, a new heart I give unto thee today; for in this day I birth thee with an holy birth, 5 and bless thee with an holy life: and I will make no demand upon thee which thou shall not be able to bear. 6 Neither shall I forever call for any sacrifice from thee more sacred than your genuine willingness to come unto me with nothing but just thine pious heart; 7 for it is the thoughts of thine heart that are a more sacred and pleasing sacrifice before my altar: 8 and all thy days will I shoulder to satisfy thee and forsake you not. 9 Surely, thy GOD shall thou call me, and I will make you dwell in the presence of the fullness of my grandeur all thy days. 10 I will establish you in honour and thy favours shall I cause to never cease. O sing a merry song child of GOD our Righteousness: 11 make a melody unto His holy name. Be ye still; let go thy fears and thy worries; 12 and rejoice, for thy bonds are broken this day. Thy GOD loves you and has ransomed you. 13 And thou shall dwell safely in His secret place all thy days: with sufficiency shall He bless your days.



Ob 106


1 Oh GOD Most Righteous, thou art my scepter and my archer; the glory of my glory and the ob of my paths: and thou art the tiara of my head by which all goodly blessings are mine. 2 Even when I dwell in the land of barrenness and pass through deserts without wells, 3 I will worry not, for thou art my providence unto all things. 4 Meadow will I have plentifully where the wicked perish of hunger, and drink shall I have where the evil one dies of thirst. 5 Through forests of preying beasts and by mountains of wicked inhabitants, I will sing holy melodies to thy glory in my heart, 6 and forget the presence of lurking wickedness; 7 for I am accompanied by host upon host and host upon host of thy mighty angels and suprals.



Ob 107


1 By day and by night, I shall keep my heart clean and my body gird in thy ordinances lest the wicked one comes by and deceive me with sweet deception for in that he is masterful. 2 Yesterday, he told one that the day of the end is the day one’s breathe will depart him. 3 He also said that men’s place is harbinger of great evil and in that it is cursed. 4 But by cause of me being in the earth and of understanding in thy truth, with great labour in my heart that men would be righteous and haters of evil, 5 I will give no testimony of excellence unto all heavens in the same manner I will do not of men’s place. 6 Good thrives in the earth as it does in the heavens among they that be righteous and innocent, 7 and evil thrives in heavenly places in the same way it does in the earth for them that work evil in the earth are from above. 8 But I am glad there is the heaven yonder the height of the expanse and all heavens where no wicked thing can see or enter; the sanctuary of the UTMOST. 9 That angels of darkness actually reside and work from heavenly places was no simple thing, 10 but I am most glad in this thou taught me that, men’s last breathe on earth is not the end of it all; 11 for with that is the beginning of his journey to true oneness with thee in thy holy sanctuary. 12 And though by cause of persistence in the things of the world shall many perish with the perishing of the evil heavenly sanctuaries whence many will choose to abide in; 13 all of them that shall forbear not shall rise in glory forever in thy everlasting heaven which is the holy sanctuary of all things righteous.



Ob 108


1 That thou art my scepter and my glory, I am heartily grateful. 2 I am grateful for I am pleased in thee and thee in me; 3 I am grateful for walking by thee and in thee and thee by me and in me unto all righteous ends; 4 I am grateful thou art with me wherever I go and wherever I am; 5 I am grateful thou art my mentor and my teacher in the way of life, the way of truth and righteousness; 6 I am grateful thy thoughts are my wisdom and my replenishment when all looks unpromising. 7 As a snail that pushes through heavy morning dew in hunt till it meets its prey at sunrise without anyone knowing with what power does its determination come, 8 so do thou strengthen me and direct me by thy scepter which is my power unto the sanctuary of rest and fullness of bliss and life at the end of my course 9 I am grateful that though I lose everything, I will never lose you; 10 I am grateful that thou art the only one that can never leave me when all that are with me desert me or rise against me; 11 I am grateful thou art my pavilion by night and my loins my day; the cover of my nakedness. 12 I am grateful I have neither bread nor shelter better than you and no schooling more superior than thy word in all creation. 13 And what home is there to compare to thy holy sovereignty and what family better will I have than the Alyaashas, 14 the angels of true light to the salvation of all that are without true hope and are without life. 15 I am grateful there is none like unto thee, my GOD and my Righteousness in whom my peace and my harmony is perfect and in whom I die not like unto all the lightangels. 16 Yeah, I am grateful that in life we are boundless as we bless your name O UTMOST forever.



Ob 109


1 True love speaks not vanity for vanity edify not unto peace, justice and harmony. 2 The godly man is not him that speak mysteries and proclaim godly things eloquently but it is the one who seek the good of all: knowing fully that, 3 all men are children of one GOD, the eternal Spirit of life in whom all things righteous abide; 4 And the true sons and daughters of the sovereignty of GOD are not among they which pride in the things of the flesh. 5 True members of GOD’s family are children of righteousness, peace, charity and harmony which edify unto the perfection of His shrine in unity.6 Consecrate your hearts therefore in truth and purity, for GOD looks after the ways of the heart more than what a man appears or act like on the outside. 7 Sin not before GOD by holding or perceiving evil against any person but make your cause of grief known only unto to Him who is UTMOST, 8 the only true witness who can discern the truth concealed in the hearts of men concerning any issue; 9 who is also the only true Judge who can execute righteous judgments and recompense equitably unto all men for every deed



Ob 110


1 My heart is exalt by cause of my beloved: who is there to compare unto my children and my saints; my witnesses whom I have appointed luminaries upon the Mount of mounts and upon all creation. 2 Yea; there is none. Though I cause the sun to rise from the west to the east or from the south towards the north, 3 there shall not be any like unto my light-bearers; holy ministers I have set apart to bless the worlds of creation, 4 and establish an holy glory in the heavens. A reed shall they sever not: 5 neither a fly shall they harm, for they are gentle, kind and compassionate. 6 Forgiveness, humility and harmony is their way: and not revenge and discrimination, and war and plundering. 7 Upon their tongue have I planted tenderness; and so they speak and treat everyone and everything with tender mercies; 8 thriving in truth, righteousness and peace all their days. An holy inheritance in my secret sanctuary is their lot. 9 I have measured it unto them and they will receive it with life.



Ob 111


1 Speak ye to my righteous family and say, thou art my children; my angels in whom I am well pleased, and I am thy GOD. 2 From thy path have I destroyed all thine enemies’ snares, 3 and in the very pits they dug for thee have I buried them that planned evil against thee. Cease ye to fear anymore; 4 let no substance touch thy lips nor enter thy blood that thou may prosper in thy health: and let all worry depart from thy mind. Be thou not of anxiety concerning anything. 5 I have redeemed thee o my children; my saints in whom I am well pleased. 6 Upon thee have I declared all that which is mine. My glory is thine glory; and thou shall shine till heaven and earth come not. 7 And I will be thy shield and thy buckler. With my right hand will I guide thy footsteps, 8 and lift thee from within the midst of serpents; and deliver thee from the den of lions. With life will I satisfy you.



Ob 112


1 Go ye unto the wicked O my celebrants and say unto him, make ye me an offer O wicked fool: 2 what can you give me for thy salvation. Is it the blood of rams? Can it be bulls and calves? 3 What will it be; lambs? Will it be silver and gold, and diamonds, and frankincense? 4 What will it be; the blood of a thousand fold virgins, thy daughters and sons? O wicked fool; one without understanding: 5 neither of these can ever appease me. Not even the sacrifice of a thousand angels will do, 6 even though it is more pure and holier than all else. My demand is lowly; give me only but thine heart with purity of conscience. 7 Make ye room for my throne in it. Consecrate yourself in truth and righteousness and I will make of you my holy shrine. 8 Yea, I will dwell in it and make righteous judgments from it with you and establish you in my salvation. 9 Yea, only this offer will I consider and no other.



Ob 113


1 And concerning this matter speak ye: No more shall I be silent. Now will I make it plain for everyone to hear and understand that, 2 it is no good God at all that divide men but the wicked one who is the father of the proud, the mockers and the gain lovers. For all people are one and all of them do I love equally. 3 Therefore, far be it from me that I should repent pitying one child against another for there is not my righteousness and holiness in that. 4 Surely, prejudice is not my way. I am a righteous GOD and in righteousness cannot be found the wickedness of prejudice. 5 Only the wicked, in whom there is no truth and genuine love, can call his own kind alien or stranger; 6 for if he will accept him as he is, a brother and a sister and not stranger, there will be no way by which he may exact gain and exercise pride. 7 But for the love of gain, and in the folly of his pride, he consider his brother’s skin, and his sister’s mother that he may discriminate and plunder. 8 In that he saw the seeds of enmity and war that I may be dishonoured. 9 O, that my people knew; that they are one and of one life, my Spirit in them all and that I love them equally.



Ob 114


1 All wickedness is a reproach before my presence, and so are they that partake in it: 2 and these are they that reject a word of wisdom and counsel for an inheritance of life. 3 They are haters of light and truth, and because of that, they shall be consumed by it: for I shall fold each and every one of their vices, 4 a thousand times against them; and they shall go unto a place of no remembrance. 5 But the righteous I shall appoint unto my vines and waters freely for an everlasting blessing and inheritance, 6 and they shall rejoice with me in their rest. The father and mother, and brother and sister of the righteous 7 shall be the righteous and just with whom they walk and do the needful holy works with. 8 Watch ye for such as shall close the gates of salvation before my people who thirst for truth, justice, peace, equality and harmony, 9 and hunger for the bread of life, for already, many have lost hope by cause of those with much love for gold, pearls and rubies who despise righteousness in favour of treachery unto gain; 10 who have stalled my edicts from being trumpeted in the midst of their assemblies or engraved on the stone by their wells. 11 Therefore, upon thy lips and in thy heart, as shall be upon all who shall hearken unto my instructions and come unto me, 12 have I sealed my life and my edicts of truth, that I may set thee at liberty from thine bonds, 13 heal thine sicknesses and wipe away thine tears of hopelessness and mourning. And let them that hear and understand hold on to these instructions, 14 for I give them for a blessing, a flame of light and an eternal well of salvation for all.



Ob 115


1 Gird yourselves steadfastly in godly things, conscious of time and the point of your faith that in all things, you may benefit in that which edifies unto life: 2 for life is the greater of all the gifts for which you all strive. Silver and gold are needful for your necessities according to the current way of things, but temperance in desire is a good tree unto true life. If you will learn to be content in that which you are blessed with, you will do well. 3 Abhor what some do, killing, seeking magic and all other evil ways that you may gain more riches, for it is no gain at all to lose life and gain everything else thou desire to the satisfaction of your senses. 4 In the love of gain is sealed all manner of temptation by which many have and shall fall from life: 5 but if thou gain righteously, growing in humility and charity in all thy gains, and being able to remember thy giver in charity, then it shall be well with you. 6 Watch ye and be wise; that you may not fall, for gain is tempting yet at last, it perishes!



Ob 116


1 Desire not superiority over others; it is the wicked one’s greatest temptation unto men by which deceit, war, plundering and hate came, disrupting love, peace, joy and harmony. 2 Consider no one your slave or your labourer for you are all born equal and free by one loving GOD who Himself keep no slave or consider any of His children as such. 3 Those that keep slaves and recognize others as such are children of evil generations and are not of our ALYAASHA for if they were, 4 they would have known that He is righteousness and righteousness has nothing in common with pride, exploitation and oppression. 5 If thou have a helper, let thy helper be thy helper, treated with dignity and love as family not as bondmen and bondmaids for by no means are you better than them before Him who is UTMOST of all: 6 and cursed above all be the one, of all people, who consider or keep others as slaves. 7 When you set others at liberty, make it whole and keep your trust, lest by reserving some bits, you sow the seeds of rebellion that may devour your inheritance in the future. 8 Live what you preach and show yourselves as GOD’s righteous family, accepted by all in all matters. And if thou be an helper to anyone, 9 gird yourself in loyalty, faithfulness, honest, discipline, respect, humility, vigilance and gratitude that in all things, thou may make thy way pleasing before His presence. 10 And all of you being grateful in all things, set ye aside the ignorance and fears of yesteryears and go yonder the deceit of evil cultures, religions, politics and traditions unto a perfect man and a perfect people, 11 steadfast in truth, kindness, mercy and righteousness, the real image of godliness, built on thanksgiving, love and peace unto and with one another.




Ob 117


1 O GOD our ROCK; you are forever faithful and true. Thou shown me thy works which are marvelous in the midst of thy people. 2 Thou caused wars to cease to the uttermost parts of the earth for thou broke the weapon of the wicked asunder with the flame of righteousness 3 and threw their missile into the lake of fire; and it melted. Thou made everything new and beautiful. 4 Yea, even a sanctuary of the righteous family did I saw, with their loins cleaned with hyssop and without seam. 5 And the high places of the wicked; the war mongers, the deceitful and treacherous, thou made desolate. 6 You uttered your voice and the unrighteous one realized his foolishness: 7 for he could not find a place to hide from thee; and so he relinquished his wickedness. 8 And the forceful men of control trembled and became like unto a deer; humble and gentle: 9 for they knew that, like an eagle watching over a nest from the sky, thou, O Most Righteous in the highest of all was watching and considering all their ways. 10 For had they not repented, as you declared, ‘judgment and condemnation is their lot; 11 and there is no escape from my wrath’.



Ob 118


1 When I beheld thy glory O Righteous GOD, I bowed on my knees down at the hour of the evening sacrifice; 2 and offered my thanksgiving. For in thy faithfulness and according to thy enduring mercies, 3 I had seen what mere mortal would not see. You caused me to see the victory of thy chosen; 4 the holy and righteous angels whom in fullness of light and life, thou caused not to see corruption unto the day of days and death. 5 Yea, you quickened them with thy Spirit from before the foundation of the world; and as they sang holy melodies unto thy holy name, 6 thou gave them wings as of a cherub to fly with; and thy host, and the chariots, stood by, celebrating the triumphal hour of thy chosen ones: 7 the glory of the last and most righteous heaven over the twelfth cloud: home of the sixteen most righteous pillars whose radiance break all limits. Yet soon afterwards, I wondered; 8 who shall make known this glory? And so I wrote it upon a scroll: 9 but sleep would not overtake me of how will it be: but in thy steadfast kindness, thou caused me to be gird in thy assurance; 10 even in the hour of great distress, thine arms can reach everywhere and work marvels. So unto my soul said I, be still and have faith in GOD: 11 Yea, I am well convinced, with thee, we are unstoppable unto all things. 12 For thou can mightily work everything unto a goodly glory; 13 thy glory which is our glory: and the glory of all the children of righteousness and truth; 14 and these are thine Tiara’s beloved kernel; a Tiara whose Ob shines forever and unto all fairly.



Ob 119


1 Of thee O Pristine I cogitate every day and every night for thou art a wonderful home: home to my soul and home to my righteous family. 2 Though I will part with them here in this time, in thee o holy of holies we shall meet and never part, and our merriness in thee will never cease which even now is exceedingly great. 3 Thou art excellent home and thou art excellent mother. 4 Upon whom if not you will the circlet of majesty rest? 5 If not thee, who else can be the chosen of the UTMOST? 6 For it is Him only who is thy everlasting KING and GOD; the Most Righteous of all. 7 Yeah, I will sing with an merry heart in praise of thee and I will not cease honoring thy goodness. 8 Unto thee will I bring holy sons and daughters from all horizons as thine lightangels; 9 and in thy lap shall they all abide with complete joy for thou art a good mother; 10 fairer than all and full of kindness and impartiality: and thy gentle love is without affectation. 11 In thee is a resting place for all laboring souls and in that, thy KING is most pleased with thee. 12 I love thee O Pristine home of our lot and delight of my soul. 13 Let praise and honour marry thee from all thine children for all thy enduring goodness which surpass all.



Ob 120


1 What a wonderful GOD you are O ALYAASHA: ROCK of all Rocks thou art, and just and more fairer are thine ways. 2 Into our hands thou delivered they that made themselves gods and lords over us out of greed and power hunger, 3 for they were never satisfied with what thou cut out for them with thine righteous hands. 4 They despised your measure and so they came out conquering and plundering; 5 yet were never satisfied. While yet they lurk for more, 6 thou gave them into our hands but for thy sake, we spared them; that it might be made evident that we are a children of light and not darkness: 7 sons and daughters of GOD Most Righteous. 8 Thank you O GOD for thy everlasting faithfulness.




Ob 121


1 That which was ours rightfully, we declared it upon them; and shared it with them: 2 our glory in their name also; that it might become evident that as thou art, 3 we are not a vengeful ministers, but a royal diadem wrought with perfect piety: 4 abiding in love, mercy, humility and kindness. Instead of treating them with despise and contempt, 5 we considered them our very own brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers; for in truth, they are. 6 And though they have not yet realized, soon they will realize that, 7 even though we had power and right to dishonor them and cut them from amongst ourselves, we chose to preserve them as our own that therein, 8 in our humility and compassion, they might learn of thy ways: that thou art RIGHTEOUSNESS; 9 full of compassion and grace; meek and vigilant; tender and gentle. And when they have learnt, 10 we shall become one and fellowship together as one family of light with you in peace, pure love and harmony; 11 for all the walls that made us at variance shall have crumbled. 12 Yea, yet for a little while, they shall stand, but in a little while, they shall crumble according to thy will like they never existed.




Ob 122


1 By cause of the inclinations of his heart, men will separate himself from me. 2 What I despise is what he loves and what I cherish unto his own good he despise. 3 Why is he then complaining of my silence and neglect? 4 For though I be silent, each and every one of his ways and works do I consider all the time; 5 for with and among men do I walk every day yet not even one of them is with eyes and is of understanding in my walk and my ways; 6 for they have all committed themselves to corruption. 7 My voice is not heard in their hearts and my glory unseen in their souls, for they are all bend towards wickedness. 8 But how long shall I bear with men for his inclinations are evil and his ways disappointing? 9 He has shut his eyes against truth and justice and with oblivion to life has he gird his soul. 10 Therefore, I will not contend with men against his inclinations towards vile but I will forsake him and if he repents not, death shall follow him.



Ob 123


1 O faithful GOD; how thou art a righteous Judge. In thy mighty hands are scales of justice and a powerful scepter. 2 When thy chosen was but a child, her enemies tousled for all that was hers unabated. 3 In her tears of anguish and suffering; they found a cause for laughter and mockery: they scorned and slandered. 4 In their high places, after they have plundered what belonged to her, 5 they dinned and wined in celebration of their victories. But you o Righteous GOD; you found a cause for judgment in their indignation and unjust acts. 6 As they conquered and plundered unto the ends of heaven’s stretch, you looked in silence yet considering of all their acts and ways. 7 In the evening, thy minister, the archer of righteousness orisoned and you heard his prayer; and you set a season and a time of recompense unto his enemies: 8 a time of eternal blessing unto thy beloved sovereignty and angels. Yet the Alyaa, 9 thy head in the midst of thy holy assembly, and thy angels, continuously prayed; and thou was moved with compassion; 10 and the sword of justice thou raised against all the enemies of thy beloved and chosen, for thy time of recompense was come. 11 And thy scepter was a devouring fire; a fire that devoured the wicked thoughts of the enemy’s heart; 12 dividing asunder born and essence and compelling him into the way of thy will: the way of truth, repentance, humility, equality and justice. 13 Yea, he fell from the height to which he had exalted himself unto a god over all to one lower than all, for thou O Righteous GOD, 14 with the might of thy chariots, cast him out from before thine presence. In that, thou caused peace and harmony to reign in all worlds of creation. 15 O what a good GOD thou art: you bestow glory upon the meek and exalt them in the presence of their enemies. 16 Like one before a host of giants and armies, thou enabled thy beloved one to break the enemy with just but a blow. 17 What power was therein; such are thy ways no man may ever comprehend for thou think and work beyond the reason and understanding of mortal.




Ob 124


1 O UTMOST ONE; before thy holy altar I stood, humbled by your grandeur; to offer a sacrifice for thy righteous and holy family 2 and in your kindness and gentleness, I found grace and favour for my sacrifice. 3 For it was a sacrifice of thanksgiving; coming out of a meek and pure heart; 4 poured with consecration for the gift of life which thou gave unto thy chosen ones and the abundant blessings which thou declared upon them in all that is in creation. 5 Thou looked at them with compassion against their shortcomings; 6 with a gracious heart thou knew and accepted them in immortality, opening wide the door of grace that they should enter and live. 7 Like a people that sinned not, in thy steadfast kindness and mercy, you consecrated them in righteousness as thy beloved children and angels; 8 and gave them a new heart abounding in life, kindness, justice, mercy and love for all mankind and all creation. 9 And so, having convert, thou healed them; for they realized their folly and returned unto you O Righteous ONE.



Ob 125


1 Strife and quarrelling corrupts thee o my children. 2 Therefore, hearken ye unto my instruction and entreating that it may always be well with you. 3 Learn ye to walk in the way of forgiveness and gentleness. 4 Let vigilance be thy girdle and a calm answer thy crown, and no manner of evil, no matter how strong, will have any power over you. 5 A gentle answer stills the tempest of anger, 6 and walking away from the seeker of confrontation and violence or any manner of quarrelling quells away the tide of gross evil. 7 In these is murder, envy, hatred and prejudice concealed. 8 In thy day, keep thou thy distance from them and you will be happy.



Ob 126


1 O GOD, thou art the pressure under my wings by which I am propelled beyond every horizon’s reach for a true and righteous cause. 2 I have no thought for the detours and all the water holes by which many falter and die along the path; 3 neither do I have any pulse for the clouds and the gusts that might darken my way and halt my goodly plans unto thy glory for thou art my light and my carrier. 4 Yeah, thou O UTMOST art the Captain of my chariot and the compass of my soul, as well as the shield thereof. 5 Mighty than a quadrillion of men of valor is thy scepter which mightily charts a new course for me in every direction for a just cause which is a good hope unto life for all. 6 Why would anxiety and fear grip my heart when I hear of the lion’s roaring and about the garrison of mine enemies, and all their wicked plans? 7 Why would my soul be bogged down when I am delayed in my course for a just reason which pleases thee? 8 Surely, I am not afraid of anything; and I am not worried by any cause of the thoughts of any man’s heart for I am thine everlasting taproot and thine heir. 9 Therefore, let me rejoice and praise thee in my soul and in my day for thou art super wonderful to me and all thine whom together with me are thine taproot and thine heirs also.



Ob 127


1 In whom am I glorified then than in thee O UTMOST of all? 2 For by the length of thine hair do I have goodly hair also through which I understand all things; 3 and by the multitude of thine voice’s temperate thundering do I speak unto all and for all in the earth that they may all have life and equal heritage. 4 Yeah, in the spread of thy glory which fills all things and pavilion over everything clean and righteous am I glorified and do I abide forevermore. 5 By thine eyes do I see and by thine waders which reach everywhere do I travel. 6 With thine hands which work all things do I work, 7 and by thine mind which know all things do I discern everything and make my path a good success. 8 O blessed be thy righteous name O GOD.



Ob 128


1 Behold! In thy midst is a wicked generation; parents without heart. They call themselves of GOD, but in their wickedness they abuse children. 2 They teach and raise them in the way of violence and treachery. They entrust them with a corrupt doctrine and send them to commit evil in the name of good: 3 but when the scales of justice and righteousness are balanced, when the law is applied, they blame it all upon the children for they are weak and without voice. 4 Because their conscience is still without understanding of what is righteous and what is wicked, 5 they follow every instruction from the old as if it were a law and an ordinance that promote good and right. 6 How pitiful that they which call themselves old and godly exploit the ignorance of the young for gain. They are the wolves clothed in sheep’s skins; 7 murderers that kill without remorse: and what does the meeting of the elders do? They punish the weak children and spare the evil old 8 because they are also wicked according as they were raised by their own fathers and mothers. Come and I will show you a thing, common of many nations whose leaders and peoples I shall judge till I disperse the heavens and the earth. 9 Look ye in the midst of Damascus: there is great anguish in Syria, and who do you think is the hand of evil in this matter? 10 Righteousness is justified by wisdom and understanding of what a people need. If what a people need is peace, justice, harmony and good farewell, whom then shall you call wise among her leaders and the generations in her midst? 11 And while the wicked sit back in their mansions, who is it that is shedding blood in the streets and homes? Is it not the young who are send by the strong and old to commit crime and murder? 12 Yes, in the midst of Syria is abominable bloodshed and evil. The oppressor and gain lover is at work, drinking the blood of the weak and voiceless. 13 The fools and the wicked are counseling day and night, how they shall cause this wickedness to perpetuate that they may exact profits while they can. 14 But do the wicked understand that the burden of Syria is the beginning of the pains of desolation for the earth? 15 Do they know that the vile of her iniquity shall destroy their own banquets and wreck their own thrones? Because in their waywardness and strengthening of the evil, 16 they have forsaken righteousness for wickedness; they have rallied for violence and bloodshed against peace and the liberty of the weak and oppressed. 17 They have counseled and allied to put a heavy yoke upon a freedom and peace loving people. 18 But even if I have considered the plight of the weak and oppressed in her midst, how could I have come to their rescue if they knew me not and walk in my counsel? 19 Lest they say, with our own mighty have we gained justice, liberty and peace for ourselves from the wicked oppressors, war mongers and gain lovers; 20 and lest the wicked in their twisted hearts say, it is the doing of men who rallied with the weak and therefore shall we reinforce and attack again when time permits.



Ob 129


1 But now that I have said this, when in the day of their victorious celebration, they shall know that it is my doing; that I ALYAASHA, the UTMOST of all righteousness, peace and life, have stretched my arm to their rescue: 2 and I will raise up a generation with godly wisdom and accepting of what justice and righteousness is, and what does a people and a nation need. 3 And they shall break the arrows of the strong and wicked asunder, and mighty chariots of righteousness and peace shall accompany them from every corner. 4 At that time, the wicked and evil shall be forsaken by their allies and good counsel will depart from their midst, 5 and in their determination to gain their way, they shall perish, for a holy generation have I called to their disposition and judgment, and surely, 6 they shall be answerable for all their inequities. As for the righteous ones who are the glory that I am and shall be forever, let them go their way and put these things to record that their generations might remember them and walk in the path in which I am happy. 7 For it is not vain worship that I desire, but righteousness, mercy, justice, peace, charity, love for one another, joy and harmony of my people. 8 In that, if one will love me, is true worship rendered; for this is the Spirit of light that I AM; and for this cause will I visit each and every generation after thee for an account.




Ob 130


1 Speak ye a thing in the ears of them that have a heart that understand and say, think ye not highly of yourselves that thou should self deceive, 2 by hoarding before my altar, heaps and heaps of wealth, saying thou art giving unto me that I may bless you. 3 Such is the way of men but I am no man that I should be enticed with riches. 4 Neither am I evil spirit nor evil creature that I should be appeased with blood or with fodder. 5 As I live, I bless not an unholy gift; but a good tithe in which I delight, 6 if thou will give me is that which comes out from thy soul and gives life unto the lifeless. 7 Yeah, I am pleased in them that give unto the poor and the need without sounding the trump, but I am more pleased, 8 in them that tithe with generous labours in my word and make the book of my instructions and ordinances unto life, a possession of all peoples, and all cities and all nations; 9 for therein is the salvation of all things and all men that will separate themselves unto life by hearing and walking in the path of the instruction and counsel they hear. 10 In this, never will I compel anyone, for them that shall live, shall separate themselves host upon host and fold upon fold, 11 by their deeds and their utterances unto the assembly of my light bearers. 12 Yeah, by what they say and what they do shall they inherit life and blessings or curses and condemnation unto death.



Ob 131


1 Stand ye upon Pyrenees, one of the favored mounts to all rectitude and proclaim unto her, ALYAASHA I AM, the UTMOST of all peace and all righteousness; mighty in battle, yet very gentle, merciful, compassionate and kind. 2 My love is greater than my rage though my rage is a devouring sword that destroy everything wicked as if it were not, and by cause of my favor upon thee like unto all, thou shall be called the mount of favor and benevolence; 3 ob of my Tiara, for from thee also shall I seal my utterances to the uttermost parts of the earth. By cause of you, the pains of the mother of generations in labour and those upon her daughters as well as sons shall cease. 4 In you O chosen mount, the fathers are consoled and mothers comforted; and their joys of parenthood multiplied and celebrated throughout all generations before and those yet to come. 5 As though it were in the day of servitude, when I appoint a voice and an arm unto the freedom of the oppressed, so shall you be the voice and arm of salvation for a righteous and holy family; 6 and thy daughters and thy sons shall bless thee throughout all generations to my glory, and I will bless them abundantly with peace, equality and harmony, and with sufficiency unto all needs. 7 And as my beloved, I shall appoint the Blue Mountains and the children of the world to thy help, to bring unto me an holy and righteous family.



Ob 132


1 Declare ye this also upon the falls of the Zambezi and the Atlantic, by the bay of Saldanha; 2 assert it upon the Euphrates and the Tigris; upon the Red Sea and the Jordan, and upon the Mississippi, for a witness unto all that lives and is under the water. 3 Write ye it unto the sixteen cities in the earth for a trumpet unto the ends of the world. Write, first unto Perth and Ababa; then unto Gilead and Calgary; 4 then Mecca and Xi’an; to Dallas and Magadan; Manaus and Munich; to Pisgah and Carmarthen; and then Haran and Majunga, and Venice and Akita. 5 Say ye unto them, I chose you beforehand as my trumpeters for the salvation of all creation: 6 and upon thy gates will I make way for all that are washed with the hyssop of truth and righteousness, 7, and are mature in the knowledge of meekness and love, into my holy city in the midst of my holy sanctuary over the cloud of all clouds. Lead ye thy brothers and thy sisters of all nations in this matter, 8 for by them also, have I purposed to save all that are mine in the earth. Go ye thus, unto the world and say, if him that lives by the sword perishes by the sword, 9 so shall be the one that lives by a covenant of blood. But, that you may live out of blood culpable, 10 in righteousness, truth and holiness alone by faith am I calling you; and with the mighty of gentleness, honesty, equality, 11 peace, love, mercy and charity, you shall break asunder the fast arrows of the swift hawk that flies by night and by noonday, 12 which the wicked wield on the people in the name of security. You shall break the shackles and the gates of cruelty in which they put everyone in the name of freedom 13 and they that were enemies shall walk arm in arm in one spirit of righteousness; and healing shall overflow in the earth. 14 Even though I have known you all that are mine from before all things were, by cause of freedom do I entreat you as a man entreats a virgin, that in agreement we may become one. 15 For unless two agree, they cannot walk together. Evenso, if you will consent unto a new covenant with me, 16 in my Spirit will I break asunder the fences and boundaries of enmity between you and me and all your generations, and those between your generations, and quicken you and them by one Spirit 17 and as one family, into a new holy place, a home of everlasting justice, truth, consecration, tranquility, harmony, love and parity.



Ob 133


1 And through you, will I bless the righteous families that will inherit the earth. For this reason therefore, 2 have I talked to you beforehand and appeared unto you this day, to seal my covenant with my people, though eternally old, but as new, according as they purpose, 3 each in their hearts to be my chosen family; my united holy children whom I will forever treasure; and if they honour me in it on this day by faith, in righteousness, holiness, and truth, 4 then will I make them fruitful and secure all their days in the earth, and upon them I will breathe life generously. And for a seal of this covenant therefore, 5 a greater of all commandments and precepts give I thee unto them and all generations after them forever, for in it have I sealed everlasting life and a goodly heritage for them from before everything was; 6 write ye unto them; Walk and live ye in consecration by righteousness and by truth all thy days for I thy GOD am righteousness and true and I will fulfill all my promises upon thee and all thy generations. 7 I abhor murder; and oppression; and prejudice; and divorce; and war; and all preying; and adultery; and slandering 8 and all manner of thing that defiles my holy shrine which is thy body. Even as I am, be ye Righteous: 9 and strive ye neither for riches nor poverty in thy days but contentment, life and righteousness for in that sealed I endless glory. 10 Yet I tell you this thing now that you might be wise in this matter, less you enter into the temptation of worldliness which 11 many without hope have already entered into by covenants of sword and blood, that though not of this world, some will choose to build mansions in this time 12 and chase after the wind and pleasures of this life as people without hope and in that, they shall die and perish 13 as those without hope. Resist thou shall then, to partake in their schemes and their teachings though they be excellent to the eyes of thy souls than all costly rubies.




Ob 134


1 More pristine art thou above all o chosen one. Now that thy torch is lit, let it shine and bring real good hope unto all the hopeless. 2 The glory of thy candle’s flame is more precious than a thousand pieces of silver: 3 bring it out that it might give light unto them that dwell in darkness. 4 Thine body is washed and thine soul healed of all wounds; blessed is it also with life; 5 therefore, let no corruption enter therein again for thou art now the shrine of the UTMOST. 6 Let no lie nor any unrighteous thing be thine lot again all thy days for thou art sealed with an holy seal which is no possession of all but only the righteous and pure at heart. 7 Rejoice forevermore for thou art the replete of His glory. Share thy blessing and let thy brother and thy sister, and thy neighbor know that thou art blessed. 8 Gird thyself in good charity that ALYAASHA the only true GOD above all might be glorified in thee also. 9 If thou can sing, sing ye praises unto Him like Kimel in Amethyst; and if thou can write, 10 write ye that which glorifies truth, peace, harmony, justice, tolerance and perfect love for all and by all unto His glory like Sarushael in Aurora, 11 and thou will be called most blessed of all in thine day.




Ob 135


1 In thy day, teach thyself to walk in true love o beloved for love is the perfect gird of togetherness. 2 It heals the broken bones with song and dance and embalms the down trodden soul through charity, tender mercy and compassion. 3 It regards all with fairness and pays homage to all. 4 It takes not away but gives and is not hate and rage. 5 It regards itself not as owed in charitable service and does not consider itself debited. 6 It abhors manipulation for self worthy and self gain. It blesses that which it gives and does so righteously. 7 It welcomes error without regard to class. 8 If someone has regard not for you when in the presence of acquaintances, they have not true love for you for true love is unvarying and unfailing pleasing personality. 9 True love is unmitigated respect for and loyalty unto each other. 10 When abiding trust and unfaltering confidence in each other exists between two or more people, true love abides with them. 11 Without true love, friendship dies and families disintegrate: all wealth and all possessions lose their worthiness and life loses taste. 12 Blended with righteousness, the truth that is life, love teaches you the truth and quells wars between nations, and families and persons to bring enduring peace and harmony.



Ob 136


1 For the day of the great voyage, I will make myself ready in every thought of mine heart and in every blink of mine eye. 2 I will teach my feet to strive in the path that is ever pleasing unto the UTMOST of all. 3 When slandering, gossip and mocking knocks on my lips, 4 I will teach my tongue to stick to my throat, and my heart will I teach to contemplate in the things that keep my life gird in the hands of my sentinel, 5 for when his GOD’s chariot comes by, I won’t bear not qualifying to ride with him and enter his GOD’s holy rest. 6 My hands shall I keep away from working impiety; 7 and my body shall I not enjoin unto any vile lest I be forgotten of my redeemer and perish.



Ob 137


1 Thank you O GOD for thy good instructions by which I have gained understanding and meekness. 2 In them I am gird also unto all things. 3 The one without understanding raged at me and by cause of thy wisdom in me said I unto him; 4 that you are expressing thy disaffection to me over something and I remain silent 5 or look not in your eye but the sideway or down doesn’t mean I am not listening or I am fearful of you; 6 I am listening indeed and not afraid, but how will you empty your displeasure if I will look you in the eye? 7 For my eyes burns with a fire that can shut thy soul and shutter thy heart; besides, how will I understand what you are saying in my mind? 8 I can look you in the eye indeed if I would want to but I choose to look down or sideways that I may contain my rage, 9 and ease the tension and resentment swelling inside me concerning the true nature of your character hidden behind your face. 10 And if I don’t reply and create a scene as you may have initially expected, 11 it doesn’t mean I am a coward and doesn’t have anything to say in response. 12 Infact I do but for the mere fact of knowing the folly of the tongue and impulsive thoughts, what a devouring fire they are, 13 I choose to remain silent, think over what you are saying and maintain a mental peace for above all things, 14 this is what’s important to me, peace of mind and harmony of soul.



Ob 138


1.Hear me O child of my glory: today thy bonds are broken and thy glory is come; and it is come upon all who are truly mine. 2 I give to you and all that are mine my name as a seal of an eternal covenant that I am thy Father and thou art my child. 3 I fulfill unto you my promise that they may know that that which thou declare is mine. 4 Beginning this day, thou shall be called by my name, for thou art the wholeness of my glory and bearer of my helm; 5 that all of them that be willing and all of them that are truly mine by and in thee before anything was may become complete as Alyaashas, 6 thy equal heirs of my glory and life with thee: true lightangels and ministers of truth, peace, harmony and perfect righteousness forever. 7 Write ye this saying upon a scroll therefore and declare it in the midst of this generation that it may be an ob of light for all generations after thee. 8 The chosen ones which are mine are children of peace, justice and tender mercy, and they delight in my ordinances and walk in my instructions. 9 They abide in my voice and ordinances; and cherish my judgments. Evil is an alien thing to them, and in that is their love and obedience to me shown. 10 In them am I well delighted also and I will forever sanctify them in my glory. Even though they be of a generation of murderers, 11 yet will I not forsake them that they should perish by cause of the blood spilled by their forefathers. 12 Because they love and abide in my righteousness without wavering, I will be their salvation. In my sanctuary will they find refugee. 13 I will be their protection and their souls will I give rest; and they shall surely live for I, even I, their everlasting and faithful GOD lives, and am their life. 14 Yea, the nations will wrath with spite and stir with envy but my righteous will I surely save for they are the delight of my heart; most precious than all things. 15 But unto the wicked, I will be a flaming scepter that smolder not only the bones but the soul also. Unless they repent, and seek after my countenance in truth and righteousness, 16 I will not retract my wrath: they shall all perish and everything else upon which their name is inscribed. 17 My word stands for in it I stand, and let the wise stand fast in it; for the murderer and the robber; and all the transgressor will not come into my rest. 18 Their iniquity shall be upon them and all their wicked generations; but unto the righteous will I be a hiding place: 19 a shield of guard, and a pillar of strength all their days; and their supplications will I answer gracefully, and their cause will I uphold that their joy and peace may abound. 20 And ordinances give I thee for the perfection of this glory and whoever shall abide in them, the same shall inherit all things in me and live perpetually.



Ob 139


1 I AM the mighty scepter of justice, harmony and life, and death do I give command at will upon all things wicked. 2 In every generation, every wicked hand that will rise against the arm of righteousness shall I abase and make to perish without remembrance. 3 Shame shall follow the evil feet and all deceptive tongues and with unquenchable embers shall 4 I burn every lying lip and every treacherous soul: and upon the threshold of transgression, 5 I shall put a seal of death that at the departure of the righteous, 6 I may lay waste to every manner of thing that is not holy.




Ob 140


1 And talent upon talent have I counted unto you as a blessing at birth o my beloved children, 2 but neglect not to equip yourself with a worthy and righteous skill through which you may make thy path a good success in this present way of things. 3 In this however, be reminded, not to equip yourselves with evil skills, 4 for thy hands will I bless unsparingly that thou may be a great blessing only for their laboring in a skill that is righteous unto the preservation of all life. 5 If anyone will walk by an unrighteous skill and receive vast riches, burn not in thine hearts wishing such riches were yours for the gifts of the evil will always seal death upon them that receive them. 6 Give thy souls therefore not unto the blood thirst vipers who kill and maim in the name of good, 7 when the real desire is amassing riches and exercising heavy handed power over the weak. 8 Better thy skill and labor be small when it works righteousness for therein is life, 9 than for it to be great when it works wickedness for therein is death. 10 Yeah, the soul that will blossom the glory of its habitat upon wickedness will perish; 11 but the blessings of the one that strive upon righteousness will multiply every day until the day of the full Ob.



Ob 141


1 Herein then do I give you a goodly heritage and them that will honour it righteously and willingly shall I honour and separate unto myself in shining life now and forevermore. 2 Year after year, the sunset of the fifth day of November, till the sunset of the following day, shall be a time of communion preparation and consecration by the head minister and fifteen consecrate elders. 3 On the sixth day, at sunset, all the assembly shall gather to a night of prayer, beginning from the fourth hour till the fourth hour of the eight day to mark the beginning of the family communion. 4 Then from the ninth day of the month till forty days are fulfilled, thou shall go about thy daily labours and routines as usual by day but thou must remember to consecrate yourselves unto communion fellowship every day from the fourth hour of each daylight to the seventh hour, 5 bringing every new born child unto the altar of my presence for consecration in righteousness and holiness that I may cover them from the schemes of the wicked one, and bless them with a goodly heritage, 6 for during this period, I thy everlasting GOD redeemed thee with compassion, meekness, mercy and mighty in peace, truth and righteousness, 7 to fulfill my eternal plan for the salvation of all generations in these things and consecrated life and blessings unto all my righteous children by this covenant.



Ob 142


1 Again, year after year, when you bring your new born for consecration, each shall receive a new volume of this book of instructions as a gift, 2 for by the mighty hand of truth, righteousness, peace and harmony, the covenant of which I entered with thee in thine hearts when thou come unto me, delivered I thee and them from death unto life; 3 from curses unto blessings and from chaos unto peace and harmony: and this book shall thou keep and give them when they are come of age and tell them, 4‘it is the ark of the covenant by which ALYAASHA redeemed us and consecrated an incorruptible holy life and blessings unto you and us’; 5 and they, as you must do also, shall meditate upon its precepts day and night that they may observe to do all things written therein accordingly, 6 and make their path straight and their lives fruitful. Observance of this statute will be unto you and all your generations, 7 a sign of the flame of righteousness upon your heads and the flame of holiness upon thy hands; 8 a reminder on your hearts that my covenant is to be upon your lips, in thy hearts and upon thy feet.



Ob 143


1 Three evenings before the 40th day, thou shall all come together and gather in the shrine of holiness unto three nights of the holy Ob, beginning from the eight hour of the 36th day unto the fourth hour of the last day at sunset. 2 For during this period, I will breath my glory upon all the consecrate and into the earth to the salvation of all that will abide in me by a righteous covenant. 3 These are the nights of watch, the time of salvation; when upon them that partake in it I will pour my Spirit that they may dwell in life always, 4 and overcome darkness till the hour of departure; for the world is full of evil that if they watch not, they will fall prey to the vices of the wicked. 5 As the final day dawns, from the first hour of the 40th day, thou shall light on an holy torch at the altar, before the presence of my assembly and it shall be surrounded by sixteen mauve candle rows, so that when I visit thy midst, 6 I may bestow my glory upon all that be thereof according as each deserve. And this is how the torch and the candles shall be arrayed and lit on the altar of my presence. 7 Around the holy torch in the centre of the altar, starting from the back, the head Alyaa shall light sixteen rows by sixteen of mauve candles from the holy torch going outwards until the last row. 8 In the place of the holy torch, as of temporary, a white candle in a clean basin and standing upon a new volume of this book can be used unto the eighth count after which an holy torch must be used always 9 The space between the candle rows shall be two inches, and the mauve candles shall take their first row at nine inches space from the holy torch. 10 Then, when the arraying of the altar torch and the candles is complete, the entire family in the temple, beginning with the little ones unto the eldest, shall each walk up to the altar holding a white candle by their right hand and light it on. 11 The lightangels, who are the children of my holy covenant, both young and old, shall walk to the altar of my presence first at the beginning of the first hour and present their gifts before the altar, 12 and then light their candles on the mauve candle row around the holy torch. But as they leave the altar, after presenting their gifts and made their obeisance, 13 they must blow their candles out and take them with them unto their homesteads, where they must light them on continually every prayer hour at even time, and for an hour on the day of my glory. 14 In this will their love and obedience for me be proven and upon the flame of the old one must a new candle be lit that the fullness of my presence may remain upon them and in their homes always. 15 In this also, their salvation is sealed; and make it clear that no one light their white candles upon the holy torch on the altar lest they inherit burdens and judgment. 16 The sojourners and visitors or any other members present who are not yet members of my family shall by their order bring each a blue candle and light it on any of the mauve candles also; 17 and if they have any gifts to offer, they shall leave them also before the altar of my presence, blow out their candles and take them home too where, like in the instruction of my children, they shall walk also. 18 In that, they will receive of my protection and my glory according to their faith and my kindness upon them as they partake in this ordinance in correspondence to the desire they hold in their hearts. 19 All lit candles at the altar shall be replaced in their order behind the holy torch of my presence; and after the communion, thou shall thou leave them to burn out in the temple completely into the sunrise of the 40th day. 20 The wax that will come out of the burning candles shall thou gather and use in making floor ointments for my holy temple that my glory might be present therein all the time for you and all that enter therein. 21 This must you strictly observe to do every year and in every generation without mistake in the arrangement of all things, that when I visit you I may fulfill all my promises upon you in life and all things, and unto all that be present in the congregation with you till the hour of departure. 22 If you will consecrate yourselves unto this ordinance without failure, my glory shall be upon you in all things and I shall be present in thy house and everywhere you shall go, camp or lodge.



Ob 144


1 During the family communion, year after year unto all generations, each household in the assembly shall present before the altar, a new volume of this book for a sign of remembrance of the covenant of their salvation. 2 Along with it, they shall bring white candles according as they determine as good charity to those in the assembly without, and any other good gifts that will go to the poor, the widows and the needy; 3 and by the candles do I bring light in the house of them that will receive them: and the collected volumes of this books shall be distributed by volunteers and my lightangels after consecration by the head Alyaa, to all peoples without; 4 first in the assembly, and then to all the world. And whosoever shall steal or withhold from this ordinance these gifts when they are in a position to do so, 5 the same shall inherit the burdens of all that would have been blessed and saved by such gifts. These lowly gifts have I asked and not gold, silver, chariots, horses nor blood 6 lest some should become high minded as touching salvation and in so doing, interfere with the end of salvation for others before my throne and also for the sake of peace, love and equality in the earth. 7 Offerings of currency and other gifts may be made for assembly and temple needs always; and strictly for charity ends according as each purpose in their consecrate merry heart and without sounding a trumpet, 8 but blood shall thou not shed during the last four days whether of beast or of insect, for this time is the time of letting life blossom; 9 a time when I breathe life over all living things righteous and cut off the trail of blood that was spilled by your forefathers, by which wars, oppression, treachery and all plundering continued without end, 10 and by which you inherited curses and accusations from the wicked one; but all things shall thou eat.



Ob 145


1 And in these ordinances thou shall all walk, both men and women. Thou shall be equal before my presence, but her that is my child shall be faithful and obedient unto her husband and shall decently put on her apparels. 2 Thou shall neither abandon nor sell thy children into bondage of any kind lest I heap upon thee the agony of all the fatherless and motherless of the world. 3 Thou shall keep thy bodies and thy homes clean, that no evil spirit may enter and rest in thy midst; and no strong drink shall thou taste. 4 Thou shall have no morsel of bread nor edible thrown away in thy home, but thou shall give it to the needy and the poor while it is still good for consumption. 5 Thou shall not quarrel with anyone nor withhold mercy and kindness unto anyone to whom it is due during this time no matter how big the wrong maybe; 6 whether it be new or old, but thou shall let all things pass that in time, I may hold the wicked answerable in judgment: and also, that I may remember not thy sins. 7 If thou be mine, my name alone, by which I am known shall thou trust in and call upon in thy day for thy salvation and during times of trial, 8 and I will remember thee by cause of my covenant with you in righteousness and holiness: and I will extend my right hand from heaven, to catch you before thou fall away; 9 and many angels will I command unto thy rescue and all that shall be confused by cause of the evil one, who will cause many to look back unto their traditions of calling upon names of dead spirits 20 and many other things instead of standing bold in the truth, righteousness and holiness by which I called them. 21 Yea, for thy sake O righteous and holy children, will I come down to thy rescue and fight for thy life till thou art come into the home of thy rest with life.



Ob 146


1 If thou will lift thine heads up and be bold in thy faith in me, being steadfast in righteousness, peace, truth, patience and holiness, then thou shall not fall away, 2 but thou shall walk up unto thy glory everlasting, watching those that shall be falling in panic by their wavering in my commands and statutes. 3 Thou shall not forsake thy love for thine better halve except for wickedness, for surely, on the day thou will forsake him or her, if they be righteous and holy, 4 thou will separate thyself from me like every other unfaithful generation which went its way in unfaithfulness and wickedness. 5 Being hospitable unto all, remember ye to do all things accordingly in all thy generations and I will make of thee a royal Tiara, 6 and thy glory like unto the morning luminary, that shines brighter and brighter every day till all things be fulfilled. But whatsoever thou shall neglect to do, 7 by the same measure shall I revoke my blessings from thee. And after these forty days are fulfilled each year throughout all thy generations, thou shall gird yourselves 8 and go out to declare these tidings to the world, line upon line, line upon line and precept upon precept, receiving everyone that comes unto thee. 9 Fifteen here and sixteen there shall follow thee: by an hundredfold shall they join themselves unto thee city by city and a thousand fold nation by nation, 10 until there be everyone righteous and holy with thee saying, thou art the chosen tree of GOD, therefore have we come to partake of thy figs and with thee shall we abide now and forever; 11 and thy GOD shall be our GOD for He is most righteous, generous, merciful, compassionate and true, 12 Having done all things to the later, then will I receive thee unto myself in heavenly rest, joy and pleasure; 13 and will anoint thee with myrrh and dine with thee in thine quarters within the manor of my holy cloud above all clouds, and you with me on my table which is my holy altar.



Ob 147


1 A greater commandment of all have I given thee already but these shall thou remember by heart also that thy guard might keep thee safe from thine enemies always for these are the pillars of my sanctuary with thee forever. 2 Be ye true and faithful always unto me and unto thyself that thou may be able to live accordingly with everyone; for in this is the fullness of all truth and righteousness. 3 On the day of my glory, remember ye forever, to consecrate yourself in holiness, justice, peace and harmony; and also in all my ordinances and instructions and I will be thy true and faithful GOD, 4 and thou will be my chosen family; my angels whom I know from old and have placed in the earth for a just and righteous cause: and I will make thee exceedingly fruitful and glorious. 5 Give thy love and thy trust only but to thy better halve and thy GOD that thou may know not divorce and sadness in thy day, but fullness of joy, for in that manner and to that end is everything I fully consecrate in marriage. 6 Be happy and thankfully content in the wages and fruits of thy righteous toiling and I will bless thy life and make thine heart merry and exalt all thy days. 7 Remember to be merciful in thine judgments, with a kind and merry heart as thy guide that in thy days thou may know to appreciate the gift of life. 8 Teach charity not to depart from thine heart and thine hands by the day; and prayer for thine neighbor and sojourner from thy heart by the night, and I will bless thee with wisdom and understanding of all things good. 9 Guided by constancy, remember as a man to be a husband of one wife and as a woman to be a wife of one man that thou may consecrate thy labours and thy heart sufficiently and pleasingly to thine own family and I thine GOD. 10 If thou be a man of two or more before knowledge of this ordinance, divorce thou shall not all thine wives that I may count it righteousness unto thee.



Ob 148


1 In all thy days, treat thy helper and thy donkey, and horse, even thine ox and every other animal in thine custody with love and care; 2 for in the same manner and with the same importance I breathe life upon thee do I also over all these things over which thou rule for my glory. 3 The waters around thee and the vegetation thereof thou shall keep clean and consecrate for in them is life of all that is living; and this is good to thee and thine families that thou may remain prosperous in thine health all thy days. 4 In all things, thou shall measure unto everyone such a measure as thou would receive from them and I will make thee fruitful and content always in the gifts of peace, harmony and happiness. 5 With thine hands, thou shall neither make a sword nor use one for taking life, for I delivered thee with the mighty scepter of peace and righteousness and not with the sword and blood. 6 Thou shall not stand in the assembly where others are accused or condemned lest thou enter into temptation of opinion and heap judgment upon yourself too from me. 7 Thou shall not take any thought to thine bed and forget not to be grateful always for all thine day’s blessings that thou may make a highway for more goodly blessings into thy life. 8 Thou shall love thy children in as much a measure as thou love me thy GOD for in that same manner love I thee and them. 9 And thou shall neither covet nor steal the needle that belongs to thine brother, thine sister or thine neighbor; not even that which is of thine enemy even if it were thine by right for in that thou will close the gate of heaven before thyself. 10 If thou will walk in these ordinances and instructions with meekness of heart without wavering, I will surely fill thy life with bliss and make it whole. 11 That good and just thing which thou will conceive and petition of me will I grant unto thee: to the end of thine righteous path where thy heart’s desire is will I lead you, and thy life will I make to blossom with much joy and goodness. 12 With peace, love, and delight will I satisfy thee whether the days be good or evil; and I will cause thine heart to be pure and full of mercy, 13 that thou may know the way of true freedom, peace of mind, satisfaction and harmony, and not judgment, hate, contention and war. 14 I ALYAASHA, the most kind and most righteous of all have made these decrees unto you for a righteous end for all things.



Ob 149


1 Oh Most Righteous One of all, there is no GOD like you. You are faithful and true unto all your children and peoples, 2 and all creation in the universe. For their love, you led them, by your counsels, precepts and instructions, 3 in the path of everlasting life, joy and blessings. Only you is their portion and lot; their everlasting inheritance. 4 They set their hearts on you and committed their ways unto thee only, and you blessed them with an incorruptible inheritance. 5 Therefore, even I, will I raise my voice by day and by night in supplications of gratitude for thy wonderfulness 6 and thy enduring mercies and blessings upon thy children and peoples in all existence. Moreover, thou gave me strength and courage to declare thy word of truth and righteousness unto the wicked; 7 that in repentance they might not die but live: and thou delivered my own soul therein. And unto the righteous man that live, 8 thou gave me thy word that I may instruct him and keep him in the path of life and righteousness; 9 for had he not heard thy word, he would have deviated from life unto death by forsaking righteousness and truth; 10 and in so doing, I would have failed in my mission and course. Therefore shall I have peace all my days knowing fully that thy will I have fulfilled, 11 and thou have delivered my soul and the soul of the wicked; and caused thy beloved children to triumph unto life everlasting in all things. 12 But the measure of the hard hearted and forbearer have thou in thy hand; condemnation unto eternal death; 13 for he defied thy word of reproof and forsook thy counsels and instructions



Ob 150


1 And unto thy glory alone O ALYAASHA, exalted in truth and in righteousness, my GOD and my light in whom I trust, 2 you without beginning nor end as time and space worship thee, will I consecrate myself in holiness unto prayer and worship this day: 3 for on this day, the day of Monday by men’s caucus, thou showed me the fullness of thy glory as I was in regular prayer and meditation unto true life beginning from the first hour: 4 and in thy glory thou made me whole, for thou caused me not to be hungry, and thirsty; neither was I sick, wanting nor needing of anything, and thou made my lips to cease from uttering evil and any manner of slandering till the end of day. 5 Thy hand was upon me; with fullness of thy Spirit ever present, and though not like unto any other day revered as an holy day by such as observe it justly according as they received it, 6 thou caused me on this day not to cease from doing thy holy and righteous works in the temple of thy presence and in the world. 7 And what delight have I more than knowing this that this is thy holy day and my holy day, the day of thy children, 8 whom thou birth with an holy and righteous life that they are the lightangels; a family of the true light which is the salvation of all that be groping in darkness. 9 For thou declared in my hearing; whether male or female, mine children whom I birth with an holy life that they might reclaim their rightful stand as angels of light shall be Alyaashas, the glory of my glory: 10 for I am what my children are and my children are what I am unto all things. I am the truth; 11 I am the power and I am the eternal breathe of all the Alyaashas whom are the great luminaries; the true lightangels; and all of them which are righteous. 12 Yeah, I am the true vine of everlasting life from which they all spring and this is the day I bid them all unto holy fellowship forever. 13 Amen and amen, thou art holy and thou art worthy to be glorified in cordial and united sacred fellowship by thy children O UTMOST of all as they meet in thy holy temple today, at even time according to thy will as thou made me to know, 14 beginning from the fourth hour till the sixth hour; the time upon which thou showed me thy holy angels converging before thy holy presence in the temple of worship and glorifying you in holiness till the top of the seventh hour; 15 and thou wouldn’t let me partake in any worldly works, any wickedness and any inequity on this time but unto works of thy holy temple and holy kingdom only. 16 Thou allowed not my eyes also to delight in evil for by cause of thy Spirit in my heart, I felt thorns in my eyes and heart before that which was evil and wicked; and so I was in constant prayer and meditation all day long: 17 beginning from when thy day commenced; giving you thanks and praise for the gift of interminable life, and worshiping you in truth and in Spirit all day in the midst of thy holy angels; the glorious divine host of heaven. 18 And though my lips spoke with quietly fervency such things as I understood with my mind, within my heart also, the glory of endless life blossomed, causing me to understand thy perfect will; and spoke I unto thee all the thoughts of my heart pertaining to life and holiness as I would let you know without reserve. 19 In them was my sacrifice pleasing unto thee that thou caused me to pray for all thy chosen children and all the people of the earth; doing thy wonderful charitable works all day long unto all without partiality. 20 And I saw your whole glory and the glory of thy children on this day; the glory of thy holy angels; and so shall all the honour and glory be thine on this day all my days and all thy children’s days; 21 and its fullness of blessings upon all they that shall partake in its consecration as thy holy day: and I shall always pray for and with them on all days, 22 on the first, the fourth, the eight and the eleventh hour according to thy instruction so that, the fullness of thy light, thy fruitfulness, thy protection and thy life might truly rest upon them all till the hour of departure: 23 and overflow also upon them that are called unto other days in righteousness, truth peace and harmony, for such are not our foes but our brothers and sisters in light.



Ob 151


1 O my soul, how charitable is this glory hereof? 2 Here is a silent stream of sparkling pure water, and there is a host of beautiful lavenders. 3 The scent in this place reminds me of thy holy sanctuary where thou abide enduringly; 4 a sanctuary whose angelic glory stills the senses and soothes the troubled soul. 5 The stillness herein brings the memories of heaven so alive and so vivid, with the mauve ob shedding its splendor upon all things thereof, 6 and the angels singing an holy om like unto the singing doves herein. 7 The radiance of the temperate sun herein is medicine unto my body; 8 and the cool breeze filled with the awesome scent of these holy flowers instills peace and harmony in my heart and my thoughts. 9 Evergreen is the vegetation of this haven and unscathed are her fertile grooves and the petals of the white roses hereof I could linger herein in her and with her forever: 10 and though I am just but a sojourner, passing through the unknown and unknown, 11 I will meet her maker and her owner and redeem her for an everlasting inheritance of the righteous, 12 whom are all the hosts of the lightangels, for she is more fairer and more holier than all. 13 Blessed be this wonder thine eyes beheld and adored o my soul for herein is a holiness that is perpetual, 14 and in thee all this magnificence shall abide as an everlasting blessing to all creation.



Ob 152


1 And let me bless thee O chosen one of the UTMOST; ye day upon which He chose to make manifest an exceeding glory: what a royal circlet thou art before His eyes. 2 How thou art the fullness of splendor and the most loved of His eyes, for holy of holies thou art in all thy hours. 3 Yeah, the UTMOST chose and made thee the emblem of all His glory because of thy wonderfulness of soul. 4 Most blessed are thy children for they are His children, a family of the GOD of all Gods; 5 the Captain of peace, truth, justice and harmony, and the glory of all known glories. 6 Rejoice in thy fidelity and thy loyalty that is well known in the highest of all heavens and shall forever be known in the earth. 7 Glorify Him who bid thee His holy day, the glory of Pyrenees, Sheba, Etna, Calgary and all the nations of the earth, and the brightest luminary of the Blue Mount. 8 More precious are all thy ways for thou art accommodative of all without partiality. 9 The angels of heaven know of and rejoice in thy goodness, 10 and so shall thy sisters in the earth know of thy humility and thy peaceable stature; 11 and they will praise thee and pay obeisance unto thee with merry hearts and blessings, 12 for thou art the most blessed mother of all holy generations and children of the Most Righteous of all. 13 From the four corners of the universe, holy children are indeed born unto thee now and forever and they all rejoice in thy tender goodness and gentle love. 14 What a marvel thou art in the hands of the Most Righteous, and in the sight of all the heavens and the earth. 15 Upon thee is bestowed a wreath like no other; most holy and more perfect than all because thou art exceedingly meek, kind, welcoming of all family and blessing of all without prejudice. 16 Blessed forevermore be thou o holy one of ALYAASHA and may all creation rejoice in thee perpetually.



Ob 153


1 And now do I rejoice greatly in thee O GOD; for to think that thou art my teacher and my guide is a great blessing. 2 Thy word is humble and thy voice more tender; 3 and therein, in the meekness of thy word and tenderness of thy voice, 4 I am able to hear and understand; and also walk in the way of my understanding which please thee. 5 Of old, sought I wisdom the hard way and walked without true light in understanding. 6 I was of slow hearing and haste response, and in that many mistakes made I because my understanding was juvenile. 7 But thanks be unto thee O UTMOST of all; no more is my sight poor and my understanding shallow; 8 and no more is my feet and my lip haste in response without comprehension, for by thine voice thou taught me of the good way. 9 Fewer and fewer now are my mistakes as I grow in thy word which is my light unto the perfect day. 10 Yeah, in my day, knowledge will I seek but more importantly shall I prize understanding for with understanding comes true light.



Ob 154


1 O my children; grow ye in goodness of heart and forgiveness of the ignorant every day for ignorance is weakness. 2 Forgive ye and with all long suffering, forget the weakness of the violent and the slanders for there is no greater weakness comparable to the weakness of unstable temper and blabbering lips. 3 Gird yourselves greatly because every day, by cause of their biased teachings, they shall provoke you to anger and draw you unto senseless arguments. 4 In their arguments, they will claim they know GOD when in contrast, their actions belly their words. 5 The thoughts of their own hearts condemn them for in all times, such hearts rumble with tides of hate and discrimination, malice and greed. 6 Be ye not like them, but grow ye in meekness of tongue for with thy tongues and thy lips, 7 shall thou serve only but truth and righteousness, and peace and harmony and every other goodly thing.



Ob 155


1 Give good price with all meekness unto all thy blessings and thy possessions which come unto thee with a righteous labour and a just sanction. 2 For a good blessing and a righteous possession gives delight to the soul of a prudent man. 3 Forbear not the instruction that guide you in prudence of sharing thy blessings, 4 and frown not against the counsel that teach you in the spending of thy possessions; 5 for such is the way of the foolish whose talents and gifts comes by extortion, bribe and deceit. 6 With reckless expenditure, all good aims and hopes perish and generation upon generation, a people waste away in oblivion.



Ob 156


1 Hear me O my GOD; eternal breath of the entire Universe and all that is named in it. Incline thine ear unto my supplication. 2 Look upon me with thy steadfast mercy and kindness. By day and by night death seeks after my life: 3 the tide rise against me and the wicked one hunt after my soul; and whom else can I run unto except you. 4 Thou called me long before now, yet did I forbear, for I was but without understanding. 5 But now am I come: into your able hands I commit my life, thanking you O Faithful and ever Righteous GOD for calling me unto an eternal fellowship with you and your holy angels. 6 Thy Kingdom of heaven is my home: thy secret place in which my troubles cease; for in thy presence, the hunter of my soul cannot find me. 7 Now that I have come of age, now do I understand that in this world, I am just but a sojourner. 8 My true place and heritage is among thy holy angels, which is thy glorious presence. 9 Here in the world, I am but come to do thy will: to serve and bless that thou may be glorified. 10 Receive me with delight and mercy upon my transgressions. Be my teacher and guide. 11 With meekness and consecration do I receive your eternal and holy Spirit of life into my soul; 12 and commit myself unto the path of truth, holiness and righteousness.




Ob 157


1 All things know I that you gave into my hands and under my dominion: yet one thing only set I my heart on; 2 living thy purpose for me fully in this life, declaring your glory in truth and righteousness until I come, at the end of the course, unto thy eternal rest. 3 In your loving kindness, help me by your Spirit to walk in your counsels and instructions: to live a life worthy thy calling 4 and labour in thy kingdom and for the kingdom of heaven to your praise and honour all my days; the praise and honour which is mine also, 5 for all that is yours is mine by an everlasting covenant with which I consecrate my heart and life unto thy will. 6 Yes my GOD, unto you I come, for heaven which is thy sacred sanctuary is my home:7 home to thy holy angels and home to my soul. 8 Let thy will take course O my GOD: Let thy will be done.



Ob 158


1 In the day of unfruitfulness and poverty, I will be thankful unto thee O GOD. 2 Not that I desire bareness and wretchedness but because thou never cease to cultivate and water my soul; thou keep my life gird in thy life and provided for in thy presence. 3 And in the day of plenty, still, I will be grateful unto thee: not that I desire riches or wealth, but because I will know that thou have bestowed upon me a great responsibility; 4 to make known thy exceeding glory and goodness, and bring real hope to the hopeless and give life to the lifeless. 5 But that I may not enter into trial with thee because of wretchedness or deny thee because of wealth, 6 I choose neither poverty nor riches; not even what the heart desire for it will have what is pleasing unto the eyes of my flesh. 7 But I receive what thy gift is goodly a blessing and an inheritance according to thy good plan in preserving the life thou gave me. 8 Righteousness, kindness, truth, peace, understanding, harmony, meekness and contentment unto bliss are most wonderful; 9 a duly good portion upon which I may show forth thy praise and rejoice in thy glory with you forever in life.



Ob 159


1 Day in day out, the mind of the wicked conceives wickedness O my soul but the righteous man sets his thoughts upon that which is good. 2 In the statutes of GOD does he walk and in his counsels does he meditate. He girdles his loins with holiness and control the boastfulness of his tongue with piety, 3 that it may not cause him to stumble before GOD’s plumb line. For in the midst of his people, 4 GOD has put a plumb line; to consider the ways of each one of them. 5 Before it, the wicked shall not stand: for everything that will fall out of the line will GOD take down. 6 Let him that is straight before GOD rejoice, for he shall stand in the hour of judgment and live. 7 But pity be upon the wicked: the unrighteous man who is not upright before GOD for in his crookedness, 8 he shall fall and perish. Yea, he shall perish, for such are his ways; 9 infidelity, fornication, murder, treachery, covetousness, gossip, theft, rape, drunkenness and glutton; which in all, kindles GOD’s wrath. 10 Oh! Where will the wicked run to in the Day of Judgment? Where will they hide? 11 Be thou merciful O GOD Faithful: touch their hearts with thy word and cause them to hear thy calling voice. 12 Make them remember thy goodness and convert that they may live: for even I, 13 lowly like unto them before thee, feel for them; yet without righteousness in their midst, what can I but do? 14 Save to leave it all to thy will. Yea, may thy will be done.



Ob 160


1 For the cause of the righteous man do I bow before thy holy presence O GOD; 2 to offer supplications for his farewell day and night. And because you had been merciful unto me as to consider all my supplications with kindness, 3 therefore will I make a humble request before your majesty. Not for the righteous man only, 4 but more for the wicked and ungodly. Yet evenso, have I right whatsoever; to weigh thy measures and question thy judgments? 5 For what I will ask of thee may not be the most pleasing thing before thine presence; yet will I ask: for thou know it all before I make request. 6 Let I not enter into judgment by cause of the wicked therefore. For thou art a merciful GOD; 7 merciful before all was and forever will thou be merciful upon the wicked. In thy abundant mercies therefore, 8 if thou will O GOD, return ye thy wrath and judgment upon the wicked by yet a season 9 and a year from the time which thou have appointed for their end. 10 Perhaps they will remember thy goodness and convert. Yet even without his repentance; 11 will thou consider not give an ensign that he might see: not only for the sake of the wicked but the righteous also, 12 that their hope and faith in you might have steadfastness. 13 For even if the wicked forbear and forbear, yet will he repent; for when all his friends and gains are gone, then shall he remember. 14 From the wilderness will he seek thy face and call unto thy holy name. 15 Yea, he will remember the days of the former glory, the days of plenty counsel, peace, love, barley and corn in the city of GOD and he will return. 16 Then, will be my GOD, in whom I trust and whose kindness and mercies endures forever, 17 then, will He, without excuse do His will upon him that forbears and reject mercy.




Ob 161


1 Count it not wisdom o ungodly man to forbear GOD’s entreating. Count it not gain to forsake the path of righteousness. 2 For it is not by might that you live but by GOD’s grace. Think ye not highly of yourselves concerning your lives and the things which you posses; 3 for it is not thy will that you are but GOD’s will. Does He not know thy ways? Does He know not the gate of thy coming in and thy going out? 4 Where thou pasture: is it not him that made thee and thy pastures? The earth and all that is named is his own. 5 Why then think ye that you live by might and wisdom in wickedness? Why lean ye upon thy own understanding as if thou can make a single hair of thy head? 6 At His voice, the mountains breaks apart and the waters make way. He commands winds to blow at his will and make waves in the seas and oceans. 7 He knows what is underneath the deep and above the heavens, and what holds it; but you know not yet you despise his counsel and instructions. 8 Hearken ye and I will counsel you: humble yourselves before GOD and be grateful for His tender mercies with which thou are blessed. 9 Repent of thy wickedness and commit thy ways unto righteousness and live. Consecrate yourselves in holiness before time passes you by that you may see GOD’s glory. 10 Make room for His throne in thy hearts: straighten up thy ways and abhor that which is evil. 11 Wash yourselves in truth and trust in GOD only that it may be well with you. For behold, 12 though a season and a year be returned from the hour of judgment yet you will not live if you amend not your ways and run from darkness unto light. 13 Be ye wise and deliver your souls from condemnation by seeking GOD’s face while it is still day lest night falls and you perish. 14 Say not you have the way of your fathers to follow; for even them, died in ignorance and forbearance of reproof and truth. 15 Seek ye GOD while He may still be found that it may be well with you and all thy generations.



Ob 162


1 The man that speaks the truth has few friends: and so does the man that is just. 2 His ways and words are a burning sword to the ways of the liar and unjust. 3 His counsel is not heeded unto by so many, for it points the man that loves darkness unto light. 4 Yea, for the cause of truth and justice, he stands alone in an ocean of faces, for the rest of his generation prefer lies and wickedness for the sake of gain. 5 For without lies and deception, they cannot deceive and bribe, and commit extortion. 6 And if they love justice and heed unto the counsel of the just man, they will not commit corruption, oppression and suppression; 7 and in that, there is no gain at all. Why do the heathen rage against the righteous man? 8 Why do they plot evil against him? Why do they kill such as are upright? 9 And why do they have no love for GOD? Because GOD is righteousness: GOD is light, 10 and the man that is righteous and commits his ways and words unto truth and righteousness is taught of GOD. 11 Yea, GOD is his counselor and instructor; and his ways prosper always.



Ob 163


1 Listen o my child, my son and my daughter whom I love and let me instruct you in the way of eternal bliss in your day. 2 Cherish ye my instruction for it is wisdom to a merry living in the very way a tranquil mind gives healing to the body. 3 Enjoin not yourself to a man or a woman with a cold heart: give not your ring and your kiss to the one ignorant and uncaring. 4 Tie not the knot with one unfaithful and violent lest you spent your days in sadness and sorrow. Join not yourself to a family of prejudice, 5 and if thou be betrothed to one from such a family, separate yourself from the midst of such a prejudiced people with your lover 6 lest you die of grief and soreness of abuse and mockery: but if you be in a family of peace and togetherness, though not of faith yet will l bless them for your sake: 7 my blessings shall find rest among them too and in the days of their abiding with you, 8 l shall protect them with the shade of my glory, and they shall call you blessed as they rejoice in the name of your GOD. 9 In your day and the day of all generations after you will I surely fulfill this promise that our joy may abound day by day unto the perfect time.



Ob 164


1 Declare ye this: make it known unto both the wise and the foolish that I am GOD of all: just and fair in my dealing with every man. 2 I make rain fall in due season upon the good and the wicked. 3 I give good gifts according as each ask, I give life and compensate according as each sow, 4 None shall reap unjustly and not suffer: yeah, one cannot reap corn where he sow barley; and I will not repay unto the wicked the measure of the righteous. 5 But according as each sow, so shall I press a measure upon a measure unto them. 6 The prudent shall I always bless with more that they may bless more; for I am GOD of blessings to all that bless: 7 even unto all who have and shall, with longsuffering, serve to bless; and all whom I bless shall be called blessed in all generations.



Ob 165


1 In the day of trial, I will remember thee and call upon thy name. 2 I will trust thy breath which is life unto my soul and treasure thy thoughts unto my heart which are the light of my path. 3 For when trial lurked at my doorstep, and they would not delight in my climbing but my fall, 4 thou bid me to thy altar; the most secret, where evil has ears and eyes not. 5 Happy are they that enter therein and commune with you for therein is the fullness of thy glory. 6 In it, thou taught me in the instruction that bind my broken heart and set me at liberty from the wake of my life which haunted me when awake and when asleep: 7 O my beloved, all thoughts are not thy portion for they take away life. 8 Thy yesterday’s mishap is no Sheol to thy morrow, for if thou will choose well thy desire, thou can change thy morrow. 9 Yesterday’s mishap was but an instruction but today’s resolution is a breath of life. 10 Embrace thy mishap and receive instruction: make thy choice wisely upon it and thy path shall be straight and fruitful. 11 Tomorrow will always bring about for thy good but let not thy thoughts of tomorrow steal away thy life today. 12 Neither must thy fault of yesterday spend thy today’s joy. 13 Treasure today with merriness and tomorrow will be a blessing filled with boundless blessings. 14 Trust in me and be at peace for I am the fullness of thy glory.



Ob 166


1 On thy day, all the time, I will rejoice in thy goodness which surpasses all. 2 With the mighty of justice, thou made truth prevail over lies and deception, and let prejudice and greed be foiled by true love and harmony. 3 The adder was not pleased and so was not the beast that preyed on people’s ignorance and lack of understanding of the truth. 4 That I championed thy truth and thy righteousness for the good of all is but an honour; 5 not mine alone but a splendid honour of them all that love thee and abide in thee always. Already, my heart is glad in thee 6 O GOD for thou made the day of thy glory like unto no other and thou chose me the last in importance of all that I should make known thy glory which is the glory of all thy children. 7 Thou also made thy children not to bow unto any man nor any gods and lords, neither to angels nor kings and queens, 8 but to truth, peace, harmony, kindness, mercy, humility, tolerance, love and righteousness only the completeness of which thou art. 9 In this they have only but one true GOD and one true maker, ALYAASHA; 10 who by covenant of His righteous word birth them and called them by His name as the Alyaashas, 11 the lightangels in whom is the fullness of their maker’s life and His complete glory.




Ob 167


1 Blessed are the feet of the righteous and the truth seekers, for they have an excellent path readily prepared in the UTMOST. 2 Their GOD will gird their feet with mighty against the hard rocks and the deep detours will they trek upon without worry because they are with the shield and scepter of His supremacy. 3 In their days, they are the master seed of great blessings unto all and in life they are the branches with life and fruit for them all that are of GOD in the world. 4 How many then will add themselves unto this pristine family and how many shall abide with them forever? 5 How many delight in singing the song that is good to all; the song which a holy family of the Most Righteous sing as they rejoice in life and in His goodness in their days? 6 If there be any, let them separate themselves unto the counting of the lightangels without regard to where they are with who and what they are doing, 7 for whether they be in a hole or in the belly of the monster, the Most Kind and Most Righteous of all will pluck them from thereof with mighty and raise them gently and graciously into His glory with fullness of blessings and life.




Ob 168


1 Treat thou time with great care for she is so fragile and yet costly; once wasted, all is lost. 2 In recklessness of thoughts and deeds, she flies by; with slowness of decision and foolish action she sails on, 3 yonder the horizons of age’s reach; beckoning the wise unto greatness and contentment; 4 and the wise are wise because they are gird in GOD’s word; the righteous and true word that gives life by pricing time above all things needful to all earthly way fare. 5 If thou will be reprimanded of her value, for easy it is to relax in her wings and regret later, 6 frown and chide not out of foolishness of reasoning and judgment; with age you will understand of her value, for as she sails and flies by, 7 she leaves traces and reminders in which thou must grow and walk. 8 If thou will be prudent, cherish ye her for she is a great blessing and a great bestower of wonderful blessings.




Ob 169


1 Wretched is the one without knowledge of truth and the one that is ignorant of the yearn of his or her soul; 2 for such shall fall prey to every unworthy teaching that leads away from the path of life. 3 Though riches mount heap upon heap in his or her chamber, cares will devour them and deprive him or her of joy and rest. 4 But peace and harmony shall follow the one whose riches are wisdom and understanding; 5 for with wisdom and understanding will such gird their life; 6 and in having life will such be wealthier than them that hoard possessions.




Ob 170


1 Gather ye unto me the holy of holies: assemble them in the presence of my altar for they are my beloved angels. 2 Yea, bring them all; the little ones of pure heart, before my presence, and I will feed them from my lap with an holy and consecrate pasture. 3 Let their voice be heard loud in the assembly in hymn and psalm; let them sing a melody unto me, 4 for their incense is holy and more pleasant than the smell of a thousand rams and a heap of silver and gold. 5 In thy home, sit ye with them and instruct them in the way of truth, righteousness, love, peace and harmony. 6 Make them grow in wisdom and understanding of godliness. Give them true love and shield them from the wicked one in the world. 7 In thy hands I bless them with an inheritance; make ye way for their coming; prepare ye a just and good heritage for them, 8 that they may not grow to falling into the nets and traps of the wicked one who crawl day and night to corrupt them and take away their lives. 9 And I will count every neglecting, prejudiced and evil hearted parent for judgment and their sorrows will I multiply all their days. 10 To them that maim, molest and murder my little ones will I show no mercy but they will perish. 11 Let the wise parent raise their little ones in the way of godliness that they may not incur punishment by cause of their children. 12 For surely, for their cause I will move mountains and shake rivers. I will not look and keep silent but 13 I will visit men and set my judgments in his midst. Plan thy way and be ye steadfast in thy consecration that you may not enter into sin by cause of abortion, 14 for surely, I will not hold them guiltless that take away life in abortion for it is equal unto murder; 15 but I will require the blood of each innocent soul upon their hands. If thou err, bless you will I, if you keep the life than if you take it away, 16 for I bring no soul into being nor give no blessing without purposing it for glory.



Ob 171


1 In my GOD I rejoice every day. 2 I am at peace and at ease in His presence all the time, and by His grace am I content in all things. 3 Though I put on a sad countenance, my sadness is not because I am at loss of anything or by cause of anything worthy be concerned with at all; 4 which is more precious than by cause of my concern for every way farer who is without knowledge of truth and lives without stead trust in GOD. 5 In such I am reminded of the misery that befalls a soul without light and a life without course, 6 for GOD is the light and the course of life without which all is meaningless and hopeless.



Ob 172


1 Despise and revile not against thy sister and thy brother in the assembly, in labours and unto all things for thy glory is one and it knows not anything as important except the glory of heaven. 2 Only those that are of a wicked spirit prejudice against their own thinking that prejudice is godliness. 3 Let each and every one of you o light bearers labour with sincerity of purpose to the glory of heaven according as you are called and gifted. 4 Conceal not any secret in thy heart but from thy closet, confess it all and repent in truth, 5 observing never to commit the same sin again lest you enter into a great sin and I will forgive you. 6 Resist all seducing wicked spirits which you shall know by their endeavoring to give you corrupting powers, 7 and pleasures that resist the Spirit of righteousness and destroy life but grow ye in wisdom, power, faith, love, justice, charity, peace, mercy and understanding of all righteous things 8 that you may keep thy feet steadfast in life and holiness. Let thy reverence be true and of a meek spirit 9 and do all thy labours unto with love and it shall be well with you all thy days. 10 Above all, remember, there is no gain in brutality and revenge; greater gain is in being able to forgive a wrong regardless of how big :



Ob 173


1 The better man is not him that is cruel and take on revenge but the one that reconciles his enemies unto himself truly and instruct them in the way of righteousness. 2 By meekness, he leads in rectitude though he be the one wronged, for such is the way of true love, peace, harmony, mercy, responsibility, kindness, tolerance and vigilance. 3 And if thou will walk in this manner O beloved soul, thou shall be most pleasing before all angels and thou shall never miss the bliss of living.




Ob 174


1 Curse not that thou may not be cursed; avoid the assembly of mockers, the violent and the slanderers for mockers, 2 the violent and slanderers are an abomination before my presence. Instead, lean to bless through charitable deeds and peace: 3 speak well of all people all the time and you will live longer and in abounding joy. 4 Silence is more consecrate than pretentious love and quarrelling; yet it is more blessed to talk and laugh out of love and bliss of the spirit than to hold resentment and hate. 5 Forgiveness is holier than all gold, blood sacrifices and fasting: and gratitude is the greater blessing of them all to him that gives it, 6 and also to the one who receives it. All my ordinances and instructions are holy and painless to observe for them that love me; 7 for they are the guard of life for them that love life; but for the wicked man, the one without hope, they are a burden no man can shoulder. 8 Give not your trust unto anyone if you cannot keep it for such is tempting GOD but stand fast in the truth of your heart. 9 Better to marry than to partake in self indulgence for it is an abomination equal unto adultery: for in self gratification, like body busying, smoking and drunkenness, 10 you defile thy body and thy conscience which is my holy temple and in so doing, you serve wicked spirits which are an abomination. 11 Let not gossip, egotism, merchandising, mocking, fornication and promotion of any wickedness happen in the assembly for like thy body, 12 it is home to my holy angels: a place for holy speaking and holy manners and should therefore be reverenced.



Ob 175


1 What wise father is there among men who listen attentively to his children and instruct them with a gentle instruction? 2 Would such a one do as the foolish do, to send any of his children away without a good blessing and a life? 3 If there is such a one, who is meekly prudent and bestows glory upon his children equally, 4 the same will be glorified in his children but the one who bless not his own children and give not a life unto them, the same has no honour; 5 neither does he has any right at all to expect anything from his child, and if he perceive evil in his heart concerning his child, the same has sinned. 6 And I will not hold such a child, neglected, accountable to honoring such parents, except if he does by his own kindness, according as he receives of me. 7 For what parents who neglect his or her child to foxes and hyenas, 8 and send him unto the world without a talent or skill is worthy to be loved by me and his or her child with good love and not judgment. 9 Yeah, derelict and judgment will follow such a foolish parent also unto the grave and his curses upon such a child will I cause to have no power at all, 10 for I will uphold the cause of every such a child in righteousness.



Ob 176


1 Say to my people, open your eyes and see O my children; let my word find place in your hearts and you shall have light. 2 What do bring healing to life than a merry heart? A merry heart is balm to your souls and a crown of peace to your heads; 3 and to be merry, have no thoughts at all; but if you will have thoughts, let them be thoughts of faith that I your GOD will never fail you on all things righteous; 4 even those which you may not petition of me, for what difficult a thing is there for me to do? Moreover, 5 merriness is light unto tender and merciful justice; and when you have come of age in the execution of merciful justice, you will have found a way most pleasing unto my heart; 6 a way that meekly pacify and harmonise; a way more superior than an army of fifty and their captains of fifty. 7 This way, when you have found it, treasure it than all else because this is the way of true righteousness in which I delight most. 8 For, of what benefit is it to find fault with your brother and your neighbor continually that you may judge and condemn him? 9 In what thing does your soul rejoice, to see him saved, joined unto you and alive or to see him condemned, separated from you and dead? 10 Of you, as for me, though your transgressions be as many as a thousand sparrows or a swam of locusts, 11 I will save you and separate you unto myself in tender mercy that you may live and not die because mercy and blessings have I at heart for you and not conviction and curse. 12 If you be my child then, one in whom I am well pleased and one who abide in the light of a righteous order, this will you desire also and abide in towards your brother and your neighbor, 13 even towards the sojourner, so that in winning him unto yourself and unto life, our bliss might be complete.



Ob 177


1 What man is great without self discipline? What power has such in anything? 2 For with self discipline comes good judgment and excellent decision; 3 and good judgment and good decision are the epitome of pliable wisdom. 4 Desire is the spring of life; but a desire gird not by self discipline is aim without target.



Ob 178


1 Indeed, many things have I to count against men according to their generations and deeds but is men not my own spirit in clay, my own handiwork? 2 And when the clay which is his flesh succumb to age and sickness, do his own spirit separate itself not unto me from the clay or live wholly and gloriously if it is full of life? 3 If it does, why then will I desire to pierce my own heart with my own sword and bless not myself righteously in the righteous acts of my own children? 4 Therefore, in season I do open wide my gate of life unto them all. 5 I stretch out my arms without restrain to all, and with the flames of righteousness and the splendor of truth and consecration on their palms and upon their heads, 6 and the glory of a mauve cloud under their feet, they that be willing to come and be united unto me in life, shall enter through the gate of my Spirit. 7 In abiding truth, peace, justice and harmony; with love, charity and meekness as unto a girdle, they shall come in and find rest: 8 and they that be willing not due to inequity and the waywardness of their traditions, shall condemn themselves unto separation from life in death.



Ob 179


1 O ye Alyaashas, branches of the eternal tree of righteousness and truth, that thou art sons and daughters of the UTMOST ONE is no mistake; 2 thou art lightangels because thy GOD wrought you with an holy life. 3 Rejoice for thy heart is His haven; the place of His holy presence from whence His life blossom in thee to thy goodness and fullness. 4 Let the sad countenance depart from thee for sadness and sorrow are not thy portion. 5 At waking and at resting, celebrate thy life for thou art not like them of the world in whom is no life at all. 6 Let everyone of you be filled with the bliss thou have in thy GOD for of Him is this an inheritance like no other. 7 ‘Thou art mine, my lightangels and my Alyaashas whom upon I planted life and bequeathed my glory. 8 What righteous petition will you make unto me; that will I give unto thee’.




Ob 180


1 Be patient in thy labours for righteousness; resist the violent and belligerent; 2 guard your life by the word of truth and your tongue with all godly reverence, for in the fear of evil is all my glory concealed. 3 Remember your vow unto me always and keep it with all long-suffering, since you know of the judgment I appointed on the day of days and are certain as touching its coming. 4 Guard it with all you can lest the evil one deceives you and you fall from the eternal bliss which I have prepared for you and it goes to others. 5 Love discipline; cherish her with all your strength and she will glorify you 6 But damnation be upon all promoters of mischief; them that live in high places and take refuge in tallest of all forts, making themselves lords over the weak and needy while forsaking the way of justice and peace. 7 It shall be worse for them than all else for all their high places and their forts shall I lay waste and their very lives shall I cast into unquenchable heat. 8 For they are like chaff in my hand.




Ob 181


1 The recompense of a just labor is exceedingly bountiful and brings contentment to the soul; 2 but the unjust labor shall bring larceny upon thy head and misery unto thy soul. 3 Joy shall never depart from them that labor charitably and share their blessings with their neighbors; 4 but them that are without generosity; the ones that are short armed shall endure untold sorrow. 5 Good temperament will bring you a swam of flower carrying bees and from them shall you harvest good honey; 6 but a swam of wasps shall be the company of the bad tempered and by them shall they be stung unto death. 7 Therefore, be wise in thy labours; that you may have good success and in how you walk by day and by night that you may not suffer the ignorance of the wicked.



Ob 182


1 O UTMOST of peace; GOD of truth and righteousness, ye that is Supreme above all, let thy radiance fill my soul and give strength to my bones. 2 Restore my heart and refresh my mind that I may be able to hear thy voice and understand thy instructions. 3 Give me thou thine eyes that I might be able to see into thy perfect will and walk therein, for only but to walk in thy will do I delight. 4 Stretch ye my days and fill them with vitality and fruit that I might be able to work thy works without tiring and misgiving. 5 Let the glory of thy mauve ob remain with me forever that I may remain full in thee; 6 not by cause of age in the flesh and among thy children but by age in thy way; 7 and by cause of understanding and walking therein perfectly.



Ob 183


1 Speak yet again o my son, unto the daughters and sons in the assembly and say, in whatever thou do, do thou with charity; 2 and when thou art overtaken by trouble, abhor ye doubt for doubt kills: but let faith be thy girdle. 3 Meditate in thy heart upon my instructions and ordinances, so that when the day of trouble comes, thou may not be moved. 4 In the mirror will you find abundance of counsel; for in the mirror is where I am found. Thy soul is my tabernacle; 5 from whence I teach you to fare in life and prosper in thy health. Yeah, call me in the day of trouble and I will answer: 6 even in the hour of catastrophe, make thy cause known unto me in unwavering trust and I will deliver thee. 7 The deer calls in the day of trouble and I deliver it from the mouth of the alligator because it trusts in me. 8 Therefore, because thou art more precious than a deer over which thou art lord, will I save thee if thou call upon me in faith. 9 And thy enemies will I deliver unto the hawk and the scavenger, the evil one who prowls by day and by night seeking them he may devour. 10 And I will bless thy labours unto sufficiency and surplus in all things that thou may be content and learn the way of charity; 11 for in charity do I care for the poor and the need; the fatherless and the widows. 12 Yea: thou art my watch and my guardian unto them, and for their cause will I surely bless thee if thou ask me with an upright heart.



Ob 184


1 And as for you O foundation of the tseddeqs, glory of Pristine and star of Eshal, let your heart cease from all thoughts and labour, for I have called thee with a unique calling 2 and in all righteousness with all that shall believe in these tidings; to whom thou shall make this edict known; 3 I say, thou art my children, a precious family in which I delight greatly; and in time, I shall open thine eyes that thou may see all things needful for thine good, 4 and see thou shall indeed and understand what a glory have I called thee unto with exceeding fairness in everything that I posses with all holy host. 5 Thou will see my name in bold that thy confidence, thy comfort and thy rest might be complete, and in it I shall be present with thee in all things; to lead thee in the path of life. 6 I shall be thine scepter and thine torch, and darkness, no matter how thick, shall not overtake thee: and who shall be mine enemy but those that hate and despise thee and all that be with thee for my sake? 7 When they lift a finger against thee and all that be with thee, fear ye nothing but trust that I thy true GOD am faithful and will deliver thee and all the abandoned with mighty. 8 With their eyes, my people shall see my glory as I cause them to see my goodness which shall overflow even unto their enemies, 9 whom for the sake of everlasting peace, righteousness and harmony, shall I pardon and with their hearts shall they come and fellowship with you and I in enduring peace, devotion and harmony. 10 The ones who were left to perish without any hope will I give hope and restore unto life and my humble kindness and unfaltering mercy shall abide with them forever.



Ob 185


1 Oh ye lightangels, beloved of my soul, thou are a precious children of an holy and mighty scepter with sweeping glory. 2 Thy authority which is thy rod is equal unto none for it destroys even the strongest of all Rocks, but thine scepter and archer shall thou use or shoot not with thine hands against thine enemies though they encamp with a thousand legions; 3 because I thy GOD will fight all thy battles and in that day, they that once despised thee shall bless thee; and that thy joy may be complete in me, 4 thou shall know yourselves not as or be called my servants, my witnesses or my saints like unto generations of old, 5 who abided by covenants of swords, sacrificing of flesh and pouring of blood for thou are more than just witnesses, saints and servants unto me since time was not. 6 But thou art the glory of my glory and the life that I am and because of that, thou shall be my angels; an holy and righteous family of lightangels: 7 children of exceeding parity, kindness, humility, mercy, peace and togetherness, the true delight of my soul forever. 8 With thine scepter and thine archer, thou shall surely not partake in any fight of any way or join the camp of the violent: 9 for all that fight and partake in all such things are a bloodthirsty brood driven by greed and treachery, who haste to take life, plunder and oppress the weak and the needy that they may satisfy their evil selfish desires.



Ob 186


1 Gather ye unto me the holy of holies; assemble them in the presence of my altar for they are my beloved lightangels. 2 Yea, bring them all; the little ones of pure heart, before my presence, and I will feed them from my lap with an holy and consecrate pasture. 3 Let their voice be heard loud in the assembly in hymn and psalm; let them sing a melody unto me, 4 for their incense is holy and more pleasant than the smell of a thousand rams and a heap of silver and gold. 5 In thy home, sit ye with them and instruct them in the way of truth, righteousness, love, peace and harmony. 6 Make them grow in wisdom and understanding of godliness. Give them true love and shield them from the wicked one in the world. 7 In thy hands I bless them with an inheritance; make ye way for their coming; prepare ye a just and good heritage for them, 8 that they may not grow to falling into the nets and traps of the wicked one who crawl day and night to corrupt them and take away their lives. 9 And I will count every neglecting prejudiced and evil hearted parent for judgment and their sorrows will I multiply all their days. 10 To them that maim, molest and murder my little ones will I show no mercy but they will perish. 11 Let the wise parent raise their little ones in the way of godliness that they may not incur punishment by cause of their children. 12 For surely, for their cause I will move mountains and shake rivers. I will not look and keep silent but 13 I will visit men and set my judgments in his midst. Plan thy way and be ye steadfast in thy consecration that thou may not enter into sin by cause of abortion, 14 for surely, I will not hold them guiltless that take away life in abortion for it is equal unto murder; 15 but I will require the blood of each innocent soul upon their hands for with piercing judgment I will condemn their hearts. 16 If thou err, bless thee will I, if thou keep the life than if thou take it away, for I bring no soul into being nor give no blessing without purposing it for glory.



Ob 187


1 The glory of thy flesh according as thou were conceived unto men has I overcome with that which thou art with me before thou art with men; 2 for thou art the Alyaasha that I am in all things and the glory of all the lightangels in the earth and in all heavens. 3 In thee I am unto the completion of all things as I intent for the good of all: and throughout all generations, 4 one worthy shall fill thy shoes: and shall be head of my family; a chief minister and first member of my children among the living. 5 The same, like unto thee, shall be betrothed to one flame without divorce, murder or any other unrighteous acts known in their heart and unto their name: 6 a person of good repute and commitment unto my edicts and my ordinances. 7 If such be meek, true and faithful in their heart unto me and in all ways, I will put my scepter in their hand and let it abide therein all their days and their life shall be mine and mine theirs. 8 And they shall be my presence and my fullness in all things. But let them remember always that this is a responsibility and not a privilege; 9 and the reward is with me in life unto them that honours their calling without faltering and wavering: 10 for I will not accept them who are of two hearts, are without charity unto the needy and the poor, 11 and are of evil desires; unrighteous judgments and unrighteous gains.



Ob 188


1 All praise and honour be unto the UTMOST of all who dwells yonder all; whose presence and assurances are steadfast and perpetual; 2 who speak to the hearts of the meek and righteous always and hold the hands of the feeble and give a goodly heritage to all that be without sound hope. 3 Him is my confidence and my pride everyday for with gentleness and prudence speaks He to all His beloved: 4 I thy GOD that dwells in the holy of holies am thy scepter and thy shield; and by my glory shall I make thee complete forever. 5 I will hold and lead thee by the hand by day, in the path that blossom with fruitfulness of life; 6 an ever righteous way, and by night will I be the light of thine eyes and the tent of thy life for thou art most precious to me. 7 By thine feet shall thou crush the serpent and walk upon snares without care and without suffering any harm for I will be there always, to help thee in all things. 8 Across rivers and the seas and oceans will I carry thee, to give an inheritance to my children now and in life, 9 and to all peoples at the end of thy heart’s horizon and as much as they can receive shall they take from me through thee. 10 With victory upon victory by grace upon grace will I stretch thy path continuously every day; 11 and righteousness and truth will open thine eyes that thou may see who is thy true helper and thy true neighbor in thy day.




Ob 189


1 When I thought of thy goodness as I sat in the stillness of my secret haven; the place of my meditations and orisons, 2 I could not but rejoice. Great calm and much merry filled my heart as thy life waxed in my soul; 3 for with each gentle thought and tender breathe saw I the grandeur of thy holy glory, rising exceedingly upon me and upon thy family, as well as upon all that which is and shall be always. 4 I was lift in spirit and adorned in fullness of thy glory, the sweeping holy power with which I tore to shambles the evil forts of the wicked which they erected to discriminate and massacre others with a prejudiced creed and a corrupt system, 5 whose object was and is to leave the poor and the needy, and the just and the righteous without hope and life; 6 and in their place caused thou me to raise the walls of perfect justice, truth, peace and harmony which makes the sanctuary and the salvation of all thy children; 7 and all that were and are without hope and without inheritance: 8 not with shrewdness and supremacy of flesh upon which the worldly erect their glory, 9 but with thy holy scepter which is my volition and my voyage yonder all horizons of life. 10 O what a glory and a life have they that abide in thee; forever they are truly blessed.




Ob 190


1 How wonderful thou art O my GOD. Thou said unto me on thy day, 2 come and I will show thee a thing. And lo: there I was in the midst of a doubting people, 3 declaring mysteries; but they would not believe. Neither did they understood until thou caused clouds upon clouds to gather from the ends of the Universe, 4 unto where I was. Upon them were writings and signs that spoke thy glory; and thou stood in their midst thereof. 5 And the righteous man, having seen, for thou caused him to see, 6 declared; Wonderful GOD! And so did the wicked and the persecutor of the righteous who repented in that hour; 7 yea, even him according to thy mercies, witnessed thy glory and declared; Amazing GOD! 8 And my heart was glad. I was filled with joy and peace in my soul for I had seen thy glory which is my glory: 9 the salvation of the righteous ones, the lightangels; and because the wicked had convert and seen light like thy faithful ones who abided in truth and righteousness, 10 I was at rest in thy glorious presence. 11 Thank you O Faithful GOD for thy enduring mercies and loving kindness in which thou glorified thyself.



Ob 191


1 Wonderful is thy word O GOD which is my bread and my righteousness. 2 I blossom with life and flourish with holy splendor because I am gird in thy word which is my counsel in the path that is right and worthy unto life. 3 Though it be hard, yet always speak the truth and walk by the truth; 4 for it is the light of a cheerful stress free life and the bringer of the joy of liberty. 5 In the day that thou will make a lie even of a smoldering stump, thy soul will suffer corruption and joy will depart from thy heart. 6 Righteousness will flee thy presence and false love will occupy their space and in that is loss of all goodly inheritance and blessings. 7 To them that be of the world, there is gain, liberty and safety in lies, 8 but such knows not that the gains, the liberty and the joy of lies though it be as sweet as honey, 9 lives only but for a heartbeat’s length and its curse is as brutal and deadly as the agony of murder. 10 Thou will resent and despise thy neighbor and blame everyone for wrongs of thy own making. 11 Uncaring and unfair will thou think of me in times of need but how can I be part to vices of inequity. 12 If thou lie, in that day know thou must that thou have distanced thyself from me and have sawn the seed of corruption and death; 13 and with each grain upon grain in thy heart, thy life is perishing.



Ob 192


1 What an awe that men is able to speak about love every day. 2 In this is proof that men has the competence to walk in thy perfect will and live. 3 What lacks men then that his love should be just but a high sounding nothing chant? 4 O that his love was true and pure. 5 That he would know not to forbear mercy unto the man of just error and ask for forgiveness from him with whom he has a just cause. 6 That he would seek the path of correction and reconciliation over strife, hate and prejudice would be a great blessing of his love to his life. 7 For in this is no true love that one should conceal the truth from others for the sake of gain. 8 Neither is there any true love in them that profess it by day and walk in crook paths by night. 9 And if a man knows not how to compensate for his shortcomings with genuine charity, the same is no man of true love but a pretender and deceiver. 10 Beginning this day then, do I rejoice O GOD for I now know thy perfect will and thy perfect measure in all things. 11 Yesterday my eyes could not see and my heart was cold to thy truth and to thy way of true love. 12 Now that I know, I will change my course so that in that day, I will be perfect in the path of righteousness. 13 I will not wait to be asked for mercy till I forgive but will learn each day to forgive till that day when wrong’s hurt will not have power over me. 14 Neither will I wait for the day to go by before I ask for mercy from the one with whom I am in error, 15 that the day of my flight might find me rejoicing, ready and gird in life. 16 I will not disturb the peace and harmony of others nor interfere with their rights.



Ob 193


1 The tree of abounding blessings has blossomed: its fruits ripe for harvest; 2 for the aroma that bids the sojourner unto a feast engulfs the air above and around it. 3 Let me harvest the almonds of peace and harmony with all that love peace and perfect harmony. 4 Let me rejoice in the UTMOST with him who came with the clouds of perfect peace and abiding love, 5 which edifies unto everlasting harmony for and among all; the caveater and counselor, who thought it nothing at all, 6 to forsake the glory of the world for the cause of light in peace, love and harmony. 7 Herein, in thine warm embrace O ALYAASHA, all his labours, though loathed by them unto whom he dedicated them first, 9 counts not unto vain but unto enduring blessings unto all and unto thine holy name. 10 Herein in thine sanctioning of his works, the earth rejoices and shall rejoice forever in thee for peace, love and harmony are soul to all piety. 11 And as all the children of light rejoice in thee with fullness of all thine grandeur, 12 let it overflow unto the uttermost parts of the universe; and in that, let thine perfect will be made manifest.



Ob 194


1 And for this cause, that you may all live, will I yet speak again out of abounding love for my own. 2 I have witnessed greatly; and by cause of grief in my heart saw it I profiting unto you and I that I should admonish you while time still permits. 3 My beloved kind in all four corners of the winds, thou art wiser and wayward in all things than the servant of GOD: 4 but I beseech thee to depart from all manner of abomination and inequity that brings GOD’s wrath, judgment and condemnation upon you and all thy generations. 5 Depart ye from wickedness and seek ye after righteousness. Treasure ye counsel and instruction and walk ye in truth and light. 6 Every commandment and precept is for thy benefit, and so cherish it that it may be well with you in thy day and the day of thy GOD. 7 Surely, were it not for GOD’s steadfast mercies and compassion, by which He shortened the days of the inferno for the sake of the righteous, 8 everything would melt and perish forever. But because He delights in the righteous and had promised by covenant that, 9 He would deliver their souls from the inferno, the righteous shall surely live and inherit all GOD’s glory; 10 but the wicked and all wickedness shall surely perish.



Ob 195


1 Awesome GOD; my ROCK, my righteousness and my truth in whom I stand and abide; 2 into thine hands do I commend the remainder of thy servant’s days and ways: and his soul. It pleased thee to put thy word in his mouth and to cause him to declare it with piety and faith, that thou maybe glorified; 3 and so, glorify yourself O GOD our Righteousness. In him is life and fullness of thy life yet for thy glory, he chose humility over exaltation 4 that thou may be glorified; yea, in humility and compassion there is more gain than in arrogance and wickedness: 5 so glorify yourself O GOD RIGHTEOUSNES; ye that is UTMOST above all. I have done thy will to the later: I have fulfilled my purpose: 6 If thou will, now shall I come, yonder the heavens, unto a rest that surpass all else I may call profit: 7 a rest which thou prepared for me in thy holy and glorious presence before the foundation of all else was. 8 And I commend thy family and thy wonderful people to thy righteousness, kindness, mercy and steadfast love. 9 Guide ye them until thy day, in the path of life, truth and righteousness. 10 Leave ye not them unto the vices of the wicked one and give ye them rest and adequacy in all things. 11 Sanctify ye their labours and keep them in thy will all their days. And, what more can I say; for I have seen it all. 12 All thy glory have I known since I was young in thy presence; and so, as thou will, so do I declare: 13 Let there be peace and harmony in the earth; Let light from thy glorious presence stream forth into the midst of mankind’s dwelling. 14 Let thy love which is pure and precious abound in his heart and let thy mercy and kindness abound in his midst. 15 From the centre of holiness and truth, which is thy presence, let holiness and truth and light manifest upon the earth; 16 let all become new; and may all creation rejoice in thy goodness unto thy glory and honour time and time and time without end.



Ob 196


1 What a wonder and a great blessing did my eyes behold in thy presence, as thy favoured one in Amethyst in the midst of the assembly, reverently led thy lightangels in worship with a hymn before thine holy altar; 2 Bow down and worship, O bow down beloved child, for the time of the UTMOST is come. 3 Come ye into the holy of holies and bow down to worship for GOD’s glory is in this presence. 3 With majesty and fullness of glory, GOD stands in thy midst, to bestow all His glory upon thee. 4 Yeah, bow down and worship O beloved for the appointed time of thy salvation is at hand. 5 Make thine heart glad and gird thy loins for the chariots of thy glorious redemption are nigh. 6 Open thy eyes and see, for He rides upon the radiant cloud: bow down and worship, and behold the glory of GOD on His day 7 for myriads and myriads of holy angels are with Him. Hearken unto the new song breaking out of the clouds, 8 the voice of angels singing a song of victory for thy day, the day of the holy children of thy GOD, the Most Righteous one. 9 Bow down and worship, O bow down for thy glory is come. 10 Let thy feeble bones be strengthened and let thy arms raise in holy worship. 11 Yeah, arise shine for now is thy moment; the moment of thy victorious entry into rest. 12 And Eshal, the city of thy rest and the city of thy GOD rejoices in holiness and fullness of grandeur, 13 for the day of her salvation is come, and GOD RIGHTEOUSNESS sits upon her holy throne for His time is fulfilled. 14 Bow down and worship O chosen one and let GOD open the gates of the fullness of His glory upon thee; 15 a glory which is the inheritance of all the lightangels in life. 16 O let thy soul rejoice for thou art redeemed today; yeah, ALYAASHA thy GOD has redeemed thee.



Ob 197


1 Wonderful GOD you are we shall sing; O wonderful GOD you are we shall sing. So deeper is your love and your kindness; deeper than mortal can measure. 2 Everlasting and plenty are thine mercies and grace; plenty that all wickedness cannot wash away. Like the Oceans and the Seas, you are meek. 3 As they pay homage to all streams and rivers of the earth, so do you welcome us all before your presence; to come and wash ourselves with the hyssop of your righteousness; 4 that we might be your children as we receive the gift of life. Because of your righteousness, mercy and loving kindness; by which you consecrated life unto us, 5 we chose to abhor all corruption and come unto fellowship with you in truth, that in you, we might be complete unto all things and live. 6 And surely, now that we are alive in you, we cheerfully sing, we cheerfully declare; wonderful GOD you are we sing, O wonderful GOD you are we sing. 7 For because of you, death has lost its hold on us, and suffering has lost its place in our midst. In your peace and harmony, 8 we have found shelter for rest and a cause to rejoice, singing, wonderful GOD you are we sing, O wonderful GOD you are we sing!



Ob 198


1 O children of GOD, let us sail in faith; under the light of His shining scepter. His word is our scepter; the scepter of our salvation. 2 Let our heads be lift and our eyes gaze, towards the heavens, in the direction of the morning star which heralds His ever presence. 3 Let our feet be gird in truth and our hands on His archer, the works of righteousness, peace and harmony; 4 and when the time comes for us to march forward unto the gate of Pristine, let us forget not charity and mercy: 5 binding the broken hearted and liberating they that be in bonds of cunning powers. 6 With meekness of heart and reverence, let your lips, your violin and your harp cease not to bring glory and honour unto Him that knew us in gentleness of heart, 7 and birth us unto life by His Spirit that we may be light unto they that be in darkness.



Ob 199


1 O what a gift that I have lived with men and sojourned in the earth; home to gods and goddesses of great heart and great courage: 2 a place wherein sons and daughters of men are creators and builders of great marvels. 3 What an honour that I have seen thy goodness in the midst of his dwelling and in the day of my abiding thereof. 4 Though there is the wicked one in his midst, the plunderer and destroyer, and the one that uproot the good vine, the heart of the righteous is fairer in meekness and kindness and all his works sanctify life and bless your righteous name. 5 His deepest desire is still hid in ages yonder the light of stars but his compassion and his coming of age is taking him there with the lapse of responsibility and days; 6 to that home of his heart’s yearning, wherein men and animal lay side by side and drink of the same well. 7 There is the captain of peace and harmony and there is the king of righteousness in the earth; 8 all are good trustees of thy will till the coming of the hour of the last watch. 9 And what test will prove too great a thing for the queens and princess of faith and meekness till that hour? 10 Hills will lay waste and forests will become orgs. 11 Rivers will run dry and torrents stand still before thy family: children of an holy and mighty scepter. 12 Therefore shall I be still in the joy of my heart concerning thy gift unto men for it is a wonderful gift worthy cherishing.



Ob 200


1 Let me sing and praise you while I can O my GOD that I may know not sadness and loss of joy in my days. 2 Let me play the string, sound the lyre and give you glory with my hands while they still can that the world may know your goodness. 3 You are more precious to me than words can tell. To my bones you are the strength; to my head, the balm and crown; the flame of light that shines in my heart and make life worthy. 4 Your word and your instruction gives healing to my body. 5 You are my shelter and my sufficiency; my mantle and my circlet for which the multitudes adore me. 6 Therefore, while I still can, I will play my strings and sing unto you a hymn the way I know best that I may show forth my gratitude. 7 I will sound the violin over a mantra and rejoice in your glory that I may know not sadness and loss of joy in my day.



Ob 201


1 O UTMOST ONE, GOD of truth, peace and enduring justice, yours is the glory and honour. 2 With consecrate and meek hearts we lift up our voices which you made precious for your own glory. 3 We lift them declaring your majesty for what GOD can there be like unto you O Most Kind and Most Merciful One. 4 Your word O RIGHTEOUSNESS is light to our paths and life to our souls. It’s glory still our hearts when tides rage and death knocks by the front door. 5 With valor we tell it to part from our presence because by your word which is your Spirit in us we live and have power over death until thy day come; 6 when you decide; my beloved, it is time to come home; and when you and you alone make the invitation, 7 we shy not away in fear of what many perceive unknown and try to stall, we will, if need be, 8 gladly give up our hold to the bones and their cover and come, for home is where you are. 9 In your holy sanctuary which is our place of eternal rest. Therein, we abide forever with you gloriously.



Ob 202


1 A good desire O my soul is acknowledging that you are complete even when you have not yet realized it. 2 It is accepting your oneness with and your perfection in Him unto all things and live in that understanding. 3 And who is He in you but GOD; the voice of your soul and the light of your spirit; 4 the glory and the sanctuary whereof you find everlasting rest and peace. 5 O my soul, bless the name of ALYAASHA all your days; cherish His counsel and instructions; 6 walk in integrity and learn of and be gird in holiness and it shall be that you will abide in Him always.



Ob 203


1 In thee I rejoice O UTMOST of all for thou blessed me with all wisdom and understanding, 2 than with all costly rubies and all silver and gold, for by these am I effective in my path and fruitful in my life. 3 I am master over all misfortune, fear and all error of judgment and I know the truth that gives life. 4 I exercise power over the most powerful, not by sheer force but by meekly tolerance, kindness, mercy and love. 5 Let me rejoice in thee O ALYAASHA for in thee I am greatly blessed. 6 I am blessed with talents upon talents and with skill upon skill wherein I can make desire bow down to goodly fruition, 7 of a righteous grapes in exceeding abundance which outpours as blessings to all wayfarers. 8 I am blessed with blocks with which I am able to build shelter for all without shelter and a torch of light with which I help all that be treading in darkness. 9 I am exceedingly happy because my riches are not in money and possessions but in thy righteous word which gives life, true joy and true rest. 10 Blessed be thou forever O UTMOST for thou art worthy above all.



Ob 204


1 Except men receive from thee O GOD, he is without anything; his soul is wretched and his life empty. 2 He is without wisdom and understanding and his path is warped. 3 Therefore, I will thank thee always because of thy abundant love and grace by which in thee we are complete unto all things. 4 First in life according to thy Spirit by which we abide in glory, and secondly in gifts and talents by which we are masters of our morrow to thy glory. 5 Because of thy exceeding kindness, we are rich in all gifts and with all blessings righteously. 6 Wisdom, love, and understanding are ours by right of birth. 7 Our potency and our abilities are innate and our bodies bountifully prosperous. 8 Our savor is the om of hope to all the hopeless and our feet is bringer of life and joy to the wounded hearts. 9 The songs of laughter and joy by which we rode over hills and plains of torment which thou taught us will we teach all the bereaved. 10 As for how we made it through the evil torrents, with thy help shall we show them till they overcome like us, for like you, our delight is complete in their salvation. 11 Yeah, till they are saved and till we depart, we shall not withhold our candles from them and our arms shall we keep outstretched unto them all.



Ob 205


1 Exceedingly blessed is a righteous heart for with life shall it forever abide. 2 In thy grandeur O UTMOST of all, I will rejoice with an holy family, the blessed of all blessed, 3 as all royal wagons hitched upon the white winged horses depart the earth with such as are righteous and true unto thee. 4 And what a wonder are thine chariots and the horses thereof: 5 whose glory oozes profusely from their golden crowns surrounding the holy horn over their heads, 6 which is gird with the ring of faithfulness and curtsy unto righteousness and truth, filling the entire heavens with an holy radiance: 7 and the glory of the fiery sharp scepters proceeding from their mouth and hooves devouring all wickedness. 8 And legion upon legion and captain upon captain, with mighty scepters in their hands with which they strike all wicked forts, 9 till there be no more wicked thing left in the earth and no more light angel left in the midst of corruption, 10 they descend and ascend into heaven; yonder the veil of veils from whence they come with thy command O ALYAASHA; ye only that is worthy and stands before all the host and all the captains. 11 Yeah, I will rejoice with all the righteous and true at heart, and exceeding jubilation shall fill the holy of holies, 12 as all the host in light sing praises before thy altar and pay obeisance before thy holy throne. 13 Even now I rejoice in thee O UTMOST, standing before the assembly of holy angels and giving charge to an holy wind to sweep over all creation, unveiling all things righteous and true. 14 O, how marvelous is thy glory and how blessed are the victors. 15 Therefore shall I be strong in thee always and make this thing so wonderful, 16 known to all thy children that they might have complete joy in thee even as I have.




Ob 206


1 ALYAASHA; salvation of all and KING of Peace and Justice, how wonderful are thy ways: in true holiness you make thy callings and establish them by thine righteousness. 2 Therefore will I not fear the vices of the wicked when he calls; for by night, when the righteous rests, 3 he visits and by day, he sets traps in his path. But far be it from me that I should fear: 4 when he calls, I will not answer; neither will I seek his counsel nor open my door when he knocks, 5 and when I am not sure, then I will wait upon thee, 6 for thy voice is known unto me; and when thou call, then will I answer 7 and open unto thy knocking that thy will might happen: that I may serve again. 8 Yea, when I heard a voice calling, I walked out of my sleep to see whom called, 9 but nothing saw I, neither heard I again a calling voice unknown unto me for the wicked had failed in his plans of enticing me 10 for thou confronted him with mighty and he stood not. Yet, call ye unto me O GOD Most Righteous and I will not forbear, 11 for unto thy glory am I come unto this world; that thou may be glorified in truth and in righteousness. 12 Thy will, as before all days, is my greatest command O GOD RIGHTEOUSNESS. Speak ye thy word yet again, and I will proclaim it.




Ob 207


1 Yeah, an horizon without appraise upon all horizons for thy holy and everlasting divine sovereignty, and a legion of the mightiest angels and chariots on guard upon its walls, 2 built by a blend of the most precious rocks and pillars of which thou art on every side of its walls, 3 unto the furthest post from the first altar in the midst of thy first holy throne. 4 Around thy altar, a rainbow upon a mauve cloud, upon which is thine first holy throne O GOD; 5 from which thy pure radiance of light fills the entire kingdom and heavens forever. 6 Within the rainbow, upon thy first throne is Muriel with the om of thy truth and peace; and the Seraphs declaring thy everlasting holiness in unison with the reverencing holy Alyaas. 7 Before thee, the sixteen captains of all hosts stand upon the rainbow, 8 clad with majesty and on guard of thy mysteries and thy kingdom by their orders upon its walls; 9 and from each, a bright star for light unto all thy holy assemblies in the earth and 10 for the perfection of thy will in truth, righteousness, peace, harmony, healing, mercy, kindness, 11 faith and life through thy ministers thereof, even thy holy priesthood. From thereof, the holy of holies, a great river of life with innumerable branches, 12 flowing luminous water throughout the entire sanctuary and into the midst of the assembly of thy family in the earth; the lightangels: 13 and upon it and on each side, a cherub and sufficiency of all heavenly blessings unto all thy beloved children.



Ob 208


1 Unto all the favored in him who is thine first Alphasupral, for an ensign of brotherhood in light unto all faiths in the earth, as unto thy sons and daughters of the mauve ob; 2 who wields the mighty scepter from thy holiest everlasting throne and a nine star holy diadem bearing thine name O ALYAASHA, 3 a golden crown with seven of nine stars of rainbow colours for the highly esteemed sentinels; the Archangels, who are the second order of thine benediction, 4 and the Lords of all worlds: with azure in the centre for Michael who is among the protectors of the righteous and the heavenly sanctuary: 5 and the rest for Gabriel, who is among the carriers of holy tidings; Truel, who is among the defenders of all truth; Raphael, who is among the balmers of thy holy healing for all things righteous which abide in thee; 6 Rainel, the carrier of blessings for all earthly life; Uriel of the order of the holy defenders of justice; Jophiel, carrier of thy blessings unto the just sojourner and just laborer; 7 Zadikiel, the glory of thy power unto all righteous ministration services and Chamuel, the radiance of thy holy beauty and all sanctified marriages: 8 and a clean seamless mauve silk girdle for thy holy covenant of all covenants which is written upon thy beloved’s heart by righteousness; 9 consecrated in truth and in spirit, which is thy covenant with thy lightangels forever, the Alyaashas; 10 and a mauve cloud of thy glory upon them, taking from the end of their girdles and covering their feet. 11 Unto the forty thousand holy Alyaas around thy holy altar, each order according to its generation, and encompassed by myriads and myriads of holy angels, 12 a golden crown with a rainbow star in the forehead, a mauve girdle and a cloud like that of the Chief Tseddeq for them all: 13 and unto Enoch, a torch of righteousness for all the saints of all generations with portions unto all his generations. 14 For all the holy prophets, and all the messengers of truth and righteousness, an everlasting golden crown with a rainbow star in its forehead, a white cloak and a cloud upon their feet: 15 and unto all the messengers and their branches in the earth, a righteous inheritance among the nations forever and with peace and harmony on their walls. 16 A shiny and seamless silk mauve girdle for all thy lightangels in endless life and a tongue of pure light, emanating from the centre of their heads, 17 and their palms as a seal of life; with a rainbow around their heads for an everlasting crown and a cloud upon their feet. 18 A harp and a string unto each for a temperate melody and a tender song in thy holy presence, and a trumpet unto the trumpeter for thy everlasting Salvation. 19 Over all thy assemblies in the earth, a panel of twenty eight of seventy consecrate ministers, and elders from the four winds to lead and guide thy family, 20 in thy precepts and thy ordinances, as servants to righteousness; and unto them all, the lightangels in thy holy presence, wholeness unto all things forever. 21 Yonder the gate of Pristine, on whose sides stand the mighty defenders of heaven with many searching eyes, a highway of Sapphire proceeding forth from thy holy presence, 22 into the midst of thy assembly of all the lightangels in the earth, a highway for the angels from thy throne and the victorious lightangels from within thy assemblies in the earth. 23 And on its sides, mighty and holy guardians of life for every soul that leave the assembly of thy family in the earth; with thy radiance upon them concealing it from the wicked one. 24 And unto the brightness of thy radiance, nations gather from all winds to give you praise and honour: and blessed in thy way with life, 25 they choose eternal rest in thy everlasting kingdom, whose doors of grace and steadfast love are wide open unto all that would enter, and for all thy lightangels in it, pure bliss forever! 26 And so, let them that will seek thee be not confounded; but let them enter and rejoice with the holy angels forever; and let them that will forbear unto their own peril. 27 And let them that will enter among all, even in Crosswell the just and faithful counselor from Taona of Chipinge; 28 who is also the emissary of peace, love and harmony; the everlasting glories with which he graced the appointed time of the end, 29 for which he endured great prejudice, derelict and despise as a messenger from gainsayers and powers that be who hate equality and oneness, 30 say Amen unto thee O UTMOST one of all; our peace and our righteousness forever.



Ob 209


1 And upon thy holiest throne, made of mauve dimmed fine gold and the most precious gypsum over its stairs 2 and a whole rainbow oozing with the radiance of thy glory from the first supreme beings around it, 3 thou sat on thy day upon the day of days O ALYAASHA KING of Majesty, to make judgments, and thou declared thy justice unto the peoples of all nations 4 and life unto the lightangels. Against the name of everyone from the world who sought protection and rest in thy sanctuary, 5 thou erased the three score number of death 666 and in its place wrote the number of life 9 three score to become 999; 6 yeah, the number of death six, thou took away and in its place wrote nine three score, 7 making the days of the righteous eternal and splendid yonder the last digit, and there was exceeding jubilation in the heavens 8 and in the midst of the assembly of thy family for the victory of the righteous had been sealed 9 and their inheritance made eternally secure. And a gloom of death hanged upon the wicked, 10 the unrepentant who forbear against thy word of reproof unto righteousness and holiness. 11 Yeah, by their forbearance, they condemned themselves and in that, 12 thy judgments were witnessed fair and just unto all and by all; 13 and so, thy holy waters of salvation which hail from the snowy clouds overflowed upon the righteous unto all ends quenching thirst unto the thirst 14 and giving life upon life unto the dead who believed and shall hear and believe and run unto thee 15 for thou art the fountain of life, the infinity of all things righteous and the end of all things wicked. 16 And so, let all glory and honour be unto thee forever ALYAASHA. 17 And let thy peace and harmony be upon the earth: and let them that are righteous, 18 and all that hear and believe, and seek after thee rejoice in thy goodness upon them forever.



Ob 210


1 Much joy is in my heart: how wonderful a thing it is to see thy holy angels at work. 2 Day in day out, they charge supreme light into the midst of men and everywhere else with exceeding joy. 3 A soul once touched, is never the same; and so impressive are their fairness, for they reach for both the good and the bad; 4 the able bodied and the disabled; the hearing and the deaf; the seeing and the blind; the speaking and the dump; 5 and all else, to impart the light of life and the grace that is far more superior to all. 6 In their orders, they toil everywhere and in everything to make manifest thy glory which abounds with life and blessings. 7 And I am dumbfounded at the Alphasuprals; the first of all thine ever righteous and ever faithful hosts: 8 how enormous and all powerful yet very humble and vigilant; 9 how rare they are to come by yet everpresent and ever willing to bless with all that is needful unto all who call unto thee with pure hearts; 10 for they are thine completeness; the perfect manifestation of the mauve ob in all righteousness. 11 Though of supreme command, yet they serve with great passion. 12 In raging battles do they assume front line charge and subdue all evil but in the time of celebration, they retreat into the background as though they are present not. 13 O much joy is in my heart for I have, by thine goodness, seen a glory like no other, and a wonder comparable not unto any other. 14 And that I have power to summon them in all times of need in thy name according to thy graceful life in me, 15 is cause to even much more joy than the present O ALYAASHA. 16 Surely, in thee I will rejoice now and everyday forevermore.



Ob 211


1 The fullness of His grace and abiding mercy abounds upon me all the time. 2 In times of need, I will call for help according as His life is in me. 3 I will say unto the sentinel of His goodness; ye that is everpresent and ever abounding with holy grace unto all things, 4 avail thy glory in Him in me and in the present: and filled with the mightiness of His grandeur, 5 I will defy all the trials and negations of the present in all things that concern me; 6 and upon my path, and embrace victory and blessings in all things and wherever I am. 7 Yeah, by cause of His life upon me fully, and in the expanse of His elegance, I am forever a conqueror.



Ob 212


1 So wonderful is the work of the UTMOST. 2 The work that bless and anoint: for from it the purest waters of life flow profusely 3 and the balm of healing, benediction and sanctity anoints every righteous soul. 4 Who is that fool who can deny this grace and seal death upon self? 5 As for me, I will work in this word: I will work it and by it, 6 until its breath is the everlasting breath of all who are children of light, 7 separated by it from vile to purity for an exceeding glory in the presence of UTMOST. 8 O my soul, be thou tired not though the day be long and the battle grinding. 9 Consider thy age not for thine strength is given from the UTMOST. 10 Gird yourself and do the wonderful work of Him who is thy life. 11 Take His life and bring it unto the lifeless; and take the lifeless unto Him that they may receive life and a goodly heritage in Him. 12 Yeah, bless the name of the UTMOST for so wonderful is His work everywhere and in everything.




Ob 213


1 The UTMOST is the wonderful om of my heart and His scepter is the mantra upon my lips by which I fill my tummy. 2 Why should I be sad when I have more than all that is needful for me to rejoice in His ever righteous word? 3 My peace abounds every day and so does my compassion. 4 By His ordinances and by His instructions, I grow in the path of justice and truth forevermore. 5 By obedience unto His voice, I have gained exceeding wisdom; and every day and every minute, 6 Acumenal touches my soul with the graceful power of understanding which manifests itself in all goodly works; 7 and unto the blessing of His ever righteous name and all that is His; even I that is in Him with all.




Ob 214


1 Now will I rise and stretch my hands unto the UTMOST. 2 My feeble bones are made strong in Him and my troubled soul has found peace. 3 My pursuers are confounded and the unjust reapers of my fruits are put to shame. 4 The blessings of Sereneal are risen upon my soul with exceeding tranquility. 5 Now I will tell His chosen; rejoice o beloved of Eshal for thy glory is risen. 6 Let it profuse forth as the radiance of the brightest pleasant ob unto all dark avenues. 7 Let thy feet help thee unto the assembly of His hosts and make the glory that is in thee shine exceedingly in om and in mantra. 8 Reach for the lyre and the violin and make thy melody a luminary of thine heart unto the UTMOST. 9 Rejoice O rejoice ye that is chosen and most beloved for thy holy sanction is potted with a seal no power can retract.




Ob 215


1 Are thine eyes short in sight that thou art faltering in the good hope? 2 Reach for the all seeing scope of the UTMOST and let it help thee see thy everlasting glory, 3 shining with beckoning brilliance from all distant horizons and oozing with the mighty of His benediction. 4 Draw it forth; and page by page and line by line ruminate upon it and thy eyes will see vividly; 5 the true glory of Eshal from whence thine glory pours profusely and beckoningly unto thee from yonder the stars and all the expanse. 6 Is thine path without form and goodly treading? 7 Stretch thine arms and put His scope to work: draw the line of His ordinances against everything unworthy 8 and make thine path straight, leveling every hill and every valley with the mighty of His scepter; 9 for herein is the victory that is everlasting and ever blessing unto all and unto everything righteous.



Ob 216


1 Pity be upon the person of cowardice: the one who cannot stand for a just cause 2 and walk in the light of truth for such a person has not favour and blessings with the UTMOST. 3 But enduring praise and honour and goodly blessings shall follow them whose hearts are gird in active righteousness and abiding truth. 4 Their courage shall bring enduring peace and harmony to generations of generations and their love shall bind them arm in arm 5 against all walls of bigotry and usher in lasting healing and happiness to every ailing world. 6 As for me, I will stand faithfully in watch with His instruction in my hands, 7 and His ordinances married to my soul that therein, I may abound in pleasing courage unto Him the UTMOST of all.



Ob 217


1 What better virtue could I crave for amongst men and for men than peace and harmony build upon the foundation of abiding righteousness? 2 For what can I exhort, praise and honour any generation and any people under the skies and life in the entire universe 3 than the goodness of meek love and compassion established in and by truth and justice? 4 Therefore, I will stand in watch with my eyes open for the person of good virtue that when I have found them, 5 I may walk with them in that path which is pleasing unto the UTMOST. 6 I will praise and honour them with godly praise, and with goodly understanding shall I do all His works with His righteous seed; 7 for such are they that bring gladness to His heart and holy obeisance before His altar.




Ob 218


1 I am blessed exceedingly in thee O ALYAASHA by cause of thine mysteries in me. 2 In thine love for thine, and by thine favour, thou made me prudent in this concealed thing. 3 The foundation of all things is life: I am the life in truth and I am the life in righteousness. 4 I was there forever and I shall be there forevermore. 5 Before the origination of the known worlds, I am the incorruptible and the pure life that was there; and this life is GOD: 6 ALYAASHA the UTMOST; the life and the light of everything good. 7 Worlds came into beginning according to my plans I laid down with detail and intricately for perpetual life and light. 8 I took eternity to envisage, consider and weave the immaculate that could abide eternally, 9 and I gave authority unto Gods to create, except for the Alphasuprals whom I kept unto myself in complete purity: and Gods founded worlds in and beyond the space; 10 and they founded angels also with my sanction and life, and angels became men who live as gods with power to procreate. 11 In time, competition among the Gods corrupted the light and the life they had and wars broke out: 12 and angels, though children of my sanction and life, being creations of the Gods, 13 followed in the way of their creators and in the worlds of creation, wars broke out also. 14 Tobhel, by cunningness, gained all corrupt power because corruption, murder and treachery were the ways of his fighting. 15 Upon these struggles were made all covenants of renown by swords, blood and all manipulations by which all evil power is sustained today; 16 but all this was and is opposed to the plan I wrought with all perfection on truth and righteousness, as it must manifest in true love, 17 peace, harmony and everlasting joy and life for all without bias. 18 From these struggles for supremacy, was born all manner of prejudice, greed, hate, war, violence, 19 plundering, coveting and every other vice that pity the lives of the worlds against each other, which is not so in my grant plan. 20 But in this rejoice as all the righteous should rejoice that, the architect of all this wickedness and all his cohorts, 21 is bound at my command by the Alphasuprals and destroyed on the day of all days, 22 and all his forts and systems in all worlds shall perish with him, 23 till there be complete unveiling of perfect light and life as in the mirror of all everlasting virtue; 24 the original plan for all things and all life in truth and in righteousness. 25 This is the true salvation of all that abides forever.




Ob 219


1 The honour and blessing of my prudence and knowledge is in thee O UTMOST. 2 When I knew prudence and understanding, and all knowledge and virtue are mine in thee and by thee, 3 I gave myself wholly to the manifestation of thine perfect will which is the everlasting hope and salvation of all worlds. 4 I looked with a looking eye, what good benefit will be there in committing my whole unto things and behold, all was but vanity. 5 For at the end of chasing all the things which drives the carnal man, true life is lost unto corruption. 6 I realized; when drought comes in, memories of the days of plenty and feasting are never cherished gratefully; 7 and when sadness overtakes the heart, happiness sounds as though it were a fairy tale. 8 So, that my joy, my feasting and my blessings may abound forever, I made the difficulty yet most wonderful choice, 9 and committed it all that I am to thine glory in which is endless bliss for me and all.




Ob 220


1 Hearken ye o one with hearing ears, and I will seal wisdom in you. If you receive entreating from GOD; 2 whether by express or by winding instruction; by a flying bird or by a trotting dear, 3 heed ye unto Him wholly and yield unto His guidance thereof, for to be remembered by GOD is the greatest of all gifts. 4 In those hours, times and days when all seem so hopeless, and in those seasons when all is rosy, forget not the ensign of His presence; for in all times, 5 it is there with goodly tidings that imparts light to thine path and life to thine soul. 6 Consider not GOD and His ways in the same way you consider men and their ways, for men’s ways are far forever from reaching GOD’s ways. 7 His imploring is tender and full of mercy. He can live with thine heart’s judgments of His ways by cause of His love for you that abides enduringly but men cannot. 8 Yet evenso, if you will be truly wise, never enter into judgment with GOD on anything but do all things that thine heart trust are righteous with fruitful faith in Him, 9 for only by so doing will you be able to understand the rare and precious signs of His presence and guidance which are not seen by all, 10 but by those that walk and abide in and by His instructions and ordinances, and in that satisfy Him.



Ob 221


1 In my tender age, during the days of ignorance and shallow understanding, you made an ensign of thine glory unto my soul but I was too blind to see. 2 My heart was in deep slumber by cause of the inclinations of my mind. 3 You showed me the extent of my inheritance in thee; its depth and its height; and all its growth, 4 but I comprehended not anything for mine conscience was seared with carnal desires; 5 what will the body have and enjoy and what will be the quench of my thirst and the fill of my hunger. 6 What difficulty an ignorance to escape it were, for all that mine eyes beheld was good for the satisfaction of only all my weak desires. 7 But now I understand for by thine instructions and thine ordinances, thou have opened my eyes. 8 Mine heart is risen and mine mind gird in wisdom; an holy wisdom which is the fullness of all light and life, 9 and all blessings that are rich with goodly water and fruit for my thirst and my hunger. 10 Thine word o ALYAASHA is the fullness of my wisdom and the fill of my days and my soul. 11 Guide and gird me in its light and strength and with grace, raise me to all the depth and height of my inheritance in thee. 12 O truth and righteousness of the UTMOST, overtake my heart and my mind; subdue my body with thine perfect light, 13 and take me to the height of His perfect will for me with joy and happiness. 14 My heart is willing; and so is my body. I will glorify GOD for He is my joy and my happiness, 15 my inheritance in which I rejoice exceedingly forevermore.



Ob 222


1 Blessed are ye o child of His benediction; ye that is a lightangel, called unto the great work of Eshal, 2 as the captain of truth and the commander of righteousness. 3 The scales of peace, harmony and perfect love are thine too. 4 Be thou exceedingly prudent therefore, to execute all thine duties according to the extent of the light that shines in thee; 5 and according to the fullness of the life that sustains you in all power and glory. 6 Gird your trust only in the UTMOST and not in men; for GOD is no company of the faithless: 7 and He will not make a success of thine battles if faith in Him is no guest of thine heart. 8 Rejoice with thankfulness though for thine faith is by Him as a gift of His kindness; and rejoice in thine victories in Him and by Him, 9 for in that do thou build thyself greater and greater every day until the perfect hour. 10 Yeah, with a merry and grateful heart come great blessings




Ob 223


1 All people without hunger for truth can never please GOD because GOD delights in those that seek and abide in truth: 2 as truth is soul of His soul and light of His glory in them that love Him. 3 Without truth, all living is meaningless for the eye that should guide one in the right course unto a meaningful abiding is dead. 4 Truth is the hyssop of the heart and the gird of mind for the wise person in the course of righteousness. 5 And whosoever neglects truth, the same will suffer untold lack in the flame of overcoming faith; for truth is the power of all conviction. 6 Gird yourself in and by truth o beloved of the UTMOST and thine liberty will be more perfect; 7 and thine light greater and brighter than the afternoon sun.



Ob 224


1 Sit ye down with thine peoples and all thine generations, and open their eyes in this matter: 2 on the day of thine soul separating from thine body unto those who will accept that as their truth, 3 cry not as a people without faith and without real hope, but only sing ye holy songs and holy melodies upon thine instruments, 4 as grace to the work of the angels that will accompany the parting; first to their resting place the body and then to the rest of life in Eshal. 5 The same shall thou do in the days of commemoration, but with joy and happiness, 6 as celebration of their good walk and works in light for body and soul shall unite again in me forever. 7 And the body that succumb to parting with its soul shall not stay in thine presence more than two days before it is given proper rest, 8 for this day is no fasting day and so shall the commemoration day. 9 Except for those that are not lightangels, remember ye to be consecrate with fasting on these days, 10 and to light sixteen white candles around the body the night before it rest in its earthly place. 11 But neglect not to provide and grace those who come to grace thine occasion with all good courtesy and needs.



Ob 225


1 Hearken ye o children of the UTMOST; let me instruct you in the way ever pleasing unto ALYAASHA. 2 Refrain ye from doing like the hypocrites do, and living like the ignorant live. 3 Do not think it as a blessing from GOD to gain riches and fame in the world; 4 or to be born in such things, for all these are the curse of death in them that have not life. 5 To be truly blessed is to receive and abide in truth and righteousness; for truth and righteousness are the stem and root of true life in GOD. 6 Though thou be born in exceeding riches and rise to any in thine day, and though thou be born in dire poverty, 7 or fall to it, boast never in these for they are guarantee not of anything worthy in GOD. 8 But boast in the cause of His heart which is the benediction and salvation of all in life; 9 an inheritance unto thee and unto all which is without limit and is everlasting. 10 This only, is the way which is ever pleasing unto Him, in and among all things.




Ob 226


1 O my soul, rejoice in the day of thine departure: embrace the peace and harmony of soul and soul that will overtake thee. 2 By truth and by righteousness, thou will arise and rejoice in thy day. 3 I will watch thine body from above and sing holy songs and melodies with them that will sing on thine day. 4 In the heavens and from the heavens will we, with all the holy host of the UTMOST, rejoice in thine day and pavilion thine body with an holy ob. 5 But pity will I have upon the crying, for they will appear sick around thee by cause of their lack of knowledge and understanding in the true meaning of thine state and thine day: 6 and great sorrow will I have for the wicked for they will be like graves around thee because of their gross ignorance. 7 Bless thine day with life today that thou may falter not in glory on thine hour. 8 Gird yourself in the righteous and sacred instructions and ordinances of the UTMOST for therein is thine complete victory sealed.



Ob 227


1 All faring in the earth is a journey hitched upon time. 2 What you will do where, and what you will say with who and unto who, are all subjects of time. 3 If thou art truly prudent o beloved, gird yourself not to open the right thoughts, 4 to the wrong audience at the wrong time because in that is thine path headed unto a piercing demise. 5 Being watchful of thine company and the place upon where thou camp, 6 cherish every minute of thine day as gird of all thine works that thou may not live in vain; 7 building yourself in the right frame of mind and choices that thou may know to walk in perfect harmony of time, light and grace, 8 for only in this is the seed of perfect wholeness potent to abounding fruitfulness. 9 And what nature is the seed of wholeness in thine palm? 10 Throw it, at the origination of thine perfect season, upon the fertile soil of thine heart in the UTMOST and water it with His word. 11 Toil upon it tirelessly day and night and it will satisfy you with exceeding and enduring abundance with which to spread out thine glory in GOD every day.



Ob 228


1 In the perfect love that abides forever and blossom from the great heart of the UTMOST, I am child of holy fate. 2 In time and out of time, I am greatly favoured and blessed. In drought and in rain days, my fields never cease to yield amazingly. 3 Even from the broken branches in my fields, fruits blossom and harvest multiplies. 4 Upon the stumps, new life sprouts and blessings grow. I am a fruitful tree and a lifefull stump. 5 With or without watering, GOD is my lot and by Him I bring forth exceeding blessings. 6 Envy me not o man of no faith for mine glory is no glory of men but of the UTMOST; who is the fullness of all good blessings. 7 My rivers never dry and my wells are forever full of drink. 8 This is thine doing O ALYAASHA; the manifestation of thine grace and thine benediction upon all the children of righteousness. 9 And for this reason, mine eyes and mine heart shall I keep gird steadfastly in thee always for thou art the bliss of mine soul. 10 Yeah, I will rejoice everyday by cause of thine goodness upon me; 11 by which I am branch of blessings and river of life unto them that hunger and them that thirst.




Ob 229


1 In the days of my juvenile thoughts and times of my shallow understanding, 2 I suffered untold grief and sorrow in my heart and in my soul. 3 Who is it that is the enemy of all good? I wondered what face him who is the architect of all evil puts on and what path tread him upon. 4 I pondered on the man wielding the sword and I was far from being convinced, 5 for even him who wields the sword knows not what power drive him. 6 I searched with a searching eye the ways of the one that work by the missile but my heart failed me, for even him, 7 knows not how much blindness is in him that he should come out against innocent blood with devouring wicked fire. 8 I even counted the ways of the sorcerer, and the magician, the pretenders, and also the witches; 9 and though their wickedness is gross, even them understand not what power drive them in their madness for all that they do is the madness of death. 10 But thanks be unto thee O ALYAASHA for by thine eye opening glory, the balm of Irisial, 11 I now know and understand that the archenemy of all good in all things is Tobhel, the spirit of greedy, envy, 12 all slandering, malice, hate, violence, war, plundering, bribery, corruption, oppression, and falsehood. 13 For all these are the things which cause the making and use of the sword and the missile, and all magic, sorcery and witchcraft spells; 14 Tobhel the drinker of blood and the voice that calls the unrepentant unto sheol everlasting is the enemy of all goodness. 15 But more delight have I in my soul because by thine power in the great Alphasupral, thou cut off his head and burned his corpse and tail to ashes, 16 for in his tail was the heart that gave him corrupt life with which he corrupted the world, 17 and all things thereof not gird in thine righteous ordinances and instructions. Yeah, by thine mighty scepter, upon the day of all days, 18 thou laid waste the great reptile whose tongue was the salve of power unto all the evil, and whose tail was their breath.




Ob 230


1 Arise o my soul arise! Arise in truth and arise in righteousness, and embrace the peace of good purpose and the love of abiding harmony. 2 Arise with merriness in the triumphant life of the UTMOST in thee. 3 Shine forth the glory of Plethoreal in thee and exalt the name of ALYAASHA. 4 Stretch thine arm unsparingly and reach all horizons, all depths and all heights, 5 with the exceeding glory of His abounding blessings upon which the chariots of divine victory for all are hitched. 6 Shine and shine till there is no measure to discern thine glory in truth and in parity. 7 Gird yourself mightily with the everlasting scepter of the UTMOST, and cross the threshold of bounds and forts, 8 till thou bring down the last of them all to the glory of light and life for all in truth and righteousness. 9 Arise o my soul arise; shine forth the exceeding grace and kindness of Him who is the wrought of all life and completeness. 10 Gird yourself upon the mauve ob of His glory and defend the virtuous cause of His benediction that blossom life upon all and in all that are of acceptance and abidance in light. 11 Of thee o Plethoreal I will declare to the glory of Him who is thine life and mine life; 12 thou art the Alphasupral of my growth and spread out in the mauve ob of His truth and righteousness upon the entire universe: 13 and my blessings unto all with all goodly gifts that work life and rest in them all that will receive them to GOD’s glory forever.




Ob 231


1 Mine heart profuse with happiness and peace; by cause of those that received life in thee O GOD, 2 through acceptance and confession of thine life, which imparts everlasting glory in all who received it: 3 if it were like unto that of the mortal, there would have been no need to have this abounding joy in me; 4 for whatever fails in life is not worthy any great marvel and celebration. 5 But this is perpetual breathe, a glory full of all blessings and all holiness. 6 No talent or gift of its benediction is mere gift and mere talent, 7 for even mine gifts and talents are so precious though they might not be so evident to any man. 8 By the instruction of him who is the Alphasupral trumpeter and him who is the Alphasupral encoder, Essaial, 9 I rejoice in the stroke that work life in them that read and fellowship in the instructions and ordinances of the UTMOST which unveil abiding life in them all; 10 and I rejoice in all who partake in this glory by the measure of gifts and talents they receive in life, 11 to make manifest the glory of overcoming righteousness. 12 Herein is it evident even unto the man of short sight that thine mercy and thine grace works marvel in all of them that believe: 13 for if one can add a brick to the walls of Pristine with nothing but a pen, what more will one with a greater blessing do? 14 Not that before thee, our gifts and talents vary in importance, but that, though they be the same, 15 they are of a diverse nature, according as each fit in our hands to thine everlasting glory.



Ob 232


1 When I learned of thine verdict upon the wicked, my heart was overtaken by fear: 2 first the fear of losing those relatives of blood that forbears unto the cause of righteousness, and second, 3 the fear of thine judgment of me by cause of my pitiful thoughts upon them. 4 But then, thine still voice echoed in my soul; cry ye no more o glory of Righteal for this is the good scale that is sacred upon them. 5 If there is such as is holy in their midst, I will not reject such a one with the wicked, 6 but I will separate them in mercy and plant them in the midst of the righteous. 7 Be thou comfortable in thine heart for whatever is righteous I will not reject unto peril but will save and receive into life. 8 Let all praise and honour be unto thee O GOD for thou art most wonderful of all.



Ob 233


1 Hearken ye o children of holy benediction; and I will make my edicts known unto thee and unto all that have ears to hear. 2 In this is the measure of life for them that repented and the measure of death for them that repented not. 3 Whoever has accepted rectitude and abide in it, the same is worthy before my throne, of all that is mine in all righteousness; 4 but all of them that hardened their necks, not as to turn from any kind of wicked thing, will have no place in me; 5 neither within the boundaries of Pristine nor anywhere close by: and if they be highly exalted, 6 to the height none can reach, I will peg them down till they be lower than a month under sheol. 7 I will cause their names to be despised for the evil by which they are known and I will unleash the chariots of holy virtue to tramp upon them till they are forever forgotten. 8 And let no one cry for them in the day of this happening because, 9 this is the just measure they deserve as recompense for their forbearance and for all their crass ways. 10 I will ask them that will have pity on the wicked in that day; are you for the good or are you for the evil? 11 For time of mercy have I stretched upon them according to my kindness but they refused to turn. 12 Why cry ye for them then for they never cried or felt pity for the weak and the righteous in their labours; 13 and when they perished under the heavy hand of the wicked that thrived on blood. 14 Depart ye thine heart and thine tears from them lest thou perish with them in their judgment for this is the measure of their evil hearts.



Ob 234


1 In all my days, I thank you O ALYAASHA because of thine joy which thou made my joy and thine life which thou made my life. 2 Upon thine day of benediction, thou send thine word into the midst of the universe by the hand of Pureal, 3 to make known thine exceeding truth, and with all the Alphasuprals, the mighty scepter of righteousness, 4 to work life and abounding blessings in them that have ears to hear thine biding and eyes to see thine everlasting glory. 5 This joy is the joy of all the righteous who hearkened to thine biding. 6 This life is the life of the consecrate; them that despise evil and all injustice but rejoice in equality and fairness. 7 I rejoice with them for these are the clean hearted in thee; 8 and I rejoice even more because in our midst abide thou by cause of the fullness of thine holiness that thine word worked among us. 9 Though I waited long for this glory to come, I am forevermore delighted in the wait, 10 for it was a worthy wait that culminated in the manifestation of the everlasting salvation of all things righteous. 11 I thank you I am alive in thee O UTMOST, for it is in thee that, 12 I am complete with finesse and bliss with all the righteous of thine mauve ob.



Ob 235


1 Be thou not confounded o child of holy benediction, seed of everlasting glory concerning the boasting of the cunning who boast about glories which are not. 2 Why should thine heart be trouble about things that abide not? Why should thine soul tremble at the sound of the trumpet of victories that perish with time’s lapse? 3 Yeah, you worry and tremble because thou know not the height and the depth of thine glory. 4 Open ye thine heart and thine eyes and behold; herein in GOD is the worthy glory in which thou must gird yourself and boast; 5 not as the hypocrites do, but as one ripe in all godliness. 6 Thine life is the life of the UTMOST and thine glory the glory of His everlasting wroughting. 7 Thou art stream of His River that never dries and the branch of His tree, 8 a tree that thrives perpetually and evergreen in all seasons; bountiful in life and in fruitfulness. 9 Why will thou be confounded when thine life, with or without possessions, is complete in Him? 10 For even I, boast not about my power that work unto the glory of attachments and things, 11 but in my balm that works life in them that love GOD: for therein are they sufficient in all glory and in all blessings. 12 I boast more of the glory of His day now and the glory of His day of all days at the completion of all things, 13 for it is the victory of life unto them all that are righteous and sealed with a holy seal of Eshal.



Ob 236


1 O ye that is most beloved of the UTMOST, have no regard at all for the slyness of the unrighteous; 2 and the nature of the joy that they partake in, for it is all woven upon wickedness and breed wickedness. 3 When they gather, whether they are two or more, their deeds and discourses are despicable: 4 and you will know them when you meet them, for all things about them are carnal. 5 Their tongues are without good censure and their pretense without cover. 6 Though they try hard, they won’t be able to hide it. Here then, be wise; not to enter into judgment by cause of them. 7 Despise them not as in the way of hypocrites, who castigate even them that will repent, 8 but build yourself in the good instructions and the good ordinances of GOD all the time that thine light might glow brighter and bigger continually; 9 for herein is thine strength to overcoming temptations and converting even them that are gross in their inequities unto righteousness. 10 For having eyes, they will see the light that shines in you and having hearts, 11 they will experience the glory that emanates from thine own soul. 12 In that, thine wisdom will they seek rather than seeking theirs and walking in its way.



Ob 237


1 I have abounding joy in my heart by cause of knowledge of the truth that the greatest gift of work in all things is working to perfect righteousness. 2 In righteousness is found true liberty for all and all true peace, true love and true harmony sprouts from it. 3 For of thee is this evident that; unless men abound in the knowledge of righteousness, 4 true peace, true love and true harmony will never be the everlasting gift of creation. 5 Righteousness is the mustard seed of all true happiness in all days under the sun; 6 and the emblem of complete bliss in all times out of the earth and above the sun; for after these, 7 there is true life that awaits to never end for all the righteous, a life which thou prepared O UTMOST. 8 Now then, these are the wise of all the wise, such as sow the mustard seeds and work on it all their days; 9 for of it they shall harvest abounding blessings of all things their hearts will desire now and forevermore. 10 These are the children of benediction and the family of holy selection who shall see thee O ALYAASHA as thou art; 11 and abide in thine everlasting presence, enjoying the awesome abounding fruits of the seeds they sowed and cultivated. 12 For concerning this is a binding promise in thee; unto all the blessings I have prepared for thee, 13 I will count all thine labours to thee and thou shall have a goodly rest in them and in all that is mine.



Ob 238


1 How wonderful are thine ways O ALYAASHA. 2 How beautiful and blessing thine power is which swells forth as a mighty fountain in mine soul. 3 In it and by it am I doctor and physician unto myself. 4 With paramount conviction, I speak life to my dead body and vitality over all sicknesses. 5 I command healing to every wound and death to every disease and growth in my body. 6 Distant lives do I touch at the stretch of my arm and amazing healing and blessings do I bring forth to the ends of the entire universe. 7 No venom or poison is stronger that it will not vanish without trace at the touch of thine power in me. 8 O; what is it that will not submit to thine scepter? 9 At what depth is it hidden or to what height is it exalted? And what will be its size and kind? 10 For all height, depth and size bow to thine command forevermore.



Ob 239


1 In my faith is my happiness that endures: in all days, I will grow in my faith in the UTMOST, 2 that my bliss in Him and in my days might abound also. 3 Because, when my bliss abounds in Him, so shall my strength and my prudence, 4 to carry out His instructions and follow His ordinances to the later; and in that, 5 glorify His righteousness and truth which exceeds all things. 6 Yeah, unto thee O UTMOST shall I convict my lot wholeheartedly: 7 I will cleave unto the word that proceed forth from thine lips and trust in the mighty of thine scepter, 8 as pave and torch of mine path; and seed and rain of my lands; 9 which in all seasons overflow with produce and blessings.



Ob 240


1 It is exceeding joy for the righteous to suffer for the sake of righteousness; but the evil will never rejoice in their suffering by cause of good; 2 because that which is good is the greatest enemy, memories of which haunts them night and day. 3 Now then, be ye not like them, the haters of light, because they have not an inheritance in life by cause of their forbearance; 4 but walk ye and abide in the company of the righteous always, gird in the good instruction; 5 and the good ordinances of the UTMOST for therein is sealed an abounding inheritance in true life. 6 Let thy joy and celebration in GOD in thine day; be without bounds, for thou art child of a real and abiding hope. 7 But, remember to do all things with humility and charity for the sake of the unripe in faith and in understanding; 8 that they may not fall in error of judgment and in ignorance what true joy and contentment in GOD means.



Ob 241


1 My soul delight greatly in all the children of prudence and understanding forevermore: 2 and they are not ashamed of the instruction and the ordinance by which they walk in me: 3 for it is an ordinance and an instruction that work abiding life and light in everything they cherish. 4 Now then, I will have a word with the beloved that are come of age; ye that are forward in years; 5 and have gained knowledge and understanding of truth and piety with age. 6 Be thou excellent mentors and masters unto the young captains; 7 teaching and doing all things with meekness and abounding charity, ensuring to make a way for them 8 to assume leadership positions with seasoned wisdom and understanding of righteousness and truth in your places. 9 And whenever they excel in the execution of their duties, refuse thou to enter into temptation, 10 by burning with envy and jealousy, but grace them with good complement and good honour, not as the hypocrites do to gain pomp, 11 but as children of light to the edification of all the righteous and the path of life unto which I called thee all. 12 In all this, remember ye to retire from thine excellent labours on time to avoid temptation from consuming thee; 13 and as a celebration of thine success in light through the delegating all active ministries and labours, 14 to the trustworthy and able bodied young blood, with benediction and good faith in them; 15 for their zeal is not a zeal of men, but the flaming scepter I quicken in them to the perfection of salvation for all. 16 To this end also, must all the young execute all duties, gird in good respect and sanctioning of the good things which work excellent glory to all things and all ways.



Ob 242


1 In thine midst are plenty gifts and talents in which I delight; for they are all good. 2 All of them have I sanctified to a goodly cause and as blessings to them that possess them. 3 Be thou afraid not therefore to use thine gifts in fear of reproach. 4 Let criticism kill thee not or hinder you from committing thine greatest passion unto a righteous cause; 5 for unto such intent gave I thee all thine gifts. 6 In all ways, thou art all leaders of various ministries, whom I called and appointed, 7 to make manifest the goodly glory that I wrought beforehand for the salvation of all. 8 Fear not thine potential and thine power, nor thine enemies and thine competitors, 9 for at the time of my appointing, I will arise thine heart with confession of thine truth blossoming thereof; 10 and strengthen thine bones with thine work in thine desire; and then, in thine arisen glory, 11 heavy rains shall I cause to pour forth unto all thine vines and thine harvest shall be boundless and timeless fruitfulness. 12 But refuse ye to be moved by greed and jealousy in thine desires but by righteousness only; 13 for unto the end of righteousness only will I balm thee and sanctify all thine endeavours enduringly.



Ob 243


1 Refuse ye to strengthen the hand and vices of the wicked one saying GOD has for forsaken me in the time of trouble; 2 for GOD is not fast to act as men consider fastness; neither is He present, 3 and condemning of the wicked in the way that men see Him and His ways. 4 But He is patient and compassionate that He might put all scales of justice and mercy at balance to the salvation of all. 5 This then is the measure of thine glory in times of trouble, 6 to rejoice with an exceeding jubilation gird by abiding faith in GOD.



Ob 244


1 Hearken ye then o ye beloved of the UTMOST; let me instruct you in the knowledge and life of true bliss: a bliss that bears everlasting fruits. 2 Open thine heart to truth, peace and love and gird thine soul’s path in righteousness, 3 and in consecration of thoughts for herein is the true benediction of joy and happiness. 4 Let mercy never depart from thine countenance and charity from thine threshold in all times. 5 Teach thine hands to profit by blessing and thine blessings to abound by charity. 6 Renounce all malice and all anger from before thine mind and thine heart, and embrace the joy that peace and forgiveness instills. 7 Teach thine heart to grow in the good desire that bless all things always, and commit thyself to good fellowship with all. 8 By this will thou shine without ceasing in all pure bliss as His holy angels minister unto thee all the time. 9 Even I who is among them that are of good benediction will rejoice with thee.



Ob 245


1 Why will I rejoice not when I am loved by my GOD? 2 When His kindness and grace is exceedingly steadfast upon me? 3 Where is the space for loneliness though it may look like I am alone to the observer? 4 O I will rejoice in my GOD who is everpresent with me and who loves me with an enduring love. 5 Adoreal showers me with the benediction of His everlasting love in every place and in all times. 6 My thoughts are graced with pure love; my bones are strengthened by pure love; 7 my eyes are bright with love and all my paths are palmed with perfect love: 8 and so is my whole body, for I live with Alphasupral who is the glory of all divine love; 9 the power and scepter that binds us as lightangels together as a harmonious family in ALYAASHA the UTMOST. 10 Yeah, I will rejoice forevermore with all of them who rejoice in the amazing love of my GOD, 11 who is my soul and my life; the beginning and the end of all righteousness and truth.



Ob 246


1 Now; behold I stand and walk in thine midst: not with menace but with great kindness in my hands. 2 What petition doeth thine heart make of me? 3 For today is my day; the day and the time I chose in days and in times, to recline with you in thine day, 4 and shower thee with all righteous blessings cheerfully. 5 Open thine eye of eyes and behold the desire of thine heart in my hands. 6 Have thou seen it o my child and my beloved? Arise in thine heart then; 7 and count all that which thou petitioned of me from mine hands for I have stretched them out to bless thee today. 8 Consider not the nature of thine righteous desire and its size, 9 for with every blessing thou may need do I stand before thee and in the midst of all the righteous. 10 Arise shine in thine heart o soul of my soul, and defy all thine fears, 11 for it is by them that thou negate thine blessings from reaching thee. 12 Stretch thine arms forth and gather ye all that which thine heart desire and see in me, 13 for I am the fullness of all things thou may consider in thine heart. 14 Rejoice in what thou beheld and have gathered unto thine self in thine arisen glory, 15 for the same shall be thy portion in thine day as it is thine portion in me right now. 16 Walk and live in its light without fear and doubt though it be there not yet to thine eyes, 17 for it is already to thine eye which knows mysteries and understand my ways.



Ob 247


1 What moment can ever there be for the righteous to rejoice than the present? 2 What better promise would they embrace in this time and in all days than the culmination of a goodly judgment? 3 For with mine own eyes saw I the stroke of thine finger which heralded the great judgment of the wicked. 4 But what greater joy have I with all the righteous in this than the knowledge that even the Gods shall be judged, 5 according to righteousness above all things; first by men and then by thine angels before thou condemn them before thine holy tribunal. 6 Yeah, even now, mine own eyes are not blind to the unveiling judgment of all wicked Gods, 7 whose works and names are a cause of great torment and anguish of the living. 8 This is the height of perfection to all judgment, for it is not in thine heart O ALYAASHA, 9 to condemn men first before the Gods for following paths that pity good against itself and mankind against its own, 10 rather than against evil and the workers of impunity. 11 Rejoice o righteous rejoice, for herein is the death of the cunning serpents. 12 Their heads are made waste as they succumb to the verdict of Him who is the UTMOST of all. 13 Even I rejoice with an exceeding joy because of this opened judgment, for in it and by it, 14 upon the day of all days, my grief is lifted from mine own heart and my bonds are gone forever.



Ob 248


1 Men have thou loved most O UTMOST, according to thine everlasting word, 2 which heralds the truth of thine heart and the light of thine mind. 3 By thine life which is more precious than all things and without limit, 4 wrought thou him in life with amazing prowess in perfect righteousness. 5 In perfecting thine love, thou made known unto him the course of his life; 6 whence it commences and whence it ends for real: and with that, 7 knowledge of his purpose and his inheritance in thee even in the now. 8 As for me, like all who delight in thy perfect deep love, I will celebrate my life 9 and my glory in thee by walking in thine instructions and thine ordinances all my days.



Ob 249


1 Bad companionship breeds unpleasant traits, and unpleasant traits are home, 2 to every manner of temptation that brings bad repute and destruction to the path of life. 3 The blessing tree of blessings will be severed to the root. 4 Ashes floating in the raging wind will be the only remaining mark of what was once a good flame. 5 And what greater temptation can be the in the presence of bad company than the desire for unrighteous gifts? 6 Get rich quickly schemes and have it the easy way thoughts and ways, 7 will govern your soul and cause you to lose all the blessings you have in GOD. 8 Favour will depart from thee and so will all grace and protection; and with thine hedge taken off, all destruction comes in. 9 Be wise therefore and avoid the company of bad fellows though they be closer than blood; 10 and may be thine blood, for in that is sealed the path of utter peril.



Ob 250


1 O heavenly UTMOST, birth to the trumpeters of all righteous thoughts and thunder of every good tiding, 2 I rejoice with a merry and exalt heart in thee by cause of Pureal, the Alphasupral of all impartial divine tidings and cleansing: 3 the one who makes known all thine discerning and all thine perfect will. 4 By thine entreating through thine Captain among Captains, my heart is clean all the time; 5 according as I constantly gird myself in the unvarying imploring of thine word to my heart; 6 which implore my heart to flee from all darkness and vile unto light and consecration. 7 The gentle and yet rare divine beating of my heart by the hour of prayer and meditation and by the hours of temptation, 8 reminds me of thine ever available and reliable presence and guidance by Pureal. 9 In that rare beating the holy knock unto my heart, 10 I will revise the thoughts of my heart and the intent of my feet and my hands: 11 and when the light of divine understanding is poured to mine soul by the one with the scepter of wisdom, 12 in that minute and in that hour, I will flee from what unworthy thing my heart and my feet and hands will be up to against thine will. 13 And to every petition I will make unto thee, by thine Alphasupral and thine trumpeter, 14 of holy tidings unto the righteous will I receive all answers with abounding and active faith.



Ob 251


1 If of old they conquered thine body and thine possessions with impunity, what thinkest thou they will happen to thine soul, 2 and thine sanctuary if thou will not gird it with perfect righteousness and truth? 3 Of what will they make of thine heritage in the heavenly glory? 4 For as serpents, of this are they aware with all evil shrewdness that, 5 to control a man without force takes only the changing of his soul: and if thine soul is minded from an extended hand, 6 what there is left to cherish than to concede to servitude by manipulation; 7 and the surrendering of all that is thine in foolish meekness and obedience? 8 For of this they will preach like of old; be ye humble and submit thyself wholly to thine masters. 9 But if thou art wise, thou will remember this that meekness and obedience is not gullibility; 10 as in forsaking thine own greatness in righteousness and truth for anything that is susceptible to age and death. 11 For all possessions and all earthly glories pass with age. 12 This then o my child is the truth that is thine inheritance in light and the perfection of thine meekness and obedience; 13 unto thine one and only true master who is thee in me and me in thee as everlasting righteousness and truth. 14 With or without a name, thou art Alyaasha and thou art complete in me; 15 for in thee by life am I the fullness of all glory as thou may deem in thine soul.



Ob 252


1 Now then o my beloved; this is the depth and height of true righteousness that, thou cease not 2 to walk steadfastly in the light of everything virtuous according as each ordinance and instruction build thee for herein is thine greatness complete. 3 And if anyone will bother you for thine spryness concerning this glory as arrogance, 4 remember ye to shed off thine anger and thine resentment with loving and merciful meekly prayers and meditations, 5 treating all reproach as nothing worthy any consideration for indeed it is without sense and without glory 6 to reproach righteousness and to envy them that walk in light and are light; 7 and them that rise against righteousness will indeed perish because they rise as darkness against light.



Ob 253


1 Now that I am blessed in thee by the hand of Acumenal in all knowledge, wisdom and understanding of all things that gladdens thine heart, 2 help ye me O UTMOST to be strong in the faith and walk that brings merriness to thine heart. 3 And in that same strength and goodness, guide ye me in my bond with all of them that abide and walk with me; 4 that I may be able to share thine grandeur in all things as thou blessed me with. 5 Bring me to the threshold of harmony and perfect fellowship with abounding love and peace with all: 6 and in the guidance of thine holy ordinances and instructions, let me stretch mine hand and mine lot unto prudent and sanctioning charity; 7 and unto the works that bring everlasting glory and honour before thine holy throne. 8 And let him in thee whose hand touched me and shall touch all thine children with all righteous thoughts and insight be blessed and be exalted in thine presence to thine everlasting glory. 9 As for me, I will shout in my soul with a shout like no other and declare with gladness; 10 Alphasupral Acumenal is the light of my thoughts in Him who wrought me and all the righteous with everlasting prowess and love. 11 ALYAASHA is my maker and my mind’s light by him whose hand touches me with all holy thoughts.



Ob 254


1 What a great delight is this O ALYAASHA that thine lightangels have in thine bosom: 2 what an exceeding jubilation have they in thine presence and warm embrace. 3 Captains of captains and masters of masters have thou made them when in the glory of Eshal, 4 thou wrought a wonder in Pristine the heavenly sanctuary when thou metamorphose them from being mere lightangels to become thine original seed, the suprals; 5 holy and complete lives of thine life by thine pure Spirit of truth and righteousness after the day of days: what ship can they steer not; and what cloud will they sail with not? 6 All gates and doors of virtue swing wide open before their presence, according as thine glory work glory in them and for them in all things. 7 Yeah, they walk in complete dominion and in complete power: they live and abide in victory and mighty every second and every hour. 8 What have they not in all righteousness and in all truth, for all that is thine is theirs now and forevermore in life. 9 Rejoice o beloved angels of the UTMOST for thou art chosen of the chosen; the perfect manifestation of divinity in all life. 10 Make a beacon of pleasing melodies by thine voice upon thy violin and thine harp unto ALYAASHA, 11 and bless His righteous name without restraining yourself in the good joy that exalt His heart always.



Ob 255


1 What better and greater blessing can we rejoice in than in the knowledge of us being like thee? 2 For of truth are we born of thine pure breathe and thine everlasting life. 3 We are the bones of thine bone and the soul of thine soul. 4 We live the life which thou live according as thine unction in us works. 5 Our arms at work unto all righteousness are without stretch’s end, and our feet by thine steadfast grace, 6 reach yonder all horizons, to perfect the goodly glory which you wrought for the salvation of all with mighty prowess. 7 The pressure under our wings as thine angels is the fullness of thine glory in us. 8 Thou art the seed and the root by which we are as a precious tree. 9 And by thee and in thee do we abide in life everlasting and in the present. 10 Thou birthed us with victory and for the victory of exceeding righteousness; 11 and in that do we walk and work without tiring, till all things are accomplished in thee by thee in us and us in thee, 12 unto that everlasting righteous glory which is our lot in and with thee in light.



Ob 256


1 By the resolve of the will, men are power without bounds: but willpower without piety is waste without measure. 2 Every thriving tree, big or small, is sustained by the root which stretches in great depth to harness all needful nutrients and water. 3 Him whose ways are not gird in GOD therefore is thus like a tree without root; 4 for it is in GOD that all thoughts and hopes find meaning and sanctioning unto good fruition. 5 And that it may continually count as holy prudence unto Him who loved us with an exceeding love; 6 according as He birthed us in Himself and by Himself, we will exercise, without tiring, all willpower with great piousness; 7 for therein is great profit in true life and rest.



Ob 257


1 O wonderful GOD ALYAASHA, my heart is at rest and my soul in bliss. 2 I rejoice with great marvel of thy grandeur which surpasses all. 3 Thine peace and thine justice is a cloud without end. 4 Thine love, thine mercy, and thine kindness are time endless. 5 Herein am I without misforgiving that thine grandeur which is our glory is build not on biased creeds, 6 wars and manipulation but on perfect piety: a piety in which life is for all equally. 7 Yeah, liberty, equality, fraternity and the freedom to pursue completeness in thee and by thee are among the pillars of our great way. 8 Upon and around them do we seal every seal of real hope and salvation unto all: 9 and by them do we bid every soul unto the path of truth and righteousness; 10 the path that blesses all without partiality with perpetual life.



Ob 258


1 A pure heart’s prayers and meditations shake the oceans and the seas; and cause the heavens to rain. 2 Such one’s thoughts are sanctified and so are their eyes that they can perceive all good glory into being according to the will of the UTMOST. 3 Who then is with a pure heart in the day of drought and hunger; when a people are laden with starvation and disease? 4 Who is it among men whose eyes can see the glory of the UTMOST, and can implore Marineal to shake the oceans and the seas to breath a rain filled breathe unto the heavens? 5 Let the same orison for the good of all creation that it might not perish at the mercy of the heavens’ refusal to rain by cause of men’s wickedness; 6 and with one such, let the sanctified assembly raise their voices unto ALYAASHA, 7 that He might cause the rains to fall heavily by the holy hand of the Supra of all virtuous earthly blessings in Him: 8 and may profuse fruitfulness and harvest follow the hands that will toil upon such holy rains.



Ob 259


1 I am still in Him whose supreme eye watches over me from yonder all heavens. 2 He is gird to mine path I will never stumble upon mines and traps of the sly. 3 His eye watches over the ends of the entire universe and over all things from Eshal the city of His holy throne, 4 ensuring His word works unto fruition of all things as He purposed in righteousness. 5 Of the great sentinel who is the sharp eyes of Him unto me, 6 the one in whom I have a friend and an aide in all times by Him who is UTMOST, 7 I will sing; I have a good friend and a good helper in all times of need. 8 Irisial the great Supra and great Captain is my friend and my confidante in my GOD. 9 What will wicked men do unto me? What harm will the sly ones hatch unto my path? 10 And what mystery will I know not for by ALYAASHA’s sentinel unto me do and will I receive true and complete insight, 11 of all things holy and needful unto the fulfillment of all righteous intentions. 12 O my soul, be thou still for thou art more than comforted: thou art greatly blessed.



Ob 260


1 Who else have I for all my greatness and all my joy than Him who is UTMOST of all? 2 In Him and by Him am I a fortified nation and a fortified generation of all nations and all generations time everlasting. 3 My feet submit to His commands all the time by cause of which I fear not stumbling. 4 I am a mighty threshing scepter that knows not how to bend to grinding nomatter how wicked and immense. 5 Fortresses of astounding make crumble before my presence by cause of His power manifest in me. 6 What evil will stand than flee? What crooked course will not be straight before my threshing? 7 And what darkness will stand before my presence? 8 For I m the light of lights in Him who is the true and supreme light of all. 9 Rejoice and gird thyself in ALYAASHA o beloved, for He is the fullness of Valoreal; 10 thine joy and thine greatness forever which is mine also: 11 for in Him and by Him abide I unto thee and unto all His.



Ob 261


1 O ye daughter of men; ye whom I birth with mine own life as my own angel and my own beloved, open thine eyes and behold my glory upon thee. 2 By thine heart listen ye unto my voice, for I call thee unto life every day by cause of my merciful love for thee and thine children. 3 I entreat thee with a tender entreating like unto one without knowledge and understanding at all of what path thou ought to walk in. 4 Know ye not that thy shortcomings, the shortfalls of thy former days? Who took them away? 5 Is it not I in compassion, yet thou still art in oblivion of it all? 6 How long will I condone your ignorance and your faithlessness? 7 How long will I reason with you like men for thine own sake? 8 I have walked and lived in thine sanctuary and though thine inclinations are more in possessions than in life, I counted life unto thee. 9 Will thou not wake up and receive it for it’s a grace I will not hold counted upon thee forever unless thou repent and receive it? 10 For in it have I wrought blessings more precious than all of them which thou crave for. 11 What more will I take until thou art able to see and to understand for despite all my entreating, thy faith falters before me all the time? 12 Therefore, I will preserve thy virtue in light but if thou will choose to remain of no eyes, 13 of knowledge and of understanding, thine glory will I make a den of lions and foxes.



Ob 262


1 My heart is exalt and exceedingly merry. Thy peace O UTMOST stills all that I am. 2 The distant green and terrified eyes are astonished that I walk in thick forests, through deep valleys and deadly passes without care. 3 They know not by what power I am without bother but I am; for it is by cause of thine pavilion over me that I fear not anything. 4 Over stretching oceans and seas and over raging rivers I sail upon thy cloud. 5 There is ever present grace upon me by cause of thy love for thine; 6 which thou make manifest by thine ever present angels every time. 7 Why should I not be at rest when I am in thy presence all the time? 8 Why should I fear anything or worry of loneliness when thou art with me everywhere I go? 9 What else can I be concerned about than the life of them that seek after me with evil thoughts and evil intentions; 10 for upon such will thou raise thine hand in condemnation unto complete ruin. 11 Yet of this implore I thee gratefully O ALYAASHA as it is my gift in life; 12 allow me in my day, to show compassion to whomever I will choose, 13 according as I see fit with mine merciful eye unto thy glory always.



Ob 263


1 While time still permit O GOD’s lightangels, children of holy virtue and the most perfect love; I salute you all in peace, righteousness and holiness, including, by grace, all sisters and brothers of faith in all righteous families under the sun. 2 Thou art much loved o wonderful families, and I pray this prayer for you and all His family that, when you would all have come of age in all things, 3 especially in the wisdom and understanding of these heavenly tidings, that you may walk therein, living lives of pure faith, righteousness, consecration and peace: 4 pleasing unto Him that loves you in all things, and sharing His grace, oneness, true love and great kindness which surpasses all things. 5 For unto the chief Alphasupral, the light and life in my heart and in my path in whom He is, made He His laboring known concerning the forbearers saying; 6 my Spirit is troubled by cause of a faithless, prejudiced, violent and ungrateful people to whom I gave my glory first. 7 Their eyes saw but they received not my free gift unto them. Life gave I them but death did they chose. 8 Their ears heard but they chose to ignore that which I consecrated for them. 9 Their hearts are wax with envy, hate, pride, intolerance and inequity they could hardly convert. 10 Had I gave unto Etna or Perth or the uttermost parts of the earth first that which I made known to them before all for a blessing, 11 her sons and daughters would have received it gladly and marvel, and many souls would have been saved. 12 But though they forbear, they now know what gift came to them, which they neglected; and what that thing needful is for salvation unto life: 13 and truly they shall seek after me but in vain, for at that time, if they seek not early, I shall have departed my Spirit and my blessings from among them unto a people of faith, 14 among whom I shall abide and fulfill my good and just desire: and for an ensign of my eternal glory which through thee I made manifest of old in life to all Gods, hosts and legions, 15 but as new now, unto a virtuous , just and holy family by an endless covenant, thou art forever Righteal, glory of my glory in and with all the Alphasuprals; 16 and all the ministers of my glory by and in thee whom I called uniquely; to gather all of them which are truly mine, that in thee and them in me, 17 they may become angels of light, and an holiest seed, for truly such are they from before the start of all things known and unknown; 18 heavenly beings in bodily form; a family of goodly harmony, justice and kindness’’



Ob 264


1 Him that dwells yonder all is the ROCK of all Rocks. His pinnacle is without measure and the depth of His root without end or beginning. 2 In Him do all the righteous and clean at heart abide for He is the UTMOST of all righteousness and truth. 3 His kindness is deeper than the depth of all depths. 4 The ob of His holiness stretches over all things good and He is in all things for all things good abide in Him and by Him. 5 It is unto Him I make petition concerning thee; in whom thou must abide and find refugee. 6 For concerning thee does He watch His promise day and night, to make it a success; 7 mine shall I redeem, heal and protect; and with rest shall I multiply their blessings and stretch their sanctuary in their day. 8 To Him will I make the thoughts of my heart concerning all things known without holding anything back. ALYAASHA is my ROCK and my rest, 9 my foundation and my roof; and Him only will establish thee in true life and wholeness.



Ob 265


1 Unto Him, the salvation of all without bias, ALYAASHA the Most Righteous and UTMOST GOD should be all the glory and honour forever: and greatly 2 blessed be ye all His children, Sons and daughters of true faith; the ones who have believed in these tidings and live accordingly: 3 In Him, I the servant of all and last on flight, have faith O wonderful children that when His time is finally come, all the righteous will stand up boldly and walk tall in His mighty glory. 4 I have faith that all the lightangels shall not die but live: that when all the heavy load has been laid off in His merciful righteousness, 5 men and beast shall rejoice together and His showers of blessings shall be upon all who are children of faith and consecration. 6 I have faith in this glory which I have known; the truth that there is a better home than the present: a home of perfect equality, tranquility, blessings no man can wrought and harmony. 7 I have known the truth of everlasting holiness: I have known the truth of everlasting freedom and security; 8 freedom from fear and pain; freedom from disease and loss of life, possessions and loved ones. 9 I have known the security of all blessings needful for both soul and spirit. With my eyes, as you gave me, I have known security from all infirmity and from what really is and what is not.



Ob 266


1 Today is thy day o beloved child; take ye a break from thy labours and be with ELYAASHA thy GOD and thy lot in His holy sanctuary. 2 Open thy heart and breathe in His holiness. 3 Let stillness of peace and all the goodness of truth, overtake thy soul and take you yonder the expanse of evil and commotion. 4 As you breathe in the holiness of His glory, pass ye through the veils of resistance and all the shadows of death; 5 till you come in the sanctuary of His holiness and beauty. 6 Herein you belong, and shall abide always: 7 where thy portion is; among the holy lightangels who are the fullness of His glory and awesomeness. 8 I praise the O UTMOST of all that I am thine. 9 I love thee, and loving thee shall I always do forever.



Ob 267


1 For thy glory I have fallen. I tripped over a rock and head first, I went into an alley. 2 I stumbled upon a detour and a dead stump, and before I knew it, I was in a ditch. 3 No one would look at me in my ditch. 4 To my friends, I became the stranger of all strangers and to my family, a disgrace. 5 All because I fell head over heels for thy names’ sake; for the sake of truth and righteousness. 6 Through a thick forest I chatted over the unknown unto the unknown, and over the edge, I met with failure and criticism. 7 Chaos overtook me as much as fear did and plenty were my regrets and mistakes. 8 The onlookers called me a failure and my loved ones dubbed me a waste. 9 Howbeit that that’s not what thou saw in me O UTMOST. 10 Every day thou led me by thine hand and cheered me on when thou would let me exercise my strength in thee. 11 Countless were my errors but thou did not consider them anything; instead, thou bid me unto a new hope and a new trial every time, 12 till when I mastered and thou smiled and congratulated me with the showers of thy soothing holiness and blessings. 13 Yeah, plenteous were my shortcomings but what saw ye that you mercifully embraced them all than but a baby who was all willing to do a worthy thing for His GOD. 14 Yeah, I was just but a baby in thine eyes and every night and every day, 15 when I was burned out, thou would cuddle me in thy lap as you still do, 16 reassuring me, be still o my child, all will be well with thee for I will not forsake thee in time and yonder time’s stretch. 17 But today, I come not unto thee anymore for I now know thou never leave but thou art one with me. 18 Therefore I rejoice with thee and in thee all the time for my victory is thy victory. 19 At last, I have won. My failures are no more of count for thou lifted me up with mighty of goodly instruction and counsel. 20 Only you can testify for even they that once abandoned me have joined themselves unto me and for thy glory will I not stop in embracing then day in day out.



Ob 268


1 O ye cynic and accuser of the righteous, why should I pay heed to thy blabbering and thy slandering? 2 Why should I pay attention to thy mockery and thy sarcasm? 3 For thy aim has always been to destroy. 4 Why should I shake hands with you when deception is thy heart’s motivation? 5 Depart ye from me for thou art the depth of sheol and the furnace of hell. 6 None has ever shaken thy hand and live. 7 Thy counsel is venom and thy teaching is advocacy of greed and prejudice. 8 Howbeit that against thee my soul rejoices and my heart dance. 9 For in the day thou will encroach upon me, thy hole will fall apart and in the hour of thy shaking my hand, thine death and not mine will be finalized: 10 and because mine hand is the scepter of righteousness and my body, the burning and thunderous presence of truth. 11 O yeah, I rejoice exceedingly because I am the seal of death to all thy wickedness.



Ob 269


1 When I was climbing, thy deepest desire was to see me fall and perish. 2 My small victories stirred thy jealousy and thy hate though thou had all the pomp and honour to thyself. 3 But was it the little victories that stirred thy envy? 4 No, not at all but thy knowledge of my talents and my glory which surpasses thine: 5 and to ensure thou remained in praise and power, thou foiled many of my just trials. 6 Howbeit thou saw not this one coming and for a superb cause did this happen, that thou may know that my GOD is greater than thine: 7 yeah, ALYAASHA is the UTMOST of all and only the righteous and truth bearers rejoice in Him wholeheartedly. 8 And even though I have power to destroy you like you did unto many of those whom you would not see succeed in their path, 9 I will spare you that thou too may know the profit of truth and righteousness, 10 and the kindness of a good GOD upon thy children who shall rejoice in ALYAASHA for His goodness and everlasting kindness.



Ob 270


1 Be ye merry forever O my soul; rejoice thou today O my heart for the victory of the righteous is sealed. 2 Generations perished in anticipation of this wonder and promise. 3 The heavens and the earth yearned for thy coming of age to the triumph of all righteousness and truth; 4 and now that thou have made it, not alone but with all the hosts and legions of the lightangels and all the righteous of the universe, 5 rejoice ye in the presence of thy GOD. Soak yourself in the grandeur of the mauve ob and ride upon the om and cloud of His holiness and rest. 6 Rejoice o my soul rejoice; for the yearn of all times past is realized today. 7 This is the peace that lasts forever; this is the harmony of all without end and this is the end of the pains of everyone’s laboring by cause of evil. 8 O give thanks and praise unto ALYAASHA the UTMOST o my soul for today thy salvation is sealed forever.



Ob 271


1 And this is real that in thy Spirit O GOD of truth, righteousness and togetherness we die not but live forever: that it is nothing but a blessing to suffer a righteous cause than to endure praise on a crown of wickedness, for in it is true death. 2 Yeah, the soul do die according as it made its way before thy presence. Though the path of the just soul is one of trials, inevitably, its victory is without doubt. 3 Though the wise has caused many to believe in nothing else but what is true to mortal discern, in seeming foolishness if this glorifies you, I profess your truth. 4 You are who you are from before men understand. Your scepter reaches yonder all heavens unto the great cloud and its glory is a sweeping tide that lives nothing behind standing or crawling. 5 Oh, what a grandeur beheld I! What a wonder have I known in your presence! What a splendid work did you with your hands. 6 So finely wrought and furnished that the high hills have thou laid low and the tall trees have thou hewed down. The deep waters that raised the even tide have thou made shallow and powerless. 7 The gorges that harbinger death’s spirit thou have shut and sealed ever and upon them raised the Mount of salvation for all. 8 From it your saviours, the lightangels went forth and showed forth thy goodness and thy praise. In their day; both young and old rejoiced in thy name’s goodness for by it they all had an equal birthright. 9 Though not like the heavenly which they would enjoy at the end of days, it still was splendid in all ways.



Ob 272


1 To dream is wonderful because I once had a dream of thy glory like all. I dreamt of and longed for what I knew not but hoped existed; 2 a home and place of pure delight; a sanctuary of unmitigated security and rest. I shared a faltering hope for I knew it not. 3 Neither had I understanding of what men would become hereafter. It was all a mystery to my juvenile and tender heart: but now, now I rejoice in thy everlasting goodness. 4 At last, according to thy steadfast mercy and goodness, I have seen and I understand; a hope so real and worthy sharing; 5 a legacy worthy delivering unto all creation and by thy strength, safely have I delivered it. 6 Though I am come like one untimely born, our glory will have no end at all, for thou have chosen a wonderful family to continue it and safeguard this most fair legacy here in the earth. 7 And at the end of its ushering, they shall be united unto us in the home of eternal bliss which thou established where none has ever reached; the utmost cloud of all heavens known. 8 My wishing and longing has now ceased because I dream no more though it be good to dream. 9 But I now know the essence of the dream which I shared with many and cherished, and because of that, I am at peace to say to all who would enter thy bliss, 10 it is exceedingly rewarding to have an abiding faith in thee O GOD than to have a dream; a simmering hope whose strength is lost unto the satisfaction of earthly desires. 11 I now understand that men cannot be saved by what he can see or what he can make but by what is unseen and is made not: 12 thy Spirit is all men and all creation’s salvation. Denial of this would be foolishness of the highest order on anyone and a gross sin on my part because I have known thy meek intelligence which surpasses all else. 13 No man can ever fail to understand how you arrayed it in simplicity regardless of how much he had and will try to complicated it for gain.



Ob 273


1 Thy glory is for the meek and peaceable like unto the lowly stationed seas and oceans to which all streams flow. 2 The rough germ may be shunned by all but the one who purchases it finds more reward than the rest for it brings satisfaction to his soul rather than to the desire for gain alone. 3 A cleared and cultivated piece of land is worthy more in gold than a raw one which has never been worked but the glory of the later far outweighs that of the former because its soil is still rich in all components 4 and therefore rewards with compound interest to its purchaser so much that even the beasts of the jungle and the birds of the air partake in its produce. 5 What more to say is there than this one simple thing; in you I have faith that not all men perish but the wicked who is wayward in his thinking as to deny thee by cause of his abundance. 6 I have faith that the prayer of an upright heart has a place of consideration in thy presence. 7 I have faith that all sinners have a chance at life no matter how gross their sins if they repent O GOD by the correction of their thoughts, acts and ways. 8 I have faith that no one being is better and holier than the other before your eyes. I have bold faith that prejudice, whatever its face or colour, 9 is of no effect lasting for it is a mechanism of wicked people whose selfishness is a deep throat of innocent blood and flesh. 10 I have faith that better and more worthy is the worse sinner who repents than they who forbear through pretence and hypocrisy: them that honour traditions and doctrines of hate, war, preying and discrimination. 11 I have an abiding faith that though they have tried by all means to preserve nothing else but their kind alone by earthly definition, 12 and their own ideas and cultures which pitied humanity against itself out of the desire to plunder or to revenge, they failed so dismally for so it was not in thy plan. 13 And I have steadfast certainty that all who pursue headlong in this wicked path have no future here and afterwards.



Ob 274


1 This is thy glory; the one which you caused me to see with the eyes which you gave me for nothing else but thy glory. 2 I am at peace and merry for my faith is not a mere wish or hope; but an abiding truth and in my day I shall cherish it though I be reviled for it. 3 I shall cherish it because it is a better sacrifice than blood and riches or sword and poverty. 4 I shall cherish it because it is the path of life gird in truth, justice, consecration and harmony. 5 I shall cherish it because it fulfills your true plan and purpose for everything from the bottom of thy heart which is the foundation of all things present and eternal. 6 I shall cherish it because I have an abiding faith in it that it is the fulfillment of the hope of all creation; the culmination of an aspiration of all ages.



Ob 275


1 Thank you ALYAASHA for teaching us in the way that is exceedingly good for every righteous soul, 2 and for giving thy word unto all that it might work life in them all through the knowledge and capacity of truth and righteousness. 3 As we all come together and rejoice in thy awesomeness, sanctify ye our hearts with life and fullness of thy glory unto all things true and righteous. 4 That we have a brother, a sister and friends in all the messengers and masters of yesterday that made their way by righteousness and truth is a great blessing; 5 and that they unite with us to a good cause for all humanity and all heavens is exceedingly holy; 6 and let thy love, grace and kindness be upon us all.



Ob 276


1 O what an honour they have that believe in you that they should be called your angels? 2 For with a unique birth by thy pure Spirit you made them and allocated unto them precious diadems and glory in thy bossom. 3 And as for their rest, there can be no other much better; for in thy sanctuary secured by the power of thy mighty scepter, they have an eternal and blissful rest. 4 Totem or no totem, upon the seas and oceans or upon mountains and upon valleys, them that be just shall indeed see thy glory. 5 I have faith; I have faith in the victory of men over evil. 6 I have faith in the victory of light over darkness, and faith in the salvation of every soul without blood for a sacrifice. 8 This, my faith is more than a hope and a wish for with mine eyes which are thine O GOD I have seen it all. 9 This, my faith O Most Kind GOD is in thee because I have seen thy wonderful deed in the midst of creation. 10 This, my faith O Most Righteous and Most Merciful is abiding because I have been witness to thy exceeding everlasting glory. 11 Yeah, this is thy glory in which is my faith found: men and GOD together in perfect bliss for men is now full of your Spirit, the eternal flame that quicken the soul. 12 His dwelling now is thy secret place yonder; the sanctuary that evil cannot find. 13 Pristine is thy sanctuary and in the midst of the Utmost heaven is it established.



Ob 277


1 What prejudice failed to achieve even in the earth, oneness in thy Spirit did achieved and splendidly. 2 What hate, greed and violence ransacked, love, charity and peace repaired and made indestructible. 3 What judgment and conviction failed to accomplish, mercy and compassion won the Tiara. 4 This is my truth in thee that what families of old by sword and by blood failed to achieve, the lightangels by faith in truth, peace, harmony and practical righteousness achieved and blessed your name and all godliness. 5 On thy day O GOD and in thy kingdom, even I shall surely shed tears: 70 not tears of sorrow and sadness but tears of joy and happiness, for I will say unto my soul; 6 finally, I am home and I am now with my GOD. The evil days are gone forever: the wicked one is no more. I am now home; I am now with my GOD. 7 May thy gates of grace and kindness O ALYAASHA, UTMOST of all righteousness never fail those who seek thee and may a place be ready for all of them that believe in thee and walk in thy will all their days. 8 Forever and ever, receive ye all the glory and the honour on our day which is your own day.



Ob 278


1 And this is thy children’s inheritance which thou bequeathed upon them generously with a binding oath when thou declared; this is mine, the true fullness of my glory. 2 Let each and every one of my children partake herein without misgiving. 3 Let each take as much blessings and as much a just portion of all things they desire, 4 and distribute it to the ends of the earth with meekness and kindness of heart and they will have returns greater than eyes can measure. 5 Their horizons will I cause to have no end and their increase will I make more numerous than the sands of the oceans and the stars of the heavens; 6 as I add host upon host and legion upon legion of angels unto them. 7 With good harvest and ripe goodly fruit will I sanctify all their labours, for with abiding true love and grace have I counted all goodly measures to them , 8 and with a special calling have bid them unto perpetual life. 9 Yeah, with everlasting life will I bless them and bring them into blissful rest; 10 for unto this intend have I made stroke upon stroke and line upon line by the pen of my voice. 11 I have sanctified all my glory and bequeathed it upon them without holding back,12 that in all things they may be complete and have undying joy and rest in me and with me. 13 To them that will come, this is the fullness of all the promises of life in me and there is no better. 14 And if there be any better, perfect in liberty of all, peace, harmony, truth, fairness, mercy, charity, love, and tolerance, 15 let the same unveil itself before all of creation and be rejoiced in. 16 I AM ALYAASHA, the UTMOST of all hosts and Captain of all legions; the GOD of all Gods and KING of all Kings: and the completeness of all things righteous and true.



Ob 279


1 Yeah, ALYAASHA I AM, the Most Righteous One of all and by peace, harmony, truth and righteousness am I justified for that is the everlasting glory that I am. 2 Mercy, kindness and love have I in abundance but I will not have mercy upon the enemies of truth and righteousness, 3 and I will not love and be kind towards the haters of peace and harmony for I am no friend of discrimination. 4 Yeah, for a long time, I had been silent and watching as the fools and the wicked went in rampant, 5 claiming glory by the flame of light while underneath they were driven by selfishness and spite. 6 They spoke of truth, and of love, and of righteousness, and peace, and mercy, and harmony, and every goodly teaching they could lay their lips on; 7 but what a contrary has been their walk for they walked in hate, violence, murder, judgment, war, plundering, and lies, and abided by instructions of prejudice. 8 But that worried me not for I knew the end of their rise and the depth of their fall. 9 I waited patiently and watchfully for their folly to ripen and pour itself out there that all creation might stand in witness as to who is evil. 10 They speak of the evil one as if they know him. 11 Had they knowledge of him as the one they serve in all their spite, and violence, and discrimination, and judgment, and lies, and vanity, and every manner of thing in which pity humanity against itself, 12 they would have long repented and served truth and righteousness that they might live. 13 But they cannot because they are children of wickedness who ways and deeds proclaim it all everywhere. 14 How foolish they never considered it in their hearts to perceive what kind of God serve they as seen in the ways they walk and in the things they say of others. 15 And that is because they have not knowledge of me for my name kept I unto myself and my face hid I from them because of their wickedness and desire for things of the world in which they delight more than in anything holy. 16 No, not in the streets nor in any house was my name heard and not in any generation has it ever been declared; 17 not that I could not have made it known but that the vanity and the lies of the wicked who deceived many with prejudiced, unrighteous and quarrelsome teachings might unveil itself before humanity and all creation. 18 Power have I that I could have wiped everything with the stroke of my finger but in that is no good judgment for not all are wicked, 19 and it is for the sake of them all that are righteous that I labored in my humility with the ways of the wicked. 20 However, in this is a fair judgment; they shall not see my face and enter into my rest unless they repent. 21 Their souls will I turn away from before the gate of my sanctuary and their days will I fill with empty clouds and unfruitfulness until they turn unto the path of peace, truth, harmony and righteousness. 22 As long as they forbear the path of good for all, I will forsake them but the righteous ones will I surely save.



Ob 280


1 And now that thou have triumphed o my child in thy course, remember ye this always that in thy midst is a jealous eye and a jealous eye is an evil eye for with it is conceived all known evil from the hearts of men. 2 Yeah, when thou have done a good thing, plenty will be they that will celebrate with you in purity of heart, 3 but forget not the evil eye will be lurking around seeking to put you to shame also. 4 So be wise and rejoice in thy victory with meekness of heart and charitably, girding yourself in the righteous instruction in which I raised thee till now. 5 Let thy heart be still in me even when a sea or an ocean of a green eye is raised against thee for I have built a pavilion over thee. 6 Host upon host have I gird thy life and thy path with, and myriads more will I dispatch in event thou art in harm’s way for thou art more precious to me than all things known. 7 Thy inheritance will I shield forever also from all wickedness with my scepter and all thy children will partake in it with fullness of joy and peace time without end. 8 Upon thee have I bequeathed all righteous blessings today; 9 cherish ye them and rejoice in them with fullness of joy with all thy family, and herein is my love for thee made evident.



Ob 281


1 For each day is a gift from thee O UTMOST; I will be thankful forevermore as long as I see it and be able to count a good labour unto thine glory: 2 and let me rejoice exceedingly in Gratial, who is mine instructor in thee in all knowledge and wisdom and also in understanding of the power of thankfulness. 3 By thankfulness, the doors of mine heart are forever open to thine grace, thine mercies and thine serene power which instills lasting harmony and merriness in my heart. 4 I will be thankful when thick fog overtakes me and I will be thankful when the hurricane comes by, 5 for in such times, the fullness of thine power will manifest great wonders in my life. 6 Yeah, I will rejoice and be grateful in such times, for it is the time of holy deliverance and the time of the pouring of heavenly blessings upon my path and upon my life. 7 And I will be grateful for every uphill climb for in that, the fullness of mine strength in thee comes alive to thine praise.



Ob 282


1 O evergreen leaf of the Almond, and shade of the grain of the holy oil, come ye in and bless my soul with holy tranquility and respite. 2 I have known grief, and I have known deep sorrow by cause of love: 3 love for love and love for the family that was never there. 4 Mine hands stretched I unto them by day and by night but only to be met by blind eyes. 5 I caught a breath and called with a still voice full of humility, 6 tolerance and respect, but mine voice was nothing but ruffling noise unto them. 7 What of the labours I performed and the battles I fought to glorify the family tree; for even them went unnoticed. 8 Not because I performed them in shadows where no one could see, but because they chose not to see and acknowledge. 9 The little that others did received praise but not the little I did. 10 More than a stranger and an unwelcome guest was I in the house of my father and my mother, and in the presence of mine own family, 11 if such was ever a real case: a child without blessings and without inheritance and an orphan without roots. 12 But thanks be unto thee O Ambracial of the UTMOST, for thine wings were roof and cloak over my soul, and thine fruit mine own balm. 13 And it is in thine holy balm that I have an amazing family and an amazing home ever blossoming with pure love: 14 the love that is tender and humble, and the love that is pleasing unto ALYAASHA, for it is by Him as an everlasting gift in truth.



Ob 283


1 The ways of the UTMOST are ever great before mine eyes and before mine paths, and His thoughts ever before my mind and mine heart. 2 Wherever I go, and wherever I am, His grace and His mercy, and also His steadfast love and kindness are with me. 3 There is a Supral everpresent with me in Him; the Alpha who is my mentor in all grist and perfection of every righteous work and every true word. 4 Splendid are his mentoring ways which are so gentle and full of grace and kindness, and in that, I know very well that he is in Him who is my GOD. 5 Yeah, Excelial is in ALYAASHA, for his touch, his attitude and also his presence manifests His exceeding goodness. 6 And because I know him who is the touch of all perfection; the hand of finesse to every righteous work and to every true word, 7 I will make my wish known to the UTMOST at dawn, by noon day and by sunset, and beseech Excelial unto its fulfillment: 8 and by day when I am working on it, and also on all other goals and aims which are branch and leaf to my great tree of desire, 9 I will voice my binding confidence in him saying; I am work of perfection in the UTMOST and therefore I will make manifest, 10 only but perfection in everything, because His hand of finesse rest upon me in him who is the crowning Alphasupral of all ALYAASHA’s glory in all things. 11 Blessed thou art o my soul, and o ye soul of His benediction, for thou art superbly wrought; 12 and thou art forevermore in the presence of perfection and finesse in power of light and in power of life.



Ob 284


1 The happiness of the righteous is in the hands of the UTMOST. 2 Every hour and every day He unceasingly grace their paths with light and success, 3 and their labours with fruit that in Him they might have joy unending. 4 But there is a greater grace which is the cause of my abounding joy in Merial. 5 This is a gift which fulfils all happiness in them that are called unto His cause. 6 Though the world be able to work their own successes and reap fruits from their own labours and in that enjoy considerable happiness, 7 they will never forever enjoy the exceeding happiness and joy of them that are of the UTMOST, 8 because their joy and their happiness is complete in light and in life, and not in things that lead unto a dead end. 9 Open ye today o beloved, the doors of thine heart that the hand of the UTMOST might pour light and life in, 10 that thou may be able to have the exceeding joy and happiness which is the daily common property of all the true and righteous.



Ob 285


1 What wise man is there who can measure the gift of GOD’s grace? 2 What sly man will openly deny the clemency of the UTMOST in all His ways? 3 Behold; Lenial the carrier of the holy flame that quicken the righteous unto Pristine on the day of acceptance, 4 and the upholder of GOD’s grace and mercy upon them that love Him. 5 Upon the door of every house he stands, watching the ways of men and counting their steps in light and their measure in darkness. 6 By cause of the one whose work is death, many are them that are shaken to the core every hour. 7 Pity be unto the wicked one then, for in the day they will behold him who takes away the breathe; terror shall overtake their souls unto complete peril, 8 for Lenial will have withdrawn all GOD’s mercy and grace which is the pavilion of life. 9 But rejoice o ye righteous, for in the day thine eyes will behold him, Lenial will thou see also in full armor of pure light, and in that be comforted, 10 for he is the ensign and approval of pleasing living unto you by the UTMOS; envoy of ceremonious departure. 11 In that minute of the hour of acceptance, for when in light and in life of truth and righteousness, 12 thou will know of thine appointed time, and death of the flesh mean no death all but slumber: in that minute of the acceptance hour, 13 rejoice and sing ye an holy melody and embrace the biding of the UTMOST unto Pristine, 14 and the beckoning of Eshal His holy city unto eternal rest yonder the day of days. 15 O my heart, rejoice in Lenial for he receives and carries, with all the appointed hosts and chariots, 16 only the breathe of the righteous unto the holy sanctuary of ALYAASHA, and of the wicked, he has no part and will never touch them, 17 for they are at the axe of him who is the architect of all wickedness in their death.



Ob 286


1 Who among you o wonderful people truly seek to build a good home: 2 a home whose foundation is happiness and whose roof is unending peace and harmony? 3 Who among you would want to raise a great family; a family rich in the things of GOD, 4 and a family which rejoice forevermore in its own togetherness than in conflicts, strife and quarrels? 5 If there be such among you, let the same receive the benediction of the UTMOST in Synchial, 6 who mightily work all glory of the family and of all the cites and nations to abide by and in each other’s strength peacefully and harmoniously. 7 And by his hand, all the worlds are but one in Him who is UTMOST of all and above all. 8 Bid him today to the cause of thine own household, and thine own city, and thine own nation. 9 Invite him to their cordial existence also with the rest of the families, cities, and nations of all worlds, and he will not delay thine cause, 10 for it is his greatest joy to do so that thou may be happy and fulfilled in the UTMOST, in whom thou art forever comforted.



Ob 287


1 O my children, holy seed of my soul, will you delight in calling yourselves the chosen and most beloved of the UTMOST if you know not the completeness of thy glory in me? 2 And will I truly call thee mine if thou art not become as I am in life? 3 For only by so can we truly be one like before the origination of all things. 4 Hearken ye then and I will make this thing known unto thee, that thine wholeness might be truly perfect in me. 5 This is the great mystery which is thine inheritance to the fullest: a mystery only I and the Alphasuprals know for they are and had always been with me. 6 No God and no angel nomatter how great have ever had eyes or ears in this thing; 7 for it is the glory of only those who excel in the cause and course of truth and righteousness. 8 I gave no God this glory because they are the root of all prejudice and all wickedness in all worlds which culminates in 9 violence, wars, plundering, massacres, harlotry, murder and every other kind of wickedness by which suffering perpetuates in everything and in all things; 10 and I held this glory from the angels because the angels are subjects to cruel Gods. 11 Not that there are not such as are good among them and among the Gods of creation and in all worlds also; 12 they are there indeed but lest this glory would have fallen in the wrong custodians, and be trampled upon, 13 I held it unto myself and among the great Suprals before my Throne of thrones, who remained with me in complete purity 14 and shall be forevermore: faithful custodians of all holy virtue and power in me. 15 And beginning from the head of them all, they know this mystery in me. Yeah, 16 Righteal know this and so do Acumenal, and Pureal, and Valoreal, 17 and Plethoreal, and Excelial and Lenieal who holds the archer of all mercy in me. 18 Of this also is Adoreal aware and so is Marineal, and Synchieal, and Essaial, and Merrial, and Gratial, and Ambrecial and Serenieal, and finally Irisial. 19 Among them, there exist no bone and flesh in me but they are one and in that I greatly delighted. 20 And let it be thine delight also that what Righteal know is the same thing that Irisial and all the Suprals know that all might be one in thee and thee with them in me. 21 This is the total manifestation of my power and my life which I vested in them, according as each make it manifest to the glory of perfect truth and pure righteousness in all worlds. 22 Where one of them is present, the rest are present also, and so am I with them; to perfect the just and true cause and course of all those who call unto me, 23 and walk in and abide in my instructions and in my ordinances which are the express glory of my holy scepter.



Ob 288


6 In this, whatever thou shall ask of Righteal or of Plethoreal or any of the Chief Captains in me, 7 the same will I grant for thou would have asked of me in that, as they are all in me and by me without bounds. 8 And wherever thou shall go and shall be; and in whatever thou shall do, I shall be everpresent with thee in them, 9 to perfect thine course and defend all thine lot in light; and to make all thine labours exceedingly fruitful. 10 Barrenness shall neither rest in thine bowels nor in thine womb for by mine holy power will I touch thee and reverse the works of the evil hand, 11 which worked it all to cause thee shame before thine world: and a measure they cut out for thee in good and in evil, 12 will I fold unto them by the number of hours in the lapse of a full year; and year upon year will I uphold this edict 13 upon all thine enemies and them that bless thee, till death overcomes the wicked and till life overtakes the righteous completely. 14 Be thou amazed not by the measure of this glory and wonder whether it is truly thine glory or not. 15 Rejoice instead for thou art worthy in me, and this is truly thine glory.



Ob 289


1 Rejoice o my children rejoice, for I birth and raised thee to victory and dominion over all darkness: and I called thee to complete bliss in me. 2 Herein is the measure of its completeness in thine day for without this, it would be neither complete nor perfect. 3 Rejoice truly o my beloved, and I will ample thine benediction by the minute upon every hour of thine life. 4 But hold thine breath for a moment and behold: did I raise thee that thou should own the entire universe and all that is in it? 5 Did I call thee that thou may become conquerors and plunders of the worlds? 6 Is it the thing that I have for you at heart as the great mystery of thine inheritance in me that thou should compete with the ignorant in hoarding things? 7 Definitely not o my children; for thou art not like them, but thou art wise and understanding 8 of all the cost of living such ignorant lives assuming such is the true glory of thine inheritance. 9 Though thou will own all things as thou may deem needful for thine joyful and happy content living in thine world, 10 consider not as the ignorant do, that such is the inheritance to which I called thee and ordained thee in my life with life.



Ob 290


1 Gird thine heart then o my beloved and open thine soul to exceeding merriness and I will unveil thine true glory which is thine complete inheritance now. 2 Forget all thine troubles now and open the ears of thine understanding for they shall now hear the great mystery which is thine complete inheritance in me. 3 In the day thou knew of me and began walking and abiding by my mine instructions and ordinances, 4 I called thee my child; and over thee I stretched a mauve ob for a pavilion for in that day, thou became the centre of my watch and my attention. 5 And in the day when thou joined thyself unto the assembly of them that gather and fellowship in my name, 6 and rejoice greatly in the light and benediction of my word, I birthed thee with my life as my lightangel and beloved child of Pristine, 7 home of all that receive and bear fruits in the cause and course of mine heart which unveils true salvation for all and in all.



Ob 291


1 And now, I will sanctify thee in the glory of all glories; the holy life of all holies which is the heart of Eshal, 2 my holy city upon where my Throne of all thrones is exalted in complete dominion and in complete power forevermore over all things and over all powers and glories. 3 Herein is the wholeness of why I called thee unto myself and birth thee with my life; that after you have excelled in thine day as a lightangel, 4 upholder of perfect truth and unsoiled righteousness, unto thine world and in all heavens below, 5 I would touch thee with the pure touch of the centre of mine Soul and make of thee a supral in light: the complete perfection of my life and all my glory: 6 and in rest of life in Eshal, thou shall be forever before my holiest presence in the bossom of the Alphasuprals who are in my bossom, 7 as they surround my holiest and highest Throne which none can discern its make 8 except the Alphasuprals alone who stand upon the purest mauve ob of all my glory, and those who shall excel in the course and cause of my heart.



Ob 292


1 In this glory, no more shall I call thee an angel, for angels belong in the presence of my lower throne which stands 2 before the whole presence of the outer quad of Eshal into all Pristine, whence I accommodate all good Gods and angels with all their good dominions, 3 orders and powers as Judges and Lords over all of them which partake in light and in life of truth and righteousness by them. 4 And if they receive mine word too and excel in the cause and course that is the complete salvation of all, 5 the cause and course of perfect truth and pure righteousness, then, even them shall I touch with the purest of life from mine heart, 6 and like unto thee, I will engrave their glorious new names in me at the centre of my heart and upon the oozing mauve ob over Eshal. 7 And the Judges and the Lords who are the Gods of all worlds, who shall prove themselves worthy in this course and cause of perfect light and life in truth and righteousness, 8 which is the perfect manifestation of light and life in all things and for all things, the same shall I touch with my purest touch, 9 and make of them Alphasuprals before my holy altar in the heart of Eshal my holiest city.



Ob 293


1 In this, there is no bias or prejudice, for all are welcome not according to their creeds, their dominions, their thrones, their powers and their colors, 2 but according to their excellence in making manifest the light of truth and the life of righteousness unto the complete salvation of all worlds and all things thereof. 3 This is the complete glory which is thine whole inheritance to which I bid thee o my beloved children, 4 and in this glory, thou shall be the final arbiters of the fate of all unrepentant angels, 5 and all forbearing Gods to truth and to righteousness no matter how great they might be: 6 and in thine hand shall I place the threshing scepter by which thou shall thresh and destroy all of them and all their wickedness. 7 And upon horses and chariots of my victory shall I cause thee to ride and devour with a devouring fire, 8 the forts of the forbears, and trample upon their glories till they are gone without trace. 3 This is the victory of all the worlds and all the heavens in light and in complete life forever: 9 the conquering glory that I have in store beyond the day of all days for them that excel; 10 and the pristine inheritance which is the lot of all who overcome. 11 Gird yourself then, not falling to the left or to the right, but in complete truth and perfect righteousness, 12 and I will glorify thee with my crown and my Soul: and thou shall become me and I thee, 13 for you and I shall be one forevermore.




Ob 294


1 Be thou prudent then o beloved and remember every day that all things have I instructed you in and reminded you about, 2 but to live and walk in them will thou decide on thy own; and in this is my deepest desire for you all true that 3 you have what is righteously best unto yourselves and unto all; and though thou live alone, thou art one with all. 4 In this also is my justice, kindness and love sanctified that I made and gave everything best generously and plainly unto all and for all 5 that in fullness of pure glory and life thou may all rejoice in me and with me till end of thy days and in life everlasting. 6 That you live in and by these instructions and ordinances is little price to pay than the neglect to do so. 7 Good prudence is justice, gentleness of heart and generosity with all the gifts which thou righteously received. 8 If thou will remember to stretch thy hand to those still coming, 9 especially now that thou have reached the place where and the time when thy bonds are broken completely, the threshold of thy salvation, 10 thou will truly become of age in good prudence and by cause of that, 11 I will sanctify all thy labours and multiply all thy joys and pleasures in me forever.




Ob 295


1 Let me lift my soul now unto thee O UTMOST now that all is finished. Over the cliff of evil’s residence I stood, having been swept by its wicked tides. 2 By its edge, I peeped into its depth: and when I found myself standing tall upon the head and neck of its Lord, 3 I knew it was thine doing O ALYAASHA; thy life in me, thy mighty Spirit by which I am and all the lightangels was the glory in dominion. 4 Yeah, it was by thine mighty Spirit that I was standing over the soul of the architect of all wickedness and make shambles of his lot forevermore. 5 Death had bowed to life and the cohorts of darkness had surrendered unto judgment for all their inequity for ye that is UTMOST was with me and in me for the victory of all the righteous. 6 And when thou opened the eyes of mine eyes, my heart embraced tender stillness, 7 for an innumerable host was with and around them which were thine, and mighty captains were around them which had kept the righteous captive for a long time. 8 Burst was the dungeon of wickedness and torture of the innocent. 9 The chariots of thine glory lined host upon host and sentinel upon sentinel; and ferried the just into the mauve ob of Pristine. 10 Finally, righteousness had triumphed and truth had prevailed. 11 The joy of everlasting was come and the inheritance of the righteous delivered with everlasting peace and happiness. 12 Let all be still in truth and righteousness forevermore unto thine praise and honour O ALYAASHA.




Ob 296


1 Unto thee O children of the UTMOST of all, let me seal this thing now and forevermore: 2 let thine joy and thine liberty be complete in this truth that, 3 thou art all holy branches of an holy almond; the everlasting tree of life: and in thee is life; for thou art born of truth and righteousness, 4 the light and life of eternity and completeness of all divinity. 5 And though thou for a while thou walked like they that know not who they are, 6 partaking in things that glorify worldliness and all wicked thrones and dominions in heavenly places and in all worlds, 7 according o the strange desires of thine thoughts and thine hearts, which blinds you from the truth, 8 that thou should think and walk like you are of the earth, turn ye today in thine hearts and in thine thoughts unto light and unto life: 9 think ye anew and yearn ye for things of Pristine whence the UTMOST dwelleth, 10 for from thence thou hail with the power of truth and the power of righteousness, as the light and the life of complete salvation for all and in all. 11 Yeah, from above ye hail and above ye all belong according as thou art born in the Spirit of the UTMOST: 12 therefore, begin ye in the present, to live and walk, beginning today, in the course in which the glory of thine life and thine identity is made manifest; 13 lives which glorifies Him who is in thee and is for thee. Be ye reconciled to Him today, 14 by the complete submission of your spirit and your heart and your thoughts, to the word and the way of truth and of righteousness; 15 which is the perfect manifestation of His will for all and in everything that is and shall forever be.




Ob 297


1 Of this I am well informed o beloved that ye labor with great pains concerning all things that pertains unto this life, 2 especially in regards to such things as pertains unto gain and money, for with the eye that see and know all things saw I this; 3 and with the mind that understand, comprehended: and now, having seen and understood, 4 with the voice of true wisdom, the active life of this sacred truth, and without prejudice, 5 I will make you hear, that having heard, you too might understand and with perfect strength, 6 for only those who have completely given themselves unto GOD and are of GOD can accept this thing, 7 be complete in this wisdom in both ears, eyes, heart, thoughts and walk. 8 If thou art truly gird in GOD and by GOD in everything concerning thine life, then hear ye this thing and remain steadfast in life: 9 all gain and all money are things of the world, made for men by men in the world, and not by GOD, 10 and are capable of corrupting even the wisest of the wise from the path of life and that of light. 11 But because thou abide in the world for now, though not of the world, which is under the dominion of men and their wicked dominions and corrupt thrones, 12 sanctify thine gains and thine money with righteousness and with truthfulness always, 13 that thou might be blameless before the world as children of GOD, remembering to commit unto Him, 14 only such things as are true and righteous, for such are His gifts and talents for which you inherit blessings and not curses, 15 as curses are a portion of the wicked who bribe, lie, kill, extort and commit every manner of evil thing for the sake of gain and for money. 16 Yet in all this, I am exceedingly glad and joyful that, thou art already wise and strong unto victory over all such desires as might tempt thee unto falling. 17 Yeah, thou art more superior than all temptation by cause of the utmost life in thee which is the seal of constant and consistent victory forever.



Ob 298


1 This day of the great voyage, I will raise my voice and sing an holy om unto the UTMOST and His hosts, and unto the heart of every voyager. 2 How can I hold back my running eyes for the gladness of mine heart is exceedingly great. 3 The struggle was tedious and the load heavy. Many a times fainted and died I but more times lived I for a righteous cause. 4 Yeah, though it was good to faint and pass out and forget everything, to live and linger was more precious for there was good work to be done and lots of loads to be carried. 5 And why would I let go and let the wicked spoil the righteous while I could still catch a breath and fight? 6 Yeah, the fight was long and evil were many tides that swept over us, 7 but I faltered not for Him that is my lot gird my feet and my breath, and with mighty of His scepter gave me the victory. 8 This is the victory, and therefore let me rejoice with all the victors. 9 Let the voyage be filled with jubilation as the chariots, host by host and captain by captain, take the righteous to their rightful destinations in light and in life: 10 and as we continue further into Pristine the home of Eshal and all the lightangels, which is the epitaph of all heavens, 11 let the jubilation cease not, for this is the gateway of a sealed victory which no God nor man can unseal. 12 Be thou at rest o my heart; mourn not the forbears of truth and righteousness anymore for thou sacrificed all for them, but they wouldn’t repent and follow in the path with life. 13 What is become of them now is their rightful lot according as they chose. Yeah, mourn not but be thou at ease forever.



Ob 299


1 And long have I waited for this day that is finally come. In hours I went through ages: and an age would be like eternity. 2 But this day, the glory is finally here: let me rejoice as the captains swing open the gates of Pristine, home of the UTMOST’s holy throne. 3 Let me sing a merry song unto thee O ALYAASHA as I stretch my arms wide open in congratulations, 4 and holy welcome of all thine lightangels into the holy city of Pristine and the inner place of thy throne and altar. 5 Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Welcome home o righteous of His benediction; 6 come into thine rest o pure soul of His soul, for herein is the place of thy ages’ longing. 7 Enter thy holy manor within Eshal with gladness and banquet ye with the KING of Kings and thy family at thy own table. 8 Rejoice ye exceedingly for herein is thine whole lot to which thou art rightful heirs of all glory. 9 Here is thine root; the beginning and the end of thine life. 10 Let us celebrate thine extraordinary victory over the wicked with melody and violin, 11 for today, fullness of bliss is come upon thee and upon us, and let our voice of jubilation be heard in all and unto all. 12 Yeah, over the walls of Pristine too and yonder her gates, into the earth where she bid the broken hearted and the wounded, 13 and all they that be without real hope, into a real hope and an abiding merry rest and wholesomeness. 14 Yeah, rejoice ye my soul and o ye angel of His angels, child of the mauve Ob for thou art redeemed and blessed beyond appraise. 15 Here is our glory made perfect in Him that, thine is mine and mine is thine, and all His is ours forevermore. 16 As in His promise, that we are the brilliance of His brilliance and verve of His verve, now have we finally realized, for He has made us whole in Himself; a precious royal Tiara forever and ever.



Ob 300


1 Now then, most blessed are thine eyes o ye true and meek at heart; ye that are righteous in all things; 2 for unto thee is given all the power to know and understand all the mysteries of the UTMOST. 3 What glory can be compared to this glory which thou o faithful, humble and righteous are given to know and partake in? 3 And what perpetual delight and respite have thou in receiving it; the glory of Eshal which stretches over all heavens and all kingdoms without end. 4 Behold o ye faithful and righteous ones of ALYAASHA: ye that are meek and steadfast in His course and in His cause. 5 Behold the effulgence of His throne of thrones, exalted in pure light over the mauve ob of His glory, 6 upon which stands the sixteen lamp stands which flame unceasingly that no day and no night is known in His presence; 7 the lamp stands which mirrors the sixteen Alphasuprals, who, arrayed in shimmering tiaras sealed with the name of the UTMOST on their foreheads, 8 stands in front of and around the throne of holiness, facing over all Eshal and beyond the walls of Pristine: 9 for these are the utmost nine winged majestic beings of His holy power of creation. 10 With the first two wings, they cover and spread pure light profusely around the most holy throne; 11 and with the second pair, they pavilion and balm the holy altar upon which is the holy grail of His everlasting covenant. 12 With the third pair, emanating with pure rainbow light from the shoulders up, they cover the throne of thrones going up, 13 oozing their immaculate lightning power over the entire mauve ob and in every direction of the heavens. 14 With the fourth pair, they spread the power of His holiness and grandeur over the ocean like expanse of holy almond oil, 15 which stretches below the pure mauve ob and upon which the holy city is established, and upon which are the sixteen arches of entrance into Eshal the holy city: 16 these are the harbingers of the sixteen thrones of the final judgment of all peoples who will enter the holiest of His presence, 17 and abide therein everlastingly as His holy suprals; first seed of His life; and this is the benediction and seal unto becoming suprals in Him, of ye and them all who excel in perfect truth and perfect righteousness; 18 the hyssop which falls like rain from the snow like clouds underneath the ocean like almond oil ooze, washing and healing all who received Him and abided in His name. 19 And it is in the power of these magnificent pair of wings that they manifest everywhere and before whomever will call upon them without delay to His everlasting glory. 20 With the last wing which is the ninth, they wave holy incense and praise unto the ALYAASHA without ceasing. 21 Behold; this is the glory of all glories and the fullness of an everlasting inheritance which is thine and all the faithful in truth and in righteousness. 22 Let them that are faithful and true in His cause and course remain faithful and true that they may receive this everlasting promise; 23 and let them that will waver and forbear be so unto shame and eternal destruction.




The End



By Truth and by Righteousness, let there be Fulfillment and Equal Salvation Forever for You and I, and Everyone else in ALYAASHA the UTMOST of all and the Most Kind GOD: Interminable True and Unprejudiced Salvation of All


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