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Thrilling Short Stories

Thrilling Short Stories

Three Short Stories

By: Arcade Heroine





Copyright Arcade Heroine, 2016

All Rights Reserved

First Shakespir Edition

Editor Blaze Rawson



Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locals is entirely coincidental.





Table of Contents





Table of Contents

Did Not See It Coming

Red Riding Upgrade

The Private Case


About the Author





Did Not See It Coming


The clock on the wall chimed, calling out a new day.


“Who will it be?” hung in the air.


“Who will it be?” echoed throughout the abandoned warehouse, a soft groan whispered in my ear.


I turned my head to my right where two carcasses with bullets in their skulls were sprawled out on the floor. Flies already nested in the left over meat.

Looking to my left, the newest victim stained the ground.


“Who will it be?” The Mice chattered, as they swarmed around the new meal, tearing off small pieces at a time, filling their plump stomachs.


In front of me was the woman worth the thrill. She had black hair that reminded me of night, which glowed almost blue when the suns rays peek through the shattered window.


Her green cat-like eyes were wide with excitement and her lips pulled up in a smile. Behind her was the prize of the game. Behind her was the prize of the game, envy of everyone, the devils gift-bags, pounds of pure Columbian cocaine. It was the only warehouse in miles with substance to sell as we please, and with no one to take a cut of the profit.


“Last bullets in the fifth slot.” She purred, as she reached across the table, setting down the revolver and spinning it.


Just then my fate was sealed with it’s ugly front pointing straight at me.

I didn’t even lift the gun that pointed at my stomach, just reached around to pull the trigger, praying she didn’t lie.




“One,” I sighed with relief.


Next it was her turn, she licked her lips and grabbed the pistol, and lifted it up and pressed the cold steel of the tip to her forehead to pull the trigger.




“That’s two.” She laughed, having no sign of worries. Just so hopeful that I will be the one who will lose the game of life before the sun rose.


Sadly she was mistaken.

We went back and forth; taking the pistol, pulling that blissful, death-ridden trigger and passing it back to one another till we were on the last shot. The barrel with the bullet was mine to take.


“Let’s make this interesting.” I suggested with my hand on the butt of the gun.


“We’ll keep rotating the barrels on the fifth shot okay? And we’ll say something about ourselves with each empty bullet. One of us is bound to forget. Plus, this gives me some time to know more about you.”


She cocked her head to the side in thought before slowly nodding her agreement, sealing the deal of fate once again.


I passed the loaded revolver to her after re-rotating.


She helped the pistol into her mouth and pulled.




“I was once married. He was tall like you, with dirty blond hair.” She tossed the gun in my direction like a child might throw their overly used toy.


“A wild cat like you shouldn’t be held down anyway. Well, not in marriage at least.”




She smiled. “That’s exactly what I thought.”


CLICK. Empty.


“What happened though, Were you unhappy?”




“I was having an affair with a man with more cash than you’ve ever seen! So we ran off together, taking my husband’s money with us.” Sighing, she turned the barrel all the way around again and passed it back to me. “He left me almost a month later for some young skank still in high school.”


“I knew there was something dangerous and exciting about you. Any one near you is lucky to be in your presence, so don’t let him get you down.”




“Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have the experience.” She smiled, as she batted her eyes. “Now. What about you?”


“Well…I’ll admit it was pretty hot when you held this in your mouth.” I winked.




Her green eyes lit up as she leaned across the table, her slender fingers undoing the first button on her blouse while licking her lips seductively as she noticed me staring at her voluptuous chest. With a grin, slowly lifting the revolving pistol up, she slipped the nozzle into her small mouth.


That was the last breath she ever took.


‘I found you, Areona. Your lust for excitement ended our marriage three years ago and now it’s ended your life. If you ever paid attention to the world around you, you might have noticed me following you…or when I re-rotated the barrel that finally shut your mouth.’





Red Riding Upgrade


I sat in my car that was parked out from of the abandoned brown house like every night, my body accustomed to the wait. My stomach growled in protest as time ticked by. I tapped my fist on the warm steering wheel.

I had seen this night play out through at least ten scenarios through out the week to devise the best course. Just thinking about the up-coming event heightened the craving. Mercifully, I remembered my white savior, and hastily reached into my pocket to relieve myself.


My patience ran dry tonight, my hunger having grown over the years despite the pills. Damn prescription. After being freed from the cages of the institution, I wanted to celebrate. Tonight, they may have thought by taking my natural utensils it would stop me, but tonight – I was going to feast.


Glancing over my shoulder at the vacant road, my stomach rumbled.

Licking my lips in anticipation, an unwanted memory crossed before me, I flinched and slapped my left hand over my mouth breathing heavily. I cursed wishing the pain in my gums would finally subside.


Shaking the memory away, I groaned.


“I need this,” I mumbled, reassuring myself.


Movement in the rear view mirror caught my eye. I grinned like the wicked Cheshire cat from my childhood. Nine twenty-five. I leaned my head back resting on the seat and closed my eyes, picturing her innocent green eyes looking up at me, with plump rosy cheeks. Her mouth formed a smooth oval before screaming….


I shook my head, rethinking. No, she mouthed a question instead. I placed my hand on her shoulder, reassuring her fears yet, leading her into the house. I would sit her on a chair in the kitchen as I boiled a pot of milk, adding noodles, a cup of vegetable oil, and a teaspoon of butter. Grabbing the skillet, greasing the inside, I would wait for it to sizzle then turn…


The doorbell rang.


I opened my eyes, trembling with rage at whoever interrupted my dream, but the rising heat subsided as I noticed it was the little girl at the house.


I quickly reached behind the seat, grabbing the bag that held the suit I had pried off the old woman’s back along with her pink nightgown and wig.

My stomach roared once more.


With distaste I dropped the skin suite and opened my card door, stepping out. I approached the house. The young girl, about 10, dirty blonde hair flowing perfectly down her back, reached up on her toes to ring the doorbell again.


“Excuse me little girl,” I panted.


Slowly she turned to look up at me, a small brown basket covered with a silk red fabric, rested in both of her hands. The smell of fresh baked cookies sent shivers down my spine. I licked my lips.


“Where are your teeth, Mister?” She asked.


“Who are you waiting for, Child?” I asked, brushing off her question while ensuring that she wasn’t being followed by a parent or watched.


“Whoa…what big eyes you have.


“Pupils my dear.” I corrected. “Why don’t you come with me so you’re safe?”


“But I have to give my grandma cookies my mom made.”


“Your grandma, you say? That lovely lady that lives here?”


The little girl nodded.


“Well I know her. We go way back, matter of fact – she told me herself you have the key to get in, and I should watch you inside till she wakes up.”


“She’s sleeping?”


“Yes, yes, she was very tired.” I tried to keep my tone light.


“Oh okay.”


The little girl reached into her basket, pulled the bright red fabric out, felt the pocket of the jacket for the key before putting it on.


She handed me the key.


“Your tummy sounds hungry,” She pointed out after we walked into the dark house, just as I shut the door and locked it.





The Private Case

I arrived at the diner our rat snitched about, La Amour, close to midnight. Entering the building, the scent of blueberry pie had awoken the hungry beast in my stomach. Patting my coat down from the rain, I took out my wallet to reward myself early before the case was cracked, only to frown in dismay; unfortunately, I only had enough money for one coffee.


An energetic waitress showed me to a booth in the corner of the room by a window, I tried my best to smile as I ordered the plain pick-me-up drink. The young girl laughed as she strolled away to whisper in an older woman’s ear that glanced my way with a vast grin.


Oh lord,’ I thought to myself as she waved her long manicure nails and blew a kiss.


After half an hour of calls, getting no straight answers, but inching closer to my breaking point, I finally grabbed the flirtatious waitress’ arm.


“I’m gay,” I said.


The server eyed me half-embarrassed, hoping I was just trying to play hard to get but as it sank in I was being serious, her cheeks turned bright red as she pursed her lips.


“Ah…I…” she began.


“No more free coffees or deserts please, I do appreciate them though. And please, no more winking at me when you lick your fingers, either. That’s just disgusting. Don’t accidently trip and happen to land in my lap just so you can feel if I have a-“


“I know the meaning of gay.” She interrupted with a long dramatic sigh.


“Thank you. Now to get down to business.” I ran my fingers through my hair and placed my notepad and pen on the table in front of me.


“When was the last time you saw Andrew Young?”


“What is this about… detective?”


“Andrew – my…it’s about a young man named Andrew. I’m following his whereabouts.”


Rolling my shoulders, I stifled a yawn to mislead the woman to believe I was too tired to speak properly.


“For what reason?” She leaned down over the table, propping her chin between her hands, with a sly smirk. The waitress smiled, knowing her blouse was revealing far too much cleavage in that position when bending over.


“That is private information, Ma’am” I snapped, keeping eye contact.


“I know my rights,” She purred. “ And I don’t have to tell you a thing.”


We sat in silence just staring at each other, as her smile slipped into an annoyed frown before she finally shook her head and straighten herself.


“Are you going to order something or just waste my time?”


“Will you just answer my questions?” I mimicked her stance, cupping my chin within my hands.


The waitress looked me over a moment before taking a seat in front of me, her green eyes looking down at her hands then mine. No doubt she was deciphering her next move, finished when she looked up in amusement.


“That’s a very feminine chin you have. And that ring on your right hand, I’m guessing you’re married?” Still gazing at my hands folded before me, her grin grew. “Very beautiful. I once had a friend named Jessica who had the same ring but just disappeared one day.”


Her arms flew up melodramatically as she kept babbling, obviously enjoying herself.


“Oh my god. Jessica is that you?! Everyone said you were different but I didn’t know you went and got surgery.”


Rubbing my temple I held my other hand up to silence her from anymore.


“This is very important and you were the only one here that night. So will you just be useful?”


“Alright just relax, what did you want to know?” She sat back folding her arms under her voluminous chest.


I sighed.


“When was the last time you’ve seen Andrew?”


“I thought you already knew which night he was here.” She licked her lips as she pointed out my mistake.


“I just need to confirm it, that’s all.” I swallowed.


“Confirm what again?”


“Look bitch. When did you last see him?”


Mouth agape, the waitress stared at me shocked by my sudden outburst but composed herself quickly, straightened up, tossed her long hair to the side and looked around the room avoiding eye contact, only to double take at my coat.


Without warning her catty smile returned as she leaned over the table towards me, and whispered, “In my bed last night.”


My hands began to shake on their own, sweat streamed down; now, my heart began to race as I unconsciously reached into my pocket for my phone. Dazed, I dialed the number, and closed my eyes to calm myself for an answer.







About The Author




Arcade Heroine is an aspiring writer earning her Bachelor degree of the Fine Arts Creative Writing program at Full Sail University. She writes thrillers and heart throbbing literature. Her digital art can be found in numerous places. You can view her work here http://miloheroine.wixsite.com/arcadeheroine



Thrilling Short Stories

THRILLING SHORT STORIES is a collection of three first person POV (point of view) mystery thrillers revolved around three different men with a secret to unravel. Did Not See it Coming dives right into the story of a Russian roulette game between two gangs risking it all for the same prize in an abandon warehouse. Little does Areona know that this mystery man from the past is about to change her future" In Red Riding Upgrade, the story follows a recent released patient that overcame severe torture to be “cured” but relapses as he waits at a house in the middle of the night for a visitor. The last story The Private Case follows a detective following up on a missing person case in a late night café ”La amour” where a flirtatious waitress oversteps her boundaries.

  • Author: ArcadeHeroine
  • Published: 2016-12-20 17:35:07
  • Words: 2414
Thrilling Short Stories Thrilling Short Stories