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Three years of feelings


Carl Valin


That U2 song

I tried to dive into the light

But I got burned and I know why,

I guess that U2 song was right

Can’t live with you, without I die.


I’ve cut your wings so I could fly,

You told me that you’ll be alright,

I guess that U2 song was right

Can’t live with you, without I die.


I always knew that I should try

To never go but keep the fight,

I guess that U2 song was right

Can’t live with you, without I die.


I tell you girl and its no lie

I was a moth killed by the light

Can’t live with you, without I die

I guess that U2 song was right.







Good night, milady!



Whatever other people make

And everything they touch goes gold,

I think my soul was somehow sold

And everything I touch just break.


You gave me all and I am cold

Although inside its burning hell

I feel like being under spell:

A heart so young, a brain so old.


You opened doors but it was bad

I never been so touched inside

I can’t remember last I cried

For something I have never had.


You are a lion, I’m a sheep

Without you I’m a walking dead

An empty heart, that much has bled

I should have put my brain to sleep.


Good night milady and sleep well

Forgive me, hate me or be mad

I know I screwed it up so bad

That I deserve my living hell.


Ce vreau?




Aş vrea să pot să te ating

Să-ţi iau durerea, să ţi-o sting

Aş vrea de mâna să te iau

Din bucuria mea să-ţi dau.


Aş vrea să dormi adânc acum

Şi-aş face totul ca să-ţi spun

Ceva ca să te fac să vezi

Că-n viaţă totul e să crezi.


Să crezi că totul e frumos

Să crezi că ceilalţi sunt pe dos

Să crezi că mâine-i altă zi

Şi să zâmbeşti aşa cum ştii.


Aş vrea, milady, de-aş putea

În braţe să te iau, aşa

Cum poate n-au făcut-o mulţi

Încât să pot face să uiţi.






Future memories




The place it’s empty like a hole

Like someone dirtied its soul.

Remember where we used to meet,

That small cafe on Wexford street?


We’d stroll in Dublin with no care

And never minded time would fly,

But we would always go back there

To talk or watch the world go by.


You’d have a coffee, sometimes wine,

You’d be so pretty you would shine,

I’d get drunk looking in your eyes

And never care how time just flies.


The fireplace would give us light,

Would bring us closer in the heat,

And everything would be all right

In that cafe on Wexford street.






Hurting doubts




I guess again I’m in that time

When luck is going down the drain

I feel like being hit by train

And all what’s left for now is rhyme.


No matter what I do goes wrong

Or so it seems as much I try

I’ve been unlucky for so long

And all what’s left is to ask why?


I hurt you girl and it’s not right,

You think I’m pushing you away,

I fear somehow that you won’t stay

And all what’s left then is the night.


I really don’t know what you’ve done

You’re in my brain and in my heart

When is it raining you’re the sun

But all what’s left…I’m torn apart.



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Three years of feelings

  • ISBN: 9781370903436
  • Author: Carl Valin
  • Published: 2016-08-16 16:20:08
  • Words: 2618
Three years of feelings Three years of feelings