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Three R's : The Introspection

THREE R’s : The Introspection

At the beginning of the year I lost my Midas touch, at the beginning of the year I was taken from hell & brought to heaven. The living conditions in hell are certainly not something you would wish for, the streets were no longer safe, but every day we would gamble our lives because we really wanted to make it out of ekasi. All I did was to adapt the Hip Hop Culture, I felt connected to my roots, it turned me into this amazing, creative person. It brought a lot of people into my life, people whom I am blessed to have in my life. The Hip Hop Culture has been my plug into achieving great things and it has also made me not to engage myself into the reckless life.

I have been depressed throughout the year, I thought there was no good in me anymore, I had nothing to keep me going, I had no one to tell me ‘’ Inga you’re not working ’’ like Themba did all the time. I had no one to me tell me if I’m in the right lane or not. There was this other day which I thought to myself, maybe the universe is better off without me.

I was able to open up and drown in my sorrows through this piece of writing. After writing this I got a chance to revive, reconnect and react upon the things I believed in, since the day I arrived in Johannesburg, at Daveyton and not forgetting the dusty streets of Etwatwa.

It is prohibited to take words out from this writing and make them yours. All credits of this writing should be given to both Inga Gamnca as the author and Nomasonto Shabangu as the editor. Apart from the mentioned contributors, we do not have any third party involved.

I know that when you see or hear 3 R’s you probably think of Franklin D Roosevelt, the former United States President who took over from Herbert Hoover in the United States 1933 Presidential elections. Relief, Recovery, Reform. No I am not talking about those 3 R’s. Those three R’s could bring me a lot of controversy of which is something I do not like, politically. Let me clarify this.

When it comes to politics we do not share the same views. I might say something regarding the United States 3 R’s only to find out that when someone else gets his/her hands in this, he/she might come to a conclusion that I am bias, because not everyone believes that the 3 R’s brought United States back to life after it was on its knees during The Great Depression.

I love politics to the extent that growing up I wanted to be a politician with all my heart and soul. I have always had interest in politics, but my interests rose sharply after I was taught about the Black Consciousness Movement. I believed that I could change the world, make black people realize that we are better off without a white man. We can achieve great things on our own. Besides that, I

actually wanted to do right, maybe I wanted to be the new age Steve Biko and I had already planned that in tertiary I will take participate in politics. None of that happened, so far.

There’s this tendency of people who often quote the constitution just because they claim to be aspiring politicians. Some day when you find yourself debating with a politician. He will want to quote the constitution as a whole, for an example. “According to the Public Health Amendment Act Number 44 of 1952

p<>{color:#000;}. A registered chemist and druggist to be nominated by the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa;

p<>{color:#000;}. A veterinary surgeon to be nominated by the South African Veterinary Medical Association.

p<>{color:#000;}. A certificated sanitary inspector to be nominated by Health Officials Association of Southern Africa

p<>{color:#000;}. Two members to be nominated by the United Municipal – Executive of South Africa; “

Back to the introspection, if you going to quote the constitution it very important for you to make it short. This is because people will eventually get bored. To me this is more like writing a song, it is important to say something that you can prove. You can’t go around rapping about making money while you still getting pocket money from your parents. Niggas gotta stop the Bullshit yo’. Show me proof and I’ll take your word.

On a daily basis I always try to revive what I believe in, my dreams were shuttered because I relocated to another city, I am slowly losing friends because I relocated to another city, I lost my girlfriend because I relocated to another city, I try so hard to keep in contact with them because their significance to me is still alive, but it’s like the more I try I keep pushing them away. How will I revive this? This has been part of my teenage life. I was never lost when I am surrounded by them, I felt connected.

This is why I have to reconnect. If I want to make it out of this concrete jungle I will have to reconnect, but it’s going to be hard because where I am right now, all the resources that are needed are scarce. Another thing which will make it hard for me is because of the people whom I’ve surrounded myself with. People who don’t believe. People who don’t see any good in my craft. This is breaking me apart and with everything else that has been going on.

For ones sake, it is very important to have a positive mind because that enables us to enlarge our dwellings. Enlarge your capacity of thinking, people have to start thinking out of the box but it’s hard to enlarge our dwellings while in our circles we still have people who don’t believe in the dreams we want to embark on. Reconnecting with people who believe in your ideas is significant to the extent that they meet you half way and help by adding some spice in your ideas. That also makes you to be a step ahead and start putting your idea into action. That on its own is the foundation of UBUNTU.

There is nothing that people should be given a hint about when it comes to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not bought, you cannot buy Ubuntu. It’s either you inherit it from your family or you adapt it in your community. Ubuntu has no strings attached, let’s look at God for an example. What God did is called Ubuntu, he died on the cross for us, he has never forsaken us and he doesn’t ask for anything in return he leads us into redemption instead. Now imagine if he said “I died for you, you have to die for me too”. Who would go first? Ok there are probably some people who would die for him, but you? Would you die for him? Would you die for a person whom you’ve never saw? Ask yourself that and also ask everyone else around you.

If you think you know God then you definitely lying. You don’t know God. You only know God when you want something from him. You only know God when you want to be blessed. Acting all saint but you know you have skeletons in your closet. You only reconnect with God when you need something, that’s like hitting up on your niggas when you know you will get something in return. You only hit up on your niggas when there’s light upon them & you vanish into thin air when days are dark. If you really do believe in God & that your body is God’s temple it is very important to be there for people when they need you, start acting as God has always acted when you need him. Reconnect

with God first and everything else that brings light into your life, because it is fair when you reconnect with God before you reconnect with his creations.

You revived, reconnected now it’s time to react. Re(act) because when your first act was not a success you can’t just give up. Pick yourself up & continue on that route, even if it means “kufanele uyihambe wedwa”. Ask advice from your elders, they will never mislead you, these are the only people who want wants best for you. They want to see you shinning like glitters. React using the second, third, fourth or maybe even the fifth chance that you are given.

I wrote this at my lowest, I wrote this because I want to move on with my life and forget about everything that has made me miserable in the past few months. I wrote this because I want to bring back the HUSTLE SPIRIT in me, I wrote this because nobody wants to listen to my story. Every day I wake up & fake a smile because I don’t want to bother people with my problems. Dreams are shuttered, squad goals will go on without me, the relationship goals, the network I built with people in East Rand and surrounding areas is gone, and the studio sessions I would have with fellow rappers. Everything is gone and there is not even a single person who is reaching out to me.

I would love to hear things like, how’s College treating you? How’s the city life? Which other pie are you planning to have your finger on? I’ve never heard that. If they have forgotten about me. Maybe I should do the same.

Three R's : The Introspection

A young man relocates from Johannesburg to East London, he then loses everything he believes he is destined for. He applys the three r's in order to regain his midas touch.

  • Author: Franklin Cixx
  • Published: 2017-09-05 15:35:08
  • Words: 1604
Three R's : The Introspection Three R's : The Introspection