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Three Directors

Three Directors





By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


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Three film directors, two of them were still struggling, met after five years of passing out from the same film making institute in a party on the day before the opening day of a film directed by the other one of them. The struggling batch mates were ignored by the successful friend along with other successful people present in the party. Both of them were habituated of such humiliations for last few years. However, there was a surprise waiting for them. Then what happened?

It is a fictitious story. Any resemblance with the main characters with any living or dead person may be a mere coincidence only.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family members for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this book along with my other books.



Chapter I: Varun


‘Congrats man. You have done a wonderful job. This will be mega hit.’ Manish congratulated his batch mate in the film institute, Varun.

‘Yes, I also see, it will be great film. After this film, Varun will be in the same brackets with the top directors of India.’ Arunabh said with same degree of enthusiasm.

Varun is a smart guy having some sorts of strong economic background and was able to marry Priya who happened to be his childhood friend and daughter of a diamond merchant. After passing out of the institute, he joined a production house for one year and then directed one film of his own. The film had a moderate success. But that opened his road to success in the volatile industry of film-making. This is his second film roping big stars as cast for his film. Money was not a problem to arrange as he casted the most salable actors of the industry. This was a calculated gambling by shrewd Varun. He pinned all hopes in this film as a gateway for the stardom. A day prior to release of the film he threw a lavish party inviting ‘who is who’ of the film industry.

Arunabh and Manish are still working as Assistant Directors only for few insignificant films in last five years. Though, they were also equally talented, they were not getting any chance to direct any film so far as both of them are not from families with strong economic back grounds, nor they were sons of any family with filmy background nor they could marry ladies from strong economic backgrounds like Priya.

‘Thank you. Make comfortable in the party. Hope some big shots will be around in a short time.’ With a voice of authority Varun announced.

He actually would not have mind if they (Arunabh and Manish) would not have come at all.

Chapter II: Many Hurdles


Arunabh and Manish had to face lot of hurdles to keep their dreams afloat. They had to face all sorts of humiliation at the hands of many producers and established Directors.

When they got the information that Varun was throwing a party, they had decided to attend the party with or without invitation. Manish telephoned Varun and said, ‘Both of us are coming to your party before time so that we can be some help for you.’

‘You are always welcome!’ Without saying anything more, Varun hung the phone. His tone of answer was just opposite what he was saying.

Another round of humiliation was meted out to them by their own batch mate. But by the time, they were habituated to that type of humiliation every day.

They ignored the tone of invitation and accepted the words only, ‘You are always welcome!’

Chapter III: Feeling the Heat


As promised, both Arunabh and Manish reached the venue of the party at around 4-30 PM, much before anyone reached there, not even the host, Varun and his wife, Priya.

Varun and Priya reached the venue after half an hour of their arrival. Priya asked Arunabh and Manish about their welfare and thanked them for coming to the party knowing fully well that they were not invited by their friend, Varun. In fact, Varun did not want their presence in the party at all. Therefore, Varun did not bother to welcome his friends.

Slowly, the venue of the party started filling up with small fries. All came and took selfies with Varun and thanked him profusely for inviting them. Most of them ignored Arunabh and Manish totally and many of them even ignored the hostess of the party, Priya. The cynosure of the party was Varun. Varun enjoyed the newly acquired star status whole heartedly.

On the other hand, both Arunabh and Manish were facing humiliation one after another. First, one of the established Directors, mistaking Arunabh as waiter, asked him for a glass of water. When he hesitated, the guest remarked, ‘Oh you are not a waiter, you are a struggler. Waiter is better than you people. At least they have jobs; they can feed their families with their incomes; no matter how meagre those may be. You people spend all your father’s saving and then return back home empty handed after few years.’

Arunabh could not find an appropriate answer except fumbling, ‘Sorry sir.’

At this, another guest, might be little more successful than Arunabh, told, ‘Go and fetch a glass of water to sir. That will not reduce your stature in the industry.’

Having no alternative, Arunabh brought a glass of water to the established Director. At this, the lesser established Director also asked for a glass of water for himself.

Manish had also terrible time in the party. Manish is as handsome as a star, much better looking than Arunabh. That might be the reason, why a yester year’s top actress called Manish to a corner of the venue and asked, ‘Are you a struggler?’

‘Yes Madam.’

‘I can help you. I know many important personalities of the industry. But nothing is free in this world. If you can satisfy me, I can be a great help for you.’ She smiled awkwardly.

Manish could not say anything but had to digest the indecent proposal of the old lady of his mother’s age silently.


Chapter IV: Arrival of the Showman


Finally, the showman of the industry had arrived. Everyone present there rushed towards him. Many of them touched his feet for his blessings. Arunabh and Manish also tried to go near to the showman. But they could not go near to him as his bodyguards pushed everyone away from him, other than the known heavy weights of the industry.

When dinner was ready, all the heavy weights along with the showman were invited to the dining room by Varun personally.

When finally Arunabh and Manish’s turn came for dinner, almost all the guest had left. While they were taking their supper at 11 PM, Varun left the venue without saying a good bye to his batch mates. He asked his wife also to accompany him. However, she told Varun that she would leave only after the last guest would leave from the venue.

Chapter V: Priya the Host


Manish and Arunabh were about to leave from the party at 11-30 PM when Priya called them from back. ‘I have something to tell you today, before it is too late for you and me.’

Both of them came back and stood before Priya like primary students before the class teacher.

‘I know, you two are also equally talented like Varun. But so long you will be going after successful Directors and Producers, you always have to be their Assistants only. Be bold and produce a small budget film by both of you. If you have talents you can rise from there itself.’ She stopped for a moment.

‘Even for a small budget film, we need at least a crore for initial expenditure.’ Arunabh stammered.

‘I shall give the initial money with one condition. If it is successful, you have to do the next film under my banner only. I want to produce the film under the banner, Laxmi Patel Production, in my grandmother’s name. She was an avid film goers as a small kid. But as she was married at an early age to the family where daughter in laws were not supposed to go to cinema halls for enjoying any film except for enjoying (or torturing) religious films like Har Har Mahadev or Jai Santoshi Maa, she had been frustrated for next thirty long years till she herself became a mother in law of my own mother.’

Beggars cannot be choosers. Both agreed to all the conditions that Priya put forward in next thirty minutes.

Chapter VI: Another Party


Another party at the same venue has been organized where one year ago Varun threw the party. This time party has been thrown by Priya; not on the opening day of a film but for the National Award she got for her maiden film, Aparajita (Lady who never loses) as a film Producer.

The film is based on the life of Laxmi Patel, grandmother of Priya, who made her son (Priya’s father) from an employee in a diamond shop to a rich diamond merchant through her business intelligence and her sacrifices.

The film was a low budget film and completed within six months. Getting a hall for release of the film was a herculean task for Priya and her two friends Arunabh and Manish. But due to interference of few financers of film industry known to Priya’s father, they could release the film at a hall located at sub-urban area of the city.

Once the film was released, they got raved reviews of the film. However, as expectedly the film did not do well in the box office, though the film managed to recover the expenditure on the film. Even some insiders say that Priya and his two friends were able to make a modest profit also from the unconventional film.

Whatever might be the commercial fate of the film, the film gave birth two extremely talented Directors in Arunabh and Manish in the eyes of the industry.

After six months, the film was able to win the National Awards for the best film and best Directors along with some other insignificant awards.

All the successful people of film industry have attended the party including the showman of the industry. The showman himself came forward to Arunabh and Manish to hug them. That gesture has lot of significance in the film industry. The very hug of the showman of the industry means that the two new comers have been inducted into the top bracket of the Directors of the industry.

Arunabh and Manish were informally offered few new ventures by top film houses at the side lines of party itself.

Varun was also in the party as a special guest of Priya. But many of the party goers did not notice him taking gallons of whiskey at a corner of the venue. World is very cruel; Film Industry is also no exception to that. After a huge flop of much vaunted film with top actors, directed by him, many of the top producers ignored very existence of Varun in the party. He has been written off from the industry very quickly. Today, he does not have any film in his hand. His present position is worse than that of Arunabh and Manish one year ago.




Once party was over, both Arunabh and Manish lifted the fully sloshed Varun to his car. Priya took another car to go home alone.

After the party, a strong rumour has been floated in the film city that Priya is going to divorce Varun in the next few months! Truth of the rumour is yet to be verified!!!

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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Three Directors

Three film directors, two of them were still struggling, met after five years of passing out from the same film making institute in a party on the day before the opening day of a film directed by the other one of them. The struggling batch mates were ignored by the successful friend along with other successful people present in the party. Both of them were habituated of such humiliations for last few years. However, there was a surprise waiting for them. Then what happened?

  • ISBN: 9781370753383
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-03-31 15:35:11
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Three Directors Three Directors