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This Generation

This Generation


Copyright 2016 Taylor Evans

Published by Taylor Evans at Shakespir


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The park was filled with people jogging and families that just got off of work and school. As I walked past taken benches I suddenly found one with only one person sitting there. I took out my book and sat on the other side of the bench as I began to read.

I was at the second page when the stranger next to me spoke up.

“Why is everyone so angry?” he asked.

I looked over at him, his long hair and hat. His eyes were covered with sunglasses. It was a bright enough day for them. I knit my eyes and looked around to the people of the park.

“What do you mean?” I looked back to him.

“This generation, everyone is angry. Why?”

I thought about it, “I don’t know.”

He was quiet for a minute as I went back to my book. I read another paragraph down and he spoke up again.

“Don’t they see what they’re doing?” he asked.

I looked over at him again and shrugged, “I guess not.”

“Have you ever been mean to someone for no reason? I mean, is there a reason? There is a reason for everything, right? But is there a reason for this hate?”

I knit my eyes at the words the stranger had to offer. I didn’t know what to say, but I didn’t have to say anything, he spoke up once more.

“Surely not everyone is like this, right? I mean, there has to be a good side to this generation. There is a good side, right?”

“There is always a good side. And sometimes the good side over powers the bad side.” I said.

He shook his head, “In this generation, there is no good side. Its always hate.”

I looked around the park.

“There is never a good side to bad things.” he sighed.

“Not everything is bad. Kids, they’re not bad.” I informed him.

“Kids bully. Make fun of others that are different. Sometimes even beat up the person they’re making fun of.”

“Not every kid does that.” I rolled my eyes and looked back down to my book.

“Why is everyone so angry?” he shook his head, “I feel like grabbing this generation by the shoulders and asking, ‘Why are you so angry? What did we do to make you like this?’ Is it the generation before that made it like this? What happened that was so bad? 9/11? Was it terrorists? Was it the lack of support for…” he sighed, “What is it? When did it exactly change? Will it get worse?”

I looked at him, “Maybe its the way people all over the world lose their homes. Or the millions of people that die each week due to sickness or hunger. Maybe even the thousands of homeless people that live on the streets even when its snowing. Whatever it is, times have changed. And we can’t fix that… but we can make it better. Make a new future, a new generation to rule over this one.”

He looked at me, then looked down.

I knit my eyes, “Sir, I don’t know who you are. Or what you’ve been through. But please, do not give up. Times are hard, and I know from experience. It does get better. In time.”

He laughed and took his sunglasses off then looked up at me, and then I saw the bruise on his eye.

“Thank you mister,” he got up and slowly started off, “And by the way… I’m a girl.”



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This Generation

  • ISBN: 9781310627675
  • Author: Taylor Evans
  • Published: 2016-02-28 19:20:07
  • Words: 793
This Generation This Generation