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They Can Resurrect Father And Other Tales That Will Haunt Your Dreams

They Can Resurrect Father

And other tales that will haunt your dreams




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André Beerwinkel


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[] They Can Resurrect Father


“Look, here, Eldon.” Chris shouts as he rushes into the garage, where I was busy with the car engine.


He knows very well that he is not supposed to come so suddenly on me, because after my heart attack about a year ago, the doctor warned the family against doing things like that. Any sudden excitement – of any kind – can bring on another heart attack. But Chris has always been compulsive and in his excitement to show me whatever it is he wants to show me, he must have forgotten about the doctor’s warning.


He waves one of the magazines, which he loves to read so much, in front of my face. He points at the heading of the article – which brought on his excitement – to me.


YOUR LOVED ONES CAN LIVE AGAIN. The legend says in huge bold letters and underneath in smaller letters it says:

A method has been perfected to bring the dead back to life again.


“What nonsense is this?” I say as I immediately dismissed Chris’s excitement and continue with the engine I was working on.


“It is not nonsense…It has been proven. I even saw it on Discovery Channel the other night, but didn’t take too much notice of it, until I read this article. It really works and they already brought back two old movie stars, as well as an ancient warrior.


“It’s not possible to bring back the dead.” I say as I continue with the engine.


“With the super advancement in science we have nowadays, it IS possible to do it. And you won’t believe it, but the scientist who discovered the method got the idea from watching Jurassic Park, the movie about the dinosaurs that was brought back to live through their DNA. That DNA was found in ancient mosquitoes that were preserved in amber. The movie was all fantasy, but this sparked something in the scientist’s mind and he started working on it. It took him nearly ten years, but he finally got it right two years ago.”


“What nonsense!”


“They tested it in secret and it works every time. They first brought back an ancient warrior. This they did with full media coverage, and this was the program they showed on Discovery Channel. Then they got permission from the families and brought back two movie stars. When they succeeded in doing that, the method was patented and approved by the authorities and now they are out in the open. They started a company and are prepared to bring back anybody now.”


“I can’t see how they can bring back a dead person. I mean a person who has been dead and buried for several years. Do they exhume the body? And then what. How can they bring that rotten body back to life again…It is simply not possible and I don’t believe it.”


“That is the beauty of it, Eldon. That is not what they do. They have methods to build the complete body again. It doesn’t matter how long the person has been dead, they built a “new” body, if you can call it that.”




“Obviously, they are not going to reveal the methods that they use, but they can do it. They resurrected an ancient warrior who fought in the armies of Genghis Khan. Social scientist already interviewed this man and he gave them information that they couldn’t get before. They even found secret places which he revealed to them. Here is an article about it in the latest National Geographic. These people wouldn’t lie about stuff like this.”


I put my spanners down on the workbench as I turned to Chris who was so very excited about this “discovery”.


“So what does all this have to do with us?” I wanted to know.


“We can bring back father.”


I feel as a light shock moves down my body, making me feel weak in the knees. If it made me weak in my arms, I would have been worried.


“We can bring back father…And have the time with him that we missed when we were kids.”


At hearing those words a great sorrowfulness took hold of me. Father died before Chris was born, when I was only four years old. I could still remember him, but Chris never saw him while he was alive.


For a few moments I was just looking at Chris and him at me. In those few moments all the thoughts and longing and wishing of those years flashes through my mind. Not having a father who could teach us the things that a father should teach his sons. Listening on the playgrounds as the other boys brag about their dads, and we had nothing to say, because we didn’t have a father. Having to attend father-son occasions with an uncle – IF one was available. Someone who grew up with his father just won’t understand what it is growing up without your father…Knowing that your father is dead and that he will never return.


For Chris it must have been worst, because I at least had father for a while. I could sit on his lap, talk to him, played with him; but he never even had that. I had some memories of father, he had none.


And here was a chance now to have our father back.


Even as I stood there in that garage with my oily hands and clothes and with the smell of petrol and grease, I could for a moment imagine what it would be like to have father back. To tell him all our adventures since he left. To show him what we accomplished on our own and without any outside help. To show him our own children, his grandchildren. I could already see that look of pride that would appear on his face when he saw his granddaughter and the twins.


Between Chris and me, we had more than enough money, no matter how much it would cost. The look of utter excitement on Chris’s face also made me excited now, but as older brother I still had to keep my head. It was still my duty to use my brains and not think with my heart. I had to look at all the possibilities first.


“So what would something like this cost and how exactly does it work?”


“You don’t even have to worry about the cost, Eldon. I think I know how to get around that one. All that they need is a photo of the deceased and any item of his clothing.”


“An item of his clothing and a photo? I thought you said these people were scientists. Now they sound more like witchdoctors.” I said as I pick up my spanner and walk back to the engine.”


“No, no… They don’t use these items for magic. They use it scientifically. They extract DNA from the piece of clothing. You know that we are continuously giving off parts of our body, whether it is old skin, or hair, or whatever, but we are continuously loosing these. Our clothes are full of it and even if it is washed these items will still be found on the clothing, because it is microscopic small. From these they get the DNA which they use to rebuild the complete body again.”


“And what do they need the photo for?”

“I don’t exactly know, but I tell you that this method works. It must work, because they have proof of their methods and it has been approved by most medical associations in the world.”


“And how do they built the body from the DNA?”


“That is another thing I don’t understand, BUT we can go to their offices and have them explain it to us.”


I put the spanner down again.


“What? They have offices here in South Africa? I wouldn’t have thought that people like that would be in a country like ours?”

“Yes, South Africa is one of the countries that approved their methods. Off course there are many other countries that would never allow something like that on their territories, but luckily our country is not one of them.”


“Have you discussed this with Enid yet?” I want to know, knowing what his wife thought about his usual, what she called; ‘harebrained’ schemes’


“I first came to discuss it with you. If you approve, we will have to convince mother. Once she is convinced, it won’t be difficult to convince the others.”


I smile. I can see that he worked this out very carefully. He knew that once he convinced me, the rest would be easy. But I am not so sure about mother. I don’t think she will ever go for what she will call, ‘these newfangled stuff.’

The thing is that I would really like to be with father again, to have him in front of me, to talk to him, to take some photos of and with him. But still I am not sure about this.


“What is the legal implications of all this? What happens if a “dead” person is made alive again? He will come into the world with no possessions, no money, nothing.”


“They will explain it all at the corporation. But say for example we bring father back, can you really say that he is without possessions? Will his family not provide for him in every way that they could. Don’t you think that other people will also do the exact same thing? I mean the person can only be brought back to life with the approval of his family. There is no other legal way to do it. But the finer points of the system will be explained to us and you can ask all the questions then. What do you say?”



I would love to talk face to face with my father again. I can remember how we played on the lounge carpet on rainy days. The weather would be grey and wet outside and the house would be in semi darkness. It was always kind of spooky, but with my father with me I had no fear at all. He was like a solid beacon of protection. I would then ride on his back. Where other children would take him for a horse, I always thought of me riding on a steam train, being the engineer and telling the locomotive exactly where he must go and how fast.


And when we were tired we would read. He would read his magazine, while I had my own small little books about the Second World War. Father always explained stuff like that to me and seeing the drawn pictures in those books, made everything that he explained even clearer to me. While we were reading I would always pound him with a million questions and he would calmly put his magazine down and explain or demonstrated to me what I wanted to know.


And then mother would call us for supper. There by the lamplight, we would listen to the radio. I understood almost everything, because once again he would patiently explain everything to me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I thought about it much later, this was real heaven. Me, my father and my mother living on our little homestead far away from all the troubles of later years. This was heaven. Nothing that happened afterwards can ever be compared to that joy of having my father with me.


Yes, I would really love to talk to my father again. For Chris it would be a whole different adventure, because he would be meeting father for the first time.


But the things that I must consider are legion. Is this natural? What are the religious implications? This is the point that mother is going to make. It is not natural and God will never approve. What is going to happen afterwards? What are we going to do with father? And will father “die” again?


“Father can stay with either of us, but will his sickness be eliminated by this process or will he still…”


“Wait, Eldon,” Chris stopped me in mid-sentence. “This is not a permanent thing.”


I see that he looks a bit sheepish now.


“What do you mean?”


“If they resurrect father, he is not coming home with us. It…It is not permanent.”

“What the hell do you mean?”


“We will have father for a whole day, eighteen hours actually, but that is all. They keep him there.”

“So then we can visit him there whenever we want? What? Why does he have to stay there?”


“It is complicated. On that day we can take all the photos and videos we want and we can talk with him as much as we want. But that is it.”


“So you want us all to go to an emotional trauma like that again. To see father for a day and that is it? What is wrong with you, man?” I pick up the spanner again, this time with the idea of beating Chris to death with it.


“Please, Eldon. Do this for me. Please. I just want to hold his hand. Just want to touch him, to talk to him and to have him also see me, his other son. You had all that. Please.”


“What about mother? She is old, do you think her heart will be able to take something like that?”


“Let’s leave her out of the picture. She never has to know. Let us do this on our own. Just you me and the kids.”


Chris can be very convincing sometimes. I know that the two of us will be strong enough to take something like this. It will be like an adventure for both of us. For the children it will also be something to talk about for years, they saw grandpa.


“I don’t know, brother.” I say. I very seldom call him brother and he knows it. “I will have to sleep on this.”




“This is not natural, Eldon,” Tashia says as rubs the last grease from the dishes. The atmosphere is always nice in the kitchen, especially after supper with our only child, Samantha, in her room. This is usually the time Tashia and I use to have our planning sessions and other talks.


“There are lots of things that we do every day that is not natural, but we still do it. Since when do we only have to do stuff that is natural? This is just the latest invention and soon it will just be an everyday occurrence.”


“But, Eldon, this is something on a whole different level. And not only that, this method is brand new and we don’t know what the after effects can be.”

“I can’t see how there can be after effects. They recreate father from his DNA. We visit him for one day and that is it. We don’t know what is going to happen to him. For us it is completely safe. I am sure we will be able to visit him again on other occasions, but the beauty of the thing is that he stays there with the professionals. There is absolutely no risk to us, as far as I can see.”


She turns her back and continues doing the dishes. For me this is the sign that she gave up and is leaving the decision to me.”


“I don’t know about this.” are her final words.


“Remember, mother must NEVER find out.” I say.


“Would you like me to go with you two to the interview?” she asks, showing that she always supports me in whatever decision I make, even if she disapproves.


“Thanks for the offer, but I think this is Chris and my baby and we have to see it through. I must also explain to you that I myself, is not too comfortable with this whole idea and I haven’t decided anything yet. If I decide to go through with it, it will be for Chris’s sake. I first want to hear what they can tell me at the Wellness Corporation. Don’t worry, dear, everything will work out fine.”


She turns around with her eyes swimming in tears.

“I understand, my darling. It is just that everything is finally working out so fine for all of us and we really didn’t need anything to complicate things now. I want you and Chris to go over this once again after the interview and find out if it is really necessary to resurrect your father. To do what exactly.”


“I understand, I will consider all the possibilities.” I said as I sat down with my coffee at the kitchen table.


This really was a heavy burden and a tough decision to make, but I was used to taking tough decisions and I knew I would be able to do it again.


The sun was shining hotly, although it was only half past seven in the morning. The white granite building in the main street of Stellenbosch shone like a hot diamond in the early morning sun.

Chris pulled his huge SUV into the parking bay and we got out ready to do what would maybe be the greatest thing we ever did together.


I really felt a bit nervous and from the way Chris was acting I could see he too was a little apprehensive now that he was actually here.


“OK, this is it. Let’s do it and get it over with. Remember, we are not taking any decisions here, we are just here to gather information.” I told him.


“I understand. I will leave most of the talking to you in any case.”


The inside of the Wellness Corporation speaks of pure luxury. There is a very nice perfumy smell inside the richly carpeted lobby and the temperature is just right, not too hot not too cold.


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They Can Resurrect Father And Other Tales That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Science have made it possible to bring the dead back to life again. The Wellness Corporation promises to have your loved one alive within one week after the fees are paid. The real person - alive - just like you remember him. You can bring back a loved one to ask him that one question you never asked. Or to do the things you never did with him. Or to show him that which you couldn't show him when he was alive. Or to just simply tell him you love him. The possibilities are endless... They Can Resurrect Father and four other tales of horror will make you question your sanity and haunt you after the lights go out at night... Do not read if you have a nervous dispositionr...you have been warned.

  • Author: Andre Beerwinkel
  • Published: 2015-10-24 11:40:07
  • Words: 18250
They Can Resurrect Father And Other Tales That Will Haunt Your Dreams They Can Resurrect Father And Other Tales That Will Haunt Your Dreams