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Theory of opposition




and Societal Immunology


First Rough Edition










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I seek not to claim what is right, only what i have observed.


No matter what i achieve , no matter what i inspire, my greatest triumph will be my admission to you…


*I don*’t know



I am not a philosopher. I think about obscure but interesting things, and at the time of writing, own a computer, which i have utilized to tell you about my obscure but interesting thoughts. We all think, are we all philosophers?



If you have ever met me and wondered “what is happening in that head”







Principals of Unity


1. To be empathetic to your opposition, and to understand the validity of their proposition.


2. To never demand that which may diminish the liberty of another without allowing them understanding.


3. To offer your understanding to those of Ill thought before such internalized unrest manifest into something condemned by society.


4. To consider that every belief is merely representative of one ideology draped upon a strict but unique method of reasoning.


5. To not withdraw the liberty of the individual for factors beyond their intention.


6. To not claim one person to be superior or inferior by factors unbecoming the will of the individual.


7. To not cause hindrance to the path of unity.








The book at odds with itself.


This book is indeed full of what may seem as conflicting propositions, but it reflects only what I have witnessed of humanity. Humanity is quite contrary unto itself.



Tour 30 – How it Started


You may be reading this book after meeting me on my 30 year continuous tour. If you don’t know of my tour.. Put simply I am on a 30 year tour 2017-2047. Promoting the principles and practice of unity. I will live for the entire duration without support or currency. My entire income will go to charitable causes. This book is my life, my preparation for the tour. I will carry with me, my the book of unity, I will return when I have 50,000 signatures within its pages, from those now of unity, a community without segregation.


At age 7, i said to an associate “i shall always think as i do now” , it was at that time that i established my life pursuit. To by all the means in which i could, attempt to get close in observation to the mechanisms of opposition , and hopefully find a method i could use in communicating across societal divides .


I have committed over 20 years of my life to social research, assuming inactive roles within a wide variety of social groups, many of which holding violent ideals. I observed the framework over which faith and ideals are draped.


[My research demanded that i deceive many people so as to be trusted by those faithful to fringe and extreme ideologies

I decided that when i had found a way to unite people i would publish my findings and tour the world in an attempt to inspire unity.

This story will anger many , it will be disbelieved by most. 7 year olds are not supposed to think this way, but many do.





My grammar herein , is most likely, pretty darn terrible. No doubt you can read around any inaccuracies. There are people who build there entire counter-theories around the grammatical prowess of their opposition, such people also have difficult understanding joint writing, so no great loss.




[THEORY OF OPPOSITION and Societal immunology
– an interpretation]



This book is full of lies, truths, that which is known and that which is unknown. That which it contains may be one or of many or of none at all. Consider if you will, the possible implications.




When reading this book, there will be segments which you will believe are a direct attack against you, and then you will remember that this book is available for many people to read. Human ego is not compatible with this book, i recommend that if provoked by its words, you bite down on a towel and grunt loudly, but keep reading.



You will feel certain that you understand my beliefs and ideals, despite my having not noted them in this book. It is our natural instinct to categorize.







The intention of this book.


To equip you, the reader, with enough insight into the mechanisms of reason which divide humanity, in order to come to the conclusion that in the interest of nurturing the unity of our species…. what we need to believe for ourselves is not as important as that which we need to do in order to create a unified world for us all.


In essence , to unite upon common ground when it is realized that we are all of the same community.


[For Unity, for all.
A place for the violent, a place for the peaceful, a place for the conformists, a place for the defiant. A place for all, together.]



In addition this book proposes a new field of study, Societal Immunology.




Footnotes inexplicably in a strange place in this book


[when i say*] “the system” i mean a constructed system of authorative influence, i do not mean “the baddies” or “them” . Please refrain from arriving at any conclusion that i am referring to your personal or collective bogieman/ /bogiewomen /nonbinarybogieperson


[When i say something is a fact , i mean*] “this is what i have observed”, but am too lazy to explain each time that i am not claiming something to be the absolute truth. I am not all knowing, or even part-knowing… i am an all-guessing being.


[Most , none, some, all. Are all terms relating to the thousands of people i have personally conversed with over 20 years. It does not refer to humanity as a whole, but may be representative of it by way of assumption which i do not make, but you are free to interpret as you wish.*]






For much of my life i have attempted to integrate with many varying faculties of thought, as dictated by groups of people within western societies, Such groups which encourage segregation whether by reasoning, fear or the need to project ones negativity upon others. I have done this so as to observe and understand, at least in part, the causality of opposition and loyalty. I have subscribed to the beliefs of opposing groups so as to see a conflict from polar viewpoints.


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Theory of opposition

First Edition. In order to promote a path toward societal unity this book contains an analysis of over 20 years of immersive research and observation into the foundations of segregation. Regarding societal and individual perception, and how they can be changed by group influence. Including observations of the mechanisms of reason which define our beliefs and create our individual view of reality. Written in conjunction with TOUR30 . The longest attempted continuous charitable tour of 30 years, promoting the principals of unity detailed within the book. During the tour, the entire income from this book and all related material will go to charitable causes.

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Theory of opposition Theory of opposition