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The World Without Racism: Origins

The World Without Racism: Origins

Book I


The World Without Racism: Origins, Book I

Shakespir Edition

Copyright Eleadah R. Clack, 2016

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The World Without Racism has to start somewhere, why not with me.

Racism is still one of our major problems in 2016. And it’s not the only one.

Poverty and illiteracy are death sentences.

We still die from preventable Dis-eases.

Some people in this world don’t have a chance to live a healthy life.

People choose hatred over their personal sanity

But in the world I want to see we are asking different questions and solving different problems: how do we feed all the children, how do we make every street and every home a safe place, how do we kill our worries, how do we destroy rape.

“How do we all thrive?”

In the world I want to see that is the only question to ask.

Part I


The Nation of America doesn’t exist in any parallel universe.

The World Without Racism has been waiting on America to come back.

The World as We know it has been warring with America for three-hundred thousand years.

It’s the purpose of humanity to act on behalf of humanity.

America’s true identity is a great secret. This Nation was sent back in time on a desperate mission to save The World Without Racism. She was supposed to be here alone.

When she arrived in this universe she discovered many things about herself.

First she didn’t like her name, then she hated the shape of the earth, and suddenly she was full of opinions.

“I don’t think racism is that bad”, She said to no one in particular.

America trusts us to tell her truth about her mission-- which she forgot the moment she decided opinions were more important.

While America won’t do anything to hurt humanity, she must do something to kill racism.

That is why she came.

Part II


In The World Without Racism there is no losing.

There are no consequences.

There are no weapons, and no war camps, no prisoners of this war. Nope, there are no negatives in The World Without Racism.

Everyone adds their mistakes to the list, and no one keeps names.

TWWOR was never intended for anyone else.

The World was too beautiful and America knew it. But in order to save it she needed people.

Part III


Somewhere in the Middle of her journey, America started to see in color.

She realized how beautiful she was, how full of life her lush forests green. She fell in love with the animals, she loved to look off of her coasts onto the waters where she floated.

She wanted to spend as much time exploring as she could.

When she arrived in the world we know now, her purpose was forgotten.

One day as she was wandering she came across a beehive, deep in the woods.

She had never seen a bee before and she was dazzled by the tiny creatures. She thought it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

I will love these bees forever she thought.

She watched the buzzing hive for three days and nights. All the while the hive kept growing and the bees never harmed her.

On the last day, she fell asleep at the base of the tree and had a dream that she was no longer on the planet earth.

She began looking for other colorful worlds but everything around her was black. She asked the many planets if they had any color but they did not know what color was.

Finally, she decided to ask the sun.

‘Great Sun, where is the planet Earth?

‘Planet Earth is light years from here child’

‘How can I return to it?’

‘You must forget why it exists’

Suddenly America was awakened by the stirring of the forest.

The tree under which she slept stirred deep in its belly.

She heard the sound of bees louder than she had ever heard and looked up through the branches.

The bees soared from the giant hive and chased her away from her place under the tree.

She ran until the sound of the forest faded. She ran until the bees grew tired of flying. And the faster she ran the more the world around her was a blur.

When she finally sat on a stone to catch her breath the sun beamed.

America was in a desert that she had never seen before and she was soon exploring.

“You must forget…”

The sun blinded her as she looked to the sky.

“…why it exists…”

She winced in pain. The ground was scorching hot. Her feet and legs were sore from running.

America had never felt this way before.

Suddenly she was reminded of her true mission.

She was here to assassinate racism, and feeling was her enemy.

To forget why racism existed was to prepare her mind for battle.

She was not human, nor was she animal, she was the antidote to racism.

She had seen color and fallen in love with life. She had felt peace at the hive.

But if she did not win racism would swallow up the future and her world without Racism would never exist.

This was the war.

Time was moving forward.

Eventually her life-forms would die out. The waters would dry and she would be left alone on the planet with nothing to love.

Her only power against racism was loving nothing.

She had to go back to the black and white. If she couldn’t see black and white then she had no mission. If she could feel, then she could be damaged.

If she was damaged, then she was sure to lose.

“I forgot why I was here” she said to no one in particular.

A tiny stem sprouted from the ground and cast a long shadow in the setting Sun.

When the moon rose into the night the shadow took shape of a handsome grey phoenix.



All around her the world was graying. All the streams and plants that she had once loved, were different shades of gray.

America went back to traveling the countryside, bringing the gray phoenix wherever she went. The sand and the ocean and the sky of the coastline all fused together.

She tried to focus.

She began to seek out the darkest shades she could find. They reminded her of her power and her space in the future.

None of her teachers were here, and she struggled to remember her lessons.

The humans went on living, happy as ever. They invented new textures and shapes and meanings for all their shades of gray.

Meanwhile, America was getting tired.

She began to miss the colors.

She hated this stupid mission and this stupid time in history.

She sank into despair.

What if it all ends here? Will I ever see another blue sea? Why don’t the humans care?!

The worst part of all is that she couldn’t be in her old favorite spot, under the trees without remembering the bees.

She decided never to return to nature again.

She would live only with the humans, and she would give them the power to win the war.

She returned to humanity the only rules that she could remember:

If you must fight. Fight yourself.

If you must fight yourself. Win

If you must win. Win for yourself.


About the author:

Eleadah R. is the Author of The World Without Racism; A How-to Guide for White Culture. In 2014 Eleadah earned a Master’s degree in Sociology and began writing The World Without Racism (TWWOR), She went on to work with various community organizing groups in New York City. She now lives in Maryland. You can find more of her work at writetheworldfree.com

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thisisnotracist

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The World Without Racism: Origins

The World Without Racism is in danger. America is the only country that can save it. She must traverse the galaxy, hunting down the remnants of Racism to achieve her goal. Along the way she discovers her share of secrets that will change the Universe forever. This short fantasy story is the prologue to The World Without Racism: A How-to Guide for White Culture. The World Without Racism: Origins is Free for all.

  • ISBN: 9781370130986
  • Author: Eleadah
  • Published: 2016-08-07 00:20:09
  • Words: 1382
The World Without Racism: Origins The World Without Racism: Origins