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The Vampires Suicide

[email protected] copyright by Steven A. Gentry

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Authors Disclaimer Statement


The following text is a work of fiction. All the characters, places, organizations, objects, and events portrayed in this novel are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to any actual persons (living or deceased), or, places, objects, organizations, or events are purely coincidental.


The Vampires Suicide

By Steven A. Gentry




The vampire had just fed upon the young girl then discarded her body into a pile of garbage in a back alley in a run down part of the city. Already the metabolic changes were taking place that would soon transform her into a creature of the night such as himself. Who knows if she made it to safety before daylight he may meet up with her again in the far-flung future then they may commune as equals provided that she survived that long. Most vampires did not survive the first few weeks of their transformation. Most fell victim to the sunlight, which incinerated them almost instantly. Very often they destroyed themselves immediately after their transformation since they could not come to terms as to what they had become. Never the less it will be interesting to see what fate would befall her, the old vampire thought to himself as he walked away. The night was still young. Still he had much to accomplish.




It has been more than forty two years since I have been transformed into the abomination that I am today. For I am neither living nor dead. May the bastard that plagued me with this curse more than forty two years before rot in hell for what he has done to me. In a few short hours the sun will rise and I will face it once more to try to end this vile existence. I do not know exactly how long it will take the suns ray to destroy this undead body. I can only pray that the process will be a swift one.


I have tried three times to destroy myself by exposing myself to sunlight, but I did have not had the courage nor tenacity to facilitate my demise. On my past three attempts the pain became unbearable therefore I quickly sought refuge as the suns ultraviolet rays assaulted my undead body. My flesh began to burn and boil as the pain I endured expanded beyond all measure. After my three recent experiences I could only imagine what the fires of hell must feel like.


It took several feedings on human blood for my flesh to be remade whole again. Over the last four decades I have tried to rationalize my abominable existence in various ways. I often told myself that I only fed on the evildoers of society. I was doing society a favor by getting rid of their undesirables such as homeless drunks, drug dealers, rapist, robbers, and muggers. All these lies I told unto myself many times; however there was one being I could never lie to no matter how hard I tried. That that was the Lord thy God.


Yes! Although I am an undead creature of evil I believe in God. In fact despite what has happened to me I never lost my faith nor my belief in God. In fact my belief in God has been greatly strengthened by what has happened to me. One of the lies that I told to myself was that I was serving God by feeding on the evil ones that inhabit this planet.


Needless to say my relationship to God underwent many changes over the years since my transformation into a vampire. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at age thirteen. I came from a good family who were all of the Southern Baptist faith. I had a good life and loved God along with my family very much. I excelled in academics on both the high school and college level.


After my transformation into a vampire I felt that so much had been taken from me. I had dreams of a prosperous career, getting married ,and having a family. Most of all I wanted to serve God and to have a positive impact upon mankind. I never had the heart to tell my friends and family to see what has become of me. All these years I would rather have then continue thinking that I disappeared or perhaps been murdered rather than know the awful truth. In a sense I had been murdered since my life as a human had been taken from me.


Many would envy the power which I have been granted. I have superhuman strength far beyond that of the average human. I can also move incredibly fast. I also do not age, for I have been age twenty two for the last forty two years of my life. I have now walked the earth for a total of sixty four years. That is both a blessing and a curse. Although I still retain my youth and beauty I have seen many of my friends that I have made since my transformation into a vampire succumb to old age and disease.


I even had one friend ask me to share this curse with her. I could not bring myself to do it. As she lay dying a painful death from cancer I advised her that she was better off enjoying a life of peace and prosperity with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I myself would not wish this curse upon another human being.


Like all powers they have their strengths and corresponding weaknesses. For example as mentioned earlier I cannot go out into the daylight. I also must feed at least once a week on human blood. I have tried drinking so called “holy water” blessed by a Catholic Priest however it had no effect on me. When I set foot into churches I did not burst into ashes. Also in contrast to popular mythology I do not need to be invited into a dwelling in order to be able to enter. No, I do not sleep in coffins or graves. I do sleep in the daytime; furthermore I do it in a bed like a human being. Much of what the public has been told through popular culture is garbage (stated politely).


During the last forty two years I have yet to encounter another vampire. I have not even seen the one who effected my transformation. If I did meet him what would I do? As a Christian I would be required to forgive him. As a former human I would definitely seek revenge. Before I end this cursed existence I intend to confer with a clergyman of my own religious faith to purge my soul before I meet God. I believe that I owe it to humanity to tell another of my tale before I depart this earth.


Enter the Preacher


Gideon Long was a staunch fundamentalist Southern Baptist preacher as was his father and grandfather before him. His beliefs in God and his son Jesus Christ were unwavering. If there ever was a fire and brimstone Southern Baptist preacher he was definitely one. He followed the teachings of the King James Version of the Holy Bible published in 1611 to the letter. Furthermore he expected the same of his wife and children. Those members of his congregation who he thought failed to do so often received the blunt end of one of his sermons the following Sunday morning.


Despite having a reputation as a fire and brimstone Southern Baptist Preacher he was counterbalanced with a loving caring heart. One could not doubt that he had been called to the ministry of God. He was firmly dedicated to the ministry of God and to the members of his congregation. Over the last twenty five years of his service to God he had officiated many weddings, funerals, and served as a councilor to many in need. He had never turned away a person in need of his services.


It was Wednesday evening and members of his congregation would be arriving in about and hour to receive their mid week dose of “spiritual nourishment.” Pastor Gideon long often referred to it as their “spiritual diet.” Although Wednesday evening services were less formal than those on Sunday mornings he still liked to arrive at least and hour early to make preparations and council those who may seek his advice.


One such a person who was in dire need of his services awaited him as he approached the side entrance to the church. From the sad look upon her face coupled with his innate paternal instincts he knew that he had his work cut out for him this evening.


He approached the front of the church where she sat upon the steps then addressed her in a bright polite manner: “Young lady can I help you?”


She looked up at him from where she sat: “Reverend Long, I would like to see you tonight after your service. There is something very important I need to discuss with you.”


By his estimation she could not have been more than twenty four years old but when she spoke she sounded much older.


“Certainly young lady. See me after the invitation. We will talk then.”


“Young lady? “The vampire thought to herself. I am about twenty years older than he is although I definitely do not look it. Whenever I went to bars I always got carded.


She merely smiled and said in a polite refined manner:” Certainly Reverend Long. I will see you then.”


With that Reverend Long proceeded to the side door of the church to his study.


For those of you that are not of the Southern Baptist faith “the invitation” takes place at the conclusion of the service. During that period members of the congregation can come forward to pray at the altar, confer with the pastor, or to ask for salvation from the Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ. Usually after receiving the gift of salvation they could request church membership.


Reverend Long instinctively knew that at the end of his sermon tonight he was about to encounter one of the most perplexing challenges of his career.


The service started on time as usual. Reverend Long was renowned for his promptness. Being mid week the congregation was not nearly as large as it was on Sunday. Still Reverend Long had a consistent dedicated flock as which he was secretly proud of. In his eyes they were some of the best people one could pastor to.


When it came time for his sermon to commence he spotted the vampire seated near the back of the church by herself. Prior to the beginning of the service she had not made any effort to interact with anyone else. Many of the church members probably did not approve of her attire which consisted of tight fitting jeans which outlined her shapely curves that were tucked into black knee length zip up boots. She also wore a red turtle neck shirt complimented with a black leather jacket. Her light brown hair tumbled down past her shoulders.


Gideon Long thought that if there were more boys here tonight she would definitely be attracting their attention. Unfortunately most of the youth did not attend Wednesday evening services. They were often studying or practicing sports. Most of the attendees on Wednesday evening were elderly adults with too much time on their hands.


For someone of her age to be here this evening her need must be great indeed.


The material that Reverend Long chose to preach about concerned the Apostle Paul. Very often the story of the Apostle Paul was the subject of much scrutiny in many pastor’s sermons.


The vampire sat listening to Reverend Long’s sermon with great intensity. Over the last forty two years of her existence she had scrutinized the King James Version of the Holy Bible in great detail. One of the characters that she had always admired in the New Testament was the Apostle Paul. To her the Apostle Paul was one of her role models. After all if God could take a man who had murdered and killed Christians then turn him into a great servant of the Lord Jesus Christ then she too felt that she could have salvation.


During her own biblical studies she had often pondered why God had made a man such as Paul a servant unto him. Many sermons and devotionals were based upon his writings. Furthermore the man was the author of fifty two percent of the books of the New Testament of the King James Version of the holy Bible. Still one could not doubt that the Apostle Paul was a man of great intelligence. He spoke three languages fluently: Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. His contributions to mankind along with those of his Lord and Savior would be everlasting. Many centuries after his death his writings continue to aide in leading others to knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


One question did plague her immensely; sometimes it made her doubt that she could have salvation through Jesus Christ: “The Apostle Paul was human. What about me, I am not?”


She had hope that she would find her answer this evening from the young man upon the pulpit.


Very often Reverend Long reiterated that Jesus Christ offers eternal salvation to all mankind provided that they have fulfilled the requirements as outlined in the Holy Bible. The Vampire fully intended to make sure that she that fulfilled those requirements this very evening.


The service followed the typical routine of the Southern Baptist faith with the invitation occurring at the conclusion of the sermon. No members of the congregation had anything to profess so the service came to an uneventful close.


As the church members turned to depart the vampire approached Reverend Long and asked:” Can I see you now Pastor?”


“Certainly young lady, please follow me.”


The Vampires Confession:


Reverend Long preceded the young lady down the hallway from the sanctuary to his study. Once there he closed the door behind them and took a seat behind his desk. The young lady took a seat directly across from him. Reverend Long wanted to get home because he had other things he wanted to do that evening so he got down to business. He was not a man who liked to waste time.


“So tell me young lady what can I do for you?”


“I am seeking absolution for my crimes here on earth.”


“As I told you in my sermon Jesus Christ offers that for all humanity, regardless of what crimes they have committed while on earth. As the bible states you must confess the Lord Jesus Christ with thy mouth and you will be saved.”


“I know that Pastor however I am not human, you see Reverend I am a Vampire.”


Her answer momentarily shocked him. Then again he had dealt with many people who he thought were delusional. Much of his training in academia had encompassed the discipline of psychology. He decided to play along for a time with the young lady’s delusion in order to learn her true intentions.


Before he decided to proceed further with the dialog the asked:” Young lady you have come to me this evening requesting my help. Can I at least know your name so that I can properly address you?”


“My name is Teresa.”


She did not offer her last name.


“So tell me Teresa, how long have you been a vampire?”


“For over forty two years. I have been on earth for a total of sixty four years. So I guess that makes me about twenty years older than you, give or take a few years.”


“So you were turned into a vampire at about age twenty one, right?”


“Age twenty two.”


“So Teresa is being a vampire a crime?”


“Look I know that you presently do not believe me Reverend but vampires are killers. They take human life, they murder, and they kill. Believe me I know for I am a murderer, a killer, and many things worse.”


The Vampires Perspective:


I can see the look of disbelief in Reverend Long’s eyes and I do not blame him. If I was in his position I would not believe such a strange tale either. Never the less over the next few hours I tell him much of what has transpired over my last forty two years here on earth.


I tell him of the people I have murdered, the crimes that I myself have committed such as robbery. I tell him of the lives I have ruined. Most of all I tell him how I have rationalized my transgressions against humanity by telling myself that I was doing it a favor by murdering their undesirables in order to sustain my damnable existence.


Most of all my heart felt heavy because I had not only lied to myself but also to The Lord thy God. To me that was the worst crime of all.


The whole time I relate my tale unto him his attention never wavers. He is a well focused man who follows my every word and action very intensely. In my heart I some how know that I can trust him. He truly lives up to his reputation as a man of God. Still I sense a tremendous amount of disbelief in the tale that I have just told him.


There is a brief moment of silence when I am through speaking then he ask me: “So tell me young lady, do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ with all of your heart and soul?”


“Yes Reverend Long I do.” I responded with all my heart!


Narrators Perspective:


Reverend Long then proceeded to do his heartfelt duty to offer this young lady the gift of eternal salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ in the events which follow.


“And do you want the gift of salvation from sin that he has to offer?”


“Now more than ever,” She said barely restraining the tears of blood that had welled up behind her innocent looking brown eyes. Reverend Long would have been shocked to say the least if she had cried crimson tears of blood before him.


“Well the scriptures say that if you believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved. It also says confess with thy mouth. Will you join hands with me and say the prayer that I tell you to say?”


“That I will.”


Reverend Long then rose to his feet and held out both of his hands. The vampire rose to her feet and took his hands into hers.


“My Lord they are unusually cold,” Reverend Long thought to himself. Of course he was sure that such a phenomena could be easily explained by a medical doctor. He then gave the matter no further thought. His focus was now on the salvation of the soul of the young woman who stood before him. To him that mattered more than anything else.


Gideon Long like all human beings had many shortcomings. But one thing was for sure above all else. He was definitely a man of God. This young lady before him had asked for the gift of eternal salvation that Jesus Christ had to offer. Despite his disbelief in the tale that she had just related to him he was not about to deny it to her!


After they had joined hands Reverend Long said:”Bow your head young lady. Close your eyes, and repeat after me. Lord Jesus I approach your throne of grace and mercy.”


“Lord Jesus I approach your throne of grace and mercy.”


“I know that I am a sinner.”


“I know that I am a sinner.”


“I ask now that you come into my life and become my personal Lord and Savior.”


“I ask now that you come into my life and become my personal Lord and Savior.”


“Please grant me mercy and forgiveness for all my sins both past, present, and future.”


“Please grant me mercy and forgiveness for all my sins both past, present, and future.”


“For you are now my personal Lord and Savior.”


“For you are now my personal Lord and Savior.”


“And I am now your child.”


“And I am now your child.”


“For these things we ask in your name.”


“For these things we ask in your name.”






At the conclusion of the prayer both looked up into each others eyes briefly before separating their hands.


The vampire experienced many feelings that she had never experienced before. Once she had considered herself damned. Furthermore she felt filled with the spirit of the Holy Ghost just as those she had read about in the King James Version of the Holy Bible. More than anything else she felt relieved for she truly knew that she had received eternal salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ who truly was now her Lord and Savior.


In a short period of time she would face the rising sun and soon there after she would be in his loving arms. She would also be able to see many of her family members who were now no longer upon the earth but were now in heaven. Her undead life would soon be over.


Reverend Long’s interrupted her reverie:” So young lady whatever you decide to do next I wish God’s blessings upon you. If you have said the prayer that we have said in here tonight and believe with all your heart in the Lord Jesus Christ then you have fulfilled all the requirements for eternal salvation.”


“Thank you Reverend Long for everything. Please take this as a gift to you and to the ministry of Christ. I have no further use for it.”


She then reached into the pocket of her leather jacket and extracted a thick stack of one hundred dollar bills and laid them upon the desk. Reverend Long looked down briefly at the stack of money. When he glanced upon again she was gone like a wisp of smoke. He heard only the door to his study shut before he knew what had happened.


“My God, no one could move that fast!” He thought to himself.


He fell back into his chair and wondered:” What if she was telling the truth? “What if she really was an undead creature of the night? The King James Version of the Holy Bible was after all filled with many strange tales. From his earliest training he had been taught that to deny one part of the bible was to deny all of it.


Reverend Long then got down on his knees and prayed for at least and hour. He prayed for many things. But most of all he prayed for the eternal salvation of the young woman who had desperately needed him this very night.


One hour later Reverend Gideon Long rose from his knees then sat in his study all night contemplating the story the strange young woman had told unto him. Over the years he had counseled many people who had come unto him for advice. Never had he heard a tale like he had the previous evening. At one point during the conversation he had thought of offering to take her to the local hospital and asking her to check into the psychiatric ward.


He also wondered that if she was in fact demon possessed. He had never performed an exorcism but had known some pastors who had. Perhaps she needed to have one performed on her now. There were numerous biblical accounts of demon possession. He personally had never thought of the possibility of having to perform and exorcism until now.


He also wondered if he would ever see the strange young woman again who had provided him with one of the strangest nights of his life. It definitely made him see his faith in Jesus Christ and God in a whole new light. He awoke from a brief nap as the first rays of sunlight penetrated the blinds of his study. His study faces the same direction as the entrance to the church sanctuary. He was glad of that. One pleasure that he frequently enjoyed was the ability to watch the sun rise as he worked on a sermon. It gave him pleasure, hope, and inspiration. He never tired at admiring the natural wonders of what God had created.


One last thought crossed his mind as he became fully awake. What if the young lady was actually telling the truth? What if she really was a vampire? Her hands definitely were ice cold. Her skin was unusually pale. He had never asked for a demonstration of her vampiric powers that vampires were reputed to have such as superhuman strength and speed. Well come to think about it he did witness her super human speed.


No, she did not come to him to demonstrate her powers nor to tell here life story. She had come unto him seeking absolution. She wanted his assurance that she would receive absolution from The Lord thy God and his son Jesus Christ. She had confessed with her own mouth that she was a sinner. She believed that Jesus Christ was her Lord and Savoir. She had fulfilled all the requirements as outlined by both his belief and by the King James Version of the Holy Bible published in 1611. With these requirements being satisfied he felt that he could at least offer her absolution from the crimes that she had confessed unto him.


He had also contemplated calling the police and telling them of his ordeal the previous evening. But then again what would he tell them? Furthermore he felt that it would be a betrayal of trust to call the police on someone who had come to him for help. He after all served a higher power than the law of man.


The Vampires Perspective.


As the sun rose I faced my first sunrise in more than forty two years with no fear or regrets. It is beautiful to behold. As its deadly rays destroy my undead body I experience pain beyond all measure. Despite the pain and agony that I am enduring I cannot help but feel joy. For in my heart I know that I will soon be rid of this undead form and soon will be with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I feel my flesh burn as I want to cry out in agony but my will to control my wailing prevails. It does not take the sun long to destroy my undead form. My agony is over almost as quickly as it had begun. Within two minutes my undead from is a pile of smoking ashes on the steps of God’s house. To me those two minutes felt like and eternity but I know that they are nothing compared to the agony that my Lord and Savor endured to provide me with salvation from my sins. Mankind can never thank him enough form his gift of redemption.


All at once I am set free from my undead form. As my soul ascends upward I take one last look at the remains of the form that I had inhabited for more that forty two years. I then rise upward to find my Lord and Savior waiting for me with open arms.


A short time later:


Reverend Long exited the church out the side door leading to the parking lot. He was halfway to his car when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned in mid stride and proceeded to the steps that led up to the entrance to the sanctuary. The sight that met his eyes perplexed him.


It as if someone had built a campfire on the steps. Ashes and smoking embers were strewn about. The brick and mortar of the steps was also deeply scorched. For just about the first time in his life Reverend Long was at a complete loss for words.


Now in the Arms of God:


Thank God my hellish earthly existence had ended. I am now free from the damnation on earth that I have endured by having to inhabit that undead body. I now have a new heavenly body. I am now in the loving arms of my Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ.


Dedication: The above text is dedicated to my Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ.


Special Thanks to the Apostle Paul: He is a fine example of how God can take the worst of us and make some of the best of us.



The Vampires Suicide

Despite being transformed into a vampire she has never lost her faith in God and his son Jesus Christ. For many decades she has deliberated the moral issue of murder for her survival while trying to justify it to herself and to God in various ways. One day she decided to end her undead existence however before doing so she enlist the aide of a Fundamentalist Southern Baptist Preacher to find absolution for her crimes through the Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ.

  • ISBN: 9781310209772
  • Author: Steven A. Gentry
  • Published: 2015-12-18 21:05:06
  • Words: 4862
The Vampires Suicide The Vampires Suicide