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The Valentine Frenzy


The Valentine Frenzy


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and

incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are

used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any

resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or

persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental




Copyright © 2017 Lookman Olaniyan

Shakespir Edition

All rights reserved.

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The Valentine Frenzy

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Chapter 1

On the appointed day, I slept a little as I kept on tossing side to side on the bed. The previous night was a busy one as Yenzo and I were brainstorming on the stuffs I would need for the trip. She was familiar with issues relating to Port-Elizabeth and its environs. Her parents were from the Eastern Cape and she grew up there. The people, the weather, the environment are things I got a good dose of briefing about from her. We chatted late into the night before resting our heads.

It was January 18, 2015.We departed for the Park Station in the morning as I looked forward to the long journey. Yenzo turned back after we got to the station. The weather conditions were wintry and she had complained of cold earlier. She even did well to have taken a walk with me to the station.

“Don’t look into the faces of those Xhosa and Coloured girls,” she warned.

“Common Yenzo, if I don’t do that here in Johannesburg, why would I want to play around in some remote location?”

“Well, I don’t know. A TDH like you would not be hard to find. Young girls can be desperate.”

“What’s a TDH?”

“Don’t worry. Have a safe trip. Do call me when you get there and please call me regularly.”

“Okay dear. You know it’s tough for me to leave you here in Johannesburg. If I had my ways, I would avoid this trip and stay here.”

“Please Jack. You are all I have. Don’t disappoint me,” tears rolled down her eyes as she adjusted the hood of her sweater.

“I won’t, girl. Relax your mind.”

I hugged her affectionately much longer than usual. I withdrew my hands, stepped back a little, looked her in the eyes and feelings of love overwhelm me: I love this lady so much.

“Goodbye, Yenzo, I’ll keep you posted,” I sighed.

She turned away and headed towards the exit gate. As she walked, I knew I would miss her. Yenzo was special to me, but my company assignment was necessary.

I entered the bus and sat beside a gentle-looking young man who was travelling towards same area in Port-Elizabeth. His girlfriend was there with him. She had escorted him to the station and was bidding him goodbye when I started throwing banters at them. After some sessions of laughter, she was happy that her man was going to have a good time on the trip since he was beside a friendly character. As she turned to leave the bus, I stopped her,

“Before you leave, lady, can you please tell me the meaning of TDH? My girlfriend called me a TDH some moments ago and I could not decode the meaning.”

She laughed, shook her head and then replied, “TDH simply means Tall, Dark and Handsome.”

“Oh! I see.”

She and her boyfriend laughed at me and she left the bus.

Yenzo had always been jealous. She never thought herself good enough for me. I would wonder why she made such assumption, because I loved her a lot. She was not the first lady to call me handsome. I was used to it since I was a kid. As I grew up to be a 1.95 metres hunk, the attention from ladies had been massive. And this was since Grade 8. I always had them around me in large supplies. Although, I enjoyed their company, it prevented excelling in my studies.

My mum would remind me that I took after my late dad. I was dark and tall just like him. He was a ladies man all the way. He never had them in short supply. The stress she went through while courting him was always a topic of interest to her. She had to ask for marriage after six months of courting or he forgot about the relationship. My dad took a wise option to marry her on account of her talents and the love he had for her. Even after marriage, the ladies kept bothering him. She only felt secure after having five kids for him.

When I got to the university, ladies attention on me got worse. They would claim that they loved me for different reasons. Some would point at my velvety moustache. Others would simply say my height made them drool. A couple of them once mentioned that they liked my being intelligent. Yet a few bunch said my appeal came from my overall look. Such people advised that I should be modelling instead of studying Applied Mathematics. There was a time I dated seven ladies on campus despite having many casual friends and acquaintances.

I probably would have made a good career out of marketing or acting. But my love for mathematics would not allow me delve elsewhere. I was intellectually gifted from a young age and I always liked Mathematics and the sciences. The made me one of the few guys that studied Mathematics from my high school. It was only after I graduated from the University that I started toying with the arts.

When I joined Dekkers Consultancy about three years back, I was once asked to accompany the marketers to the field. Some of the marketers felt certain that I had the ability to draw attention even without saying a word. Each time the marketing director went out, she asked me to accompany her. I would do as told and such outings were usually very rewarding for the company and me.

Attention was not lacking amongst the junior female staff as well. They would plan their lunch break outings to tally with mine. It became a thing of pleasure for them to be seen returning from lunch break with me.

Sometimes I fell for temptation and invited them home, especially during weekends. This was despite the fact that I was not even dating any of them.

My playboy life continued until I met Yenzo. She had blown me away on our first meeting. It was during one of my numerous outings with the office marketers. She came across as a complete woman to me – with brain and brawn. On the day, she had stared at me just once and I was hooked. We exchanged numbers and maintained contact ever since then.

I did not need to propose to her the second time we met for a date. We both knew that we had to be together one way or the other. She radiated the kind of confidence I craved in a woman. I pledged my commitment to her on our second meeting.

Though our relationship has had its many challenges, we always managed to make up without outside interference. Yenzo never trusted me with issues regarding ladies. She always thought that I had someone somewhere that I dated beside her. My several speeches to her about trust always fell on deaf ears. She would repeat that many ladies looked at me in the malls whenever we visited together. To her, that showed that I was not ‘clean’. But contrary to her suspicion, I never for once cheated on her.

So, now that she mentioned TDH, I thought it was a nickname she carved for me. Referring to me as TDH was not at all far from the truth. But suspecting me in advance about a place that I had not been to was taking her jealousy a step further. Maybe she knew something I did not know about Port-Elizabeth. She was raised there, and certainly should know better.

The Port-Elizabeth trip would take about 10 hours according to the schedule on the tickets. The bus departed at exactly 7:30 AM without a minute of delay.

As soon as the bus left the station, my bus partner and I started talking and I was the first to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Jack.”

“Hello, I’m Pumlani,” he replied.

“I’m heading to Port-Elizabeth. Are you going to Cape Town?” I joked.

He laughed and replied that he was going the same city. He narrated how he was called a few days back and given an assignment to travel to Port-Elizabeth for the newly implemented CAPS curriculum. He was to visit a certain high school and demonstrate how the school would adapt to the new curriculum.

As soon as he began to explain, I knew we were going for the same mission. It’s just that the schools we were posted to were different ones. I just wanted him to conclude before I told him so. I was also informed about the task three days before.

“We are going for the same mission, you know. Everything you just explained applies to me too.”

“Are you working for Dekkers Consultancy too?” He asked.

“Exactly! So you work with same company?”

“I do, but I’m at the Pretoria branch. I only came to Johannesburg to take this bus. I slept here last night.”

“I work at our Johannesburg head office. I have been there for three years now. I’m glad to meet you Pumlani”

Dekkers Consultancy where we both work is a government recognised educational facility. Ours is a big company with branches in all the provinces and, in some cases, we have multiple branches in the same province. Many of the educational policies that government implements in South Africa usually got implemented with the help of our company. The recently introduced National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) to all high school across South Africa was the reason why we were travelling to The Eastern Cape.

Many of our colleagues were deployed to schools across the land. We were to show how the new curriculum would affect the teaching methodology they currently worked with. We were to also demonstrate it to the teachers so that they would get used to it. The assignment was to last for four weeks after which the school teachers would take over from us consultants.

“Well, we are now partner in crime,” I stated and Pumlani laughed aloud. He was a free-spirited guy just like me. We had a very long chat as the bus got on the way

Pumlani was younger than me. He graduated from the university two years back. He came across as a young and likeable chap. He was always smiling, easy to talk to, eager to listen and would never frown at a jibe. He was an urbane guy who listened to other people’s opinions. He was different and I got along with him very well.

The Eastern Cape is a big province. Port-Elizabeth, our destination, is located there. The land mass across the different towns and villages are vast and noticeably so. I savoured the experience of seeing the different land marks across the area as we moved on. On a few occasions, we each slept for a while when we had little to say. Sometimes, I would concentrate on the book I had in my hands when sleep was distant.

The long, cold journey saw us moving by the coastal areas of the province. I enjoyed the horizon of endless water body. Huge splashes of ocean tides on the rocks that permeated the coastal belts were a sight to behold. As we journeyed through one township after another, the historical importance of the areas and political figures that originated from them would come to mind.

When we arrived in Port-Elizabeth, the bus parked and dropped us off at Flemming & North Union Street, Port-Elizabeth. It was in the evening at around 6:00 PM. While I was posted to Grahams Town, Pumlani was sent to Alexandria. It was at the bus stop there that we went our different ways, after exchanging numbers. The weather was very cold, though it was January.

As I walked further the area toward the mall, a man of average height came walking towards me.

The arrangement made with the school principal was that he should be available at the bus stop to receive me around 5:30PM. He was right there when I got to the mall close to the popular bus terminal. He had been given my profile by our office staff and so it was not hard for him to recognise me. As soon as I walked towards the mall, he had walked towards me.

“You must be Mr Jack Mutetey?”

“Yes, please. And you must be the principal of the Landmark Community School.”

“Exactly, I am James Roddak. Welcome to Port-Elizabeth.” He laughed heartily and hugged me. He appeared warm and pleasant.

“Thank you, sir. I hope you did not have to wait for long.”

“Not at all. I was just here for 20 minutes. I have a general idea when buses arrive from Johannesburg”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Would you like to drink something before we start the journey to Grahamstown? It’s about 25 minutes’ drive from here.”

“No please. Thanks. I took some juice in the bus just before we got here. I am fine.”

“Let’s go, then. It’s getting dark already.”

“Alright, sir.”




Chapter 2

So we drove to Glenmore in Grahamstown where the school was located. Mr Roddak was very polished gentleman. He didn’t appear like the principal of a high school in a suburb area. He came across as a man of principle with a strong sense of dedication. He sounded like a gentleman who would do a lot to care for learners. As we moved to the school, we got talking:

“Are you a city person or a farm person?” he began. Not wanting to start on a wrong footing, I was cautious in replying. I knew that he was trying to interview me.

“Errrrr, I grew up in the city and I currently work there. But I‘ve been to the farms a couple of times.”

“I don’t think you will like my school at all,” he expressed his concern quietly.

“Sir, I am ready to do my best, wherever I am assigned.” I assured him.

“I understand that you are a Maths specialist and you are going to be with us for one month.”

“Yes, please. I was asked to just demonstrate some new changes in the curriculum. Your teachers would take over from there.”

“I have provided a place for you to stay close to the school. I don’t expect you to compare it to the life you live in the cities, but I hope you would enjoy the place.”

“No problem, sir. I am here to serve.”

“With your height, I hope my learners would not be scared of you.” Mr Roddak joked.

“Ha-ha. I will be their uncle.”

When we arrived at Glenmore, it was already dark. He took me to his house. His family members were not at home at the time. His wife was in a distant town and she was a teacher too. His kids were in Cape Town where they lived. He showed me a room where I would stay and I placed my bag there. After we had a meal of bread and fish stew, we chatted for some time while watching television. Soon, I began to doze off on the couch. Mr Roddak woke me up and asked me to go sleep in the room. I obliged. It had been a long day and I could no longer hold off the sleep.

That night I had a dream. It was a positive one that made me smile. When I woke up, I could not recall it at all. But then I concluded that perhaps it was a good sign that many good things awaited me in the school.

The morning after, we headed for the school. Before we got there, we stopped some few metres away. Mr Roddak wanted to show me where they had prepared for me to stay.

We got off the car and walked towards a building. I was then introduced to my landlord, Mr Madiba. He was one of those village folks who had worked for many years in Johannesburg. He was old, but not frail. He spoke passable English and always wore a smile. His head was clean shaven with few patches of grey hair. He appeared an easy going fellow who was well composed. When he walked, he did so slowly, swinging side by side, and looking to the ground.

“This is your Landlord, Mr Madiba,” the Principal began.

“Hello,” said Mr Madiba, stretching his hand to shake me.

“I’m Jack. I am pleased to meet you, sir,” I uttered, locking hands.

“I am Madiba. I worked many years in Johannesburg, but I’m back here in the farm. You can stay here and feel at home. Let me know if you need anything. I can take you to the shebeen and drink Umqombothi. I hope that you like the local wine? ”

“He does not drink a lot of wine,” Mr Roddak replied on my behalf. He was not imagining his Mathematics teacher to be a wine specialist.

I then replied, “I will like to sit down and chat with you, sir. I am happy that you are welcoming me to your place this early morning. Your compound is big and neat. It must be a lot of hard work maintaining this place.”

“Thank you. We manage very well. I have people that assist me with the compound,” he stated.

We shook hands again and separated after Mr Roddak signalled that we should move.

I was then taken to the place prepared for me to stay. The compound was a bit large and well catered. There were cattle, pigs, cocks and rodents loitering around. The compound was demarcated from the next one by wooden planks. The toilet, as expected, a pit, was within the compound and it was a communal one. There was grassland directly opposite the building where the cattle fed. Kids in the neighbourhood also used the place as playground. The entire area was quiet and peaceful. From the compound, one could see the school in the distance.

My room was a small one. It was a neat rondavel, one of many in the compound. The floor was concrete and the roofing thatched. There was a bed placed at one end of the room. A portmanteau was placed next to it. There was a window close to the bed and another directly opposite. When I gazed around, I located a socket that could be used for my electrical needs. The entrance to the room had a wooden door with a latch placed behind. There was also a half-door to ward of goats and pigs. The place was okay for the period of my few weeks stay. I did not expect much since I was not in the city. I took my luggage out of Mr Roddak’s car and placed it in a corner of the room. I was given the key to the place and padlocks. We then went straight to the school premises.

Landmark Community School is the most popular one in the area. Its compound is a fairly large one with a football and netball fields located immediately outside the barricaded school area. There are three student buildings located adjacent to each other. The fourth one is the administrative building. It’s where the principal, vice-principal and other clerical staff stay and do their work. There is one other building, the staff block, meant for the teachers and other teaching staff. The school was well maintained and fairly well-secured.

Mr Roddak took me to the Vice-Principal and introduced me to her. He informed her of my mission and how long I would stay. I liked the woman immediately. She came across as a caring mother and she immediately reminded me of my own mother.

“I’m happy to meet you, ma’am,” I greeted and bowed.

“Welcome, my son. I hope you will enjoy your stay here,” she replied.

“She will be the one in charge of your groceries,” the principal informed me.

I nodded my heard and smiled to the woman. I recalled that I was told from the office that the school would be in charge of my feeding and accommodation for the duration of my stay.

I was then taken to the staff room where I was introduced to the school teachers. I met Miss Vivian, the mathematics teacher.

“Vivian currently handles Mathematics for the senior students. I think you would be working closely with her. She would be the one to continue with the learners after you leave,” Mr Roddak stated.

“Nice meeting you, miss. I am Jack Mutetey”

“Same here, Mr,” she replied in a high pitched voice that reminded me of someone I had met before. I looked at her gain, but could not recall any previous meeting.

“I guess you have lot of stories to share with me concerning the new CAPS curriculum.”

“Very well, yes, we have a lot to talk about on it.”

The principal then took me to the other teachers. There were men and women of different ages and character. A few of them looked like retirees. They wore spectacles and long dresses. There were the younger ladies who had been in the school for 3 years or less. Only few male teachers were spotted. They handled English, Physical and Life Sciences. I also spotted a couple of interns who were there for their teaching practice. They’d been deployed there from the near-by university.

Finally, I was taken to the Grade 12 students. They were the ones that should have more focus of the new curriculum since they would be writing the final-year Matric exams later in the year. Their papers would be based on the new curriculum. Before we got there, Mr Roddak informed me,

“There is a high level of indiscipline among the students. The fact that they are in Grade 12 gets into their heads. You must handle them with firmness and seriousness; otherwise they may get out of hands,” he warned.

I wondered what the principal meant by that. All Grade 12 students everywhere had their peculiarities. They always behaved typical of juveniles that they are.

When we got to their classroom, many of the seats were empty. The students had rearranged their tables in a disorderly manner. They only attempted to straighten things up when we entered.

The principal then announced,

“Hello, class.”

“Hello, sir”

“You have a new Mathematics teacher. He is Mr Jack. He will be around for the next four weeks and would take you through the topics in the new CAPS curriculum, which you have been complaining about. Direct all your questions in Mathematics to him from now on. Miss Vivian will come to your class once in a while. She will continue taking you when he leaves. Please co-operate with him while he is here.”

I stepped forward and introduced myself:

“Hellooooo, class!” I sounded melodic.

I raised my voice a notch above that of the principal. The students lacked energy and the vibe was low.

“Hellooo, sirrrrrrrr!” Came the chorus as if was it had been planned.

“I am happy to meet you all. I understand that you have some complaints concerning your new curriculum. I will be here to help you with it. If you have any issues bothering you in Mathematics, please feel free to discuss it with me. Do not feel shy at all. The principal wants you all to have Distinctions in the subject and that is why I am here. I will be introducing new things to you, and I hope you will be patient and co-operate with me as we go on. Let us work together on this. Are you ready to work with me?”

“Yeeessss!” the class chorused again, but this time louder than before. There seem to be an increased excitement in the class as many of them raised their hands as if they have questions. Some stretched animatedly and others yawned aloud.

The principal called on one of them to talk. It was a girl and she had been raising her hand.

“Sir, is Mr Jack going to be here till we do our Matric exams?” The other students burst out laughing. It appears she was one of the popular girls in class as her mates started to praise her.

“Sit down, Mballie, I have told you before that he would be here for only four weeks. Miss Vivian would still be your Math teacher.”

Another student was called upon to ask, this time, a boy.

“Mr Jack. Welcome to our school. Can you tell us a bit about your background?”

I looked at the principal and our eyes met as if to remind me of the warnings he gave me before. I then replied the kid.

“You will know everything about me as we go on. It’s my first day here today and we still have many more days to be together.

The principal then announced,

“That would be all for now. I hope you will put up your best while he is here.”

“Yes, sir!”

As we walked out of the class, whistles were heard as the students showed excitement at the news just delivered to them. The ladies were particularly dramatic. While I spoke, many of them winked and made kissing gestures with their mouth. Some even made love signs with their fingers. It was fascinating.

The principal advised that I worked closely with Vivian. “She would have a lot to share with me,” he said. He then asked me to take the day off to sort out my place and get some groceries from the Vice-Principal.

I returned to the staffroom and sat on the chair provided for me. I removed the academic materials I brought from our office and placed them on the table. I then had a general chat with the teachers as many of them had a few questions for me.

“Where are you from? How tall are you? Are you married? Do you like dating young girls? How long will you be here? Their questions came in all colours. I did my best to answer them all with calmness. Some continued to look on as though they suspected me of something. I maintained a smiley face throughout.

My table was next to Vivian’s. I shifted to her table for her to give me a low down of all that I needed to know about the school. She did her best to provide me with details. She also informed me about the places I needed to go to get things done: where they made photocopies, the toilet, the meeting room, presentation room and other such things.

Vivian was a beautiful lady who loved to dress nice. Her choice of attire showed that she was trendy. She also spoke impeccable English and she did so with a twang. I liked her politeness and tempered manners. I felt she would be nice to work with.

“Are you married?” she asked after all the gist.

“I’m single, Vivian. I’m only 26. I have a relationship though. She is the love of my life and she stays in Johannesburg.”

The excitement on her face wore off as I mentioned that I was taken. But I would not want her to feel undesirable.

“I am willing to do the best for this school with you, Vivian. We can to things together, academic and otherwise. I hope I can count on you.”

“Sure, why not,” she replied.

Mrs Avo was the Life Orientation teacher. She was an energetic and influential lady. She talked with authority as if her status was higher than others. She was quick to put people in their place when they got too much attention. When I returned to the staff room, I met her holding a short meeting with a few other teachers.

She walked up to me and asked?

“What’s the size of your shoes?”

That surprised me a bit. What manner of woman would come and ask about the shoe size as the first question ever to a visitor. I tried to recall if the question was a way to get some details about me. It was too early to start arguing with staff members. I would prefer to make friends and leave.

“I have not bothered to check recently,” I replied, “Would you please excuse me, I have a number of things to fix to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson.”

I packed my things and left. She looked at me in a funny manner. She did not look satisfied with my response. She however was not willing to pursue it further, since I was not paying attention.

When I got to my room at Madiba’s house, I carefully unpacked my things and arranged them within the available spaces. My first day went well at the school. The teachers were friendly, the learners willing, the weather nice and the accommodation was fair. My landlord’s wife offered me pressing iron, a table for reading or pressing my clothes and a hotplate for cooking.

I lay on the bed and picked my phone. I then dialled Yenzo’s number. I narrated details about my journey the previous day and all that I had experienced in the school so far and. She was very happy to receive my call and that I was in a happy space. I told her that I could only make calls at night when I returned home from school. Calling during daytime would be tricky. We dropped the phone reassuring each other that distance must not affect us.

I went out to the toilet to ease up. On returning, I saw a lady standing close to my door. She wore a dark dress and a dark hood covered her head. Since I had not met any of Madiba’s family members aside his wife, I could not guess who the person was. Even when I got close to the door, she didn’t bother to move aside. The thought of something strange happening to me made my head swell. I got uneasy as several thoughts cropped up in my mind.

Was there something she wanted to tell me about the place that I needed to know? Was she a daughter or wife to Mr Madiba? If at all there was a culture here where ladies were given to visitors for companionship on the first day of their stay, no one told me about it. Could she have been here on her own mission? Since she did not utter a word, I was not going to be forward and take chances. I had come from a very far place and would not want any act that would spoil my relationship with my landlord. Since I met him a few hours ago, he had been warm and welcoming. Even his wife was equally nice. It would not be a nice of me to start chasing after his daughters this early if I was going to be here for four weeks. I summoned the courage to enter into my room and locked the door behind me. If she was a ghost in the area, she must re-appear again inside my room. Then I would think of something proper to do. The weariness of the day took its toll on me. I soon slept off and never saw her again.

























Chapter 3

There were about forty-two students in the class. Instantly the students showed some zeal to want to learn from me and know me more. Mathematics had been a difficult subject for them and they thought that they could not improve in it. I felt energized and was willing to go the extra length to assist them pass brilliantly.

When I evaluated them, I realized that I had some task to do. I needed to introduce them to physical exercise, in addition to the regular Mathematics lessons.

I would be cautious because there was an existing Mathematics teacher in the school. She had been asked to step aside for me to take over all Mathematics sessions for Grade 12. She was asked to handle the lower grades while I reformed the final year students. She welcomed me well, and I would not want to degrade her.

I introduced my students to a change in their daily activities. Each day we started from the playground for some physical exercise sessions. Aerobics, jumping, running, stretches were all part of our routine. If they were going to improve in Mathematics, they had better be physically fit. I was convinced that a bit of physical exercise in the morning would improve brain function. I was motivated to take that up as part of the changes we needed to do to improve performance.

We had daily workouts from 7:00AM till 8:00 AM. After resting a bit down, we resumed classes and did some lessons. We would also hold classes from 10:00AM till 12:00PM- the regular Math sessions. Then, there would be lunch break. When the school closes at 2:30PM, I would hold classes again until 4:00 PM. This was for revisions and past questions. It was an intensive daily Mathematics training.

The principal liked the repeated sessions and he graciously cancelled the need for grade 12 to come to the morning assembly. Yes, we held classes every day of the week and I was never tired. The only snag was that the learners would sometimes shout that they were hungry.

In the classroom, my training approach was simple and effective. I learnt the students’ names by heart – surnames included – after my first week there. While classes held, I simply taught them popular Math solution techniques, solved some questions from textbooks and handled past questions. Then it would be their turn to be called randomly to come and solve the questions. Shyness initially prevented them from writing on the board. As time went on, they got used to it. I would also go round each student’s table to see how they solved the questions. This personalized method of training had a profound effect on the students’ abilities. It brought about a change in their attitudes and performance gradually improved. They also created more time in their spare time to solve Math problems.

I made the subject fun for them to learn. I injected elements of humour in the sessions and this stuck with them. I also made it interactive as I applied real world scenarios. At a certain time, they wished I had been their teacher all along. A good number of them improved considerably in Mathematics and only a few felt that it was too late to pass the subject. I still did not give up on those who feel that they could not cope. I identified them in class and provided additional support.

After just three days in the school, my popularity with the students grew. They began to show that they enjoyed my approach towards their studies. The boys always greeted me whenever I walked within the school premises. The girls would gather in groups to gossip about their new teacher. I felt that it was only normal to be acknowledged when people appreciate your effort.

On Friday, end of my first week, the Vice-Principal called me to come fetch my groceries. It was going to be a regular Friday affair that new grocery items would be handed over to me. When I got to her office, she was full of smiles,

“The students say they are enjoying your methods. They say they like you.”

“Thanks ma’am, I am only doing my bit”

“Keep up the good works. We like young men like you. Did you come to our school alone?”

“Err, yes.” I was not sure what she meant exactly. I thought she was assuming that I was lonely at home.

“..Since I am going to be here for a short time.”

“Okay. Stay well,” she concluded and I walked away with the plastic bags.

That Friday evening, the male teachers invited me out for a drink. There was a restaurant in the town closest to the school. It was fairly large and had a big parking area. People came from distant places to relax there and many of my school teachers visited too. We went there to drink that Friday evening.

After settling down to some chops and drinks, they revealed a lot more to me about the school and how free the female teachers were towards their male counterparts. According to them, for a guy like me that looked good and worked hard, it was necessary that I had some ladies that would visit me at home every night and during the weekends.

They hinted that many of the ladies were already looking forward to being invited to my place. I was just not looking at them at all. The interns were just waiting for me to ask, and the young teachers were eager too. They warned that if I did not heed their call, they would take desperate measures.

I laughed at their suggestions. I would be staying at the school for only a few weeks. Why would I want to date anyone and leave them soon afterwards? There was no use, I thought. All the same, I thanked them for their useful insight. After drinking, we departed the place and bade goodbye.

Once home, I enjoyed a restful Friday evening. I had a sound sleep that extended late into Saturday morning. As I woke up and stepped outside to do my laundries, I noticed a paper piece placed on the door. It was a note addressed to me:


Mr Jack,

“You can only run, you can’t hide!”

***Worried girls***


I laughed off the joke. I had been here for a week and I was receiving notes like this. These school girls were beginning to play pranks on me. I tore off the note and thrashed it. I was reminded of the advice being given by the male school teachers at the restaurant the night before – admirers were building up for me in the school. Were my admirers getting impatient already? It was too early, I thought.

My Sunday was a peaceful one. It’s been a long while since I had the whole day to myself. I could not go to the church, as there was none around there. The church available was a bit far from the school. I had never been a regular church goer, anyways. I always visited the church when I had serious personal issues. As everything seemed to be going on well for me, the church could go on without me.

I spent the better part of the day talking with Yenzo. She had enjoyed a two and a half hour phone conversation with me. When my airtime got low, I resorted to chatting on WeChat. I showered praise on her for being present in my life. Sometimes, we don’t appreciate people until we are far from them. If she remained the person that she was, nothing could come between us.

Yenzo was overjoyed with my choice of words that Sunday afternoon. I could feel the defencelessness in her voice when she spoke. She was way deeply love-sick with me and she missed every bit of me.

That Sunday night, as I prepared for school the following day, I had cause to think about the note I saw on my door. My interaction with the students was always cordial and academic. I never had cause to meet any single one of them privately, within or outside school. I did not want to have any personal relationship with any one of them. I had seen signs of indiscipline that first week and I would not want to worsen it. I was there to establish CAPS curriculum. I was not a teacher of morality.

Who amongst them could have summoned the courage to tell me that “I could only run, but could not hide?” Were they trying to seek a personal relationship with me? I decided not to raise any issue about it in school. I would wait for further clues.

In my quest to find out who dropped the note, I learnt that my landlord had two daughters, Deliwe and Funeka. Deliwe attended Landmark School where I taught, and the older one, Funeka, was in the process of obtaining university admission. Along with Mr Madiba and his wife, they were the only occupants of the entire compound.

I guessed it was one of the daughters who appeared to me the first night I slept in the house. I thought that they could be the ones that placed the note on my door. Since I was not sure, I did not push further.

At school the following day, there were lots of surprises lying in wait for me. Staff members and students had surprise lined up.

As I entered into the staff room, I was told to go and see the principal. He had been on the lookout for me and had checked twice already that morning. I went straight to his office.

“Good Morning, Jack.”

“Good morning, sir. I was told you wanted to see me.”

“Yes. I just want to thank you for the diligent work you did last week. The feedback was a very positive one as I could see that my students are showing more interest in attending classes. We never used to have full attendance, but last week we had 100% attendance for the first time in three years.”

“Wow! I am happy to hear that, sir. I am just playing my bit.”

“Please, keep it up. You may return to your duties. That would be all for now.”

I was happy to hear those words from the principal. He was in direct communication with my boss in the office. My boss believed in delivering well in whatever tasks that was assigned to his staff. If I got such good appraisal from the principal after my first week, I would like to do better so as to continue to be in his good books. I was due for promotion already at work.

I hurriedly moved to the fields for the early morning exercise. I was obviously in high spirits. We had a brief aerobic session. They were now familiar with my routines, and so, I expended little effort at shouting instructions. One thing I noticed that morning was that many of the female students gave me a hard stare. They looked on for too long as if they had an axe to grind with me. I thought it was those students who found the exercise too hard to do.

“Jane, you look tired, are you okay?”

“Very okay, sir.”

“Alright. Double up.”

That morning, I was to take them a run through some topics in Geometry. I settled into the class, and began to teach. After about 45 minutes of exploring the topic, I solved a number of problems on the board and then it was the time for me to assess how far they understood the concepts presented.

“If the length of my shoe is 12 cm, and the width is 5 cm, what will be the area of the shoe?”

Each student began to look into the next person’s face. I could not get the reason why a simple question could bring about such drama.

“It’s a simple question any Grade 2 learner would answer.”

I repeated the question while I walked to a different spot in front of the class. To my surprise, the female members of the class started parting their legs, exposing their panties! At first I was shocked to see that happen to about 2, 3 girls. Before long it was about 9 of them.

It was not a Biology class and we were not discussing human anatomy. We were talking Mathematics here. How would they be showing me their panties like that? I moved towards the window and thought for a while. Was there something strange about the question? Before long, I recalled that the question had to do about the size of a shoe. I recalled that the Life Orientation teacher once asked me about the size of my shoe. I decided to rephrase my question. I walked to the same spot as before. Those ladies that parted their legs were now sitting properly with their legs clamped together.

“If the length of a carton is 12 cm, and the width is 5 cm, what will be the area of the carton?”

A good number of them raised their hands and, when asked to, they answered the question correctly.

I realised that the reaction that I got earlier was because I was asking about ‘the size of my shoe.’ I concluded that there was a special meaning to asking about the size of a shoe of a male person in the school.

After the lessons, I went to the staff room. Some female teachers were curious that I stayed too long in each teaching session. They thought that I had a girlfriend in the class. The rumours went that I was just interested in dating the students that was why I never got tired of teaching three times a day: Morning afternoon and evening. There must be a kind of benefit for me, they thought, otherwise I would have remained in the staff room like them. However, my resolve not to involve myself in any amorous teacher-student mess was still strong. It was a fast way to create enmity amongst my colleagues, especially the female ones.

As I sat on my chair, Vivian walked up to me and presented a gift. I looked at her to know if she had something to say.

“This is for you,” she uttered with a smile.

“Wow! This is not necessary, Vivian.”

“It’s just a token. Everyone appreciates your efforts. I just thought of sharing.”

“You are such a wonderful lady. I wish I knew your man. I would have asked him not to ever consider looking elsewhere. He must hold on to you strongly.”

“Ha-ha! How funny. I am single, fully single and completely unattached. I sleep alone every day and live alone at the other side of town, by the filling station. The building is called Vintage Quarters and it’s a walking distance from the restaurant you visited last Friday. Should you want to come anytime, you are free to do so. My neighbours are cool with me and I live in a one bedroom flat, all by myself, Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

I was not sure how to reply Vivian. She’d said so much within a short time. Without being asked, she gave her personal and house details. She must have been thinking of inviting me for quite sometime. Definitely, the gift was a token of affection and she was trying to pass a message to me.

“Okay,” I managed to say, being deep in thought.

“Just okay? Are you accepting my invitation?”

I thought for a while. Since Vivian was the teacher that would take over with the students when I leave, it would not be a bad idea to know more about her. I nodded.

“It’s okay. I will come over, but I don’t know what day yet.”

“I hope it’s very soon, because you are always busy throughout the day.”

“Well, once there is a will, there will be a way,” I replied her looking right into her eyes.

“Surely,” she muttered.

There was no way I could refuse going out with Vivian, even if it was for lunch or dinner. She was a very nice, beautiful and decent-looking lady. The male teachers had tried to lure her home, but she always managed to put-off their advances. At least, it was so while I was there.

Whenever we were seated in the teachers’ room, there was always lots of drama. All the teachers were locals, so they always communicated in Xhosa language. I was not Xhosa-speaking, but I usually enjoyed listening to the synchronic sounds of the clicks they made while talking. A few times I would strain my ears to understand what was being discussed but I always failed. I would rather concentrate on the television in the room.

A number of teachers kept on pestering me for a relationship. I repeatedly told them off claiming that I was not available. It was surprising to me that even those teachers who were 20 years older than me wanted attention. Those in their 30s and 40s, even in their 50s showed interest. I later concluded that they just wanted to be friendly; they did not really want a date. Sometimes however, my opinion would change when they kept asking about where I lived and who visited me there. I considered these parts of the fun of the job though.

The Life Orientation teacher would pester me every time:

“You, you don’t want to tell me the size of your shoes?”

“It’s not necessary, ma’am. I thought you would have retired from such bed matters?” I threw a jibe at her.

“Kaloku, I have not retired and I will never retire”

“Once a lady hits forty-five, I thought menopause would prevent her from being active”

“Who told you about menopause,” she queried.

“There is nothing hidden under the sun. We live in an information age.”

“If you are not interested, just say so. Stop talking about ladies matters. Your stories are too much. You height is just a waste to us”

I laughed and walked away.

The biting morning cold made it difficult for me to maintain my stand not to date anyone in the school, but my mind triumphed over any physical desire. I was constantly waking up to a bulging arc between my legs.

Pouring cold water on my head during bath doused such threating bulges. The fact that I lived alone did not help matters at all. It was a real test of endurance that a ladies’ man like me was experiencing.

When I was not in school teaching, all I did was sleep, cook, read and prepare for the next day’s lessons. Sleeping was easy because the weather outside was usually cold and bed-friendly. I would jump onto the bed anytime I returned from the classroom. Sleeping well was necessary because of the amount of energy I spent on physical exercise and teaching the learners three times each day.

Watching movies was my other favourite activity. Mr Roddak had asked the school secretary to hand over a spare laptop to me. My external hard disk had lots of movies so I was not lacking in that area. I sometimes did put on the radio to listen to the BBC or VOA. I was always keen to know what was happening in the political space around the world. The radio did a good job linking me up with civilization.

I always left the radio on whether or not I was home. It was a sign that someone lived there in my room. At night, it sounded as if there was someone knocking on my window. The music from the radio usually drowned such obscure sounds. But recently, it had been loud and clear. I was sure someone knocked on my door at night.

At around 11:00PM I went to the toilet. On my return I saw the same ghost-like creature standing on the same spot as before. After two weeks in the area, I was sure there was no outsider within the compound. I assumed that it must be one of the landlord’s daughters.

“Do you want to come inside,” I asked.

Without uttering a word she opened the door before me, went in, and sat on my bed. She uncovered her head partially and, as I earlier assumed, it was Deliwe. I stood some distance from her with my back to the wall.

“You scared me the first time I saw you, you know.”

“I am sorry about your first day here. I saw blown away by your height and handsomeness. I had never seen a man like you before. I was not even thinking when I came around. Since that day, I have been waiting for you to come out at night. You never did, until today. We always watched you from our window. I see in you a man I like to be with and it is not just me who thinks that way. I don’t have much to talk about. I just want you to take me. Make this night a special day for me please, and I would forever remember you.”

As the girl spoke, I was carried away. The smoothness of her voice, the clarity of her speech even the sincerity with which she spoke all got me attracted. Somehow there was a kind of innocence in her voice. She sounded like someone who had been denied attention for a very long time. She was a determined girl who was sure of what she wanted. At that point, I thought I had two things to do: either I send her back to her room as a responsible teacher may want to do, or I fall for the temptation. I opted for the latter.

I walked towards her and stretched my hand to uncover her shawl. But before I did that, she removed the shawl, unbuttoned her loose pyjamas, walked a few steps to where I stood and wrapped her hands around me. I was not only shocked by her courage, but my body responded in an unexpected manner. I felt like kissing her immediately. I lifted her off the ground, walked towards the bed, place her gently on it and curdled her. I placed several kisses on different parts of her face and soon we locked lips.

I lost all sense of caution as I caressed her tender body. My entire body was vibrating in that cold and windy night. Soon I was all over her and I stretched my hands downwards to remove her panties.

“What do you want to do?” she asked.

“Let me in, girl, my body is on fire!”

“I did not plan for this. I just wanted you to touch me.”

“It’s okay. It won’t hurt to go all the way.” As I talked, my hands were busy undressing her. In no time I yanked of my vest and boxers. As I did so, I remembered my initial resolve not to date any girl in the school. My resolve melted on the spot. I waved it aside. It was too late to be thinking. I missed the succulent feminine flesh.

As I lowered to her she grabbed my organ and yelled,

“What is this?! Is this the weapon you are going to put inside me? I have not done this before!”

“Really? I will only put the cap, not everything”

“Just the cap?” she repeated.

“Yes, just the cap!”


After the initial resistance, she soon let go. True to her words, she was a virgin. After the initial clumsiness, the road was clear. In no time, the act was over. She returned to her room feeling exhausted. I too was very tired. I slept off soon after. It had been a long time I touched a woman. For someone like me, two weeks felt like six months!

Chapter 4

Monday morning, as I prepared for school, I recall that it was the first week in February. I was looking forward to the week after. The Valentine day was at the end of the second week. It was going to be the first time since we met that I would not be spending the day in the company of my dear Yenzo. I had promised her something special on Valentine. My deployment to Port-Elizabeth disrupted my plans. It meant that Yenzo would be alone in Johannesburg with no one to take her out. I could not even imagine Yenzo in another man’s arm. The thought of it made me cringe.

The last time we spoke on phone, she did not even mention. I knew her too well, she was just trying to test if I would remember the promise I made to her the previous year. She always had a way of pretending not to remember some specific date, trying to see if I would recall an earlier promise. This time around I would prove her wrong. I may be far, far away, I would still try to make her feel my presence.

I toyed with the idea of travelling to Johannesburg to be with her. She would appreciate the sacrifice so much. She would be happy to announce it to her mother who always saw me as an unserious guy. Yenzo would proudly say,

“He left his official assignment in Port-Elizabeth to be with me on this special day.”

That probably would make her mother my fan for life. But it was only wishful thinking. When I thought about it again, I could not travel for Valentine when my final week in the school would be the week after. It would not make sense. I perished the thought. I was sure Yenzo would understand when I explain to her. In fact, I could organise our own special Valentine retreat when I return to Johannesburg. We could spend two days holidaying to a place of her choice. That would be a special replacement. And am sure she would relish that. I decide to go for the latter option.

I prepared to walk to school, as usual. As I stepped out of the room, I met Deliwe standing in front of my door, dressed in the school uniform and ready to go to school.

“Good Morning, Mr Jack!”

“How are you Deliwe? I hope your night was great?” In the bright morning sun, I could see that Deliwe was young. She should be around 16 or 17 years old. Her big stature made her look older but the youthful face gave her away. It was the first time I would see her in the day time. She must have been making conscious effort to avoid me before. Now that we have been exposed to each other’s nakedness, she felt I should give her more attention.

“Aside a little pain down below, I feel okay, even if I can’t walk properly. I slept too much in the night. I have never slept like that before in my life. My sister complained that I was snoring. I even woke up late, but I’m okay now. I can’t wait for the next time.”

Her last statement shocked me. Was this girl hoping that we will continue having sex every other time? To me, she just happened to have been there when I was feeling lonely. I did not plan it to be a regular thing.

“Do you think we should continue this way? Deliwe, it was a nice experience we had yesterday. You said that you wanted a memorable night and that is what I gave you. Can we just put it behind us and be secret about it. I am not saying that I don’t want to be with you again. I just want us to keep it a secret between us.”

She could not seem to understand why.

“If you love me enough to sleep with me, why should we hide it?” At that moment, Funeka walked out of their room and went to the well in the compound. I guess she wanted to bath or something. She looked at me talking with her sister and put away her face as if she did not care. I paid her no attention.

I placed attention on Deliwe wondering what she knew about love. I did not have to argue with her anyway.

“If you want us to be together for long, be silent about us. I have my reasons.”

She frowned and walked away to school without replying me. I thought she was in agreement with being quiet about what happened the night before.

When I got to school that Monday morning, I had wanted to teach them a new topic, but the principal called for a staff meeting and I was invited. That meeting lasted for three hours. There was a directive from the District that all schools must verify the list of students, teaching and non-teaching staff in their domain. The process involved a lot of documentation. It took a long while before the meeting got underway. Even when it did, there were a lot of items on the agenda.

When it was time for Mathematics, I slipped out of the meeting to give my students some work to do. I could not be with them for long that morning, because of the meeting. When the meeting was over, there was still a lot of work to do in the staff room. The principal asked for my help to sort out a number of issues. I offered my time to help resolve whatever I could at his office. Then I returned to the staff room.

My stay in Landmark Community School got more interesting in the third week. The students had totally absorbed my teaching methods and they demonstrated a high level of diligence in Mathematics. As expected, this did not escape the attention of the school management. The Vice-principal made sure my groceries were always available on Fridays and the male teachers encourage me with lots of food and drinks during our Friday outings.

Mr Roddak would always smile at me from near or far. Even when I did not see him coming, people around would gesture to me that the principal was waving at me.

After many reminders, I agreed to visit Vivian that Friday evening. After we disperse from the restaurant, I would branch her place, hoping that she would drop me at home since she had a car. She agreed to the plan and we both looked forward to the day.

I decided to intensify my teaching to the students. I had only two more weeks to spend with them and so far, the CAPS curriculum has been well received. Though I tried to encourage discipline in the minds of the student by ignoring the subtle hints they have been making. Every time I tried to remind the students that they are still young and have a long way to go, they always disprove me and acted like they were adults. Well, they actually were. Many of the students were teenage mothers!

When I got home in the evening I was very tired. I placed my shoes outside the house to dry them. I could not do any other thing than to sleep. At around 11:00PM, I heard knock on my windows. I was too tired to raise my head from the bed. I ignored the knocks and continued to sleep.

That Tuesday morning, I looked forward to the new surprise the students would throw at me. I was going to introduce the topic I postponed the previous day. We had our regular morning exercise, but there were differences in how the students reacted. This was particularly so for the girls in the group. They were sluggish and not co-operative. Many of them look at me suspiciously as though there was something they heard about me. When we got to the class, their suspicion was confirmed.

“Hello, class.”

“Hello, Mr Jack.”

“Today we are going to learn something new. We shall talk about Analytical Geometry”

To my surprise, one of the girls stood up and asked,

“We are studying Anal what?”

“Analytical Geometry, Maria”

“Okay, sir”

She sat down quickly, stood up again and then sat. It was an unusual gesture from a usually quiet girl, but I overlooked it.

I explain the details of the topic to them as usual. Then it was the time for question. I drew a shape on the board and asked if any one of them could solve it. To my surprise, as if on cue, over twenty of the girls in the class open up their legs for me to see their panties! Quite a few of them did not even put on their panties! I was shocked to the bones. My eyes rolled back and forth to catch a glimpse of the candid views. A wave of emotions went through my body and I struggled to regain balance. To make matters worse, the boys had all sorts of funny smiles registered on their faces. When I came to, I decided to pretend like nothing was happening. It was obvious that it was a planned work.

Not wanting to disgrace myself by attempting to be looking at the exposed underwear, I walked towards the back of the class. As my zipper began to bulge, I continued the lesson.

“Uhmm. Who can solve the question on the board?” Only a few of them raised their hands.

I pointed to a boy who then went to solve the problem on the board. For the remaining part of the class, I was addressing them from the back of the class.

“Sir, why are you standing behind us today?” Lesedi asked. She was one of the mischievous ones.

“It’s just my choice today, Lesedi.”

“Sir, can you give us the cap only? We don’t want the full curriculum, just the cap.” I heard a few giggles around the class.

“Yes, it is the CAPS I am taking you.”

“What day sir?”

“What do you mean ‘what day’? Since I came into this school, I have been taking you the CAPS curriculum”

“You started last Sunday, sir, just the cap”

At that point, I had to stop and think. I thought about the girl’s words. She said that ‘I started last Sunday’. Obviously, we did not have lessons on Sunday. The fact that she mentioned Sunday pointed to something on that day. Could it be that the news of the romp I had last Sunday had spread to the school? Did Deliwe go ahead to mention it to students in the school. Obviously, that was the case. There was no way I could hide away from these young girls anymore. I could not be avoiding their romantic intentions any longer. They were aware of my frolic with Deliwe and now they want to have a piece of the action? Perhaps that was why they came to school without wearing panties. Or did they pull it off somewhere in school? Confusion took over me.

It became clear that I had misbehaved by going to bed with Deliwe. If I did not give these girls what they want, and continue to avoid them, they would mess me up. Their determination was strong. I had tried to avoid this situation, but my mind failed me. The reputation of the principal in the school was that he was a man of integrity. He never compromised on standards. So far, he had been praising me for doing a good job. If he discovers that the students became indiscipline on account of an act I had with my landlord’s daughter, it would not augur well for me. On the other hand, if he noticed that I was taking all his girls to bed one after the other, he would be cross as well.

It appeared that I had to rely on Vivian to save me from any backlash that may erupt from my misbehaviours. If I got close to her, and any issue came up, she would help to cover it up. More than before, I looked forward to the visit to Vivian’s house with eagerness. There was a lot I had to discuss with her.

“Okay, I understand you very well. Your idea is very clear to me now. I will give you the full CAPS curriculum,” I heard myself say.

“If you have any problems in Mathematics, you may bring it to me. Is that okay?”

“Okay, Mr Jack!!!” I heard a loud chorus.

In my mind, I thought that the girls were not only undisciplined, but also immoral. How a group of young girls could be excited about their teacher inviting them home was a bit unsettling to me. Though, it was not all of them.

For the rest of the week, it was one act of indiscipline or the other. Many times when I talked in the class, there was one form of group gossips or the other. The act of opening their legs, exposing their panties continued. I no longer went to the back of the class as before, I stayed and watched. If they thought they could confuse me with such, they had better have a rethink.

On Thursday, Maria stood up and said,

“Sir, we know the size and area of the shoe now.”

“What shoe are you talking about?”

“The question you asked the last time about the length and width of your shoe. Its size 12.” Some students were heard gasping with surprise at Maria’s revelation.

“Don’t worry, that question is not relevant to the topic of today.”

“But it’s important sir.”

I waved my hand for her to sit down and she did.

About three girls gathered around Maria, shoving her aside to ask some questions. I was little concerned. Their reactions in class no longer surprised me. The principal’s words have been confirmed: his students were not disciplined. The students might have found a way of measuring the size of my show when I placed them aside to dry them. If they could discuss me having sex with a junior student what else would they not do? I did not consider myself the messiah that would make them change. I was doing my best already. I would go with the flow.

Friday evening came and we went out to the restaurant. After eating and drinking amidst lots of chat. The gist narrowed down to the events in the school. I narrated my stories to my colleagues and they started laughing at me.

“We warned you before brother,” said the Physical Science teacher.

“Experience is the best teacher. Now, I accept all your assumptions as facts. This school is something else. The girls are very corrupt. Imagine a Grade 11 student reporting to Grade 12 that I slept with her.” The guys burst out laughing.

“Just that? You have not seen a girl expose her boobs in front of you? It happened to Andrew,” he said pointing to the English teacher.


“A lot happens here. We are not surprised anymore. The society is affecting the girls in a negative way.”

“I think its unrestricted access to the internet. They are watching too much pornography,” Andrew chipped in.

“I wonder how the principal does not fall for temptation,” I asked

“He used to be very strict with them. But with time, he calmed down.”

“I am ready to give them what they want now, even if it took me three weeks to open up. At least, I have a week before I leave. This night for instance, I have a meeting with the -”

“Maths teacher,” Andrew said, completing the statement before I did.

“How did you know?” I asked. The men burst out laughing again.

“There are no secrets in our school. News travel fast. Don’t let us delay you, enjoy your evening. I bet that you are not returning home tonight.”

“Nooooo! It’s not what you guys think. We are just going to talk about issues. Vivian is a decent girl.”

They burst out laughing again, pointing at me as they did.

“Please give us the details when next we meet. We will not pre-empt you. Valentine is next week; we will see how you will handle the pressure.”

We all stood up to leave the place. It was time for me to leave for Vivian’s house. I removed my phone from my pocket to check time; it was 9:15 PM. I noticed that I had 7 missed calls already. I called back to apologise for not picking her calls. She thought that I’d missed my way. I was just on my way, I told her.

When I got to Vivian’s place, I was happily received.

As I stepped into her flat, she locked the door and steered me towards the room.

“Welcome to my little place.”

“Thanks, I’m here at last.” I looked at Vivian from head to toe. She was a very beautiful fair lady. She had attractive lingerie beneath her pyjamas. It was as if she was going to bed, if I did not show up. I like the colour combination of her clothing. It really brought out her glowing, radiant skin. It shone brilliantly under the blue light she had on. The setting of her room was a romantic one and it did not take long for me to be put in a receptive mood.

She walked towards the fridge to get me something to drink. As she returned, I joked,

“Vivian, are you really comfortable wearing this to welcome me. I am not exactly your relative.”

Vivian dropped the glass cup in her hand and jumped on me on the bed as if we were three years in a relationship,

“No, you are not. You are a candidate. You have made me suffer for this day.”

She drew me close and placed a kiss on my lip. It tasted nice and I wanted a repeat. She honoured my invite and the hunted became the hunter. It was my turn to kiss and I was not going to just have a kiss. I wanted more and she led me all the way.























Chapter 5

Of course I could not go home that Friday evening. Vivian would hear nothing of such. She would not even listen to any excuse I had as she kept on repeating that she did not have a boyfriend. She had waited for a long time to welcome a desirable man to her home. Vivian stretched my romantic skill as she was very acrobatic and dramatic on bed. I did not return home until the evening of the next day. That I was posted to their school was a blessing in disguise. It was her way of feeling like a complete woman again.

Vivian twisted, turned and rolled over and over. When I got tired she took and wave through like a possessed witch. She screamed and yelled as she poked like an Amazon. I had not seen a bed warrior like Vivian in my entire life. I was left tired and fagged out each time. She would stand up and get me something to eat. Then massaging would follow over all parts of my body. After which she would encourage me to start all over again. We repeated this from last night till Saturday evening. I later told her that I had to leave to prepare for the following week. I had laundries to do and lessons to prepare. She graciously let me go when she lacked energy.

When I got home, my window was open. I wondered if there was burglary at the house. When I got to the door, I saw a note there. It read,


“I want a taste of the CAPs too” – Funeka


I was so tired and did not have time for jokes. I opened the door and stepped in. On my bed, I saw another note,


“Can we continue from where we stopped?” – Deliwe

PS: I was the one who damaged your window. When I knocked several times last night and there was no response. I thought you did not want to answer, I did not know what else to do.


I managed to position the broken window in its place. I slept off afterwards. I was woken up by the sound of someone trying to jump through the window. At first, I wanted to yell, but on a second thought I noticed that it was a lady. To my surprise, I saw Deliwe jumping through and lying next to me.

“What is it Deliwe? Did we not agree that this must be a secret?”

“Yes, that is why I am here by this time. I am sorry about your broken window.”

“I’m sure you did it so that you can jump through like this”

“No. It was in error. The windows were not strong.”

“What do you want to tell me that made you jump over? It must be something very important.”

“Yes, it is important, but I don’t want to tell you anything. I just want a repeat of last week’s action.”

“So you can go and tell everyone in school again?”

“I didn’t talk about you in school. My sister did.”

“And who told your sister?”

“I did. She is aware that I come here, so I can’t hide anything from her. We sleep in the same room and we are very close.” She stopped for a while and closed her eyes.

“We are talking too much already. I want you so badly.” She pulled close to me and undressed.

I am pressured yet again to lay this girl. There is something about her that weakened me when she made such request. I obliged her again. After the act, she girl did not bother to return to her room. She stayed with me till morning. At around 6:00 AM, Funeka came to look for her sister. She knocked on my door and I was surprised to hear someone so early in the morning.

“Deliwe, mummy wants you in our room.”

Deliwe rushed off the bed and dressed up. She ran quickly to her room. But as she left, Funeka entered, locked the door, and fastened the latch.

“I am sorry to have entered you room this way. I heard as you and my sister were playing here. I was disappointed that you could go for my younger sister who is less mature. I know you must be tired, but look at me and tell me that you are.”

She dropped her pyjamas and was completely nude.

My eyes widened as I saw a bigger bust than the one that just left. She was also bulkier around the hips. I thought aloud that ‘St. Valentine was coming for me earlier than usual’. Well, why hold back now?

For the next two hours we were together in the room. She allowed me sleep for 20 minutes in the middle of the match. True to her words, she was actually more mature romantically. Her moaning too was of a different kind. She sounded like an abandoned female sailor lost at sea.

After the steamy session, she slept off immediately until around 8:00AM. I had to wake her up to return to her room lest her mum notices what was going on.

That Sunday I could not go anywhere the whole day. I slept for the best part of the day. In the evening, I put a call through to Yenzo. I told her that I had many things to tell her. She noticed that my calls were not as regular as before.

“The CAPS curriculum kept expanding and I had to deal with them all,” I lied.

“I understand very well,” she replied.

On Monday morning, there was so much excitement in the air. As I walked quietly to the school thinking of the numerous romps I had over the weekend, I shook my head at how the girls were feeling anxious to see me. My joints ached and I had stint of flu.

I was not prepared for any drama from my students that last week. I did not expect any panties-showing posturing in class. When we got to the playground, I had some muscle strains too. I could not fully participate in the exercise. The students were on their own. I sent for some medications from the school clinic.

When they noticed that I was a bit relaxed that morning, they took charge completely. They went through our usual daily routines. Rumours filtered in somehow that Mr Jack was regularly sleeping with a Grade 11 student and her sister. If he could do that to a junior student, why would he not be interested in them? There an initial assumption that I was not interested in school students was side-tracked.

They began to form two queues. Surprisingly, they were girls-only queues. The boys stood aside on their own, continuing with their routine. Some of the boys were not looking happy as I was getting all the attention from their girls. They however could not do anything about it.

There were 22 girls in the class, so 11 pairs were formed. I called on Maria to tell me what the queuing was all about. She did not even mince words when she told me directly that they were hoping to start coming to my house in pairs from Monday till Friday.

“Nooooo! Who gave you such ideas? You are my all like my sisters. I can’t do that.”

“Sir, this is the week of Love. Valentine is on Saturday”

“And so what?! That should not mean you will be visiting your teacher.”

“We also want the full CAPs curriculum like Deliwe. If a Grade-11 student can withstand 12 inches rod, we can do better.”

She left me shocked with her words. I knew then that I could not hide from their plans. These girls have their facts right. They had been making background checks and gossiping about me.

“But, how do you know where I live?”

“That is not a problem. We knew the very first day you arrived.”

“I must be expecting all of you from today till Friday?”

“Yes sir. Our mind is made already.”

She jumped up as if she had just received a prize. The others too were equally elated at seeing Maria being excited.

We had our regular Mathematics lessons that morning after the exercise. What was however different was the fact that the girls did not open their legs at all throughout the lesson. They were very obedient and answered questions like disciplined students. None of them disrupted the flow of lessons or gossiped like before. I assumed it was because they have been informed that they would come and see me after school. It could also be because Vivian came to sit with them that morning. It was time she got used to the new changes. All the same, they acted wonderfully and I was happy about their calmness.

I returned to the staff room after the lessons. Vivian welcomed me with a very big smile. She handed over two cards to me. The other teachers started coughing endlessly as if there was conspiracy of some sorts. I guessed Vivian had told them that I was at her house the previous weekend. Soon, the teachers began to tease me one after the other. It started with the Physical Science teacher who gave me thumbs up.

Then it was the turn of Life Orientation teacher. She came in front of my desk and said,

“Mr Jack the operator! I did not know that you were so efficient. Now, I know the size of your shoes.”

“Can you please excuse me, ma’am.”

“Stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Whatever Vivian can do, I can do better.” The teachers in the room burst out laughing, but she was not done,

“It’s better you choose one of the days this week. I am coming for my own action. We can’t just let you go like that.”

I kept quiet.

I then opened the cards handed over to me by Vivian. The first was an invitation to the Send-Forth get-together the school was planning to organise in my honour. It was to hold the following Friday.

I thought it was pleasant for Mr Roddak to want to organise a party for me. He must have been very happy with my stay there. All the teachers would be there and also the Grade 12 students.

The other was a ‘Thank you’ card from her. She thanked me for honouring her invitation and for giving her a memorable day.

I looked at her and remarked, “You don’t need to thank me, you know.”

“It’s necessary. I kept you indoors for 24 hours. Not every man would do that. Did you check the back of the card?”

I flipped the card and what did I see?

“Can we repeat it again on Valentine day?”

I put up an expressionless face as I read it. With what Vivian put me through the previous day at her flat, I thought she was a kind of person that should have sex once in a month or once in three months. She was a bed monster!

Not wanting to spoil our smooth relationship, I told her that I planned to stay indoors throughout the Valentine night. I told her to make alternative arrangements. Even after I leave, we could still meet somewhere outside the school. She took my excuse.

I began to plan for the events of my last few days. I decided that the following day, I would have to go to town and buy a nice Valentine card and send to Yenzo in Johannesburg. I did not want her to feel like I didn’t send anything to her on the Valentine day. The quarrel could take three weeks to settle. Once I return home, we could then plan our own proper Valentine outing. She would be happy that way.

My final day in Port-Elizabeth would be Sunday. I would have concluded all lessons with my students by the end of the week. I would also have compiled my report to be submitted at the office back in Johannesburg. It had been a wonderful experience teaching in a remote school in the Eastern Cape. My boss would be happy to read about my exploits. When I visit town to get Yenzo’s card, I would have to book for my bus ticket too, I planned. I would also try to visit Pumlani too if there was time. Otherwise, I would just call him and ask about his experiences.

As for Friday, I would attend the Send-Forth party. It would be nice to eat and drink with the wonderful people of the school. They welcomed me warmly and made my stay enjoyable. There would not be any lessons for that day. From my schedule, it was clear that my last lesson would be on Thursday. I just had to teach them about Probabilities.

Then the coming Valentine day: where would I hide myself that Saturday. There seem to be a lot of attention seekers hoping that I would hang out with them. We shall see how that day goes. For now, I could not decide.

I took some time out to visit town to get the Valentine card. I also got my travel ticket. I could not travel to visit Pumlani. I put a call through to him and he was happy to hear from me. In about two hours, I was back to the school. Since I was too tired, I told the students that the afternoon classes would not hold for that day and even for the rest of the week. We had covered most of the lessons. What was left could be completed with the morning sessions.

The students were very happy to hear the cancellation of the evening sessions. The girls thought that it was because of the visit to my place. I returned home to relax.

At about 4:30PM, I heard knocks on my door. When I opened the door, I saw to my surprise the two girls at the front of the queue earlier in the day. Maria was one of them.

“Come in,” I said.

As soon as they came in, Maria started clearing out the books on my bed. After which she made the bed and sat on it. She encouraged the other girl, who was a bit shy, to come and join her. I did not pretend like I did not know what they wanted. I pulled off my clothing, dropped my panties and they girls jumped up in surprise. Even bold Maria almost ran away. After a little cajoling, we settled to the business of the evening. I left them screaming for long during the smooching. Shortly after, I heard knocks on my window. I knew it was my landlord’s daughter playing puns, but I told them not to worry that it was one of the kids around. After 45 minutes, I was done with them both. They picked up their bags and left.

The second day, and for the rest of the week, it was the same. The girls would come at around the same time. We would make love and they would leave feeling quiet and tired. What surprise me was that not a single one of them was a virgin. They were all well experienced down there. They also implemented the procedures very well without any noise about it in school. They were attentive in the morning classes and expressive romantically in the evening.

The only time there appeared to be a reference to our immoral activity was when Maria raised an issue in class. By then, I was very familiar with their classroom innuendoes, which they usually wrapped around academic matters. It was on Thursday when I was teaching them Probability:

After the lessons and many practical examples, Maria stood up and asked,

“Sir, what is the probability that one or two girls will get pregnant before the end of the visits”. Most of the class members gasped at the question. I did not want to create drama and so I answered the question directly.

“The probability is zero. The students cannot get pregnant if they are well protected.”

Another one stood up and asked,

“Two student visit the church every day, what is the probability that the church teacher would stay beyond Sunday to complete the preaching?”

“The probability is one. Since they come regularly and they don’t waste time, the acts would be completed.”

“Ok sir. Thank you, sir.”

I knew the girls were asking about the visits they had to my room. It appeared that they had some concerns.

On Friday, the Send-Forth party day, there was so much excitement in the school. The frenzy was not just the fact that I was leaving; it had more to do with the next day Valentine outings. People showed each other love and exchanged lots of greetings. Many of the students came to school with cards just like the teachers. I got more than 35 cards that day.

Teachers were congratulating me in the staff room, wondering where the cards had come from. It was obvious that the cards were from the students since teachers in the school were less than 12. They wondered why their students saw the need to give me cards.

Some of the cards, however, were ‘Thank You’ cards. They showed appreciation for the work I had done in their school. Some did not give cards, but simply hugged me. Others even dared to kiss me after the hugs. Yet, a number of them came with tears in their eyes, wishing that I would not leave them. Many of those were girls that had visited me at home. I would not know if the tears were about missing the lessons in class or the lessons on bed.

At the party venue, there was plenty to eat and drink. I was invited to sit with the senior teachers that sat in front of the audience. I was also asked to make a speech to encourage the students. I was mindful that I just had to talk about the curriculum that I taught them and not about morality. I had failed in that regard.

After encouraging the students not to joke with their studies, I concluded by asking,

“Are you familiar with CAPS now?”

“Yes,” the students chorused. A few of them was seen shaking their heard.

“If you are not familiar yet, you will be familiar very soon.”

“Okay, sir” they all said.

The principal then made a short speech about discipline and morality. I began to suspect if he was referring to me. I bowed my head throughout his speech. I was happy to hear him round up. He called me and shook hands with me. He expressed how happy he was about the effort I put in the school. He emphasised that discipline had increased amongst his students as they now performed better in Mathematics. I thought about the Principal’s speech. That they passed math better was a fact, but that discipline had increased was arguable. I however kept my opinion to myself. It was not my place to comment.

There was so much emotion on display in school that afternoon. It was a happy day for me.

The principal called on me to present a gift to me. He handed over an envelope after shaking my hands. It felt like a certificate or a letter. He then leaned forward to inform me that the Vice-Principal had prepared something special for me. It was her department to present gifts.

After the party, most people that gathered had dispersed. The male teachers did not invite me for our usual Friday evening outing. They all had different programmes for that Valentine evening.

I walked to wards the Vice-Principal for the gifts she might have for me.

Before I got to her office, she was waiting for me. Mrs Avo was there with her. She stood behind her looking defiant.

As I stepped into her office, the Vice Principal spoke,

“Mr Jack. You have thought our kids CAPS curriculum at school and at home. We are happy to present to you these gifts.”

She handed over a big carton to me, but I did not know whether to show appreciation or apologise. Mentioning that I taught the kids CAPS at home was an indictment of my misbehaviour. It was clear that news of my sleeping with the students had spread to the Vice Principal. I was sure that the principal too knew about it and that was why he asked that I visited the vice for my gifts.

I received the carton from her and kept quiet. I smiled cautiously, looking humble. She noticed my withdrawal and calmed me down.

“Don’t worry; it’s a happy day for you today. Your appraisal letter is with me and I can write anything I want in it. Tomorrow is Valentine as you know. Since you like to handle two ladies at a time, I and Mrs Avo would visit you at home tomorrow evening. You will taste a different kind of pie!”

I was shocked beyond words. I just carried my carton and walked away.

I returned home a sad man. It was fun sleeping with these young girls and Vivian. When women the age of my mother were now asking me for sex, how would I handle them? Moreover, the appraisal letter my office would base my promotion on was with her.

When I got home I found a note on my door and it read:


“Please enjoy your school girls today, tomorrow would be our day. Expect us both would be visiting at night” – Funeka and Deliwe


Soon two of my class girls appeared again for the routine ‘home lessons’. I did not know whether or not to turn them back. I was still standing outside the door, thinking about how to handle the Vice Principal’s threat? Since the whole school knew about my looseness, there was no need to hide. I invited them in and did the usual acts. They left and thanked me for being so kind.

I relaxed on the bed and opened the pack that I was given. It contained packets of condoms!

As I was about sleeping, my phone rang. I picked it up reluctantly to answer. It was Vivian. She wanted me to visit her the following Valentine day for a repeat of our romantic sessions. I was too tired to argue, I just wanted to sleep. I told her that I would get back.

At around 11:00PM, I heard a knock on the door. I refused to answer, but the person would not go away. I reluctantly opened the door and who did I see? My landlord’s wife leaned her head into my room and said.

“There are three ladies in this compound, but you been sleeping with only two of them. You are not fair at all. Tomorrow evening, I will come for my own CAPS too! ”

She did not even bother to hear a reply from me as she walked away. Instantly, I knew that it was my last night there. I packed everything that I brought and prepared to leave the following morning. There would be chaos in my room on Saturday. There was no way that I would wait until Sunday as earlier planned. I would have to send as SMS to the principal who promised to assist by dropping me off at the bus station.

Saturday morning, Valentine day, I picked up my bag, watched around to make sure no one was outside the compound. I stepped out of my room and went behind the building. I jumped over the cattle kraal stepping on cattle dung, but I didn’t mind. I tip-toed towards the barricaded area and headed to the taxi rank. I took my leave!

I had only one thing in mind, my room was too small for the cupboard sized hips that would gather there later that evening. Valentine was over.





The End

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The Valentine Frenzy

Jack needed promotion at work. To get it, he was sent on a mission in a distant school. He set out, leaving his girlfriend behind. He deployed all his mental and physical skills to make sure the task was done,but unknown to him, his physical appearance and sexual appeal to the students and teachers was more important. He had to change his approach to scale through the hurdle. His methods were not seen to be effective for them. They wanted a carnal feel of him. The older ladies have heard of his romantic exploits with a younger kid and they wanted to have a taste of him. As Valentine day approached, his admirers set multiple traps for him. Will he survive these torrents of attention from unexpected quarters?

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