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The Ultimate Time Traveler 2017




The Ultimate Time Traveler


V Bertolaccini




This edition published 2017 by CB

This is a Shakespir edition 2017


Copyright Victor Bertolaccini


ISBN: 978-1-3700-5700-9


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the copyright owner. Nor can it be circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without similar condition including this condition being imposed on a subsequent purchaser.


All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


Part I: The Lost Time Pod


Part II: Transcendent Space


Part I


The Lost Time Pod



Chapter 1


The Lost Treasure Discovery


Eisenberg rushed in the mansion library watching the paranormal researcher, sitting silently at work, deeply engrossed in something, and exploring books piled up in front of him, and Eisenberg sensed something, and noticed that he had recently made some form of discovery, and he watched Kurt enter.

“Have you found anything new?” Kurt moaned, at the paranormal investigator. “Tell him what you found earlier!”

The paranormal investigator glanced up, and reluctantly placed the book he held down, and replied, while examining him, “This place astounds me, and these books are beyond anything I have encountered … They also seem to hold things about things I cannot grasp … They are either avoiding saying things or they do not know what …”

Eisenberg sat down and listened on confused and realized how long he had been away from them, and he realized a lot of things had not yet been uncovered, and perhaps happened, and he asked, “What’s been happening since I’ve been away …?”

Even though the ghost visitations of the mansion were no longer occurring he still sensed something was there, and some form of presence buried away somewhere, and that something might occur, and though it was Dracula’s castle, rebuilt into the immense haunted mansion, it was as though something else existed there, and as though a combination of two supernatural presences existed there, and it was as if they reacted separately, but on occasions seemed to combine in a complex combination.

“I’ve found a great deal …” the paranormal investigator eagerly answered, determined to give an answer to what he had been trying to solve for hours. “But what I want still has not emerged!”

“Much of it is supernatural stuff …” Kurt replied first.

“Stuff such as witchcraft, magic, devil worshippers …”

“Ancient stuff!” he moaned back.

Eisenberg examined the library roof overhead, and the work of the workmen, who had only recently completed repairing the library roof, where they dug through into the hidden library from the floor above, and he examined how clean the library was now, especially with all the rubble gone, and the recently completed new doorway into the outer room.

The paranormal investigator briefly examined him, with a glint of horror, and reluctantly put the book he now held back on the table, and asked, “This all astounds me, and the stuff in the books is beyond anything … I cannot grasp something … Could you tell me anything else you know of this place? Anything unknown of your uncle and this place … Any history …”

“Well, where will I begin … I’m a New York private eye and I inherited this immense ancient mansion, which I believe is built far differently than anything I’ve encountered, and I’m engrossed in exploring it, for many obvious reasons – especially after the discovery of that ancient treasure map, and I’m still exploring all its strange rooms, and all the occurrences, and legends, trying to solve what actually is here, and our encounters with the strange unidentified hauntings, as well as the extraordinary ghostly energy formations of the vampires, and Dracula, and think that we still have not explained the strange hauntings the vampires made, and it is unheard of, and does not fall into what is known of them …”

“So that’s why we are here!” he moaned back. “The leading paranormal scientists and investigators still at work here, searching for something they do not quite grasp …”

“Correct! Some still do not think anything supernatural has occurred, and their explanations are startling …”

“They go to any length to discover proper proof of the existence of what they really believe is here – with the foremost in technology and equipment to investigate everything properly, and regularly investigate the recordings and information from the encounters – and the strange extraordinary ghostly formations, and the source in the lost chamber, where Dracula’s lost tomb was uncovered, and they accidentally revived it …”

Eisenberg still could not believe that his uncle, Howard Eisenberg, had them chasing after Dracula’s treasure all along – as it never added up – and he believed that the real treasure was somewhere else – and he still attempted to locate it!

The whole affair seemed a jumbled mess, and even the media reports of what was there was astonishing, as they never believed anything of the occurrences.

He intended to one day solve everything, and what Howard Eisenberg had hidden away, as the treasure chest he had buried away was said to contain something else, which was part of the treasure quest competition he had given them, and he could not believe the outcome.

Howard Eisenberg, the fanatical billionaire, the vast business owner, had died and had gathered them, him and his six cousins at his New York lawyer’s office, where his lawyer had played an old video Howard Eisenberg had made many years before, and he had given them all one of his mansions, and he, John Eisenberg, had inherited the immense haunted mansion, and Howard Eisenberg had given them a treasure hunt competition with it, which the winner was to inherit all his businesses from, and they were given a clue, which led them to another clue, which they found at a lake, which led to other clues that led to his haunted mansion, and the last clue had been a treasure map – of the top floor.

The paranormal investigator lifted his book up again, and asked, “So you’ve still not heard anything new on your uncle, Howard Eisenberg?”

“Correct! His lawyer has given nothing on who is to get to run his businesses, and the others are confused by the events, and the lawyer refuses to say anything or reply to any communications …”

“Maybe I can help you …” Kurt replied, and picked up his phone and walked out into the outer room, and had a silent conversation with someone, and eventually marched back in.

“Howard Eisenberg is still alive!” Kurt announced, and Eisenberg gasped and looked up startled.

Eisenberg was astonished but never fully believed it and thought he might be up to something, as he was reacting peculiarly, and he decided to find out what it was.

“How do you know?” the paranormal investigator asked, after nobody said anything.

“I was talking to him on the phone …”

Eisenberg sat shocked, as he had not seen him reply as authentically to anything without it being true, but he had been at Howard Eisenberg’s funeral and his lawyer would surely know.

After a long time, the paranormal investigator asked, “Where is he then?”

“He’s in his office, running his businesses …”

Eisenberg knew it was true and gasped out loud, and then at all the things that had happened, and he wondered if the mansion he had inherited would be given back to him, and he realized that it might even be a good idea as it would solve many future problems.

“Where was he then?” Eisenberg finally asked.

“Hiding! I’d guess …”

“Hiding from what?” he gasped, studying Kurt’s face, and he wondered what the hell he was talking of.

“Mainly us and the media …”

“You think he was …?”

“He was …”

“Well, I think you should explain, if you can – and what is happening …”

“He faked his death … Did it legally … I think! One reason I believe he did it was to get us to do what he wanted …”

“Which was …?”

“Other than a few major business things he was finally doing it for, I think he wanted to find the treasure or whatever it was, and perhaps sort out his death before it occurred. He told me we still own the mansions he gave us, and has now worked out what to do with his businesses after his death … And who to have run them, and what who should own …”

“And his lawyer knew of it all along …” Eisenberg gasped, realizing that he had known he had been alive.

“Yes! He knew, and gave his word not to ruin his plan … As I did, after he told me everything …”

“You mean that you knew all along he was still around?”

Eisenberg sat with his mouth open thinking of all the occurrences that had occurred.

He started to recall all the strange occurrences and considered if he had been behind them, and asked Kurt, “Did he have anything to do with the birds at the lake – where we found the first clue – and the media coverage …”

“He did! The birds were put there, and the clue … I gave him the information he needed … He wanted you to have the mansion to investigate it, as you’re a private eye, and with sources …”

Eisenberg realized that the other clue, and grave with the oldest grave marked on it, was put there by him, and the postal worker with the parcel who had arrived.

“So he must have had me watched …”

“Correct! That was what I was also to do … We were basically to find the lost Transylvanian treasure … Dracula’s lost treasure … He originally found out about this place when he was younger … He had always wanted to solve the mysteries … What was really here! This castle had fascinated him, and he had studied its history, and everything he could find about out about it … He had later bought it and had intended to solve all the mysteries but had not been able to … He had come up with the basic plan of getting us to get it, and had put many of the people that were investigating it here, and he exceedingly wanted to find out what was haunting it … He had been working on the project and getting the solution as we explored it for him …”

“Who put this castle here …?” Eisenberg asked, curiously.

“There is far more history to it than you think … It was owned by rich and famous people … The rooms and place was once full of people, and activity, and the grounds regularly had parties, full of people … Yet most avoided the top floor at night …”

Eisenberg did not know whether to be happy with the situation or not, and wondered what else he was missing.

“So was Howard Eisenberg happy with the treasure discovery?”

“Yes! It was him that we got the cash for the treasure from … He bought it off us!”

“Were you searching here for it before I arrived here?”

“I once checked … We watched you here, and were before I arrived here at night – when you were wandering around the corridors, and it was us who left the window open – you discovered the draft coming from …”

Eisenberg realized he might be missing something, and that they wanted something else, and he went over everything and wondered what it was.

“What does Howard Eisenberg want now?” he finally asked.

Kurt smiled, and thought of what to say, and replied, “He wants you to investigate something else …”

Eisenberg sat back and wondered what the hell else he could want, and why he was not content with what he had.

“What else does he need?” he moaned.

“There’s another map …”

“Another map! Of what?”

“I don’t know! I believe it’s another treasure! Howard Eisenberg believes it exists … He claims it belonged to an old Red Indian that located some form of treasure …”

Eisenberg knew he knew more, and replied, “Tell me more or I’ll not bother …”

“What I heard was ancient Red Indians passed on accounts and stuff in folklore of lot treasure and supernatural occurrences and many searched for the source, though little exists to prove anything, and what is behind it is vague and confused …”

“Go on, tell me more.”

“Old folklore has descriptions of lost treasures and strange accounts and explorers searching for what was behind it, and out of the ordinary accounts of supernatural findings and of an old Red Indian that was once believed to have encountered something, and treasure, and drew an old parchment treasure map.”

“What is known of it?”

“Many fundamental facts are missing that would allow anything to be located – and nothing is known to answer the queries of the treasure hunters, who have risked their lives in deadly attempts to discover it.”

“So why do you believe we can find anything then?”

“The region it is in is clearly thought to be a dangerous place, which accounts for why it was time and again told of, and people were believed to have been killed by something.”

“Something!” the paranormal researcher moaned.

“Accounts have little, especially later on, and might prove what was killing them no longer existed, and strange claims of supernatural phenomena are told, and some newspapers conclude it was ancient superstitions of the region and tribes, and ghost stories, even invented to scare travelers away by natives, and due to the desolation of the region.”

“Sounds as though there’s something …” the paranormal researcher continued.

“Early colonists and travelers exploring and traveling through or settling in the region mentioned old myths and accounts of deaths of people, and some mention hideous occurrences …”

Eisenberg wondered where the hell the place was, and sat confused, and tried to recall anything like it.

Eisenberg watched the paranormal investigator stop what he was doing, and put the book he had on the table again, as Kurt put his hand in his inner pocket and removed an old piece of crumpled parchment, which was ripped and worn all over, and barely held together, and he sensed it had some importance, and Kurt placed it in front of Eisenberg, and flattened it across the table, and Eisenberg looked at the condition of it with horror, realizing he would have to work out what it was, and could barely see anything on it other than vague lines, drawings of ancient and vague things, but he saw it was a map of some place with small hills and trees.

Chapter 2


The Treasure Investigation


What confused Eisenberg the most was why Howard Eisenberg had given them the old Indian treasure map, which he got a photocopy of, and he now wondered what the hell he was up to.

Kurt, and Howard Eisenberg, seemed to be insisting that there was something at the mansion that could solve the mystery, and his observations of Kurt confirmed it could be in the library.

The only thing he could think of was getting accurate maps of the whole region, and perhaps old ones, where there might be trees marked on them, and the only reason there could be anything in the library was someone that built the mansion out of the old castle, or later, had put something there, and he was left confused, and wondering why they were so sure anything existed as there was nothing that indicated anything was there.

Eisenberg recalled some of the recent findings the paranormal researcher had come up with, and of the kings Dracula had taken vast treasures from, and he was sure there was far more, and he was sure Howard Eisenberg might think so, and he sat considering where it would be, and wondered if it was in the mansion and if Howard Eisenberg had come up with a plan to get it, and wondered what the hell the new map was for, and realized there would be more to follow if it was.

It was astounding what they had done but he was sure they were missing many things and about Dracula and the vampires, and he still had vivid memories of Dracula and his two vampire creatures flying away into the dark night, flying towards New York, and them wondering what the hell they had released on he world.

He was sure it was their biggest mistake, and he and the others searched for an answer to the problem, and he was sure it was now the main motivation of the paranormal investigator, and finding a way to destroy it.

Its first killings had been strange deaths marked in small news stories, and the investigations of it showed it could be some sort of creature, and they had tried to identify it.

Yet the killings about New York became worse, and dark sightings of Dracula had been witnessed, and many thought it was the devil itself, or some monster out the depths of hell.

There were now deaths from it occurring all over the city, and now almost every night, and the deaths and occurrences were now clearly being covered up, and some police who witnessed it had been unable to describe what it was, and what could be behind it.

What was incredible was it seemed to be carrying out an ancient plan and like it had done things like it in ancient times, and some accounts mentioned in the mansion library were similar, out of the ordinary accounts of events at the original castle, and they were now unable to fully grasp what the vampire wars had been like, and what had been occurring.

He believed they could eventually return to the castle, and desolate estate, to get it back, and he had been considering different plans to handle the situation, and escaping.

What was incredible was, when he spotted Kurt’s newspaper, and asked to see it, he knew there was something in it that he never wanted to see, but had to, and he studied the front page staggered at the coverage of the vampire attacks, and wondered if Kurt had deliberately bought the newspaper for it, and that the other newspapers might not have much, and he read through it staggered at their plans of capturing it, and that they gave detailed accounts of groups of people being attacked and others being killed by them, and he realized they were becoming far more powerful, and he knew they would return.


Chapter 3


The Magnetic Phenomena


“They’ve discovered signals from something believed to be of unknown origins …” a scientist explained, vaguely.

Eisenberg accidentally gasped loudly, through his teeth, as he sat eating his breakfast, in the mansion dinner room, knowing they had detected something incredible, sensing something new was emerging, and he wondered what the hell could be there, and wonder if the place could become so dangerous that he would have to move out.

From what Kurt said he knew they had been using some new form of technology, and he tried to recall more of what he had said, and realized that they used the technology at different locations in an investigations, and wondered where, and what had been detected.

“Tell us of the extraordinary magnetic phenomenon found!” another scientist nearby asked the scientist.

Something about their reactions confused Eisenberg and he wondered what the outcome would be!

“A form of powerful magnetic influence, or even something of that nature, has been detected … We’re trying to check it, with what we have available …”

“So whatever it is – it has incredible power …” the second scientist answered. “At what location was it discovered?”

“We were examining one of the shafts going straight through the mansion … We were checking the lower region … To see if there is anything there – and detected it.”

“What could it be off …? There has been a lot of equipment put here …”

“Well we have not fully checked that possibility … We need more time … Whatever it is it’s really powerful!”

Eisenberg tried to grasp what could be there, with fascination, realizing someone could be doing something there now, and he tried to recall who had been near the lower region, and what the hell could produce such an effect, and realized the amount of technology that was now about and realized he would have to leave it until they investigated it further and got further information on it.

“It could be a natural occurrence of course …” the first scientist stated, and looked through some of his documents and checked findings on things.

“The magnetic field of the Earth for one thing …” the second scientist continued, making them wonder what he was suggesting.

“Even so it would beneficial to check this disturbance and record it for science!” the first scientist replied, slightly smiling, and Eisenberg spotted a sly smirk he gave, and wondered why he had done it.

He continued eating his meal and wondered what he thought was there anyway, and watched the first scientist’s eyes light up when he noticed something in the documents, and Eisenberg realized that he was unsure of what he had and that many scientists exaggerated a great deal of their findings and much of it was hard to investigate, and if they were exaggerating things.

The first scientist seemed to spot the second scientist mocking him, and replied, “Incidentally, when we increased the power of our equipment the fluctuations of energy became more powerful, and some of the equipment barely functioned …”

Eisenberg sat confused wondering what he was talking of, wondering what the hell he was trying to suggest, and recalled him from his earlier work and that he had come out with some exaggerated findings.

The scientist saw his reaction to him and began talking to the other scientist about the technology and archaeology.

Eisenberg realized he had ways of examining what was below the building, and wondered if he thought anything existed there.

“Magnetic methods of prospecting detect underground features by locating magnetic disturbances they cause …” he continued. “Forms of radar detection can be used – but also with inaccurate and little results …”

Eisenberg wondered if they could have examined inside the vampire chamber at the top floor, where the tombs were, before they had entered it, and if they could check all the hidden places around the mansion.

The second scientist in the end turned to the first scientist, and replied, “Surely sooner or later something will emerge that can scan more accurately, deeper, and faster – and from airplanes, helicopters, and drones – and far better than what’s around, and confidential stuff – which might be used by the military …”


Chapter 4


The Mysterious Shaft


The discovery was remarkable and Eisenberg had been unable explain anything of it – and he stepped into a large cavity – dug into and under a bottom floor central mansion wall.

He examined the equipment the scientists had fitted, and in the surrounding room, and tried to grasp what the two scientists were now talking about, determined not to let them confuse him any further with confused vague scientific descriptions.

He realized the equipment was not as advanced as they had suggested, and realized they were now speaking of bringing in new vastly more advanced equipment, from another major important project, to examine what was there, and he realized they might be connected to military scientists, who wanted to investigate it, and he wondered if it was anything to do with the vampire creatures and their rampage through the city, as things were getting out of hand, and some people who had seen their vague features and abilities believed they were some form of mutant monster creature.

The magnetic phenomenon was strange and new and incredible but he kept wondering what the hell it really was and why it was such a great find to the two scientists, and what they were keeping secret, and why they wanted it so much.

He occasionally worried about how dangerous it was, and if it was dangerous, and why they kept trying to cover up something about it and he wondered what it was worth to them, and if it was just them trying to make a major discovery, and he even wondered if it had a use as a new form of highly advanced military weapon, and he was sure they never had an account of its appearance there.

When some military scientists arrived he moved back, and watched on astonished, and tried to grasp what they were keeping confidential, and wondered if it had a military source.

What the hell could be buried away there with such power, and where the hell was it actually located, as they were unable to trace the source, and the power created to make its magnetic phenomenon had to be immense.

One of the military scientists curiously picked up some dust off the ground of the cavity, inside the shaft, in the central wall, and threw it over the floor examining it and how it fell and if it had any influence over it, and he spotted it slightly repelled it, and it fell slightly sideways to the ground. He straightaway saw it clearly could have some form of defensive powers, and perhaps even do damage at close range, but what the hell was it and why was it there, and why were they so interested in it, and for the military.

Eventually Eisenberg got curious enough to walk up to it, after they were in the room beside it, and out the way, and he went into the shaft and started touching the floor and he felt heat from the ground, and though the floor itself was warm, and he felt something heat his hand and as he withdrew it, and something slightly pushing away his hand.

If it had not had such properties he wondered if they would have properly noticed it, and he was baffled why they had such an interest, and why they were there, as they now seemed far different from the other scientists, and their original work was not properly mentioned anywhere, and he wondered if it was of supernatural origins, as the vampires were.

He considered if it could be something left by the builders, but could it be in the original castle the mansion was made out of!

Was it actually buried directly below and part of the building or perhaps somewhere else in the mansion – with something transmitting some form of energy to the spot?

It amazed him how many scientists actually arrived, and he saw the two scientists trying to keep others at the mansion away from it, and he wondered what they were not saying, and he went over their thoughts of it and it being something new, and he was sure that many of the others doubted many of the things put forward by them, as explanations, and he considered if they were just reacting to there being so little of anything out of the ordinary.

Many of the scientists in the end started heated debates on its origins and many came out with elaborate claims and showed they were unconvinced of what the two scientists claimed was there, and some openly criticized the lack of proof of what was there.

It was no surprise that their work elsewhere grew less, and they allowed them to examine it more, and they started checking the effects it had on things and made crazy attempts at giving equivalent things that it could be related to, but they never fully achieved their goal.

In the end they seemed to all accept that they had something new, which needed researching, and remained in doubt at how exaggerated some of the findings were!


Chapter 5


The Underground Disturbance


“There must be something recorded of this somewhere?” Kurt announced to one of the scientist critics, and both still did not know what to think.

“I’ve had people searching everywhere,” the critic scientist replied. “Without any real results! Perhaps someone in some other field can help?”

“So far I’ve not heard anything yet!” Kurt replied, confused, wondering what they were talking about, and wondering why they were going on about some magnetic influence that was not connected to what he was searching for, and again he went over the facts, and examined one of the documents on the information they got, trying to grasp something.

“We better wait,” Eisenberg continued, “before we can comment further!”

After all the findings they had gathered they were all wasting time examining an energy disturbance.

“There has to be something!” Kurt moaned loudly. “Something hidden away in some out-of-way place that can explain what it is! Massive unread scientific archives exist everywhere …”

“What were the findings from all the data that was recorded by scans of it?” Eisenberg asked firmly, as he read through the documents he got.

“There was not anything or anything worthwhile!” Kurt moaned firmly. “They had a problem with the scans though …”

The scientist who found the discovery replied, while approaching them, “Yes! The equipment mysteriously stopped functioning properly and only gave strange, almost incomprehensible, images of below … All the other attempts at scanning it also received the same output … They’ve not properly explained it, and going by the scan they eventually got, they only found some form of powerful magnetic like influence – acting upon it …”

“What could create such power? Kurt moaned, trying to get answers. “It has to have a tremendous energy source!”

“Looks can be deceiving!” Eisenberg replied. “You may be dealing with some old lost confidential technology or something … What if someone hid something here because they could not destroy it …”

“Someone could have been be experimenting with something and dumped it here?” Kurt moaned.

“We’re waiting to have many things clarified,” the scientist continued. “So if you can help we would be grateful! We’ll also make enquires to find if someone had something …”

Eisenberg wondered what they would find there to explain what was there. Would they in the end just put forward theories about it if they found nothing?


Chapter 6


The Confidential Equipment


Eisenberg was surprised discover large vans driving away and pass his taxi, as he returned to the mansion, and realized the scientists working in the shaft were behind them being there.

At the mansion he found all the scientists setting up large highly advanced equipment that he had never seen before, and after not being able to recognize anything he started listening in on the conversations of the scientists and started to realize the stuff was far more than he thought, and of a highly confidential nature, and belonged to somewhere important that he could not identify, which they avoided properly saying.

He was sure an advanced department of the government or connected to the military was involved, and gasped when they took stuff out from crates, realizing the value of it, and trying to grasp the function of it, and wondering what he was getting himself into.

He was amazed later to find their scanning abilities included interdimensional scanning, and he stood trying to figure out if there was other dimensions, as he thought there were only theories of it existing, and if it did in fact check other dimensions what was there and in what did they believe they would find buried away below there.

What use did the government or military want scanning of other dimensions for, and what use could there be that made it so valuable? And he considered the military’s use of it!

It was far more advanced than any of the technology they had shown elsewhere, and he started wondering what they were up to and if should even consider stopping them.

He was sure they were getting a glimpse of something existing, and he stood back and watched them at work and wondered what the hell could be there, and wondered if the vampire creatures were connected to it, and if they were something else, and what could be there that was connected to them.

In the room next door he had his dinner, instead of in the dinning room, watching them at work, waiting for something to happen or them to reveal something.

The scientists finished setting everything up around the room and in the shaft and he suddenly spotted that they had in fact detected something, and checked if they were just testing the equipment out.

The scientists were packed together and talked over theories about it and he spotted one filming what was happening, and he considered an earlier idea he had about setting cameras up around the building to check for anything they might have missed, especially at night.


Chapter 7


The Disturbances


“Presumably supernatural presences will act on things and produce effects to indicate their presence,” the paranormal investigator moaned, as he entered where Eisenberg was, in the room next to the room with the scientists at work at their equipment, monitoring beneath the cavity.

“Perhaps even influencing the air, scents, sound waves, static, the light spectrum …” the paranormal investigator continued.

Eisenberg realized he could not properly grasp anything, and he knew they were keeping what they were doing and the majority of their findings confidential.

“This is highly advanced and far more than anything I’ve encountered!” the paranormal investigator gasped. “Going by what one of the scientists told me the equipment can scan and check everything that is about to a far greater degree … Presumably to find out if they are missing anything!”

“Perhaps they don’t want to say anything more because they do not actually know what it is!” Kurt announced, entering the room, “They do not like saying anything until they can prove their assumptions …”

“You believe they have something and have found something new?” Eisenberg continued, wondering if they had altered their perceptions of what was there.

“Going by what I’ve heard, I’d say if there is something there, whatever it is stopped them detecting it and they have to use interdimensional scanning technology!” the paranormal investigator continued. “Which leads us to the next question! Why whatever is there is hidden away there?”

Eisenberg realized he had been frequently hearing gasps from the scientists at the shaft, and he immediately watched them there as he considered what could be behind it, and the power of it, with it being able to create such power.

They seemed confused and considering what they had and Eisenberg considered going in and finding out.

What was he missing? What were they missing? What were they doing there? Could they be about to revive more vampire creatures or something?

“It seems to be really heavy stuff …” the paranormal investigator silently announced curiously.

“What could it be?”

“The vampires killed large amounts of humans … We still have not found their full identity …”

“The original occupants, who must surely have put whatever it is there.”

“This was a Transylvanian castle … The books and the library are from there and the original building …”

“What else?” he gasped, realizing its identity again.

“Well they seemed to be really reputed and mind-boggling and they seemed to have some form of science, even a new and ancient unknown science, which I’ve been trying to grasp … Some stuff is really far out … I’ve not fully grasped what as they give little away, and what they fully were or were doing, and what happened …”

“Which leaves me wondering what they were and doing …” he whispered, confused, not fully grasping what was about to happen.

“These are my updated notes I’ve taken of things I found …”

Eisenberg took his notes and started reading through them carefully, ignoring things that were irrelevant, and sat down staggered at some recent findings, and realized how deadly the place actually had been, and might return to in the near future.


Chapter 8


The Confidential Project


Eisenberg sensed something and sensed that the scientists were not saying something new, and it gave him shudders, as he sensed it was deadly, and he tried to grasp what they thought was deadly.

While he watched the equipment they had he considered what was being detected and could happen, and heard two scientists talking and realized how far they were going to avoid saying anything, and covering something up, and he realized they were also avoiding putting their foot in it by making unwanted claims.

The scientists kept grabbing his attention as they were more highly advanced, and seemed even all to be chosen for being highly advanced, and perhaps even being leading scientists in what they did.

“Is this stuff classified?” Kurt finally asked one, examining the equipment about his front.

“It’s highly classified …” he replied.

“But we’ll surely get stuff, eventually …”

“Since you’re going to get stuff anyway, you can sign our secrecy document and we’ll give you some of it … And what you should actually know …”

Kurt nodded his head, and so did Eisenberg and the paranormal scientist, and the scientist left and quickly returned with the documents, and Eisenberg read through it, surprised at some the stuff in it, and how far it went, and he, Kurt, and the paranormal scientist eventually signed the document, wondering what the hell they were up to, and how exaggerated it was.

The scientist showed them some confidently documents and Eisenberg read through them swiftly, and the scientist told them, “We don’t always deal with classified projects and most of our past projects have only helped some, and we have handled some eminent stuff …”

Eisenberg started to realize there was little, than he already knew, and he was sure they were exaggerating it, but realized they were still not saying stuff, and perhaps for other reasons, and he wondered how they originally intended doing what they intended without it becoming known, and he realized what they had discovered was an underground magnetic field or form of force, but he read on trying to get what was being hidden.


Chapter 9


The Underground Discovery


Eisenberg read through some of the documents with surprise wondering what the hell they were really up to.

From what he read they dealt with potential extraterrestrial encounters as well, and going as far back as the seventies, and he even questioned the scientists if they were investigating the vampires and was surprised that they never knew what they were talking of, and he questioned them about the deaths in New York done by them and they immediately stopped saying anything, and he realized they might be investigating them, and was sure they never thought they were vampires or of supernatural origins.

They seemed to be only involved in potential alien encounters, and he wondered if they had actually encountered them, and in the end was left confused, and he noticed they were trained to deal with them, and communicate with any extraterrestrials through communications, which went far beyond physical communication.

“You’ve the technology to communicate with extraterrestrials?” Kurt finally asked the scientists, who seemed to be only interested in communicating with them.

“And perhaps make a first contact situation occur …”

“With what?” he moaned back, at their lack explanations.

“We haven’t found a way to communicate with it though!”

They all stood staring at him wondering what he was talking of, and the paranormal scientists refused to say anything.

When they never said anything, the scientists continued, “It has not replied to anything we’ve done, which we have gone by the instructions we have … We’re unsure what it is …”

Eisenberg smirked and replied, “So we are trying to find a way to talk to something of extraterrestrial origins now …”

“We believe so!” he replied firmly, hoping for an answer. “What else could it be?”

Eisenberg gasped, wondering what they were investigating, and if they were trying to communicate with something of supernatural origins, and wondered if it was connected to the vampires.

“Thanks!” the paranormal investigator replied firmly. “If you want my thoughts … I’ll add that I believe that what’s active there is the equivalent to our subconscious mind, while it might be in a type of sleep or suspended state, which acts as its defense and carries out functions. I think it can be reawakened …”

Eisenberg wondered what the hell they had found, and if they thought it was something else, and was unsure what he should say.

“So we’ve to contact its subconscious?” Kurt replied, also wondering what they were talking of.

“Right!” the scientist replied. “We have tried to communicate with it telepathically, using some special equipment …”

Eisenberg wondered how it functioned, and wondered if they could have used it on the vampires, or still use it on them if the got close enough, and wondered what the hell the things would think.

“It must have a physical presence then?” the paranormal investigator asked.

“Of course!” the scientists replied, surprised, wondering who he was. “Why would it not? We’ll find it down below …”

Eisenberg sensed there was far more, and he could not grasp why it was there, whatever it was, and he knew he was still avoiding saying something, and he knew they would have to wait for them to tell them what it was, and he kept wondering if they were in danger and how dangerous it was, and realized how he had underestimated the vampires, and he wondered again if they were something else, and of what origins.

While he considered what could happen and what to do next Kurt and the scientist started consulting, and he joined in, trying to get more on it, and made an agreement with him on what to do, and he realized he had given them permission to get whatever was there, and he wondered if it could destroy the old mansion, which he was sure was now worth far more, especially with it being known as Dracula’s castle.

Chapter 10


The Tunnel


Eisenberg was blinded by a black abyss rapidly surrounding him, when he was lowered down through the tunnel, and examined the sides of the tunnel above him, in the little light there, and saw where it had been drilled.

He gripped the rope and harness on him hard as he spun round, and fixed his boot against the tunnel wall to stop it, and looked up to the top of the tunnel and through the hole there, and listened to two archeologists over him conferring and arguing on what way to lower him.

He could not believe the events of the past days, and the way they had introduced the workmen and drillers, and proceeded wreck the region around the shaft, removing walls and drilling deep into the foundations of the castle.

It still amazed him the way they still never fully knew or said what they thought was below, and why they were going to such an extent to do it, but he realized it had to be something, and what the scientist told them, and of alien origins.

The actual depth surprised him and them, and why it took so long to get to what was there, and he wondered why they never thought it could be destroyed by the powerful drill blasting through the ground.

They had found little there so far and it had taken a long time arranging the exploration of it, and he had been unchallenged with his insistence in going down, and the archeologists agreed to help him and to follow him down later.

It was incredible that they never had any working lights, with after all their technology, and he was waiting to get one, and he wondered what else they could have missed.

He heard someone appear above, and watched Kurt emerge, and his light beam down and illuminate him, and he wondered why they never just waited until the morning, as most of them were too sleepy, especially after a long day working there, and could make mistakes, and they would do things better.

He grabbed the light off him when he lowered it down to him on a rope, and realized it had already turned dim, and gasped realizing it could go out at the wrong time, and he checked his communicator and spoke to one of the scientists in the room beside the shaft and checked it was safe to go down, and was surprised his attitude had altered and was reacting more, and considered why, and he just started lowering himself down, and followed the scientist’s instructions.

It was an ultimate discovery and exploration and he wanted it to be done right, and to give the discovery everything it deserved. Yet he was utterly confused at what was actually being discovered and would happen, especially after finding so much there already.


Chapter 11


The Celestial Discovery


A deep thud echoed down from overhead as the scientists at the top of the tunnel gathered there to look down and he wondered why he was carrying out such a task.

He recalled how secretive the scientists were and knew they intended to cover up what was there and he wanted to see it and find out what he could from it, and he pointed his light directly down for the first time, and quickly landed at the bottom, and was surprised to see something artificial buried beneath solid and crumbled mud, and he bent down and started wiping away the dirt and dust at an area the object was the most visible.

The low radiance of the light was no longer enough to allow him to see much, and he realized how tired they all had become and that they had not even bothered getting someone to get a proper light.

Some dust entered his throat making him gasp, but he ignored it, and speeded up and shifted away large heaps of muck around the area, and felt the rope shift, from above, and he inhaled more air, and detected it was more stale.

What was the outcome? Would they even find anything? What the hell could it be, and be doing there?

Strange echoes from overhead came down entering the strange silence and he bent over and examined what he had revealed of the artifact and was surprised it had a strange surface and felt rubbery and he felt a strange current, and was surprised its surface altered, and changed color, and when he put pressure on it his hand sank into it, and examined it considering if it was some form substance.

Yet its surface hardened and he felt it was an artifact again, and realized the scans of it showed it was.

He realized he had no real explanation of what it was, and was sure it was unknown, and he was surprised it became so hard he thought they could not penetrate it.

He wished he had forced the scientists into giving him the scans of it they were hiding, as they insisted it was, and he sat down and rested on an area of muck.

He suddenly recalled the incredible magnetic field or powerful force detected from it and realized how powerful it was, but he was sure they explained why it was not dangerous, and he realized from what they told him earlier that they would not fully know, and he realized why they never went down the tunnel, and realized how highly advanced the scientists had become.


Chapter 12


The Artifact


Eisenberg was amazed when one of the archeologists started declaring to having found something unusual, and Eisenberg went back down the tunnel to investigate it.

The archeologist had started removing debris from the artifact, and pointed at the black surface it now had, and Eisenberg checked the cavity they had drilled and dug out, going around the entire artifact’s now circular shape, and going down around its sides, and he watched the other archeologists digging deeper around the sides to get below it, and examined one of the scientists staggered face as he studied the object with profound fear and confusion.

He spotted an archeologist touching it for the first time and quickly pull his hand away from it, and look staggered and confused, feeling the extraordinary energy pulsations now going through it, which they sensed had far more magnitude than they had encountered, which confused them.

Its identity left them staggered and trying to realize what it was, and he watched them occasionally considering it, and in the end ignore it, and continue to clear away the dirt from it.

Eventually more scientists came down from above and started examining it, and some joined in and helped clear the dirt and clean it, and help hoist the rubble up in buckets, while trying to get a close look at it, and examine it up close, which mostly left them confused, and eventually Eisenberg realized the artifact was slowly being removed from beneath the ground, and would be soon hoisted up the now giant tunnel, they had dug wider, and the main problem was what weight it actual was, as its altering states also changed its density, and weight.

What staggered him the most was the scientists and just about everyone with them did not believe it had any supernatural origins or powers, and was surely entirely of alien origins, and he could not believe that anything of such a nature at the haunted mansion could not be, and it staggered him.

At the top of the tunnel the other scientists were in the room monitoring it and what was occurring there, and any reactions from it, and he discovered they were receiving better views of it, and were seeing its perfectly symmetrical shape.


Chapter 13


The Alien Code


Eisenberg looked down the tunnel at the empty chamber beneath the mansion, still glowing in bright light, beaming out from spotlights below, and he spotted some equipment the scientists had left behind in the excitement, and he shifted away from the top of the tunnel, and away from the shaft.

He checked how much damage they had done to the historical building, as he moved away to the lounge, where they had taken the artifact, and gasped when he saw it resting in the middle of the large lounge room, and spotted one of the scientists through a door, along a corridor, and realized how late it was, and realized the amount of action there would be there in the morning, when they brought in their new equipment and began their proper investigations of it.

For some reason its energy seemed to have died down and he walked around its giant shape wondering why, and why it had altered into a giant black solid object.

He shifted back and watched it in the dim room light with amazement, astonished that the fifteen-foot perfect symmetrical black object even looked like a strange black flying saucer, and he wondered if it had taken the shape for a reason or there was another reason for it, and it was perhaps its real shape, and he wondered what the hell it was, and how it got the power it had.

It could have powers that lasted centuries or it could get it from some other source.

“So do you think they have the technology to communicate with it?” Kurt asked, swiftly entering the room from a corridor.

“I don’t know if they have the means to revive it … But if they do they may be able to create a first contact situation …”

“So what’s happening?” the paranormal scientist asked, coming in behind Kurt, anxiously examining it for the first time in amazement, waiting for a reply.

“They might not have found a way to communicate with it!” Kurt replied first. “It has not replied to anything! They have also gone by all their instructions …”

“So they are still trying to find a way to talk to it …” Eisenberg replied, showing confusion.

“Correct!” Kurt replied firmly.

“Incredible!” the paranormal scientist replied. “I’ll add if what’s active is the equivalent to our subconscious mind, while it is in a type of sleep or dormant state, and it carries out various functions, I think it might even be here for a reason, especially by it being buried away there! But why was it there? I think it might fully activate by physical contact by some means …”

Eisenberg was confused, and started to examine the problem in more depth and wondered what would happen if they could not activate it.

“I think we should try to enter it!” Kurt announced, to their amazement.

“How’ll we go about doing that?” Eisenberg moaned, confused, and tired. “The thing could be indestructible! They could not damage it and it instantly fixes anything done to it …”

“They found a region on its top central region that has markings near it, which they believe is sensitive to reactions from something, and I believe that it’s to open it …”

“We could use different things on it …” the paranormal scientist announced.

He started getting something out his bag and wrote ideas down, and started work on opening it.

Eisenberg watched one of the scientists suddenly come in from another room and he whispered something in Kurt’s ear and he suddenly reacted to it, and looked aware of something, and he eagerly agreed with the scientist about something and they left to do something in another room.

The scientist returned with Kurt with boxes and they started setting up equipment at the region on the top with the markings, and when they finished bringing in equipment and setting it up, they activated the equipment, and a laser beam blasted out at the region beside the markings, and started firing thousands of coded laser sequences.

“What’s it doing?” Eisenberg asked the scientist, wondering if he had found something somewhere.

“The procedure we use has advanced far further than you think! We analyzed the region near the markings and believe that it is activated by a laser sequence code!”


Chapter 14


Dracula’s Return


The moonshine shifted over the dark clouds as Dracula shot down into a desolate wood from the sky, and shifted through the trees as it altered its formation to a monster creature, and it watched the mansion emerge in the trees ahead, and it instantly formed into the deadliest hideous supernatural monster it could contrive and it smashed its way through the trees, knocking some down and smashing others into pieces.

Though as it approached the mansion, and was about to smash its way in, the mansion’s shape became familiar, and it stopped, staggered, and tried to recall something, but it could not recall what its familiarity was, and it altered its formation back to its normal formation, and reformed into its humanoid formation, and recalled its reawakening, and ancient memories, and memories from thousands of years in the past, and its supernatural origins, mysteriously lost in blackness, and the structure looked familiar, but its memories damaged, and yet it still had memories of the Carpathian Mountains, and it studied the mansion in the trees.

It shifted on, nearing the mansion, and it recalled its death in the woods at its Transylvanian castle and the strange humanoid beings who destroyed it, and it violently shuddered and altered its shape more, and stood examining the colossal mansion sprawled across its front, near its small graveyard, as the moonlight beamed down illuminating the gravestones.

The world was so unrecognizable now it could recognize little, and the hidden dangers to it seemed immense, but it believed it could survive and it considered how the world could possibly have transformed so much, and the humans had altered into something else, and it thought of ways of destroying it, as it thought of its vampire creatures.

It rapidly altered into a colossal bat formation and leapt up into the air and flew away back towards its hideout, buried away, hidden away from discovery, and it flew up into the black clouds, and shot in and out of clouds, like a monster flying demon.

It contemplated dangers to its survival, and contemplated how it should survive.

Vague memories of its hideous death continuously went through its thoughts and it tried to recall something it had missed, and over and over it considered how it became existent again, and it wondered how the humans, whoever they were, at the mansion had revived it from death, and it tried to recall everything that had occurred at the mansion and realized it would have to find away to investigate them, and would have to avoid destroying them.

The world left it staggered, and it wondered if it could find a way to detect the unknown humanoids that had captured and destroyed it, and realized that it might be able to detect and trace their supernatural powers.


Chapter 15


The Artifact Investigation


Eisenberg watched Kurt enter the library absorbed in some problem, and sat in his seat, and he watched the paranormal researcher at work again, searching through a book with amazement, and Eisenberg could not even recall Kurt so troubled looking by so little, and realized I had to be something.

“What do think?” Eisenberg asked him. “Do you think they will open the artifact?”

“I don’t have a clue!” he moaned back, sitting back in his seat, and checking what the paranormal researcher was doing.

“Has it altered again?”

“Yes! And this time it does not even resemble an artifact, and the scientists look like they’re back at the start again, investigating it over again, and what it really is …”

“What’s it like?”

“It looks like a blob of translucent jelly …”

“What’s wrong with it …”

“It is completely empty inside … And no longer gives anything … No magnetic type field … And has barely any gravity … And it sometimes floats …”

“Perhaps if it has intelligence … It could be trying to cover up its identity … It’s been attacked by lasers and everything else they have thrown at it …”

“You’ve a point there!” the paranormal investigator replied, looking up from his book. “I think it has intelligence … What I don’t get is why it’s here … Was it with the original castle or was it put there by the mansion builders? And why is it there?

“We might never know!” Kurt moaned.

“How are the scientists taking it?” Eisenberg asked.

“I do believe, if they remove it from here, to where they want to investigate it, and if they don’t get anything from it, and it is perhaps damaged, or unable to properly function, that they might be investigating the thing for decades …”

It was incredible! He had ruined the outcome of the events, and he considered how they would handle the situation, and considered it from different perspectives.

The paranormal investigator eventually answered, “I think they’re waiting for it to do something … And that it will alter again, and perhaps enter different phases, and perhaps finally make an appearance.”

“It could be investigating us,” Kurt replied. “Without being noticed, and intends to go dormant and into hiding if it discovers or discovered we are a danger to it …”


Chapter 16


The Treasure Map Discovery


Eisenberg sat examining the old Indian treasure map wondering why nothing had turned up of where it was.

What confused him was why Howard Eisenberg gave them it, and why he was avoiding meeting them, and according one of the others he was expecting them to trace where it was, and he wondered what the hell he was up to now.

He seemed to insist that there was something at the mansion that could solve the mystery, and the library seemed to be the only logical place where there could be anything, and again he wondered who the Indians were that made it and why.

The only thing he had thought of was getting accurate maps of the whole region, and Kurt had got them, and he had finally got them off him when he had given up searching.

At first he studied them blankly, and realized there was few, and they had little detail of the region, and he showed them to the paranormal investigator and he admitted they showed little, and if it was there they would probably not be able to find anything with them, and he sat considering where a proper map might be available, and again checked internet maps and found little.

He decided he should hire an airplane to photograph the region, and considered the height the map was from the ground, and what it would come up with.

The only reason there could be anything in the library was someone that built the mansion had put something there, and he was left confused, wondering why there was anything as there was nothing that indicated anything.

He again recalled the findings the paranormal researcher had come up with, and of the kings Dracula had taken vast treasures from, and he was sure there was far more, and he was sure Howard Eisenberg might think so, and he sat considering where it would be, and wondered if it was in the mansion and then wondered what the hell the new map was for, and realized there would be more to follow and it might be the first clue.

It was astounding what they had done, and he was sure they were still missing things about Dracula, and he still had vivid memories of Dracula and his two vampire creatures going away into the dark night, flying out towards New York, and them wondering what the hell they had released on the world, and him realizing it was becoming true, and he realized that the police had not captured or even clarified what it was, which was astounding, and their views of what was there were far different from what was occurring, and he realized they might be hiding what they believed it was, and something else, and perhaps even someone using a disguise to confuse them.

The paranormal investigator looked up, and finally put down the book he held, and moaned, “It’s incredible that this stuff is packed with supernatural stuff! Why?”

Eisenberg recalled that he now was also searching for valuable books there as well, but he doubted if he now fully thought there was, and realized it could be a fantasy that he liked, and he realized he wanted to thank him for his work on solving what was buried away there, and realized he should get a share if he found it and that he might perhaps come up with something, and just did it, and he started searching more.

“There is really a lot of stuff here …” The paranormal investigator announced, looking everywhere, looking where to begin, and started going through what he found.

“What do you think?” Eisenberg replied.

“This stuff is mind-boggling … But much of it’s is really hard to grasp … It’s about another place and time – where they did things differently …”

“Ancient books from Transylvanian …”

Eisenberg removed the map again and spread it out on the table and used a magnifying glass to study it, checking everything now, and even marks on marks, and realized it looked different, and tried to grasp where it was, and why it was there, and he was surprised when he managed to recognize something he had not seen before, and sat studying it with fascination.

Once again he realized it to be in the vicinity of the mansion, as all the information given to him came from Howard Eisenberg and he was sure he was indicating it was at the mansion, and he believed he might have originally bought the mansion to get it, and he went over the trees and realized they would be different, and looked for permanent landmarks such as hills, and tried to recall what he had seen in the region.

When he told the paranormal investigator it and again showed it to him he was surprised that he studied it and recognized it this time and told him where the hills on it were, about the mansion, and he left Eisenberg wondering how he knew as he had not traveled about it, and the paranormal investigator pulled out an old book he had with regional maps, and showed him one of there, and an old photo of it on the opposite page, and showed him the landmarks on it and that they were on the map.


Chapter 17


The Two Treasures


Eisenberg sensed Kurt knew something, and noticed that he had recently made some form of discovery, and he watched Kurt enter.

In the end he just asked him, and sat watching Kurt at the library table as he considered it.

The paranormal investigator glanced over, and continued reading the book he held.

Even though the visible haunting of the mansion was no longer occurring Eisenberg still sensed something was there, and some form of presence, and that something might occur, and it was Dracula’s castle, and as though something else existed there, and as though a combination of two supernatural presences also existed there, from the vampire castle and the artifact combined, and he tried to figure out what it could create, and realized the forces it had.

The whole affair seemed muddled, and even the media reports of what was there was astonishing and they never really believed anything was there.

He intended to one day solve everything if he could, and what Howard Eisenberg wanted, and Kurt kept suggesting he knew something new, from Howard Eisenberg, and the treasure.

It was incredible! The old Indian map was of there and the only place there was the mansion, and it surely had to be hidden at the mansion, which was staggering, as it meant that there had been two treasures there all along, and he realized if it was buried by the old Indian that it had in the ground, and under the building, which left him confused, and he realized why it was not found.

“Going by everything told by the Indians …” the paranormal investigator announced, watching him. “What is there is dormant … All the stories show it’s deadly … If it’s the artifact all along, them reviving it could be deadly beyond our imaginations …”

“It also means the treasure is buried near it!” Kurt replied.

Eisenberg was surprised and realized that it must have gone dormant, or gone less dangerous and from a powerful state, from before the mansion was built on top of it, and he removed the map again and began going over the hills on it and comparing them to the map, and found all the hills on it were there, with a few small ones missing, and he examined the mansion position on the map and was surprised to find a vague dim hill on the map there, and as he examined it more and more he saw it had more significance than he had noticed.

It never looked like the other hills and it was a circle, like someone had marked something there, and it also looked like someone had tried to rub it off, and he carefully measured the position of it and other objects on the map and worked out its position was near the center of the mansion and where the artifact was uncovered.


Chapter 18


The Treasure in the Well


Eisenberg could hardly believe everything that had occurred and it was as if he was in one of his strange dreams and it was shocking that he was hunting another treasure feet away from the tunnel where the artifact had been.

They had worked out the exact position of the circle on the treasure map, and its position had been away over to the side of it, and their metal detectors had detected it under the ground, and they had found a small old water well there, under the floor, and under the ground.

He entered the well with a harness and rope on him and he lowered himself down, and wondered why it was in a well, and realized someone had actually dug a well beside the thing, and wondered how they had survived, and realized it activated and went dormant, going by what he had heard, and he realized that the Indians might well have attempted to dig up what was buried away there, and had got the wrong position of it, for some reason.

He removed muck from him, and ignored it, and studied the well with one of the torches he found, and swiftly fixed the harness more firmly around him, getting ready to go down to the bottom, and heard a vehicle outside the building.

It was an incredible situation, and he could not realize what the full outcome would be! The thing was far deadlier than they realized, and even the main scientists were starting to realize it.

He was determined to discover what was there and he swiftly lowered himself into the well.

He tried to realize what the place was like before the building was there, and it covered over the well, and he listened to his breathing in the silence, silently going through the shaft, and no matter how much he tried to contemplate the artifact’s reactions and dangers he could not.

Clouds of powdered dirt consistently came down on top of him and he kept trying to cover his face, and he watched the swirling clouds of dust going through beams of light, as he slowly edged himself down the thin crumbling well, realizing the dangers it had this time, as the other tunnel had been professionally drilled, and it was an ancient Indian well.

Even though he had never been in a well before the well was strange and looked as if it had never had water in it, but most of it was not visible yet, and he swiftly checked its walls to make sure he had not made a mistake and realized the water must have been below, and he started to see signs of water once having come down from overhead.

He recalled all the faint lines on the treasure map, and scribbling, and again was sure it was a map drawn quickly, and was almost incomprehensive, but actually accurately done!

He had considered having the map dated, and having it compared with any Indian maps and drawings.

When he reached the bottom he never saw it and landed on the ground without looking and immediately removed the harness off him and removed a can of beer from his side pocket and started drinking, and started examining the surrounding well, and the ground and lower wall going around him, and examined it in more detail, and recognized part of something covered in a thick layer of dried out muck.

He rushed over and he pulled chunks of muck away, but all he found was a black slab of rock embedded in the dried muck, and that it looked like some form of black stone, but it interested him, and he wondered where the hell the treasure could be, and realized he had not realized how far he had to hunt for it.

While he dug up the muck below him, near the wall, he realized there was no water below, and in it anymore.

For fifteen minutes he patiently dug away at it and removed boulders, and he successfully reached where the bottom had been, and heard Kurt arrive at the top of the well and shout down, and he shouted back that he was still searching.

Clouds of powdered dirt came rushing down the walls and swirled about through the well in the torchlight and he searched above to see if he was coming down.

When Kurt never appeared he raced to find it, and tried to imagine where it would have been put, and he dug down in the exact central region and straightaway started to find pieces of pottery – and was sure it proved that there had been something there – and he wondered what the outcome of it would be, and with astonishment he slowly wrenched up a long slab of stone and started revealing incredible valuable large glittering diamonds and jewels and gold statues.


Chapter 19


The Museum


The Museum captivated Eisenberg as he entered its confines, and he strolled about, and he wondered why he had just unsuccessfully tried to meet Howard Eisenberg, and he wondered why he would not meet him, and wondered if they wanted him to believe he was alive for some reason.

He strolled through the exhibitions eating, and I thought of staying longer to see the other exhibitions, and was surprised when he spotted the artifact exhibition in the distance and nearly choked on his meal, with its glowing shape under the bright lights staggering him, and the people standing around it were speechless, and he was left confused wondering what they thought it was, and realized the dangers of it.

He realized the treasure might be worth more as Indian treasure than what its normal value was, and again realized how much Dracula’s treasure could be worth someday.

While he slowly made his way over to the artifact exhibition he removed the newspapers he bought that morning and read the headlines with amazement and of vampire and zombie sightings and realized that they would have to get rid of it.

He was sure they could find a better museum for the artifact exhibition, and realized again why he had gone through with the idea, as well as to get the thing out the mansion before it did something, as he was sure it was deadly, and they had still not been able to activate or open it, and he again wondered what the hell it was.

While he approached it he saw how much it had altered and tried to detect the difference, and why it was there, and realized it looked incredible, and at it he stood glaring at it in amazement, and studied it repeatedly trying to grasp some vague unseen detail to it, and he saw its incredible characteristics and features as he viewed it at angles.

Again it surprised him that the scientists that discovered it under the mansion, with its immense powers, and it surprised him that the scientists had less interest in it now, especially after they had checked it with everything they now had, but he was left confused, and he was sure they would have far more future experiments and investigations to carry out.

While he walked around its glass exhibition case, with his mouth open, he wondered why the hell it was there, as he never fully intended it to go into such an exhibition, but perhaps to some famous research place, and he observed its strange, perfectly symmetrical, black shape glowing in the museum’s hall, and he realized the last look it had, and realized its alterations and it altering its appearance could ruin the exhibition.

It was as though it had some form of energy they had not detected, and he wondered why it was there, and it was more of a danger to the public than he had realized, and he realized the mistake they had made, and realized that now it had been discovered, and observed by the public and media, that he should remove it and find a place for it where it was not a danger to the public, and he stood observing it influencing the tourists as they approached it.


Chapter 20


The Museum Conference


When Eisenberg returned to the museum he was left baffled at what was occurring, as nobody had told him anything, and at first he thought it was to do with him removing the artifact from the museum exhibitions.

The scientists were on a stage in a museum hall and were going to show the artifact exhibition to a large audience and were giving some of the latest findings by the scientists.

It confused Kurt and the paranormal investigator as the scientists never really gave anything new and had not come out with anything new for weeks and they believed that they would have discovered virtually everything of importance; but they realized they had something important.

The audience baffled Eisenberg when he noticed their astonished behavior and vague accounts of the discovery; which they never gave anything directly of anything.

At the side of the stage he spotted scientists shifting something in, which was covered over, and they gradually shifted it into the center of the stage, in front of the audience, which he realized was the artifact; which most of the audience seemed to be watching.

Eisenberg started spotting scientists and famous people everywhere he looked, and the atmosphere was turning unbelievable, and as though something unbelievable and dangerous could occur.

One of the scientists led Eisenberg, Kurt, and the paranormal investigator away and up the central aisle to front seats, and he felt a shiver run through him as he sensed something could occur there, and he could not grasp why, and he slowly noticed the appearance of the artifact under the cover.

The thing seemed deadly now and he sensed its pulsating energy, and he sensed more, and he wondered what the hell they had done to it, and he heard silent sounds from it, which sounded like it was on the brink of something.

He sat examining everything he could, considering what had happened, and perhaps why they had not mentioned anything of the alterations.

When they removed the cover off the artifact the whole hall turned silent and he studied the artifact’s deadly appearance staggered, trying to grasp what had happened to it, and saw it looked like it had also turned vaguely translucent and he thought he saw the shape of something inside it, and gasped, and considered what the hell it could be, and wondered if it had turned into its true state, or was turning into it, and after long carefully examinations he thought he saw a life form, in some form of rest.

It looked powerful, deadly, and he swiftly tried to grasp why!

He glared into it trying to grasp a clue about it and he heard some of the scientists and realized that they wanted everyone to get everything about it from the scientists that were going to appear on stage, and he wondered why they were no longer keeping it a secret, and wondered if it was an extraterrestrial, but if it was something else what the hell was it and why the hell did they want the media there, further along from him, to know of it, and he realized the scientists only wanted the media not to get any information until they gave it.

It looked like a form of weird exhibition when they put colored lights over it, and he realized that Kurt and the paranormal scientist only vaguely knew what was being revealed.

On stage, a few scientists shifted over to the artifact, and one gasped when he glanced sideways at the artifact, in its new state, and he ignored it and rushed over to the microphone and started giving detailed descriptions of what they had detected from the artifact, and their detection methods.

Eisenberg saw a group of scientists bringing in equipment, and watched them arranging it around the artifact, and he gasped and wondered what the hell they were doing, and dealing with, and for a moment thought he saw something inside it shift.

He wondered what the scientists were doing with it, and what was happening, and what their confidential research of it had revealed – and them trying to make contact with what was there, and if there was anything there.

The scientists gave vague information on what they had found and their discovery of it, and scientific accounts.

New leading scientists arrived and were allowed to investigate it on the stage and they crowded around it loudly discussing it.

Most of the audience silently watched on in wonder, and many watched on wondering what the hell it was, and why they never properly gave any detailed accounts of what it was, as it was far more different than anything seen, and what was mentioned, and Eisenberg realized that he had not heard anything that could properly explain anything, and he studied the main scientists hoping to pick something up.

Many of the scientists that had been working on it showed detailed information that had been accumulated, and Eisenberg saw that they had been keeping most of their work confidential, and wondered what else they had.


Chapter 21


The Monster Returns


Eisenberg sat down in the mansion library staggered at what he had just found along the corridor, and the Dracula monster in the chamber they had found the vampires in, and had seen its black shape shifting about the tombs.

Its shape was a humanoid formation and he realized how it had altered itself, and just how fast and deadly it now was, and he wondered how they would rid the world of it.

It had been killed before in its Transylvanian castle and he violently shuddered as he recalled it altering its shape and he realized it might have detected him where he was hidden, and for some reason it ignored him, and he wondered why.

He had watched it silently and it alter into a large black flying demon creature, and had shifted up into the hole in the chamber roof, over the tombs, and up into the attic.

In the room next to the chamber he had watched it fly away into distant black clouds, going back to New York.

Eisenberg was staggered at the occurrences, and how easily the vampires could kill, and realized he had not heard them using objects that protected them from vampires.

He tried to solve what the outcome would be, and wondered what the hell the artifact was, as he and the others had not classified it as far as he was concerned, and it had altered into something else, and going by what the scientists had he knew they never, and only had theories, and he could not grasp how perilous it was, and he did believe it could be if it was fully activated.

He picked up a newspaper and spread it across his front, and watched Kurt and the paranormal investigator investigating books, and realized from the newspaper that the artifact had been moved out the museum and over to a special facility, for them to investigate it as an extraterrestrial object, and he wondered if they might even take it to Area 51.

It was amazing the paranormal researcher was still searching through the books with amazement, and he wondered what he was up to, as they had solved most of the mysteries.

It was incredible that Howard Eisenberg had actually arrived at the mansion, and he had met him after so many years, and he had been amazed at their discovery of the Red Indian treasure, and that it had been buried close to where he had eaten his meals in the mansion, and he was surprised at the artifact, and had been unable to identify it, and was having people investigate what they were doing with it.


Chapter 22


The Other Universe


Eisenberg studied the paranormal researcher, and his partially opened mouth, and saw he had found something in the book he was translating, and he waited, and wondered what the hell it was.

He was surprised when Kurt walked in the library and he wondered what he had been doing.

He saw him notice the paranormal researcher and his reactions.

“What?” Kurt asked. “What’ve you found?”

“This place is dreadful …” the paranormal researcher gasped, reacting to things he read. “I think I’m getting their true identity … I’ve not been able to trace anything up until now … Many of the people they fought did not know who they were fighting, and there are accounts of them massacring massive armies and there being no survivors …”

Kurt just shrugged, wondering what he was talking of.

“There’s some form of cannibalism they carried out … I think … They mention them feasting on the bodies of the soldiers … Them being vampires!”

The paranormal investigator looked energetic, and he watched him finally place the book on the table, staggered.

“I think they were some form of extraterrestrial … Yet from either another universe or dimension … A supernatural universe … Yet with similarities to this universe … I think they got trapped here or something …”

“Dracula might have been altered from being in this universe or something …”

Eisenberg wondered what he had found and sat wondering what it had been written for, and he saw the book was different from the rest, and he saw how the paranormal investigator studied it scrupulously, and he knew it could be a conclusion to something.

Eisenberg recalled when all of the scientists had entered the chamber with the vampire tombs and had set up all their equipment all over the area of the tombs, and that their descriptions of what they had found there went far beyond anything that they previously had found, and most of the scientists working there had been replaced by far more advanced ones, and most were thunderstruck by the giant supernatural being resting in the central tomb, Dracula in his tomb, and what they found out about it.

“What else is there?” Eisenberg gasped, seeking a conclusion.

“There’s more … I think this book was written by one of them … A different form of them or something … Who arrived afterwards … I think they were trapped here, and that they traced them and followed them to this castle in Transylvanian by some means … I believe it was them that captured Dracula and put him in the tomb!”


Chapter 23


The Extraterrestrial Investigation Center


Eisenberg, the paranormal investigator, and Kurt swiftly followed the scientists, who investigated the artifact at the mansion and the museum, through a building and into a massive chamber that was the confidential research area of the Extraterrestrial Investigation Center, and stood staggered at the colossal amount of equipment and scientists, and the inconceivable technology.

Eisenberg was staggered at it all, and began to realize how far they had gone, and how much had been hidden from the public, and stood wondering why they were carrying out so much work, and he realized how deadly the universe could be.

Kurt spotted the artifact first, with groups of scientists surrounding it, with equipment everywhere, and they watched them monitoring its powerful forces, and Eisenberg saw that the artifact itself had altered dramatically since it had been in the museum, and he stood trying to see if he could notice anything.

When they arrived at it, he spotted them making it make movements, by some means, and that they were carrying out a series of experiments.

A scientist walked over and handed them documents, and he studied them with interest.

One document gave some history of the site and that it had been originally established in the search for extraterrestrials, and basically from research carried out in the last century, and had advanced searching for extraterrestrial civilizations, with help from many countries, NASA, SETI institute, and many others, and had superseded the others in the race to detect extraterrestrial intelligence on other worlds.

They had helped develop many new forms of confidential and known detection methods and at an inconceivable rate and had searched far deeper and with more accuracy into the depths of deep space, and expanded knowledge of the cosmos, and anticipated many future breakthroughs.

They had repetitively advanced technology to detect inhabited exoplanets, with highly advanced extraterrestrial life, and explored worlds in the depths of newly discovered solar systems, and sent out messages with new highly advanced technology, and into the invisible black depths of space where hidden worlds could exist.

What surprised Eisenberg was they insisted a signal had been detected from a nearby star and they had analyzed it under the assumption it was an unidentified phenomenon, as well as an extraterrestrial phenomenon, and its highly advanced symmetrical pulsations had been documented and they established its properties and significance, with its pulsations beating out through the depths of space.

Yet it never actually showed any extraterrestrial encounters, flying saucer landings, but he knew they had, and sensed it, and that it was little, and he saw their fascination in the artifact, and its existence was unbelievable, and they constantly worked on trying to discover its origins.


Chapter 24


The Extraterrestrial


The artifact looked deadlier than he had ever seen it, and was pulsating with energy, which looked and sounded like it was on the brink of a colossal explosion, and Eisenberg, Kurt, and the paranormal investigator timidly shifted into the Extraterrestrial Investigation Center research chamber.

At a closer investigation they stood confused as they believed something was occurring as scientists were nervously standing around it monitoring it, and they spotted vigorous activity all about the place, and they started working like crazy activating and checking things, and they realized that they had done something, and that it was the reason that they wanted them there, and they took them over to the side and seated them.

The artifact altered shape and appearance at a frenzied rate, of which there was little to indicate the outcome.

At times he thought he saw a shape of something inside it moving and tried to recognize what, and after a long time he just ignored it.

It looked powerful, and deadly! And perhaps unstable! By their previous investigations and what the scientists claimed he was sure they gave an energy force, and that they were feeding it energy that it used, and he realized it was perhaps the reason it could not do anything and had been dormant, and he realized the dangers of its revival, and if it exploded, and he wondered why the scientists were so confident about it.

With horror, at the side of vision, he saw a group of scientists and technicians move in with new equipment, and they started arranging it around the energy bubble, and he gasped, and wondered what they were doing and dealing with, and for a moment thought he saw something inside it shift.

Famous scientist in and rushed into places and he realized something really was going happen this time, and he watched someone film it, and what might be an incredible historic occurrence, and the discovery of it, and he realized from nearby scientists that it might prove what it was, and he watched someone else filming it, perhaps for the media, which some scientists were considering using if they wished it to be known.

The scientists occasionally gave detailed explanations of things they believed were occurring, and watched it creating magnificent optical effects, making things distort, and it looked like it could rupture the fabric of space, and played with it, with properties of altering and suspending it.

Scientists started carrying out complex experiments on it, and they showed detailed information accumulated.

Suddenly computers and equipment all over the chamber burst into life, and he spotted one go over millions of special sequences and he studied it, and he was sure they had got control of the artifact somehow and had it carry out some functions.

The sheer magnitude of it left him staggered and he expected something to occur, especially from its lethal reactions, and he could not believe it could hold so much energy and not explode.

The center turned bright and expanded, and it became louder and brighter, and the floor shook, and started knocking everything furiously around, knocking scientists about, and many fell over, and a sudden shockwave blasted through the whole building, throwing everything about, and it died away.

The chamber turned silent, and they started to recover, and he noticed some scientists dramatically activating equipment and he checked where they were staring and saw the artifact had turned solid, and was open, and saw something inside, and he tried to identify it, but could not, and saw it was alive and hideously staring out at them.


Chapter 25


The First Contact Situation


While it shifted out Eisenberg stood horrified and tried to move, and to examine its celestial formation, wondering what it was, and what they had made contact with, realizing it was not solid and was some form of energy formation, and he wondered why it was so different and powerful, and gasped when he thought he saw it had demon features.

Its glowing, altering, hideous shape stopped at the edge of its sphere, which had been the artifact, and he felt energy surges from it and stood trying to grasp what it was doing, and he realized it had to be made of some form of energy, and he considered if it was actually keeping itself alive, and in existence, almost consistently stopping itself vanishing, and he wondered if it could properly exist in the universe, and wondered if it would just vanish into nothing, and they moved back when it altered its formation, and he wondered how the hell they were going to communicate with it, and if it even used language.

Suddenly he spotted the others react and saw visions emerge all around them, and he saw they were star formations, and flashing about, and he realized it was communicating with them and showing regions of space, and he wondered how the scientists could record the visions, and if they would show up in the film footage being taken, and saw a scientist confirm it, and he wondered if any of the scientists identified the stars.

He was sure it was an exploration of the vast depths of the universe, and he spotted a massive sphere of light glowing and expanding, and wondered what the hell it was, and wondered how it propelled itself across the blackness of space, and if it could even travel without a starship, and floated and shot through space like a ghost going through the stars.

They watched stunning suns shoot by and them increasing in density, and accuracy, and he was sure it was showing them a region of space it existed in, and he saw its powers increase, while it transformed itself, and further from its original state.

Space and time seemed unrecognizable, and mysterious, and he felt he would never fully understanding it, and it seemed to search for a solution to something and suddenly all the visions vanished, and it altered further, and he wondered if they could provide it with energy or something to complete its transformation, and if they should treat it as dangerous.

Suddenly all their technology, and mainly computers, burst into life, and the scientists looked up surprised, as it took control of them, and started giving them information, and taking and searching for information, and he watched it make a gesture and enter the center region of the energy sphere.

The sphere became far more powerful, and its appearance became lethal, and he realized the sphere’s original activation was far less, and they stood staggered when its center turned almost blinding and exploded out, and a sudden shockwave blasted out, knocking everything over, and it died away, as it vanished.


Chapter 26


The Time Traveler


Eisenberg sat in the library still staggered at the outcome at what occurred at the Extraterrestrial Investigation Center and still vastly confused at what they knew, and he even believed he was far more in the dark at what it was, and it was doing there.

Once the paranormal investigator arrived, after questioning one of the scientists on the phone, he knew he had something.

“What did they tell you?” Kurt asked the paranormal investigator, as he picked up a book. “Tell us what you found!”

The paranormal investigator glanced up, and reluctantly placed the book he held down, and replied, “This astounds me, and I am still staggered how both events are connected … The artifact could be the only alien arrival this world has had … Those vampires are also astounding …”

“What was the scientists explanation of the artifact and all the information it gave them on their computers, before it left?”

“They are positive! They’re positive it was a time machine pod from the future …”

“It traveled through space and time …”

“From what they got I say it traveled back from Earth’s future … They believe it was some form of mission … They believe that time travel does not properly work … That it experimented with it … Though they can send energy forms, they could not properly send anything physical … They believe it was converted into some form of energy or something – of colossal degrees – and perhaps even virtually forced itself back through time – and that it never properly worked and it surely never arrived where it should, and far further back in time than it should, and with not enough energy to return, or even alter to this place …”

“It was a trapped extraterrestrial time traveler of the future …”

“They found out some other things … Which I believe … They believe it arrived on this world in the future from somewhere … And – going by what they claimed it found – they found the remains of our civilization on the world … They believe they destroyed themselves in some form catastrophe … That there was barely anything left … I believe it left to find out what we were like, and were doing here, and perhaps to make contact with us, and find out why it happened …”

Eisenberg sat back thinking it over, astounded at such a thing could be hidden in such a place, and influence so much, and realized that proper time travel might be impossible, and be far too dangerous if they did manage to recreate it …

He imagined it trapped there as an entity, not existing and existing, through centuries, perhaps thousands of years, unable to leave its confines, perhaps imprisoned for all eternity.


Chapter 27


The Haunted Wood


Eisenberg could not tell what it was and if it was the strange dark wood they had entered, altered trees and landscape, or what was there that was so strange, and he searched around him, through the trees, and searched for the vampires.

Their discovery of the wood had been lucky, and he still wondered if the paranormal investigator had got it wrong, as he claimed the wood was perfectly positioned for the vampires to hide in, for them to safely perform their attacks on New York, and the incredible thing about it was it resembled the wood in Transylvania where Dracula’s castle had been, and it was the drawings of it and finding the giant wood on the television and an occurrence there that drew their attention to it.

What they could find out about it gave little, but they had found a structure in it, and though it was old and derelict they were sure it could be where the vampires stayed at night.

Everything confused him and he started to think that just about anything could occur and realize the danger they were in, and there was no reason to believe they could not exist in the light of day, and that they were just night creatures, and as he led Kurt and the paranormal investigator through the dense undergrowth and tress he started to imagine strange dark figures behind trees, and a mysterious distant light, but everything he found was either vegetation, trees, fallen trees, but he started to realize it was starting to get dark, and the time it took to get through the wood, dense undergrowth, was impeding their progress.

Occasionally he heard distant things being violently smashed, but saw powerful wind surges blasting about, and he started to believe it was the wood itself, or the region, and it had a supernatural presence, either from the vampires or something else there, which could be why they had gone there.

What staggered him the most was how dark it would be soon, and he rushed on, and believed that they might be able to achieve their objective and that there would be an eventual conclusion to the event, and events, but the place was shrouded everywhere with increasing denser vegetation and he even started wondering if they could get through it, and in the distant he heard what he was sure were wolves, and it left him trying to contemplate what was there, and at times sounds emerged like they were coming out the ground, and from underground shafts.


Chapter 28


The Vampire Hideout


Eisenberg thought supernatural regions existed, and that they had entered something, and when they entered the derelict building he was staggered that anyone could build and stay in such place.

It confused him, what they were doing, after all he had encountered, and now believed existed, compared with before, and he did not know what it was, and just tried to grasp how dangerous it was, and he rushed into the building before it became too dark, and to stop the vampires reviving before they found them, and he kept his eye on Kurt and the paranormal investigator.

He considered all the things he had heard of the supernatural trying to grasp what it was he was missing. He was sure they had discovered more than they realized, and he analyzed everything in a far greater degree.

At the top floor, he stopped suddenly, tiredly and startled by something, and he sensed something, and he moved on slowly, as Kurt and the paranormal investigator followed him, and he heard something somewhere.

For a long time he stared into the dimness recognizing little, as he strolled on, and gasped for a few seconds when he thought he was being watched by something in a region of darkness ahead, and was surprised something appeared there and he saw large box shapes, and kept examining them, and realized that it was tombs, and that they were in the same style as the vampire tombs back at the mansion, and realized that they were placed directly at the central region of the building.

At the tombs he heard silent sounds from something, and realized how dark it was and shifted silently up to them, searching everything everywhere, while he considered putting on his light, but he could give his presence away, if he had not been noticed.

A sudden blast, and explosion of light, left him stunned, while he crept on, and he froze, waiting to die, and die hideously for what he had done, and he stood confused, and saw what looked like a vampire illuminated in bright light standing in front of him, and he wondered what the hell it was, and after examining it closely it looked like a humanoid, and it seemed to welcome him, and he studied it and realized that it was a form of hologram.

It eventually altered, to do something, and do something to itself, and he remained trying to identify it, and he felt energy from it, and sheer power, and it reminded him of the extraterrestrial at the research center, and something about it, which he could not quite grasp.


Chapter 29


The Supernatural Universe


Behind the glowing entity Eisenberg saw a hideous slithering black devilish shape emerge from the blackness, out of a tomb, and he froze, and recognized it was Dracula, as it shifted slowly towards them.

While it crept up he watched it somehow alter, and it froze, unable to move, and the glowing extraterrestrial stood staring at it.

Suddenly he saw visions of star formations, and suddenly realized the glowing extraterrestrial was making contact with them, and showing them regions of space.

He felt energy surges from it and realized he was picking up telepathic messages from it, and it explained it was made of some form of energy, and existed in the past, and he realized it was a time traveler, like the extraterrestrial in the artifact.

Suddenly it altered his thoughts and he realized it was not a time traveler and that time travel could not properly be used in the universe, and only in its own universe, and he realized it was in a supernatural universe, and it had transmitted itself as a form of hologram, from the past.

It told him of an eminent scientist that once existed in its universe, who carried out experiments on transferring things into other universes, and in the end experimented on itself, and altered itself to exist in the universe, but its experiments altered it, and altered it into a monster being, trapping it in the universe, and unable to return to its universe, and its name had been Dracula.

They had found a way to transfer themselves, as a form of energy/hologram, energy formations, and took the form of humanoids, and tried to rid the world of his vampires, and it had been them that had trapped Dracula in the wood at the front of his castle, when he had returned, and they had left him dormant in the tomb, in the mansion/castle, as they had been unable to repair the damage he had done to himself.

They had searched for a method, and had searched the future of the world, and had eventually found a way, and they had someone move the castle to New York, and had placed over the artifact, before its discovery.

Eisenberg realized that the only way they could help Dracula was with the highly advanced extraterrestrial technology from the artifact, and they wanted Eisenberg to take Dracula, now dormant, to the Extraterrestrial Investigation Center research chamber, and with the knowledge they got from the extraterrestrial and artifact, and equipment they now had, to use it to repair and alter Dracula and transfer him back to his own universe, where they would return him to his own time.


Part II


Transcendent Space





DP2 World


The German starship engineer stood dazzled in the dim radiance of distant lights of the storage chamber, buried away at emptiest remotest region at the bottom of Starship S1.

Occasionally gasping and giving strange tones, he started trying to explain the horrors he had encountered, and that it could have emerged from the new planet, and DP2 world they had gone in orbit over, even though he could not grasp how it entered space and got through the starship’s advanced surveillance technology and defenses, and thick almost impenetrable shell.

The deadly extraterrestrial DP2 world was hideous, and its hideous environment uninhabitable, and what had frantically chased him astonished him, and he kept considering if it could have survived in such hideous conditions and he realized he would have to get out of there and shifted out from the darkness revealing his pale white complexion and badly shaken appearance, and shuddered in terror, barely able to move.

After the voyages to the DP1 sun, and the first voyages to another star, perfecting hyperdrive space travel, they were exploring another sun, where they detected the DP2 signal, and had arrived at the DP2 world.

They had many members of the original crew, with a military presence, and exploration teams had started preparing to carry out landings on the world, after all their reply communications to the signal and search for a civilization failed, and the planetary cartographers teams were to explore the world, and were taking scans from space searching for anything, exploring what was below, to send to the Earth.

Attempts by NASA and others had failed to decipher the DP2 signal, but they were still working on it, with new technology …

Chapter 1


DP2 Surface


The planetary cartographer shuttles automatically carried out their programming floating over the region where the DP2 signal was being detected on the DP2 world, at a hundreds of miles an hour, mapping and analyzing everything detectable, while searching for anything of interest, and any abnormalities, at equal distances apart, with shuttles above them monitoring the whole region.

Everywhere about the shuttles was a mass of snowflakes, and deep snow below, and though with all their technology the surrounding world still had hidden dangers everywhere, and Ripley realized that aspects of the mission were worse than the DP1 world mission, which astounded him.

The whole DP2 world had to be located in the wildest snowiest region he had encountered! Even the summer in its warmest regions had lower temperatures and higher snowfalls than anywhere on the Earth ever had.

The place and thought of what was hidden away there and had been on the last world made Ripley cringe in his seat, as the shuttle shot through the endless storm, with an infinity of snowflakes flying straight at the shuttle windscreen, like stars, while they flew over the world and deep snow, and he took comfort in the fact that their speed would take them to where the weather formation ended.

Some of the crew in Starship S1 above startled him at what they thought was there, and could survive there and attack them when they landed.

In the other pilot seat Dan sat back and closed his eyes and rested and Ripley switched on the most powerful outer lights to see if it did anything before Dan went to sleep, and he switched them off disappointed, and checked about the interior, about the shuttle cockpit about his front, and as he piloted and checked their direction was correct, and the storm winds were not actually blowing them off course, and checked the positions of the other shuttles, and checked all the information given from the shuttles, and any messages sent out by the other pilots, as well as the scientists, and the scientific findings they gave, and for anything on the extraterrestrial signal and what was there.

In the room and shuttle behind him he watched scientists looking out windows at the surrounding hideous storm raging by, and for anything visible, and any signs of the landscape.

The howl of the winds and world was so strange and fearsome, and even though they had been on other worlds, it looked far more unfamiliar and deadlier than it should.

A loud explosion blasted out making the vehicle violently shudder and making him jump upright, and he checked if the vehicle had been hit and if anything on the vehicle had exploded.

Everyone in the shuttle stood or sat confused and started to look about for signs of an explosion, and Ripley tried to get the computer to give something on it, and when it never he searched through the recordings of the flight and watched outer footage of it and saw a flash and blast of some form of lightning and realized they had missed the occurrence could occur, and tried to recall occurrences occurring in snowstorms on the Earth but could not recall anything, and sat back realizing the vehicle was designed to handle it like all vehicles.


Chapter 2




Out in the howling snowstorm Ripley heard strange unearthly sounds he swore he had never heard before and he marched on with Dan, both searching the region where they landed the shuttle.

They had been unlucky once again! The weather formation had shifted into the region where the signal was detected, and when it looked as though it was clearing he and Dan had left in their spacesuits, with the equipment to try and pinpoint the exact location of the signal, and the snowstorm had increased.

It was incredible! After all the precautions they had taken they were still taking major risks, and were not only open to attack they could get lost in the storm as their equipment was not picking up anything now, and even where the shuttle was.

The fact was nobody knew or had any idea of what was on DP2 and there had not been structures or anything seen in the region of the signal, and he never knew how they would find anything with everything being buried deep beneath the ice.

He had a reasonable idea of what the area looked like, and from satellite views, without the snowstorm being there, and it had an Antarctic look, even though the ice below was far deeper.

He now knew the weather could turn far worse and deadly.

Although there was air they had their spacesuits and helmets on as the temperature was dangerously low, and it could turn far deadlier than the Earth.

Out of the darkness about them, created by thick black clouds above, an explosion sound blasted out making him and Dan stop and try to grasp the cause of it and he was surprised it sounded like a high-powered rifle blasting through the howling winds, and he was surprised that Dan actually thought it was, and he even assured him it was through his communicator, in his helmet.

As they moved away from it he became startled as more explosions blasted out, and sounded so powerful he was sure someone was using a form of powerful explosive in the bullets.

What was shocking was he was sure there were high-powered rifles aboard the starship!

As they shifted speedily on he wondered if aliens used rifles, as he had never thought of it before, and realized that they were an ultimate weapon and they could easily have ended up with them while trying to create ultimate weapons, and he realized that they could be about to confront a race the same as humans, with the same and more advanced technology.

The idea of the walk they took there was crazy and he could not grasp if there was anything there out for the kill and he realized it was absolutely absurd entering such a blizzard and fury of snow.

He could not realize what was there and on such a world. There was nothing on the world and found below either, and nothing could properly live or grow there, and he wondered if the explosions were a phenomena of such an environment.

A loud explosion blasted somewhere nearby and they rushed away in the opposite direction through the thick snow and swirling currents of snow blasting about them.

Something large could be heard over to their side and he realized that it could have something that could detect them and he leapt through the snow in front of him, and even thought of burying himself and Dan in deep areas of the snow, but he was unsure if they could be detected, and their trail through the snow behind them led to them.

As they continued on and on it became clear what was there was not there anymore and he started to realize that they were lost and started to try to use his equipment to detect where they were and realized it was not working and in the end realized how lost they had become and they had to trace their trail back to where they were, hoping what was there was gone, and as he considered what was there, and if they were now free from being attacked, he realized again that it could have been anything, on such a world, and he tried to grasp how anything could survive there and realized that he could be establishing things on their terrestrial knowledge.

Their equipment had not shown what was buried beneath the DP1 world or anything!

His mind raced through what had occurred and he realized all they had was the DP2 signal, and he removed his device to detect it, which they were going to use to trace it, and he examined it and switched it on and it started beeping, detecting the signal, and more powerfully than it had been, and they continued to go to it.

At one point he heard the explosion like they had heard it earlier but away in the distance, and he was sure it was at where they had been.

Many of the scientists aboard the starship had seemed to believe the signal was a distress call, and he wondered if something there now had them trapped there, and intended to attack them. Was the location that they had strolled into a danger zone, or was it something else?

He wondered if it was extraterrestrial scientists in some form of ice station. But he could not grasp what could be there!

Suddenly they heard what was there nearby moving towards them, and they swiftly rushed on.

After a while he realized it was gone, and he wondered if their equipment had given away their presence, and as he wondered what the hell could possibly be there, and buried away in such a desolate place, he spotted a distant black shape emerge.


Chapter 3


DP2 Discovery


Ripley was staggered at the source of the signal, and that he traced it miles under the ice, and he strolled around over it, where they had found something buried beneath a region of the snow, and he wiped the snow and ice away from it and revealed an artificial cover, which clearly had been recently covered over by snow.

Below the cover he found a deep tunnel going straight down into the ice, with a metal device at its side, and he saw it had clearly been hollowed out with some large powerful beam.

The snowstorm was still blowing about snow everywhere, and he searched for any forms of footsteps and was surprised not to find anything, and checked the signal again, and that it was coming from something below, and he realized extraterrestrials could have discovered it and made the hole going straight down into it. Yet why was the signal still there?

He felt like leaving it but Dan wanted to check it, and he knew they would have to check it anyway, and he ignored thoughts of wanting to start back to the shuttle and sent a message out to the shuttle and starship where he was and the coordinates and what he was doing, hoping they received it, and entered the tunnel.

He carefully fitted himself into a device at the tunnel’s side and waited to go down, and watched Dan near him in his spacesuit, with the snow blasting about him, and as he considered if it was a mistake he watched him vanish as he shot down the tunnel, and realized it could the other way around and that Dan could be in danger there, but he had to investigate it.

He was sure it was there for a reason and that something important was below!

He vision altered to the darkness and he finally turned his spacesuit light on and watched the mind-bending tunnel shooting by and sounds and echoes from the air shooting by and the blizzard hollowing down through the ice shaft and it left him stunned at the dangers of what he would encounter below, and he checked the device accelerating him downwards and tried to see if he could grasp the technology of it, as he had not seen the technology before, and the incredible speed it accelerated at, and it could be worth something back on the Earth and he tried to contemplate what had created it, as he was sure human technology would show signs of being built by humans, but he could not form any stable recognitions of what had created, and what technology it was, and the materials it had were unknown to him, and he never saw a way to open it or how it was fitted together, and he wondered if it was designed and built by a form of robot.

How the ice tunnel was made fascinated him as the power behind what had created must have been immense.

When clouds of powdered ice swirled by and through his beam from his light he gasped and looked straight down into the depths below, into the darkness below the light, and expected to see something edging up towards him.

He realized that he had avoided being killed so far and wondered if he was going to be killed later, or even when he returned to the surface.

He groaned realizing the mistake he was making and even the trouble he could have getting back up to the surface, and getting to the shuttle, and he wondered if he could make it stop and examined the device but saw nothing, and there clearly was no controls, or there was a device that sent signals to it that had controls on it, and he realized the device just carried out simple acts to what was in it did, as it had done when he put it on, and while glimpsing parts of the shaft above he wondered if it would stop if he started trying to remove it, and was surprised at how powerful it looked.

He realized he had always wanted to investigate some great mysterious unexplored place as well as explore the stars, at such far out desolate locations, and he wanted to explore more. He wanted to explore and discover new things of value and greatness, and even be remembered.

When the bottom appeared he stared down in wonder and considered the depth it was, and what was in the blackness there.

He repeatedly searched with the light straining his eyes to see the bottom and thought he saw something move, but saw no features of anything.

Suddenly the tunnel about him vanished into darkness, and he swiftly turned off his light, and waited to be confronted by something, and he landed on the ice below and stood silently in the darkness and tried to hear what was there, and he thought he saw what he was sure was an immense ice cavity.

When got out the device he heard it shoot straight up to the surface and thought he saw a large artificial object resting near the central region of the cavity, which went out and vanished in the distance, and he stood wondering what hell was going to happen!


Chapter 4


DP2 Flying Saucer


He tried to theorize what would be there out in the blackness, from everything he had seen, and searched the darkness, like the deepest depths of space, with no stars visible, but there was nothing he could grasp, but he thought he saw strange dark shapes, which he was sure were life forms, and he refused to do anything, and turn his light on and give himself away.

When he felt the ground below him with his spacesuit gloves he felt how solid the ice was, and as solid as stone, and he stopped and recalled a miniature device light in his spacesuit that he could use without being seen and got the device out and turned it on and used it to see the nearby cavity wall, and confirmed it was built the same as the shaft, and he used the light to see the ground about him, which was too dim to see further out, and he shifted in and focused his dazzled eyes on anything about the ground, but only saw dirt covering the ground, and vaguely only seeing a colossal dark cavity about him in the distance.

Slowly a dim object in the central region became vaguely visible and as he approached it a large artificial white object emerged and he stopped and checked there was proper air in the cavity, and pulled down his faceplate and stood staggered at the drop in temperature, and dangers from it, and felt it damage his face, and his eyes becoming damaged, and shoved his faceplate back up, and checked it was sealed.

His spacesuit used the atmosphere of the world and heated it before circulating it through his spacesuit, and he felt its warmness and relaxed.

He was sure there were no life forms nearby, in the cavity, and decided to assume it was so.

He stood firmly checking everything, listening intensely, and heard the transporter device in the distance and realized it was Dan coming down from the surface, and realized the dangers again, and what had been up above, and wondered if what was there could stop the device going back up to the surface.

Eventually he turned his spacesuit light on at full power and stood staggered as the whole cavity exploded in light, and the reflected off the ice everywhere, and where he was imagining a black object was he saw an immense white flying saucer resting in center of the cavity, cut around it, and instead of the cavity being a long cavity it was circular, and he examined it wondering how it never collapsed, even though he knew they would have the technology to do so, and he saw how dense and thick the ice was.

It was incredible, and he realized the value of the saucer back on the Earth, and that he had found it!

It was staggering, and he realized the thing might have even visited the Earth, and he considered if it had its saucer shape for a reason, and was staggered by the thought of it arriving back on the Earth, and what the media would think of the thing.

His original thoughts of it altered as he realized what it was worth and that there was not anything in the cavity.

Away in the distance he thought he saw something move and ignored it when he saw it was part of the saucer and him moving his head, and as he approached it he grasped the technology it had and that it looked far more advanced than the transport device used to come down from the surface and he was sure the object had been discovered by the race that had built the transporter device and that the cavity might have been built by them.

Suddenly he gasped and wondered why it was still there though, and why they had not removed it, and he wondered if they could, as the depth it was beneath the ice was immense, and he wondered if they could melt it or something, or fire some explosion through the ice, and if the flying saucer still worked, as they would not be able to get it off the world if it never as the weight of it was immense.

After feeling its surface and that he could not even scratch its surface, and was made of an unknown material, he realized they might not even be able to enter it, and he wondered what would happen if they never, and if starships from the Earth would be arriving and leaving there trying to enter it for years, and he considered if they would someday take it back to the Earth.

The cavity roof was perfectly domed shaped and he studied the ice it was made of and its surface and knew it definitely belonged to the race who had made the tunnel up to the surface but he never found anything on the saucer that showed they were the builders of it or even a later group of them trying to get it back.

He wondered how they managed to get the equipment down to build such a colossal underground cavity, and wondered how many years the saucer had been down there, as if the snow was close to being the same on the Earth it could have even been there for millions of years, and he realized the amount of races that could have detected the DP2 signal and arrived there, and even have checked out the cavity, which was also ancient.

The roof was solid ice and more solid than he had seen ice and he spotted things in it that he was sure were devices that were helping keeping it up, and he suddenly realized he might find answers to all their queries, and he started exploring about the flying saucer further out, and realized the true immense size of it, and closer to it he realized how new looking it actually was, and wondered if it being in such coldness had preserved it or if it preserved itself, or both, and he traced its sides into the distance with his spacesuit glove held out, startled.

As he gradually approached a black region, where he thought he saw something, he watched Dan appear in the transporter device from the surface with a scientist beside him, and them having discussions, and them discovering the massive white flying saucer structure in the surrounding ice cavity, and them trying to imagine what form of extraterrestrial created it.


Chapter 5


Entrance Chamber


It staggered him as he silently crept on, thinking of it and the nature of world it had come from and their technology. It could be anything! What the hell were they letting themselves in for, with their explorations?

He realized how dangerous the extraterrestrials could be and it made him shudder, but he had to explore it as he had to confirm there was something there and what was there.

The power source of the flying saucer had to be colossal and he gasped when he considered it on other worlds.

From the scientist with Dan, slowly making their way towards him, he heard they were moving the shuttle over to it, and that the snowstorm had shifted away from the region.

Eventually Ripley got to the black region on the flying saucer and gasped and saw that it was an entrance point, and that it had been left open, and he stood at it looking into its darkness and its dim interior, and saw a form of corridor going into it, and shuddered from the cold and thought of entering it, as he had to investigate what was there.

He rushed up into it as he watched Dan and the scientist discussing it, and realized he still had not found a single clue to what he was dealing with and he rushed into its darkness and used his light to investigate the floor and roof.

He was keen to investigate everything of the slightest interest!

While shifting in the entrance tunnel he sensed dangers there, and could not grasp why, and if it was just the look and what it was, as he was sure killer aliens and animals had a deadly look to them or their technology, and at least should they were carnivores.

Yet he was certain extraterrestrials would be carnivores!

At the end of the tunnel a large empty region emerged across his front and he stood with his light searching it, and slowly moved into it, with darkness further out, surrounding him, and he finally saw dim black shapes becoming visible, and he slowly stopped and stood examining the distant dark shapes, and studied the weird shapes, which he could not grasp, and grasp the use of, while he listened about him he heard the scientist slowly entering the saucer and using his communicator, giving excited replies to someone at the shuttle.

Ripley just could not recognize what it was as there was nothing visible, and he considered if it was empty to store things in, and if it was even a cargo starship, and he strolled out searching and giving glances at the dark shapes, straight in front of him, and got ready to act if confronted and stayed observing the black shapes and if any detail became clear, and his eyes adapted to the dimness and strange light effects.


Chapter 6


Life Forms


Ripley stood staring through his faceplate through green vapor clouds, of strange gases, where he saw strange rock formations, and strolled through them and attempted to identify the rock, and wondered why he had not seen it before.

The piles of rock formations confused him, as he had expected the dark shapes in the highly advanced craft to be technology, and he discovered gaps in the piles of rock where things had been, and had either been removed or something had been.

After meticulous examinations he reassured himself the place was a storage region of the saucer and that the strange rock piles had been discovered somewhere, and he considered if it had been DP2, and the early DP2 world where there could have been surface rock visible.

At one rock pile he found a cavity in part of it with shape of something and the form of something that had been in it and tried to identify it and he wondered if it was some rare element, but he had not seen anything like it, and he used a small drill in his spacesuit and removed part of the rock where it had been, as he was sure there would be traces on it, where it had been attached.

He examined it at different angles in his bright light and used a microscope device in his spacesuit to examine it up close and was surprised to find marks of what looked like where some plant or life form had been.

As he saw Dan and the scientist enter the chamber, and their brighter lights illuminate the area he saw something over to his side and rushed over towards it, at the side of the rock piles, and saw it was the remains of a form of skeleton of a large humanoid extraterrestrial and he rushed straight up to it and knelt beside it, leaning over it, and found the remains of what might have been a spacesuit, and some form of material.

When Dan and the scientist arrived their lights combined and illuminated the whole area everywhere brightly, and he started to realize how strange the skeleton was, and that its middle region had exploded out, as though something had powerfully attacked it from behind.


Chapter 7


Extraterrestrial Eggs


At the entrance to a small chamber at the side of the chamber Ripley stood with his mouth wide open, as he entered, trying to see what was there, and he stood transfixed by silver spheres covering the whole floor, and many in large heaps, and shifted further in realizing they could be some form of new technology, and even some form of energy pods, for some unknown use.

Even though he knew they were perfectly symmetrically round, made of some unknown material, he sensed they were more and he sensed hideous danger, as though bred into to him to detect such things, like some unknown sixth sense, and the fact it was there in such a hideous place, in the depths of a hideous desolate world, lost out in the depths of space.

Yet the place could have been there for millions of years! What the hell could survive for that length of time? He considered if they were some form of robot life form, and could survive there.

In his communicator he listened to all the scientists from the shuttles at work and their excited communications to each other, as they were examining everything all over the flying saucer, and the remains of the killed humanoid life forms, which they believed had been the occupants of the flying saucer, and they were being found all over the place, and the dangers amazed him.

The extraterrestrial saucer was becoming less glamorous and more and more of a problem!

What astonished him now was when all of the shuttles had landed above, and the scientists had arrived there that they had told them that the gunfire in the snowstorm was a flying robotic device, similar to a scarecrow, which had detected them, but its senses had been hindered by the snowstorm, and the explosions were energy blasts, and not gunfire, which it was using to scare them away with, and perhaps put there by the extraterrestrials that had built the tunnel down, and transporter device.

Though there was a slight extraterrestrial signal coming from the robotic device, and other devices found surrounding the area, surely warning of the dangers there, they had discovered the extraterrestrial DP2 signal they traced to the world and site was coming from the flying saucer itself, and had surely been blasting out through the depths of space for millions of years, and they were sure it was a warning message to stay away from the world.

They were sure whatever the extraterrestrial killer was it had originated on the original world, and it had been the only life form to survive, and they believed the DP2 world entered a further out orbit, and when the flying saucer landed it found the remains of the world under the ice and discovered what was there, and they had been killed, and buried away beneath the ice.


Chapter 8


DP2 Evacuation


Ripley stood silently at the remains of the body of the German engineer in the dim light in the Starship S1 storage chamber, buried deep below the floors, in a region of the starship he had never seen, in emptiest remotest region, at the bottom of the starship, and he breathed silently into the coldness there, and examined what had happened to the body, and covered it over with a white sheet, put there by the scientists that found him.

Slightly shaking as he attempted to realize what had gone wrong, and what they were being confronted with, and again realizing at least one of the DP2 extraterrestrials had got aboard.

He was staggered and could not grasp what would happen!

After all their troubles and procedures taken, avoiding the extraterrestrials getting aboard, one had actually done it and he realized he might not make it back after all, and he realized again that it had actually happened before they had landed on the world, and the engineer had been attacked and killed when they were going into orbit, and the scientists believed the DP2 extraterrestrial had used the technology of the flying saucer to detect the starship up in orbit.

What they never got was how it had made it there, and entered the starship’s defenses.

He realized the scientists had known the dangers when they arrived at the flying saucer, from scientists that had come down in other shuttles from the starship, from when it had been found.

It was incredible that they had actually managed to escape from the DP2 world at all, as the life form pods he discovered, and they found in chambers all about the saucer, began coming to life, from their form of suspended animation, or revivable dead state, and they got out fast, and got into space in the shuttles before they were restored to their normal state of existence.

They could not believe the power and intelligence the things had, from the information they got from the saucer, and could even survive off rock if they had to, and that they were actually originally a highly advanced life form that was capable of altering itself into other highly advanced life form formations, many of which it had taken from the extraterrestrials it had encountered, and surely to survive the hideous environment of the world, and many of the scientists believed it had become or could be one of the deadliest menaces, and the extraterrestrials that visited it and left the tunnel down had left it and had been unable to destroy it.

Long dark shadows in the badly lighted storage chamber viciously grasped his imagination and he shifted about looking for anything behind metal crates, where the scientific equipment was stored, and realized what such a life form could do there, and he tried to figure out how it had killed the German engineer, and stopped when he realized the scientists had been unable to find it.

The mission to the scientists was now insane and none of them knew what they were up against and would happen, and if they were up against things of their worst nightmares, capable of destroying them, and the entire Earth, and could not believe they were already dealing with an ultimate deadly life form.

Ripley tried to explain the horrors he encountered, and that it could have emerged from the planet, and why they might not emerge in the future, and the DP1 and DP2 worlds they had visited, and he could not grasp how DP2 life form entered space, got through the starship’s highly advanced surveillance technology and defenses, and its almost impenetrable shell.

The deadly extraterrestrial DP2 world below was hideous, and its hideous environment made it almost uninhabitable, and the extraterrestrials had been deadly beyond anything they had encountered as they had frantically fought to survive there, and he shifted out of the darkness in the storage chamber into a lighted region, revealing his pale complexion and shaken appearance.


Chapter 9


DP2 Life Form


The DP2 life form altered its composition as it successfully examined the confines of the Starship S1, deep into its interior, as its shape glowed from powerful bright explosions of energy blasting through it, and viciously examined the creatures aboard and its fight for survival.

For the first time in many thousands of years it felt obliteration, and it constantly altered its formation, and absorbed more energy from sources around the starship, while stopping itself being detected, and destroyed by the colossal forces.

It thought of its hideous destruction and wished its species would survive and leave the world, where total death had consistently haunted it, and it could barely remember what it had originally been like, and their eternal fight to survive and had gone on through thousands and thousands of years, and their dormant state was death, and their way of reviving themselves, and returning to life, and their supernatural forces.

Its mass of energy formed into a ball of energy, which it had used to travel through space and enter the space vehicle, where it destroyed one of the creatures, after analyzing its composition, and recording everything it could about it, and swiftly shot forward to an unguarded source of energy, and consumed more energy forces, and left, and in an abandoned region of the starship entered a ventilation shaft, to an unknown hidden place, where it formed into an early creature of the DP2 world.

Where part of it began examining everything it had found and what the creatures were, and it grasped the opportunity to discover ways of obliterating the species out of existence once it could, with all it could muster and to form itself into a new species, and colonize their world, with others like it.

Its world was unrecognizable and it was staggered by its differences to what it had once been and what could exist in such an environment where life had once flourished everywhere, where energy was available in vast amounts, and it monitored areas of itself where it had been damaged in its fight to survive and it examined repairs to itself and it considered how the occurrence could possibly end, and it felt some satisfaction from the completion of repairing a major region of damage.

It eventually was able to alter to an extraterrestrial humanoid formation, with intentions of forming into a human someday, which it intended to alter to on its arrival to the creature’s world, and it gained new powers, from the vast energy supply it gained, and it managed to adapt back to its normal formation, adapted to the surrounding environment, and as it shifted about its long black shadows of its creature formation shifted about like a transparent ghost monster lurking around, and it momentary stopped astounded as it realized what it was to the creatures aboard the starship and that it had been trapped on a desolate region of a strange universe, and it began to contemplate the real dangers to its survival and eternal life and it began to contemplate how far it would have to go to for it to survive, and far further than it had ever gone before, and it might have to destroy all the creatures aboard the starship.

Its recalled ancient memories of its species and it returned to another of its ancient original states, and swiftly altered its formation and appearance, realizing it must recall something ancient, and something from the depths of time it needed to know, and it realized how ancient it was, and how altered it now was, and a crazy version, but far more advanced, and it believed it had a beginning source, but could grasp what it had been!

In its original state it tried to discover the answer to what it should do and it shifted through all the information it had collected and suddenly realized the creatures had been contacted by an unknown form of communication from its world, from the strange unknown species of the flying saucer, and it considered if it could make contact with them on behalf of the species.

It was too deadly, and it was trapped out on the strange celestial object with unknown new life forms and it realized it had to fight to survive further than it had ever done before and it wondered if it could, and it realized it could be detected on their world and it would have to fight to survive.

Its hideous monster shape altered and it took a new formation, and examined objects through the starship hull, and it stopped to examine its sun, and its size and power now astounded it and it realized the starship had moved location, and had left the orbit of its world, and that it might not ever see its world again, and the sun reminded it of what it had once been when its species had survived on the surface of the world, before the snow and ice had emerged and the sun shrunk in size.

It had never seen anything like it and it could not explain its feelings and its existence and it struggled to explain how it functioned and its strangeness grasped its imagination, and it realized that it had died with the rest of its race, but unlike other species it had been revived by something supernatural.


Chapter 10


DP2 Departure


The DP1 extraterrestrial carried out alterations to its composition as the DP2 sun vanished through a Starship S1 window, and it completely altering its human host it had inhabited further to not showing anything of its presence, and it was positive it was entirely undetectable, and it could stop the host from knowing anything of its existence, as well as if it was detected by it, as it could swiftly alter its mind and memory.

The ice world had been astonishing and had left it staggered, even compared to its own world, and it had entirely hidden itself from detection while on the surface, and it had only tried to detect what was there and what the signal was from, and any dangers that would confront its human host.

For the first time in countless centuries it had proper energy supplies, which it had many thousands of years ago, as it used massive amounts of energy from the starship, keeping itself in what seemed like a hyper existence at times, and had even repaired aged and decomposed regions of itself, and to a degree of individual atoms.

It had been staggered by the DP2 extraterrestrial encounter, which had left it confused as it had no recall of the extraterrestrials and their true powers, which seemed colossal and created to survive the hideous environment of the DP2 world, and it had realized many things about itself and that it had been different at one point and what it had altered into and something far different, which it still continuously tried to grasp.

Surely its fight for survival would be over when they reached a proper habitable world, and it considered if it should go to the Earth instead, as there were great dangers, and that it could be caught, or it could be caught in the future if their technology advanced far enough.

There was also the DP2 extraterrestrial aboard the starship and the danger from it, and its destruction of the starship, and that it might detect it, and they might detect it discovering it.

The starship computers had vast amounts of information, and the most interesting could be stuff found on the DP1 starship, which it wanted to search through to find any account of itself, and the DP1 starship astonished it.

For a moment it stopped, astounded by something, and sensed something and their departure from the world, and it realized it had detected the DP2 extraterrestrial that got aboard and that it was somewhere strange, at the bottom of the starship, and realized how dangerous it was.


Chapter 11


DP3 World


Ripley sat back into his seat glaring out the shuttle window wondering what was happening now.

The planetary cartographer shuttles were automatically carrying out their new highly advanced programming and new functions shifting over a region of the DP3 world.

The world was like a dream world, and he realized some of the scientists might be even considering living on the world, to carry out research, and even as a sort of colony world, until they returned and got them, and he even felt ecstatic and safe on the unknown desolate world, away from Starship S1 and the DP2 extraterrestrial, as the starship was deadly beyond his wildest dreams and the DP2 extraterrestrial was virtually everywhere in his imagination, as the sightings and hideous deaths it had carried out were emerging everywhere, and there was not a place aboard it had not emerged, and senior officers had been killed hideously, and their plans to kill it, as well as defend themselves from it, were virtually ruined.

It was virtually undetectable, and they could not return to the Earth with it, as it would destroy everything, and surely replicate itself, as they had seen in the flying saucer, and he thought they had given and were still giving the Earth information of it and the situation, it was being kept classified and he was sure that they could destroy the whole starship and it in deep space, as far away from the Earth if the situation got out of control, and deadly.

There were even sightings emerging where there clearly had been no encounters, with members of the crew trying to persuade them to destroy it and carry out some last deadly action against it.

The world surprised him and the rest of the crew, including in the other shuttles, was that they had actually put them on a world with an Earth environment, and he realized their mission and search of deep space could be different and even change in the future to something else, as they were sure they were searching for normal Earth worlds, and civilizations, and it now looked like they were searching for advanced ones, which was staggering, but again he realized it was for extraterrestrial civilizations.

The darkening blue sky was ecstatic after being in space and confined for so long and he watched the Earth type sun going below the horizon and its last rays beam across a stretch of golden sand, and he watched forms of fish swimming frantically through lakes of blue water.

What had also surprised the officers who had chosen the world was signs of an ancient civilization had been detected, and their shuttle itself had detected buried away underground structures, but so far no signs of the builders were detected, and any major surface structures, but he was sure there would be, unless they had returned back to living in their natural environment, but the race might have vanished out of existence.

The sun vanished deep below the horizon as they accelerated at hundreds of miles an hour, mapping and analyzing everything that it could detect, searching for anything of interest and different, and abnormalities, with the other shuttles at equal distances apart, with the starship monitoring everything from above, and he wondered if they could get the DP2 extraterrestrial down on the world and leave it there.

There must be a way to communicate with it, as it was highly advanced, and persuade it that the world was better than their world, and the starship, and it would be eventually annihilated by them if it meant destroying the starship.

Everywhere around the shuttle a mass of strange snowflakes appeared, and snow appeared on the ground, and a strange blizzard engulfed them, and deep snow over the ground, and though with all their technology the surrounding world seemed more dangerous everywhere, and Ripley realized that many aspects of the voyage were worse than the DP1 world mission, which still astounded him.

The shuttles all basically had the same crew as on the DP1 world, including the DP1 investigation scientists Colman and Gates aboard, and military members Rickman and Carter, and other scientists at the back of the shuttle behind him were trying to identify where they were, and with their new equipment, while testing it out.

It surprised him that the region they entered was so close to where they had been, where it had a warm region, and the area they were moving into was not only deep in snow but genuinely was a cold region, with a cold environment and vegetation, and they tried to discover why from higher satellite images they got.

Cold winds wildly blew about them and below and he wondered if there was a flaw in the world, and wondered if it was its rotation or orbit, or something was affecting it somewhere else, and he knew the scientists aboard the starship would be examining everything, and for causes.

What also surprised him was how the last world had made him cringe in his seat when the shuttle had shot through the endless snowstorm and had not actually been dangerous and now it was as the wind speeds were accelerating beyond anything they had encountered, and were far more powerful above, and they even had to lower the height, and it became so bad that they were slowly being lowered down more and more to the ground, and he started to sense something was going on, and that the flight could be doomed, and it felt as though something wanted them to land.


Chapter 12


Haunted World


Ripley was thunderstruck at what they had done and that they had gone from misfortune to catastrophe, and not only had they landed on the world, and lost all communications with the starship and other shuttles, and end up in such an environment, they were lost on the world, when they should have remained aboard the shuttle until the climate altered and allowed them to take off, or the communications return.

Ripley with Dan, Colman, and Rickman had left the shuttle to investigate an artificial structure near their location and had soon become lost when the blizzard increased, and blinding snow and tree formations of a dense extraterrestrial form of forest had made them lose their way, but the structure became visible and they had continued towards it.

He could not grasp if it was the strange dark wood formation, altered trees and landscape, freezing in deep snow, or the world they were on that was so strange, or something else on the world that was different.

The place confused him and his senses and he started to realize that just about anything could occur, and in the depths of space, and as he led the three members of the crew on he started to spot strange dark figures behind trees, examining them, and a mysterious distant light, which at first he had thought was a large star of the world.

Occasionally he heard distant things being violently smashed, but saw powerful wind surges blasting through the wood and that tree formations had been torn down by it, and many recently.

What staggered him the most was why they had left the shuttle, and not obeyed the rules, and that they never knew how to return, and as they rushed on, they held their belief that they would be saved by something and that there would be an eventual conclusion to the journey, but the snow grew thicker and shrouded everything everywhere, creating a deadly mind-bending landscape, and powerful winds even threw them over into the snow.

The sounds of life forms and other strange things in the roar of the winds through his spacesuit helmet mystified him and at times they came screaming out of the dark endless alien wood with such fury that they stopped staggered, trying to contemplate what they were dealing with, and at times sounded like they were coming out the ground, and that there were shafts in the ground.


Chapter 13


Haunted House


For no reason Ripley began to believe supernatural regions existed in the universe, and that they had entered something, and he was surprised that the others mentioned it, which left him confused as he did not know what it was, and he was not religious, and he tried to grasp how dangerous it was.

If it did exist how did it affect the other events that had occurred, and events in his life? Yet he could not grasp anything, and considered why it would only be there, and that there had to be something buried away there, which was not anywhere else.

He considered all the things he had heard of magic and black magic and other stuff trying to grasp what it was doing there. He was sure that they had discovered more than they realized and that it could prove the existence magical energies and occurrences in the universe, and he analyzed everything in a far greater degree, searching for answers.

Within the mind-bending landscape, at the side of his vision, through his spacesuit helmet, a colossal light emerged and beamed out beams of light through strange heaps of snow, where there were signs of strange undergrowth below, and it pulsated like a deadly living thing, magically illuminating everywhere and he stopped with the others, and wondered why supernatural powers were deadly and evil trying to grasp what it was and would happen, and it seemed to silence them and all the noises and life forms sounds surrounding them to their surprise.

Yet the light allowed them to see the structure buried away in the thick alien vegetation, and he realized that it could be an alien form of house, hidden deep in the landscape and wood, and they examined it astounded at its real colossal size and how it could be built in such a place, and he wondered why it was hidden away and how deadly the world was.

When they got to the front of the large stone structure the dangers of it collapsing became clear, as it was made of blocks of stone and thick vegetation without any cement or anything holding it together, other than gravity, and most of it was leaning over to its side, where some of it had crumbled away and collapsed over the ground.

When the light in the trees shifted the whole structure lit up and radiated throughout the whole region, through a mass of strange vegetation and foliage formations, and its colossal powers staggered them, and they examined the colossal size of the light and saw it was some form of life form, and tried to see what it was and was doing, and it eventually shifted away through a thin fog and slowly vanished into the distance and snow covered objects.


Chapter 14




On entering the building, through a thin tunnel gap between two boulders, going through the solid outer wall, he saw a dim veil of mist ahead but ignored it and led them in and into a room, where he stood examining the roof, made of some form of vegetation woven into a thick solid block.

Once in they settled down and Dan began trying to make contact with the shuttle and the starship, but was unsuccessful, and Ripley wondered what the hell could block the signal.

It was agreed that they should remain there until the outer storm or snow stopped falling and check out what was there, and Ripley began taking filming, with his spacesuit camera, what was there and recording a message of what they had encountered on the world, and programmed his spacesuit to transmit it if a gap in the storm appeared and if it detected the signal could be transmitted, and he began a detailed investigation of the structure, determined to continue with their mission.

Colman, the scientist, continued taking samples of everything he found, and also filming and documenting things of interest and were new.

Ripley could not believe the structure was so large and made of the materials it was, and regularly examined the roof could support their weight, if they climbed up forms of steps going high up above, where he was sure there were many floors, going well over the outer vegetation, and he decided they should move up there, and wondered briefly if there was anything still living there, but he was sure there would be signs of it.

Somewhere above he thought he heard something, and while examining further along at the side of structure they heard powerful movements of something rapidly moving, and for a second Ripley thought he saw a faint ghost shape where there was deep blackness over at their side, and he saw there was a gap in the wall where the blackness was and he rushed over to it and saw that it entered a form of corridor going through the structure, and that there were other rooms going along it, and he thought he saw a black shape floating through the darkness.

It felt like he was on the edge of reality, on the bounds of something, which he could not grasp.

Outside he heard the hideous storm now raging, and howls of something through winds, and he tried to grasp how deadly it was, and he was sure it only seemed deadlier.

An explosion sound came from something high above them, and he wondered what could explode, and they decided to investigate it, and they climbed up the form of steps there, going up the building, and as they climbed up he realized that something had to be there, buried away above, and saw that the others were getting ready to confront it.


Chapter 15


Extraterrestrial Tower


At the top, after passing many floors with different types of corridors with different types of rooms, it turned into a tower, and Ripley stopped suddenly, tired and startled by something, and he felt a vibration through the wall of the tower, and as he moved close to it with his ear to it he heard something whirling somewhere, clearly from somewhere overhead.

Ripley sat and hid at the edge of the entrance to a room he found at the top, while the others rested just below him, staring upwards, examining what they saw and heard.

He stayed for a long time staring into the dimness unable to recognize anything he could see, and gasped for a few seconds when he thought he was being watched by something in an area of darkness at the side, and kept examining the central region where he felt and heard deep swift vibrations, which he was sure was some form of early electrical device, and he considered putting on his light, but the problem was he could not see what was there and going by the deadliness of the place and what he had seen he remained there, where he could swiftly withdraw and move down, and defend himself.

Eventually he saw shapes and objects, and he remained trying to identify them, and an energy formation emerged and brightened and he watched it float over the floor, and he recognized it was in an energy bubble, rotating swiftly over the floor of the room, and he felt the vibrations from it increasing and he sensed it had enormous power, and he tried to find the source and how it could be created.

In the energy sphere he spotted a formation, which he was sure was not there before, or had not been visible, and he studied it and was sure it was a humanoid, and he started thinking of how he could make contact, and decided he could treat it like a form of intelligent animal, or perhaps someone with another language.

Its shape looked like an intelligent being, and even human, and he filmed it through his spacesuit camera, and checked if the starship was capable of receiving messages, but found it could not.

He studied its formations and colors trying to put meanings to them, and studied its shapes and watched the others on the stairs watch the images he was filming in their spacesuits, and considered moving down to check what they thought of it, and he sat watching it glow brightly, with beams of light.

When was sure something was going to happen, and a conclusion occur, he spotted a skeleton formation and that it was only a few feet high, and it stare outwards, and flashes of light appear, and it disappear, and the whole formation seemed to vanish, as though it had seen him and had vanished to where it was, and in the blackness left there he sat considering if it was a form of teleportation, and if he could get the technology behind it, and the value it would have.


Chapter 16


DP3 Artifact


An inaudible whisper came from the dark confines, from something, which Ripley thought was trying to communicate, and he studied it trying grasp it and where he believed it was coming from and would be, and never saw anything and wondered what it was, and when he turned his light on illuminating the room he thought he saw its red glowing eyes appear and vanish.

Colman moved up the stairs first, followed by Dan and Rickman, as he stayed silently studying the room, and where the energy had been, searching for anything to explain what the hell he had witnessed, and as the others arrived near him he shifted into the room, listening to them silently conferring, trying to explain what had been there, but never really explained anything.

“But there has to be a source that created it?” Colman asked, studying his reactions, watching him shrug his shoulders.

“There should be somewhere!” Ripley replied.

“But how dangerous do you consider the extraterrestrials …?” Colman asked firmly, searching everywhere, and started searching in types of container boxes about the edge of the room.

“They do not look that advanced!” Rickman continued, searching through everything he came to, and discarding everything as rubbish.

“It could be of two states!” Ripley added, still searching the floor region, where the energy sphere had been. “It could be of an early state and a later advanced state!”

They nodded, seeing his point, and that it could have an advanced technology.

Ripley played back the recording he took and stood trying to identify the altering energy formations and what could create it and shapes in it.

“Was it trapped in that energy field?” Rickman asked, watching the recording, and Ripley for a few seconds considered if it could be a type of ghost, considering the region they were in and what they had witnessed there already, and mention of supernatural occurrences, and eventually shrugged showing he never knew.

“Why? How did it get trapped?” Colman asked curiously.

Ripley picked up a pole and started jabbing it into the roof material overhead, proving there was nothing there, and began ripping out the material from the floor, directly below where the energy sphere had been, still convinced that there was something that directly put it there.

“How do you reckon it was activated?” Dan asked.

“It had to have detected our presence here …” he replied.

“That bang sound we heard up here could have been activated by it!” Rickman continued, searching the material Ripley was ripping out and throwing out across the floor.

Ripley knew they were disorientated by the new world, and the last world, and all the occurrences they had encountered, and knew they would be left confused by most of the occurrences but he wanted to grasp the technology as it could be valuable, and he could even make the visit to the DP3 profitable.

“We could put a team of experienced scientists down here as soon as we get back aboard Starship S1!” Colman replied, watching Ripley at work on the floor, ripping everything he could out of the compact mass of materials woven into the floor, and he occasionally tested it to see it was still safe, and occasionally tried to imagine what had created it.

“We can bring down equipment to detect it or check it out!” he eventually replied, wondering if they had something.

Ripley finished his search once he had proven there was nothing there, and started to consider the being he had seen in the energy bubble and the size of it and realized what he was looking for might be smaller, even though the building itself was large it had things like entrances smaller, and in the mess of pieces he had removed from the floor he spotted something, and reached out and grabbed it.

At first it looked like nothing and just a tool to build the floor, but after examinations he found marks on it that were symbols and realized the object was far more advanced and made of some form of unknown material, and in the end shoved it into a pocket of his spacesuit and continued searching the room with the others, and he moved around the room examining the room from different perspectives, seeking a long awaited clue.

On a wall faint drawings were sketched, which surprised them as there was a chart of nearby stars, and they found ancient food remains in places, and there were ancient marks with drawings of creatures and symbols beside them, and one with a diagram of a form of telescope, and he looked out a window gap and found and saw the world below and all the tree type formations covered in deep snow and gasped at the depth of it and wondered if they could get trapped there.

He examined the horizon and realized that it was also a watchtower, and perhaps for other uses, including scientific work, even though he never found any equipment.

When they turned all their spacesuit lights up and on full intensity Ripley spotted a very faint diagram of something marked on the center of the floor, over the point the energy bubble had been generated, and they found symbols around it, in accurate measured distances, and all carefully placed, and Ripley knew it had to be something of importance and filmed it as well as he could from as many angles as he could.

While he tried to grasp everything that he could, and filmed as much as he could, he spotted it appear brighter and faint energy trails whirl around it, and them accelerate, and sparks of colored light emerge going through the fringes, and saw thousands of miniature transparent star lights emerging around them, going around the room.

Ripley shifted over to where Colman, Dan, and Rickman went, and as light and energy blasted out of the central region of the room they rushed out the entrance and filmed the occurrence and the whole of the middle region exploding with light and altering objects, creating intense blinding light, as energy blasted out, leaving them staggered trying to grasp what was there, and what was going to happen, and Ripley thought he saw the small being he had seen before faintly emerge and vanish in an energy sphere at the center.

The air from it blasted out against their faces, and Ripley heard silent, almost inaudible, chants from the central region where the being in the energy bubble had been.


Chapter 17


DP3 Mission Completion


The size and depths of Starship S1 were incredible, and left Ripley staggered at the problem they had finding the DP2 extraterrestrial, and he spent most of the day wandering around all the main regions, and concentrated on the desolate regions, where it surely had to be lurking, as he could not imagine such an alien remaining near inhabited regions without doing something or being detected.

At times he thought he and they were not finding it because they never properly wanted to, as when in regions it could be they started hesitating over it as they were sure they could not kill it, and he was really trying to find it, and locate the regions it inhabited, and he mainly tried to find it at a distance in regions like the storage chamber where the German engineer was found dead, and chambers like it was inhabiting in the flying saucer.

Yet after many searches and talks with the others over all the searches now done he realized it could remain hidden, and hidden far better than anything on the Earth, with its advanced technology and ways of doing things, and was a silent creature of the night that could hide itself away in the most out of the way and unreachable regions.

In the end he just tried to detect signs of it having been in places and he was sure it would eventually leave remains of something behind without noticing it, and started searching for anything like footprints it might leave, and checked where the German engineer had been killed for anything and was surprised to find nothing, and was left more confused than he had been when he started.

When they got ready to leave the DP3 world he realized they had better leave it until it made a reappearance and did something, and he realized many of the crew thought it had left the starship, and had gone to the DP3 world.

Ripley was astounded at the thought of being trapped at such an extraterrestrial place, and they luckily had eventually been able to make contact with the starship and shuttle and had also managed to get through the vast heaps of snow to the shuttle, and had completed their mission mapping their region.

What was also astounding was a large amount of the shuttles had landed and had glimpsed the beings on the DP3 world, which they never located, and there had only been sightings of the small beings, in strange dark places, and most were believed to have a supernatural presence.


Chapter 18


Deep Space Encounter


Endless blackness engulfed Ripley, while he slept, and something emerged across his front, and he came to, in a state of disarray, studying light formations, and felt as though he had entered somewhere strange, but he never knew what or why, and he had vague recollections of falling asleep in his bed, and he suddenly saw he was floating through space.

He felt as though he had fallen through something and he tried to grasp the concept, and he saw the lights surround him.

He had an eerie sensation he had encountered it before or had seen the occurrence, and he tried to recall it, and eventually recalled it, and that he had seen a vision of it, and of an astronaut that shot out of the stars, when he had crashed on the DP1 world, and he realized the astronaut had actually been him, and he wondered why, and he wondered where he was, as the starship was no longer there, and he watched the strange intelligent lights, and realized that something was not right, and he sensed a weird presence, somewhere, which he had never encountered before, from somewhere else.

In stages he became more aware and tried to grasp if he was floating out in deep space, outside the starship, and he was staggered at how real it was, and he watched a larger bright light floating through the darkness to him, and he wondered if it was telepathically induced or he had been teleported into some unknown region of deep space.

For a moment he shuddered and thought something like an explosion had occurred and he searched around, into the darkness for wreckage, and wondered what had happened, and in the distance he spotted other members of the crew floating through the darkness, and them surrounded by lights, which were now making them visible, and he wondered what they were.

Suddenly a faint shape started emerging around him, and then the region around him, and he relaxed ecstatically as he saw the Starship S1 appear about him, and his room emerge.

For a long time he lay staring at the roof, breathing slowly, feeling the warm bed, and his proper presence, and wondered what the hell happened, and rested stunned, and for a moment wondered if he had actually been dead, and he eventually looked over at a monitor and realized the DP3 world had vanished and outside the starship there was nothing but deep empty blackness, going off into infinity.


Chapter 19


Hyperdrive Engine


Ripley stood staring, in front of Starship S1 bridge’s gigantic front window, at the outer emptiness engulfing them, contemplating what had happened, and all the scientists about him were left, at the front of the bridge, trying to identify where they were.

At the back, near the bridge doorway, crew members anxiously explained to Captain Corbett, the head of Starship S1, and Colonel Adams, head of the military, detailed accounts of what had occurred, and they were all left staggered when they finished.

Corbett and Adams had little to say and swiftly left, and Ripley went over everything he had heard trying to grasp what had actually happened, and gathered that when they had activated the DP1 hyperdrive at the DP3 world, to return to the DP1 world, while he had been asleep, the bridge crew saw everything instantaneously vanish, and they were left wondering what the hell happened when they emerged there.

Ripley sat next to Dan near the pilot seats, close to the colossal bridge window, in front of the others, studying what was outside, and Ripley confirmed again that it was identical to what he woke up in, and he tried to grasp what happened, and what the white lights had been, and realized that the other crew members were keeping quiet on what they had witnessed there.

A member of the crew behind him loudly announced the captain had ordered a meeting in the meeting room.

The situation was absurd and absolutely crazy, and the outer sky now left them all even more staggered, and the more it was studied, and what could happen, and that the normal universe had vanished, and he was sure it was just some form of warp in space or similar, instead of hyperspace.

In the end scientists turned the bridge lights off and stood around the window, with Ripley and Dan, to see only outside, and he watched Dan, and a starship pilot, staring out the window at the surrounding depths of black space, and they shifted the starship around, examining the entire region around them.

It was so strange, empty, but it somehow looked stranger than it should, and constantly tried to grasp why.

The universe all about the starship was an empty stretch of blackness, with nothing, going out into infinity everywhere, and they used instruments to try to detect space dust and rocks, and talked of the equipment they were sending out to check it further.

All equipment around them automatically carried out their programming and functions, and some was still trying to map the region, and analyze anything detectable, while searching for anything of interest, and any abnormalities.


Chapter 20


Black Hole


Ripley started searching the starship, on routine strolls, engrossed in thoughts of the voyage, and catastrophes, and entered places that they never normally entered, and storage chambers, while he still searched for signs of the DP2 extraterrestrial, even though the rest of the starship believed it had left, and was on the DP3 world.

On a screen on a device he carried he occasionally studied the outer blackness for anything, and any alterations, and considered how long they could survive there and how long their oxygen would last.

None of the examinations of there showed anything, and they were lost in nothing.

Yet the meeting held by Corbett, with many of the leading scientists, had revealed that they believed that the starship had not in fact entered hyperspace and had entered somewhere else, and perhaps another dimension, or some unknown region of space.

What was incredible was an immensely slowed down recording of their entrance to it showed something before their entrance to it, which was enhanced and brightened, and what looked like a glimpse of what looked like a strange black galaxy, and he studied its formation of swirls around it, and it and it looked like a perfect black circle at the center.

Yet as he studied it more and used all the information he had of space he started to believe it had been a black hole, and that they had darted straight into some form of black hole.

He was sure many of the scientists believed it was, but never had enough evidence of it.

Though little had been found a team of investigators that they had carefully chosen were also working on the problem and accumulating all the information they could find on it, and things like hyperspace, and from all the colossal amounts of information found on the DP1 world that they had accumulated.

They gradually grew more interested in DP1 world information, because they had invented the technology and had used the hyperspace starships far more, and properly tested them out.

All the investigators from the Earth got vast amounts of information, left for them, and from the buried away cities, and the remains of the technology, and the source of the DP1 signal was examined in the DP1 starship and it was basically a message to the Earth DP1 humans, for them to discover, giving the coordinates of where the DP1 starships went.

The coordinates of where the DP1 starships had gone were repeatedly checked by the world’s most advanced people and technology and the technology to decipher it and other findings was developed at an inconceivable rate, and they examined the extraterrestrial star maps and records, and searched far deeper into the depths of space with the DP1 starship technology.

Their hyperdrive, and exploration of stars and worlds, had to be created and NASA consequently developed the starship hyperdrive engine, which led to hyperdrive Starship S1.

The starship and crew were advanced far further than thought possible, with new forms of engineers, technicians, scientists, specialists in countless fields, and some to test and develop the starship hyperdrive.

Although all of their tests showed the hyperdrive engine worked perfectly, and left normal space and could return short distances away, nothing had so far showed it could travel safely over large distances, and at the speed they wanted, and have calculated reentries into the universe, and properly detect objects in its reentry path.

Ripley believed that they could, and tried to solve the problems involved, as he stopped and stared out a porthole at the unbelievable extraterrestrial sky outside, and realized that they had not properly checked the hyperdrive starship, and were still testing it, and they had forgotten the fact, and that their leap through space had been far further than ever before, and he believed they might not have been checking for obstacles in its path, and had perhaps entered a black hole by accident.

Yet their checks for damage to the starship had shown no damage had been done and all they needed to do was find a way out of its confines, or to make another voyage back out, and use the hyperdrive to get out, and was sure they would eventually make an attempt at it, even though he was sure they currently had no proper coordinates or anything for the voyage.

In a dim chamber, as he shifted, looking over at another porthole, he saw something, like a shadow shift, or a strange darkness at the edge of his vision, and he looked directly there, and gasped, and backed away, as he saw something unlike anything he had seen before, and shifted position, and saw a hideous dark blood red devilish shape in the darkness it was in and he slowly shifted further away, and as he got away shifted faster away, and when he looked back realized it had vanished.

Even with everything he knew of the DP2 extraterrestrial he amazingly did not know what it looked like and could not draw what he had seen! Was it the DP2 extraterrestrial or another parasite they had picked up?

As he crept away he examined what he had seen and realized he had seen little and even wondered if he imagined it, and knew if he had to identify it he could not, and he wondered if it could even have been the DP1 extraterrestrial instead, which could have been hidden aboard, and even something from DP3 or something that lived in the depths of space, and he realized the situation they were in and the dangers.

He even considered if it was possible to make contact with such a thing, as if it was intelligent and a highly advanced species it surely might make some form of deal with them, as it must know its on its own and trapped out in the depths of space with a highly advanced species.

They after all had entered space to trace extraterrestrial signals and make contact with highly advanced civilizations and life forms, and he wondered why it was so different, and if it was actually an earlier form of the life form, or it had returned to its original savage state.

In the end he realized that they should treat it as the DP2 extraterrestrial all the original evidence indicted, and he recalled what had been found out about the DP2 extraterrestrial, and he considered how it was keeping itself alive, and in existence, and he wondered again how they could communicate with advanced versions of such extraterrestrials, with advanced civilizations.


Chapter 21


Starship Computer


Outside the Starship S1 bridge window, where Ripley stood feet away, with his entire vision covered in its blackness, and he studied everywhere he could see try to see anything, and if the occurrences the scientists had told him existed.

Ripley stood contemplating what had happened, and he and the scientists with him were left trying to identify what they were now up against and what had happened.

Ripley eventually marched out, seeing the odds of him surviving the trip were decreasing more rapidly, and he recalled he had a dream of the extraterrestrial he had discovered attacking and killing them all, and he was left confused as what to do, as if he announced it was still there and the location, and virtual undetectable, there would be dangers of many things occurring, and he decided to leave it, as he knew the dangers would be increased by them hunting it down, and he was sure it was avoiding doing anything to remain hidden.

Ripley marched down a corridor and into a small empty room, hidden away, near the bridge, where the main computer of the starship could be communicated with directly, where he had rarely entered, and where he wished to check what was happening, as its communication thought processes were close to being human, and designed for them to understand, and for them to carry out various objectives, and basically get detailed and explained information when they needed it.

He sat down inside and examined the computer surrounding him, and gasped and recalled why they rarely visited it, as it was powerful and dangerous and it made them feel like it could do things against them, and they might even activate something, or cause it to carry out some dangerous act, even though he was really sure it could not do anything anywhere dangerous against them, and yet he was sure it had information hidden away that he should know.

“There are assumptions we are shrinking …” Ripley asked it, trying to get the computer to give him the details straightaway.

“According to the data from the probe sent out,” the computer confirmed, “I received enough evidence to confirm the entire region is shrinking …”

“Is there anything else that proves this is occurring …?” he moaned, watching if areas of the computer about him altered.

“There have been large amounts of information gathered since the occurrence was originally detected, and from many other sources.”

“So the starship is definitely shrinking …?”

“Yes. Everything is shrinking at the same rate …”

“Going by how long we have been shrinking, how much have we shrank …?”

“We have been shrinking since we arrived in this section of space …”

Ripley wondered why it avoided giving the reply he asked for, and wondered why it was considered a section of space, and realized it probably was, and decided to ask it again.

“How much have we shrunk …?”

“The starship will soon be reduced to the size of an atom …” it replied, taking the tone of someone he attempted to identify.

He gasped realizing what would happen! He also fully realized how long ago they had known, and realized why and that the situation was dangerous and that they would be lucky to survive.

Yet he was confused and he did not feel smaller and he realized they could have been crushed all along, and wondered if it was the black hole crushing them, and the reason that the section of space they were in was so empty.

“What will happen to us?” he eventually asked.

“We are unable to deduce what will happen, from what we know, and all we can do is examine and study what is occurring around us.”

It was incredible was that they had been handling such an occurrence all along and had not even suggested it!

He recalled the captain and colonel and their desperate reactions, and what had happened, and he recalled the meeting they held and that they had actually not fully given what had happened at it and what had been entirely discussed.

The situation was absurd and absolutely crazy, and the outer sky had left the whole starship staggered, and he recalled all the reactions of the people that would have known.


Chapter 22




For a long time Ripley sat contemplating what would happen, while staring at his meal, with Dan sitting reading opposite him at the other side of a table, and he studied all the starship crew and their reactions, at their tables, about him.

He tried to recall something similar that could explain what was occurring, and he wondered if the life form he had found aboard had actually detected it and was reacting to it, as he was sure it had reacted differently than it should.

Suddenly, for no reason, members of the crew about him started reacting to something and he looked about and saw a vague cloud formation going through the whole starship, which he watched alter, and become clear, and he realized the cloud formation was a form of space with types of star formations everywhere, and he suddenly realized something important was occurring and he tried to grasp what, and he realized their size was smaller than the smallest element of the universe.

It was almost as if something was continuing with a pursuit of an unknown goal and he tried to grasp it, and wondered if they had entered another universe, and watched star formations expanding out, and miniature massive stars passing through him.

Suddenly it accelerated in an explosion of activity until all the formations vanished, and he sat with his mouth open and Dan sat staring at him, and Ripley realized their entire fate and everything would soon become apparent and rushed out the room and over into the bridge to see what was happening outside, and saw one of the most glorious sights he had ever seen, out the front window, and that the surrounding blackness had been replaced by magnificent celestial lights everywhere.

The scientists and crew were all excitedly studying it all everywhere trying to grasp what was there.

From them and others that entered he confirmed they had stopped shrinking, and believed that they were now at their normal size in the region they entered.

They were in a vast new universe and they were discovering new celestial objects and new phenomena everywhere, through the vast depths of the new universe, and he spotted a massive sphere of light floating through space he had never seen before, and one scientist found an energy sphere glowing around the starship.

Ripley wondered if the starship actually worked there and could propel itself across space, as the hyperdrive surely would not, as hyperspace would not exist!


Chapter 23


Deadliest Menace


Russian scientists shifted into the lower decks of the starship with their equipment, ready to check the region, for the extraterrestrial, and entered the darkness of a storage chamber, and they used the dim radiance of distant lights to locate where to go, buried away in the emptiest remotest region of the starship, and breathing heavily into the hideous cold environment attempted to discover what was there, and stopped and stood motionless, as long dark shadows viciously emerged across their front from behind metal crates.

Their mission was insane and they expected almost anything to occur now and they stood where they were silently, not knowing what they were up against, wondering if they could escape alive and what they were up against, and if it was something of their worst nightmares.

One started trying to move away realizing the horrors encountered on the DP2 world, and that it had to be something that had emerged from DP2, even though they insisted it had gone, and there was no longer any danger, and they barely believed anything could get through the starship’s surveillance and advanced technology and defenses, and that it was almost impenetrable in outer space.

One removed a small laser weapon and shifted in front, and they silently crept back, while examining everything they could see, trying to recall what they had heard of the deadly extraterrestrial, and its hideous environment on the DP2 world, almost totally uninhabitable.

Without warning a deafening hideous unearthly screech blared out and something frantically shot about behind the crates and leapt out, attacking and destroying them, as others behind them frantically struggled to escape.

Only one survived, by hiding away in a crate, breathing silently and heavily, listening to the monster creeping around and shifting over the remains of the scientists, scattered in pieces over the floor, as it removed what it needed from them, and silently vanished into the darkness.


Chapter 24


Extraterrestrial Search


Ripley examined the hideous remains the following day, when it was investigated by scientists investigating the massacre, and he left the region stunned by it and what the survivor told them.

Later he realized that they had decided to tell the whole crew of what was occurring and that the DP2 extraterrestrial had reemerged and had started destroying the crew.

Members of the military immediately started carrying out armed searches of the starship, ready to swiftly annihilate it with their best technology, and Ripley still wondered if it was the DP2 extraterrestrial, as what he had seen had not been what was on the DP2 world, even though he had not properly seen it, and it surely could alter itself, and he realized that they had underestimated how many types of deadly extraterrestrials there could be.

Little was found, and the only survivor never properly seen it, but members of the military heard a distant scream from something of alien origins.

Ripley wondered if it was living on the outside of the starship itself, even though the conditions there were deadlier than he could believe anything could survive in, but they accepted it had traveled through space to the starship, and could survive in the most deadliest conditions known, and had a dormant state where it was in the condition of being dead, which he had heard plants and insects do, and he eventually decided to discover where the screens monitoring the outside of the starship were, and found the starship computer monitored them.

Ripley rushed over to the computer room, when he heard it, where he sat studying the computer surrounding him, and why it was so active, and he wondered what was going on, and gasped at how powerful and dangerous it was, and realized he should not activate or alter anything, but realized that it might only have the look of it being hazardous, to look natural, but he saw that dangers could exist with thinking computers.

“We were unable to capture the extraterrestrial responsible for the deaths! What are your assumptions …?” Ripley asked, trying to get it to give him something.

“According to what’s accumulated,” the computer confirmed, “I have not received enough evidence …”

“Is there any way we can trace where it went?” he moaned, watching the computer for reactions.

“There is information gathered since the occurrence, and from some other sources.”

“So where shall we search on the starship …”

“The areas have been explored …”

“Going by the original information we received it is capable of surviving in space and outside the starship. What do you think?”

“I acknowledge that!”

Ripley wondered if it was avoiding giving him more or it was designed to just answer things in that way.

He realized he would have to ask it more precise questions.

“I was told you monitor all the outer cameras watching the starship, and its outer shell? Is this correct?”

“You are correct! But I have limited coverage, and many are covering large regions that are not fully visible …”

“But you would have spotted the DP2 extraterrestrial coming aboard when it did …”

“I never detected its arrival!”

“But do you have recordings from the cameras?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Has anyone else checked them since we entered the orbit of the DP2 world …”

“No. The last recorded check was on Earth.”

“Would you show me the views from the cameras, and then the recordings from around when it must have arrived!”

He gasped realizing it was reacting to his command, and for a moment spotted something that looked like someone else had also given it a command.

When he was instructed to go into a small room behind the computer he wondered why nobody had checked it, and realized that it might not have actually been monitoring anything of alien origins entering the starship, and he realized it could because it was new and with new technology, and it was basically being still checked out.


Chapter 25


S1 Surveillance


Out of nowhere Ripley heard a distant creature scream coming from somewhere below, perhaps in the lower decks, and sat staggered at its ultra eeriness, and checked how late it was, and that just about all the crew were asleep, accept the military guarding the inhabited regions.

Its presence made him alert and continue his work vigorously, searching the cameras and recordings of outside the starship, from the back of the starship computer room, and he occasionally checked the incredible outside new universe, and the strange celestial occurrences, all about space about them, and he watched what looked like a massive nova exploding out, and he was sure the new universe was an early form of the universe.

It was incredible to him that they had so few cameras and coverage of the outer starship and convinced the computer to install more, and he knew it would be done soon by miniature robots, and he wondered why the floors of the starship never had them, and had been surprised by its insistence that there should be none there, and had wasted his time questioning it trying to get an answer, but he was sure there was not enough and that outside warranted it, and they had enough on the top decks monitoring everything that needed to be monitored.

The lower decks were too massive to find it and discover where it went, and he knew it would be seen lurking in the darkness, without being properly seen.

Even though they had few cameras outside, the starship’s other outer defenses astonished him and he had not known such technology existed, and its detection and destruction of anything approaching it was fast and instantaneous, and it had a force field that could stop virtually anything (which the DP2 extraterrestrial could easily have entered a dozen times, especially when the shuttles left), and it could also destroy immense asteroids, and swiftly alter its course to avoid large objects, and he searched to discover if the life form could enter the outer shell of the starship, and repair the damage, as his searches found nothing.

He was sure there had to be somewhere it entered and he continued on into the starship’s night searching everywhere, and in the end asked the computer how it could do such a thing, and from the detailed accounts it gave him he realized it was capable of going through the outer shell without creating a hole, and he realized it could have made itself invisible.


Chapter 26


DP2 Monster Confrontation


While Ripley rushed out the computer room and returning to his quarters something at the end of the corridor stopped him, and he stood watching something shifting about, doing something.

Something was lurking in the black shadows there, where he sensed there was something strange, and he felt a vibration through the corridor floor, and heard something whirling through the air, clearly from somewhere nearby, and shifted into the edge of the entrance to a room confused, trying to examine the dim almost fully dark corridor.

For a while he just stared into the deep dimness unable to recognize anything, and gasped when he watched something shift along the edge of the darkness at the side of the corridor, and realized he would have to rush away, and reveal himself, as it would arrive there soon, yet in the central region of the corridor he felt and heard deep swift sounds, and for some reason knew it was not connected to what was coming along the corridor, and he tried to recall if there was some form of technology on the starship there creating it.

He watched the thing further along still not recognizing anything of its appearance, and what he could see, and determinedly tried to get a mental picture of it and gain an insight into what was there, and realized he was not even sure it was the DP2 life form, and tried to prove features of it matched the life form he had discovered at the bottom of the starship, and realized he could not identify anything, and was sure he could not give a proper description and he actually saw parts of it altering, and features altering to what it was doing, and he even wondered how it moved along, and could remain so dark.

He tried to grasp what it could be if it was not the DP2 life form, and he just saw something large over to his side shifting up the side of the corridor, and made sure he was not visible to it as it got closer, and he tried to grasp what form of vision it could have.

Its deadliness soon became clear, and he realized there surely was no way to make contact and communicate with it, and he realized what it had been like on the DP2 world and all the deaths there from it, to the extraterrestrials in the flying saucer, and he was staggered.

Eventually he saw it form proper shapes and gain some characteristics and its formation pass through objects in its path.

It approached from the side of the corridor, and he was sure it had to know he was there, but he could not fully grasp how, and why it had not rushed at him, and he considered if it had just been bad luck, and he froze and recalled the power and speed it had killed the scientists and he knew they would have to find technology to detect and destroy it.

He remained silently, breathing firmly, using the incredible piece of luck, and opportunity to identify it, and something aspect about it that could be detected.

To his surprise he watched something else emerge and brighten near him, and watched it float over the floor, and he suddenly recognized it to his surprise, and that it was in an energy bubble, rotating swiftly over the floor of the corridor, which he had seen in the tower on DP3 world, and he felt its power, and he tried to find the source and how it could be there.

In the energy sphere he spotted a formation, which he was sure was not there before, or had not been visible, and he studied it, and where he had seen the small extraterrestrial DP3 being, and he started thinking of how it had got there, and felt vibrations coming from his pocket, and found the DP3 artifact he had found under the floor, and he watched it glowing with energy, and watched lights on it, and realized it had created the energy sphere all along, and recalled putting it in his pocket that morning as he intended to see if the computer could identify it.

Suddenly he spotted the DP2 creature shifting along the corridor, ready to attack, and he waited for it to obliterate him, and he stood staggered, and watched the energy sphere stop it, and hold it firmly, stopping it escaping from its confines, and in it he watched what looked like the small DP3 being.

Ripley eventually shifted away, and saw light and energy blast out, and the energy sphere vanish, and he watched the DP2 life form shift swiftly away, in the opposite direction, and watched its shape alter to a new formation, and he put the DP3 artifact deep into his pocket, wondering what the hell it was and why it had such powers.


Chapter 27


Supernatural Artifact


Ripley examined the starship computer room and its technology with astonishment, wondering what else he had been missing, and he sat down, watching its reactions.

It was so active, and doing things, he sat wondering what would happen if the thing broke down, and realized the starship had many computers like it, which he was sure might be able to replace it.

Ripley felt the DP3 artifact in his pocket and recalled what he intended to do, and removed it and showed it to the computer and asked it what it was, and followed its instructions and put it in one of its compartments, and was surprised that it reacted to it, and he watched areas of it react and start investigating it.

He gasped, especially after the alien encounter in the corridor, and he began to realize it could be the only weapon or defense they had against the DP2 alien, which he was sure would lose its lurking around in the shadows soon, and start attacking them, and again wondered if it was something else.

How powerful and dangerous was the DP3 artifact? He did not know if he even wanted to activate or alter it, as he sensed it could do things against them that could be dangerous, and he wondered why, and he was not sure what was activating it, and if they could use it, and realized that he would have to find a way to use it, as something was going to happen, and they would have to handle the dangers that could exist.

When the computer indicated it had finished examining it he walked over and got it, and checked it was the same, and put it back in his pocket.

“Explain what caused the appearance of the energy sphere in the corridor?” Ripley asked, thinking of a way to get the computer to give him something, and a proper explanation.

“According to the information accumulated and what I found from analyzing the DP3 artifact,” it replied, “it was activated by the DP3 artifact you provided, and I have received enough evidence to confirm it.”

“Do you know how it was activated?” he moaned, watching the computer for reactions.

“The occurrence was activated by supernatural forces …”

Ripley sat upright, and realized that the computer had not got anything wrong yet.

The reply startled him and he wondered what the hell in meant!

“Where did the supernatural powers come from?” he moaned.

“The DP2 extraterrestrial in the corridor …”

Ripley was dumbfounded, and asked, “So you confirm it was the DP2 extraterrestrial?”

“Yes! Which has been confirmed! Its use of supernatural powers has been confirmed from its first detection, and it uses them for many of its functions …”

“Why was this information not told to me before …?” Ripley asked, staring at a screen, where information about it was being displayed, and he sat back astonished by how many accounts of its confirmation had taken place.

“I never told you before as you never had any clearance to be told, and it was irrelevant.”


Chapter 28


Confidential Material


What surprised Ripley the most was the computer never actually realized that they could use the DP3 artifact to detect where the DP2 extraterrestrial was located, which had been their main objective since its discovery on the starship, and he was sure it would allow them to capture or destroy it.

Ripley was also surprised that it had started allowing him to view confidential material, and he was sure it had to have checked him out and had given him the status to carry out his mission.

“So where shall we search on the starship …?” he asked, wondering what would happen now.

“I do not have that information to provide …”

Ripley wondered if it was avoiding giving him more or if it was designed to answer in that way.

He realized he would have to ask it more precise questions that could give him more information.

“Where are you monitoring the starship, in the same depth as that outer corridor?”

“I have limited coverage, as the starship is too large and it is not normally needed, and humans in such confines, and especially in deep space, have been found to react far differently in such an environment of being constantly closely watched, which has been thoroughly investigated in many investigations, and vast amounts of research on it has confirmed …”

“So that is why you never spotted the DP2 extraterrestrial coming aboard when it did …” he moaned, realizing again that they needed a far better extraterrestrial defense.

“Has anyone else discovered anything recently?” he asked, realizing the military was increasing its searches of the starship, and he sat considering how to use his method of capturing it with the DP3 artifact.

“No. The last recorded encounter was by you. Which has been confirmed and given to Captain Corbett and Colonel Adams.”

Ripley looked up in surprise, realizing something else had occurred without him knowing it.

“Why did they get told it?” he asked, curiously.

“They wanted all the information and occurrences relating to the DP2 extraterrestrial to be given to them, and I provided a detailed account, and of your search and investigation on how it got aboard, and they became increasingly interested in what took place and your survival and escape from the DP2 extraterrestrial, which makes you the only person that’s escaped a direct attack!”

He realized why he had been allowed to see all the confidential material and knew they were putting together a plan and that they would want him to use the DP3 artifact, to search for and annihilate the DP2 extraterrestrial.


Chapter 29


World Discovered


Most of the Starship S1 scientists and investigators went through the vast amounts of information left for them by the DP1 humans, and the details and coordinates of where the DP1 starships went, which were found buried away in the DP1 starship and cities.

They repetitively re-examined everything, and the coordinates were studied in a greater degree than ever before, with all the information they now had!

Ripley’s next surprise was, from the confidential material he got from the Starship S1 computer, was the discovery that they had followed the coordinates to where they were, and that they had known of where they were going (but had been surprised at the dangers of the new dimension they had entered), and that it was a hidden dimension, and like the hyperspace dimension.

The last coordinates of the coordinates were of the location of the world they had gone to in the new universe they had entered.

Going by what Ripley read of a document given to him they believed that they had been at war with another highly advanced extraterrestrial, and from long before the devastation of their sun and world, and that they believed they would have eventually discovered them on a normal world in the normal universe, and that humans had disguised their presence on the Earth, after they arrived, and they never intended to entirely rebuild their civilization, and the DP1 humans that entered the new universe intended to build a far superior ultimate world and civilization.

After vast searches of the new universe by astronomers on the Starship S1 they started to discover planets around suns that were habitable, and though the vast strange universe was unknown to them they started examining everything they could and what was about them, and slowly started to grasp far more, and they studied all the habitable worlds searching for what worlds were inhabited by an advanced civilization.

In the end they found many that had probable civilizations and deciphered the remaining coordinates and found the world, which they confirmed, and prepared for their first voyage through the new universe, using their original starship propulsion.


Chapter 30


DP2 Monster Detection


Ripley rushed down to the bottom of the starship, close to where the deaths of the scientists had been, and stopped, staggered with his mouth open, glaring into the dimness, where the DP2 monster was standing, altering shape, and Ripley swiftly leapt sideways behind storage boxes, where the starship military were hidden away, with weapons.

If it had not been for his faith in the military and that they had a plan, and it was not going annihilate them, he would have left as swiftly as he arrived, and he sat wondering what they had, and why they were so confident in it working.

The situation was so terrible he visibly felt sorry for them, as he kept thinking it would attack and they would not be able to escape.

He felt tired and weary, and realized how late it was, and wondered why it had made its appearance, and wondered if it slept and had a night, and realized it must have ways of watching them.

Ripley spotted part of it shifting about, as it did something, lurking in the shadows, and he stopped and sensed something strange about it, and he recalled it had supernatural powers, and he felt a vibration through the corridor floor, and heard something through the air, clearly from somewhere ahead, and he tried to examine the dim corridor, but he saw little.

For a long time he just stared into the deep dimness unable to recognize anything, and gasped when he saw it shift along the edge of the deep darkness at the side of the corridor, and saw part of it turn translucent and almost vanish, and realized they would have to rush away, and he recalled how swift and deadly it was, and he realized it was now too close and that they could not escape, and they could soon be obliterated, and he watched the military with revulsion, at them getting him out his bed to be slaughtered in the middle of the night by it, and wondered why the hell they were sitting waiting for something to occur.

Ripley in the end followed the eyes of the soldiers to the central region of the corridor ahead and heard deep heavy vibrations from there, and knew it was the DP3 artifact being activated and he swiftly felt his pocket and felt that it had been activated, and he wondered why the hell they were so confident in it saving them, and he recalled the computer’s new confidential files of the DP3 artifact and that they gave accurate descriptions of its functions, and he wondered why they had not taken it off him or had checked it out, and he realized that they were taking all their information of it from the corridor camera footage.


Chapter 31


DP2 Monster Annihilation


Ripley discovered from the confidential files that they had also a way of detecting the supernatural, and he realized that they had been waiting for the DP2 life form to use it, and for it to activate their detection system.

What was surprising was he had nearly removed the DP3 artifact out his pocket earlier that day, and he realized how lucky he had been, and he checked it and was surprised at how activate it actually was now, and throbbing with power, and he sensed something would occur, and knew that it was time the life form was captured, and he wondered what they intended to do with it, or what the DP3 artifact would do with it, and shuddered again, and realized that they could throw it out the starship as it was accelerating away, getting ready to making its voyage to the DP4 world, and he was sure it could not travel at that speed.

He watched the life form further along and that it looked damaged and trying to alter itself into what it normally was, and wondered what kind of original inhabitation it had come from on the DP2 world.

He again tried to see if its features matched the life form he had discovered at the bottom of the starship, and realized he could not identify it, and he wondered what large groups of them would be like, and he wondered if they had destroyed all the remaining life forms on the on the DP2 world.

He tried to grasp what it could be like if they had discovered it on the Earth as he watched its large black shape over to his side shifting along the corridor towards him.

Eventually the soldiers started to react while he sat wondering what the hell they were up to, and even considered if they had not even seen the thing, and he sat back and watched it start to form a proper shape and gain some characteristics and its formation turn into a massive black panther creature with forms of powerful legs.

The thing approached slowly and he wondered why it never just attacked, and realized it must know of their advanced intelligence and technology, and wondered if it intended to escape if they pulled out any deadly weapons.

He recalled the power and speed that it had killed the scientists at and wondered if it was because they were a danger, and wondered if the soldiers had some new form of technology and weapon, which it had partly detected from them.

They remained silent, breathing firmly, and he watched an energy formation across its front emerge and brighten with beams of light, and he watched the DP3 artifact energy bubble appear, rotating furiously over the floor of the corridor, which he tried to identify with the energy sphere he had seen on the DP3 world, in the tower, and he saw its true power, and it had vastly increased and its enormous power, and watched the energy sphere engulf the creature, and hold it firmly, trapping it in its confines.

They all sat watching it being destroyed, and energy blast out as the energy sphere vanished, and he felt the DP3 artifact deep in his pocket change and then stop, and he wondered what the hell it was and why it had such powers!


Chapter 32


DP4 World


The white sky and DP4 world outside the shuttle was so bright and heavenly that Ripley still had his mouth wide open and sat unable to contemplate what was there.

The planetary cartographer shuttles automatically carried out their programming floating high over the surface of the world at hundreds of miles an hour, mapping and analyzing everything they could detect, while searching for anything of interest, and any abnormalities, mapping the most interesting region of the world.

Ripley’s senses heightened but he was unable to grasp the dangers of the mission, and what was there, and the muddled information from the starship, since it entered orbit around the massive world, almost the size of Saturn, and they understood little of what was there.

The matter in the new universe had far less gravity, and the world with its immense size had close to the same gravity of the Earth, and he kept wondering why the DP1 humans had chosen it, other than not allowing the aliens they were at war with finding them, and that there were few suns and asteroids roaming space.

The views of the civilization from space, and their flying over the world, were incredible, and astonished them with their sizes and complexity, and little was found of what was there, and they had a hard time proving it was a human civilization, and he gasped considering the technology they had in the underground cities in the DP1 world, and what they would have achieved there, and they could very well be about to find what the ultimate human civilization of the future could be.

He had never before, before joining the starship voyages, realized just how dangerous it was searching for advanced extraterrestrials in the stars and he was sure something dangerous could occur, and he considered if a war could even occur, or them being attacked, and he wondered why they were so sure they could handle them, and prevent anything occurring.

The DP4 signal was fascinating, when it had been detected in orbit, but had then surprised them by vanishing completely, and they had not been able to detect where it had come from, even after its second appearance, which dramatically increased in strength, but had vanished, and they were still trying to decipher it, and they had started to realize that they could have an entirely different form of communication now, and might not be able to even translate it.

He occasionally listened to its pulsations, from when they had recorded it, searching for anything, and was fascinated that they insisted something of great size and power was creating it, and that the signal was not being sent to someone else.

So far they had not detected anything on the DP4 world, and nobody had sent a proper message, and the world looked desolate, which confused him as he could not grasp where they would go or what had happened to them.

“What have they found?” Dan finally asked, looking over at him, searching his face.

“They have not found anything new here or about the signal!”

“Incredible!” Dan moaned, looking down at massive civilization covering the world everywhere, with long building structures stretching up to the sky, floating by their sides, and they regularly tried to examine formations with high powered magnification on screens, and tried to grasp if the scientists at the back of the shuttle had found life, but it kept becoming clear that they had not, and that the other shuttles had not detected any life.

It was pretty staggering, and they now had too much to study and still had established little of its properties and significances …

“They have detected little!” Ripley muttered. “The most common assumption assumed – since the DP4 signal’s discovery – is that it’s a greeting signal/message to other races – and even directly to us from the Earth – as the original was on the DP1 world, and left for humans someday to discover and trace the origins of.”

“So have they worked out where the signal could be coming from?”

“They have found nothing!”

“Someone surely must be watching us right now from somewhere …”

“Perhaps, but we do not know what is here, and surely would be hidden, from potential attacks and dangerous encounters, and they could be allowing us to approach them, and some of the scientists are sure they could have a way of hiding and protecting themselves if confronted with dangerous situations – perhaps more common in this universe, and region of space – and they perhaps will make contact with us in their own way, avoiding a confrontation.”

Ripley shuddered though when he thought of the DP2 monster, which they had only beat with someone else’s technology.

What was also inconceivable was that they had later used the DP3 artifact and had discovered and destroyed the egg formations of the DP2 extraterrestrial!

In a chamber between the starship’s outer shell and an inner one Ripley had used the DP3 artifact to detect the eggs, and had entered the hidden away chamber, and had stood transfixed by the silver spheres covering a whole region, and many in heaps (and after examinations they found that they were almost identical to the silver sphere pods/eggs found on the flying saucer on the DP2 world, which could have transformed into an army of DP2 creatures, which they were sure it intended to activate at some world, and to colonize it, and perhaps use humans as food).


Chapter 33


DP4 Landing


The whole sky was staggering and Ripley stood on the DP4 world staring at a vast world like Saturn with its massive rings stretching out into the atmosphere of the DP4 world.

The massive stars of the universe filled his entire vision everywhere as magnificent bright white and golden lights.

Stars were dazzling, and he could not recognize what forms of stars they were, and had not seen anything like them before, and he wondered how the universe could possible exist. Space was so condensed everywhere and he could not believe the density of the stars in regions, and he was staggered that they could exist in such states, and not pulled into a colossal explosion.

At his side he spotted the scientists getting out the shuttle with heavy equipment, and he continuously shaded his eyes from the brightness below him, until he could see below him.

He spotted something near the horizon and saw the most colossal looking anything he had seen. A colossal form of black hole was stretching out everywhere there, going straight across a large section of space, and he actually thought he saw it entering other dimensions and wondered if it entered their universe.

They still could not grasp why the universe and worlds were so strange and everything so different and he wondered if they could miss many of the dangers there and be killed, and he examined what he could in the blinding light about him, and most of his vision was full of celestial whiteness.

He altered his spacesuit and the faceplate automatically shaded the light, and he lifted the faceplate and breathed the air, and reassured himself it was breathable, and put the faceplate up.

They landed at the region, the only region there where there were no constructions, and just the bare world, where instead of there being dirt and stone, vegetation, the matter was translucence and an immense brightness blasted up, from either the world’s lava interior or from the matter below itself, or both, and the scientists needed to investigate it and take samples.

At times his eyes adjusted and he saw his legs dangling over nothing, but he felt its firmness, and bent over and felt what was there with his fingers, and it felt like a form mud, but hard stuff below, and stood upright considering what it was, and how they could have survived there.

Yet there was normal matter on the world as well and the majority of the constructions, virtually covering the entire world were not translucent, or glowing, and made of the substance.

After a while of watching eager scientists getting samples, and using specially designed goggles to see what was below, he put on a pair, given to him by a scientist, and he stood examining an intense glow far below, creating the intense light, which was many miles below, and he checked the surrounding temperature in his helmet, and it was normal, and he checked if his surroundings had a normal atmosphere again, and he examined the blinding light beaming up at him.

The original DP1 world was the darkest world they had ever seen, and sun minute, and he was sure that many of them had wanted to move to the DP4 world from it as they had started to detest the dark empty desolate place, with no real sun, and them living deep underground, for so many years, or perhaps they had just chosen the opposite, instinctively trying to avoid what had occurred again.

The place was like someone’s form of heaven and he occasionally heard the others give gasps at it as they carried out their work.

A times he could not see or feel anything below and everywhere below was white, and he searched through it seeing nothing anywhere, and stopped occasionally frustrated at their lack of progress in discovering what was beneath them, and he wondered what an entire world like it would be like, and if anything grew there, and tried to recall seeing anything growing on the areas.

Occasionally he thought his size had decreased, and realized it was the lower gravity, and immense size of the world stretching out away into the vast distance, and larger objects about and in the region, and he measured himself to see if his height had somehow been reduced, wondering if the gateway had shrunk him when they had entered the universe, with them shrinking.

Away in the distance below his feet he spotted something shift out of the blinding light there and he tried to grasp the immense size of it and what it was, and listened to strange distant sounds.


Chapter 34


DP4 Life Form


As the crew of Ripley’s shuttle entered a dark cave from a tunnel a hideous slithering blood red devilish shape emerged from the blackness, and they all shifted back.

As it crept out Ripley examined it even wondering if it was what the DP4 humans had transformed into, and what they had come to make contact with, and wondered why it was so different and tremendous, and of extraterrestrial origins, and if it was a cross formation, of the DP4 humans and an extraterrestrial, which might be used for their purposes – with its dark blood red demon features, and giant glowing hideous shape – and he felt energy from it and stood trying to grasp what it was doing – and he realized it was made of some form of energy, and he considered if it was actually keeping itself alive, and in existence.

Ripley still could not believe the world was so totally empty, after them scanning and mapping the entire world, and searching every major structure, and it seemed the repulsive ending of their worse dreams, and that the human race could achieve so much and destroy itself.

After months the whole crew had realized it at some point and he was sure it could be the end of humans on the Earth as well!

The incredible thing was there were no real life forms found on the massive world, and they found little, and the information they found barely gave them anything about anything, and they might have forgotten their past and the outer universe, and there was nothing of what had happened, and many of the crew thought something of a diabolical nature had wiped them out.

The signal had finally properly returned, and was powerful enough for them to trace to the cavity, deep below a mountain, made of proper matter, located at the Antarctica.

Ripley recalled the life form they found in the chamber on the DP1 world and spotted a similar chamber in the darkness behind it, and realized why it was there, and that the DP1 one was to stop any extraterrestrials discovering what was below, and he realized that it was created to carry out a mission.

He watched what it did and wondered if it would vanish into nothing before giving them what they wanted, and he wondered if they could communicate with it, and if it even used language.

Suddenly they saw visions of star formations, and he suddenly realized it was making contact with them and showing regions of space, and he wondered if any of the crew could identify them.

It continued with the pursuit of an unknown goal and he tried to grasp what, and wondered if it was giving them the location of another world.

It showed them an exploration through the vast depths of the new universe, and he spotted a massive sphere of light glowing around the life form and he wondered what the hell it had been, as it was like an extraterrestrial ghost, and suddenly the visions vanished and the life form altered and vanished, and they started their investigations of its chamber.




First Contact


The whole chamber and outer cavity vanished and unfathomable impenetrable darkness emerged, and they stood silently.

Their eyes adjusted and Ripley thought he could see the shape of something and moved his hand towards his spacesuit light controls and turned on a small dim light, but only saw blackness, and before he did anything something lifted him and the other members of the crew up and shifted them away, with nothing visibly holding them, and Ripley felt a force moving them away into blackness, and he realized that it could kill him easily.

He tried to theorize what it could be there from what they had witnessed on the world and above cavity but there was nothing to actual grasp, and he studied strange dark shapes ahead, as they accelerated towards them.

When they appeared around him he felt himself stop and the ground below him appear and he shifted his light about, as the scientists silently discussed what was there, and Ripley focused his dazzled eyes on the dirt covering the ground, vaguely only seeing a dark cavity about him.

They examined everything and they only saw a large artificial black object in the rock of the mountain, and at a closer observation Ripley realized the object went deep into the mountain rock, and he wondered what the hell he was looking at, and why they had not detected it below the mountain when they scanned it.

Ripley was sure it could have been built when they first arrived on the world, and for the sole purpose of them discovering it, and he thought of all the occurrences and things it could have recorded over the history of the world, and their incredible civilization spreading over the whole of the massive world.

The roof seemed solid and the rock was capable of stay up and not collapsing down, and he spotted things on it that he was sure kept it up, when the rest of the mountain had crumbled down, leaving the cavity to the black object.

Again he realized they might find answers to all their queries, which they had longed to discover since the first discovery of the DP1 world, and he started exploring it with the others, and gradually explored more of the black object, and saw how undamaged it was, and he traced its sides into the rock, and with his spacesuit glove held out he started to feel its smooth surface, and wondered if the opening to the object was buried away in the rock, and if they could safely remove it.

As he wandered about he spotted something appear and turned his light on it, and watched the scientists spot it, and discover it was the entrance to the black object.

Inside the interior with his bright light on it was colossal and went away out into the distance, but what really staggered him was how advanced its technology was.

He was sure it was like the DP1 starship they found in the cavity of the DP1 world but he was sure it was far more highly advanced, and going by the original DP1 version, he estimated it went out for miles, and he stood with his mouth open for a few seconds, glaring out his spacesuit.

He looked for signs of any ancient activity everywhere, and tried to imagine who had created it, and how altered they had become, and what they had been really like, and he shuddered and knew he would have to investigate everything he could.

As they marched in everything changed, and their lights went out and thick endless blackness filled their vision and Ripley felt sensations of floating through space, and something emerged and opened like an energy curtain and he felt himself entering somewhere strange.

Ripley stood in a line with the other astronauts waiting and they saw a distant white radiance dimly glow, but they could not properly see it or its source, and Ripley saw nothing existed around them anywhere, and the floor beneath them was gone, and an eerie sensation gripped him, and he tried to grasp where they were, and he sensed a weird presence, and realized it came from the strange white radiance, and he studied it and saw it was light formations, perfectly symmetrically arranged in a circle, and he watched them surrounding them and realized he had seen them before, and he recalled them, and when the starship had left the universe before it had entered the new dimension, and had started shrinking, and the whole starship had vanished and they had been floating outside the universe and he had awoken and had been surrounded by the lights, and he realized they had saved their lives, as they had not properly entered the new dimension.

Ripley realized he and the other astronauts were forming into white lights, and he realized he had the DP1 extraterrestrial existence, hidden in his body, and that it had intended to alter into a human on the Earth, and that the early DP1 humans had created it, and he realized the white lights were what the DP4 humans had turned into, and he watched himself vanish from the blackness and reappear in whiteness, where he saw colossal lights everywhere, in a colossal mind-boggling universe, where worlds never existed, and he realized what had occurred, and of their transformation into transcendents, and they existed in eternal happiness.

The Ultimate Time Traveler 2017

A celestial time traveler of colossal magnitude and origins emerges and crashes in the past, and after being buried for hundreds of years, haunting a vast region, ends up buried below an ancient New York mansion ... An ultimate voyager explores deep space and discovers an extraterrestrial signal and traces its origins to a desolate ice world where it encounters a hideous devil-like life form ... After exploring a desolate haunted mansion, where there are accounts of supernatural activity, deaths of vast amounts of people searching for lost treasure, explorers reveal something deadly of unknown origins buried away, and they explore the colossal ancient mansion, once a Transylvanian vampire castle, trying to determine what it is doing there, and uncover a mind-bending ultimate celestial time voyager buried away, waiting to be revived ... An ultimate hyperdrive voyager is created to explore the universe and in the depths of deep space the crew discover an extraterrestrial signal and trace its origins to a desolate ice world where they encounter a hideous devil-like life form presence, with supernatural powers, which starts killing them to get the voyager, which it could use to locate and destroy the Earth, and in the end they leave the universe when their entrance to hyperspace goes wrong, and in the depths of a minding-bending universe discover a world with strange transcendents, where phenomena of unknown origins exists …

  • ISBN: 9781370057009
  • Author: CosmicBlueCB
  • Published: 2017-07-19 17:20:18
  • Words: 40098
The Ultimate Time Traveler 2017 The Ultimate Time Traveler 2017