The Ultimate Guide to Profitable Paid Online Advertising For Local Businesses

Outline: For use for a presentation to Chamber members or the “Product”
Small Business Marketing: Creating a Paid, Online Strategy to Get More Leads and Customers


p<>{color:#000;}. What are you the best at? Better than your competition?

p<>{color:#000;}. Who is your ideal client?
a. Name
b. Characteristics
c. Interests

p<>{color:#000;}. Traditional Advertising
a. Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, TV
b. Mud on the wall, see what sticks
c. Expensive, hard to measure results
d. Often ineffective

p<>{color:#000;}. Online Advertising
a. Can target your ideal client
b. Can quickly test and measure results, and make adjustments
c. Where the people are (on their phones), Facebook, Youtube, etc
d. Retargeting

p<>{color:#000;}. Marketing Funnel
a. Lead
b. Front End Offer (FEO)-think Lifetime Customer Value
c. Core Offer
d. Profit Maximizer

p<>{color:#000;}. Implementing In Your Business
a. Designate your marketing funnel
b. Use the Front End Offer to attract your target customer
c. Target your ideal client online using Facebook ads (or FB video ads)

d. Drive prospect to a landing page to collect information (email), or prompt a phone call
e. Measure results, and optimize campaign

The Ultimate Guide to Profitable Paid Online Advertising For Local Businesses

Simple guide that shows local businesses how to generate more leads, clients, and revenue from paid online advertising. The book focuses on using Facebook Ads and Google Adwords for Video (Youtube Ads) to drive cheap, qualified leads to your business. Business owners are busy, and overwhelmed with people telling them they need to post constantly on Facebook, Twittter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many other social media site. The problem with this advice is a couple things: 1. There is no plan to drive people into a funnel that captures their information so the business can follow up with them. 2. People are consumed by information, and you must stand out in the crowd, and speak to truly helping ease the prospects pain, or problems, and provide the solution, to get their attention. 3. The social platforms are businesses, and usually their only source of revenue is advertising. Therefore, they are going to reward advertisers with views toward their target audience, because they want the ad dollars. By only posting "free", your message does not get seen very much by your target audience. By understanding the goal of your marketing campaign and the advertising platform, you can advertise to a targeted audience and bring in qualified leads and clients to your local business. Never before in history have you been able to advertise for so cheaply and immediately see the ROI of your ads. Using traditional advertising (radio, TV, newspaper, billboards) you would need many months, even years to see a return, and even then, it is very hard to determine ROI. With online paid ads you can test very cheaply, and adjust, eliminating advertising waste, and optimizing the best campaigns. In the book you will learn how set up a simple marketing funnel, driven by paid online advertising, to drive qualified leads and clients into your business.

  • Author: Miles Noland
  • Published: 2015-09-10 21:10:33
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The Ultimate Guide to Profitable Paid Online Advertising For Local Businesses The Ultimate Guide to Profitable Paid Online Advertising For Local Businesses