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The Terrestrial Matrix is a kind of virtual reality. It gives the impression of a real universe, yet it is not real at all; it is a virtual world manufactured by alien entities, with sciences incomprehensible to the common human mind and it mostly serves as a prison and an experimentation laboratory.

Α) The Rulers

These entities are forces of occupation on Earth – extraterrestrial, invisible, non-material beings, probably of electric nature. They took over the planet thousands of years ago and turned it into a ‘‘hen-coop’‘ for them to exploit. Human beings are their ‘‘hens’‘. The ‘‘hen-coop’‘ is actually a complex net of energy fields, commonly known as “The Matrix”. Entities who act behind the scenes can be nothing but malevolent. Some call them Shadows or Demons; religions worship and call them Gods or Angels.

B) Structural elements

i) Mankind is the basic structural element of the Terrestrial Matrix. All human activities (deeds, thoughts, feelings, relationships, inspirations, civilizations) are controlled by the Rulers to the slightest detail.

The extraterrestrial rulers use humans as biological marionettes because they need intelligent organic beings so as to affect the material plane according to their ‘‘divine plan’‘. Yet, not all human beings are components of the Matrix; some of them (only a few) are prisoners.

ii) Machines, especially the electronic ones, functioning on line: computers, cellphones, devices which emit or receive radio waves, all kinds of electromagnetic fields, robots, as well as artificial intelligence serve as gates between the invisible world and the terrestrial matrix.

Humans and electronic machines, continually controlled and coordinated by the extraterrestrial rulers of Earth, compose the Terrestrial Matrix.

C) Mechanisms of the Matrix

a) Family: It is the cellule of human society, thus the cellule of the Matrix. Starting from childbirth, every human being spontaneously takes a specific position in their family and plays a definite role in it, always according to the needs of the Matrix.

Then, through imperceptible but exact procedures controlled by the alien Rulers, this role is enlarged within society, gradually making one’s personal destiny. Moment by moment, a person’s social environment is unconsciously coordinated around him/her, in such a way that this person always has the same role he/she has in the family. If you are ‘‘the black sheep’‘ of your family, you will always be ‘‘the black sheep’‘, no matter where you are or what you do.

ii) Patriarchy: As I read once, the best hidden secret of our world is the war between patriarchy and matriarchy. The fall of matriarchal societies took place about 5000 years ago, when the peaceful and affectionate Great Goddess was replaced by the bellicose and vindictive Father God.

Patriarchy certainly favours the evolution of the Matrix, as men are prone to warfare, which results to the formation of bigger and bigger nations through the centuries. When the mannish values (violence, war, control, slavery) were finally imposed on mankind, primitive human clans were replaced by the first city-states, that is the first concentrations of the Matrix.

iii) War: Thanks to this mechanism, the Matrix is unified and strengthened more and more with the passage of time. Due to countless wars all over the globe through the centuries, small villages are united into big countries and then to gigantic empires, until total homogenization of the Matrix is achieved: All nations of Earth are expected to become a ‘‘universal village’‘. Nowadays we have already reached the threshold of a world dominion (globalization).

iv) Networks: Mankind has an innate tendency to organize itself in networks or rackets; they are innumerable and they serve many different purposes, yet they all belong to a hyper-network which serves one main purpose: to make sure that wealth and power is maintained within specific circles of people – according to each person’s genetic origin and services offered to the Matrix.

Networks control the lives of ordinary people in many ways (work, division of wealth, nepotism etc), yet they always obey a rigorous, indisputable hierarchy. Network members always have to obey orders at once; if they do, they get certain rewards such as a good job, a high salary, special bonuses, a good social life etc; if they don't, they suffer the consequences: sudden unemployment, financial problems, social isolation -or even worse.

Networks have existed since antiquity. Once they included only the upper classes, but nowadays they have spread even to the lower social classes. Nowadays networks are perfectly organized and each one of them consists of thousands or even millions of people all over the world. Every citizen who belongs to the middle class or higher, is a member of some network. Families who don’t belong to a network or clique, are gradually driven out of society and they don’t survive for long.

Places such as schools, clubs, gyms, art schools, religious organizations, political factions and so on, where all decent citizens gather nowadays, are nothing but shop-windows for networks and they mostly serve as points of recruitment of new members. What is taught in these places is unimportant, as it is usually entirely useless outside the rooms of the “club”. What really counts in there is the innate ‘‘talent’‘ of being a herd animal.

v) Problems: In spite of the impressive scientific progress of our time, the average man seems to be unhappier than ever, since all kinds of problems are still here to torture them: poverty, social isolation, family conflicts, unemployment, rivalries at work, physical and mental health problems etc. Why indeed?

The fact is that when you have a problem, everybody earns money: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, priests, entertainers etc. Problems make the Matrix go round, as money flows in abundance…

D) Mind control systems

a) Education: All kinds of schools, universities, colleges etc are supposed to offer knowledge, yet this is not at all what they really do. The main purpose of schools is to hide essential knowledge from the masses, while they develop analytical, verbal thought -which is read by the Rulers moment by moment.

b) Religions and sects: The most widespread religions impose the worship of the “One and Almighty God”; they mean the governor of the extraterrestrial occupation forces, who demands to be continuously worshiped and blindly obeyed by the human herd. And in all religions “God” happens to be male…

There are a lot of religions on Earth, and each one of them corresponds to the psyche of a specific human race. Religions and sects may differ one from another, but they all serve a sole purpose: absolute submission of the masses to the “God of this world” and his “divine dispensation”. They systematically propagandize the acceptance of misery (“God punishes you because of your sins” … “you must suffer so as to pay for your bad karma”), they promote guilt (“you are sinners, that’s why God allows Evil into the world”), they prohibit any kind of judgement (or negative thought, as they call it): “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” … “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” … “All your misfortunes are your fault only; it is you who attract them with your negative thoughts”.

Most of all, religions instil terror into human souls: “Those who dare question the dogma, will go straight to hell”. Religious faith is based on horror. Without horror there is no faith.

c) The fraud of “Good” and “Evil”: According to religions and sects, if you want the so-called ‘‘positive forces’‘ to be on your side, you must have absolute, unshakable, blind faith in them. Nevertheless, according to everyday experience, negative forces may attack no matter if you believe in them or not! In fact, they can harm you even when you don’t even imagine their existence or what they can do! The truth is that in this world there are no positive forces.

d) Speech: First of all, learning a language engages huge amounts of energy. Moreover, the spontaneous processing of speech in the human subconscious automatically develops an irrepressible inner dialogue, which is read by the Invisible Rulers continually, moment by moment.

Speech confines the spirit within very narrow paths of thought, so that humans can perceive only what they are allowed to perceive. A language may include a vocabulary of many thousands of words, yet the ones repeated continuously, almost in every conversation, are rather few: “work”, “mother”, “father”, “home”, “money”, “God”, “Devil” etc. In the English language, the words “fuck” and “hell” are heard in almost every sentence; they are verbal suggestions made to all humans as often as possible, with a view to affecting their minds and producing a very specific way of thinking.

Are you a prisoner of the Matrix?

Check here:

  • No matter what you do, nothing ever goes right in your life; sooner or later all your endeavors end in a flop. “No matter what you do, you will always regret it” (Zen).

  • It is impossible for you to really enjoy anything, since there is always something that gets on your nerves: hostile people, negative coincidences, misfortune, annoying sounds etc.

  • Since you don’t belong to a social network or racket, it is impossible for you to defend yourself effectively against an enemy. On the other hand, you enemies are usually able to do you any harm they wish – and they are always above suspicion, unhindered and unpunished.

  • In a world where sex seems to be the most natural thing in the world, you always face great difficulties in finding a mate.

  • Is almost impossible for you to find new friends; when you find them, they prove to be either boring or bitter.

  • Wherever you go (workplaces, schools, gyms, clubs, etc), you are treated as if you had the scabies, until you are eventually kicked out.

  • Whatever you do, the others never find it good enough; no matter how hard you try and what you achieve, the result never seems to satisfy the others.

  • Wherever you work, you are always at the lowest position and you get the lowest possible salary.

  • You can never find an ally, someone able to help you solve just one of your problems; nevertheless, you often meet persons who cause you even more trouble.

  • Strangely enough, the world seems to be coordinated with your negative thoughts: What distresses you is always before you; what pleases you either disappears soon or doesn’t appear at all.

  • You are always confronted by unnatural, unsolvable, soul-destroying problems: Social isolation, hostile people; never ending misfortunes, negative coincidences; repetitive annoyances seem to be dogging you everywhere; concurrent nightmares and/or bad omens make you feel miserable and threatened. If you ever manage to surpass a problem, a new one arrives at once, and it proves to be worse than the previous one.

* In the hostile world you live in, you may see the most irrational things happen -as long as they affect you negatively: for example, the retarded son of your enemy could go to university and become a doctor.

  • Everything seems to be preordained within the Matrix, like the scenes of a cinema film. All the others around you seem to be enjoying themselves in a never-ending party, experiencing all kinds of success and happiness. Everybody (but you) seems to progress spontaneously in a world you can’t understand.

  • You may be searching high and low for solutions to your problems, yet nothing seems to be effective enough: If you use magic, it will only make matters worse; if you resort to medicine, doctors will prescribe pills which will make you feel miserable and unable to face everyday life; religions and sects offer a temporary relief only; in the long run, they make you feel unworthy and guilty for everything.

Results: If you gather more than half of the presuppositions mentioned above, you are a prisoner of the Matrix and a target of evil forces.

Therefore, if you are unsuccessful in life, it is not because you are ''weak'', or ''stupid'', or ''unambitious'', or ''a loser'' -as you are often told. It is because you aren't a part of the Matrix but a prisoner of it -for reasons explained in Chapter Three of this book.

Self-defense against the Matrix

i) If you feel you are a target of the Matrix, it is advisable not to stay the same for long. Change jobs, houses, friends, activities whenever you can. In this way, the Matrix will ‘‘lose’‘ you for a while and you will enjoy temporary peace. Of course, it won’t be long until it locates you again: Certain people will start annoying you, each one of the in their own way, until they make your life miserable once again; then you will have to escape once more, and so on. It’s not easy to move on all the time, but if you don’t want to be a target of the Matrix, this is the best you can do.

ii) There is no point in bearing hard feelings for anyone. In general humans have no free will, since they are nothing but biological marionettes, pawns of the alien Rulers. It is not wise to get angry at a human, as it is wouldn’t be wise to be angry at a robot which has no other alternative but act according to the program of its manufacturer.

iii) On the other hand, you have the right to defend yourself. Evil should by no means go unpunished. Forgiveness is complicity to a crime and, moreover, it will turn your mind against yourself. When someone causes you harm, you must somehow get your own back on them; if you don't, sooner or later you will end up hating yourself. Forgiveness is unnatural; revenge is balance -but remember: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

iv) Remember: “No good deed goes unpunished”: The good you do to others will turn against you sooner or later. So, think twice before you decide to serve them anyhow.

v) If you are a target of visible and/or invisible evil forces, avoid coming in contact with human masses: as long as this is possible, avoid crowded places such as schools, work environments, gyms, clubs etc. In this way, you will escape from the attraction of human minds.

vi) Be careful: Strong feelings and persistent thoughts betray your position within the Matrix. Therefore, what you dislike will always come before you; what you like will either disappear or disappoint you.

vii) Silence – the golden rule. Do not reveal your ideas, inspirations, plans, successes to the others, no matter how friendly they might seem to be. Most of the people you consider ‘‘friends’‘ will hate your coming up with an idea they haven’t had first; and they will hate you even more if you are successful in anything.

viii) Mundane goals (success in business, financial ascent, sexual satisfaction, a rich social life) are dictated by the Matrix. These are things everybody seems to enjoy but you -but they are nothing but foul play. You will feel relieved only when you don't interact with the Matrix: Do what you really like doing, without taking into consideration how useful or nice it might seem to the others.

ix) Don’t take into account the opinions of others about you. Since they are all pawns of the Matrix they will never acknowledge your due no matter what you do, no matter what you achieve.

x) Ignore all kinds of religions, philosophies, occult sciences: they all aim in showing you “the correct path” (submission to an external, “superior” entity) and concealing the truth (your being a prisoner of the Terrestrial Matrix).

xi) If strange difficulties or negative coincidences obstruct the realization of your plans, this means you should let go right now. If something goes wry right from the start, it will get even wryer in the future. If you insist on your plans despite the bad omens, sooner or later you will be in serious trouble -even in case you succeed. In general, bad luck is a sign you are engaged in something that isn't right for you.

xii) And a special piece of advice for women: Either we like it or not, we live in a man’s world. Therefore, a man should be powerful: that is, he must be reasonable, determined, wealthy and successful in business. If he is not powerful, he won’t suffer many consequences; it is the woman who always takes the rap for that. If the man is weak, the woman had better become a nun…

xiii) Do not underestimate the power of “negative thinking”, alias criticism: When you criticize evil, your thoughts get clearer; you also gain confidence, inner balance and self-knowledge. You know where you stand. Evil to evil is good; being negative to negative makes you positive -and this a universal law. The so-called “positive thinking” is nothing but a huge spiritual trap.



Relaxation techniques are a great means of stress management. Yet they can be something more, as you can achieve the following: reduce stress hormones and muscle tension; improve concentration and memory; ward off negative feelings; boost self-confidence and happiness; have a positive outlook on life; improve your health and enjoy a better quality of life.

However, remember that relaxation techniques take time and practice: At first you might feel unable to reach deeper states of relaxation, but your ability to relax will improve with time, so don’t be impatient. Also, keep in mind that some people, who have serious psychological problems, may experience emotional discomfort during relaxation. If this is the case, don’t push yourself: Just try a different relaxation technique, something that will make you feel comfortable.

There are many ways of relaxation, and one of them will certainly be the right one for you: yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises, art therapy, music, dance etc.

Basic technique of relaxation

Sit on a chair or lie in bed, just make sure your spinal cord is straight. First, relax your body from toe to top, giving the respective mental orders to each body part separately. For instance: “My feet are relaxing” … “Now my calves relaxing” … “My thighs are relaxing” … and so on, to the head.

Then countdown from 10 to 1, ordering yourself to relax after each number; for example: “10: I feel relaxed” … “9: I relax deeper” … “8: Deeper and deeper” … “7: No external noise can interrupt my relaxation” and so on, till you reach 1. At zero you enter the “Void”, where you let no thought or feeling come inside and disturb you. Stay there, in absolute tranquility, for as much time as you can.

The awakening is done by counting slowly from 1 to 5, while ordering yourself to wake up with all your senses on the alert. After the number 5, open your eyes and stand up at your ease.


It includes a variety of techniques, which are more complex than basic relaxation; you had better try them only after you have mastered basic relaxation.

Meditation can be used to self-regulate the mind, get rid of bad habits and improve behaviour; it can also help you tackle certain mental problems such as depression, anxieties, or even obsessions.

Premeditation: After staying in the “Void” for a while, you may choose a subject and meditate on it as thoroughly as possible, taking into account events, thoughts, feelings, ways of action; after the awakening, write everything in a notebook. By following this technique, the subconscious gets clearer and clearer; later on, as you keep practicing, the unconscious reveals itself too, unfolding great cosmic truths which could lead even to enlightenment.

Visualization is an another meditation technique you can use so as to achieve peace of mind. In this case, after staying in the “Void” for some minutes, you start forming mental images which lead you on an imaginary journey to a peaceful, pleasant place or situation. While visualizing, try to use as many senses as you can -sight, sound, smell, and touch. If you are envisaging a coast, for example, try to ''feel'' the smell of sea water, the sound of crashing waves, the warmth of the sun on your skin and so on.

The Key to Awareness: Get out of the house and go for a walk. While walking, observe calmly how the street unfolds before you, step by step, and let yourself realize: The road behind me no longer exists; a new road unfolds before me; time and space around me changes moment by moment; every second a world dies and a world is born…

The Key to Awareness allows you to experience the interrelation between time and space, death and birth every moment, always expecting the unforeseeable. If you keeps practicing, it may also lead to illumination.

Dreams vs Reality

Mental anguish is born when we identify ourselves with everyday reality. Nevertheless, imagination and dreams are real life. The worlds of dream (astral plane) are true. The so-called “everyday reality” is a lie.

It is an indisputable fact that at the end of the day (life, reality) we feel empty and tired. However, at the end of the night (dreams, imagination) we feel rejuvenated, full of energy.

While experiencing everyday reality, the human mind can’t roam fast; it is compelled to function as slowly as possible, so that it can be controlled not only by the person but by society as well.

While dreaming, the human mind is free from the bonds of “reality” and it roams about the astral plane at top speed; moreover, the brain functions normally, as if it were receiving stimuli from natural experiences – and this has been proved in scientific laboratories. However, scientists haven’t discovered yet what sleep is exactly, nor why we need it so much.

Dream skills

Dream lucidity is an extraordinary state of mind, where you know you are dreaming. It usually starts as a normal dream, but you suddenly realize you are dreaming. Such dreams are more strange, emotional and vivid than regular dreams and they occur during REM sleep, that is the phase of deep sleep characterized by Rapid Eye Movement. Lucid dreaming (conscious control of a dream) shows a higher level of energy. By practicing regularly, it leads to spiritual ascent, self-knowledge and higher awareness. Here are some common examples of dream control:

a) When you dream of being in danger, try to escape; or you can look away and ignore the danger, making it disappear; or, if you are persecuted by enemies, stop running, fight and beat them.

b) If you are having a pleasant dream, try to prolong it: stay calm and delay awakening.

c) You can materialize or make disappear persons and things.

d) You can hover or fly in the air.

e) You can make objects move with the power of your mind.

g) You may also experience night adventures: These are very impressive dreams, not lucid but extremely vivid. Self-sense is very strong, places are delineated in detail, and there is a specific plot with a beginning, a middle, and an ending.

Meditation technique for lucid dreaming

It is advisable not to experiment with this technique unless you are experienced in relaxation and meditation -at least of one year. If you are not ready, you may neither be able to control your astral self properly nor evaluate your experiences; as a result, you will be easily discouraged.

First of all, you will need two rosaries: one with 22 knots and one with 72 knots (instead of a rosary, you may use a string of beads).

You may sit on a chair or lie in bed, as long as the spinal cord is kept straight.

Take 5 rhythmical breaths: 4 times inhale – 2 times hold – 4 times exhale – 2 times hold.

Recite a mantra 22 times mentally, for example “The universe and I are one”, counting with the small rosary in hand. Choose a mantra according to your own inner needs, a phrase that makes you feel calm, confident, happy.

Then recite 144 (72+72) mental mantras in co-ordination with breathing: Inhale + mantra ‒ exhale + mantra, counting with the the big rosary in hand, twice.

All mantras will take you about ten minutes.

Stay in the “Void” for some minutes -the longer, the better. Then, give yourself a mental order such as “Tonight I'll get out of my body and I'll be conscious in the astral realms”, nine times.

Alternatively, you may give a more specific order: “I ask my inner self to give me advice and guidance”; then you make a question, such as: “How can I solve my problems at work?” Or “Is there life after death?” etc.

Stay in the “Void” for some more minutes, then let yourself go to sleep.

When you wake up, write down your experience.

Keep a dream journal. It should be near your bed at night, so that you can use it right after waking up. While writing, make sure to include as many details, feelings and sensations as possible. In this way you will soon be able to remember more of your dreams, which, in turn, will induce lucid dreaming.

Attention: Do not take any kind of medicine, drugs or food supplements so as to induce lucid dreaming. Such substances may cause unpleasant side effects such as nightmares, insomnia, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, or even worsen diseases like asthma or heart issues.

Astral projection

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience that happens either while awake or during lucid dreaming or deep meditation. Lucid dreaming can be considered as a kind of astral projection, since dreams belong to the astral realms. While astral travelling, the spirit leaves the physical body and enters another dimension of existence, known as the astral plane.

Many people believe that astral travel is carried out by an ‘‘aetheric body’‘, which consciously gets out of the physical body and wanders freely in the astral realms. This subtle body is supposed to be connected to the physical one with a kind of energy line that looks like a silver cord attached to the traveller’s head.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to actually leave your body unless you are dead; it all comes down to the vast spectrum of consciousness that lies between astral worlds and everyday reality. When somebody has an astral projection, their mind just falls into into another phase of consciousness and experiences a different perspective of reality. Most astral travellers neither feel as if they were coming out of their physical body, nor see some “silver cord” connecting their astral body to the physical one.

Special technique for astral projection

You can sit on a chair or squat down, as long as you feel comfortable and your spinal cord is kept straight.

Focus on the flame of a candle placed in front of you.

Recite a mantra mentally (for instance ‘‘the universe and I are one’‘) for a few minutes.

Proceed to physical relaxation.

Countdown mentally from 10 to 0.

When you reach the “Void”, observe the image of the flame shaped in the darkness of our shut eyes.

Open your eyes slowly, then close them again.

Once again, countdown mentally from 10 to 0.

Envisage coming out of your physical body, flying to the place you wish to go. Try to imagine the scene in all its details.

  • If this doesn’t work at once, don’t be disappointed; perfection takes practice.

  • Alternatively, after awakening lie on bed and go to sleep; in all probability, you will have a very interesting lucid dream experience!


When you practice advanced techniques of meditation such as lucid dreaming and astral projection, make sure you observe silence. Do not narrate your experiences to others, since it won’t be possible for you to ignore their opinion entirely. The others usually show disbelief, boredom or envy; even when they seem to be interested in your experiences, you had better be reserved and keep silent.

Many people tend to talk a lot and ask for approval because they feel insecure inside. Some believe that the narration of psychic experiences will make them more popular -but this is not true: the great majority of people are not at all interested in spiritual development, and they will find you boring, disagreeable, or crazy. They will show you disapproval, disbelief, irony. As a result, you will be affected negatively, you will start doubting about yourself and this may block your inner development.


Appearances are deceptive

It is often said that “as above, so below”; only that ‘‘above’‘ is the world we live in, whereas ‘‘below’‘ is the world of black magic and demons. Behind the everyday reality we experience, there is another plane of existence which is a lot more filthy and sinister: It is a world made of scythes, lancets, blood, dead body parts, skulls, soap dolls tied up with string or stabbed with knives.

The majority of people have the illusion that their kind is the zenith of creation. Only a few can sense there are countless invisible entities (spirits) around them, which affect reality a lot more effectively than humans do.

Spirits interfere in our lives in many different ways: they can materialize in various forms (animate or inanimate), or they can even possess an unsuspecting person and impose certain thoughts, ideas or behaviour on them.

More often than not, negative conjunctions of circumstances are preordained by invisible negative forces. A lost letter, the cancellation of an important appointment, an unwanted encounter could be attributed to such forces.

Secrets of power: The whole story goes down to the energy games played by humans: Success in life is not enough for the greedy; the others must be destroyed too. A castle in France is not enough for the “smart guy”; the others should be completely homeless. In order to secure that kind of success, certain people use certain means.

The co-operation with demonic entities and the use of black magic is the terrible secret of those in power – and it is very well hidden behind the mask of civilization and scientific advances. ‘‘Demonic’‘ luck, sudden wealth, impressive social ascent are often due to the use of magic and the co-operation with dark entities.

Even nowadays, in the age of technology, what really rules human society is magic. Those who practice it have all the success in life. Those who don’t use magic fail in everything. Magic is the common secret of the elite: Where strong will, high intelligence, special talents, vast knowledge and favourable circumstances are needed to obtain a desired result, the use of dark magic solves all problems instantly.

Nevertheless, things have been changing dramatically for some decades now, since more and more people, even from the lower classes, are recruited in all kinds of networks. In the New World Order, which is already here, most citizens belong to networks and share such secrets of knowledge. As a result, in the so-called developed countries the poor are getting fewer and fewer – in spite of their continuous grumbling over food and wages.

A basic purpose of religions and sects is to conceal the truth -that magic rules our world. When the victims of black magic ask priests or gurus for help, all they get is indirect criticism and guilt: “You have a bad karma” … “Your soul has chosen to suffer, so that you can learn” … “You are a sinner, that's why God punishes you” … “You attract misfortunes because you make negative thoughts” … “You have a weak will” and so on. Then, the victims are advised to pray or meditate on how guilty they are -and this may go on for years. In the meanwhile, black magic keeps working, years pass by and the situation gets worse and worse, while the victims are still trying to figure out what they have done or thought wrong.

Are you a victim of dark magic?

Here are some common symptoms:

1) Lack of energy during the day; a sense of fatigue that never goes away.

2) Wherever you are, the others maltreat you without a reason; or they behave in a strange way, which makes you feel insecure.

3) General misfortune.

4) You often feel thirsty and your mouth is dry, especially during the night.

5) While awake, you see black spots or dark clouds around; or your vision gets blurred suddenly.

6) You suffer from headaches that last hours every day; or you feel something like fingers pressing your temples.

7) You often feel a burden on your chest or shoulders; or itching, spasms, burns, stings on various parts of your body.

But it can get even worse:

8) Your career goes from bad to worse and you can’t really tell why.

9) Sudden unemployment, financial disaster.

10) Sleep disorders, such as insomnia or nightmares, almost every night. If the nightmare is concurrent, the case is even worse.

11) Even if you can’t remember the nightmare, you wake up with a start, out of breath and frightened.

12) Tormenting psychological problems that last: nervousness, desperation, anger, agony, panic disorder. In serious cases you come to think about harming yourself, or you attempt suicide.

13) You are diagnosed with serious mental disease such as schizophrenia, psychosis or severe depression; the doctor prescribes pills which won’t help you at all; on the contrary, taking them will only make your situation worse and worse.

14) Your skin gets a lot darker.

15) Suddenly there are too many insects (such as ants or spiders) which seem to raid your house. This could mean sickness or death of a family member.

16) Black magic can also cause mortal diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrest, leukemia, renal insufficiency etc.

If you experience half of the above symptoms or more, in all likelihood you are a victim of black magic and negative entities.

Take into account that the symptoms are more intense during full moon and new moon, and as years pass they get worse and worse.

Women become victims of negative forces more frequently than men, and they are more vulnerable during their period.

Practical magic

You certainly have the right to protect yourself from evil magic; for this reason I hereby mention a few traditional magic rituals which will relieve you without putting you or anybody else in danger.

The witch’s bottle

Buy a glass jar or bottle with a metal, screwing lid and throw inside the following: needles, pins, pieces of broken glass, basil, rosemary, frankincense, sage, rue, a clove of garlic, and three drops of your blood. Fill up with red wine. Then, bury the bottle in a flower-pot full of soil.

The witch’s bottle shouldn’t be kept inside your house; hide it at a safe place, making sure it’s kept out of sight (in the garden-plot of an abandoned building, for instance) and be careful not to walk by that place ever again.

Petrification of an enemy

If you feel you can no longer stand someone’s attitude, get a piece of white paper, write on it the name of the enemy as well as the name of his/her mother with capital letters (for example: JOHN SMITH, SON OF HELEN), and fold it in four. Then place it under a big, flat stone, somewhere in the dark, for example in a drawer or cupboard you no longer use.

Burn an enemy

When you feel desperation and anger seething inside you, take a piece of white paper and write on it the enemy's name and name of his/her mother, as described above. Then set alight the edge of the paper and focus your attention on the letters being burnt one by one, while you still boil with anger. As soon as the last letter is burnt (in this case J), you will feel relieved -as if the enemy were already out of the way.

The above described simple rituals won’t cause the enemy any harm; nevertheless, he/she will either disappear from your life or stop bothering you pretty soon.

Precautions against dark magic

- Don’t eat any kind of food offered to you by persons you don’t know well.

- Don’t wear clothes given to you by others, unless you really trust the person.

- Don’t trust persons (no matter how friendly they might seem) who offer you food and/or clothes all the time, yet they refuse to accept anything from you.

- Refrain from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and similar bad habits.

- Don’t give your full name, the name of your mother or photographs of yours to professional wizards and witches; such things make it easy for them to attack you with black magic.

- Mental diseases are usually due to dark magic and evil spirits. Antidepressants or antipsychotics only make things worse, since they render you passive and weak, opening the door to even more negative forces.

- The great majority of professional wizards and witches are charlatans who aim at emptying your wallet -and this is as good as it gets. Most of them are wolves in the guise of lamps: They promise to protect you from black magic, but all they really do is even more black magic against you, so as to cause you the most incredible problems (horrible nightmares every night, repeated negative omens, multiple misfortunes etc).

When you go back to them asking for help, they will terrify you with some dreadful, paranormal explanation and they will ask for more money; nevertheless, the situation will only get worse and worse; they will demand even more money, and so on, for as long as you live!

That’s why we often hear on the news that “Mrs Witch got x thousands of dollars from Mrs Victim in a few years”. Given the circumstances, the victims seldom find the courage to revolt and accuse the villain of fraud.

About white magic

Candles, incense, herbs, silly cheerful rhymes ‒ if you expect something like that to bear an effect, you will have to wait for a very long time. White magic is nonsense, there is no such thing. Is it possible to change the course of events just because you mix three herbs, light a candle and recite a pompous little poem? Certainly not. Such rites and rituals can do nothing but prepare you psychologically for carrying out black magic -which is the real thing.

Those who are not determined or courageous enough to perform black magic, resort to white magic at first. Some day their repeated failures will either discourage them for good or push them to dark magic -it is only a matter of time.

Moreover, there is no such thing as ‘‘breaking a spell’‘ because magic always acts as an addition, not as a subtraction. This means that a new spell will only add more (dark) magic on the affected person, either making the situation worse or replacing the old symptoms with new ones. Especially if you use certain kinds of ‘‘protection’‘ that are supposed to send magic back, then you will be in for a spiritual war you won’t enjoy at all…

More often than not, what we perceive as “magic” is actually a mystic science of extraterrestrial rulers, and it is incomprehensible to the human mind. Needless to say that only the ‘‘negative’‘, the ‘‘misfits’‘, the ‘‘sinners’‘ become victims of magic. Nevertheless, it is widely known that ‘‘dog doesn’t eat dog’‘.

A tool of divination

Traditional Cartomancy (fortune telling with cards) is carried out with an ordinary deck of 52 cards. In general, ♦ symbolizes blond persons; ♣ stands for dark-skinned people; ♥ represents brown-haired persons; ♠ symbolizes misfortunes or bad people. Here is the interpretation of cards:

Α♦ = a letter or news

Α♣ = success in business and/or finances

Α♥ = love, marriage

Α♠ = failure, misfortune

2♦ = a blond person’s bed

2♣ = a dark-skinned person’s bed

2♥ = a brown-haired person’s bed

2♠ = separation, divorce

3♦ = a blond person’s journey

3♣ = a dark-skinned person’s journey

3♥ = a brown-haired person’s journey

3♠ = a journey full of problems and sorrows

4♦ = a blond person’s house

4♣ = a dark-skinned person’s house

4♥ = a brown-haired person’s house

4♠ = hospital or court

5♦ = a blond person’s circle of friends

5♣ = a dark-skinned person’s circle of friends

5♥ = a brown-haired person’s circle of friends

5♠ = untrustworthy, bitter friends

6♦ = a blond person’s concern

6♣ = a dark-skinned person’s concern

6♥ = a brown-haired person’s concern

6♠ = confusion, anger, trouble

7♦ = a blond person’s near future

7♣ = a dark-skinned person’s near future

7♥ = a brown-haired person’s near future

7♠ = obstacles, delays

8♦ = a blond person’s words

8♣ = a dark-skinned person’s words

8♥ = a brown-haired person’s words

8♠ = quarrel, gossip, curses

9♦ = success, joy, fulfillment

9♣ = success in business and finances

9♥ = success in love

9♠ = illness or financial problems

10♦ = a pleasant trip

10♣ = good earnings, wealth

10♥ = engagement, marriage, a baby

10♠ = sorrows, tears, disappointments

J♦ = a blond young man

J♣ = a dark-skinned young man

J♥ = a brown-haired young man

J♠ = an evil young man

Q♦ = a blond woman

Q♣ = a dark-skinned woman

Q♥ = a brown-haired woman

Q♠ = an evil woman

R♦ = a blond mature man

R♣ = a dark-skinned mature man

R♥ = a brown-haired mature man

R♠ = a dangerous man, a villain


First of all, choose the colour of the interested person (♣ for instance), as well as the colour of his/her beloved (♥ for instance).

The interested person shuffles the cards and places the deck on the table, face down. He/she cuts in three, then gathers the deck together again, always face down, and gives it to the cartomancer. Of course, the interested person and the fortune teller may be the same person: you can tell the cards to yourself.

First method

The fortune teller lays four lines of nine cards each, drawing cards from the top of the deck, facing up now. Sixteen cards will be left in hand. Then the interested person chooses one of the laid cards (for example J♣, which represents himself); the cartomancer takes the first two cards from his/her hand and places them on J♣, face down; then he/she places two more cards face down on the diametrical card.

The same procedure is repeated three more times, the interested person choosing three more cards (for example 4♣, his house· Q♥, his lover· 2♥, his lover’s bed) and the cartomancer places two cards on each one of them, as well as on the diametrical cards.

In the process, the fortune teller reveals the concealed cards and interprets according to his/her intuition. For example: 6♠ and 3♦ on J♣ = confusion or anger caused by a blond person who will visit the interested person.

Finally, the fortune teller takes the 36th card and places it on the 1st one; the 35th one on the 2nd; the 34th on the 3rd and so on, and interprets the combinations.

Second method

After the interested person has shuffled and cut the cards as mentioned above, the cartomancer starts taking cards from the top of the deck and discards them, until he/she finds a card of the interested person’s colour (such as 3♣). He/she leaves it on the table face up, then draws from the bottom of the deck, leaves that card face up too, right next to 3♣, and interprets the combination of both cards. For instance 3♣ and 5♥ = the interested person will come in contact with the party of a brown-haired person.

Then, the cartomancer goes on drawing cards from the top of the deck again, and discards them until he/she finds another card of the same colour (such as 7♣). He/she leaves it under 3♣, draws from the bottom of the deck, leaves the new card next to 7♣, interprets the second combination and so on.

Third method

The interested person takes the card which represents him/her (such as J♣) and places it on the table. Then he/she shuffles the rest of the cards, face down, while concentrating on a matter (for example, work issues).

In the process, he/she cuts into three, gathers the cards again face down and chooses randomly eight more cards, which he places on the table face up, in this order:

6 2 8

4 1 5

9 3 7

The interested person (for example J♣) is placed in position 1.

Positions 9, 3, 7 represent the past -what has affected the matter.

Positions 4 and 5 represent the present -what surrounds the interested person.

Positions 6, 2, 8 describe the most possible future.

For example:

J♠ 7♦ 2♥

4♦ J♣ Α♦

Q♣ 8♥ 9♠

The past: The words of the brown-haired person to a dark-skinned woman about a financial or health problem has affected the present situation.

The present: The interested person will get good news in the house of a blond person.

The future: The blond person is likely to go to bed with the brown-haired person (in this case, the interested person’s lover). Beware of an evil young man who may affect the situation negatively.


The great majority of humans are biological marionettes, descendants of hybrids originally manufactured in the genetic laboratories of reptilian aliens who invaded the Earth thousands of years ago. As centuries went by, those hybrids blended with terrestrial humans, they cross-bred and undermined them methodically until the latter were completely wiped out. Real human beings became extinct thousands of years ago.

The human DNA consists of genes taken from terrestrial anthropoids and extraterrestrial reptilian beings – the latter providing them with intelligence and a talent for malice, intrigue and war. Most humans don’t have a problem with that; they get along fine since they have a common DNA, thus common mental, psychological and physical traits.

Psychic Vampires or Organic Gates

There are two basic kinds of human beings on earth: Psychic Vampires or Organic Gates (soulless human beings,) and Victims (animate human beings). Both kinds have the same lower chakras, the same structure of personality and the same biology; nevertheless, psychic vampires lack higher chakras, so they have to absorb spiritual energy from Victims. In this way, they can imitate animate humans and show intelligence and emotion, although they don’t really have such traits. Psychic Vampires are reptoid hybrids, that is they have more reptilian genes in their DNA. Victims, on the other hand, have more non-reptilian genes in their genetic code.

Since planet Earth has been under occupation of reptilian aliens for thousands of years now, the human societies have been programmed in such a way that a Victim will be faced with a lot more Organic Gates than Animate Humans within one’s lifetime. Even worse, when an animate human being is on their way to spiritual ascent, they get targeted by the reptilian control system and even more Psychic Vampires will come into their life. That’s why every time you ascend spiritually, certain people (Organic Gates who happen to be your friends, relatives, colleagues etc) will gather around you with a view to sabotaging you any way they can, stealing energy from you and driving you back.

Psychic vampires demand three basic things from their Victims: energy, time, attention. Therefore, the most evident characteristics of Organic Gates are the following:

a) They often ask you to do something for them: ‘‘Do this or that for me, for some reason I can’t do it myself” … “Go there and buy that for me, I have no time, or I don’t feel so well, poor me” and so on.

b) They constantly ask for money or gifts: “How beautiful this item is, will you give it me?” … “I am in urgent need for a certain amount of money, will you lend it to me” etc.

c) Psychic Vampires systematically launch psychic attacks (negative hints, offensive remarks, malevolent insults, all kinds of intrigues) against Victims. As a result, the latter think about the former continuously; in this way, Organic Gates steal energy from Animate Humans.

d) Organic Gates are very unpunctual: They always make sure you wait for them and they want you to consider this natural. So, they are usually late in an appointment or in finishing a job; or they invite you to a party and then they look down on you -and so on.

e) They accost you, they touch you, they caress or hug you at the first opportunity. More often than not, expansiveness is an indication of energy absorption.

f) Psychic vampires talk continuously, usually about themselves and how perfect they are in everything. They don’t allow anyone else to utter a word; if someone dares say anything, Organic Gates interrupt immediately by bearing the most irrational objections, or directly insulting or humiliating the interlocutor.

g) Many Organic Gates use black magic in order to achieve certain goals or harm a person they dislike. Most of them know a lot about dark magic, while they are immune to it. On the other hand, Animate Humans can’t perform effective magic rituals, while they are usually a target of black magic.

h) Favoured by evil forces and dark networks, Psychic Vampires are scandalously fortunate -despite their lacking real intelligence and talent. The great majority of rich and famous artists, politicians, scientists, businessmen etc are powerful psychic vampires.

i) The most skillful Psychic Vampires appear to be compassionate humanists. Without even being asked, they are always eager to help those in need, yet in such a way that the benefited feel always indebted and unable to pay off the debt. Organic Gates often belong to benevolent societies and they spend lots of money on charities – but they always make sure that their good deeds get widely known.

j) Nevertheless, they lack compassion; they are evil in heart and they take pleasure in other people’s misery, though they do their best to hide this.

k) Slyness, hypocrisy, intrigue: they excel in that.

l) They are extremely materialistic and they hate all kinds of spirituality.

m) They appear to be reasonable and normal, yet they are completely insane: They reply with a spontaneous objection to every reasonable sentence and they lack the ability of judgement. That’s why they usually stick to “positive thinking”.

n) Most of their friends and acquaintances happen to be sick, disabled, handicapped, unfortunate, complete failures, suffering from all kinds of psychological and mental problems.

o) Male psychic vampires express openly an extreme misogynism; females of the kind are very wanton and they adore submitting themselves to males.

p) Last but not least: Both males and females are extremely lustful; sex is like religion to them – and it is emotionless, brutal, usually anal sex.


So, mankind has descended from the stars and we are all considered to be starseeds, that is alien souls incarnated on Earth so as to accomplish a certain mission. Some people serve Good, but the majority serves Evil. Strong starseeds are more or less aware of their alien descent and they present the following general characteristics:

- They are attracted by spiritual matters, parapsychology and metaphysics, they get involved in such practices and they progress quite fast.

- They are also fond of mysteries, science fiction and fantasy.

- They bear a strong feeling they do not belong to this world.

- They face lots of challenges and extraordinary situations in life.

- They always have a strong desire to comprehend the meaning of their lives, why they have come on Earth.

- They often have lucid or vivid dreams of places and situations alien to this earth. Some of them often dream of fighting evil forces.

- They often have the impression of getting guidance from higher, invisible forces. Sometimes they dream of spiritual beings or aliens giving them advice or instructions.

However, not all humans are of the same extraterrestrial descent. There are many different kinds of starseeds, divided in two major categories according to their genetic origin:

A) Non-reptilian (the minority)

a) Pleiadian starseeds (descending from the Pleiades, an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus): They have and ‘‘angelic’‘, oval face and they always look pious, sweet, warm. The body is usually squashy, of medium height. They are calm, sensitive and polite persons, but they can’t stand criticism and they get too emotional sometimes. They seldom express anger or disagreement, they usually resort to crying and they often suffer from psychosomatic diseases. Although they usually wear a mask of self-confidence, they feel they aren’t smart enough and that their thoughts go nowhere. As they always want to have a good time, they usually side with the powerful; so, most of them lead an easy life in riches. Most people enjoy their pleasant company, but Pleidian starseeds aren’t to be trusted completely.

b) Orionic starseeds (descending from the constellation of Orion): Intelligent and sensible persons, with a dynamic personality and a talent for sciences. They have an angular yet symmetrical face, and they look serious and self-controlled. The body is usually tall, lean and sinewy. They tend to ask a lot of questions about anything and they always wish to gain more and more knowledge. They also like to examine people and situations carefully, which might make the others feel uncomfortable. They cherish privacy a lot, and they often resort to loneliness in order to balance their mind. In general they are quiet, polite, intellectual, efficient; yet, on this planet they use their bright minds to serve the System with an almost robotic obedience.

c) Andromedan starseeds (descending from the galaxy of Andromeda): They have an oval or oblong face, and they look thoughtful, uneasy, or troubled. The body is usually tall and thin. Since Andromedans are the greatest enemy of reptilians, their descendants on this planet are in a state of imprisonment; that's why they unconsciously seek freedom by often changing friends, jobs, interests, place of residence. However, sooner or later they realize they can find freedom only inside them. They tend to be critical, as well as self-critical; that's why the others usually dislike them. In a world governed by reptoid entities, Andromedan starseeds always feel uncomfortable, isolated and threatened -not without a reason: Wherever they go, they are usually faced with hostility, contempt and injustice. Sometimes they are burdened with genetic faults, as well as psychological or neurological problems.

B) Reptilian (the majority)

a) Reptoid starseeds (descending from the constellation of Serpens): The face is usually triangular, with high cheeks and piercing, ‘‘snake-like’‘ eyes. In general the body is lean, strong, supple, easy to work out. They often excel in sports and gymnastics. They look quite charming, which conceals their evil, paranoiac minds. Reptoids are full of malice, slyness and lust; they have a natural talent in engineering plots, they take pleasure in deriding and fooling others, they cause trouble and confusion everywhere. They yearn to arrest everybody’s attention and they usually manage to do so. Sex is the meaning of life to them; they are very materialistic and they hate all kinds of spirituality. They often get very rich and successful in life, since they eagerly join all kinds of networks and obey orders without a question.

b) Dracoid starseeds (descending from the constellation of Draco): The face is wide, almost square; they have arched eyebrows and oblique, cunning eyes. They are self-confident and arrogant, as they strongly believe they are superior to the other people. The body is strong, with well-built muscles and a tendency to gaining weight. They are bellicose, power thirsty, cruel, of criminal and parasitic nature. It is them who rule all types of networks and rackets, constantly plotting intrigues and causing all kinds of problems to people they consider inferior; yet, they always make sure to give an impression of being humane, law-abiding citizens. Most politicians are of this descent.

c) Voö*tedian starseeds* (descending from the constellation of Boötes): The face has the shape of a drop, with fleshy cheeks and a pointed chin. The body looks strong, sometimes chubby, of medium height. They are gifted with a magnetic personality and a lot of self-confidence. They also have an innate talent of influencing people around them, always showing a mask of friendship, understanding, sincerity, spirituality and logic. They are excellent actors; it could take years for someone to see who they really are: deep inside they are greedy, corrupt psychopaths. They fit easily in all kinds of rackets and networks, they will even resort to black magic in order to harm anyone they dislike. Money seems to chase them, so they get wealthy without even their realizing how. They often work as civil servants; sometimes they win in lotteries or inherit fortunes.

d) Arcturian starseeds (descending from the solar system of Arcturus, in the constellation of Boö tes): Beautiful, attractive persons with oval faces, regular features and well-built bodies. The women are curvy and fascinating. They usually have blond or red hair, a fair complexion, blue or green eyes. They are of artistic nature, extrovert, self-confident, charming. They like talking a lot, usually about themselves, attracting everybody's attention. They are experts in making a good impression, since they know how to show a very convincing face of goodness and modesty. Yet they are extremely ambitious, greedy, egocentric and insincere. They get high positions in networks and rackets very quickly, so they earn lots of money at a young age. Nevertheless, they are never satisfied; they always ask for more and more, finally ending up neurasthenic and unhappy -often without a reason. Most actors, singers and performers are of this descent.

e) Sauroid starseeds (descending from the constellation of Lacerta or Saura): The face is ugly, with a big mouth and bulging, far-apart eyes. The body is slim or skinny, usually ungraceful. They are characterized by avarice, greed, shallow emotions, lack of analytical thought. Although they aren’t intelligent enough to get special qualifications or high education, they usually manage to ascend in the hierarchy of a company quite fast, thanks to their natural talent in intrigue. They don’t have to work very hard so as to become rich for they seem to attract wealth almost miraculously. These people are a perfect example of the proverb “Don’t look at my wry legs; look at my good luck instead”. However, they usually pretend to be poor and miserable, because they hate offering the slightest thing to others; they also do whatever is needed to hide they are involved in all kinds of underhand dealings and rackets.

Note: Due to multiple cross-breeding over the centuries, the ratio of terrestrial to extraterrestrial genes differs from person to person. Some people may have more genes of a certain alien race, yet the majority of human beings are hybrids, that is a combination of two, three, or more races; this means it is too difficult to characterize them. The more genes one has in common with the reptilian extraterrestrial rulers, the more favoured they are by “The God of this World”, thus fortunate in life.

In general, reptilian starseeds are more perfect genetically than non-reptilian, because the Matrix allows them to evolve freely, generation after generation. Moreover, they don’t feel the cold so much, that’s why they don’t have to wear many clothes during the winter: the temperature may be near 0º C, but they go around in short-sleeved T-shirts.

The strongest criterion of ‘‘who is who’‘ is a person’s financial condition: The more money one has, the more likely they are to descend from reptilian races (Serpens, Draco, Boötes, Arcturus, Lacerta).

Symptoms of DNA awakening

The great majority of people don't even suspect what's going on; they just feel worried, insecure or even depressed -often without having a serious problem. On the other hand, more than never before, those who have developed a better awareness may experience certain symptoms due to DNA awakening:

1/ Too much stress, anxiety, uneasiness, often without a specific reason.

2/ Shooting pains which come and go.

3/ You often wake up in the middle of the night and you stay awake for a couple of hours, having the impression you have dreamed of something very strange.

4/ Hypersensitivity to the environment: For example, you can’t stand certain sounds such as loud TV, voices, stereo music, human crowds.

5/ You can no longer bear certain activities most people enjoy: gossip, work, public relations etc.

6/ You have a strong feeling you don’t belong to this world and you don’t want to be in it any more.

7/ Your whole life seems to be reaching an end: Friends disappear; your business no longer seems interesting enough; certain hobbies and activities you have enjoyed for years no longer interest you.

8/ You are often scared or depressed because strange things happen to you all the time, unusual conjunctions of circumstances which are invisible or incomprehensible to the ordinary man.

9/ Many of your dreams are quite realistic, with a sense of adventure and a complete plot.

10/ Extraordinary experiences, strange coincidences, negative signs, recurrent visions or nightmares, have turned your life into a never-ending nightmare.

11/ You often feel you are losing your mind; you have the impression you are mentally ill.

12/ You feel you have broken away from the human herd, its God and its angels. You no longer believe in the “God of this world” and you seek the truth.

13/ Despite the incredible difficulties you encounter, you get the impression of controlling the situation better and better, while learning precious lessons from it.


“The more we do to you,

the less you believe we are doing it”


*The 3*^rd^ World War has already started, probably since the year 2000, and it has been escalating year after year. Up to now this war isn’t waged with conventional or nuclear weapons; it is mostly psychological and psychotronic. In general, it is a subtle war that usually takes the form of personal, financial, psychological or psychic problems which afflict specific persons. The world economic crisis is a basic aspect of this war, since financial difficulties affect human psychology in a most negative way.

The victims of this war aren’t targeted by guns or bombs; yet they suffer all kinds of misfortunes, social isolation, failure in business and finances, as well as weird mental or psychic disorders. Since such problems can’t be solved with friendly chats or antidepressants, each victim experiences their personal hell all alone.

On the other hand, some other people experience exactly the opposite: Sudden social and financial ascent; outstanding success in business; happiness in love and family; and a scandalously good luck day after day. These people live in ‘‘paradise’‘; the paradise of the reptilian “god” who rules the Earth.

Contrary to the impressions deliberately given by the mass media, the target of this war aren't ''the many'' (reptoid hybrids) but ''the few'' (especially Andromedan starseeds), those who haven't been accepted by networks. This subtle but vehement war is intended to isolate, exhaust and exterminate the unwanted non-reptilian humans who still survive in this world. It is well known that ever since the economic crisis began, there are a lot more cases of depression and suicide -in Greece for example.

Only a few people suspect and even less know there are certain methods of (mind) control used on the human masses nowadays – such as gang stalking, targeting with electromagnetic waves, or even microchips implanted in human bodies. Such implants are too small to detect and too difficult to remove.

Those who have negative micro-implants in their body, are under continual surveillance. Their brain functions can be remotely watched and controlled by super-computers, since modern microchips are transmitters and receivers of low frequency radio-waves.

Targeted individuals may be manipulated in many different ways: their thoughts and emotions can be altered; they may become too aggressive or too passive; they are likely to develop a strange, disagreeable behaviour; their sexual life can be affected in unnatural ways, so can their dreams – and all this without the victim suspecting anything.

The super-advanced technology of our time allows the connection of every human mind to supercomputers and satellites. The latest computers of the American Secret Services are already powerful enough to survey the population of the whole world. It won't be long till all people will be obliged to have microchips implanted in their bodies -this time consciously. When this happens, the whole mankind will be entirely controlled by dark centres of power. This all leads to cruelest worldwide dictatorship the earth has ever known.

Nowadays the human society is controlled by three basic factors: a) social networks which include almost all citizens nowadays, b) microchips implanted in all human bodies, c) electromagnetic waves targeting certain persons. Therefore, it is true that the worst enemies are inside us; but foreign forces place them in there. The whole case presupposes a way of thinking which is not human, as well as a superior technology which is not terrestrial; in two words, the rulers of mankind are aliens.

Gang stalking

It is the systematic surveillance of a targeted individual by network agents (persons who belong to networks). The victim is watched day and night, all their life being controlled and restricted in many different ways.

Example: A dozen of agents, strategically placed along the road, are lurking for the victim to appear so as to cause them trouble .

Network agents are recruited from all walks of life, they obey orders unquestionably and they get special rewards: a good job, a high salary, a wide social circle, etc. Over the years they destroy the victim, making them look stupid or insane, leaving them without any livelihood, slowly driving them to mental disease or suicide.

Types of gang stalking

Not all victims face the same situations. Here are some typical indications that someone is the target of systematic surveillance:

1) “Street theatre”: A group of network agents put on an act before the surprised victim, seemingly following his/her thoughts and humiliating or distressing the person. These “performances”, which take place (almost) every day, cause a feeling of constant surveillance and guilt to the victim, slowly driving them paranoid. The targeted individual is watched wherever they are, indoors or outdoors. The agents may even move house so as to live in the victim’s neighbourhood or precinct. They might also bug one’s phone, house, or computer. This is how most ‘‘respectable citizens’‘ earn a good living nowadays: they may as well have an underpaid job in some insignificant company, but they earn a lot more thanks to such “street theater” or other underhand dealings they eagerly take part in.

2) Sensitization of the victim to an annoying stimulus: This is usually achieved via neurolinguistic programing or gang stalking. Within a time span of months or years, the victim is sensitized to a negative stimulus which recurs over and over again, day after day, and is used as systematic torture. Such stimuli could be voices, noises, music, colours, patterns, actions: red, white, black, slamming doors, whistling, mobile phones ringing, loud coughing, or certain trigger words (“death”, “hell”, “devil” etc) which could give specific negative impressions to the victim, such as of guilt and punishment.

3) Slander and isolation of the victim: This can be achieved with continuous slander and lies being spread within the victim’s social environment. Neighbours, friends and colleagues learn that the target is a thief, a drug addict, a whore, a lunatic etc, so he/she must be watched and controlled all the time. As a result, friends disappear one by one, whereas network agents take up the victim’s social life. Such ‘‘friends’‘ are always rude, bossy, untrustworthy, taking special care to make the target’s life miserable.

, so as to give an impression of going mad or being insane. The target may experience many negative experiences and coincidences everyday, all carefully arranged by network agents; the victim may even hear ‘‘voices in the scull’‘, which cause nervousness, uneasiness, fear, strange reactions, or even paranoia. The targeted individual becomes irritable, nervous, querulous, disagreeable, queer; as a result, the others begin to avoid them.

5) Disruption of everyday life (“misfortune”): Multiple negative occurrences such as concurrent delays; flat tyres; accumulation of garbage in the target’s yard; deprivation of sleep due to repetitive annoyances around the victim’s house; strange coincidences which happen all the time and make the target feel insecure; objects change position ‘‘miraculously’‘ or are nowhere to be seen in the house; gangs of strangers make fun of the victim on the road; mobbing at work; alienation of friends and so on. Such events may seem not so harmful to a third person, but if they go on for years they might cause serious psychological problems to the victim.

6) Sonic war [* is carried out in many different ways: noisy tools that function for hours every day -and this might go on for years; never-ending repairs at the surrounding buildings; loud music from neighbours' balconies, for hours every day; doors slamming every minute; dozens of dogs in yards around the victim's house, all barking wildly for hours every day, etc. Sonic war can make the victim's life miserable, as it disrupts not only their everyday life but their sleep as well. *]

7) Economic control: No matter how hard the victim works, they can never earn more than a basic salary; in fact, it is as if every cent of the target were counted, so that they aren’t able to earn more than a specific, ‘‘allowed’‘ sum of money.

8) Chronic unemployment: After years of systematic mobbing, the target quits or loses their job. Then, their name is written in a ‘‘black list’‘, so they can’t find another job anymore. If they are allowed to get another job, it is always inferior to their qualifications, and they are subjected to mobbing again. In the end, the victim is deprived of any livelihood; therefore they may end up destitute, homeless, in a mental clinic, in prison, or even in suicide.

9) Physical harm or death: By causing driving or other accidents, network agents may drive the victim to disability, chronic disease or death.


Most people may find it hard to believe, but nowadays there are various types of electronic devices which can alter the functions of the human mind and body from a distance. Such machines are defined as psychotronic weapons and they belong to the Blue Beam Project. They include VHF generators, transmitters of electromagnetic waves, supersonic vibrations, X-rays etc, and they can cause obsessions, illusions, cell mutations, dementia, loss of will, diseases, or even death.

The Blue Beam Project is related to HAARP and it is a top secret military program which can affect a person’s thoughts, feelings, perception and behaviour. Low frequency electromagnetic radiation (ELF) is used by the ‘‘illuminated’‘ elite, so as to control human minds. Such radiation could make someone passive or insane, without their even suspecting so. Moreover, an affected individual may experience a condition of altered reality, since they may as well see or hear things that don’t exist in reality.

The majority of individuals targeted by psychotronic weapons are single women who live alone and they happen to be very independent and intelligent. Targeted men are a minority – usually those who deviate from the stereotype of the typical, aggressive male. This means that psychotronic war also concerns the war of the sexes, since it targets and neutralizes independent women and inoffensive men -persons unwanted in a patriarchal world. In general, the individuals who are mostly targeted are those who don't have many non-reptilian genes in their DNA.

Basic symptoms of electromagnetic attacks

Symptoms caused by ELF radiation may differ from person to person, depending on wavelength and frequency. Here are some typical examples:

1) Mind control: Brainwaves are similar to electromagnetic ones and they can be read by special satellites, which can receive and decode the brain waves transmitted when someone talks, thinks, acts. This allows control of one’s thoughts, emotions, impressions, behaviour; even the subconscious can be read and manipulated. More specifically:

- The victim finds it difficult to concentrate or remember things, as their mind can be blocked for some seconds, or even minutes.

- The targeted individual often feels dizzy, confused, and has a sense of weakness that lasts.

- Certain thoughts and memories can be erased.

- Dictated thoughts and ideas come over and over again but lead nowhere.

- Sometimes network agents have the potentiality to look through the victim’s eyes, so they know exactly what the victim sees moment by moment.

2) Synthetic telepathy or “Voices in the Scull”: Network agents using psychotronic weapons may converse with their victims incessantly, day and night. A special computer, equipped with a learning ability and a synthetic voice, gradually takes over the target’s mind. This keeps the victim irritated, confused and constantly tired, gradually driving them to depression, obsession or paranoia.

3) Silent synthetic telepathy: The victim doesn’t hear voices but they are unable to control their own thoughts and feelings, as the same trains of thought are repeated again and again, word by word, causing certain impressions and feelings. In this way, the victim becomes obsessed and ends up talking by themselves on the road, giving the impression of being crazy.

3) Strange co-ordinations with the television or the radio: Paradoxically, the victim’s thoughts often seem to be coordinated with what’s on TV or the radio. Some targeted individuals are certain that the actors or newscasters on TV imitate or harass them. Some others experience answers to their thoughts, as if the actors were reading the victim’s mind.

4) Recurrent nightmares that seem to convey certain messages or threats. They are usually triggered by repetitive negative coincidences in real life (which are not coincidences at all), they cause a lot of mental anguish to the victim and they might go on for years or decades! They usually appear after a very stressful period, after someone has begun to analyze and surpass the problem in everyday life.

This is why mental diseases are actually incurable: The primary cause doesn’t lie in the patient; it lies in the Invisible World. Psychiatrists claim that such dreams derive from the unconscious, so they can’t be wiped out because nobody can control the unconscious. However, they will advise the patient to take strong antidepressant pills or drugs for schizophrenia, which will only make the problem worse.

5) Sleep disorders: [* About 40% of American citizens complain they don't get enough sleep nowadays. Sleep deprivation is a typical first step to mind control and it is usually achieved with sonic war or psychotronic weapons. In special cases, the target faces one or more of the following problems: *]

– Recurrent hypnagogic and/or hypnopompic hallucinations: Scenes that come right before sleeping or after awakening, while the victim is still awake with eyes shut. Such scenes are usually frightening and distressing, making the victim feel scared and threatened by invisible negative forces.

– While in bed at night, the target sweats a lot, or has palpitations, or suffers strong pain (as if of arthritis) which may interrupt their sleep.

- A sense of pressure on the head, usually on the temples, as if fingers were touching there for several seconds.

- When the victim wakes up in the morning, they feel tired as if they had not slept at all.

- Somnolence during the day; insomnia at night.

Such conditions often become chronic, gradually exhausting the targeted person. Tranquilizers and sleeping pills not only fail to help, but they also render the victim more susceptible to the influence of psychotronic weapons.

6) Physical, mental, or psychological systematic torture such as:

- Pain in various parts of the body, which gets worse and worse as years go by, due to ICT implants or electromagnetic radiation.

- A sense of the brain being ‘‘cooked’‘ or electrocuted, usually after the victim has experienced an unusual, negative, or frightening incident.

- Sudden pain in the heart or chest.

- H igh body temperature that lasts -many times in a day.

- A sense of fatigue and sleepiness that never seems to go away.

- Electronic sexual ‘‘rapes’‘ during sleep, probably due to ICT implants.

- Eyes that itch or blur often.

- A persistent sense of disorientation and/or confusion.

- Strange buzzing, tapping, or even musical sounds, which often annoy the victim; yet, one can’t tell where they come from.

- Headaches that last for hours; sudden pains on the back of the head.

- Libido disorders: Asexuality, homosexuality, sexual obsessions that prevent the target from having a satisfactory love life.

- Difficulties in speech and syntax; the target finds it hard to express feelings and thoughts orally.

- Weakening of the immune system, leading to serious diseases which may become hereditary.

- The targeted individual may have a heart attack, a stroke, or other medical issues which may send them to hospital or death.

7) Alarming paranormal phenomena such as apocalyptic visions, apparitions, ghosts; or sightings of demons, aliens, angels, balls of fire etc. Similar visual experiences with eyes closed, yet while awake, are also possible. Such experiences aren’t pleasant but even if they are, they won’t be for long: it is a matter of time until they change to negative, so as to bring the victim into a state of continuous fright, confusion, despair.

The influence of implants isn’t always negative; it may also be positive. A person can be considered to be pro or contra the system, depending on their DNA: If somebody has more non-reptilian genes (intelligence, sense of justice, goodness, a critical mind, individuality), the implanted nanochips will be programmed against the carrier: they will block one’s mind, making the victim look retarded or light-minded; they will make a person feel weak, timid, confused, unable to take a correct decision; they may affect one’s love life negatively; they can even cause physical, mental or psychic diseases whatever will prevent the victim from living a fulfilling life. At the same time, the people around the targeted individual will be programmed by their own implants so as to maltreat and sabotage the target systematically, any way they can, without even their realizing what they do, as if they were biological robots.

On the other hand, i[* f somebody has more reptilian genes (slyness, a natural tendency to plot intrigues and serve injustice, lack of common sense, wickedness, an instinct for herding, voluptuousness), the nanochips implanted in their body will function in their favour: they will provide the carrier with unexpected talents and inspirations; they will also make the person sociable, confident, fascinating and attractive to the opposite sex. At the same time, the people around will be programmed by their own implants so as to like, love and obey that person -no matter how awful a character a reptoid hybrid can be. *]

The story begins at school

As soon as a child goes to school for the first time, they suddenly find themselves in the middle of an ocean of faces – pupils and teachers who surround the innocent creature and influence them in innumerable and uncontrollable ways.

Every human being is expected to take a certain position in the social hierarchy right from elementary school. We often hear than a person goes to school so as to learn. This is a lie. A person goes to school so as to be learned.

While in elementary school , a child does learn some useful things such as reading, writing, arithmetic, geography and history. Nevertheless, the most important thing school offers to society is the careful surveillance of the young persons, so as to figure out how well each pupil can adjust themselves to the herd -if a child can become one with the herd. Nowadays, since most mothers work, surveillance and herding begins at nursery school.

Question A: Who watch the children?

High networks, the elite, those in power. Teachers take part in all this passively, the majority of them without knowing what’s going on exactly.

Question B: How are surveillance and control carried out?

Mainly with microchips secretly implanted on every individual at a very early age -probably right after birth. Vaccines, injections, medical treatments and so on serve this cause as well. Implants not only give information about each child moment by moment, but they also affect the young person's mind and behaviour, so that the unwanted ones are located and isolated before even finishing elementary school.

Question C: Who are the unwanted ones?

Those who don’t have a strong instinct for herding, so they keep their individuality even when they are at school.

While in high school , children come in contact with a huge bulk of information which they have to memorize if they want to move up. A 99% of this information is useless. Modern pupils study and study, yet they learn nothing of importance. However, nowadays everybody moves up with a ''very good'' or ''excellent'' on their certificate. This happens because education is not what really matters in high school; what really matters is something else: It is during those years that strict social hierarchy begins to form within the society of pupils. There is still continuous surveillance too, but control is considered a lot more important so as to isolate and reject any undesirable or unadaptable individuals.

For this reason, systematic gang stalking begins during adolescence and it aims at the neutralization of undesirable individuals, gradually turning them into mentally disturbed losers. In high school ''bullying'' is the most common kind of gang stalking and it certainly serves the system; that's why everybody -pupils, parents and teachers- tolerate this unacceptable situation and they make no determined effort to tackle the problem. As a matter of fact, all we hear from “specialists” is how unhappy the perpetrators are and how nicely they should be treated! As years go by, bullying becomes more and more violent and widespread; nowadays it has become a sort of epidemic in most ''civilized'' countries.

While in university, networks begin to reveal themselves: Those who have finally been allowed to get into University, soon get a clear invitation for recruitment in a network. In case someone refuses to join a “fraternity” or “sorority”, they will never get a diploma – let alone the other unpleasant consequences such as social isolation, gang stalking, targeting with electromagnetic waves etc. It goes without saying that the great majority of students agree to join such networks without giving it much thought, since they have already succeeded in passing through the screen of high school.

As about “higher education”: Most of those bulky university books contain nothing but incomprehensible nonsense which is impossible to learn, even if someone really wanted to. Let’s be frank: Those who graduate aren’t really so studious or such geniuses…

Who are network agents?

Anybody may be recruited in a network, no matter their race, age, gender, or social class. Targeting with psychotronic weapons and gang stalking is usually the work of neighbours, friends, even family members. The modern family man, used to leading an easy and secure life, is eager to do anything in order to make sure they and their offspring have enough money and a good social status. Besides, if they refuse to join a network, in all likelihood they will become a target -or, even worse, their children.

Modern citizens have come to believe they are very important persons just because they belong to some network. Most of them suffer from the ‘‘syndrome of God’‘, and as years go by they get more and more paranoid:

- they believe they know everything

- whatever they hear, they are always ready to bear an objection

- they think they are omniscient geniuses

- they demand to win always, in everything, even if this is entirely irrational

- they strongly believe they are “the hand of God”, with the right to harm the “inferior”ones: those who haven’t proved to be clever enough to belong to a network.

- it is impossible to reason with them, no matter how much understanding and adaptability their interlocutor shows

Possibilities of reaction

Virtually none. The innocent victim is unable to avoid electromagnetic harassment, since the human body is vulnerable to all frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, while it is also a natural electromagnetic transmitter.

Unfortunately, electromagnetic waves can’t be blocked by walls; limited protection can be achieved with the use of aluminum plates, water or vacuum. Nevertheless, even if a target manages to get some protection, the agents can change or increase frequencies, they can attack from a different angle, they can energize another implant in the victim’s body, and so on. Therefore it is not at all simple to protect oneself from psychotronic attacks; it takes a lot of courage, patience and experimentation.

Moreover, there is no support for a targeted individual: When the victim informs the others about their negative experiences, they are automatically labeled as paranoid, insane, mentally disturbed. The authorities are actually party to this conspiracy, so they are entirely indifferent to what the victim suffers.

[* When the target sees psychiatrists, they diagnose dementia, psychosis, paranoia -that sort of thing. Sometimes victims are obliged to accept a stigmatizing diagnosis and take the wrong drugs, just because they wish to get their pension at last. A targeted individual may also be forced to go to a mental hospital, where they lose all their human rights. *]

Self-defense for targeted individuals

  • Follow a healthy diet: Don’t eat red meat more than twice a week. Avoid canned or processed food; preservatives will deteriorate your situation.

  • Daily physical exercise will make you feel better, stronger, and more aware of yourself.

  • Abstain from alcohol as much as possible: It stays in the bloodstream for 24 hours, so it worsens the symptoms of negative implants; it’s also likely to cause you nightmares or other sleep disorders.

  • Smoking and drugs do even more harm.

  • Talking on a mobile phone for long will affect your nervous system and deteriorate your symptoms. Use it only when it is absolutely necessary and no more than two minutes every time. Avoid any use at night.

  • Do not keep a cactus in your house or garden. Strangely enough, these plants are rather negative and they deteriorate any situation due to ELF and implants.

  • Do whatever it takes so as to get rid of people who make you feel miserable: Change jobs, friends, move house if necessary. Toxic persons (psychic vampires, reptilian starseeds) are poison to your soul.

  • Try to tackle your problems without using certain products such as lava rock, tachyon, scalar energy items, orgonites, crystals, or other ‘‘miraculous’‘ devices promising to relieve your symptoms. Such objects won’t help you much; in fact, they usually do the opposite of what they are supposed to do.

If you are a target of gang stalking:

In any case, don't show fear or sorrow. The best thing to do is ignore the perpetrators entirely. Pretend they do not exist at all. If you are harassed too often, you may also react dynamically: Make faces at them; swear at them; call them names -but don't get too aggressive. In all probability the perpetrators will shut up and go away; such people aren't used to being made fun of; they are used to being admired and worshiped, no matter who they are and how they behave.

If you suffer from recurrent nightmares and/or hypnagogic hallucinations:

  • Avoid certain kinds of food such as caffeine, meat, spices, dairy products, fried food and pop corn in the evening: such products are hard to digest at night, therefore they could cause you nightmares, sleep disorders or unpleasant hypnagogic hallucinations.

  • Too much TV deteriorates the quality of sleep: You had better not watch TV more than 90 minutes per day, and no later than 22:30 at night. If you suffer from recurrent nightmares or hypnagogic hallucinations, do not watch TV at all.

  • Computers and Internet can do even more harm; don’t work on your computer after 6:00 o’ clock in the afternoon. In general, all electronic devices equipped with a screen (such as computers, TVs, mobile phones) affect the nervous system and stimulate negative implants, causing all kinds of sleep disorders or other distressing phenomena.

* This may seem to be odd, but watching a DVD in the evening will worsen your night problems; so will listening to CDs, -yet there is no problem when you listen to cassettes.

  • Do not go to supermarkets after 6:00 pm; strangely enough, their lighting seems to aggravate situations such as recurrent nightmares, hypnagogic visions and other sleep disorders.

  • Do not read texts written with light-coloured letters on black paper for they excite hypnagogic hallucinations.

  • Do not read in bed before sleeping at night.

  • Never watch TV while lying in bed, especially at night.

  • Any sexual activity before night sleep will make your symptoms worse. You can wait till the morning, can’t you?

  • Avoid sleeping on your back during the night.

  • The table clock shouldn’t be near your head; anything functioning with a battery will deteriorate your condition at night.

  • Do not stay up later than 11:30 pm.

  • Wake up early in the morning, no later than 8:00 o’clock.

If you experience frequent negative signs such as: negative words (death, hell, stupid, fail), sinister objects (dead animals, old knives, black cats, etc) or unpleasant coincidences which make you feel miserable, don’t panic and be brave enough to write them down.

Then be on the alert for the opposite signs (words such as life, heaven, clever, success; objects like young animals, white cats, etc). You may be surprised to find out that the negative and positive signs are almost equal in number -therefore they mean nothing.


As you can see, most of the above instructions contain a “Do not” or an “Avoid” -and there is no need to wonder about it:

If you want to find happiness, do not wonder what else you should do; you had better wonder what you should no longer do.

Do not ask yourself what else you should acquire; ask yourself what you should get rid of.

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