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the ugly is you

The Ugly is You

By James Maffei

Copyright © James Maffei 2016

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get in line
and bleed with the rest of us
the idea cuts deeper than the blade
you’re apart of something larger than yourself
you can only become what you put in
it’s as real as you make it out to be

close your eyes and prove yourself
you’re bound to lie stripped with your enemy
be the lord and the savior
be the thorn in his side
you too can be hymned into the pack
the ugly is you

join in with like minds
give yourself up for the greater good
be the center piece of the picture show
go out with a bang
bleed for the gathering
burn out with an audience

it only hurts if you allow it
it can be beautiful
or it can be vile
if you can make it to the center
it could be worth your while

you’re only as weak as your neighbor
you fear the razor like you’re supposed to
you ache like you’re supposed to
you wither under scrutiny
you too can die amongst the crowd
you too can be hung upside down

your mind starts to counteract
there’s nothing you can refute
you’ve been silenced before your turn
tied up until you crack
you become the mockery
the ugly is you pretending otherwise

the ugly is you

  • Author: James Maffei
  • Published: 2016-06-30 11:05:31
  • Words: 244
the ugly is you the ugly is you