The Truth About Christmas

The Truth About Christmas


Brent Adams

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My experience with Christmas

One of my favorite memories as a child came one Christmas. I am not the kind of person who goes looking for presents, except during that one Christmas. That Christmas I wanted a bike incredibly bad. I went so far as to search my mother’s bedroom and closet. Nothing the size of a bike, anywhere. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Very Disappointed. I figured I’d have to pretend like I was happy with whatever I got and find a way to survive my childhood without the bike I desperately wanted.

Well….. my mother had it hidden in her closet, I just missed it. I don’t know that I have ever been so happy or excited about a gift. I loved that bike for as long as I had it. A truly magical Christmas moment for me.

There have been so many other great Christmas experiences. The excitement of my young children on Christmas eve. The sound of their little feet running with excitement. The look in their eyes when they received the gift they really wanted. Enjoying meals with family and friends. Those family get-togethers were always so much fun.

The thought of celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus, was humbling. The Nativity scene, wise men bearing gifts, holy songs, and the magic in the air. And the song, “Little Drummer Boy,” love that song and the emotions it brings.

But once I found the out the truth about Easter, I thought I needed to look into the truth about Christmas too. Below is what I found.

A Little History

The first celebrations of a winter solstice appears to be during Viking times. The Yule celebrations were based on Odin coming back to earth to give bread to the poor. People would leave their boots outside and bread would be left for them. The people would then have a feast celebrating Odin.

Santa Claus/St. Nick

Nicolas was born in what is now southern Turkey. At the time it was under Greek authority. His parents raised him as a Catholic and he grew to become a Bishop at a young age. He was known for using his inheritance to help the needy, the sick, and the poor. He focused a lot of his attention to children and sailors. He spent time incarcerated for his Christian beliefs.


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The Truth About Christmas

As a Christian who loved Christmas, I decided to challenge my belief system and find out the truth behind our Christmas celebration and traditions. Instead of finding Bible based support of Christmas, I found the pagan based birth or our holiday. In fact, my beloved Christmas was completely pagan based. Turns out I've been deceived by this holiday my whole life. Sad but true. Come learn of the origins of Christmas and what our traditions really mean. A short reading that could make you question your belief system and find the truth.

  • ISBN: 9781311463364
  • Author: Brent Adams
  • Published: 2015-12-14 20:20:07
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The Truth About Christmas The Truth About Christmas