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The Troubled Town

The Troubled Town

A story about being nice, helpful, and caring towards others.

Story by Dylan Davidson


It was a town with people who lived their own day to day lives and kept to themselves. People awoke each morning with their own individual routines. They did things like going out for some quick breakfast for themselves or sometimes even just spending a quiet day at home by themselves was a possibility. Mostly everyone had their own things going on for them. Nearly each and every person had their own hobby and never really cared much about what anyone else was doing during the day. It was rare for people to worry about holding doors open for other fellow townspeople, or help them out with their dropped stuff, not many compliments, or happy greetings such as good morning were said out in the town either. One child however was different from the others his name was Brock. He was a very and truly kind person. Every now and again Brock would enter his classroom in school and leave a pleasant gift such as a basket of fruit on his teacher’s desk. For him being nice just felt right and he liked showing people how much he cared about them. If Brock saw trash such as a candy wrapper lying in the hallway he would pick it up and throw it into a trashcan because he thought it was the right thing to do. Other kids in the school thought it was strange and they asked Brock if he got into trouble and if the teachers were making him pick up trash. Brock replied “no just trying to be helpful and clean up the hall.” The kids replied back “the janitor can do that it’s his job.” Brock commented that if there is something helpful he can do that he will do it. The kids began finishing eating their snacks and then when they were done threw their wrappers on the ground by Brock’s feet. “There” said one of the kids. “If you like cleaning so much then pick those up.”

It didn’t bother Brock and he calmly picked up the discarded wrappers and threw them away. However deep underground the actions of the mean kids began causing trouble. Tucked away in a snug cavern a fuzzy blue Troll began tossing and turning in his sleep. The Troll’s hair began getting very poofy and turned in a darker blue as he struggled to stay asleep. Now back in the town it was a cool fall day and Brock was raking up leaves for one of his neighbors. The mean kids from his school stopped to talk to Brock. They asked him how much his neighbor is paying him to rake up all those leaves in the yard. Brock said he is doing it for free because he noticed the neighbor had twisted their ankle and figured they could use some help. The mean kids said he should be getting paid and shouldn’t be doing it for nothing. Brock replied but they got hurt and should be resting. The kids said “it’s their own dumb fault that they got hurt.” Brock told them it was his choice to help and continued raking up the leaves. The kids told Brock that they were going to knock over his pile of leaves. Brock said they shouldn’t be mean to others. The kids ignored Brock and knocked over the pile of leaves Brock had been raking all day. The kids rode away and Brock calmly began raking up the leaves into a new pile. Things in the deep underground cavern were anything but calm. The fuzzy blue Troll’s fur has now turned red. The Troll has also gotten a major headache and has begun hearing loud sirens inside his head. The meanness in the town has also changed the Red Raging Troll’s vision. The Troll can now only see the world around him in only the color red, so the sky, the trees, and everything else around him is all the color red.


The Troll is now a Red Raging Troll. The Troll being mad and angry has decided to wreck up the town. The Troll grabs his big boom exploding box and goes into the town. The Red Raging Troll smashed windows, knocked trees down, flipped over some cars, stomped around in gardens, and broke some toys. The city is overwhelmed and shocked by the wrecking of the town. The Mayor is now speaking at a press conference to talk about the news of the Red Raging Troll and tells people to call her office if anyone has any idea of how to calm the Troll down. Brock being the caring boy he is decided to research the mysterious Red Raging Troll to help out the town. Brock went to his computer and sat down ready to research information about the Troll, but first he decided to watch some funny cat videos. After he was done watching videos Brock got to researching the mysterious Troll who wrecked up the town. Eventually Brock found out the Red Raging Troll was first a Peaceful Blue Troll but the continued meanness of the town caused both his fur color and personality to change making him into the Red Raging Troll. Brock searched online for the phone number for Mayor’s office and when he found the number he called to tell the Mayor about the Troll. The Mayor’s phone rang a few times before she answered it. Brock calmly told her about the Troll, he kept his voice steady and talked very clearly when explaining what he had just learned. The Mayor didn’t want to believe such a young kid but she could see out her office window just how wrecked the city has become because of the Troll.

The Mayor was also impressed at how calm and clearly Brock spoke to her over the phone. The Mayor spoke to Brock and said she will be over his house, so that they can work together to fix the problem that the town is facing. Brock replied “that sounds great” and followed by telling the Mayor his address.

The Mayor soon arrives at Brock’s house in her black limo with lots of cameras all around taking pictures of her and video recording her walking to the front door of Brock’s house. Brock welcomes the Mayor into the house and asks her to follow him to his computer to see all the information about the Troll he had found out online. The Mayor sits down and reads through the information and asks Brock if there is any way to calm the Red Raging Troll down and get him to go back to being the Blue Peaceful Troll again. Brock explained that the way to calm the Troll back down to his old self is by being friendly, understanding, and kind to fellow people. The Mayor tells her assistants to spread the word. Soon press and news conferences help to spread the word and people begin to help one another. Even though some people already fixed the windows to their house they still go out and help others who have not yet fixed their windows. Others who don’t know how to fix windows instead bake muffins and pour glasses of lemonade to give out to people who are hungry or thirsty. Children who had their toys broken are being given toys to replace the broken toys. Trees and gardens are being replanted, houses are being painted, and people are smiling. The mean bully kids from earlier in the story find Brock and tell him that they are sorry for being mean to him before and will be nice to him for now on. Brock says how much he likes it when people are friendly and nice, which is why he also tries to be friendly and nice to others, so that they may get that same happy feeling. The Mayor looks around and sees that the city is now fixed. The Mayor walks up onto a wooden stage towards a microphone to make an announcement. The Mayor let’s everyone know that the town is now fixed and it is thanks to everyone’s effort. The town could not have been fixed without everyone working together and being so helpful.

Lastly the Mayor thanks Brock who was the one who lead the effort to restore the town. The Mayor calls Brock up to the stage and gives him the key to the city as a reward for all his hard work. Brock says this award is really everyone’s and hopes people will continue to be kind to each other. The mayor also says the Red Raging Troll who wrecked the city should now be a Peaceful Blue Troll because of everyone being so caring off the people and things around them. All of a sudden the Troll appears in front of the large crowd of people. The Troll is wearing a long purple robe with a big hood over his head and his box of big boom explosives beside him. The townspeople all start to huddle together and slowly take a few steps back from the Troll. The Troll picks up his box of big boom explosives and turns it towards the crowd. At this point everyone is scarred because the Troll just wrecked up their town. The cameramen point their cameras at the Troll and they can see he has a big smile underneath his purple hood. The Troll now finishes turning his box of big boom explosives around and on the box the word fireworks is written. The Troll pulls down his hood and everyone can see that he is not a Red Raging Troll anymore but is now back to being the Blue Peaceful Troll. The Blue Peaceful Troll no longer has a headache since the loud sirens in his head have stopped and his vision is also back to the way it was before and he can now see all the colors of the rainbow, just in time too because the Troll starts lighting his fireworks into the sky for everyone to enjoy and celebrate a happy ending.

The Troubled Town

  • ISBN: 9781370708017
  • Author: xDukeDylan
  • Published: 2017-02-12 07:50:10
  • Words: 1698
The Troubled Town The Troubled Town