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The Trials of Time Book 1 The Lost Love

The Trials of Time

Book 1

The Lost Love


By B.E. Crittenden


Published by B.E. Crittenden at Shakespir

Copyright 2015 Billy Crittenden

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination and used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Any similarities to use in businesses, other books, video games or movies are unintentional. There is no religious, political or moral agenda in this work of fiction. In no way was it intended to offend any person’s views or beliefs.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Cool Desert Night

Chapter 2 Terra

Chapter 3 Politics

Chapter 4 The Lost Love

Chapter 5 Death of Zion

Chapter 6 The Transformation

Chapter 7 Destruction

Chapter 8 Redemption

Chapter 9 Understanding

Chapter 10 Secrets of the Universe

Chapter 11 The First Return

Chapter 12 Home Again

Chapter 13 Love Conquers All

[]Chapter 1 A Cool Desert Night


We pulled into a small country gas station outside Alpine Texas at about mid-day. After filling the tank of the SUV we walked inside. A very old man was sitting behind the counter. As we walked up to the counter he slowly stood, leaned over the counter and reached out to shake my hand.

“Bill Smith.

I shook his hand, “Marcus Perrin and this lovely lady is Adora Donato.”

“Nice to meet you folks.”

He then reached out and shook Adora’s hand. She shook his hand with a smile.

She said, “Nice to meet you too.”

Bill asked, “You folks tourists?”

I answered, “We are both professors at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I am an Astrophysics professor and she took the easy route and just teaches Physics.”

Adora and I looked at each other with a smile.

Adora stated, “We were actually just headed to my home town. But I decided we would be tourists for a few hours.”

“Where are you folks headed?”

As we both got a soft drink out of the cooler Adora replied,” We are going to San Antonio, but we are going to take a detour down to Big Bend National Park for a little sightseeing first.”

Bill said, “Beautiful country out there. Nice and quiet this time of year too, no tourists yet. That will be thirty two dollars and eighteen cents please.” I paid him.

Adora said, “My family used to go there when I was a child. So I will be his tour guide. That hunk of desert holds some fond memories for me.”

“That sounds nice. You know every place is more beautiful when you see it with the one you love.” He smiled and winked at Adora. “Now you folks have a good time.”

He made a slight grunting sound as he sat back down in his chair.

I said, “We will, thanks for everything and have a good day.”

Adora added, “Yes, thanks a lot.”

He just nodded and waved as we were walking out the door. Later that night I was gathering wood. I walked up as Adora was just getting the fire going.

I stated,” I am so sorry. I didn’t even check to see if the spare tire had air in it before we left.”

Adora said, “It’s alright. Someone might come by. If not it will be like a little camping trip. I’m sure someone that works down at the park will be by in the morning.”

“Do you think I should try the cell phones again?”

Adora threw the last of the wood on the fire.

“Don’t worry about it, have a seat.”

I sat down and leaned against a large petrified log next to the fire. Adora straddled me and sat on my lap. Then she gave me a long kiss. She put her forehead against mine and looked into my eyes.

“I love you Marcus Perrin.”

I smiled, “I love you too, Adora Donato.”

A big grin came over her face.

“My parents are going to love you too. You are the perfect man. Good looking, great job, nice…,” She gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. “Sexy.”

She looked deep into my eyes and noticed I was not sharing her enthusiasm. I had a worried look on my face.

She gave me a confused look, “Is there something wrong?”

I looked at her with a concerned look,” I haven’t been totally honest with you.”

“What?” She quickly stood up. “That is not exactly a sentence I want to hear coming out of your mouth right now. I’m about to take you to meet my parents. We have not come close to fighting or had any problems in over a year. This is not exactly the time I want to start. What have you not been honest about?”

“Look it’s nothing bad…technically. I haven’t lied to you; I love you with all of my heart. I just haven’t told you everything about my past.”

I looked at her with a look somewhere between concerned and sad.

“Ok. You are not exactly the outlaw type. I’m sure it can’t be that bad. Just tell me.”

I sighed and looked down at the ground for a moment. I had dreaded this moment since the day we had met. But I had to be honest with her. She would find out eventually. I looked up at her.

“Well…I’m not sure exactly how to put this. I do not truly understand it myself. It’s just that I… I guess…to you… technically…I’m an alien.”

“What!” Adora had a look of shock and disbelief. “An alien… you’re joking right? Please tell me you are joking?”

I looked at her with a serious look, “No I am not joking. Technically by definition, I am an alien. I am human physically. But my people did not evolve on your Earth.”

Adora started to pace back and forth. I knew she was freaking out. If not for the fact that she would be introducing me to her parents the next day, she would have probably been much calmer. I really should have told her sooner.

She frantically said loudly, “An alien! I can’t believe this. I finally think I’ve met the perfect man and he tells me he’s an alien. On the day he was going to meet my parents no less. I can’t believe this. I dated a guy once that said he was abducted by aliens. But you got one up on him. You think you are an alien. Maybe you’ve met. Have you ever anally probed a guy named Steve?”

At that moment I decided to just prove it to her. She was not growing any calmer thinking I was a total nut case. I was looking down at the ground during her rant. I looked up, pointed at her and turned my hand palm up. At that moment Adora’s entire body flipped upside down. She gave a little scream of shock as this happened. She just hung there in mid-air breathing heavily. She looked at me with a shocked look on her face.

I calmly said, “Please, just let me explain.”

She looked up at her feet and then looked down at the ground. Then she looked at me again.


I slowly turned my hand palm down and as I did this she turned also. I lowered my hand slightly and her feet gently rested on the ground.

I said in a very solemn tone, “I am sorry about that. I just needed to do something so you would know I’m not crazy. Maybe alien wasn’t the best term to use. I meant like someone from France is an alien. I am from Earth. As far as I know I am human exactly like you, even though technically that is not possible. But I am not from this world…not from this Earth. But I do love you. Please if nothing else, believe that. I love you and I would never hurt you.”

Adora calmed down a bit, but I knew she was still shocked. She was still a little scared because of what I had done.

She said in a confused tone, “I don’t know what to say. At first I thought you were crazy. But right now I think maybe, I am crazy. I mean… that’s impossible, that could not have just happened right. Did that just happen or am I losing my mind here?”

I stood up and walked over to her.

“The one thing I have feared is that this would change things between us. That you would stop…” I could not even finish the sentence. I looked at her with desperate eyes. “I love you with every ounce of my being. If telling you this changes how you feel about me I will never forgive myself. I could have kept this from you, but you would eventually figure out that somethings not right. I don’t actually breathe. I have to concentrate and act like I’m breathing around you at times. I cannot be harmed. You would eventually realize that I can’t be cut or bleed.” I paused for a long moment thinking of the horror my next statements brought me. “I love you. I will spend the rest of your life trying to make you happy. But I will never get older… I will never die. And even though I hope this will never happen. I may just disappear one day and never see you again.”

Adora just looked at me for a long time and finally said,” I don’t know what to think about this… but I do love you. I don’t know why, but I have loved you from the moment I met you. I really don’t know what to say…or what to do.”

I looked down for a while then said, “The truth is I do not know what I am. But I do know I love you. And I know this will sound crazy, but we knew each other on my world… my Earth. You even had the same first name. You were taken away from me millions of years ago. I have found you again. And I know it is not just a coincidence. Whatever power has let me exist all these years has brought me back to you. And I do not want to lose you again.”

Adora said in a confused tone with a furrowed brow, “I don’t understand. How could you have known me millions of years ago?”

I looked down at the ground for a few moments thinking. It was not simple to explain. I thought it would be best to just start from the beginning. I reached out my hand.

“Come and sit with me.”

She slowly took my hand and we walked over near the fire. I sat on the ground with my legs crossed Indian style. I looked up at Adora.

“Please sit here.” I motioned for her to sit in front of me. “I will show you my past. Your mind will connect with mine. Everything I describe you will see.”

She sat down in front of me Indian style. I reached out and took both of her hands into mine.

I said, “Close your eyes.”

At that moment I connected her mind with mine. Anything I envisioned she would clearly see. She could see a view of Earth from space. Except that instead of the continents she is used to seeing. It was a planet with one large continent. It almost covered the entire planet on the side she was seeing. As she watched the view slowly moved toward the planet and broke through the clouds.

I said, “This is Earth… 250 million years ago. We called the planet… Terra.”


[]Chapter 2 Terra


As the vision I was showing Adora broke through the clouds she could already see a huge city that sparkled in the sunlight. It lay almost in the center of the continent and covered over one million square miles. Despite its massive size it was still just a small shining disc on the face of the continent of Pangea. As the vision moved closer it could be seen that the entire continent was green. No deserts existed at that time and there was only one huge lake northeast of the city. Once the city was in view it could be seen why it sparkled so much. All of the large buildings were made entirely of metal. The roofs of the building were polished chrome and the reflection from the sunlight was blinding.

“This is the city of Zion. It was my home until I was thirty five years old. The chrome roofs were meant to reflect the sunlight and make it easier to cool the city. We did not experience seasons like you do on earth now. The moon was much closer and kept the planet more stable than today. Only the small polar ice caps ever saw the effect of the small wobble that occurred. As you can see the mass of the continent was centered at the equator. Only after it split apart did the northern continents rise from the sea to become as large as they are today.”

As I remembered the city the vision moved below the roof tops and into Zion. The buildings were painted in various colors, but much of it was dull polished metal. All the buildings were solid metal and designed to last forever. There were no cars or vehicles, only a large network of over ground trains could be seen. They looked like the solid white bullet shaped monorail trains of Seattle, but they moved much faster. There were no streets, just walkways everywhere. In between the buildings where streets would be in a normal city there were just large lush areas of trees and other vegetation. In some places there were large reflecting pools in between the buildings that stretched out for hundreds of miles. The pools were called Amaras and normally were only half a mile wide. This still gave enough surface area that there appeared to be another city in the depths. The water was blue and calm at most times. The beautiful imagery was only occasionally broken by the more massive sea creatures that called the Amaras home. Each Amara was a self-sustained ecosystem that was created to house many of the exotic sea creatures that existed on Terra. Tall glass walls were on both sides of the Amaras. Despite their beauty, many of the massive dinosaur-like creatures were quite dangerous. Giant glass bridges crossed the Amaras and gave people a way to safely view the creatures below them.

The streets were full of people walking along the walk ways or waiting in large groups to board trains. They were all dressed in almost the same light colored clothing. Even though all the outfits were different, the colors were so similar that you would have to look closely to realize they were not wearing the same thing. I was showing her the Zion I remembered. So as the vision traveled through the city Adora could see the first clues of what our society had become. She let her curiosity speak.

“The city is beautiful. But why are there only women on the streets?”

“What you are seeing is the Zion I remember. The only Zion I ever truly knew. Our society developed much like all societies do. We started out as a young warlike species, still trying to shake off the animalistic violence from our early evolution. This is hard to do and even the most advanced species still have that animalistic violence lying dormant in their DNA.

As I found out later, many species do not completely suppress the violence in there nature until the mother half of their species becomes equal in their society. This is what happened in our society before I was born. The male half has a killer instinct from millions of years of killing animals or other people to survive. Violence and the killing of your own species is part of your evolution until it is no longer necessary. Your bodies must evolve to realize that the killer instinct is no longer needed. Because of a mother’s instinct to protect her offspring it is easier for her to evolve a basic respect for life. In most societies it only takes the mother half gaining a foothold in a society’s political structure to bring about peace. After many generations of peace the warlike nature is removed. This is a successful formula that has existed in the universe for billions of years. But nothing is without flaws. Life does not always travel down the correct path. Sometimes it takes only one individual to guide an entire species down the path to destruction. This is what happened to my people. At the point in time I am showing you now my people had lived in peace for over three thousand years. I must take you back to the earlier times of our society to show you what truly went wrong.


[]Chapter 3 Politics


I began showing Adora a time before I was even born. Even though I had only read of it in books or seen footage of it in digital videos, because of the powers I possessed I could truly take her there. As I educated her on my history, I too saw things I had never seen before. I showed her Pangea in the days when many cities covered the lands. Roads webbed out across the land and electrical vehicles moved down them. The large transport vehicles looked like trains and some were almost a mile long. Small bullet shaped car-like vehicles crowded the roads moving at incredible speeds. The vehicles were computer controlled and accidents rarely happened. As the millions of personal vehicles moved down the massive fifty lane highways they looked like lines of ants quickly moving around the much slower transport vehicles. Over twelve billion people lived on Pangea at that time. We were depleting the continent’s resources but had finally achieved peace. Slowly we would reduce the population and create a world of true beauty. A world where no one lived in fear… and no one died at the hands of their own people.

“As you can see things were much different in those days. At this time our people had just achieved worldwide peace. Time began to be measured from the start of the peace treaties. The term AP was used, standing simply for After Peace.”

As I showed her a vision soaring over the continent the cities began to disappear and lush green forests took their place. The dinosaur type animals returned and herds covered the plains. I showed her the construction of Zion. The city was developed in many different stages. It started out as many cities until they were all joined together to make the great city of Zion, The City of Hope. As the vision I was showing her came to a conclusion the great city was complete. It took over one thousand years to build. I then showed her the future of the utopia we had created. As I spoke to her she could see everything I was speaking of.

“This is the year 3,200AP. Our people had used probes to study the farthest reaches of our solar system. We had developed the technology to transform nuclear radiation into electricity. This allowed for an almost endless supply of energy. It was very safe and could propel vessels up to twenty times the speed of sound. Using gravitationally assisted propulsion we were able to safely reach one hundred times the speed of sound. But it had a major drawback because of the danger of hitting debris. You could not simply steer a spaceship away from objects at those speeds. Many crafts were destroyed and lost. The space projects were a short lived interest of the people. Like many societies we were more worried about enjoying ourselves in the here and now. My people turned their energies inward and continued developing our perfect society. But perfection eluded us. Something we thought to be impossible happened… war.

One of the large sectors of Zion called Targus had formed a radical political group called the Aidree Autis. Targus Sector was the base of the space program and had control of all our space vessels. They used the ships we had developed as tools of war. We had no weapons or military because of the peace so they easily took over the entire city. Eventually people within the Aidree Autis group overthrew those in power and order was restored. Laws were implemented that kept people in power from having programs that were not observable by all of the people. If these laws had already been in effect the Aidree Autis would have not been able to take over.

This was a sad event in our history that most wanted to forget had even happened. Even though we implemented the transparency in government laws, the space program was abandoned forever. Most flying vehicles were dismantled, only leaving the shells behind to be viewed in museums. The only ones left in service were the ones that serviced the science stations on the moon.

These events had a major influence on our political structure. It had been a female dominated government that had brought us peace and then it became more equal over the years. Because the Aidree Autis were a male dominated group this influenced the future elections. Once again our people voted more women into the government. They simply thought it would help maintain the peace.

At this time we also decided to change our society dramatically. We had controlled our population, but now we would reduce it greatly. It was thought that a smaller population would be easier to control. During this time the population was reduced from about ten million down to one million people. This was done by simply limiting the amount of offspring each couple could have to two, one boy and one girl. Eventually people were allowed to have more children if needed to maintain one million at all times.

We truly did live in a utopian society. No one had to perform hard labor. Technology did all the work. Even agriculture was performed by the touch of a button. But idol time created boredom. By 3,500AP many political opinion groups began to form. Seemingly to escape the boredom and so people could feel they were a part of a unique group or movement. Two groups became the largest. They formed the main two political groups at the time. The Expansionist, that believed we should return to the old ways. They believed we should increase the population and create cities across Terra once more. The other group called themselves the Traditionalists. They believed we should continue the controlled life which had given us the level of luxury we all enjoyed. The Expansionists were a male dominated group, while the Traditionalists were female dominated.

In the year 3,592AP a woman named Deidra became the leader of the Traditionalists. A woman named Lamia was her second in command. In 3,998AP, Lamia left the Traditionalists after a much publicized disagreement with Deidra. She was said to have changed her position on the fact that we should not expand. She joined the Expansionists and after ten years in the group she became their leader.

In this same year Deidra became the leader of all Zion. Soon after she was elected leader she staged an epidemic. It was thought that a disease was ravishing our society. Many men and women came down with an incurable disease and died. It destroyed eighty percent of our population in a little over five months. When our people died they are put in a machine that reduces them to nothing by destroying every cell individually. As you can see it looks as if lightning is striking them, but it is actually an electromagnetic form of energy that destroys each cell one by one. During this five month period new machines had to be made and these machines were running constantly to dispose of the bodies. It was a hectic time and the chaos of what was happening consumed every person’s life. All had friends and loved ones that died. Because of the constant deaths many experienced depression and overwhelming anxiety wondering if they would be next. Suicide became common place and added to the death tolls.

When the epidemic was over only ten thousand men were left alive and two hundred thousand women. Deidra quarantined the men. She said that since mostly men died they all may still have what caused the epidemic. Deidra’s plot was discovered and Lamia led the campaign to bring her to justice. Deidra and many of her advisers were killed in this process. Lamia then took over as the new leader of Zion. Even though it was thought she was the liberator. She imposed martial law and kept the men isolated.

Because of the peace we had no weapons or police. But Lamia had produced weapons to remove Deidra from power. She used the same technology as the machines used to dispose of the dead. With only a small army of five thousand women she could easily control the entire city. It was later found out that Deidra was actually just a pawn in Lamia’s own plot to gain power and impose her beliefs on the people. Lamia became a dictator that could not be opposed without fear of death. She had a very short reign of power, but that was long enough to destroy my people.”


[]Chapter 4 The Lost Love


Even with all the knowledge I had gained during my years, as I showed Adora what had happened to my people new truths were revealed to me. I grew to understand the events better.

“After these horrible events Lamia would show how insane she truly was. She reduced the male population by extermination to one hundred men. I was twenty five years old when the epidemic took place. Only the youngest, healthiest and most well educated men were allowed to survive and be a part of the one hundred. Even pre-adolescent boys were exterminated.

We were meant to be saved for procreation only. They were planning on removing sperm surgically for this purpose, but this program was never even used. We were not kept in inhumane conditions. We all had our own living quarters. There were also recreation areas and libraries. I was allowed to continue my studies of astrophysics. I was even able to use the moon based telescopes via a computer to look at planets and stars. For ten years I lived in isolation with the other men. Our only contact with women was the guards that ran the isolation area.

At that time I became acquainted with one of the guards. I will show you one of my fondest memories. The day we first spoke to each other.”

This was the first time Adora truly understood what I had tried to explain earlier. I was sitting at a large computer control panel on one side of my all white room. I was excitedly punching keys and saying, “Yes, yes, I knew it.” I had made a great discovery.

My lost love… my Adora from Terra walked into the room holding a feeding tray. Not only did they share the same name, they looked identical. She sat the tray down by another full tray of food that was already there and slowly walked up to me. I was still so excited that I did not even look at her.

She said, “You know, you cannot keep doing this. If you do not eat they will think you are sick and might dispose of you.”

“I do not think so. I believe I am about to prove that men are still a valuable resource to this world. Look at this.” She leaned over and looked at what was on the screen. “Do you study astrophysics?”

“As much as is required. I understand the readings. Why are you so excited about them?”

“Because I have discovered that there is a galaxy that will collide with ours. After ten years I was finally given access to the long range telescopes. We will never live to see it happen. But this is something that should at least prove to them that men are of some worth.”

I finally looked at her. She just smiled at me. I was taken away by the compassion in that smile. She looked at me with a consoling look.

“I am afraid they discovered that over a year ago. Soon after the improvements to the moon telescopes were installed. They do not put updating the men’s knowledge base in their library at the top of the list of things to be done.”

It was as if she had sucked the life right out of me. I truly did believe it would show the worth of men. I truly did want our society to change.

“My name is Adora. I am sorry Marcus. But if it brings you any comfort I will tell you something you can speak of with no one.”

I looked at her with curious eyes.

“There is a movement on the rise. Soon a rebellion will come. Even the people under Lamia’s command are plotting against her. We are all hoping that this insanity will soon be over.”

I was shocked to hear this. But it gave me much more hope than wishing that my little discovery would change things.

“That is wonderful. I long for the days when I can walk down the streets of Zion once more. To travel the countrysides… to simply be free again.”

“I hope you will be able to do that within the next year Marcus Perrin. I truly do.”

She smiled at me and slowly walked out of the room.

Adora said to me, “She looks just like me. Sounds just like me. Are you truly showing me her the way she was?”

“Yes. This memory is etched into my brain. I have relived it a thousand times. As you will see. We spoke many times.”

I showed her flashes of the meetings I had with the Adora of Terra. We talked, we laughed… and one fateful day… we made love. An event that should have brought joy to a man and a woman. For us it soon turned into a nightmare.

“That was one of the most joyous and terrible events of my life. As you can see she became pregnant. There were no ways to have an abortion in Zion. Because of monitors that scan the city, soon they knew she was pregnant. After they found out she was arrested. At this same time Lamia had also found out about the revolt. In one last act of insanity, she sealed my people’s fate.

Lamia’s scientists had been working on cloning techniques for many years. At the time they thought they had perfected it. She called all the women together into the great stadium. She used the fact that I had gotten Adora pregnant as an excuse to terminate the remaining men. She announced to them that the men were no longer needed and told them what she was going to do. Even though it did not make sense she could not be opposed. The women cried out in outrage but there was nothing they could do.

Adora and I were made to stand and watch as the men walked into the modified body disposal machine and were killed one by one.”

The machine had a circular shape and stood up right so that when the men walked into it they were framed by it as if they were in a picture. It looked as if they were being struck by lightning from all sides and it quickly ate them away until they were gone. It happened so fast they did not even have time to gain a look of pain.

“After all the men were killed, as if to confirm she was truly evil. Lamia made me watch as they killed Adora. I have never felt a pain so great.”

As we watched the vision I had to once again relive that pain. We watched as she was led into the ring, she had shackles on her hands and feet. The shackles on her feet were attached to the platform so she could not escape and the guard walked away. She was crying as she looked down and held her stomach. The machine was activated and in a second she was gone. I screamed and dropped to my knees crying. The guards forced me onto my feet and led me to the ring.

“As I was standing in the ring my last thoughts were of how all of this was my fault. I had caused the extermination of the men. But in those few moments that was not what was truly important to me. It was the fact that I had caused Adora and our child’s death. When I found out she was pregnant I was horrified that it would become known. But deep in my heart I longed to be with Adora and hold our child in my arms.”

We could see the tears in my eyes as I stood there awaiting my death. I looked down and softly said to the universe. “Please forgive me.” Then there was a flash of light as the lightning ate away my body. I looked down and saw the restraints lying at my feet. As I looked around at the people they were listening to Lamia make a final speech of how this was the start of a great new era for our people.

As I stood there trying to comprehend what had happened, a guard walked up and gathered the restraints. Then she walked right through me as if I wasn’t even there. I watched as all the people left. And then I just stood there alone feeling the sorrow of losing Adora.


[]Chapter 5 Death of Zion


“I had no idea what had happened to me. We had given up on the idea of having a soul long before those days. This was the only explanation I could think of at the time. But I could not understand why I was alone? Where were the other men that were killed that day? Where was Adora? After I was executed I wandered the city. I did not know why I was there, how I survived or what I had become. I searched the city, but found no one. I felt that this must have been a curse for bringing death to so many. All I could do was watch as our people slowly died.

Lamia was merciless when she put down the revolution. Anyone who was even thought to be involved was killed on the spot. After the first twenty years it was realized they had made a grave mistake. The cloned women’s eggs could not be used to clone more women. If they could produce a clone that survived, its lifespan would rarely be over ten years old. They never reached adolescence.

They saved all the eggs that the remaining women produced, but this only insured the survival of my people for a short time. Lamia had been too thorough in her destruction of the men. She did not even save DNA from the men. Her scientist tried to make artificial male DNA, but the clones it produced would not survive to birth. And they did not have enough eggs to spare for experiments.

Knowing that our entire population would die anyway they did not even try to bring Lamia too justice. At that point no one cared. Most were sick from depression. Suicide became common place and reduced the population greatly. It was the same as during the staged epidemic, the body disposal machines were used often.

Lamia called the remaining population together for an announcement she said was of great importance. As I walked through the streets the women seemed to be excited. They thought that maybe a way was discovered to bring back the men. The last fifty thousand women gathered together in the same stadium used to execute the men. There were not enough women left to fill the stadium.”

As we watched Lamia step out onto the balcony and walked up to the podium. She looked around at everyone with a crazed look in her eyes but said nothing. She then simply walked around the podium and climbed onto the balcony wall. She held her hands straight out from both sides and plunged to her death. The only emotion the women in the audience showed was frustration and disappointment for Lamia having wasted their time. They simply walked away.

“After Lamia committed suicide nothing changed. No one even tried to fill her position. A leader was no longer needed when all you were doing was waiting to die. The suicides remained common place. I wondered through the city for seventy years watching as the population dwindled away. The remaining women refused to let their eggs be taken for clones. They did not want to bring a child into the world just to watch them die young. The cloning stopped.

Each time someone died and I knew of it I would stand by their side. I hoped that they would become like me. I thought that if they did I might find reason in what was happening to me. But when they died I saw nothing. As I watched the last woman die, I still hoped she would become like me. But after the light faded from her eyes… I was truly alone.”


[]Chapter 6 The Transformation


“I decided I would leave Zion. I walked out of the city with the intention of never returning. If I had to continue a cursed existence it would not be there. I walked west. The sun rose and set many times as the days past. I finally reached the ocean and the sun was setting. I remember looking at the sun and it was just beginning to touch the ocean on the horizon. I intended to walk into the ocean hoping maybe this would bring me death. As I entered the water I felt the strangest thing… resistance. I could feel the water and it was hard to walk thru just as it was when I walked into the ocean to swim as a child. I reached down, cupped my hands and they held water. I was solid again. I looked back at the beach and I could see that halfway across the beach I had started to leave footprints.”

We could see that I was overcome with joy. I splashed in the water like a child screaming, “I’m alive, I’m alive.” Then a look of realization came over my face.

“It was at that moment that I realized nothing had changed. I was still alone, all the people were dead. I thought that maybe it all had been a dream, maybe none of it had happened. This thought made me very excited and I ran back towards the city. All that I could think of was getting back to the city. As I ran faster and faster the excitement built up. Then the thought of being in the city overwhelmed me and suddenly I was there.”

We saw me turn into a streak of light and travel across the land. I reappeared as a streak of light in the city. I hit a tree at such an incredible speed it toppled the small tree. The momentum only stopped when I slammed into a metal wall. This should have killed me. It should have broken every bone in my body, but I was unharmed, not even a scratch.

“When I survived hitting the tree and the wall I knew something was still not right. I was not alive. I at least was not a mortal man again. Then it occurred to me that I had traveled thousands of miles in mere moments. Once again I was left wondering what it was I had become. The city was still empty. No one could be seen. I thought about the woman I had watched die. I wanted to see if she was still there. I thought of being at her side and at that very moment I was. She still laid there lifeless.”

We watched this happening and could see me turn into what seemed to be a thick beam of light. As I traveled the beam of light did not always move in a straight line. When I entered the building where the woman was laying it actually curved around walls. I never traveled through anything solid.

“She was still there confirming to me that it was not a dream. That is when I noticed the time piece on the wall, exactly eighteen hours after midnight. I thought of being back at the ocean and I was there. I was able to easily control the moving. The sun seemed unchanged on the horizon. I realized that not only had I traveled thousands of miles in mere moments, but time had stood still while I traveled. When this was happening I had the strangest sensation as if I was turning from mass into light. The thought of what was happening was overwhelming. I looked back towards the city, with a thought I was there. With a thought I went to the top of the highest building instantly and looked out over the city. I looked across the horizon at the highest mountain top and with a thought I was there. I felt as if I could do anything. I looked up at the sky and with a thought I was standing in space looking down at the planet. I could see the moon on the other side of the planet and with a thought I was there. I sat there on a mountain on the moon and contemplated what was happening.”


[]Chapter 7 Destruction


“As I sat there looking down on the planet I first noticed that I was not breathing. The thought never even crossed my mind as I stood in space. I reached down and picked up dust and rocks in my hand. But when I poured it out, no dust stuck to my hand. It was as if I existed without existing. I thought I had become alive again, but this was not life as I understood it. It is hard to explain. But even though I could not understand this, other things became easy for me to understand.

It was then that I realized why my people did not survive. It was like the crocodiles or alligators of your Earth. They have existed for millions of years, unchanged except for their size. Even though they are smaller they have changed very little. It would seem that because of their longevity they are one of the most successful species on Earth. But they are not. They are in fact failed evolution. At one time they were one of the more advanced species on Earth. But they had traveled down the wrong evolutionary path. By not evolving correctly they are now a lower life form and have failed in the evolutionary process. To survive into the future they will need a higher evolved species to take pity on them.

Even though my people were more advanced than your people are today, we too were failed evolution. We were doomed to death because we stopped evolving. All species must continue evolving in order to survive in this universe. To expand out into space was the next step. We thought we could live on Terra forever and never broke free of our dependence on the planet. When we decided to explore space we still had a chance. But because of the fact that we abandoned the space program we sealed our own fate. In time the planet would destroy us. My people had evolved down the right path, but did not choose correctly how to use the knowledge we had gained. We were doomed because we had missed our chance to escape the wrath of the planet. If we had applied our technology to being able to survive outside the planet we would have survived. For some reason I just knew this to be true.

As I sat on the moon and these realizations came to me I could see a dark cloud rising from the surface of Terra. I returned to the planet and it looked as if the continent was splitting in half. Our city was built near the center of the continent. It was the thickest part of the crust and thought to be the most stable. A rift opened up east of the city at a northeast to southwest angle. Even though it stopped expanding and was only a few miles wide, it spanned almost half the length of the continent. As you can see the ash and lava covered the city.

As I was watching this I could not help but think my people’s own self-induced destruction was more humane. If they had survived, they would have been cooked alive in the metal buildings. I returned to my perch on the moon and contemplated what all this meant.”


[]Chapter 8 Redemption


“As I sat there wondering why this was happening to me I could not get past the fact that it all seemed necessary. Oddly the confusing part was that I was not confused. I knew the destruction of my people was inevitable. That I was still there for a reason and I had to keep this from happening again. But how could I keep something from happening that had already happened.

As I pondered this my head became flooded with thoughts. In a few seconds everything I knew of my people’s history flashed before my eyes. Everything I had studied, the stars, the planets, the galaxies. The stars and planets kept racing through my head over and over again. As these visions raced through my mind many of the stars and planets I was seeing I had never seen before. One planet kept flashing more and more often. Until finally the vision of this one planet from space was all I could see. I looked around and realized it was not a vision. I was there.

I could see a flash of bright light on the surface. I wanted to see what it was. The feeling of turning from mass to light came over me and instantly I was standing on top of a mountain.”

Adora could see that my body had changed. I did not realize this when the events were taking place.

“It was nighttime and there were two small moons shining in the sky. To my left was a large lake surrounded by a U shaped mountain range. To my right a river flowed out of the lake and across a great plain. The plain was barren and covered by rough flat dark stone for as far as I could see. On one side of the river was a large city with tall buildings. It reminded me of your New York City. On the other side of the river was an area as large as the area covered by the city. But there was nothing there except bare soil and what looked to be the underground workings of plumbing and sewage systems. Smoke could be seen rising up from the wreckage in many places.

Above this area a large ship was hovering, it was the size of ten of this city’s blocks. It was slowly moving across the river and stopped once it reached the other side. Suddenly a very wide beam of energy came from the ship which spanned the length of the city. The ship slowly started moving forward. The beam destroyed everything in its path and only left the soil and the plumbing system behind. I realized they had just destroyed the other half of the city across the river. I recognized the energy it was using. It was the same technology as the body disposal machines on my planet. It looked like lightning was quickly dissolving the buildings into nothing.

As I watched this an overwhelming feeling of anxiety came over me. I understood the horror of what I was seeing. My mind began flashing with visions again. It quickly flashed to the bridge of the ship. I saw an alien race that looked very much like humans. Their hair and eyes were a deep blue. Their skin was very dark with freckle-like patterns around their eyes. They were just manning their stations; calmly performing their duties with no sign of emotion about what they were doing. It flashed to the streets of the city and I could see another species of people. They were humanoid, but looked almost reptilian. Their faces were very human looking, but there skin had a light green hue and rough texture. Their eyes were bright green with pupils that were like a cat’s. They were fleeing for their lives.

These visions quickly flashed through my mind, to the bridge of the ship, back to the fleeing people, over and over again at a tremendous speed. Suddenly the visions stopped flashing through my mind. They stopped on one woman on the street. She was holding a baby in her arms fleeing for her life. Behind her I could see the energy beam slowly working its way towards her. It came closer and closer, quickly disintegrating the buildings and street behind her. It was almost upon her and an overwhelming feeling came over me. I knew that baby must be saved. Somehow he would be the key to this entire species survival. I somehow knew that if this child was saved these people would not share my people’s fate.”

Adora and I watched me looking at the scene with a look of anxiety on my face. In moments the woman and child would be consumed by the energy beam. On the mountain I looked at the ship, pointed at it and moved my arm quickly towards the lake. The ship followed the movement of my arm and almost instantly traveled across the valley and over the lake. I stopped the ship just before it crashed into the mountain on the far side of the lake. I slowly lowered the ship to rest on the ground between the lake shore and the mountain.

“I did not understand at that moment how I did that, but however I had moved the ship it had only engulfed every component of the ship. It protected the ship from the momentum of the movement and the sudden stop, but not the people inside. They almost disintegrated when they hit the walls when the ship was suddenly stopped. At first this horrified me because I had just killed well over a thousand people. But that mysterious understanding of what was happening came over me. I knew they could not have survived. Their deaths at the hands of the people they were trying to exterminate would have been slow and painful. I somehow knew they had died more humanely and the people of that planet were saved from the taint of revenge.

I stood there on the mountain once again trying to contemplate why this was happening to me. I looked up at the night sky and all the stars looked different, but somehow I knew where I was. I was on the other side of the galaxy. Strange realizations came over me. I knew I had traveled over one hundred and fifty thousand light years. If I had traveled in a straight line this would have taken me outside the galaxy. But I had traveled up above the galactic plane and then to the outer reaches of the galaxy. From there I traveled along the outer rim and then back into the galaxy to the planet. The journey seemed to be instantaneous because time had stood still while I traveled. Whatever was showing me these things and guiding me had seen the future.

As I pondered these things a vision came to me. It was of a binary star system that had a white dwarf feeding off a red giant. It had built up enough mass to go supernova at any time. I somehow knew this would not happen for another ten thousand years. I also knew it was close enough to kill everyone in that solar system. At that time it was confusing to me. I had felt I had saved this species. But I knew it did not matter, they would all be destroyed in ten thousand years anyway after the supernova. Once again the events in my life were confusing me.”


[]Chapter 9 Understanding


“As I was sitting on the mountain contemplating these events I looked down at my hands. I finally realized my body had taken the form of the people of that planet. My skin had a greenish hue to it and my finger nails were thick and dark. I looked up and put myself in orbit around the planet. When I looked at my hands and felt my face I was human again. When I returned to the planet I once again was in their form. This strange aspect of what was happening to me I did not control. That mysterious understanding came over me again and somehow I knew this was necessary.

I looked at the city and made myself go there. I found out the people called their planet Pristine. I came upon a large group of people that were organizing rescue operations. I joined them and helped them rescue people from the east side of the river. Many had fled under the city and were trapped among the rubble that had fallen down when the buildings disintegrated above them. These operations went on all day and night. As they rotated people out to rest I would join the new group. No one noticed I never went to rest. I did not need to sleep and never grew tired like the others. Once again I felt as if I existed without existing.

I walked among these people and watched as they got ready to rebuild their city. They had their scientist on the ship trying to understand the technology. The rest of the people simply went on with their lives.

I looked up at the night sky and could see a tiny speck of what I knew was a planet. In an instance I was hovering high in the sky looking down at the surface of the planet. I looked at my hands; I had taken the form of the people that were on the ship. The planet was a barren wasteland. Deserts dominated the landscape and you could see huge areas of low lying land that seemed to be dried up oceans. There were only three huge dome structures in the southern hemisphere. They had no windows or visible way to see out. I was amazed by their size. One was at least as large as Zion was. The metal that the dome was made of alone would have been more than all the metal that made up Zion.

I entered the largest city and wondered among them. Their planet was called Mersoan. They were planning on exterminating the Pristines and taking their world. Their planet’s atmosphere was all but gone because it had been pulled out of its orbit by a rogue planet that came through their solar system. They had no protection from the heat and radiation given off by their sun. All of their available resources went into making the vessel that was exterminating the other society. It was also meant to be their rescue vessel, to take them to Pristine once the people there had been exterminated. At this point the heat was so great that they would be cooked alive if not for the cooling systems under the domes. They were trying to tunnel underground to escape the radiation, but I knew they would fail. Having used all their available metals to create the ship they could not even construct decent digging equipment. The ship was their last hope to escape the planet. Within thirty years they would all perish. Their skin had become very dark because the domes were not designed to block out their suns radiation. Cancer was killing them at an alarming rate.

They had been observing the ship destroying the city. They continued to monitor the ship and saw the Pristines on the ship studying their technology. They knew all hope of escaping was gone. As I stood there in the streets of the city I began to wonder what would become of these people. Were they to be another case of failed evolution and fade from the universe? Were both species failed evolution for not developing the technology to escape the supernova?

As these thoughts went through my mind the visions returned. As the scenes flashed through my mind they told the story of what was to come. I saw the child I had saved. His name was Kaya. He was an adult and had become his people’s leader. Kaya convinced his people to use the ship to rescue the people of Mersoan. They became a joined society. The Mersoanians knew of the coming supernova event. Kaya convinced the Mersoanians to work with his people to leave before the supernova occurred. The Mersoanians were going to use Kaya’s planets resources to escape the supernova underground. I knew this would not work. They underestimated the radiation that would be given off, none would survive. Kaya’s wisdom would save both of these peoples.

Together over the next 1,000 years they developed ships capable of space travel. Their populations were reduced to about ten thousand each. Together they traveled straight up from the gravitational plane of their solar system. After traveling up for 8,000 years they escaped the gravitational plane of the galaxy. Then the galaxy simply flew by under them at almost 600,000 miles an hour. This is actually the preferred method of galactic travel in the Milky Way. Their solar system quickly moved away from them. By the time Kaya’s descendants saw the super nova they were already descending into the galaxy to find a new home. They had detected another species technology. The species they detected would help them settle on an uninhabited planet in their solar system. After I envisioned what was to come there on that street, I knew I had not failed to save these two peoples. That together both peoples would save each other.

After this I understood my purpose. My purpose was to save certain peoples across the galaxy from failed evolution. As I stood there, in the Mersoanian’s city, the visions returned. As they flashed through my mind I saw my next destination. Where the next life that had to be saved was. In an instant I disappeared from that solar system forever.”


[]Chapter 10 Secrets of the Universe


“I traveled to many planets across the galaxy. I did not always interact closely with the peoples I encountered. Many times I never walked among them as I had done with the Pristines and Mersoanians. Sometimes I did something as simple as killing a mosquito, so a certain person would live. Other times I only stopped solar flares from destroying a planet’s atmosphere. I truly wish that was the extent of what I did. But at times, I brought death on a global scale.

Each time I was guided by the visions. I caused natural disasters such as earthquakes or volcanoes. Most species will not break free from their dependence on a planet until a major disaster occurs to make them understand they must do this. I would have the visions as I traveled to a planet and they would guide my actions. The visions would always come to me again and show me that what I had done was needed and did work. I think that if this did not happen, I would have gone mad from causing so many deaths.

Even though I seemed to understand many things, I was only shown certain things when I needed to know them. I realized this was not confined to me, all species are denied knowledge until they are ready for it. The one thing that all intelligent species share is that they are all humanoid. I thought I understood why. It seemed to me that it was just the most efficient form. You have two legs to easily get around; with arms and hands to work with efficiently. That is until I came across a species called the Acreations. This species is over two billion years old. They are not even from our galaxy. They have not lived on a planet for over a billion years. Because they live in space they have evolved in a very strange way. To conserve energy on their ships they use very little light. Their eyes have grown very large and dark to capture as much light as possible. Their heads seem much too big for their bodies. Their brains have evolved to retain massive amounts of knowledge. Only because they live in a weightless environment can they even stand. If they were to walk on earth they could not hold up the weight of their heads with their tiny muscle free bodies. But this would only be one way any planet could kill them. To breathe air with any kind of bacteria in it would kill them. They do not have an immune system because they have evolved in a completely sterile environment. Even though to evolve with two legs and two arms is efficient evolution, all the intelligent species in our galaxy owe this evolutionary form to the Acreations.

I am not sure why I was led to the Acreations. I guess so I could better understand what my purpose was. I had thought that DNA was the source of life because this was what our scientists had concluded. The actual source is inside what you call mitochondria, which powers the cells and allows life to happen. They contain the original blueprint for life in their DNA and provide the basic blueprint to all other DNA. The DNA becomes more advanced as evolution progresses. But the simple DNA of the mitochondria contains more information than you can possibly imagine. Even though you cannot deny the ingenuity of species, mitochondrial DNA has hidden information. It stores knowledge beyond comprehension that will only unlock when a species is ready for it. It also stores the new knowledge that a species may learn.

The Acreations found this out long ago and they use mitochondria to seed planets. They use the original Mitochondria from their mother world. It will reproduce in water. Just like in your world’s ancient times, when they used a small piece of leavened dough to add yeast to more dough, this is what they do. They find planets that have enough water and are positioned in an ideal location in a solar system. They add the mitochondria to the water in these planet’s oceans. They simply add the mitochondria and then life takes over.

They of course have mastered space travel and I tried to observe them and learn how they traveled. They seemed to be harnessing the dark energy around them and creating an artificial black hole. At that point I had to retreat or the gravity would have destroyed me. I cannot even imagine why it would not destroy their ship also. I can only speculate that they were bending space-time, but I actually have no idea what they were doing. The knowledge we have in our DNA will never unlock until we are ready for the knowledge. And whatever I have become I am still subject to that law. I believe I was not allowed to understand what they were doing. Compared to the Acreations, the most advanced species in our galaxy at this time are still infants. When I observed them they were on their last mission to seed a planet in our galaxy. It would not have time to develop an intelligent species. But it would develop lower lifeforms and become an inhabitable planet in less than twenty million years. I assume they were doing this so species that must escape the galaxy colliding with us can use the planet. It was in the area that will be the last affected by the collision. An intelligent species that masters space travel will surely detect it.

Space travel must be mastered in order for a species to avoid being destroyed. Many species have already left our galaxy in search of new homes. But some just move to safer locations. Most areas of the galaxy will not be affected for one hundred and fifty million years. No matter what a species decides to do; space travel must be achieved to survive. This was the understanding revealed to me during my time with the Acreations.

No intelligent species will be able to remain in this galaxy. They will eventually learn that to move beyond the speed of light can easily be achieved outside of the gravitational field of a galaxy. All galaxies will be moving faster than the speed of light in time. A galaxy’s gravitational field captures the dark energy and turns it into dark matter. A galaxy will achieve this speed, but the dark matter created by the black holes gravitational field will not let it affect the inner galaxy. Eventually a species will understand that speed as they know it inside the gravitational field of the galaxy does not apply outside of it. The galaxy we will collide with is moving away from the center of the universe at our same speed. The collision cannot be avoided. After the truth about the speeds attainable outside the galaxies are learned by a species, most that know of the collision choose to go to another galaxy. Once they escape the galaxy’s magnetic field they will be able to completely stop. They will no longer be trapped in the universe’s expansion. They could simply wait for another galaxy to come to them. But if they travel towards a galaxy coming towards them the speeds will combine. They can reach another galaxy in a few thousand years.”


[]Chapter 11 The First Return


“I have returned to Earth twice before I returned and met you. I had heard of Earth’s evolution many times and the direction it had taken. I did not think an intelligent species would ever be able to evolve here again. I assumed the species present would not allow for this to happen. Earth had become a well-known tourist attraction. Almost every advanced species had ships bringing tourists to Earth on a regular basis. It was known throughout the galaxy as Drakoss, the dragon planet.

On my first return it felt very good to stand on solid ground in my true human form once again. I traveled around the planet taking in the scenes. The skies were filled with thousands of space vessels. As I stood on a mountain one of the ships came very close to me and I could see a small alien boy looking out the window. He just smiled and waved. I recognized his species; it was one of the many that I had saved. Normally there would not have been so many tourists there at one time. But everyone was coming to see the dinosaurs in their natural environment. They knew it might be their last chance to do so.

There were many peoples collecting specimens. They were trying to save as many species as possible. They collected mostly young dinosaurs and plants to take back to their home worlds. A star had gone supernova far from the solar system. It was too far away to affect the planet. But it had sent thousands of asteroids that would shower the entire solar system. This chaos would be made even worse as they plowed through the asteroid belt. This would send even more asteroids into the center of the solar system. I stayed in this solar system for over a hundred years during that time.

The tourists had been gone for many years before the first asteroids entered the solar system. The efforts took almost 80 years. Many ships were outside the solar system using their weapons to destroy as many of the incoming asteroids as possible. Others arrived decades later to man their positions in the effort to save the planet. As they plowed through the asteroid belt debris went in all directions. The ships concentrated their efforts on asteroids that they had calculated would hit the Earth. But many also protected the other planets as well. They wanted to maintain the stability of the solar system.

Hundreds of species came together to try and save the planet. The most advanced species was the last to arrive. They were called the Ontaro. They are the only species that is close to the technological advancement of the Acreations. Normally they never interact with the other species, but hundreds of diplomatic missions to their world convinced them to help. They had shielding technology that could protect them from the sun. Even if the massive asteroids never hit earth, they would have pummeled the sun. Some were as large as planets. It would have created plasma debris that eventually would have killed all life on Earth. The Ontaros had their ships massed around the Sun to protect it.

It was impressive to see so many species coming together to save a single planet. It was an awe inspiring sight. In the end a huge group of asteroids were still on a direct path to hit the Earth. The Ontaros moved in to intercept them. They used a huge energy beam that spanned an area larger than the width of the Earth. In one fell swoop they destroyed half of the asteroids. As they waited for the rest to come into range, I was sitting on the moon watching. I formed my hand into the shape of a C and looked through it. I centered one of the asteroids in the C shape… I closed my hand.

As they made the next sweep with their energy beam it destroyed all of the asteroids except the one I was protecting. They shot it with a single beam of energy that could have destroyed a small planet, but to no avail. I watched as the asteroid I protected crashed into the planet. It struck off the shore of one of the southern continents. As the ash and lava poured from the crater it slowly began to darken the planet. It reminded me of the destruction of Zion.

The peoples involved were baffled. They could not understand what went wrong. Even though they failed to save the planet’s state at that time, they had rescued many species from the planet that still survive today. My actions were necessary to make way for the planet’s next wave of evolution. They had only come together to save what was considered a wildlife reserve throughout the galaxy. If they had succeeded, the earth would have never evolved to its present state. They thought they had failed, but they had played the part they were destined to play. They had saved the solar system. And by doing this, they unintentionally made it possible for the human race to evolve.”


[]Chapter 12 Home Again


“After I departed Earth I continued having the visions and saving certain people. But this only happened a few more times. The visions seemed to have stopped and I simply traveled around to the different worlds I had been to. I just observed the peoples and saw that they were going in the right direction. I did this for millions of years. Of course it only seemed to be a few years to me because every time I traveled a few thousand years may pass or a hundred thousand. My time in our solar system during the age of the dinosaurs was the longest time I had ever spent anywhere. I am not sure why, I could have arrived right before the asteroid struck the planet. I now think it was because this event made me understand the unity of all species is necessary.

I thought that maybe I was done. That maybe all the people who needed to be saved had been saved. But then after millions of years the visions came again. I traveled to my destination, Earth. It was inhabited by many primitive peoples. My destination was a small village in a harsh land. I appeared in a room with many men and women standing around. The men had beards and all the people wore similar robe like garments. I appeared in the back of the room behind them. I could hear people outside screaming and women crying in the streets. One woman sat on a bench holding a child. She had tears rolling down her face. I could hear the sounds of a large group of men approaching the building.

The woman said, “Oh God, please help us!”

At that moment the door was kicked open and several soldiers entered the room. As this happened the woman screamed, “Please no, do not hurt my child.” Her husband moved in front of her to protect them. But the soldiers never heard her pleas for mercy. I controlled everything they saw and heard. They did not see her, her husband or the child; to them it was just a barren space by a wall. I did not even let them walk near that space. They went through the room tearing it apart. Even busting large pottery jars that may have been large enough to hide a child in. After destroying the room and finding nothing they simply turned and left.

The father of the child looked up and said, “Praise be to Eloheem, it is truly a miracle.”

At that moment everyone in the room dropped to their knees and began to pray to their god. A strange sensation came over me. It was at that moment I realized the power that was guiding me all those years… it was an entity created by their god. They had been told by someone named Michael that Eloheem created them. So they were using her name as the name for their god. They were praying to the creator of the universe, but it was Eloheem that gave life to the Acreations and protects our galaxy. I had heard this name many times. I realized that all the peoples that I had encountered that prayed to Eloheem knew of her. I observed them enough to know that they prayed to the creator of the galaxy not the creator of the universe. They believed it was two different entities and they were correct. Given my existence it would seem I above all people would have been able to see this. But I always thought they were just exercising ancient superstitions. It seemed as if my own arrogance had kept me from understanding the truth. But I now know it was just simply because I was not ready to understand yet. As I look at how I reacted after realizing this, it now makes perfect sense.

I did not feel some sort of relief in knowing, only anger. It was as if the power that was guiding me was finally real to me. It was not just a mysterious power, it was an entity. Someone I should be able to see or even touch. Someone that should have explained to me what was happening from the beginning. I traveled high above the planet and stood in space.

I screamed, “Why did you do this to me? Why did you not show yourself to me? Why have you left me alone during all these tasks?” But there was no answer, no visions to explain it… nothing.

I looked at the Sun and I was there. I hovered in its orbit. I had always known why I traveled on the outer rim of the galaxy. It was because if I had attempted to cross it over the black hole in the center it would have destroyed me. I also knew that traveling through a star would do the same thing. I felt that even if I had not finished the task set before me. I was still going to end my existence. As I prepared to project myself into the center of the Sun, I thought of you once more. I thought of how I had caused your death. To have lost you and our child was my one and only regret.

I said, “I am sorry Adora… I love you.”

At that moment I was engulfed by a strange aura of light. It lifted me up higher and higher until I could see down across the solar system. It became brighter and I had that same feeling as when I was traveling. As I looked down at the planets they begin rotating faster and faster around the Sun. They became blurry streaks for a few moments and then they stopped doing this. The aura of light had disappeared and then the visions started. In flashes I saw my entire existence. From Zion and Adora to all the peoples I had saved through time. Until finally the visions stopped and I saw my own face. At that moment I realized that my life was the final life to be saved. It would not be I that saved me. It would be Eloheem.

Then a vision of the university came to me. As the vision moved closer to one of the buildings I could see a woman standing near a window looking out. It was you. A girl walked up and handed you some papers. You took them, talked for a moment and she walked away. When I saw your face the feeling was overwhelming. I felt like I had been given another chance. I do not know if it is possible for you to be Adora, but somehow I believe you are.

I forged the master’s degree in Astrophysics and then I came to Arizona two weeks after that vision.”

[]Chapter 13 Love Conquers All


As I let go of Adora’s hands her visions stopped.

I looked at her and said, “I know the last thing you want to hear is that I love you because you remind me of an old flame, but-”

“Stop.” She paused for a long moment. “I am a physics professor. I am not supposed to believe in God, or anything that cannot be explained by science. After what has just happened I should have a thousand questions for you. I would not be a good scientist if I didn’t want to know more.” She paused again for a very long moment looking down at the ground. “I know the day you are talking about… the day you saw me standing by the window. It was two weeks before we met. I was very depressed. I am not a religious person, but for some reason I said, ‘God please send me someone worth loving.’ Amy, one of my over enthusiastic students walked up behind me and over heard what I had said. It was a very embarrassing moment I will never forget. Amy with her endless childlike enthusiasm just said, ‘Don’t worry Professor Donato he will send you someone, I know it.’ I took the papers, smiled and she left.”

She looked at me and asked, “Marcus Perrin do you love me?”

“I love you more than life itself.”

“That is all that matters. I love you too.”

Suddenly I started gasping for air.

“What’s wrong?”

I had a shocked look on my face, “I am breathing.” I quickly stood up and took a few deep breaths. “Do you have a needle or pin in your purse?”

“I think so.”

She walked over to the SUV and looked in her purse. She brought me a safety pin. I took it and quickly jabbed myself in the finger. I felt the pain and a drop of blood came to the surface.

“I’m alive… I am human again.”

Adora smiled and hugged me. Then we shared a kiss. We spent the rest of the night talking. I told her that the galaxy that I spoke of will not affect earth for millions of years. But I would do all I could to help advance the planet enough to join the galactic community. I could still not understand how or why these things had happened to me. But I know that there is some power out there that cares deeply for the peoples of our galaxy.

And hopefully… she will always be there to help us.


The End

The Trials of Time Book 1 The Lost Love

  • Author: B.E. Crittenden
  • Published: 2015-10-11 17:20:07
  • Words: 13668
The Trials of Time Book 1 The Lost Love The Trials of Time Book 1 The Lost Love