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The Trains Track

The Trains Track

A story about enjoying life, being yourself, and finding your way.

by Dylan Davidson


Our story takes place in a busy town called Traintracksville. The town you see has lots of friendly trains and also lots of train tracks for them to ride on. It really is such a simple wonderful name and easy for one to remember. Now I know with a town full of trains driving about one would think it would be entirely too noisy, what with all the choo chooing and whoo whooing all around but the trains are actually really quite quiet. The trains are also super safe. The tracks are always clean and kept free of any cluttering, so each and every ride is a smooth one indeed. The trains are also fast. People of the town are able to go from one end to the other quicker than it takes a wet dog to dry its fur on a hot summer’s day in the sun.

All the trains have their own conductor inside them to help them. A conductor tells the train which way to go and keeps them company. A conductor also has one more responsibility and it is the most important one. A conductor must make sure the train is happy and feeling okay. A conductor and their train usually get along great and are best of friends. Henry the conductor and Molly the train are the most duo in the whole entire town of Traintravksville. The two of them have been picking up passengers and dropping them off for 30 years! Yesterday Molly decided to stop driving around the town as a passenger train. She was still one of the fastest trains and always reached her destinations on time but she thinks now is a good time to give her son Sully a chance at becoming a famous a train just like his Mother.


Molly told Sully the news about how he will be starting as a passenger train today and how he will be replacing her. Sully the little train was very surprised by this, his face became red from being so nervous. Sully cleared his throat and said he is only 5 years old and much too young to drive people around the town. His Mother Molly said most trains start at 5 years old and so will you son. Sully slowly nodded his head and the two of them headed out to start Sully’s first day of being a passenger train. While they were going to the station Sully looked all around the town. He saw places such as the park, the beach, movie theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, the zoo, and lots lots more. He gently came to a stop at a bakery and stared through the glass inside the shop. He began to remember the dinosaur shaped cake he had for lunch a few days ago and how tasty it tasted. He wished he could go in and get another yummy treat to eat later in the day. While Sully was still in thought his Mother soon realized he was not following her and she came back and told him to hurry up or he will be late and a soon to be famous train should never be late.


Molly continued saying he must always be on time for his job. Molly and Sully arrived at the station to meet Sully’s conductor. The conductor walked towards them waving hello. It was Henry, who was Molly’s conductor. Sully has heard stories about Henry and now began to feel less nervous. His Mom had known Henry back when Henry was younger and had a smooth face with dark black hair. The Henry they are seeing now is older with a long gray beard and dray hair. Sully had seen pictures of Henry and one thing that has not changed is his bright white smile.

Sully liked how Henry closed his eyes when he would smile at you. It is almost as if his smile is too big for him to keep his eyes open at all! Molly gave Sully a kiss on the cheek and told him to make her proud. Sully said he will try his best. Henry said he will take good care of him because that’s just what conductors do for their trains. After a short while Henry and Sully got their day started. Henry told Sully he will do just fine and to just take it one stop at a time. Sully let out a hmph sound agreeing with what Henry said to him. Sully arrived at the first stop and some passengers began to step into the train as Henry said “All aboard!” The passengers took their seats on board the train and Henry told Sully to go west to the Juice store as their first destination. Sully heard Henry and replied okay and started west. Sully drove for a minute when all of a sudden he could hear music playing. Sully began to change direction a little and moved towards the musical sounds. Sully slowed to a stop and watched as drums were being drummed and trumpets were being trumpeted.

Some of the passengers got off Sully the train and were confused to not be at the Juice, the place where they wanted to go. Henry the conductor said sorry to them and the passengers got back on the train. Henry told Sully to pay better attention and get their passengers to the Juice store. Sully was shaken and rattled but after a minute reached the right destination. The passengers got off the train for the second time and they were glad to be at the Juice store to get some delicious juice to drink. Henry asked Sully what his favorite flavor of juice is and how he would be happy to buy him a juice for his first successful trip. Sully felt a glow of joy and spoke out the word apple. That’s my favorite too said Henry. The two took a short break and sipped their apple juice boxes.


Henry and Sully finished their break and went out to the next pickup station. Sully thanked Henry for being so kind and nice to him. Henry said that’s what friends do for each other. Henry continued to talk saying conductors always take care of their trains and want them to be happy. At the next station passengers again stepped into Sully the train as Henry said “All aboard.” Our next destination is going to be the Haircut store to the north said Henry. Sully said alright and drove north. Again a noise distracted him, it was the sound of laughter. Sully looked to his left side and he saw a roller coaster climbing up a tall slope. Sully was amazed at the height the roller coaster reached. He was so in awe of the roller coaster he began to go off course to watch it come down from such a height.


Henry noticed Sully was distracted and going west instead of north. Henry was about to speak out to Sully to get him back on the right track, when suddenly he noticed how big and bright Sully’s eyes had become from looking at the roller coaster. Henry could tell Sully was happy and that is the most important thing to a conductor after all. Henry thinks a train normally has a destination and drives to the destination. This train Sully is unlike any other train he has ever seen. Sully just goes wherever he feels like going, Henry laughed softly with a sly smile as he ran his fingers through his beard.

Sully is now fully stopped and the passengers begin to hop off through his door. The roller coaster reaches the very top and quickly drops downward with screams of fun laughter being heard.

A moment passes when Sully realizes he went off track again and says sorry to Henry three times as fast as he can say the word. Sully is about to apologize a fourth time when Henry stops him and tells him “you are a great train.” Don’t lie to me says Sully I’m nothing but a mistake maker who can’t get to his destination on time. Henry tells Sully not to change a thing and he has an idea. Henry calls in another train to pick up the passengers at the Roller coaster park and then tells Sully to go to the Grand Center station to see the Mayor. Sully is worried and thinks in his head that he is going to be yelled at by the Mayor. At the Grand Center station Henry calls over the Mayor to have a talk with him. Henry talks about how Sully wanders around the town and ends up at a random location. The Mayor looks confused, tilts his head and replies well then should we stop letting him carry passengers? Sully becomes scared as he bursts out no Mr. Mayor! Sullys voice echoes throughout the station. Sully continues his speech saying to Henry that he can be a famous train like his Mom. “I won’t miss anymore stops I will be just like my Mom and all the other trains” said Sully. Henry places his hand on Sully’s head and chuckles.

“It’s okay Sully you are unique and special” says Henry. Special? questions Sully what’s so special about being a bad train? Henry says “Sully you are good in your own way.” Henry then talks to the Mayor and asks him to let Sully be a train that offers fun mystery adventures. Fun mystery adventures? the Mayor questions. Yes says Henry a train ride where people won’t have any clue where in town they will end up going to as their destination. The Mayor says he is unsure but he trusts Henry and agrees to the idea. The Mayor announces Henry’s plan and soon people begin to board Sully the train. “All aboard” says Henry.

“Where are we going?” says Sully. Anywhere in town you want to go says Henry it’s a fun mystery adventure ride. Okay says Sully as he heads east. Sully is driving slow and worried, when he hears a passenger say “this is going to be a terrific time” and another say how excited they are for the ride. The comments ease Sully’s mind and he feels good now. Some time passes as Sully slows to a stop outside a building. The passengers get off board and go inside to see they have arrived at a Pet shop! Everyone goes inside and plays with the kitties, puppies, and other animals. Some people get pets for their homes and buy food and toys for their new pets. When the people come outside they are all smiling at the adventure they just had in the Pet shop. The people thank Sully, saying they wouldn’t have thought to go to a Pet shop on their own. It was all because Sully decided to stop at this spot. Henry tells Sully to always be his true self and not to change and good things will happen. “I think you are right” replies Sully.

At the end of the day Henry and Sully go to Sully’s house to see his Mom Molly. Sully enters through the door and his Mom gives him a hug. Sully becomes gloomy because he is unsure how his Mom will feel about the news of him not being the train she wanted him to become, a train like she was in the past. Sully starts to speak but his Mom interrupts him and says she saw his story on the news and is really proud of him. “What but I’m not the train you told me to be Mom” replied Sully. “Well maybe not but you are still a great train and I love you” Sully’s Mom Molly replies back to her son Sully. Henry mentions how happy Sully made the passengers this afternoon and also how happy Sully is with his new train job. Molly says “after all a conductor’s most important responsibility is making sure their train is happy and feeling okay.”


The Trains Track

  • ISBN: 9781370069828
  • Author: xDukeDylan
  • Published: 2017-02-12 07:50:14
  • Words: 2023
The Trains Track The Trains Track