The Tiniest Pony


The Tiniest Pony

Mary K. Smith


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The Tiniest Pony

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[] The Tiniest Pony

In a land far far away, there once lived a pony named Tiny. She was called Tiny as she was the tiniest pony you would ever come across! Tiny was smaller than a chicken and when she saw other ponies who were tall and grand, she felt sad. She did not know what to do.

Tiny’s mother always used to tell her not to worry and be happy with herself, do good deeds, and be kind to everyone. But Tiny felt sad all the time and did not play with anyone.

Other ponies used to make fun of her. She was really sad. One day Tiny went with her mother to her friend’s house and Tiny was bored. She decided to explore the place. Out she went into the garden and ran after butterflies, smelled the flowers and then she saw a narrow path leading into a forest. Tiny became curious and decided to explore the forest. She went slowly, looking at everything around. Suddenly out of a bush jumped a duckling!

“Hi there!” said the duckling.

Tiny was so scared to see a duckling jump out of a bush that she ran and hid behind a tree. The duckling started laughing.

“Don’t be afraid! I am sorry that I scared you. Come on let’s play!” Tiny was so surprised that someone had asked her to play. She was very happy that the duckling did not make fun of her and so she agreed to play with the duckling.

They ran everywhere in the forest and then finally they sat under a tree and fell asleep. When Tiny woke up it was afternoon and the duckling was gone. Tiny felt sad as she missed her new friend but was happy that the duckling had played with her. Now Tiny felt hungry and thought of having lunch. But where? She looked all around but there was nothing in sight except for trees and bushes.

She walked a little further when she heard someone singing. Carefully and slowly Tiny moved toward the voice. Tiny saw a small, cheerful looking gnome.

He had a picnic basket with him and was spreading a cloth on the grass while singing to himself. Tiny saw the delicious food and felt hungry! There were big sandwiches, lemonade, strawberry cake and butter scones! The gnome saw Tiny and smiled.

“Hello little one! Hungry? Please join me. Oh don’t be shy. I insist! Please come and join me for lunch!”

Tiny was happy to accept the invitation and sat down with the gnome to have lunch. The gnome sang songs and told Tiny stories about fairies and princesses and how the land he lived in was a magical land and everyone was happy there. They could get whatever they wished for! Tiny was excited to hear this and told the gnome to take her to this land.

Tiny wished to become taller and wanted to be like the other ponies. She told everything to the gnome. The gnome listened to all of it and then asked Tiny to come along with him to his land.

“I am sure the Great Pink Fairy will solve your problem. Come along!” And both of them went singing and laughing. Tiny was happy that finally her wish would be granted.

With that hope she reached the land. It was a beautiful land. Everyone was happily doing their work and singing. They helped each other and seemed to be at peace. The gnome took Tiny straight to the princess’s palace. It was such a huge palace! It was full of bright balloons and flowers. Colorful birds were sitting on trees and animals of all sorts roamed the gardens. Tiny was amazed to see such new things! She touched everything and said hello to all the animals she met. She would stop and listen to the songs that every bird sang. She was so fascinated by everything that the gnome had to drag her to see the princess.

The princess was a very sweet and innocent girl who loved everyone and was loved by everyone. “Hello little pony” said the princess in a sweet voice. “How can I help you?”

The gnome told the princess about Tiny’s problem. The princess looked at Tiny and said, “Tiny you should be proud of who you are. Look how rare and precious you are. Why do you want to change yourself?”

But Tiny did not want to hear that and said, “Your Highness, I am very sad because of the way I am and no one plays with me. Everyone makes fun of me. I want to be taller and grander like the rest of the ponies. Please grant me the permission to see the Great Pink Fairy.”

The princess smiled and told the pony to wait near the fountain in the garden and the Pink Fairy would meet her there. The pony thanked the gnome and the princess for their help and went off to wait near the fountain.

It was evening and the air was filled with the heavy perfume of white flowers when the Great Pink Fairy came to meet Tiny.

“Hello dear Tiny. I heard that you wanted my help to make you grow taller.” Tiny told the Great Pink Fairy her sad story and how she would love to be like the other ponies.

The Pink Fairy said, “Tiny, I will grant you your wish but do you recall how on your way to this palace you met a duckling and then a gnome and they did not judge you by your looks? They did not make fun of you and accepted you the way you are. Dearest Tiny, you do not need others to tell you how you should be. You should be happy and proud of the way you are! Your mother loves you so much for who you are. Stay happy and be good at heart!”

Tiny thought about this and said, “You are right Pink Fairy! I was wrong in thinking that no one loved me. I have so many people who love me and want me to be their friend! Thank you so much for helping me realize this. I should leave and get back to my mother. She must be getting really worried.”

The Pink Fairy smiled and said, “I will send you back to your mother. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and remember, love yourself the way you are as you are precious and unique! Goodbye my dear pony.”

Tiny closed her eyes and took a deep breath and there she was back in the garden.

It was growing dark and she saw her mother saying goodbye to her friend. It was time to go home. Tiny looked at her reflection in the pond and said, “I am unique and special and I will always be proud of who I am!”

Moral of the story: Everyone is special in their own way. Be proud of who you are!

~ ~ ~

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The Tiniest Pony

In a land far far away, there once lived a pony named Tiny. She was called Tiny as she was the tiniest pony you would ever come across! Tiny was smaller than a chicken and when she saw other ponies who were tall and grand, she felt sad. She did not know what to do. One day Tiny goes on a great adventure and learns that she is wonderful just the way she is! Find out what happens.. This children's book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. -Excellent for beginning and early readers -Great for reading aloud with friends and family -Illustrated storybook great for a quick bedtime story This book for kids is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!

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The Tiniest Pony The Tiniest Pony