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The Timebook of Clocks: Sysandria and Arizel








Sysandria and Arizel



antim abhay



Also by antim abhay

The Timebook of Clocks:

Wanderings of Vasitven



This book is dedicated to every downtrodden.



‘Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity, into the dream.’

-Roger Waters



The things which you don’t know, when you come to know them, you won’t know that you have known them since you’ve known time even before.


Only who completes the Timebook of clocks truthfully, realizes when he gets emancipated. He wields the power and becomes sublime. He knows whom he must protect, and whom he must decline.

What he receives he returns more and in the right time.


Justice is the purpose of the divine


What remain dreams or the reality you will find.



‘Whenever a new soul enters this universe an unknown power takes control over it and suppresses the primal nature of the soul. This unknown power may be sentient or it may be a machine driven by some mysterious energy, it may be good or bad, but it’s clear that it is responsible for all the misery in Arindharan realms. Arindharan masses might never know the story of the one who fought to free many souls like theirs from this unknown power but they sure know him yes… they know him as Vasitven… when an emancipated soul finds Vasitven he disappears from its life but leaves his enemy in its care.’, Arizel said.








1. Tellurian musings…

2. Order of the other…

3. Arizel…

4. Next Brevity…

5. The forgotten…

6. Kayle…

7. Faith and Devil…

8. Vasitven…

9. Lonesome star…

10. Enemies of the sun…

11. The Astrologer…

12. Empty pages…

13. Puppeteer …

14. Sysandria Dynasty…

15. Paroxysm…

16. Pair of Walls…

17. Girl, paralyze my mind…

18. Master’s master…

19. The god without devil…

20. Life of Death…

21. Toolshed…

22. Heretofore…

23. Once…

24. Newborns…

25. Hive of five…

26. Silent forest of dreams…

27. The obscure…

28. The Living machine…

29. Final fate…

30. God bears no name…

31. The equal of time…

32. The entity divine…

33. Traveller who always came back…

34. Winter father…

35. Ghostword…

36. Momentary wrath of a wind…

37. Black Moon…

38. Epilogue…

39. Stories from the eventide…






Before past


They were dallying in the grey grasslands which they called Sysandria; they knew Sysandria wasn’t anything like it. The words from the book echoed, “The Kayle said ‘I took birth in Arindhara almost three decades ago. As I grew up I felt something was magical in this world, later I felt that everyone in my world is conspiring against me secretly. When I met Arizel she was the only one who knew what was happening to me, she told me things which no one ever did. She said, “they are innocent, devil makes them do these magical things to you which they are not aware of, don’t think they are doing it intentionally and hiding the magic from you for some reason. Only the devil, the god and I can read your thoughts, no one else in Arindhara can, here living entities have two personalities, one which is under the influence of Ventriloquist’s machine, of which they have no idea exists and other is what they possess by their free will. That is why no one believed you and called you mad when you told them about the unaccountable things happening around you and they will never accept the strange things they are doing to you because they do not know. If you want to live with them you need to bear all of this and conciliate with whatever free will they possess”.’

‘In this universe (Arindhara) Arizel doesn’t have a body. Arizel resides in silent forest of dreams which is divided in two unequal halves by the endless river of life which being in a shape of digit eight is surrounding the two unequal halves of silent forest of dreams, one barren and one green. This river is formed of many unequally distributed sections which flow in varying directions.

We met for a few evenings in the domes of Teargar then she left me leaving a book in my hands, a book which no one had read in Arindhara universe it was written by someone called the Astrologer. I spent half of my life searching for the Astrologer then one day I found him. He called me a puppeteer and he told me many secrets of our universe. He shared with me the stories from another universe, silent forest of dreams. Arizel used to tell me the same stories, she could move between both the universes.

When the astrologer was on his deathbed he revealed to me that I was a Kayle, Kayles were known centuries ago before the ventriloquist came with his machine in Arindhara, he told me, ‘when a Kayle is happy it results in such situations that all the good entities of Arindhara grow happy in their lives proportionally to his happiness and the evil ones find sadness in their lives, again proportionally to his happiness. The intensity of the emotion in them depends upon the goodness and the evil of their nature. When a Kayle is in pain it creates such circumstances in the lives of good and evil entities that good ones experience pain and evil ones find happiness proportionally to his pain. When a Kayle is at peace none of the entities are affected but the forces of devil get weaker and it becomes easier for the Arindharan entities to elude the devil. In the newborns of Arindhara it is different, some are only affected by Kayle’s sadness and anger i.e. they become sad proportionally to his sadness or anger and stay uninfluenced by his happiness. Some newborns only get affected by his happiness in a similar way and some are not influenced at all. Everyone in Arindhara knew about this and everything about the Kayles before Arindhara was incarcerated by the Ventriloquist’s machine, now today no one knows who or what a Kayle is, they can use only less than half of their free will, they follow Ventriloquist’s orders and remember only that which he wants them to. But the machine has no control over the Kayles and the newborns of all living entities of Arindhara. The sadness and the happiness which is caused by a Kayle are deeper than the sadness and the happiness which happened in people not by virtue of him. You are an only Kayle who is present in Arindhara, that is why the devil gives you misery through the entities and elements of Arindhara, it makes him stronger, but forces far stronger than him have saved you till now.’

‘The Astrologer gave me a magic Sysandria stone he told that it was a piece of the Prophesier he stole from the Lion of Silent forest of dreams. It had many powers he exclaimed but I knew only one that it could summon the souls of all the newborns of all the different species of Arindhara and take them to the barren half of silent forest of dreams called grey grasslands whenever I wanted. Among them the trees could only understand me but the animals and humans couldn’t. Some of them became like Arizel and started moving between the two universes, they used to call themselves the infants, when they grow into adults the machine influence them and they forget everything and become minions of the ventriloquist. Those who die before reaching adolescence they become the pure animals of silent forest of dreams, everyone reaches silent forest of dreams after death and get to know the truth. The living entities of Arindhara reach Silent Forest of dreams when their Arindharan bodies disintegrate. They occupy the body of animals and trees in the forest, and there they realize who were who in real in their past life and what they themselves were in Arindhara in their previous births. They also realize that the creators of the things which they experienced in their past life in Arindhara were not those whom they thought, but each thing was the reflection of any other entity of Arindhara whom they may or not know. They were also unaware of the things they themselves created unintentionally back in Arindhara many of which were good but some evil too. Then with time they get a chance to be born again in Arindhara they forget everything when they become a newborn in Arindhara.’

‘The evil ones after their death in Arindhara get trapped in the trees of silent forest and are used by the good ones who live as animals of silent forest of dreams, with time the evil ones too one by one get to occupy an animal body depending upon their deeds in Arindhara. The Arindharans, who are equal in their deeds, all of them occupy one living body in the forest and reside in it till they take birth again in Arindhara. In the forest there is only one pair of each living thing, no humans save Kayles are found in the existent half of the forest but all the Kayles were killed by the Lion, Arizel was the last of them and was enslaved by the Lion then after centuries me, a Kayle took birth in Arindhara.’


‘I called the newborns the Sysandria dynasty, I promised them that one day I’ll destroy the machine and emancipate Arindharan living things. I promised I will bring the ventriloquist to silent forest of dreams.

Sometimes I reach the barren half of silent forest of dreams alone; I find my way to the endless river of life. When I reach the bank of the secret river of life, I always find Arizel sitting and crying at the opposite bank near the edge of the other green existent half of silent forest of dreams. When she sees me her sorrow fades to a simper and she yearns to touch me for she had never touched me before in the silent forest of dreams. Both of us have tried many times to swim across the river, but we could never succeed.’

‘This Vasitven which I know, there is no way by which he can be expressed, and if there is it hasn’t been found yet. I or my kind would have taught his magic to you if there had been a way and I gave up looking for a way long back. My kind told you it was a power that they possessed, but I didn’t do that I had no intentions to dominate you. I can tell you one thing that you are not aware of that you all are following an order given by another unknown. ‘

‘My entire past is the future of Vasitven; only our present is same. Vasitven is doing the same what I am doing, but he is going in a reverse direction i.e. to my past which will be his future and his past becomes my future. What I have been dreaming he will be dreaming the same dreams, what he had been dreaming I will dream those dreams.

I and Vasitven are like one song which is being played in one gramophone and also in reverse in a different gramophone at the same time in an empty room full of mirrors. Again and again. The things inside the room are alive and for them the room is their world. Some of them have heard, some will and some are hearing the song now, and the listener could only understand the song when played in reverse. The one who has made the song is not known to them, but there’s a legend in their world that he understood both the versions of the song and he came to their world from the other side of the mirror. They think the man who comes in that room and sits for a while is god and are in an illusion that they understand this man’s purpose. To find the unknown power is like finding a key of a locked room which you can neither give it to anyone nor make another one and cannot take anyone with you through the door. The devil creates doubts in my mind, and I fear that I am wandering in a circular path which keeps on changing its direction. For both you and me time is the most powerful known weapon but the irony is what I call time you call it something else and know it as something else. What I interpreted from the songs I heard, you construe some other thing which I may or may not know. Every Vasitven is a stranger to his/her Arindharan in this world. Arindharans don’t know about their Vasitven because they are in the influence of the Machine.. Both, one who was incarcerated and the one who will be emancipated will know the difference but it’s a thing which can be known but not told nor be expressed in any way. ‘


‘Once Arizel and me both jumped together in the river and swam towards each other but as always due to the different flowing sections of the river we could never cross but this time we both crossed the river and found ourselves lying on the opposite banks of the river. I signalled her to stay there and jumped again in the river to cross the river again hoping I will take her to my world Arindhara forever but the river threw me back at the same side and above that each time I jumped in, the river took me farther away from Arizel who continuously ran along the bank following me. Arizel had once told me while she was in Arindhara that her power works only over the animals (save the lion) and the trees of silent forest of dreams but against the river of life she was powerless. The Sysandria stone too became ineffective in the green existent half of the forest. I prayed to God, and I realized all the pain I suffered in Arindhara before I started wielding the powers of Arizel and the stone were not in vain, I stood there for a reason. I remembered Arizel told me that she only feared the lion who resided in her half of silent forest of dreams. The Lion never harmed her but all the entities of Silent forest of dreams feared him. I decided to kill the lion and fear gripped Arizel, when I shared my thought with her she stopped me from entering the existent half of the silent forest of dream. I asked her to wait where she was and assured her to trust me and entered the forest carrying my stone and without caring that I am unable to use Arizel’s powers in silent forest of dreams. She cried to me, ‘Comeback before this barren half of the forest transforms completely into a fruitful one.’

I entered the forest and as soon as the fog ensnared me I lost my memory. The lion of silent forest of dreams possessed a treasure called the Prophesier, the key to emancipate Arindhara from the machine…’’’’



After Future


He had no idea where he was, he only remembered that last time he was in silent forest of dreams. It was a big bright city filled with all kinds of people who seemed rich. He realized he had come back to Arindhara again, a place where he was born, his home which wasn’t his home. Then he heard a voice, the voice was not loud but could be heard clearly saying something but he couldn’t understand the language. He observed that after the voice stopped everyone started moving in one direction. He noticed there were few children who hurriedly rushed in the other direction. These kids were wearing rags and tatters. They stared at him while they passed but did not say anything to him. He started following the exodus soon he reached in a vast stone garden. Everyone in the city save small children was present there. Then the voice spoke again something and then stopped. Suddenly everybody started looking at him.

The people captured him and chained him near the gallows, he did not know who were these people, what they wanted from him and then the voice started speaking again. He thought, “it seems all of them are following the order of an unknown” and just then he remembered everything and understood that the voice was saying,” After many centuries he has arrived from the Silent forest of dreams back to Arindhara”.

Just when they were about to execute him, a lightening roared in the sky and a lady appeared from nowhere, she was holding the Prophesier, when she raised it a white light emitted from it which bathed everyone and then they all seemed as if they all just awoke from a deep slumber. Now as the spell had been lifted from them, they released the captive and asked him for forgiveness and begged for the truth.


He sat with elegance, he held the Sysandrian stone in one hand and grasped Arizel s palm with other. The people bowed and prayed, both Arindhara as well as silent forest of dreams had found peace, hope and rest in his dominion. But he was not at peace with himself because he did not know where or how to find Vasitven and he knew all he could was wait.

When Arizel and he felt their death approaching they went to silent forest of dreams and kept the stone where the Prophesier lay after he mingled it with the river of life. Then they put the book in the cradle, tucked it slowly between their sleeping twins, bid goodbye to the Astrologer and then together they embraced death.

When he opened his eyes he saw he was on a boat sailing towards shore with Arizel lying asleep near him. As he reached the shore he saw a boat preparing to leave, the man on the boat looked like him he was with another Arizel. He knew the other him was Vasitven, the instance Arizel opened her eyes that Arizel with Vasitven fell asleep. They both parted ways without saying a word to each other but both could feel the glee in one another’s eyes.

As they walked on the shore Arizel‘s foot caught onto something, she picked it up and was surprised to see it was the book. She started reading it as she marched away from the shore with him. Suddenly she gave the book to him and said that this is not the same book, he nodded and said, “I know it is not now it tells about what happened to us before we died, Arizel when we died and arrived here the time too completed its one full circle and now has come to its starting point… We are right now in silent forest of dreams; Sysandria is actually the beginning of silent forest of dreams.”




Tellurian musings


Art and Philosophy give a drowning person support and hope and would never let him drown, but they cannot teach him how to swim.


We all are the ones who are strangers to each other residing in a strange world. All we can do is forgive each other’s misgivings and help.


0ur body is an illusionist and our soul is the sole spectator.


You are one against the whole world if you have survived reckon the strength within you.


A lover hides the black mask of light of her lover and she borrows his masquerade of enchanting darkness.


Your past endeavours might be unknown, but your actions and intentions reflect where you stand now.


God bears no name and is present in each and every entity of the universe and helps us fight the devil which lures us by his actions. To become emancipated follow any given religious scripture.


In the end, after you have lived many lives you shall not be judged by the success or knowledge you gained in the previous lives, but only by what you did during the tempest.


You need to forgive because when you were wrong the good ones had trusted you and never lost faith in your goodness. Those who threw stones at you when you were wrong hope they’ll also learn this someday.


Change the only permanent thing is inanimate… things only get moulded.


Knowledge and intelligence are not necessary for happiness any small child would show you that.


Each work of art that you experience plants a time bomb in you which sooner or later explode. Every subsequent explosion results in a nuclear chain reaction inside your mind catalysing your intelligence.


The devil works for her she only kills to keep the devil alive. She loves her master but never gives him the Devil. Her master waits patiently for something, he rests at noon when the Devil rubs his back.


Courage comes to us when we believe god gives justice in the end, the evil which is aware of god’s existence will always be a coward and that which is unaware of him will always be a fool in a fearsome guise.


It’s an irony that those who are brave are deemed violent and those who possess a different awareness are dubbed insane. Hence both of them are distracted from their paths which lead to our destiny.


Signs and omens are directly proportional to the nature of your belief in them.


We all are liars but abide by one same truth… GOD.


The life cycle of happiness and pain… we run over it again and again. Still we are not able to learn to control happiness or pain.


Patience is a virtue possessed by those who believe everything happens for a good reason.


The only entity one can save in life and cannot lose is his consciousness; everything else stays only for a little while.


Reason should be the ultimate goal of mankind it opens the door of thoughts none can close.


Every man realizes one day what god had wanted to teach him.


You will be able to change your past when you accept that destiny is latent.


If you are a mystery sooner or later you’ll be in our history.


Things which are incomprehensible act as a fuel for the artist.


Time and money are the most important things in life, but they who value righteousness more than these, always find peace even in strife.


In the land where people fear the devil more than the god, rebels thrive for the cause and slaves harvest the lost.


If you go, you’ll come if you come you’ll go, but no one will know life, because book of life has empty pages.


Slavery was thought as morally right by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt; we are no different as today we disregard the beggars we see in the same way.


I am happy for I can wait.








The message I send would be received by two kinds of people but I wrote it only for one and I make my living by bearing the consequences of it.




“Dear God, give me so much strength that whatever I have received in my life, I could give much more back to the giver and at the right time.”





Order of the other


While I am wandering in the valleys of lore,

He is sleeping in the essence of Christ.


When I died in the lonesome skies,

He was born in a world full of lies.


When I reached the silent forest of dreams,

He drowned inside the abyss of her trapestine eyes.


My past was his future his past used to be my future,

But no one ever caught us save your master.


If I don’t destroy, he can never find,

his time flow converse than mine.


Together we march for the final fight,

after we together cried.


In the end, I’ll be him

He’ll be thine.





When he woke up he hungered for forgotten poems,

Bewildered they stared at both of them,

They surrounded them when they were weak,

For hours she broke the clouds that hung over his cemetery.


He fell in love with her without knowing her name,

She told him, “They are unaware when they push you,

They will never accept what they did against you,

Entering their bodies Devil makes them do this to you,

If you blame them they will not believe you

They don’t see what devil does to you.”


He sought refuge in the doldrums without knowing her chastity,

They buried both of them together in a sepulchure.

Staring the darkness, sculptures he carved on a pale azured iron tower,

He suffused the darkness by the light of his chisel.


The forest stank of water and camphor

Their lanterns wouldn’t cast his shadow

So they followed a rainbow and found his shelter

Tied to a tree his body bled bare

Every time he was assailed she made him unaware

They set him free as they couldn’t have her.


She dragged them to the nightmares of the lion kingdom,

They met in the silent forest of dreams impeding the secret river.

They brought balance to the black animals by slaughtering the souls;

Of those who had locked them in the graveyard.


Here the god as well as the devil has to die every single night;

Devil cheats and commits suicide before the dusk arrives.

She buys the bodies left behind after their demise,

He made the souls belonging to these bodies, one of his kinds.

The cry demanded they must thrive, forcing the endless river to teach

She implored, “No mercy for traitor such as thee.”



Next brevity


Plant your seed when you are sure that its flower will bloom in harmony,

Fill the parchment as you would play a new symphony,

Wind will take your message to the ship which was sent to war,

God keeps the crew safe and secure.

Carrying the scars galore shining on their bronze,

Under the enlightened sky they fight alone,

When I found water I marched to end another drought,

Do you remember what I did to you before you were sought?

Spending our lives searching for happiness,

We realized the cause of existence of sadness,

Surrendering and hoping for their destiny man gives power to money.


To give one has to receive from the summer rain,

I am watching the water drain.



The Forgotten


His dream of defeating fate keeps him benign

Few can dream a thing such unimaginable

But his reality is as obvious as a sign

In the day he flew like dragons in a fable

His fire shielded his child from the night

He feels bliss when she comes at the eventide

She sings to their child and rocks the cradle

In order to decide he takes away the child

At dawn defeated he comes back to their stable

Finding her gone he cries which puts the child to sleep

Then he marches inside the dark forest to find Arizel.





Rest in peace I promise I won’t want you again

I know you’ll stay until I rest in peace again,

Although you know I’ll rest in peace when the war is won.

I don’t know god more than my weapon,

Our secret I believe is enough.

What they thought is not what they think now

And I’ll never give away my golden plough.

Maybe you are right I’ll die alone without your vow

And your suffering has made me alone,

Only my wanderings are known.

We all received out of pure

Those who knew us don’t know us anymore.

Those who never knew us,

1Would want more than they are given

About us, they’ have always been mistaken.

Following is tougher than searching a Jaeger

One second I am a god… one second I am a beggar

To be with them I disguise myself as a pauper

I am the reason of your existence you are the reason of mine

Alas neither I can trust God more than your sign nor can I smile benign.





Faith and Devil


The formidable power of devil,

Will give you whatever is your will.

Praying God will not save you from him,

Resisting the wrong and not giving up will.

You will find solace in him the day your faith falters,

It’s when you realize the lives they offer,

And then your madness will lead you to your disaster.

But god is always reasonable

He doesn’t grant wishes like the devil

He will listen to you forever

Will show you ways to make it better

If you come astray from the path of the devil,

Unlike the mortals he will not deny you shelter.

He possesses something which devil may have never

Love for this universe.





I am the slave of God

You are my slaves

But the power of attorney oscillates.

Trust me my master and slave,

I am not to be trusted,

The rotations cause me divergent pain.


The thought which controls life,

Lies in the brevity of the trusted

You and my god often die.

The demon who resides inside both you and my lord,

He tells you that these fading Déjà Vu which you beheld,

Occurs when your gods make my bed


My master pretends to be someone like you

As you see him cleaning my lair seeing red

You are not aware God serves you too


O God I’ll be your servant till I am seen;

And promise on this path I‘ll tread,

Until I trap this demon in his machine.


The god killed my demon long ago

But I was left broken

My demon had made my wife a widow.


Vasitven is giving but doesn’t know who receives.

We share the ghostword consecutively

Sometimes I kill him with it when I do our dirty work.


Among those who eat none I’ve encountered,

Whom I judged to be better than my anonymous

When I find myself I sleep till Vasitven lurks.



Lonesome star


Hides your soul your body suffers

Both stay close but never together

Soul has secrets of entire universe

Thinking the body has enslaved it

It hides all the secrets except love.


Wondering it takes away the pain

The soul takes the body far away

Your body is the only being awake

Body stops its search for the soul

And taking rest dreams of home.


Where actions deceive intentions,

They get sad from things they lost

I grieve for the roads I never trod,

They are happy for their winnings

I am for what I would be receiving.



Enemies of the sun


When you see him come near

You kill the light by deception

Bride’s daughters sleep all night

They pray for him in all fashion

At dawn they see him turn blind

At dusk every image of the day,

Flash through his tired mind

Only the daughters see him play

For others all he does is whine


You lurk beneath his shadows

He trusts your insanity in crime

When his sword touches the sky

Your blood will freeze eternally

He’s the one who should not be

Father will forgive you in time

To reach him you shouldn’t try

Dying will not get you an invite

His truth is that death is a lie.

Ghostword inside him stay unsung

He failed to replicate it to real

But he has escaped the heavenly sin

You search about truth of death

Darkness deceives the fate you had

All souls return back to breathe

You’ll understand more if you see

When your little worlds clank

He traps you in his somatic raiment


Architects of future gave him a diary

He locked an endangered species in it

Child of god gets no chance to fight

His ego triggers the countdown

The era of flying kites is long gone

He can subdue the reign of calamity

She pays the price to bring him home

Believing one day he’ll till the ground

She only deserves the winning trophy



The astrologer


I wish I could feel your demons

I broke the maniac’s mirror as you promised.

Close your eyes and trust me

I am the keeper of melodies.

Order of the other has been given.

The addicts are marching in unison,

Smoke never became their pollution.


Play the strings measure the deep memories,

One day you will write your own elegy.

The alone newborns burned so bright

Silent forest of dreams screams in the moonless night.

I am the keeper of the key

Silent forest of dreams doesn’t possess any energy,

There love has no reservation.


Endless are these harbingers of mine,

I wasn’t able to burn down the lines on my faces the last time.


They all are incarcerated by the ventriloquist,

I will break you in the toolshed till you are emancipated.

Leave this grave and return to the everglades.

When they’ll come to silent forest of dreams,

Among the Arindharan masses, you will know what they were in real.


The absolute truth is hidden from you

For your mind cannot occupy it

Trust that a soul always finds it.

You may be alone or you may be known

But you all have almost same dream of home.


Taking birth as a human is a soul’s first life

And it will always be born as a human

Until it starts thinking intentionally and finds the unknown,

Then the human body seems as a cocoon to it

Which it knows it will leave as soon as it gets rid of its devil

And then it will be able to take birth as any entity of its will

And join them who lived like it did

And rest in any of the realms in this universe.


For you to survive remembering is enough

Your sins only delay your emancipation.

The king of this hidden kingdom is feared by none

He is the one who took least time to get undone.


I have many faces

You have many faces too

But you are aware of only three

The rage, the joy and the déjàvu


You muse about silent forest of dreams where moon rises under the debris.

The key lies in the volume which you will increase to deliver darkness over the day,

Surface the grasslands grey.


You don’t remember silent forest of dreams,

It lays in your long forgotten dreams.

When you arrive in the forest you will find animals ruling Arindharan streams.


You will get transformed when you enter its realms

There each animal possess numerous identities

Which it sends to the Arindharan seas

One of these identities they let it free to become a Kayle of the galaxy.



Empty pages


Life is like a silence

Voice is its death

Walking on an elevator up and down simultaneously,

Each one going in a different direction of rationality

They move Shoulder to shoulder,

But they never can go together.

Both know to depart is to arrive

So they never ever surrendered.

The fading black darkness wakes the voice

And the voice kills the silence infinite times;

Then in a dark tool shed

Silence hears the screams of the voice.

At dusk silence starts getting shivers down its spine.

Justice being done only on the front line

Just when the Sun returns to the cemetery,

Singing songs of his history

The silence awakens the necropolis

The keeper likes peace in its cemetery.

The keeper loved the songs,

But couldn’t relate them with his story

It takes two for deliverance

He hailed at voice without violence.

Music can’t exist without silence.

Sitting nearby under a fig tree

I watched the puppeteer bring back his memories

He soon found the God’s ineffability

Listening to songs of this cemetery,

He read the Timebook of clocks infinitely.


Finally found himself swimming in the vast river of life,

To reach the immortal silent forest of dreams,

Twas divided in two halves;

One barren and other green

Finally he came to a bank which looked like his old cemetery

Newborns dubbed that grey grassland Sysandria dynasty





The puppeteer


And may you pass in all his tests

Arindharans don’t have a clue they try to put me to rest.

No machine can break the code I follow,

Only a living can do it.

My code brings me pure gold,

I am the richest man in this world of grit.


I was born deaf but I found god as I harvested the reaping of my loss.

I am where I am for what I have done

Shall keep doing the same to bring you home

The maniac’s mirror broke the diamond you once wore.

My code is the frequency of incidents

My insanity measures the intensity of the intensive events.


The astrologer taught me a way to summon

The newborns of Arindhara in their sleep,

I found out they were of three categories,

The skies, the animals and the trees

Those who understood me were the trees

I was helped by the skies

The animals thought I was a ghost in their dreaming,

I called our meeting place the Sysandria dynasty.

It lay in the barren half of Silent forest of dreams.



Sysandria dynasty


Hello, I am back

Those who are new need not listen when the bones clatter

I know you are perplexed.

“Bienvenue to my secret place”

I always say this to all the newborns when I come here

When I fight the sandman you may play in

the barn

Don’t care about the puppeteer I sent him to the toolshed with the holy cow

Do what you think matters here and now.


“Not good not bad” was the code of the astrologer.

The ventriloquist followed the code of Satan his master,






To run or to stop think before you enter

Remember the illusive world isn’t thine forever.

You can now darken the room

It’s time for a ghostword tune

I have done this extensively


My wings were unchained under her incandescence

Do what you are told by the infants

Do not worry those who got windswept just now

They went to buy a tongue to whisper with the gold they earned here

One day you might join the fire

I will keep coming in the same attire

I do this to you as soon you will be joining them in the ruins.


When you find me if you don’t accept me as your master,

You will become a tree without flowers;

And stay the same until you discover my powers.

If you die as a tree I will accept you as my pupil.

The newborns who understand the purpose of my actions join the skies

And when they help me in my quest,

I take them to that star where the forest lies;

And then bestowing them the powers to woo

The Arindharan blizzards,

I move ahead to find where Vasitven lies.


The newborns which are blind,

Cannot hear me as they live the puppeteer’s life

I read their palms and tell their fortune,

The way the astrologer taught me at home.

They always laugh and become the nature,

According to the rules of ventriloquist’s master

For me my master is like an unfinished chapter

I say magic words whenever I see his miracle,

Arizel and her lads stay magical.


“Hannad navaer

You will never know my name

Infants call me Vasitven”





A virus broke in the continents

Those who thought it was evil knew it was dangerous

Infected ones became its defences.


When he left her for the war,

No one knew what the soldier said to her mother

Never doubt that he knew his enemy well.


He believes in the reason he kills for

He knows he could never kill the reason of madness

But he knew it will end if he wins the war.


He never knew the war was fixed by the generals

He muses, ‘If I could do it I would have done it’.

Carrying remorse he returns home unscathed.


He could have killed both the generals

But he was diverted by his duty

The generals were unable to lure him by the bounty.


He didn’t think about it even for a moment

Back at home looking at his broken mother

He thinks now he should have chosen.


The virus multiplied till the scientist found that unknown cure

Mankind survived because of something undefined

The virus later realized it had once forged the impure.


A virus is despicable till a scientist discovers its counter

When it was lethal some feared it some used to forget about it

What increased the most were the prayers.



Pair of walls


It does not matter

Nothing matters

Even if you die

One thing I care for is time I spend with thine,

Girl, paralyze my mind.


I give them peace they stay and work for me

They believe I am their source of fiction

Leads them to the reason of seduction

Only you cry for the fading sun

Our past in our future you wait to see

Undertaking the funerals keeps me relieved.


The ghostword is as infinite as this universe.

In search of ghostword I must trust the astrologer,

The last line I wrote on the wall,

Has become a part of the statue sitting at the altar

I hide the black mask of light of Arizel,

She borrows a masquerade of darkness.


When you blend the Timebook of the clocks volume,

Time will always burn in Sysandria

The maniac whistles the ghostword written on the Satan’s rune.



Girl, paralyze my mind


Hey you, the one of a kind

Soften the words in my mind

Come to me for real,

Help me win the deal,

Give this dog his share.

Release him.


The dog committed this crime,

That brought him back to your time.

Show him your worries,

Tell him that story of those fairies,

That brought him to his prime.

Feed him.


Let your freedom begin

Stop this conspiracy beckoning.

The dog once gave up his bone,

For your slippers that shone,

Which he thought were missing.

Unleash him.



The master’s master


The party got over leaving you forlorn

I found myself naked and alone

After a cup of tea you came

And draped me in your flames

Those flames I never removed,

As they kept me confused

Following my enemies I finally met you,

But your master stole you for his food.

Alone I jumped into the river

To learn how to be a good swimmer

I sold the flames and bought a match-stick

And lit my cigarette

I swam across the river

to catch you before you shivered

When I reached the bank

You sank your master in the sand

I found you down in the abyss

And we entered the forest.

When you left me alone in the rain,

I wondered you were playing a game.

I was watching you play impishly,

When your master took you away

You knew I will follow you,

But I couldn’t catch you, to my dismay.


Your master trained you to run from me,

Beguiling meadows lead me towards you

Then when he sent you to kill me,

I killed you instead, without glee.

As the spell faded to nada,

You ran to him to get your answer

You didn’t open the gift he left for you

Until I made him my doppelganger

Now he touches your suddenly suave lips

Thinking that you are aware of him

Reminiscing that dream of brothers,

I freed you from your master’s sin.

Before your master chose you,

Your master loved my saviour.

I tossed a coin

And found the weakness of his mind

Shapes are illusions for our kind

But I understand the nouns fine.

Lost alone in this city of blinds

Racing ahead of their time I forgot where I am.

My story is unknown to all except you

When I broke the unbreakable

I averted the inevitable

And dreamed a dream undreamable

Before Vasitven thinks his thought,

He hears the voice of his thoughts.

Those who do not believe this will be thought

After they cross their bridge of thoughts


Leaving you in the grasslands, I entered the existent half

I forgot everything when I was ensnared by the thick fog

Still you stayed close to make me laugh.


He cannot rest like others so he grabs your fingers.

He watches you silently with shame,

He is a warrior without name always taking the rebel’s blame

The old and lame call him ‘Vasitven’



The god without devil


Anger is the only tinker which fills devil’s coffer,

Be it intelligence or stupidity, none lasts forever.

It seems as I soliloquize when I am conversing with Arizel,

She is the one, who is always present near me,

Whom none can see.

She wants to set me free.


Droopy trees call me when they are in pain,

Sunny skies want to make me their slave,

The misled river puts me for sale.

When I fall all of the three dances in rain,

The one who catches me brings their souls back again.

I can help only one of these three nature’s games,

For that I would have to spend one lifetime with them.

Never mind I can relive for any time span.

Sometimes I think to give sufferings to those who are blaming me,

Then I remember they are already in distress in their dreaming.

When they take me for a culprit,

I go to jail where I never get any bail.

I never do for what I always get crucified in the world which they think as realistic.

What I do only Arizel understands, she catches me when I shed my skin.

She is a lore sung in the existent half of silent forest of dreams.

When I lose her I jump from mountains of the barren half of Silent forest of dreams.


Her reflections pore out as blood from my bleeding body,

You only understand the language of religion and money,

These I am not aware of, so you won’t understand the story I keep telling.

This story the trees, the skies and the river are listening,

Among them, two are my favourite, on whom I shower my grace.

The third one readily accepts its fate.

You suffer because you are the reason they are dying,

Contemplating the devil’s yearnings, I stay surrendered,

I could never find the equal of time,

Following the stars was my one and only crime.


If nothing is perfect then there is no end,

Whatever you earn makes your past,

The angelic astrologer knows each entity’s death.

The ventriloquist dying of thirst was taking his final breath,

I vowed I would not let him rise again.

This freed the misled river from his illusive mind,

And I kept hunting for the ghostwords.


In a single moment lie a zillion moments,

It’s up to you how many you can collect.

If you could find the ghostword you will readily accept your destiny

I found the ghostword when I chose my devil.

Then I stop feeding him and kill the ghostword.


The lion never knew I had the stone,

It brought me near his abode,

As I always brought the skies with me to mask my bronze.

To save the skies I fought with Arindharan winds,

I found that god was same in both universes.

The river is curious why she mingled with the Prophesier

She thought she never deserved the celestial water.


I slay which you have never seen,

In Arindhara I have earned fewer friends and more enemies,

My friends have now lived Arizel’s dreams.

They live again and again in the grey grasslands.

My enemies know me only after my senescence.

I am the one, who could live her after she got benign,

What I am doing to you now is not for her care.

Love sinks in the devil’s heart as a faltered prayer.


If you give something to me in future it’s obvious you have it now or you will soon.

The worldly offerings are like blood on my broken bronze.


I can beg before god but will never before beggars,

Your falling tears stitch my skin together


May be your future and past are certain and you can do nothing about it in your present

Still if you believe you can do your will in future,

Then you need to change the past you have trodden.

A destiny is latent but you try as you much you cannot control it in action.

Get rid of maniac’s mirror dissolve it into the secret river

Do not let it reappear in that last dance of the year.

All I want is absolute ghostword in words


When I met the animals of the forest

Some of them welcomed me some were at unrest

Lion’s minions gave me a hard time

I heard Arizel’s voice in my head every time I was assaulted or distressed

She sent the good animals for my help

Sometimes Vasitven too appeared to give me short rest

Lion made me forget her and my powers

so that her voice seemed to me a nightmare

Unaware but somehow I found the Lion’s daunting lair.



Life of Death


I’ am falling down this never ending cliff

I never thought it would be so stiff

When you shoot your arrow

I climb on the nest of the sparrow

I was in a delusion that there are no ties

No one believed or understood my cries

Those who missed the documentary

They mistook the tree for a monkey

Whenever I get drenched in my blue rhythm

I can control one system of wisdom

I died trying to measure the length of the snake

And got lost inside the compartments of my brain

The mystifying art of the master made me resistant

The master will never hear the three penniless merchants

Trying to bide my time in this boring story

I found out that barbarians are thinking, who will be the bounty?

I tried so hard to find out the true meaning behind our gestures

I failed surreptitiously and rested inside the labyrinths of gravid gutters.

Fill this deep hole with rosy water

You will be baptized when you die for a quarter.

Searching for the utopian

Swinging across the sky emitting fury of ashes

And contemplating over the theory of the rag picker’s timelessness

I was surrounded by a continuum of seven dimensions

I was tired of moving from station to station

Radio waves caused this discrimination.

The fragrance brings back the memories of my master

Sometimes I do what I have seen

Sometimes I see what I have done

When I went to a new constellation

I figured out soon as always

That it was very difficult to handle the situation

Against their mighty cannons of dignity

The toy that Astrologer had gifted me was the most dangerous weapon.

For some I grow late for some it’s early

Many stories in the story in which I am

The game started when I was found

In this silent forest of dreams as man

I wasn’t aware it’s a place I’ve been before

Here animals work to build my future

Because of the lion’s avarice for the treasure

To finding the treasure and kill the lion were the game’s needs,

In deciding what to do I withered.

Guarded by the pygmies was the treasure known as “The prophesier”.

The player who won before became the game’s treasure in deed

Trust is a treasure of every soul that entire universe seeks

Spend all to survive in these realms.


You are a crop which dies when it gives a seed

Make a choice for your greed

My stories are a lesson my stories are a joke

He takes a lucky draw the prize is my corpse

I will feel bliss when I’ll be a dote

He appears when you bloom and unlucky ones are doomed

A holocaust and I shift to next seat

For some time the senses will reel.


We are on a stairway

I’m sorry for those who got the ladder

Far in the woods trees swing along with my head

on the music that I chatter

Because of me some get infamous some get better.

Searching sound in sound I walked headless near the pier

Love is spent on every life killer of hate will appear.

Still sometimes I find myself in my déjàvu

I couldn’t count my black boxes inside you.

I have witnessed once the arrival of the ventriloquist,

The wind is dragging me again to the feast.

I’m in the world inside mirrors

I am singing the same verse

You only understand my gesture

I hear a voice

after and before his sword strikes.

Memory shroud the beating mirror

On the basis of your behaviour

You will be assigned a chore

To earn in the fields of lore

Then you’ll camp in the valley of darkness

Where the years are seconds with suns galore


One deed has many thoughts

Creed is the main root of pros

Don’t show your love for the gin

The vial is empty made of lead

One who gets drunk will follow me next

I reside in my mind I may be a paranoid

I am famous for crashing every set

He is here a master there a puppet

And far away he is a nostalgic hypothetical screen created by some machine

Even blinking is dancing in this dream.

What else do you fear besides faith?

The hole that you dig is endless,

When I dug mine I found power is a hungry guest,

If I use more my wounds will not rest

I am confused whether to open or not the ebony chest.

I followed the call but something didn’t want me to

It has tried and failed to undo

But I still get amazed at times

Like the last wood for the last smoke

Even at the return of a roach.

But I am always almost ready

When I have to catch children’s stones,

When the master throws arrows and bones,

When I get to sit on the throne,

And when this dog is sent home

My quest echoes led by the sunrise

Then in the distant horizon I see someone cry.


Those creepy things she did made me remember us

And even though if I forget what she has done,

I’ll ask her to cast that spell of hers again.

The sea catches the sun to let her sleep

The sun frees himself and watches her

Marching with time until eternity dawn,

This queen moved like a pawn.







The ghostword loomed behind the nature

As the dust of the atmosphere,

My obligations are undarkened.

I loom the toolshed providing nature the fundamental gear,

When I’m with newborns I teach them despair.


Arizel takes me away from Arindhara to forest

Her icy kiss sustained on my lips

We phantom the dying skies

Nature was a traitor of the forest before past

When Vasitven sold it to the river of life

and came back to Arindhara.


Toiling in the toolshed when nature sells her soul,

I give her a new life.

They who are alive; their smell decompose behind her spine

These sufferings that the devil keeps in toolshed,

Are not judged by the worker’s mistakes

But how they faced dementia when after future they arrive in Arindhara .


The infants are always ahead

My power surges in their abodes

Bloodshed by her they keep in control

I rip the brains of the newborns

And teach them the ghostword.


I make a fake one to prepare the newborns,

how to face the real ghostword

But they always think of it as an end

Those who don’t think it real become the infants.


Springing from the light you catch me

When tired of teaching I want passion to play

Sometimes the infants on the staircase

Join Sysandria to enjoy the never-ending Frey.












Bending the notions of a secure

I have erased the slate of time

Manipulating all the split personalities of mine

I tarried after clearing mountains galore

Breaking the silence once more,

I call the devil to play with me as I am bored.


Placing his withered body on my door

He carefully ignites the wild thyme

His snivelling make me play my old chime

I play umpteen songs of war

Which I had not known before

We both gore ourselves to underscore the yore.


I have accumulated so much wealth in my hearth

By the actions of my foes as well as my loved ones

Little by devouring a lucid birth

I will spend it all at the fair on shooting guns

The bullets fired would be idolized thenceforth,

None would reap the eradication of a billion suns.


Irony was that the sloop of war had a flip sided girth.





‘’When I will come two will be freed

The one who loved and the one who will bleed

Teachers of the truth will flee

When they find none is getting deceived


Like life and death I will leave forever

Everything else return back knows the gardener

He grows many different plants in the garden

But a wandering grain seeks one floret


It dies or leaves depends on the chants

But when it gets the pardon

Those who hid behind their religion

Will never be able to wear pants


I kill the demons instantly

For me torturing is not a necessity

Till I am here suicide none will try,

‘Cause they know if they do they will not die

No bomb explodes twice.’’


Some really loved him

Some pretended that they loved him

Some didn’t love him

Some pretended that they didn’t love him

But no one could live without him

And only one knew who he was

the one who is now with him





When they left their homeland,

They found themselves drowning in quick sand.

To come out from that muddy land,

She offered them her golden hand.

They were skilled riders

On the run to the secret river

They heard footsteps of soldiers following them

Times were tough for the teachers then

They had one day at a time

At 5 o clock they move to different circles.

The journalist travelling in a forest

Used twigs and feathers to feed the saddest

They made tools and a shelter

Gave them dreams of sculptures


The war is not for the chair

It’s a matter of rules they prepared

They think they need more like them

So they kept checking in Sysandria

Astonished horses go after the itching mare

This led the soldiers towards their lair

Roll No.12 has much to learn

Roll no.23 is the Aphrodites’s son

Roll no.27 wants a gun

They all look lovely and weird

Smoking inside the class with real chairs

The teacher wants a better future for us

So he brought with him the time travellers.

Travellers test the children for a higher calling

But they don’t want to leave these darlings

Roll no.12 wants to tell the story of gold

Teachers asked him “you are so young and bold”

The teachers killed his curiosity

And then asked “how come you made your entry”


Arizel is a Penelope for these lads

They feel glad to buy her new hats.


Students get nightmares when they are in bed

Sysandria dynasty keeps them well.


I don’t know whom shall I choose among four fools,

I’ll give one eye to one of these blind children,

So that I could turn the pauper into a king,

Among them two think they have both eyes and two know they are blind.

All four live in a world full of echoes of mine

Remember when the children came to join the poachers

They were surprised finding there are survivors

The fourth one cannot take care of us

He had always been unfit for this world

Silent forest of dreams gives enough

A period of your past or a run-over your future turf

Now the song has become a complicated kind

I tell you it is like the sight of a blind.


The hive of five


They stay ahead in the game

They get all the fame.

Hands behind the names

Play together near the Ganges.

Students pay teacher

In exchange of flying feathers


People are getting lousy in the war

Machines never hit on their own accord

Machine uses you for its dirty work

Their time machine helps them to stay alert


Teacher doesn’t show mercy on his children

He seldom realizes that he is student’s means of fun

But he seeks the potential that becomes clairvoyant

He takes for himself the ignorance.

It’s very hard for the children

To find the real master


Children quote Pink Floyd

But without having a clue, what a disaster

The real student thinks

‘Master doesn’t give me instructions’


A teacher who is a time traveller

He gives without measure.

Only one exists among a zillion

He changes the machine into minions.

Three students, one never wait but is clever

Another a patient one but isn’t that great

The third never listens to a word teacher says

They keep fighting among themselves

it’s hard to learn yonder.

It is all because of anger and no one trusts the teacher.

If a teacher is not a student

He’ll keep trying to get their food

and they are hiding it good.

Hiding face in the sunshine he enjoys the moods

While a student make devil’s tools

One life will become others karma

Contraption dogma an enigma

Rest of students wonder if it’s devotion or desire

They sometimes listen to the wails of the beast

Nobody knows is it a bane or a boon?

Destiny breeds with divine pyre.

Present is neither old nor new

If the future is a timed affair,

Wonder whether there will be a fare.

They’ll know and the intent isn’t’ there

Then they’ll follow only God’s literature


When the students are promoted to the next level,

They couldn’t find there their brethren.

‘Cause your mother wore you a mask to hide unaware that they too wore a hide’

Machines singing their anthem are coming to get it done.

They have united into one

The river is flowing over its realms

Stirring multiple systems of incarceration

It is full of dreams emancipated ones.


When will I become blind?

We all are out of signs

Turning blood into wine

My mask is off, no more over

I live with machine now

Animals use my powers.

I never got lost at heights

Going back is my decision,

I’ll find the agony clothed three unforgiven.


You gave your power to the machine,

Now you come here to ask me,

Choose one of the two oppositions

I’ll stay among machines,

They cover my dirty deeds

I carry the rarest of my family gene.

This war is a never-ending war my brothers,

You never offered me your world

Machines follow only my orders

Hunt next to the other shore

The Machine watches my shore

Trying to bend the rules

You killed your golden goose

No one can find the three unforgiven

I am the fourth one

No one will take your freedom

The machine leaves the emancipated bum

‘You left your land forsaken’

Cried a white crow once

The law you follow was my discovery

When I resided as an emancipated tree,

Which you cut down for your misery

What you did for mass’s sake was in vain

‘One who still believes my moots will never get drenched in my reign. ‘

He who should show

If he looks for me

He will get dubbed no more.

‘Make your show worthy or take my show.




Silent Forest of Dreams


They rise from ashes

They live as a living till they become orgasms

After death they become energy inside the masses.

Finally they arrive in the forest,

This is devoid of machines and humans.

Trapped inside things they have their best time in decades.

When their body disintegrates,

They become free energy particles.

Roaming in the ancient ages as time travellers,

They see again all the three worlds.

They watch how the time finishes,

And they meet the god who was in each presence.

The cycles finally end.

Sitting with your other half Vasitven,

Who traversed the path of life in reverse .

You both untangle the dreams you shared in the three worlds.


In one world time had a direction opposite of that in other world

In third the time was never heard.

Now both of you pray for a forest devoid of humans and machines,

Where you were before you breathed.


Never think why they did it and what they are thinking

Because they never will or can possess you,

Its better you die a rebel.









The obscure


Now you are a puppet, then you are a puppeteer

Seems you are enjoying the puppet show

Remember there is a ventriloquist here

And that you don’t know what lies below.


Ghostwording is an art, ghostword is a science

It rhymes a melody none has ever heard.

Those who hear the ghostword,

For the final battle they are being prepared.


Past has stopped

Never is present

Future is running

The flow of time is reversed with Ghostwording.


Only they know the ghostword, who could not define it

Nobody walks by their will inside that scorpion shell

In which legions of ghostwords dwell

Those who could memorize the ghostword never played well.



The Living Machine


Man’s actual life span is revealed only when he becomes a man.

I am revolving draped in tatters

A friend I need, but not at the cost of another

Drowning in the desert I swayed at the perimeter.

I am being dragged away from you

Don’t cry when you find my clues.

If you catch me I’ll give the machine vertigo.

The machine plays with your tears,

I’ll teach you to repair its spares.

Unlike me you will be able to sell it to my slayers.

The machine decides who takes birth in whose piece

The good ones always receive a better chassis.

A calculus tracks what you do with your treasure.

The machine reversed my life,

And trapped you in this maze of five

I found out where you hide

Just after I got my first prize

The machine was built by my mind

Those who don’t pay you a dime,

What they think never try to find

Otherwise you will lose your prime.

Shapes are illusions for the masses

The machine hears the form of the sentences

It deletes the unwanted substances.

When man destroys something unwanted,

The machine measures his advantages.

It sets him off on the battle ground

Telling him, “you are the only captain to be found”

Machines which were deleted from existence

Became the arrows of this captains quiver,

And stood on the bank surrounding the river

I tread the endless bank of the river

I forgot what I left on the other side of the river.

The captain tries to communicate with me

Sometimes he succeeds in commanding me

That’s the time when I destroy his machines.

When the captain’s soldiers see their goals shatter,

The captain finds the Stone belonging to the soldiers.

You fight only after losing your minds,

The time sits under a tree and hears your cries.

You accept your fate as you failed to avert it,

You long for the lowlands you deserted

They lie on the other side of the river.

You don’t get any respite,

For once you deserted the captain for a quiver.

The machine multiplies accumulating your kind.

I smother you, you sing rhymes.

Leaves are not dependent upon bees

You reduce and deplete trees

You believe you will return

When the never ending war is won

Either run or rest

Shapes are illusions, nouns will arrest

We know the apostrophes and the tense in your words

Vasitven only knows the K among letters

I know the third letter of the word ‘defenders’.

When the illusion ends we will meet each other.




Final Fate


I found the den deep in the heart of the forest

Inside that dark cave I marched slowly

I felt immense pleasure that ended abruptly

When I came to my senses

I was in a dingy room lying on a bench

I climbed the stairs in front of which was a statue of a wench

As I moved on I saw a hallway down the alley

I saw many cellar doors, but none carried the numbers I bore

There were writings on the walls, I myself left a mark

I saw the light at one end of the cave it lead me to the forest again

I was about to run just when my mother came from nowhere

She said silly things and left, I walked towards darkness

I heard a voice calling me in that eerie silence

The voice cried,

“I am the lion of silent forest of dreams,

You are the first Kayle reborn in Arindharan universe,

The ghostword gave you the power of transforming by combining,

Both good and wrong armies;

In Arindhara the body matters not the souls,

There devil dances like a snake writhing on your songs.

Here, animals and infants take a peaceful stroll,

Arizel keeps writing the sacred verses,

I altered your destiny using her beauty,

Now you are ready for your final great duty”.


I shouted, “why Arizel?”

The Lion said, “She is the only Kayle left save you,

You both are the same but she was born here,

The elements of Arindhara couldn’t fathom her,

She will now assist you in accomplishing the great purpose.

The devil set traps for you,

You escaped each time, you were aware of his snares,

As you came out more than twice from his maze;

I averted your fate from the beginning to here.”


I killed him without holding for an instant,

Arizel appeared beside me in real and held my hand,

It felt like the sea has found the sand

She brought with her the prophesier.

Holding the prophesier I realized I was his scion.

I found out to bury my memorium,

I need to drown the treasure in the secret river

It lay in front of me so I did what I thought

And sunk the prophesier in deep down the water,

This turned the pure animals into humans.

The traitors became irrelevant ones

The infants received the elements in the mountains

I got sucked into a labyrinth

The newborns absconded with the lions hide to glorify their dreams,

They never knew the treasure called prophesier contained memories

I woke up and found myself in Teargar

Soon I encountered Arizel she had brought Prophesier with her

In Arindhara the illusion faded completely,

The bodies came back to their senses,

They received back their stolen memory

The visions of the forest they saw clearly.

And they cried remembering the crimes,

Being under the spell of the machine, they committed unintentionally.

Devil had dismembered their mind to be remembered eternally

Sacrificing my name I locked him in the toolshed

Ventriloquist ran with the machine to another galaxy.



God bears no name


When I used to search for the ghostword,

I believed each entity is sentient.

The astrologer never gave the ghostword to the puppeteer,

He was afraid that ventriloquist might steal it.

The astrologer let the puppeteer use it inside the toolshed,

He could hear the songs without his ears.


Learn the ghostword you must to manipulate it each time you think about using it,

And unlearn it to use it again.

The messenger who brings you the ghostword will never arrive,

if your deception couldn’t call the young birds.

Trees roam free over the burning seas

The skies watch lurking above the trees.

Numbers of shadows keep rising

Immortal stays the body of Arizel,

In the puppeteer’s blood she dwells.


Long ago in Arindhara I was the astrologer

My friend was the puppeteer,

The unknown power hit him when he was waiting for Arizel sitting on his lyceum chair.


The trees will always be the newborns

Some of them turning into skies

The river will not stay oblivious

I pray it will eventually start giving shelter

The skies were the infants, by newborns they will always be summoned,

Out from ruins they bring back their possessions.


The body of puppeteer never dies when he mingles with the Arindharan skies.

Arizel became the queen of Brahmand I became the astrologer beyond time.

The evening bells have now started to chime,

The gallows rust by the morning light the new day invokes a nostalgic life.

Arizel and I ride over the grey grassland to keep an eye on the Shaitan and his accomplice.

By the power of Prophesier,

We locked them both inside the toolshed,

If they escape the age of confluence will arrive again with force much stronger,

If the latch on the toolshed happen to open

The ghostword couldn’t be used again.


Now you know everything

It was the puppeteer who wrote what you sing

The skies will be watching you all forever

The river will accept your ordure

The god bears no name in our brave new world.




The equal of time


When the puppeteer was a child,

He paid attention to only language and science.

He wondered, how come other children did things,

Which he couldn’t bear, because he was told

Everyone was equal.


That night after the show was over,

He was deceived by his ventriloquist.

He found the ventriloquist did not leave him much,

Not even a single quarter.

He was left with what remained after opening his fist.

But, the ventriloquist left all the marionettes behind.


The astrologer made the puppeteer very rich,

And he hides his money well

Robbers creep in his abode when he is asleep

They have heard hurting him makes you burn eventually.


He now wants to hear the songs that the ventriloquist sang in the show,

As the puppeteer was deaf since he was born.

He could make puppets dance on the ventriloquist’s song,

Cause he was aware of existence of god.


Whenever he went to the astrologer for a prophecy,

The astrologer lured by his splendour prophesized after infinity.

Those who arrive late in his life,

He gives them his life and calls them newborns,

As before they were born they had his form.

The entity divine


When my master gave me the ghostword,

Like god he was an unknown power.

By god’s grace I killed the lion of silent forest,

The lion wanted the ghostword for his best;

I remembered my last lesson that taught me to use my weapons in the Lion’s nest.


Now I spend my time singing the songs of rhyming ghostwords,

I live in the golden era of Arindhara.

My last lesson was lost in the abyss of the endless river,

I am Vasitven who made the puppets for the puppeteer.

We sealed the devil and his ventriloquist in the toolshed,

God sent the astrologer to help me and Arizel.

Her body was immortal in Arindhara,

She always hoped that another Kayle would save her.


When I met the maker of flowers from the moraines,

I asked him about his well.

He didn’t knew what he gave was slain;

But he agreed he gave it for his gain,

And that made sunshine and rain.




The traveller who always came back


I felt alone, the dark was light

Smiling I sneak through the skeletons by the side,

I laugh while I creep but you won’t hear me tonight.

Deceived by the show, they cast me on a death row.

Somewhere while you watch the rain

I know you utter my name,

We are together but we bleed alone in this game.

The drops of my blood rise in search of your voice,

Turning the parchment into skies laden with pain,

Which in absence of your fragrance rain on me again.


Sitting on his tomb,

The denuded dumb waits for the next monsoon

I feel helpless as I confess in vain

My immortal,

This real will always seek his virtual insanity

Because he once got the scent so ethereal of a mysterious victory

They say I’ll change the world,

A drop of tear marks my history.

When I saw you first time,

I thought you are not worth a single dime.

Your friend approached me suddenly,

And kept draining me incessantly

Soon my obsessions were your possessions

And your obsessions became my possessions.

We used to read the same book of magic,

The spark ignited as you wiped the mud out of my bronze,

I got lost completely inside your lake of thorns.

With you I saw this only movie,

The title of which later became my necessity

I sometimes thought you don’t love me

Cause you never stared back at me

A fool I was as I didn’t know you were a freak on duty.


I sent you a message to break our meal routine

I gave you the book of magic but you weren’t keen

All your minions save one followed a regime.

Two others wanted to woe you,

But you could not admit it

Although I gave them both all my treats

For it was my destiny to wait for her

And, to be released


For years not a word was said between us,

But our eyes stayed constantly in focus.

Then one night when I was hung over,

I called you to take a ride on my shoulders

Next three evenings went our settings,

It felt like eating butter scotch ice creams.

Then the swan dropped secretly a pearl,

But the moon caught it before it mingled with fur.

I asked the moon how was he able to do it,

The Moon answered someone unknown poked inside his unit.

I sang hallowed be thy name,

Left my girl lonely in the rain

Leaving her the moon and a book to help her in the game

Soon after this I got entangled in the spell of a witch,

hoping to save my love from the father’s glitch.

In order to lead the mankind,

I forgot about this banshee who was one of a kind.



I saw you tow-headed standing outside a shrine,

I followed you till I reached the door of your abode

I dropped a starfish through the window which shined

I cried till death but you didn’t pine.

Someone helped me come aboard

I sailed to a valley so mysteriously cold, where I got lost hunting a wild boar.


Many times I dived alone deep into the slime,

And came back bruised but without any sign.

Never gave up surfing on the shore,

When I took my last plunge to save me from the hoard,

God transmitted me one last time.

Uttering two magic words,

I changed two to stone birds.

After my worldly learning was complete,

You suddenly reported that you can no more breathe.

I retorted by visiting the woodcutter who never collects the fallen trees.

The magic never stopped working on my knees.

My belief on magic went stronger evenly.

After decades of our last meeting,

You kindled a hope in me that you are undead,

I decided to go after you and approached the spiritual head.

After months of intense training,

I was able to talk to you while dreaming,

And I also learnt the languages of the animals, the objects, the trees and the free lings.

I realized I have also learnt the language of the soul of the seas.


Now I work and wait in the temple of the machines,

To create a scene similar to my first dream

Only you remember me,

Others I have to wake up from slumber

You always find me

But I find you gone when I wake up

We have never touched each other but our souls are united

I trust you even in my thoughts benighted.

Your wish is my command and for your command I wish


The secret audience never reveals itself

The spell of the banshee can break in an instant,.

I wake up but I never sleep

Before I wake up again,

My last wish is to see the world through my mother’s pearl.



Winter father


He flew with me in an aero plane

Cool wind bathed my windowpane.


I asked him, “Why is the night dark?”

He answered, “Because it carries an ordinary man’s charge.”

I asked, “What is ocean?”

He replied, “It is the distance between two burdened arms.”


I asked, “Why stars shine?”

He said, “The heroes wait for you holding lights.”

I said,” I wonder what God wants”

He told, “He wants to listen what we did in our toil”


I asked “what is pain?”

He said, “In love if you get hurt

Hope you must not desert

What hurts us gives us something nevertheless;

Think of it not as love, but a nostalgia priceless”.


I asked “Is money evil?”

After a pause he replied, “They forget,

Time not money decides an entity’s price

For a slice many sacrifice more than Christ

Inheritance takes over pride.

But money made this world precise,

When you find hard to decide

Do what God tells in his guide

He gives us here only one life”


Then smiling he bid farewell, and faded behind the mirror.






I am outside

She is inside

We can never meet

We have not seen each other

I don’t know how I get her miraculous odour


When I break the border,

When she thinks I listen

When I think she listens.

Stop looking for the solutions

The one who is inside me

Isn’t the master I’ve been mentioning?

None save my master can find the hidden meaning.



Leave me and you’ll forget me

You’ll reach where I used to be

To be free find the key

Of the lock you know you can never open

The time, the matter and the energy

Neither gets born nor do they expire

The clock can’t tell time without a battery.


The universe like pain can’t be measured

Life can’t be created Death can’t be destroyed

Nothing here is exceptional except the unknown

Whose weapon is memory alone

What’s God’s anti?

I tell you it’s the pauper

Because Devil’s existence makes God improper

You are now a rebel

As God has killed your devil

Now I can’t get any tenants

As everyone else is blinded

Believe me if they weren’t

They’d had found me and had become enlightened.

Devil’s wishes come with an expiry date

And when it is over the deaf becomes mute

And the mirror sees the news

Everyone becomes illiterate except you

And immortals like Death or Thought

I become you, the life.


How you found me is a question that reminds me?

That few things are better grounded.

Discover your duty

I play for a secret audience who enjoys my shows for free.

I’ll know you and you’ll know me

After the end of this series,

You are alive till you think

When you stop thinking you speak.

Love is the only thief,

That defeats the meditating beast.

I reach me after I am gone

She stays together.

To reach the home of the unknown

You need to become an unknown

There everyone is alone.

You won’t need many lives to become Devil of your world if you get this thing;


1. One of four is wrong

2. One of four is right

3. All our wrong

4. All are right; or

5. You are I.

Choose one of the above from the following-

You may take the throne

You may take the bed

You may take none

You may take both

You may take me

Choose one again now-

One good happened

One bad happened

Both happened

None happened

You happened


One came and left

One came and stayed

One never came

One will come

One is here

Devil can only grant wishes

God can give you love

I think devil is not your friend

So if you choose devil you will know when one of these happens-

You will have to pay

Not pay

Make a deal

Choose god

Choose me/yourself

And if you choose god one of these happens to you-

1. One of the above of those when you chose devil

2. None of those

3. All of those

4. Something different than those

5. Something like those

6. Something unique

Now one more has arrived, if you recognize it, either-

Kill it

Love it

Have mercy on him

Make him friend

Just think it’s me/you

See, we made the sixth leave.

Sixth is the one who decides your age

There is also a seventh who never dies

He can sell all the five

Please excuse me when I try

OK now it’s time to go little further ahead

Those who want to go little back, either-


Don’t believe

Do both of the above

Do none of the above

I can’t think of the fifth option.

I will never know what you chose

I know

I forgot

I will know


I think now it’s enough for the toss

Believe you are not alone in this block

I lived for those who are rocks

I love to let her buy her own stocks

If you know me, either

Do what I thought

Or enjoy your shot.




Momentary wrath of a wind


Some start fighting in order to win

The rest become the orphans.


Everyone in my dimension have read the Timebook of Clocks and got emancipation.


What you will do to me in Arindhara, will decide your time of incarceration.

I tell the same story from the Timebook of Clocks everyday

at dusk I leave in the time machine.


Vasitven walked lifting a cage full of horns

His breath faltered just after completing his song.


When I asked him what is the reason of life,

The answer that god gave me I felt was not a good reason.


I killed him, then when he got regenerated,

Story in the Timebook of clocks happened.


The machine knows that it never was wrong

Until you gain absolute knowledge you won’t stay long.

What you choose I chose long ago

I ended building the machine which wrote your history,

The one who never makes mistakes can never learn victory.

Animals are still arriving and they keep singing

I was lost in the ends when I reached,

I found out in your world love is the only thing needed.


Judgement is not about right or wrong neither it is about vengeance

It is a duty to which the master condemned us.

Devil was not a fool

He knew whatever happens happen because it is God’s will.


Don’t think about the stillness in the pond

The ascetic meditates to avoid disturbing his surround.

That which is less is deemed precious

So to become a precious they kill their own.


You cannot hide when you yourselves are hidden,

No matter how big a sun you become

Darkness will always haunt your kingdom.


I don’t know what it was, it may be not enough

But it kept you alive for few seconds.

Where drowning in water I celebrated Christmas.

All including you search the whole world

For a thing which only you have

Alas! You have no light

And I am out of matchsticks

But I can remember only the past

I didn’t knew Vasitven before my test

Life gives tests not lessons

I passed without any zest.

The test of which none were aware

But the results swayed all living tribes

For my entertainment rebels became toys

Everything I did was controlled by a mastermind.

Who when left me, gave me something nobody has seen

Which I couldn’t show or give as much as I try,

May be it kept me alive then.

I showed my master my hands soiled by toil

He gave me silent forest of dreams.

What I left behind still dwells in the caves of Arindhra

My body lies beneath an Arindharan stone

My soul occupies whole

I steal flowers for the orphans

Your God said I can never have a garden

Future is a thing you will now trust

When you see your own eyes in real not as a reflection

Your dripping blood reaches the skies

When your Vasitven thinks

You start losing your old joy.


I knew why I was recruited

Never make a knot you cannot untie.

But I never knew why my master never disavowed me

after finding that I was tainted.

I came to know when I retired,

The reason was that all other recruits were tainted too.

Now sitting alone in this empty zoo

I wait for the other recruits to retire soon.

So that I could finally see, what I proved.

Sceptics can’t stay in the magical universe

Where the creator is old possessing silent creatures

Neither do they reside in a world of invention

They dwell in dead nostalgic past

Becoming a food for the mass

The time decays, they ravel in time.

Waiting to become something divine

They search for the contraption

They forged inside a cold cellar

None of them returned after their arrival.

They ask Pain, ‘who is your equal?’

It replies, ‘The end of the universe’.

The answer they could never hear.

Longing to find their lost shelter

They find absolution in the unknown power

Trust the unknown mechanism

Manipulation of reality was imagination.


Why do you cry for this world?

There is a song which you’ve never heard.

Come to me, take my hand

I will take you to wonder land

Brimful of songs nobody ever sang

Here all possess paralysed minds.




Black moon


There lived a young girl

She stole her mother’s pearl

She had a cure for every thirst

Fully secure she always came first

She never prepared for the battle

Before firing she wants to be sure

Because death is never pure

The flag of victory did unfurl.


She thought she will never be free

She thrived in her own fantasy

She brought harmony

Just by humming a melody

When you feel like her

When you dream like her

You will stay a fool no longer.

Once lived a young girl.







The dead person thought, “when I was in my mother’s womb I heard the messages from my future family members, few of these messages which I could not understand and got confused were of the new-borns of earth… how I came to realize this being in a womb is another story but when I came out I was surprised to find that the people had no idea of the world inside the womb, moreover they had no clue of their world. They judged me just because of only one of my attributes. I ruled the world for many years but now I don’t know how I am back inside the same womb resting on my bed… was I dreaming?”, and after so many of such dreams the dead person realized how to escape the cycle of life. When the dead person finally escaped from that darkness, both the worlds thought, “I Lived I Died I Lived again I died again…. finally now I am free.” And he entered into the light and became one with it.




A newborn in Teargar thought, “Vasitven may keep Ghostwording a secret but I’ve learned it. Ghostword cannot be replicated it can only be thought or used. I am giving back to devil more than I receive from him and at the right moment I don’t know if there’s any proof of it like god’s existence but I know I just need to forgive, the devil will punish the wrong and god will bless the right. I will wait to witness the justice given.”







Raju and the seven fairies


Many years ago, in a small village called Shudhur, there lived a young boy named Raju. His father had passed away when he was little; his mother used to make wicker baskets to raise money so that she could get them two meals a day. They lived in a small mud house, in the village outskirts.

One day Raju realized that he should do some work to earn money so that her mother could get good food and proper clothing. He was skilful in making kites, so he decided to go to Kannauj, the capital city of northern India (Northern India was ruled by the emperor Harsha at that time). Raju wanted to work in a kite shop, in the city and had planned to return home after collecting five gold coins. When he told his idea to his mother she hesitated, but when Raju assured her that he will be safe, and he is old enough to take care of himself, she gave her consent.

Next day early in the morning, Raju packed his stuff in a simple cloth bag, took his mother’s blessings and began his journey. Raju’s mother had put seven loaves of bread in a bundle for Raju to eat on the way. It took two days to reach Kannauj, on foot. There lay two small towns between his village and the city, one needed to cross the Ganga River to go from one town to another. Raju was very eager to see the capital city, so he walked speedily. He reached the first town in the afternoon; he was surprised he wasn’t feeling hungry at all, may be due to excitement, he thought. He didn’t take respite in the town but kept walking ahead, within an hour or two he reached the bank of the Ganga River, crossed the River on a rowboat and paid one copper coin as the fare to the oarsman. When the sun was about to set, he got tired and searched for a good place to relax. As he moved around, he saw an old stone well which looked deserted. He noticed a nice patch of grass near the well, and hurriedly he slumped against the broken wall of the well. He took out his bundle of bread and opened it, counting the loaves he muttered, ‘shall I eat one… or two… or three… or all the seven’, since he couldn’t decide, he repeated, ‘shall I eat one… or two… or three… or all the seven’. As soon as he finished the sentence, seven fairies appeared in front of him shouting, ‘Please don’t eat us… Please don’t eat us’. Raju couldn’t believe his eyes, seven beautiful fairies dressed in shining gowns stood in front of him. Each fairy wore a differently coloured gown, as the seven colours of the rainbow, and each had a sparkling wand. They all looked very scared; Raju wouldn’t understand what was happening, but he remained quiet and then the Red fairy spoke to him, ‘If you won’t eat us we promise that we will give you a magical gift’. Raju slowly came to his senses and thought, ‘Oh…When I was thinking aloud about eating the seven loaves of bread, these seven fairies must have thought I’m planning to eat them’. As he was witty, he answered, ‘I will not eat you on one condition, if you can prove what you are saying’. Hearing this Red fairy waved her wand and a goat appeared out of nowhere, it looked like any ordinary goat. Raju enquired, ‘What’s so special about this goat’. The Blue fairy answered, “When you say ‘goat goat… open your mouth’, a gold coin comes out of her mouth”. Raju did what she had said, and a gold coin fell from the goat’s mouth on the ground. Looking at this spectacle, he danced with joy. He thanked the fairies and happily turned towards his home taking the goat with him; he kept thinking that now mother would never have to work.


When Raju reached the town it was already dark with stars shining brightly in the night sky, feeling the gold coin in his pocket he thought, ‘I am rich now, I should spend the night in some comfortable inn’, so he went to an inn that displayed a board ‘Honesty is the best policy’. He called the innkeeper; a fat potbellied man was called ‘Laalu’ by the townsmen. Laalu looking at him spoke rudely, ‘It will cost 20 copper coins for boarding and lodging at my inn, can you pay?’ Raju’s hand went into his pocket and he tossed a golden coin toward Laalu. Laalu stared at the gold coin for some time and then he said smiling, ‘Dinner and a hot bath is ready sir, I’ll take the goat to feed’, Raju replied, ‘Thanks…no need… goat will stay with me; I’ll feed her myself’.’ The innkeeper didn’t say a word and left. After dinner, Raju entered inside his room taking the goat and closed the door, after making sure that no one was watching he said softly, ‘Goat goat…open your mouth’ and a gold coin fell on the floor, he happily picked it up and kept it safely in his cloth bag. Raju wasn’t aware that all this time Laalu had been watching him hiding behind the window outside. Raju tied his goat to one of the legs of his bed and fell asleep soon. At the stroke of midnight, Laalu entered Raju’s room through a secret passage and after replacing the goat with an ordinary one, he left without making any sound.

Raju woke up early in the morning and got ready quickly, taking his belongings and the fake goat he went to the innkeeper’s desk. The innkeeper returned him 80 copper coins and with a wicked grin said, ‘Please come back again’. After biding Laalu goodbye, Raju started moving towards his village with the fake goat. On his way, he kept thinking ‘Mother will be very happy’. When he reached his home, mother was surprised to see him. Raju told her about the fairies and everything that happened to him. To show the magic to his mother, he spoke loudly, ‘Goat goat…open your mouth’, but nothing happened. Raju shouted the words again and again, but in vain. Raju became very angry and thought he was fooled by the fairies, taking the goat he went back to the stone well and there he shouted angrily, ‘shall I eat one… or two… or three… or all the seven’. The Fairies appeared, and Raju blamed them that they have tricked him, seeing him so angry the fairies became very scared and gave Raju another magical gift, which was a magical pot. The Blue fairy told Raju, “when you say ‘pot pot…give me something hot’ it will be filled with delicious food”. Raju accepted the gift and after warning the fairies that he would surely eat them if the pot doesn’t work in front of his mother, he left. He went back again to the same inn to spend the night; this time didn’t order any food and told innkeeper Laalu that he was very tired, he rented a room and gave Laalu 20 copper coins. Laalu gave Raju the same room and to see what happens this time, he waited behind the window quietly. After Raju went inside the room he mumbled, ‘pot pot…give me something hot’ and he saw that the pot got filled with many delicious food items. He ate till he couldn’t eat anymore and keeping the pot near his pillow, soon fell into deep sleep. Laalu watched all this and again at the stroke of midnight; he performed the same cunning deed; he switched the magical pot with an ordinary one. Poor Raju, not knowing about what happened at night, left the inn next morning with the ordinary pot. When Raju reached home he again became furious when the pot didn’t give food. He went back to the fairies again. The fairies grew suspicious this time and asked him, ‘Do you stop at any place before you reach home’. Raju tells them that he spends his night at an inn in the town. Listening to this, fairies gave Raju a thick wooden stick and a rope, and told him when you meet the innkeeper this time just say, ‘Rope rope…tie the dope’ and then say, ‘Stick stick… do it quick’. Taking the stick and the rope Raju went to the inn and seeing the innkeeper he did what fairies had told him. Raju said, ‘Rope rope…tie the dope’ the rope itself gripped the innkeeper tightly and then he said, ‘Stick stick… do it quick’, the stick started beating the innkeeper. Getting beat, Laalu cried out of pain, ‘Please forgive me, I’ll give all your magical things back to you’. The stick stopped, and the rope untied him and he gave the magical goat and the pot to Raju. Taking the four magical items, Raju returned to his mother happily, telling her everything that actually happened he showed her the magic of the goat and the pot, seeing the magic, Raju’s mother was filled with joy and hugged him tightly.

Since then, Raju is living happily with his mother.





Merry go round


A boy and a girl went to a fair. This fair was not like any other fair, and it had just one ride, a merry go round and it wasn’t functional. There were also three shops which were closed too. There were other kids who were wandering here and there; no adult could be seen in that place. Suddenly a voice came from a loud speaker near the merry go round, ‘the ride is going to start in few minutes, and kids can grab a seat in the ride.’ The boy and the girl with all the other excited kids ran towards the merry go round and grabbed a seat. All of them were surprised to find out that the number of seats in the ride was exactly the same as the total number of kids present in the fair. Everyone eagerly waited for the ride to start.


The Merry go round started; it went clockwise. All the kids shouted with joy, but the boy felt sick, he noticed the girl is enjoying. And suddenly the ride changed its direction and started to swing anti-clockwise as a result of which now the girl was feeling sick, and the boy started enjoying.



After some time, the ride stopped, and everyone got down. The three shops were open now one selling food one sold books, and one was empty and dark. The boy and the girl went inside the empty shop and slept. Other kids revelled the whole night.


Next evening the loudspeaker announced the same words again. The kids again ran and grabbed a seat, but two seats stayed empty this time as the boy and the girl were apprehensive, the Merry go round didn’t start this time as if it was waiting for the two kids. Then the girl took the boy’s hand and both took their seats in the ride, this time they didn’t find seats together but they could clearly see each other’s faces. When the ride started the boy again felt sick, and he saw the girl enjoying but to his surprise he saw that like him, rest of the kids were feeling sick and this time they were not enjoying. Then after some time when the ride changed its direction of rotation boy started feeling light and was enjoying and as the boy thought the girl got sick now. The rest of the kids still not feeling well were shouting to stop the ride. After sometimes the ride stopped, and everybody went to the empty stall and slept.





Trust and Suspicion


At the beginning of time, Trust and Suspicion started a race, they both started from one point, and Trust left Suspicion far behind within seconds after the gunshot; the audience went crazy and cheered, but after seven minutes something strange happens Suspicion catches second wind and starts running faster, the audience stops cheering, looking at this Trust loses the spirit and slows down. Eventually, after a span of few minutes suspicion overtakes Trust, Suspicion mocks Trust and dashes ahead, the audience get angry and jeered. Trust gets angry and puts all his strength and leaves Suspicion behind again, but Suspicion cheats (uses drugs and gets energy) and again outruns Trust, this time it runs hundred times faster than Trust. Most of the audience looking at Suspicion so ahead of Trust, leave the stadium dismayed and Trust starts losing hope and finally stumbles and falls down, but suddenly Trust feels a magical push from behind, and it regains strength and hope, and again starts running, looking at this the audience who stayed roared, and some came back, then after few hours same thing happens to Trust again but to its surprise this time audience stayed calm and Trust kept on going, then after few minutes again Trust felt a push, this time few of the audience cheered, but few threw garbage at Trust, but Trust didn’t pay heed and was angry more than ever, Trust did not stop running or got carried away kept cool , the race ages to hours and Suspicion is far ahead of Trust, then the race track lead to a jungle where there was no audience around, only animals, moreover to the surprise of Trust, it finds hurdles on the track but remembering the unknown helper it goes on, after some time it hears the roar of a lion and out of fear it starts running faster, Trust noticed after some time that whenever it slowed down the lion roared, each time with a voice more louder than before, Trust realizes that it is being followed by a lion who is catching up fast. Trust pushed itself and kept running and soon meets a hunter and looking at him, gets elated thinking that the hunter has come to kill the lion but the hunter runs in another direction hearing the voice of an elephant. Trust gets depressed that gives up hope, blames the unknown helper and falters wishing to get eaten by the lion, to do so Trust turns back and starts looking for the lion. As Trust moves back for some distance, Trust sees a monkey eating bananas sitting atop a banana tree, the monkey attacks and bite Trust and runs away. Feeling more hopeless as well as faithless Trust starts desperately looking for the lion and finds the den of the lion , goes inside and waits for death, but then suddenly Trust thinks before dying Trust will find the monkey and punish it and then return to the cave, so Trust starts looking for the monkey, it spends so much time talking to other animals.. All the animals greeted Trust warmly and told Trust the location of banana trees, but to the dismay of Trust all banana trees were chopped down by the woodcutter before Trust’s arrival. Trust gets angry and kicks the bear sleeping nearby, at this the bear howls so loudly that Trust goes deaf and dumb. Cursing its fate Trust thought of going back to the den to get eaten by the lion, but Trust gets lost and confused and couldn’t find way to the den and as it was dumb and deaf Trust couldn’t ask for directions from the animals, so resigning to its fate Trust lies down under the shade of a tree and sleeps. Then someone shook Trust; Trust woke up to see a group of different people, these people cured Trust and told Trust it’s no longer necessary to race, you now deserve a long rest, and you will get the prize. Hearing this Trust got elated for a few seconds but thought something and asked them to help him get on the racetrack; they helped Trust and once knowing the way Trust started running ahead, on its way Trust encountered the lion but Trust did not lose hope and asked the unknown helper to help and to its surprise the lion passed away as if it didn’t see Trust, looking at this the Trust abandoned the race and started searching for the unknown helper and after some time Trust saw Suspicion resting under a tree but Trust did not pay heed to this and continued its search and unknowingly reached the finishing line and won the race.





The wise farmer and the wild bear


This is an old story belonging to those ancient times when the animals had the ability to talk like humans. Story begins when an old farmer has a dispute with his landlord over the land. The landlord seized his farm just before the harvesting time. He was left only with a hoe, a harrow, a bullock and a cart.

The farmer had no family and lived alone; he was a very quick witted and hardworking man. The farmer had faith on god, even after what happened, he didn’t lose hope and planned strategy to earn for his living. He sold the harrow and bought some food to last for a month and dry radish seeds. He then took the seeds and his hoe to a nearby forest, there he started digging the land with his hoe. A bear saw him and came towards him running. The farmer didn’t even flinch and ordered the bear to stop. The bear came to halt right in front of him and growled, “I will break your bones and eat your flesh.” The farmer replied to him calmly, “You can do that, but don’t you see I am growing vegetables here, they will mellow in a month then there be a lot of food for both of us to last whole summer”. Hearing this, the bear said “I will not eat you, but since this forest is


mine, we will divide the yield equally”. The farmer said, “You can keep the stems, and I will take the roots, but you see I am very old and this is taking a lot of time, you have to help me dig the forest”. The bear agreed and dig the forest land with his strong claws very soon while the farmer rested under a tree. After the ground had been dug, the farmer sowed all the seeds. The farmer then went home.

One month later, he came back to the forest and saw large radishes. Suddenly, the bear came over, they both harvested the yield and as per the deal the bear took the stems and farmer took the roots. The farmer loaded his bullock cart with the radishes and went to the market. He sold all the radishes and made a lot of money. The farmer bought a piece of land and sowed wheat in it. On the day of harvest when the farmer arrived at the farm, he saw the bear waiting there for him. Seeing the farmer, the bear growled, “I will rip you apart, you cheated me. I ate some of the roots that were lying on the forest floor, and they tasted a lot better than the stems, now I will eat you.” The farmer calmly replied, “If you liked the root you can take all the roots this time and I will take the stems.” The bear agreed and took the roots, and the farmer took all the stems and quickly departed. Bear chewed and chewed the woody roots and injured his mouths. The bear writhed with pain and cursed the farmer, from that day till today, bears and farmers are known to be arch enemies.





A photograph astray in the isle


Mr Lamper had been living with Miss Karen in an apartment at Thawcam Road since they graduated from college. They first met when they both accidently lost their IDs and after a dialectic argument with the hostel warden, had to spend the night outside in the lawn, since then they had been close friends. Both shared some good memories together and were together since last seven years; they were both geniuses in solving crimes, and had become quiet famous private detectives in the country. Miss Karen had one peculiar habit, she started humming an old folk song whenever she got lost in deep thoughts, Lamper always felt annoyed at her disposition because he never liked that tune much, but he never used to say a word. After cracking a crime case, Lamper thought of taking a break, so they both were now in Sims Island, a small and peaceful place with very simple folks. One could walk around the island in little over an hour. Known for several waterfalls and sandy beaches, Sims Island had abundance of tropical plant life, including the remnants of the ancient rainforests.

Sims Island belonged to Mr Tucker, who ran a food factory, which stood at one end of the island. Mr Tucker was throwing a party today on the occasion of his son’s twenty third birth day. When he heard that the famous detectives Karen and Lamper are on his Island, he couldn’t resist the temptation of meeting them and so invited them to his party. Miss Karen and Mr Lamper arrived at Mr Tucker’s mansion late in the evening. Mr Tucker, a potbellied man wearing a tailcoat greeted them with gratitude and introduced them to the other main guests, Lapian the banker and Mr Hill the police commissioner. The party was held in the outdoor space which had a lovely reflecting pool in the middle of the garden that produced a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. Everyone at the party was enjoying, Lamper sipping slowly from his glass of lemonade was staring at a lady, when his friend noticed him doing so, he muttered, “Do you see that lady there, I think something is going between her and the banker”.

Karen replied, “I am more interested in Mr Tucker’s son Dom and that shy girl standing in the corner, I have been noticing them staring at each other from some time. The girl doesn’t seem to fit here she must be an ordinary girl from the town but I should say you are right about the banker and the lady.”

Mr Tucker called the main guests including the detectives for a group photograph. Dom wanted to click the shot, but Mr Tucker insisted his son to join the group, and so Lamper volunteered to click the camera. After the party was over, Karen and Lamper went back to their hotel. Mr Tucker wanted them to stay at his mansion, but Karen begged his pardon and left.

After spending a week at the island, Karen and Lamper came back to their city. The next evening after their arrival, someone knocked at their apartment door. Lamper got surprised opening the door as he saw that lady from the party, standing in front of him. He politely asked the lady who looked very worried, to come inside and called Karen who was in the other room watching television. Lamper went to get a drink for the lady. When Karen came and saw the lady, she asked her why she looked so stressed. The lady replied, “My son’s life is in danger, some people want to kill him. I came to know about you after I saw you at Mr Tucker’s party. Please help me.”

Karen answered, “I will surely help you but first tell me about yourself and your son.”

The lady stated, “My name is Araaya and Dom is my son…”

Lamper holding the glass of water exclaimed, “Mr Tucker’s sons’ name is Dom too, isn’t it?”

Lady answered, “Dom is not his real son, he adopted Dom about two years ago, Dom isn’t my son too, Dom’s mother died while giving birth to him, and nobody knows about his father. At the time of Dom’s birth, I worked as a nurse in the same hospital. I decided to take care of him. Dom had been living with me in the city since his birth. Two years ago I was assigned to take care of Mr Tucker in the island, I told him about Dom and he gave him a job of an accountant in the factory on his Island. Mr Tucker has no wife or children; he started to like Dom and soon made the decision to adopt him and later brought us both in his mansion to live with him. Everything was perfect until the day before yesterday when Dom came home badly hurt, when I asked him he told me about these two men who claimed to be Mr Tucker’s real sons, threatened to kill him if he doesn’t leave the Island. Dom stopped me from mentioning this to Mr Tucker as he didn’t want to trouble him. I had no option left, so I came to you for help. Nobody, not even Dom, knows I am here.”

Karen assured Araaya that she would look into the matter. She told her they’ll come to Sims Island tomorrow. Listening to this Araaya left. Next day in the afternoon Karen and Lamper reached Mr Tucker’s mansion. When they went inside, they learned that there had been a theft in the mansion last night. The police commissioner Mr Hill was present there, he told Lamper that the thief somehow entered Mr Tucker’s study when everyone was asleep but fortunately didn’t succeed in breaking the safe and couldn’t take anything valuable. Mr Tucker’s mansion had a lot of rooms, but he used to sleep in the study itself. The only things missing from the room was a silver vase and a golden photo frame which hung on the wall. When asked, Lamper told the commissioner they came to meet Mr Tucker for some business issues. Mr Tucker who was present there along with Araaya, said to Karen and Lamper that he was happy to meet them again and would discuss business over dinner. Mr Tucker took their leave and went to the factory. Araaya made the arrangements for the detectives’ stay at the mansion.

At night over dinner, Karen asked Mr Tucker about the photograph in the missing frame. Mr Tucker said it was the same picture which was taken at the party.

Karen said, “You can get another copy of that photograph made, and I think that the frame and the vase didn’t matter much to you.”

Dom, who was also there, said, “Dad isn’t worried at all for those chaffy items but he is sad at the loss of that picture, it was the only copy. The negative of that photo was with the studio owner who sold his studio and mysteriously left the town with his family”.

“I know the reason for his sudden departure; he left because of the deviant nature of his daughter”, Mr Tucker rebuked.

“You know better, Dad”, stated Dom.

“So, what was it that you wanted to discuss with me Miss Karen”, asked Mr Tucker.

“Nothing of much importance Mr Tucker, we could talk about it later now I think you should take rest. This had been a hectic day for you”, replied Karen.

Mr Tucker then retired to his study; Araaya had already gone to sleep, and Karen then told Dom to rest too.

Next morning Karen and Lamper went to see the banker. Mr Lapian was a jolly man; he was surprised to see them. Lamper told Lapian that he wanted to open a bank account for they are going to start a business with Mr Tucker in the Island.

Lapian said, “Sir, I am leaving the Island for few days next week, so if you want to open an account soon, you should carry out the necessary procedures before I leave”.

Karen replied, “We are in no hurry, we can do that after you come back”.

“As you wish Ma’am…now you must excuse me I have to attend a meeting now”, saying this Lapian left.

Karen and Lamper went back to the mansion and saw Mr Hill sitting there with Mr Tucker. “We found the thief Mr Lamper, but it’s sad he is alive no more, we found his dead body today in his own house. We discovered the missing vase and the frame from his house, but Mr Tucker is still annoyed because that photograph was not in the frame. Maybe the thief threw it away as it was worthless to him”.

“Who was he, and how did he die?” asked Karen.

“He was a drug addict who overdosed to death”, replied the commissioner.

“What a waste of talent…he was a very good artist, he used to come to my house and bring me my sketches that he drew without even looking at me, and I always threw him some money… I am feeling very sorry for him”, Mr Tucker said sadly, then he looked at the commissioner and added, “I’d like to meet the deceased person’s family and grant them compensation”

Karen said, “Mr Tucker I think you should stay indoors for some time, something’s not right here.”

Mr Tucker, a bit scared asked Karen, “Why do you think so?”

“Please follow my advice, I’ll explain everything later”, said Karen and left with Lamper meanwhile, Mr Tucker hurried to his study and shut the door.

Lamper enquired, “What’s going on…What can happen to Mr Tucker?”

“His life is in danger someone wants to kill him, we must keep an eye on the banker”.

That evening after closing of the bank both Lamper and Karen followed the banker, keeping some distance. Banker entered a park, there Araaya was waiting for him. Karen and Lamper heard the banker say, “You must not stay with Mr Tucker, he is not a good man you will soon get in trouble if you keep living in that mansion. If you trust me do as I tell you, leave him and come with me.” Araaya sat silently staring at the banker.

In the morning everyone woke up hearing Araaya’s scream. Karen sprang up from her bed and ran towards Mr Tucker’s room, Lamper followed him. Mr Tucker was lying dead on his bed, and Araaya stood perplexed near the bed.

After examining the body Karen explained, “Someone has smothered him in his sleep”.

Karen looked under Mr Tucker’s pillow and found a key. Dom entered the room rubbing his eyes; Araaya came running towards him and started crying. Dom was shocked seeing Mr Tucker lying still and said, “Dear lord… What happened to Dad?”

Showing the key to Dom, Karen asked, “Is this the key for Mr Tucker’s safe?” Dom nodded, Karen asked him to open the safe. The safe contained few thick Ledger books on the upper racks and some cash and jewellery. Karen picked a Ledger book from the rack, and while flipping the pages she asked Dom, “The way these ledger books are lying on the rack, it seems recently someone has taken out few of them. Does anyone else have the key to this safe?” Dom replied that only he has one, but he rarely uses it. When the police arrived at the crime scene, Karen suddenly dropped that thick ledger book from her hand and then after picking it up placed it in the rack where it belonged and signalled Lamper to move out. Outside Lamper heard Karen humming her tune, he said, “I know what you are holding in your fist” and smiled.

At the funeral, Karen and Lamper, who sat behind Araaya and Lapian in the church, overheard their conversation. Lamper was pleading, “Please… You have to decide will you come with me or not”. Araaya replied, “I can’t do that, Dom will be left alone. Please understand”. Getting the reply banker kissed her cheek and left. Lamper and Karen both looked at each other and moved back, leaving Araaya sitting gloomily.

A lawyer came to the mansion in the morning; he told Araaya and Dom that legally Dom is not Mr Tucker’s son, so all his property will go to the Trust. When the lawyer left Araaya started crying, Dom consoled her. Krent and Lamper who were also present there asked Dom, “Did you know about this?”

Dom replied, “Dad and me met a lawyer a year ago and had a conversation regarding this. The lawyer told us its quiet a fiddly procedure, I thought dad will do this before he would die. We never expected that he’ll leave us so soon”, saying this Dom turned to Araaya and said, “there’s nothing left for us here now… we’ll leave the island tomorrow”

Dom and Araaya stood at the port carrying their luggage to catch a ferry to the city, the banker too stood there at some distance secretly following them. They were about to board when they heard Lamper’s voice from behind, “please stop!” They turned back to see, Karen and Lamper coming towards them with three police officers. Lamper told the police officials to check Dom’s suitcase. Dom went in a daze; he didn’t say anything. When police opened his suitcase, they found it filled with thick Ledger books. Krent asked one officer to take out a ledger book and open it. When the police officer did so, everyone was astonished to see that it was hollow from inside and was filled with Diamonds and so were the other books too. The police arrested Dom. Araaya confused and scared asked Karen, “Please tell me what’s going on?”

Karen answered, “Dom has committed two murders, its better you ask him.”

Araaya looked at Dom, who stared at the sea quietly, then he spoke, “Miss Karen is right, I murdered Tucker because he raped and killed Mili, the girl I loved, and he killed her father the studio owner when he protested.”

“Tell us why you murdered the artist?” Karen asked.

“I murdered John, so that Tucker’s men and the Mafia couldn’t track me. I wanted to leave no trace of my identity here in the Island…” Dom stated.

“So he destroyed the photograph and killed a man who could have made his exact sketch” Lamper cut in.

“Why Mafia or anyone would want to come after you?” asked Araaya.

When Dom didn’t say anything Karen explained, “Mr Tucker had connections with Mafia as he was into money laundering. Dom was his accomplice in this; everything was going fine until the village girl came between them. Mr Tucker used to hide his diamonds in the thick Ledger books, and Dom was aware of this, after killing him he wanted to run away with the diamonds. You can ask Mr Lapian he also knew about this but being afraid he never told this to anyone”.

“Dom would have ditched you after leaving the island, believe me Araaya”, Lamper added.

“That’s why Mr Lamper was following you… look he is right over there hiding behind the lamppost” Karen told Araaya. Araaya saw Mr Lapian who slowly started coming towards her; he was confused about what was going on.

Smoking his cigarette while relaxing in the apartment Lamper asked his friend, “How did you come to know so much about the case?” Karen who was reading a book said without looking up, “I guessed there could be two suspects, Lapian the banker and Dom, as they were in the photograph, only they would want to destroy it, so that no one could send anyone after them once they flee after committing a crime. My attention was on the banker because he had good reasons to do so, I thought he might run away with the bank’s money, but I realized I was wrong, he is a good man, and then I focused my attention on Dom, but I couldn’t find any evidence to prove his crime. When Dom mentioned leaving the Island then it was very easy for me, and I caught him red handed, rest of the story he told himself. The two ruffians who terrorized Dom were from Mafia, who beat Dom because of some unfair deal, Dom just made the story to cover the truth from Araaya… Maybe it was God’s wish that we go to that island, that’s why he sent her to us… However friend I am really sorry for you, she is indeed a good lady… she’d be happy with the banker… meanwhile, you can mend your broken heart with this…” She took something shiny from her cardigan and dropped it on Lamper’s palm, leering at the stone Lamper let out a smile and continued smoking his cigarette




Author’s note:


I cannot tell exactly when the sufferings will end the way I cannot tell when any living will die. I cannot tell who I am the way I cannot tell where everything comes from. But I can say everything will be alright the way I look at the clock and tell the time. And if you could reach the end without an end before the end, it would be the end.


When I was writing The Timebook of clocks, the moment I stopped writing I was the happiest person in this world, but just before I started writing I felt that I was the saddest one… what happened while I wrote was ineffable.


Hope my work helps you find your peace.

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The Timebook of Clocks: Sysandria and Arizel

The things which you don’t know, when you come to know them, you won’t know that you have known them since you've known time even before. Only who completes the Timebook of clocks truthfully, realizes when he gets emancipated. He wields the power and becomes sublime. He knows whom he must protect, and whom he must decline. What he receives he returns more and in the right time. Justice is the purpose of the divine. What remain dreams or the reality you will find.

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The Timebook of Clocks: Sysandria and Arizel The Timebook of Clocks: Sysandria and Arizel