The Tattered Flag



We may not need to reject Western ideas of health or even education. For it is impossible, at present, to find any other alternative today. Health such as exercise, diet, meditation and medicine, though medicine is often abused by Westerners and medicine may often be withheld to our people—medicine is important. The body is a Temple cherish it. Education, both Western and especially African, are important; they help us understand our surrounding systems, which is not ideal and not African, but an education nonetheless.

Education whether with wrong or right ideals and intentions as long as the truth that all things originates from Africa and the African not slave, meek and passive, is suitable. What is important to know to navigate in Western society and maintain one’s African identity is to understand that if the African is the oldest being in history, we are the craftsmanship of God’s selfhood.

Knowing this should bring some slight relief, that no matter what we do as a people, we are the direct extension of God’s craftsmanship on Earth and therefore we are the most cherished and hated. Westerners will stop at nothing to oppress us, to steal what we make and do, for it is what anyone would do if they knew of something that was favored.

This is why there should be a singular worldview and belief. A belief shall bind us all together. With a universal presence and known as an African entity. There is only one such thing, the Rastafari way of life.

Rastafari were originally from East Africa and became a Jamaican movement against Western oppression. Taking on many faces and many forms aspects of it have faded, or have become weak mainly due to Western involvement and Western redefining it for their possession. Therefore, these Precepts set represent a worldview of a Rastafari order based on a sacred text of the Rastafari ‘canon’ the Holy Piby inspired by Robert Athlyi Rogers, who erected the Afro-Athlican Constructive Church in 1919. This new order shall be known as the Athlican Rastafari.

General Beliefs

Whereas, Rastafari sects and orders place emphasis on the divinity of Haile Selassie as a Savior, Jah-God and the oneness of all people as the definition of what constitutes being Rastafari; Athlican Rastafari focus on more practical concerns such as health, exercise, diet, prayer and meditation and responsible finances; as these things are needed to help the African navigate within a strange culture as strangers in a strange land.

Body as a Temple

Rastafari believe that the body is a Temple, that the body must be free or cleansed of any impurities. Diet and exercise are the facets to maintain this belief as much as not blemishing the body with tattoos or piercings is equally important as these things vandalize our Temples, our bodies.

The Western diet is based almost entirely on impurities such as additives, artificial flavors and preservatives. These things and others such as alcohol, recreational drugs, sugar, refined foods, caffeine, dairy and certain types of meat, create illness and disharmony of the body especially within the African Temple. Hence diet must be tempered!

Diet must be as natural as is possible, free from harmful toxins, often those we cannot pronounce or immediately identify were we to read the label. Foods should be raw. Eat uncooked, organic and/or fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans), if need be eat small meats such as fish, but not shelled foods.

The Athlican Rastafari acknowledges the high cost, spoilage and sometimes inconvenience or inaccessibility of fresh items, therefore some leeway is given such as cupped or canned fruit ‘preserved,’ however, MUST NOT be preserved with artificial syrup products such as high fructose corn syrup or aspartame, but MUST be low in sugar and high in fiber products.

The less ingredients on the label and one’s ability to identify the ingredients are the best at keeping the Temple free of possible life threatening diseases such as diabetes and so forth. Also it is equally important to avoid fast foods, fast diets for quick health, cravings for impure foods and food escapes such as binge eating, denying the body of precious minerals needed for proper functioning, forcing the body into unhealthy shapes due to personal dislike and various food addictions.

An inability to follow the aforementioned suggestion will lead to illness that if medical remedies are sought, the disease may or may not be properly addressed due to medical bias. This is not to say that SHOULD the Temple fall ill or diseased that medical attention should not be sought out.

Medical attention in the face of illness should ALWAYS be sought out! However, if the Temple is not already in poor health then keep it healthy by following Ital food habits and exercise to avoid medical aid which may be useless and costly either way.

Importance of Health and Well-bring

Exercise maintains the Temple. Whereas Ital foods maintain health within the body; exercise maintains health from the outside-in by helping the body work more efficiently and properly so that should illness arise, the body is better able to defend itself without medical aids. However there are times when both diet and exercise do not sustain the Temple from serious or life threatening diseases or illnesses such as cancer, etc. or even mental health conditions—because of this the Athlican Rastafari believe that medical attention which includes therapies such as behavioral health therapy and medications used as prescribed are necessary and MUST be taken to maintain health.

Yet, again, be mindful that Western medicine may not be immediately needed to remedy ‘some’ conditions that may first be addressed by holistic or natural means, but should holistic means provide no results or better the condition—soon—a Western physician must be consulted, of course, there are often cases were holistic means should be bypassed entirely and Western medicine should be used as the first-line of treatment. Regardless, the point of medical aids in any form is to maintain optimal health. Please, do not let spiritual pride, racial prejudice, fear and/or medical bias stand between health and death! Western medicine, with all its faults is more promising for worse or worsening illnesses rather than a holistic remedy sustained only for short-lived life in proud contempt—as there is always more work to be done in the world by you. Never forget that.

Upon diagnosis educate yourself by reading about the diagnosis and become an expert in your health or the health of a loved one. Western medical aid can be negotiated and guided within Athlican Rastafari health standards which are 1) if fewer medicines are needed then few shall be taken, medicines should not impact one’s ability to function or provide, 2) medicines should be non-addictive, 3) both medicine and medical practitioner shall be reviewed by another medical practitioner at another medical site (a second opinion) for consensus before the medication is taken only if time permits and the medical practitioner does as he/she is told to do unless detailed information is given in common and plain language describing in great detail both the side effects and advantages of the medication without hostility and with patience and the ability to follow all of the above Athlican health standards and medical aid practices to sustain and maintain the adequate health of our most prized possession.


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The Tattered Flag

The first volume challenges the Rastafari way of life to recreate itself to address some of the changes in today's society. This book focuses on practical matters such as health and well-being, finance, holistic medicine, prayer and meditation along with the important of African and African American solidarity.

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  • Published: 2015-12-29 11:40:06
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The Tattered Flag The Tattered Flag