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The Talking Tree

By:Grant How

The Talking Tree

Once there was a young man named Henry.

People kept asking Henry what he wanted.

Henry did not know.

One day while Henry was on a walk he stumbled upon a gigantic tree.

The tree was so tall he could not see the top of it.

Henry laid under the tree to think.

Suddenly he heard a voice speak to him. It was the tree.

“What do you want boy?” the Tree said.

Henry thought hard about the answer.

“Don’t think boy,speak.” The tree said.

“I want money,” Henry said.

“If it is money you want then get a job,work hard and you will have money.”

Henry left the tree.

Henry got a job.

Henry was nice,polite and hardworking. And he was getting money.

But everyone was very mean to him and he was miserable.

So he quit his job.

Henry went back to the tree.

He laid under it to think.

“Why are you back my boy?” The tree said, “I thought you wanted money.”

“I did but not anymore.”

“Well then what do you want my boy?”

“I want to be in love.”

“If being in love is what you want, then go out and find a woman that will love you.”

Henry left the tree.

Henry searched for awhile.

Until he finally met Mary.

Mary was rich so Henry did not have to work and he loved her.

Everything was perfect.

Until Mary left one day,leaving a note behind.

Henry, I can no longer be with you. I am sorry, you will find someone better.

Henry was heartbroken and poor.

He went back to the tree.

Henry laid under the tree to think.

“Why are you back my boy,awhile,” The tree said. “I thought you wanted to be in love.”

“I did but not anymore.”

“Well then what do you want my boy?”

“I want to die.”

The tree did not answer for a while.

“If you think death will get you what you want, you are wrong.”

“I want money and I want to be in love. The boy said. “But it didn’t work out.”

“But you do want to be happy?”

“How am I supposed to be happy without money and a wife?”

“If you want something you must never give up until you have it.” The tree said. “And in order to be happy, you have to do what you want.”

Henry pondered what the tree said for awhile.

Then Henry left the tree.



The Talking Tree

Henry is a young man who is confused about life and what he wants. One day while on a walk he stumbles upon a tree that can talk. This tree tries to help me get through his struggles. And ends up saving his life.

  • Author: Grant How
  • Published: 2016-10-17 04:35:09
  • Words: 417
The Talking Tree The Talking Tree