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The System and Humanity

A proved solution to solve our problems by:


Frederico Alves







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Selmo Rodrigues




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Chapter 01 – Why?

  • Education

Chapter 02 – The Power

  • War

  • Coward

  • Proud

  • Humanity

  • Atomic weapons

Chapter 03 – The Religion

  • Christianity & Spirituality

  • Christianity

  • Jesus

  • Kabbalah

  • Egypt & Greek Philosophy

  • Spirituality

  • Buddhism Spirituality

  • Hindu Spirituality

  • Mantras

  • Pray

  • Believe, Faith & Love

  • You & God

  • Life Spiral

Chapter 04 – Changing the government system

  • Social activity

  • Voting

Chapter 05 – Voting in Switzerland

Chapter 06 – Re-Educating Humanity

  • Examples

Chapter 07 – Hello Human

  • Human Connection

  • Human Energy

Chapter 08 – The Seven Principles

Chapter 09 – The Kybalion

Chapter 10 – The Last Chapter






In this Book I expressed my ideology on how to change the Government System so that we can actually start to work under a direct democracy that will benefit every citizen and country.


This Is a solution that was proven to work and still works with results that everyone to see.

Unfortunately, not many people want you to see it!

The reason I have decided to write this book is to inform, to clarify and to show that is something we can do, on our day by day.


This solution has been in my head for many years and I been trying to share this idea with others. Some people do not want to know, some people did not know that things could be done and some others persuade a defeatist excuse because it seems like a very comfortable way to deal with all this.


Everybody wants change to happen but not everyone wants to change!

Without people who can change, there will never be a change!


Why do we cope with outdated laws and legislation?

What is the right to vote? Why our voice is not heard?

This book will not be delving deeply into the subjects in general but I will have express ideas into topics such as, war, Religion, changing the system, the right to vote and re education of humanity.


Do you know that to change in the governmental system can be so easy and smooth that it may not even bring unstable changes?

The only question is: Would they accept a fair proposal or will they refuse it?

By refusing it they will have to publicly deny our right to democracy and freedom.

That can be the beginning of the end…


I hope you enjoy the book ! Frederico Alves

Chapter 1



For many centuries we (humanity) have been watching governments rise and fall. We have been governed by psychopaths, business men, clever men and very intelligent men. They are all very distinctive men but they all share a couple of common things: They have the Power to decide and manipulate the people and the country.

During centuries, humanity has put its trust in these governments to bring the best into our lives but unfortunately, this has never happened. As a result, people take on revolutions against their governments.

Fortunately time has proved that revolutions are only a temporary state of illusion and thus, they have never worked. As have been proven things always come back to the starting point, sooner or later!


So… what is wrong? Why do things never work? What needs to be done for the system to change?

By now, I hope we all have realized that things don’t work because of governments, right? NO… Wrong!

Things are not working because people let them use and abuse the system they created in benefit of themselves. Only now has it been proven that the system is not working.

We don’t need to point fingers or find the responsible… we need solutions!


For a long time we have been accusing them, for every moment we do so, we are losing a moment to find a solution. That is the way I see it. You may think that we always need to know what they are doing but if we don’t have a solution to the problem, it only makes us angrier and we don’t get anywhere.


So, point number one… focus in a solution rather then a problem!






[ Education*]

I don’t see a possibility to live in a world with no government, not because some of us don’t know how to live without a government but because we need to have someone in charge of the country and its affairs.

If freedom was to be declared tomorrow, this world wouldn’t survive. Humanity is not prepared to be free!

Now… who has been educating humanity? Governments and schools !

If we had been taught what the true meaning of freedom is , by now we wouldn’t need a government anymore.

Unfortunately, they have taught us badly! I may drop some points here:


Schools/ education

From the first moment I went to primary school, I has forced to learn how to pray to God in the morning and I had to sing the national anthem before I could leave the class room in the evening.

The idea of using an uniform, doesn’t it tell you something?

And History? What is it that make us all so proud of it?

Our ancestors have died in war to defend our country! We should be proud of that (in doing what we did at the time) but not anymore!

Would you die for your country? Would you send your son to war to die, as a hero? Seriously… Think! Time has changed and we are more rational and aware than ever. Its called human evolution!

If your country is at war , it is because both, your government and the other government are not getting on well.

You don’t have anything to do with that! They get into trouble and we go kill ourselves? Sure, pride will always be a good reason for your government to make you believe that you should go to war to defend a good cause. Do you think that territorial conquering, resource acquisition and colonization to be reasonable causes for war? It would be far more humane to put the world leaders in a boxing ring and watch them fight it out, imagine the entertainment!

(Sorry ! I know it sounds ridiculous) but what’s more ridiculous than to create a war and kill innocent people? We have been ruled by psychopaths, that’s all I can say !

Chapter 2


Often they make us believe that we are fighting for a good cause, the main causes of war are based into two main interests:

Power & Religion!

I will start with…

The power!

Countries are in constant competition, they say it’s healthy! Do we have something to do with this competition? Did you know since they adopted this open market system, they been ruining millions of small businesses in your country?

How can it be that a government of a country is allowing products to come from other countries, when these products can be produced in this country?

How to stop this? We need to stop buying any product that is not produced in this country. Like that, you will see that the country economy blast from one moment to another!

BUT if we look at the ‘wall street’ market exchange and government financial reports, they will tell you that we are ruining the country’s economy because we are not buying the international product.

How does this sound to you? it sounds like unfair competition to me!

There Is always a war going on somewhere but it is never the peoples fault, it is always the governments fault.

I am able to start a faith with my neighbor upstairs but I would never be able to start a war with other country.

Why should I defend my country with my life if I am not even sure what they are fighting about? Soon we will be told that this war is necessary to defend our interests!

Are there any good reasons to go into this war?

Pride / Honor / Patriotism / Moral duty / Religion / Defense?

I don’t believe a normal person in his/her clear mental faculties will find these to be a good reasons to die for!

Before, when our ancestors died in war, this kind of attitude would of made sense but that is because they had been brain washed since they were born. For them, to go to war or to have a son in war, was the pride of the family! Luckily, we are now in 2016 and we have had to learn how to use our brains to think for ourselves and to avoid to be manipulated as they did with our ancestors.

Unfortunately, there are still many people around the world in 2016 that still let themselves become brain washed as before. This is ONE of the roots of war… without soldiers, there will be no war!

Sure you can say; there is always a reason for a war but how would your country go to war without soldiers? Do you think war is so exciting that you would give your life and the life of your family for it? Would you kill a person? Are you proud of the uniform?

Lets then look at the morality of the facts…



Does that word offend you?

If we follow the meaning of the word by what we have been told all our lives, then yes, it may!

It is a very provocative word but if we look at this word with our own mindset under the context of what we are talking about (to go to war and die) then this very powerful word has lost a big part of its meaning in this sense!

Let’s make it clearer: We (in a more civilized time 2016) Say there is: a hundred thousand refugees from the war.

We are not saying: 100 thousand cowards from the war!

It is not a shame to run away from a war but is a shame to have to run away from our country because of a war a government has started.


I know this topic (as any other war topic) can be very subjective from person to person but try to approach this with your own thinking;

John Locke says in his book (an essay concerning human understanding)

“We can spend our life learning new things day by day. With this, we acquire knowledge but this knowledge is never ours until we actually, stop, think about what we learned and make our own conclusions. Then it is our knowledge”


Looking at the meaning of the word “Coward” or the word “Pride” Someone told to us what these words mean and so, we feel as taught when labeled as so!

The meaning of the word taught to us isn’t the real feeling we have about the word. Unfortunately most part of the time it is not our own feeling. It is a feeling someone taught us to feel, when we hear the word.


Humanity has been stuffed with all sorts of knowledge and information; unfortunately not many people really stop to question what they have learned. All information these days travels very quickly. They don’t want you to think of what they just told you. Its too fast for our brain to digest!

We automatically accept!

That is scary but that is how the governments psychological system has been working for many years if not, centuries.


Is there any material thing in this world that would you give your life for? Or would you give your life for pride?

It worries me, the fact that I know a big part of the population would say, YES for pride!


Whether these words have a very deep meaning for you, to me, they are only words that carry emotions that are very easy to play with and even, to manipulate people minds. Only saying!

Someone actually invented these words with these meanings. Does this not make you wonder why ?


What is even more worrying is that we are talking about the meaning of a word.

We have been taught how this word should affect us and how we should feel. Since then, everybody understands and feels about such words in the same way.


I think this is one of the most bizarre subjects when it comes to human manipulation and so, I would like to analyze it a bit further.


“COWARD“ A person who lacks courage. One who is shamefully unable to control fear and so shrinks from danger or trouble. Literally, with the tail between the legs” (Wikipedia)

Don’t you love this last comment ”with the tail between the legs”?

Does this not really make you feel like a dog ? Unconsciously, yes!


Sure we all have pride, sure we all defend ourselves but this should not be a religious or national fanaticism pride like hooliganism!

There is nothing wrong about having pride but we should learn to use that pride in benefit of our own life and the life of the ones we love!

We only know about pride, religion and nationality because all the human race have been educated the same way so that they can have an easy access to our feelings and emotions! If they never teach us these things, we would never know their meanings!


With a subject like war, it is always hard to stop and think. Do we need war? The eternal question!

I stopped asking myself that question too long ago.

I don’t care WHY war exists anymore, what I really care is how we are going to stop it!

I stop to look at the small causes of war: Crude / Money/ Gold/ Sale of weapons/ Religion/ Diamonds and all the distractions they throw at us.

I start to look only at the big picture PLUS, I even stop watching TV years ago, this helped me focus in the essential problem, the global engine that allows all wars to work… Humanity = You & Me!


As I said before, if no people are willing to die for a country or pride, governments can not make wars!

Sure there will be always the brain washed people, the maniacs, the religious and the assassins. They will be there to defend the business interests of the government, winning with this a free license to kill!


I believe we need to have Troops to protect planet Earth and to be responsible for stopping war wherever it may happen!

A Central & Universal Army who work in benefit of peace for all countries.


It is sad to admit the fact that some countries may not even need troops to destroy another country.

They can simple construct an atomic weapon and kill millions of people only by pressing a button.

How safe does that sound to you? Did you know North Korea has threatened Europe with atomic weapons a couple of times already?

How did the European Union, who is supposed to defend the continent (Europe) let things get this far?


Should we trust this Union?

Pointing fingers does not bring solution and the main point of this book is to tell to people simple solutions so let’s focus on what really matters.


It is easier to manipulate humanity than it is to manipulate only one person! The reason for this is simple; a big group of people have the tendency to follow each other and this makes their reactions predictable.

A single individual person, always has the tendency to think for themselves and make their own decisions. This leads to him to have unpredictable actions and reactions to commands. They may obey or they may not!

This is the reason; free thinkers are seen as dangerous people to the government. They do no harm, but they are unpredictable in their actions!


Do you know how to defeat all of the army alone?

By killing the leader first!

In the war scenario, things really can get out of hand when the government no longer needs an army to attack another country but instead uses atomic weapons to start an atomic war!


Let’s dig a bit in the subject of atomic weapons and look at the real danger of this is:

On one side we have America pointing atomic weapons to Russia.

One the other side we have Russia pointing atomic weapons to America.

Are they provoking each other or defending themselves from each other? Or is this a grown ups version of a kids game ?

It is hard to understand this, but they are not the only ones with atomic weapons.

For this situation, I still haven’t found a rational solution other than; common sense!


Unfortunately, common sense is not a matter of someone who protects themselves with atomic weapons!

After the Second World War, the countries got excited for more action and so they started to build atomic weapons!


Looking at the facts:

  • America first atomic bomb (1946)

  • USSR first atomic bomb (1949)

  • UK first atomic bomb (1952)

  • France first atomic bomb (1960)

  • China first atomic bomb (1964)

  • Israel first atomic bomb (1967)

  • India first atomic bomb (1974)

  • Pakistan first atomic bomb (1990)

  • North Korea first atomic bomb (2000)


Other countries like Iran / Turkey / Syria / Egypt and Saudi Arabia have start to build their own atomic bombs too! At this present moment in the world it there has been a count of a total of 23 thousand nuclear weapons, mostly from America and Russia.

The good news is that 183 Countries around the world simply decided not to have nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons are a topic that makes a big black hole in my brain!

I may think I know how humanity reacts to commands because I have studied the way in which government and religion manipulate people but when it comes to negotiations with the government or religion, things become more difficult because no one has the authority to question these two entities! To solve this entire atomic bomb problem I would say:

1- Ban productivity

2- Destroy existing stockpile

3- Increase security for any atomic and radioactive compositions

4- Create an international warning center to inspect and monitor suspicious or experimental cases of constructions of future nuclear weaponry.

The father of the atomic bomb was “J. Roberts Oppenheimer” an American physicist who knew that he could kill 40 Thousand people at once and even so he decided to share the formula! This is premeditated murder but even so, this man is seen as a Hero!

Chapter 3



What is your religion? Who is your God? Do you have a belief?

I really don’t want to hurt any beliefs you have because whatever it is you believe, it should be respected, not because of the religion but because of the belief. We are all human and we need to learn how to respect each other, whatever race, religion or belief.


I know of only one religion that during centuries has proven not to respect anyone and that is the Catholic Church.

We need to be careful in what we believe as some beliefs can direct people to peace and some beliefs can direct people towards war.

Religion was always a subject that fascinated me, maybe because I come from a very Christian country.


Before I really delve into this subject, I want to make a couple of things clear about my own belief and my point of view about this subject.



Man and women are Gods! We create, we destroy!

There is no other God than ourselves. We make miracles happen in our life and in the lives of others.

We can save lives, we can change others peoples lives and minds for the better!



There is no other religion than Love, friendship, sharing, happiness, helping, being kind and polite,hope, motivation and so on.

Religion is nothing more than the natural human laws of existence. If someone told you other than this, they are lying to you as they have for millennium, mostly being the Catholic Church.

Now you know exactly where i sit on the matter and it’s not in the golden chair of the Pope that’s for sure!!


The real religious history is a very different version from the one that has been sold to us by the church.

May I explain why?


This is a subject I have been studying for many years.

Any religious affirmation is a lie! No religion can prove the authenticity of what they preach. There are always dubious manuscripts written by someone we don’t know of.

This opened my appetite to study about other religions too and finally to get to the core of all the hypocrisy.

I have been true to the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus Islamic, Muslim and others. I always try to understand each one of them; their beliefs, their Gods, the praying, the faith etc…

Then I got to a point where I could split all these religions into two groups, the fanatic material religions and the spiritual fanatic religions. Even so, by splitting them into two groups, they all still have the same things in common, they worship a God and they all work towards the benefit of a main church, not a community.


I did various visits to different religions ceremonies and am sad to say that nor the Christian or the spiritually religious, showed any warmth, kind gestures or made any eye contact with me during the meeting / ceremony (recognizing, I was alone in there) that is sad!


It just shows that religions lack a human touch, they don’t know the laws of human nature. They only know the laws of their own God!


Lets observe them close as body language… Some eye movement and body postures show fear. They only trust in the holy one, the invisible God.

They are lost people; they are people with no hope who need to have a symbol to identify them in this life.

They are starving to be part of something.

They trust the invisible power, they call it God.


I don’t want to be kicking religion left, right and center, because even though I do not believe in any religion, I respect some of the spiritual ones and I agree, they are a necessary evil.

Buddhists don’t teach you about their God, they teach you about spirituality, meditation, respect for oneself and the others. Full respect to that!


Catholic Religion


They work under all sorts of names and beliefs but the one scaring me the most it is the gospel church!

These people rent small rooms in some cooperatives and pray to their God. They shout out loud: “in name of Jesus”. They believe God possesses human bodies. Some people screamed and stumbled around with some body contortions as if possessed by THE GOD.

They love to scream: Pray to the lord, Hallelujah! That was the Gospel church of God!? Thank you, but no thank you !

I was there and it was not even funny to see!


As for the traditional Catholic religion, I believe everyone has been before in some beautiful Chapel where the priests do their ritual ceremonies.

The only thing I can hear inside of these places is a very deep silence, almost like death or non existence. Sometimes, I can even hear little ghost noises hanging around, this tumultuous silence is slashed by an “Amen”. Then they start to sing to the dead spirits.

The most morbid part of all is when they go and kiss the foot of Jesus, drink his blood and eat his body.

I cannot think that such a morbid religion is capable of adoring a man bleeding and nailed to a wooden cross.

That is bizarre!

I think this is the right place for Goths to hang around. Remember… Do what Jesus says or he will punish you!


In each lie is a truth and in each truth there is a lie!

Looking at the Roman Catholic Church, it’s all a lie. From bible to pope! Looking at Jesus (Joshua) the son of Mary and Joseph, there we have some truth lying around! There was no history about Joshua until the churches had made him a symbol!

They recall this no-history as “The lost years of Jesus”

Where has Jesus been? Many arguments come up but as always, there is no proof

  • Some say he stayed in Galilee and worked as a carpenter.

  • Some say he was in Britain

  • Some say he was in Kashmir between India, Pakistan and China.

  • Some say he was in Judea desert in Tibet


If it is true that Jesus has been in all these places, he must have had a private airplane or his dad was driving him around!


Thinking seriously about this … Why is it no one mentions that Jesus actually was not too far away?

Jesus was in Greece or Egypt and it was in this places where Jesus actually learned how to practice magic, learned about human energy, expanded his human senses, learned how to be simple, how to help others and all the major rules and natural laws that have been taught by “Hermetic Philosophy” & “Esoteric Kabbalah” (Jewish universal laws)


Sure you may have listened about this religion (Kabbalah religion) as the dark forces of evil, the witch’s book, the doors to the dead etc…


That…was the way the Catholic church found to label a religion that was dedicated to the spirit, the soul, the stars, the sun, the moon, the 4 elements, the tree of life and all energy that could be moved from the universe into our lives and make a difference in the way we live.

With the teachings from the ancient Egyptians and the previous knowledge of the new religion called Catholicism, Jesus came back to Rome with knowledge and became an activist, a God’s revolutionary.


Everything you hear around about Kabbalah will be misleading. They now call it an esoteric religion. The writings from kabbalah and any true connection with that time, has been destroyed, burned by the Catholic church. Why they do it?

Because kabbalah was a religion which believes in man, spirit and stars!

Kabbalah knows the true laws of nature and every man who assimilates his teachings becomes a wiser man with a clearer vision about life and existence. In the Kabbalah, the fundamentals of the religion believe in the stars, the planets, the energy of the universe and spirituality.



Point number 1 – None of this (planet) can be sold

Point number 2 – Worship no other than “the one” Yourself!

Point number 3 – It is a very ancient religion and older than ‘God’.


Not only did the Catholic Church burn everything connected with this philosophy, they started to hunt the followers. They accused men and women of witchcraft! They hung them and burnt them in public.


Can someone explain why all the history of the ancient Egypt has vanished from the face of the Earth?


Maybe if you research a bit about the pyramids and the philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians you may well realize as I did, that they were a population much more advanced in all aspects than we are. If the Egyptians and Greek were not defeated by the Romans, I believe the world today would be a much better place to live.


But why would the Romans would want to destroy such good philosophy?They didn’t ! They keep the secret for themselves and are using them now to manipulate humanity. There can only be one God. The Catholic God. No one would dare to confront the Catholic Church. Worship and fear are the best ways they have to manipulate the masses.

The Catholic church and the government have the secret philosophy of the Greek on how to manipulate humanity.

The church joined forces with the government and since then, they are aloud to do anything.


The Church sometimes becomes even more powerful because they possess the human secret on how manipulate the masses by emotions and fellings. This intelligent tactics never fails.

They know the secret power of human belief & faith and they can play with the feelings of the people. The government does apply this technique too!


This only could come from intelligent philosophy such as the Greek philosophy, they were the ones who tried to keep this secret away but unfortunately, it did end up in the wrong hands. Now the Romans have full power and control over all humanity along with government! We had been castrated from knowing the real truth of existence. (Till some time ago)


(I would like to point a part in this book I did mix up Kabbalah with Christianity but this was only to show you what the Catholic church keeps hidden from us, Kabbalah teachings as a philosophy should be respected and well used in favor of humanity, not to manipulate humanity. I will be back to this subject later in the book.)

Unfortunately, the secret of a sacred humanity has gone into the wrong hands. The hands of God & Government.



I would like to take you to another side of religion. This religion is older than Catholic religion. It is spirituality.

Spirituality started to becoming part of our lives and we didn’t require worship of a God or prayer.

I would split this topic into two parts: Spiritual religion & spirituality. They sound the same but they are not.

Spirituality was introduced into our lives by people teaching about healthy food, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, Reiki etc…


All these are becoming rituals in our life. The majority don’t see this a religion but as a healthy mind & body lifestyle.

OK, it is not religion but it is creating an elitism of enlightened people? They do not worship a God but they worship themselves as one!

Nothing wrong about loving yourself, only problem being that this is creating a growing amount of egocentric type of people. They start to find themselves ultra special. (if you know about Buddhism you know how the Ego can become your worst enemy)

I can not say this is a bad approach to life but if spirituality and optimism is related with nature and life, why is it that the most part of spiritual people close their eyes to the problems of the world?


I can see more healers per square meter then ever before.

Some final conclusions about this:

Is all this spirituality really needed? Yes indeed. With balance!

I practice spiritual techniques myself and they have been helping me a great deal, not only physically but mentally too! You don’t have to be part of any group to practice. Once you learn how to do it, it makes what you feel more enjoyable for you. You don’t need to see no one to practice. Just do it at any time. It works!


Do you practice yoga or stretch movements in the street or in the middle of other people? Why should you do that?

There is nothing wrong about having an ego but usually spirituality and all the body exercises that are connected with this type of well-being must be a private exercise. They are personal and intimate.


I am (kind of) a Buddhist by ideology. I don’t do any chants or practice any daily meditations but I like the Buddhist ideology because they only adore and live to help mankind. I found that beautiful and I fully respect this. In Buddhists meditation methods, they are very clear and always tell you “The right way, is not the way I teach you. The right way, is the way you feel is the best for you!” Maybe now I have explained why Buddhists are my favorite in the medley of them all.


A very good thing I learnt through Buddhism, was to undress my ego. To recognize my self as Person, no artifacts of mind, no material, no like or dislike. I would say that was not easy. I did feel completely ‘naked’ many times. A very uncomfortable feeling! Took me one year to learn it. Took me another year to get my ego back. Now I know who/what my ego is and what it is about. Ego is an unreal thing that is capable to destroy a person through themselves! You may think you are something that you are not !

Since then, my sensibility to others peoples ego has become like a living thing. I can see on each one of us a degree of ego. Everyone have one but some people really believe that “The Ego” is what they really are. That is funny ! That is sad !


I did read lots about the Buddhism meditation techniques and I found a couple I use on my day by day. It can be a couple or words that will make me smile, it can be a few breathing techniques through exercises that I can perform at any moment I need.

No one around me will notice, because they are very quick, simple as breathing. I tried many exercises until I found the right ones that work well with me. Try it!

Spirituality is about a mind setting. If you want to set your mind to be a happy person, you need to set your mind to have happy thoughts.

Our brain is like a radio that works in waves, if you tune into the right channel (of thought) then you have what you looking for.


I could go on and on about this spirituality subject and how powerful we humans are but it is a subject off topic to the book and this can go into deeper topics. I do recommend you do a search for human energy. Many things are now available to everyone to read and understand.


There are so many other religious groups that is impossible for me to describe my point of view about each one of them as I didn’t visit all the different religious ceremonies.

I completely abolished religion from my life from a very young age. To me, the act of worship is not something I can abide by within myself.


Another religion I found to be a bit close with Buddhists is the Hindus “Hare Krishna”.


They are very friendly people, sharing food and happiness. They like to chant away in the streets “Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” They chant along spreading some love and happiness.


This is called a “mantra” They keep repeating the same words over and over for hours but they are not the only ones. Buddhists used the word; “ohm”,


Why do they use these mantras?

Here… is where lies the real spirituality moment of all religions.







Usually spiritual religion uses mantras as a way to communicate with God. Catholics use them to pray so they can communicate with God.

Lets have a small analysis here about these communications with the Gods:


Point number 1- God does not exist!

This just ruins the whole principle!

So, who are they talking to? To themselves!


Why do they go all euphoric and some even say they have been touched by the hand of God?

This is called: A trance state, created by mental suggestion!

If we keep repeating the same mantra for too long over and over, the sound of the words creates a wave sound and this resonates inside of our bodies and inside of our minds.

As the resonating sound begins to grow larger, the sound starts to posses our senses. We get even more euphoric and it gets to a point where we almost lose control of ourselves.

This felling just makes people continue chanting those words even more, because (by previous suggestion) this mantra is getting them in touch with their God.

In other words, these wave sounds are now creating a real vibration in some parts of our brain that can bring us feelings of ecstasy, pure joy, euphoria and a trance state.

Sure when you come down from this euphoric state, you really feel like you have been touched by the hand of God. Have i explained this sufficiently?

Just depends on how much euphoria you want to let yourself go under. Many people have tried this experience on psychedelic drugs.

Mantras can cure people and be quite effective as a healing technique for the mind and body.


Same goes for Buddhists.

The technique is exactly the same and the brain waves created are similar to an extent.

This is because the Buddhist mantra is different, its based on one sound “Ohm” “Ohmmmmmmmmm”


Usually there are three individual religions that use this sound and symbol for meditation: 3~ Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Because “Ohmmm” is a continuous sound, it makes a difference in the alpha waves and this sound travels at a much slower phase which calms down the mind and the body and does not create the same effect of euphoria like the Hindus “Hare-Krishna mantra.

The “Hare Krishna hare hare” mantra had many more sounds / words and so, offers a much move active and vigorous form of meditation.


The “Ohmmm” the sound is more relaxing.

It is a more internal and introspective type of sound that will not take you into euphoria but will induce you into a meditative state.

Again, this trance state of meditation some times can be achieved with some psychedelic drugs.


Our ancestors used the shaman of the tribe to communicate with the Gods. This technique has been taken from the ancestral spiritual religions and has been applied in our day with great success in the healing subjects.


Many people these days are studying about sound waves and how our body & mind react to the sound.

These mantras are only a small example of what has been hidden from us. If we can take the full potential of these finds, our cultures can come into harmony. Peace may be achieved!


In this modern culture, I have been observing a Religious elite of people who like to communicate with the Gods, true Shamans.


They use Psychoactive plants as “Ayahuasca” or “Iboga” This is usually organized by a very small number of people who pay a small fee to go through the ceremony. They try the spirit of the plant and through the shaman, they can communicate with their own Gods and Demons.


Some people say this is a very good healing technique. Personally, I still haven’t seen a famous case of healing from these healing plants other than a very strong hallucinogenic effect.

BUT if these rituals make people believe they have in fact been cured of some/any bad spirit from a past life or an attachment from some other light entity, so let it be! Its all about what they believe!


If they believe this is a cure, this will be the cure. Like any other God we believe, like any other belief. Belief is a very strong force which we posses in ourselves but many people need guidance to use it. That’s why God and the government are a evil good.


People involved in these rituals always have to come back and do some more of the plants.

Is this the new upcoming spiritual religion?

As far they believe… it may happen!



Let’s look now at praying!

It has exactly the same principle as the spiritual methods. They need to communicate with God!


We are now in 2016 and many people know already that these Gods are only a mythology of the past but there is a truth behind this lie and a lie behind this mythology!


Here is where the religion “dots” start to make sense. As the Catholic church have created a super God to manipulate the masses, they knew for a fact, that religion was ‘the feelings of the people’ and they need to have control over this power.


These powers are called “Belief, Faith & Love” They know exactly what they are doing.

They want to manipulate the powers of human nature (Belief, Faith & Love) and they make humanity believe these powers could only be achieved if you connect yourself with God!

Here is where everything starts to go wrong!


Why did the Romans destroy all evidence about the Greeks and Egyptian philosophy? Because “Belief, Faith & Love” are the most strong invisible powers human beings have!

These powers are invisible but you feel them. It’s not a God given… They are yours by nature!

The problem is that some people were not ready to assume they have invisible powers and they may never know how to handle them.

Even if you do not believe in any God. You can use these powers because they are yours. How to use them ?

Let me give you an example:

If you really want something to happen, you will dream, you will talk about it, you will feel close to having it, and you will make everything possible to make that thing happen.

One day, it’s there, waiting for you.


This is “The Human Power” of “Belief, Faith & Love” Use it.

Is not a miracle from God, Its your power.


You may call it a miracle!

You may not care, you are just happy that because that thing you wanted so much to happen in your life, has just happened and become a reality for you.

What was the real reason for this to happen?

Your Belief, Faith & Love feelings.


Did that sound like a fantasy to you?

So please allow me to explain this to you with your feelings and emotions:

Do you know how many times a day you feel anger?

How many moments of indignation you have during your day whilst you read the news?

Did you get upset because someone has jumped the cue?

How many times do you get scared with the stupid driver who almost provoked and accident with you in the road?

And that working colleague you have to deal with every day as you try not to express your temper towards him?




So, your feelings during the day are:




Scared/ fear

Bad Temper


What we are looking here is negative emotions and heavy emotional feelings that you may carry with you during your day, week, Month, Year… a life time!?


Allow me to propose the question in the another way now:

How many times a day do your feel Love?

How many times a day do you feel friendship?

How many times a day do you feel well for helping another person? How many times a day do you feel happiness and are thankful for looking at the good things you have in life?

How many times a day do you smile?

Are those good feelings?


So, now if you change your way of behaving during the day, instead of having bad feelings all the time, you have chosen to have good feelings:



Personal fulfillment (by helping someone)


Smile and feel happiness for what you have.

This are the secret powers of human nature!

If you don’t take care of your powers, they will become blunt or die in you. Some people can live their whole life and not realize they have all this powers right inside of them!

Use it for your own health, happiness and the happiness and health of others around you!

We all have those feelings and we don’t need a God to ask for things. We are our own God!

This belief and feeling that we humans have, it provokes a reaction on our body call Energy ! Have you heard people say:

“That person has a good energy” or “That person has a bad energy“

This power, that people are now calling “energy” is not a new thing.

we have only been teaching about it recently and we are losing a big deal of our lives concentrating on things that don’t really matter. When we build this ‘energy’ inside of ourselves, we become a powerful species and if we know how to harness these feelings our energies can be powerful as we never imagined.

Greek and Egyptian philosophers knew this but the Romans want us to believe that we can only get these powers from the ‘true God’.

The churches have been manipulating humanity in a more “together” & “organized” way as a result of keeping such a secret!

I hope you understand by now why we had been castrated from knowledge of ourselves as species and castrated of development of our own human capabilities. Some of these capabilities have been misrepresented in the life of Jesus.

There is a truth in any lie and on this case there is an exaggeration of super powers from Jesus but it is an underlying truth. Jesus knows for a fact about the powers of humanity and he knows that people have been blinded from the truth.

Catholic Church turned this human power into a God and makes us believe this is the only way we can get what we want.

They want us to believe that, Belief, Faith & Love can only be achieved through God.

These lies take power from the people, the power to believe in themselves.

Don’t worry, God will always be here for you.


You & God

If 100 years ago I was to tell you to believe in yourself, to ask yourself for whatever you want in your life. To do everything you can to get what you want, to feel inside of your heart the energy of what you want and to make that felling stronger and bigger until you actually can feel the happiness of what is going to happen?

I would might of been thrown in jail or been locked in jail as a psychopath!

But if I told you exactly the same thing and I told you to ask God that would be OK!?

What we have here is a mind set that has been imposed into all of us from the moment we were born.

We are sons/daughters of God and so, our life will be ruled by Gods laws. From a very young age, we have not had the time to think if this is right or wrong, we just bought into this unconsciously. We keep repeating things like parrots.

Lets not kill the subject of religion altogether! Religion is what I call an “Essential Evil” and I can explain this:


1- Without religion many people would not know how to live

2- People who seek religious guidance usually are people who don't know what to do with their lives.

3- Some people need to feel part of something

4- Older people are afraid loneliness and they feel welcomed by religious ideology.

5- People who lost hope in their own life.

The list can go on and on.


It is a “Essential Evil” exactly like government! Why?

Because humanity has been domesticated by these and now a great part of us don’t know how to live without them!

We become human dependents of leadership!

The main reason this world is as it is at the moment is because Government and Church have had the worlds powers (economic and ideological) and they have been teaching us for centuries that we are not able to manage ourselves as a human species. They have been convincing us that we need leadership. You know what?

They have been doing it very well. If total freedom was to be declared to the world tomorrow, we would be attacking, robbing, and killed by people who have been domesticated by these organizations.


They will accuse us of not managing Freedom as rational citizens. Are they right? Of course they are right, they know what they have been doing! What can we do about this?


We can re educate each other by looking after each-other! If you see another person doing something inappropriate, tell them that is wrong! It is better to feel proud of the good that you do than to feel proud of being a miscreant! Teach them good(appropriate)! You don’t stop being the person you are; you just become a better person.


You don’t need morals or Gods to show what is right or appropriate. It’s a personal moral and choice! Don’t let people accuse you to be the scum of society, most of those people only know how to point fingers but they never able to see what they are doing is wrong or not quite as appropriate. It’s your chance to tell them the truth. Be positive, be constructive.


This is not about being religious; this is about being human with proper in depth feelings in your heart.

That is the truth of it all but without the bullshit of Gods and religion!


Never lose the chance to teach someone in the street, even if they only throw a piece of paper to the floor. They may look like they don’t care but they will THINK if you call their attention to what they just did. You are making a difference! You are now in the spiral. The spiral of evolution.

Chapter 04


Changing the government system is not as hard as many people may think.

I have been getting all sorts of reactions from people when I say how we can change the government system.

Most part has a straight forward answer

“That will never work” others say

“They will never let you do that”

Thing is: my proposal to change the system, DOES NOT REQUIRE TO:

1- Remove the prime minister (for now)

2- Make any major changes on what is happening at the moment

3- Create any instability between the people and the government.


Should I say that the main problem is the fact that people don’t have the belief? This gives them, the autonomy and self confidence to disbelieve the act!


I would like to make it clear before I continue to explain this solution. I am not interested being part of the governmental side of this proposal!


This is because, this will require someone who can elaborate a governmental proposal and present it to the competent authorities.

I don’t have enough qualifications to present an elaborated project to the parliament.

What I am doing here is giving you an idea that will work for a fact and I will be very happy and give full support to see someone going ahead with it.


With so many petitions on this day in the web, maybe one of you would be interested to start a campaign which will actually work? Personally, I do not believe in any of these petitions but I can accept that these petitions are just the start of what I am asking here, as a solution!


I may now expose this idea to public in the best way I can.

We all have (the civil right) to vote for a government, this has been called a democracy.

We are now very conscious that this is not the truth.

We know this old democratic lie is now crumbling.

What then, is democracy?


Democracy IS NOT the right of vote for a president.

Democracy IS the right of vote for any decisions government make!


This is a very simple democratic ideology, don’t you think? If they do not approve our proposal then they will be admitting democratic corruption !


Not accepting a simple proposal like this from the people, they would be telling us in a loud voice: WE DO NOT GIVE YOU DEMOCRACY AND WE HAVE BEEN LIYING TO YOU ABOUT DEMOCRACY ALL THIS TIME.

Do you think they will have the guts to say it out loud !? No, they don’t need to!


They can refuse the proposal but under what grounds? People are too stupid to vote for important decisions? People will have no time for this? It is not aloud in the EU referendum ?

I Think EU should be the first thing off of this country ! Let them crumble alone !


Let me give you some advanced notes on this proposal:

Point 1- people will be able to vote in the regular places or direct from the Internet with a unique private number. (This happens now)


Point 2- we don’t need parties anymore. We will give jobs to unemployed people to count votes. Parties become obsolete as we will have direct access to give our own opinion.


Point 3- if parliament takes up to 3 months to make a decision, people can vote to a proposal in a space of 5 days and come up with the best solution for all involved.




Point 4- The government have the authority and the duty to inform and actualize the citizens about any changes and upcoming new laws, rules or regulations, making sure the citizens are well informed to make the right decision at the time they would vote.

This does not give the government the right to pass any law or legislation until the citizen votes have been counted.


Point 5- citizens have the right to propose amendments of old legislation’s and the right to bring new ones to the parliament.


Point 6- citizens have the right to create independent groups for public information.


This simple plan i have in mind to bring a more active society into the government and slowly change what is wrong and put it right.

Sure, there will be people disagreeing and others will agree but this is a fundamental ideology which will slowly start to bring changes for the better… If you think that you matter !

It will not be only the prime minister and his elite making the decisions for us.


They propose new laws and legislation’s and people will have the last decision on them.

We will actually make part of a democratic society where everybody will have their own voice. This will create a happier and healthier society.


Sure we will have the people who will doubt of the votes and the conspiracy theory people with the Aliens, lizards and dragons but that’s OK, counting they vote and do something useful for everyone, it is all good!


As you can imagine, this is only a basic idea but it shows in a sense how this system can be changed for the better.


With time and by RE-EDUCATING people, the system will start to show outcomes and that is when beauty starts.


Now that we have the basic grounding ideology, I will go a bit further with the idea. After this system has been implemented we will have to vote for a new prime minister at some point.


Will you vote for a prime minister: Conservative, Labor, Democratic, Liberal, independent? Would you do the same mistake again? THINK


What we want is an Independent government!

A government who thinks about the people and the country not a government who imposes his party’s ideologies and interests.

As you can see, to change the government system we don’t need to start a war or a revolution.

People don’t need to lose they’re jobs, rights or material goods! We only need to be simple and direct with our proposal.

Challenge their intelligence in front of everyone.

How do you think they react?

What about inviting them for a TV debate?

Why is it that in this country politicians don’t go to the TV and face the citizens? We are the ones who pay for this circus.

we want some fun too!


We have rights and it’s about time to take over this “Republican communism disguised as democracy”.

This system of voting is not a new idea and I am not instigating anything new!


This has implemented in Switzerland and has been working ever since. Do you know much about Switzerland? Some people may hate the country but the fact is, they have the lowest unemployment and misery rates in Europe. Everyone in that country lives and has a reasonable lifestyle, everyone has the same rights and all is working fine!

Sure some people don’t like this idea and are against but would you rather live in a country with a reasonable life and have the right to say what you think, or in a country where your opinion don’t count and your government treats you like you don’t count ?

Changing the government will not work, we need to change the system of the government.

Chapter 05


Voting in Switzerland (called votation) is the process by which Swiss citizens make decisions about governance and elect officials.


This voting system is unique among modern democratic nations in that Switzerland practices direct democracy in parallel with representative democracy. That’s why the Swiss system is called a semi-direct democracy.


Direct democracy allows any citizen to challenge any law approved by the parliament, at any time and propose a modification of the federal Constitution. In addition, in most cantons all votes can be done through hand counts, mail-in ballots, visits to polling booths, or, more recently, Internet votes.


There are no voting machines in Switzerland; all votes are counted by hand.

Every municipality randomly recruits a number of citizens who have the duty of counting the ballots.


However, after people sort the ballots (e.g. “yes” and “no”), then the total number of “yes” and “no” votes are counted either manually or, in bigger cities, by an automatic counter (like the ones used in banks to count banknotes); or the ballots are weighed by a precision balance.

Vote counting is usually accomplished within five or six hours.


(Excerpts of this text are taken from “The Wikipedia”) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voting_in_Switzerland


I hope this little text has come to clarify some doubts you may have about the way to change the government system and brings you a clear vision of what is actually viable to do and is working.


Chapter 06


Re-educate Humanity


As you can see it’s not that hard to make things change, the real hard part is to change the peoples old mentality and beliefs so that things can change.


Re-educate them!

This is the real challenge we are facing and this is my battle!

The values, the beliefs, the pride, the culture, the costumes and the alienation. There Is nothing wrong with those concepts, the only problem with those concepts is the extreme & old fashioned beliefs. Everything extreme, is dangerous and can harm yourself and others.


For example, with this situation of the refugees in Calais: On one side we see people trying to help and on the other side we see a group of Thugs with their face painted, a British banner, shaved heads and attacking the refugees and the people who try to help.


The people who try to defend the refugees call these groups of “fascists”

If we look at the situation with clear mind, we can identify this Thugs very easily not as “fascists” but as Hooligans / Neo Nazis / piss heads & trouble makers. They are not organized and there are less and less people, compared with the 70ths and 80ths.

If we look deep into this, we will stumble upon a cultural shock!

A culture who is still believing in the old times.

It’s a cultural attachment to it. It’s a fashion attachment to it. It’s a pride of old times attached to these people.

It is a mental frame that makes them feel like if they are back in time; like the good old days when they were the winners and fought for good causes supported by the government!


Luckily, times have changed but some of these people still living in the old times are full of outdated and meaningful beliefs.


THESE PEOPLE are the ones who need re-education more than anyone else.

Unfortunately or fortunately the only way we have to make them think about what they are doing, is by telling them or arresting them one by one. If you are a skinhead or a punk (a pacifist one with a brain) YOU can make the change by letting them know that it’s not the refugees or the immigrants fault. It’s the governmental system we live in!

Tell them that if they want to spread their anger and indignation; spit it back to government, not against innocent people.

If they don’t change their old beliefs, they may have to be seen as independent terrorists and be jailed one by one until they get re-educated in jail with all the lessons.

( I hope I don’t find this to be a solution)


Yes, it’s up to us to talk with people and open their mind to the reality we are living in these days.

Some people only know what was told to them to be right many years ago but they have forgotten that times have changed and their beliefs are obsolete and need to be refreshed.

They are still here strong and willing to fight but they need to be fighting for the right cause.


What we really need to know to is how to re-educate humanity and how do we do it?

Let me give some examples: Be polite, be kind and be friendly even with strangers. People need to see others acting kindly & friendly.

This will show them that it’s OK to be nice to strange people too.

Some times you don’t need to even talk. A simple gesture as holding a door for someone, giving priority to the lady with a baby in the cue, give priority to another driver, smile, etc…


These are just little examples of human contact that humanity has forgotten about for many years and now only just some people keep using and bringing them to our attention.


Help a person with their shopping trolley whilst they struggle to reach for the car.

Smile at a strangers in the street, mainly the ones who have a very unpleasant face and don’t look happy.

Look at them in the face, give a good vibe smile, I assure you they will smile right at you!

Its Human nature!


You may have changed someones day in just a second! Be playful with people, make them smile.

Say hello to the lady at the till in the supermarket, if she didn’t smile at you, ask her if she have any smiles for sale?


You can be sure you will get a free smile right at that moment. Then keep the smile up, ask her if has been a busy day? Usually that person will look at you and feel some human touch.


It’s all about human contact! You don’t need to do it all time but do it any time you remember and this will become part of your life and general happiness. You are not only doing this for the people, you are doing this for yourself too. Its called ‘Energy’. Not only are you giving good energy to others as you are getting good energy for yourself too !


You know what… you may have shown some education to that person, there and then!


Making people think for themselves is the only thing we can do!

Changing peoples point of view is impossible unless they think about it and change their view about things by their own decision.



Whatever age or degree or social position, we all have new things to learn from each other.

What about if we stopped to be cynical and we start to be more open about accepting each other?

Do you think this is what religion preaches?

Whatever they say, I never saw them practicing good out of the four walls in which they worship unless when they play charity. (Charity = The voluntary act giving of help, typically in the form of money or material goods, to those in need)

No one needs a religion to know this world only can change for better if we help each other. I don’t say it’s easy!

We have the power to change the world and this is up to us.

Would you feel disappointed if you did something good for a person and they didn’t say thank you?

I usually shout out loud to them with a smile… THANK YOU!

(The majority look at me with a serious and shamed face!)


Don’t let these things let you down, consciously they will think about it and if tomorrow some one is nice to them again, they will remind themselves and say ‘Thank you’.



What about that horrible neighbor you have who really hates you and does all sorts of noise to annoy you?

Smile to him when you see him in the stairs and give hem a bright loud “Good morning” with a smile. (Remember to look at him. Right in the face)


Firstly this will be piss him off but after a week you will see the results! You may start to have a good friend.


The human mind is tricky and what I ask here is not for you to be a psychologist of people but to use simple education strategies that can really touch the life of some other people. (Maybe that horrible neighbor doesn’t have anyone in his life and so, tries to entertain himself by annoying you? (You should feel sorry for him!)


They don’t know more than what has been told to them.

The majority, they not even question the validity of some teachings, they only follow patterns because its the way they have been told to be.

They become a successful family leader by the book. Obey and all will be OK! Not!


I don’t like to think of myself as an enlightened person but many of us had a different education and we have been lucky to be taught that we can think with our brain and we can question things. The big problem starts when we question things and no one can come up with a proper answer.

Then you look for the answer and your government classifies you as criminal or as a agitator.

That is the true problem of a free thinker.


That’s why we are told not to question authority or religion!

Re-education is not only a duty we have with old people, its a duty we have with the majority of young people too.

Young people are the future, majority have been feed rubbish, they have no respect for others and they think the world owes them a life.


Because society can not deal with them, society marginalizes them and here is where society are doing things all wrong!

They need to be integrated; they need to feel proud to be part of something. If you are not good to them, they will rebel!

I know many of these gang kids are not safe and they can be dangerous but if we keep putting up this defensive attitude all time, we are just pulling them away!


I did experiment this a couple of times close home to and I tell you here: Walk through a group of Chavs, (if you call them this)

Sure they may show hard faces, rude attitude, posture etc… I just cross the group, raise my head up and ask out loud “allright”?

I always get an “all good mate” or “Cool” and I keep going on my way.

If they ask me for a fag (if I have one) I give them one, and I try to have a bit of a chat about the lighter or whatever. I would rather be a cool guy to their eyes, than another hassle !

(Did I hear you think “No way, they are all a bunch of scum bags!)

If you think they are, they will be ! No one is trustworthy anyway!


Now, try to do the opposite. Try to go around the group, show fear,

and show distrust.

What you’re gonna get is a hostile attitude, this is because you are not showing respect, you are looking at them as scum, as dangerous people. They feel rejected and they react!

Don’t look at them with fear. That just makes them angry they will attack you to prove you are right.

But make them feel included and they will respect you.

This is proved to be active psychology for humans.

Chapter 07


Hello human!

How many times do you walk in the street and look at everything? You look everywhere, some times you just look at the floor but you never look at the person just passing by !

“Hello human.“


That is another human like you, have you realized this?

Have you realized that each time we make eye contact with another person or any time we smile to a stranger, the stranger smiles back at us. With this we are filling up an internal cup with a natural human formula called energy!

Do you know how many human energies we can put inside of this cup during the day?

This cup of human energy inside of us becomes stronger and stronger and we actually start to feel this power in our life once we start to use it!

Do you realize what I am telling you here is not new and is universally known as human energy!?


More and more people are out there crossing your way and waiting for you to fill they’re human energy cup with your human energy and vise versa. This human touch creates energy inside of us.

This energy becomes stronger and when we least expect it, we are feeling an euphoria of life and happiness.

Only then, you can understand what I mean. I do it all time !


What do you feel when you go into the pub and you see your friend in there? What is that little feeling ? Oh, maybe you never noticed that little feeling ! Next time, stop for a second and ask yourself… What it was that thing I just feel when I saw my friend ?

You life is made of these small feelings and they are all stored inside of you, noticed or not !!


I walk in the street and I look at peoples faces, I do smile to them and usually, I get a smile back.

Sometimes, if the smile of the person is open and natural, I even have the freedom to wish him a good morning.

It’s beautiful, it’s invigorating, it’s fresh and it’s healthy.

Do it for your own health, physical and mental.


The feeling we transmit (consciously) to the other people is something completely new to some of them.

They can feel it but they don’t know how to explain it. Some of these people start to ask to themselves and later, they start to search deeply about this.


Some other people know of this already and they are happy to share some energy with you. They are in the human spiral already, They know what I am telling you here is truth.

Usually when we cross eyes and smile, we both have a feeling of de-alienation. Many of you may be too scared to try this or you may say: what is the point of all this?


It gives the security of knowing that we are walking in a right path with regards human understanding. It’s the feeling of human complicity that finally, we are getting into! A stage where we are recognizing our powers as humans and finally are putting them in use for a good causes, our happiness and the happiness of others.

This means we are walking in a direction of evolution and not self destruction. This is only the top of the iceberg.


Many things have been widen away from us to make us vulnerable and unprotected.


Ancient civilizations had our entire DNA and they know for a fact that humans are powerful creatures.

Unfortunately, the study of human civilization, the invisible powers of the human beings (feelings) has been all messed up and they made us believe we are just ordinary wild animals.


They never let us study us as a human specie because it there was always more important things to study. What about aliens with super powers?

What about studying other planets? What about studying animals? And why not studying the invisible powers of the human being?

Basically, everything we can do to help each other will bring more good energy into our lives and will motivate other people to do the same.

This creates a human spiral where we all start to make part in the same basic interests.

If this spiral gets bigger, more people will know about it and more people will want to make part of it.


Do not try to create a group or religion out of this or you will be killing the flow. Do not attach yourself to any group or ideology.

Be yourself or soon, you will be told by some guru about what is right or wrong. No gurus, no Gods, No money to be made, No organization or group to be part of.


Anyone going into a organized group with good intentions will brake the energy chain that is carried by each one of us.

Follow your Heart not a group of people or a guru.


We are individual human beings and we need to keep ourselves this way. We can straighten ourselves and the others around us.


We don’t need guidance, we only follow our earth and what is right. We humans don’t need to support an others ideology, we need to have our own beliefs and ideologies about things.


We need to follow only mother natures laws. No law made by man is in conformity with the real laws of nature.


To know about the seven Hermetic principles of “The law of Nature” I do recommend a reading on “The Kybalion” book. Make your own interpretations of them.


You will know the seven Hermetic principles of life.

These will be with yours forever.


Chapter 08


The seven Principles

I going to leave some of the most important parts of this book here only as a reference.

This book is in (public domain) and free to download.

NOTE – This is not a book about occultism, this is Greek philosophy.


The kybalion – The seven principles

[*1 – * Principle of Mentalism]

This embodies the idea that “The All is Mind.”


[*2 – * Principle of Correspondence]

This embodies the idea that there is always a correspondence between the laws of phenomena of the various “planes” of being and life. As above, so below; as below, so above. This principle states that there is a harmony which can be made an agreement and correspondence between these planes, delineated as:

- The Great Physical Plane

- The Great Mental Plane

- The Great Spiritual Plane


[* 3 - *Principle of Vibration* *]

This embodies the idea that motion is manifest in everything in the Universe, that nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles. This principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, are the result of only different “vibrations”.


The higher a person is on the scale, the higher the rate of vibration will be. Mental Transmutation is described as the practical application of this principle. To change one’s mental state is to change vibration. One may to do this is by an effort of Will, by means of deliberately “fixing the attention” upon a more desirable state.





[* 4 - *Principle of Polarity* *]

This embodies the idea that everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its opposite. All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. Everything “is” and “isn’t” at the same time, all truths are but half truths and every truth is half false, there are two sides to everything, opposites are identical in nature, yet different in degree, extremes meet, and all paradoxes may be reconciled.


[* 5 - *Principle of Rhythm* *]

He embodies the idea that in everything there is manifested a measured motion, a to and from, a flow and inflow, a swing backward and forward, a pendulum-like movement. This principle explains that there is rhythm between every pair of opposites, or poles, and is closely related to the Principle of Polarity. It can be seen that this Principle enables transition from one pole to the other, and not necessarily poles of extreme opposites.


[* 6 - *Principle of Cause and Effect* *]

This explains that there is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause. It also states that there is no such thing as chance, that chance is merely a term indicating extant causes not recognized or perceived. The Principle is clarified in the chapter Causation.


[* 7 - *Principle of Gender* *]

This embodies the idea that gender is manifested in everything. The authors state that this does not relate explicitly to the commonly understood notion of sex, but rather “… to be get; to procreate, to generate, to create, or to produce…” in general.


Gender is manifested as the Masculine and Feminine principles, and manifests itself on all planes. Mental Gender is described as a Hermetic concept which relates to the masculine and feminine principles. It does not refer to someone’s physical sex, nor does it suggest that someone of a certain physical sex necessarily has a matching mental gender. Ideally, one wants to have a balanced mental gender. The concept put forth in The Kybalion states that gender exists on all planes of existence (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual), and represents different aspects on different planes. It is also stated that everything and everyone contains these two elements or principles


The Masculine principle is always in the direction of giving out or expressing, and contents itself with the “Will” in its varied phases.


The Feminine principle is always in the direction of receiving impressions, and has a much more varied field of operation than the Masculine.

The Masculine conducts the work of generating new thoughts, concepts, and ideas, including the work of the imagination.


It is said that there must be a balance in these two forces.

Without the Feminine, the Masculine is apt to act without restraint, order, or reason, resulting in chaos.


The Feminine alone, on the other hand, is apt to constantly reflect and fail to actually do anything, resulting in stagnation.


With both the Masculine and Feminine working in conjunction, there is thoughtful action that breeds success, which points out that both the Feminine and the Masculine fulfill each other.


(Notes of the book “The kybalion” taken from Wikipedia)







Chapter 09


The Kybalion


I can not recommend the Kybalion book enough times.

This book has opened the mind of many people who have read it including mine.

This book teaches on how to look at things in a bigger picture and not to get distracted with small things.

Some times it becomes even scary as I could look at things and see them in black & white, real, clear, with no thought, only reason! This book made me stop looking at the problems and instead, search for solutions.

A powerful book to read for people who like to understand the mechanics of life.

The Kybalion was first published in 1912 by the Yogi Publication Society and is now in the public domain, and can be found on the Internet. The book purports to be based upon ancient Hermeticism, though many of its ideas are relatively modern concepts arising from the New Thought movements The book early on makes the claim that it makes its appearance in one’s life when the time is appropriate and includes variations of material found in the book of Proverbs.

Mental Transmutation refers to the power of changing your vibration by the means of the will. One can transform from a weak person to a strong one. This mental empowerment will have an effect on their physicality by the Law of Correspondence. The “Three Initiates” who authored The Kybalion chose to remain anonymous. As a result, a great deal of speculation has been made about who actually wrote the book.

However The Kybalion and the Arcane Teachings have strong contradictions and even attacks between some of their core teachings, and this added to both having to be published in a very short period of time

(first edition of The Arcane Teachings years before 1909, second edition in 1909 and third edition in 1911) making the hypothesis of Atkinson’s authorship of the Kybalion very inconsistent.

Chapter 10


The Last Chapter


I would like to say that almost everything written on this book, comes from my own personal experience.

I always been revolted about the way government treats people.

I could never understand the fact that a court to judge a human for fishing for food in a private lake, judge some one because they were caught taking food from bins or evict someone who had built a little shade with wooden pallets to live in.


I found this repugnant, inhuman and a totally lost of the human senses. They call it law. Lawyers don’t think, they only apply what the books say.

Same goes to the church; they only apply what is in the book. I was tired, I lost hope in humanity, I know for a fact the ones mainly responsible was not the government but the people who allowed them to do the things they wanted.

I hid myself away for many years from all of this, I really didn’t want to hear about politics anymore, this was making my blood boil and making me sick.

Politics, like religion, are a necessary evil!

I don’t see this society working without a government or without authority.

We can live without religion but people need spiritual guidance and the only thing they have been told all their life is “God”

Let them have it!

In the mean time, lets open the mind of the young ones and show them that there is another road to follow.

I hope you have learned something in this book. It was a pleasure to share with you my knowledge and let’s hope you follow your path in life with a reason in mind and share your KNOWLEDGE and LOVE with others. PEACE!


Frederico Alves



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The System and Humanity

Do you know that to change the governmental system can be so easy and smooth that it may not even bring unstable changes? The only question is: Would they accept a fair proposal or will they refuse it? By refusing it they will have to publicly deny our right to democracy and freedom. That can be the beginning of the end...

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