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The Sweetest Smile


E.E. Evans
Shakespir Edition
Copyright 2017 E.E. Evans

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I met her 8 years ago. She was a bit shy at first. She was working at a drive-thru. I was the cook at the drive-thru. People say that love, at first sight, is not real love, just a fatal attraction. I once heard that only girls get to experience that whole first sight and that for guys is just lust and other times they just want another thing. I was stuck in a limbo the first time I walk through the restaurant doors. she had a cap that hides a bit of her face, I could see she had a pretty face and her voice was really high pitch when she was talking loud, I liked that when she was sarcastic with the others employees she smiled but with a shyness that only I could tell. She was short maybe 5’2 and I was a lot taller I am 6’4, very petite.

That first day I worked with her, I could tell she didn’t like me, I smiled like an idiot, I liked her a lot, it wasn’t love at first sight, but she was really sweet to my eyes. She looked my way and I was teasing her, whenever she asks someone help there I was. I wanted, needed to know the short little brunet. I am after all very social guys. She was not the type to talk to anyone who she didn’t get to know first.

I remember the time she finally said a word to me. A thank you never sounded so amazing like the way she said it to me. I was falling for this girl just by looking at her. The petite and short girl that always wore a cap. She always had worked the closing shift and I never had. Until that faithful Saturday. We were both the only two that worked the closing shift. By 9 o’clock she was really talking to me, she had to we were the only ones at the place, and by that time, it always was a slow hour we had to talk since we had nothing to do. I got to know her more and the high pitch voice I was hearing all those weeks were not all that. She had a very sweet and delicate voice when talking to me. I think that I was the only one she ever talk liked that. I only ever heard her talk that way with me. Every other time she was a loud and shy girl. Smiling like always.

I guess I was a lot obvious to show that I liked her; she would smile at me at random times and never did say a word. I knew I was more to be head over heels with her but I was taking my time trying to impress her. That was not a very great thing when I told my best friend that worked with her years before with her. The day I finally told him that I liked her, the first thing he said was” she is so out of your league, don’t bother. Guys had tried and they always end up in the friend zone” and that was a low blow. The sweet short girl was an ice queen, that same day we had the closing shift together so I was going to see what was I doing different that she never gave the other guys a chance. The first thing I notice was that when she ask to help the other guys always said something to make her laugh, I always kept quiet and when she said thank you they never said you’re welcome, I always did. She never jokes with them because the always said thing with double meaning, I never did try to talk I always let her do it. I never did push her to be intimidated, she was a sweet girl and shy but she knew the guys that were after her and that I guess she didn’t like, she was the kind of girl who liked to be swept off her feet by little things. I was just the one who had the patience she wanted someone to take to get near her.

We started to become great friends I never said that I had feelings for her, I didn’t want her to keep me in the friend zone; she was so much more to me. Slowly I was letting her know with small gestures, I buy her candies and cookies and chocolates. She was a huge candy addict and that was my way to her heart.

One day we were not working together and I was disappointed that I was alone that night. I remembered that I was so busy trying to keep my mind of her when the sweets and most amazing voice call out my name from the counter “ Hi, Adam” I was so stunned that when I turn to looked at her, I swear I fell in love right there. She had her hair loose, not cap in sight, long brunette hair that reaches her waist in waves. A blue shirt and a short skirt with converse. She was smiling and waving my way. I wave and she kept smiling waiting for my boss to give her something. She sat at a table with her brother and that was my chance to talk to her outside of work, I finish my work and ask for my break. Thankfully the boss said yes, I had an hour to talk to her.

I ask her I could seat next to her and her brother. I was now sure this girl was my girl. I was in love with her. The way she looked didn’t help to keep her from my mind when she looked amazingly in the simple clothes and the amazing hair. She was a whole new girl, with a sweet smile and a voice like no other.

The only thing I had to do was make my move and ask her out, after all, it was the obvious thing to do when everyone I think even her knew I was in it for her.

That day we were both waiting for my mom to come get me since my car had broken down and we were sitting side by side, I was on the floor she was crouching next to me. I looked up and she was smiling and had an arm on my shoulder trying not to fall. I stared at her face and she was going too looked away when I had the guts to ask her out. Right, that moment she said yes still smiling.

We went to a friend party first. I held her hand all the way through the party never leaving her side. After the party, we went to the beach and sit on the hood of my car. We were drinking soda and just staring at the soft waves of the ocean and the peaceful of the night. Her hair was softly moving with the wind her smile was still present on her lips and me very softly touch her hair and move it out of the way to see her face, she turned her head softly and that moment out eyes met was my chance to tell her how much she meant to me. I lean in slowly and press my lips to her. I was the most unreal kiss I had ever experienced. I was literally in heaven and this angel was mine.

So far that was the best night of my entire life; I had the girl of my dreams. That night after a very great night I took her to her house and after another sweet kiss and a smile we said goodbye. It only lasted about 15 minutes when she send me a text saying “thank you for a very beautiful night” and that was the first of a very long conversation on the phone, at 2 am we again said goodnight for the second time.

After some time we were finally a couple, I was sure that she was the girl for me. People think that because I am a guy we don’t fall in love that easy, truth is that some of us fall so fast in love that when we meet that one person, we are so sure that we dive in with our heart bare for them, ready to love her.

The first year of our anniversary as a couple was the worst day, I made so many plans and the day before our boss change our schedule and I had to work, and she was sick. I was trying to get off work early, but our boss said they I had to close. She two days before was feeling bad and had to go to her doctor, turns out she had an infection and couldn’t get out of her house for a week. I did go to visit her, and spend time with her, but it was not the same her med kept her sleeping and I was still working the closing shift. It was the worst first anniversary and even thought we got each other presents it was the worst. With time she got better and we were in a routine, we didn’t get to have time with each others and it was starting to be like nothing was exciting anymore for her, she would talk to me but not like before. It was a hard time, I was still in love with her, and she wasn’t. Sometimes felt like she was the player. Like she was the one playing with my heart from the start. I remember that one day we got to our favorite spot which was the beach where we first kiss, and she was not happy, her sweet smile that I fell in love with was nowhere to be seen, I had asked what was happening and she just brush me off. She wasn’t the girl I had met almost two years before. I was losing her and I count help out or fix our relationship. I was having my heart broken and I was letting her do it. I loved her, how could I let her be miserable with me, so I tried to talk to her but nothing ever was fixed. The times we get to see each other and when we tried to spend time together she would find an excuse not to be with me and the times she did spend time with me she was quiet and not herself.

Time got hard, we were finally celebrating our two year anniversary and I had a whole date plan out for both of us, more for her. I made sure nothing could go wrong except her. The day before I told her that I was planning out a whole day together for our anniversary she just shrug and said ok.

That day we spend it in a lot of places, we went to the museum and to the local carnival and ate at a nice place and that night we were going to exchange gift at our special spot. We sat on the hood of my car for the first time; I was having a déjà vu that moment. It was exactly like the first time. The wind was blowing softly her hair and the peaceful sound of the waves crashing down when I looked at her it all change and the smile I fell in love with almost three years ago was not there. She was sad I could tell, her smile was gone, her eyes were down and I notice that she was leaning on me, I was so lost in that moment by her sadness that I didn’t notice she was in my arms and I was supporting her. I slowly put my hand on her face and turn her face to me. I remember I kiss her and she closed her eyes and when I pull back she had tears in her still closed eyes. I was so scared, I never had seen her so sad that she would cry. I hug her to me and ask her what was happening. She kept crying until minutes later she was finally calm, and very softly told me what I never expected. “I can’t have babies” that was not what I was expecting on our date, but that came out. I ask her what happened and she then began to tell me why she was so far away from me and was just giving up. She said she found out last year when we were celebrating our one year together, that the time she was sick she went to the doctor and after a week of some test, he finally told her that the sickness she had damage her system and the results were that she could have babies.

I was silently hearing her out and when she finally finish I ask her the only thing that I was thinking, “why didn’t you told me early? I could have been there with you, don’t you know that I still love you. “

that moment I realize I had finally told her I love her, she looked at me like I had lost my head and slowly her smile returned to her pink lips, and right them she did what I never thought I hear from her, she told me she loved me too. I laugh out loud and kiss her. after the kiss she told me she loved me for some time but was afraid that I would have left her because she couldn’t give me a baby, and I proceed to tell her that I love her no matter what and right then I did what I was planning to end the night, I ask her to marry me, and after some more kisses and happy tears the ring was on her finger and we were officially going to get married. That night was the first of many amazing nights and the start of our life. I was madly in love with the girl of the sweetest smile I have ever found. We went through so many hard time that I was more than in love with her. And every time we got out loving each other more than anything. I after so many years I couldn’t live without her, she was my soul mate. I was lost without her.

“Sir, there is someone who likes to meet you” I looked up from the chair and a nurse stood with a white bundle and a little had peeked out, of her arms. I stood up and dried my tears and the nurse carefully passes the bundle to my arms, when I finally laid eyes on the little baby girl, that moment I realize that this time it was really loved at first sight. That after so many years I finally have the other part of my heart, the love of my life on my arm and she was all mine. She was my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful to god that this little human being was a little piece of me and the girl that I had fallen in love with almost 7 years ago. This moment was all the evidence I had to prove that love at first sight really exists and is called fatherhood.

The Sweetest Smile

Ever heard that a smile can make up a whole person day just by that simple gesture, and the more you can fall in love with a simple sweet smile.

  • ISBN: 9781370593439
  • Author: E.E. Evans
  • Published: 2017-06-13 10:27:21
  • Words: 2655
The Sweetest Smile The Sweetest Smile